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Boss FAQ by WhizKid_

Version: 0.6 | Updated: 05/07/02

Battle Network RockMan.EXE (MegaMan Battle Network) 2 Boss FAQ

Copyright: Richard Huang 2002
Contact: richardh777@hotmail.com (no spamming or you will be removed from the

Written by Richard Huang a.k.a. WhizKid
This FAQ is only for use with Battle Network TWO only. For MegaMan Battle
Network ONE, refer to its own guides.

All of the boss names should be correctly translated, if there are any
mistakes, please forgive me, as the English version is not out yet. Feel free
to contact me to correct my mistakes.

Version History:

-Info on how to beat Airman and Quickman. More will definitely be added.

-Completed Must-Fight Bosses section.
-Added Gutsman in the optional bosses section.

-Added some more Optional Bosses
-Corrected some typos and grammatical errors.

-Finished Optional Bosses section.
-Started Special Bosses section.
-Changed some ASCII art.

-Finally finished the whole FAQ
-Corrected some mistakes
-Will certainly add more things in the future
|                    Introduction                          |

The bosses in MegaMan Battle Network 2 are a lot harder than the ones in
MegaMan Battle Network 1. Most of the V3's have more than 1000 HP, so be
prepared for some tough fight with these bosses.

Must fight bosses are the ones that belong to part of the plot. The V2 and V3's
are also included. Optional bosses are the ones that you don't have to fight
but you can fight them for their chips.

|                    Must-Fight Bosses                     |

HP: 300
The first boss of the game is not too hard to coupe with; the only trouble is
that he moves a lot. He has three basic attacks:
1.Airman will constantly throw off a tornado hurling in your position, just get
out of the column you are standing in to avoid this attack.
2.Airman will sometimes create three blue tornadoes that take up all columns.
They cannot be destroyed, and will hurt you if you touch them. They are really
easy to avoid as one of them is much slower than the other two and you can
escape by the gap it creates.
3.After a half of his HP is depleted, Airman will throw off two tornadoes that
travel horizontally and vertically. This is harder to avoid, but before he
fires them off, two random panels will blink yellow, get out of those two
panels and stay away from that row (or column).

Keep the three points in mind and you will beat him soon.

Airman V2
HP: 500
Pretty much the same with Airman, but nearly twice as much as HP and more
damaging attacks. Will do attack 1 more often. Just use the same strategies.

Airman V3
HP: 700
The V3 version of Airman is hard. First of all, he will constantly be firing
off tornadoes at you, but before he does that, he stops for one second or so,
use this precious time to attack him.

HP: 400
VERY hard and annoying. He cannot be hurt when he is not moving, and he is
nearly impossible to hit when he's moving as he's too fast. Here's a tip:
Before he stops in your column to throw his boomerang to attack you, he stops
for a little while, hit him with your chips immediately or you'll miss the
chance. His attack is very simple; he just moves around and then homes in on
you with his boomerang, quite easy to avoid anyways. Basically, I think this
battle is a battle of endurance rather than a battle of skill.

Quickman V2
HP: 600
Just an upgraded version of Quickman, not too hard as you should be able to get
some good chips now. Just follow the strategies for Quickman.

Quickman V3
HP: 800
Better suit yourself up for a challenging test. Quickman has learned one more
attack and he'll learn another one after you have depleted 3/4 of his HP. This
time, instead of firing just one boomerang down one column, he'll continuously
fire two boomerangs down two adjacent columns. Sometimes, he throws his
boomerang in an 8 formation and that is quite impossible to avoid. He will come
up to you to hit you with the jewel on his head after you deplete 3/4 of his
HP, so be careful with that. Just remember; take great caution when tackling

HP: 600
The first thing you will notice when you start the battle is the two stones
that are placed in the middle square for both you and Cutman. Forget about
destroying the stone, as it takes too long.
First off, Cutman will come up to you and try to cut you with his scissors; it
only has a one square range, so you can avoid it easily. After that, Cutman
will place a moving scissors in you territory, that scissors will constantly
move around in an anti-clockwise direction. Getting cut by that HURTS, and you
should avoid that. After this is done, Cutman will repeat the above attack or
he sometimes will throw out a flying scissors that will reach the end of that
column, stay out of its way. The fight with Cutman is pretty easy; you should
have no trouble defeating him.

Cutman V2
HP: 800
The same as Cutman except for more HP, use the same methods as you've used in
defeating Cutman.

Cutman V3
HP: 1000
This fight is tough and annoying. Cutman can now summon two moving scissors in
your territory, this makes your movement space very limited, plus the fact that
his attacks hurt more and more, you should definitely finish him off quickly,
playing an endurance battle with him is no good.

HP: 800
Shadowman is hard, and all of his three attacks have an incredibly high

1.Shadowman will jump up into the air to shoot 3 shadow blades at you. Move as
quickly as you can to move them.
2.Shadowman will create two dummies that move around trying to get you mixed
up. Just shoot them once to make them disappear, and concentrate on beating the
real one.
3.Shadowman will release a fire attack that travels all the way down to the
end. If you haven't destroyed the dummies yet, they too, will spit fire.

Special attack: After you've drained 90% of his HP, Shadowman will summon two
statutes in your area. Don't be fooled, they are NOT made of stone and they
WILL attack! They follow you around and swipe their swords or poke them at you.
The only thing good here is that they do not block off you attacks so you can
still deal damage to Shadowman.

After a long and hard fight, you should finally be able to destroy Shadowman.

Shadowman V2
HP: 1200
A ditto of the first one with more HP, I think he has now gained the Muramasa
attack. He will teleport to the square before you and give you the damage you
gave him, for example, you drained 1000 HP out of him, then when he hits you,
you take 1000 damage! However, this attack is very easy to avoid. Before he
attacks, he stops at your column for 1 second, so move around continuously at
this time to avoid his deadly attack. Beat him? Good, now get ready for
Shadowman V3.

Shadowman V3
HP: 1600
To put in simple words, the V3 of Shadowman is VERY HARD. First of all, he has
1600 HP, and his attacks all cost more than 200 HP. Do not engage in a fight
with him before getting your HP to 800 or above!
He now does his "Shadow Blade" attack more often, and the dummies he summons
regenerate at an incredible speed, that is, you destroy one, and another one
pops out! His Muramasa attack is now the most deadly attack as he only uses
this attack after he's lost 1300+ HP, get hit by it once and you are finished
The two statues now move more swiftly and they do more damage as well, they
even seem to know how to restrict your movements and block your attacks. Again,
this is a boss you'll want to delete quickly. Navi chips work the best here.

HP: 800
This boss is probably the easiest boss in the game. He starts off being a rock
statute standing at the last row, and he will only take 1 HP of damage from any
chips (including your buster) at this time. After a while, he "defrosts"
himself and he will take normal damage now. If you are staying in the middle
column, he will throw a spiked ball at you, as it is flying at a very low
speed, it can be avoided easily. If you are not standing in the middle column
at the time of the attack, he will throw the ball into the air and 3 rocks will
land on random squares, they cast a shadow before they land, so get out of the
shadowy square right away.

After losing half his HP, Knighman will jump up and move forward one space, by
doing so, he also cracks all the panels, at this time of the fight, you'd
better be off the middle column or he'll smash you to smithereens with his
ball. His "rocks" rarely land on you so you can be sure of that, after 10
seconds, the panels recover and the whole process repeats again. You should
have had deleted him by now.

Knightman V2
HP: 1200(unconfirmed as I've forgot)
An upgraded version of Knightman, only thing different is that he now "jumps"
more often, so you should delete him as quickly as possible.

Knightman V3
HP: 1500
Knightman is getting more and more furious now. He now "jumps" every 10
seconds, that is the time used to fill up the custom gauge once, so watch out
for that. His attacks have a higher accuracy now. He has also gained a new
attack: After he has jumped three times, that is, jumped to the row just before
you, he will swing that spiked ball his around if you are standing right before
him, he will also make a cheap attempt to steal your space, by this time, if
you still haven't killed him, you'd better do so.

HP: 1000
The fight with Magnetman is tough and dangerous. Magnetman stays at the last
row for the most of the time and you won't be able to hurt him with you swords.
The middle column is also a "magnet panel", if you try to go up or down one
row, you'll be pulled back to the middle very soon, this is one thing.
Magnetman does not usually attack; instead, he sends magnets that home in on
you. When you see a magnet approaching, move to the last row and just when the
magnet is about to hit, move forward, you should be able to avoid the magnet
(they are not too hard to avoid anyways). Magnetman only has 2 attacks, one he
will use after sending 4-5 magnets to attack you, and the other after his HP
drops below 400.
The first attack: Magnetman will float up to the up most row and charge, after
2 seconds, he will release a slow-moving magnet ball that will follow you
around, this is harder to avoid, just go up and down repeatedly until it flies
out of the screen.
The second attack: After his HP drops below 300, Magnetman will constantly
create another blue Magnetman and they will come crashing in the column you are
standing in and attempt to squash you. Move swiftly to avoid the attack.
Magnetman will also add another line of magnet panel after a while.

Magnetman V2
HP: 1400
Not too much different from Magnetman except for the fact he has 400 more HP.
Just refer to Magnetman section.

Magnetman V3
HP: 1800
Holy god! Magnetman has now 1800 HP! Worse yet, the magnets appear FAR MORE
frequently and it hurts more and more. A single "squash" from Magnetman will
also cost you loads of HP. I recommend using a terrain changer for this one.
Just change the terrain to the one you like. Forestbombs would be a very good
choice here.

HP: 1000
The battle with Freezeman is annoying and tough. First of all, the terrain is
in full ice and that makes the whole battle "slippery". Freezeman will
instantly turn into an ice statue once you get into battle. He cannot be hurt,
and he keeps sending waves and waves of attacks to you. The first thing you
should do is to "cut open" the ice statue. It has 100 HP, so it may take a
while, but it isn't all that hard. After that, Freezeman will try his best to
blow you into the last row, at the same time, he attacks. He has only two
First attack: Ice spikes will rise from the ground, and they will track your
position. The best way to avoid crashing into them is to stay at the back row,
then when the spikes are nearly at your area, move around quickly to avoid

Second attack: 3 ice spikes will fall randomly onto you area, this attack is
very easy to avoid, just watch out of the shadows they cast and back out of
that area.

Freezeman V2
HP: 1200
Duplicate of the first one except with more HP and the ice statue has 150 HP.
Refer to Freezeman section if you need help.

Freezeman V3
HP: 1400
Upgraded version of the V2. The ice statue has a further increased HP of 200.
This battle is very tough, make sure you pack in a lot of good electrical
chips, and make sure they are piercing!

Forte Copy  "End Game Boss"
HP: 1000
This end game boss is so easy that you could laugh your ass off. Forte just
moves around, and then shoots a spark toward you, which can be avoided very
easily. Any good chips would do a decent amount of damage on him, and stay out
the row you are in to avoid his spark. I don't know if he has any other
attacks, as I finished him off in 10 seconds. By the way, P.A. Greatest Stomp
or DreamSword works very well here.
After you defeat him, the game ends....................................NOT! :P

Gospel  "End Game Boss"
HP: 2000

And you thought the end game boss was too easy? Then wait a second, you haven't
seen nothing yet. Gospel is HELL A LOT HARDER then the bad Forte copy, with
2000 HP and a super-damaging breath attack, you'd better prepare to be
Gospel, a hound from hell (my personal opinion), can only be hit and damaged
when his mouth is open. He has waves of different attacks; I'll split them into
three phases for you.

Phase one: Flying heads and shockwaves
After you enter battle with Gospel, you soon notice that some metal heads are
flying towards you, this happens after Gospel has opened him mouth for the
first time. The flying heads has a HP rating of 70. They are not too hard to
destroy, but since they are flying towards you FAST, you won't have the time to
destroy them, I recommend that you keep moving to avoid these pesky monsters.
After a while, Gospel opens his mouth to attack, his attack is either a
shockwave that does 70 damage or a charged shockwave that cracks panels and
does 100 damage.
If it's the "cracking panel" shockwave, Gospel will first have to charge it,
and by charging it, you will see his mouth glow red, when you see this, you'd
better get ready to get out of harm's way.
Sometimes, if you stay in the same row as Gospel, he will turn his head into a
drill and fire it at you, swiftly avoid that attack.

Phase two: Transformation
After Gospel loses half of his HP, he will start turning into Airman and
Quickman to attack you. This is the ultimate version of Airman and Quickman, if
he turns into Airman, he will create 3 blue tornadoes and fire them at you at
an incredible speed, act quickly to avoid them.
If he turns into Quickman, he will throw the boomerang in an "8" pattern, and
he will come up to you and hit you with the head jewel. Both are not too hard
to avoid and you should not take any damage here if you've done well. Now we
come to phase three, the most deadly phase.

Phase three: Breath attacks
After losing 1500 HP, Gospel will do his infamous breath attacks. First, Gospel
will open his mouth to suck air so as to force you to come closer to him. Then
after that, he will release a breath attack your element is weak to, that is,
if you have fire style, he will release an aqua breath and so on. The breath
does 150 damage itself but it does 300 damage for elemental weakness! That's
normal style instead of the elemental ones. After a long and tough battle, you
should finally be able to defeat Gospel.
CONGRATULATIONS! You just beat the whole game! But wait, there's lots more for
you to explore, so don't hesitate, keep playing!

|                    Optional Bosses                       |

Optional bosses refer to those that you don't have to fight to beat the game
but I highly recommend you fight them for their chips and to complete your chip
collection (and to complete your game). They are somewhat easier than the
must-fight bosses.

HP: 300
Gutsman is still here in MegaMan Battle Network 2, and he hasn't changed much
in MegaMan Battle Network 2 either. He has three basic attacks.
1.He will send a shockwave down your row, easy to avoid.
2.If you stay at the front most rows, Gutsman will come up to you and punch
you, won't happen unless you are in the front row.
3.Sometimes, Gutsman will smash all your panels in your area to restrict your
movement, after that, he will send a flying guts punch down the column, since
your movement is greatly restricted, it is hard to avoid the guts punch. Just
try your best and hope that you will avoid it.

Gutsman V2
HP: 500
Upgraded version of Gutsman. Look at Gutsman section for tips.

Gutsman V3
HP: 800(actually 1000)
Gutsman V3 has more tricks up his sleeve than you can think of. He is meaner,
trickier and faster. The shockwave attack is now faster and does 100 damage,
the guts punch attack does 200 damage, and he will regularly smash up your
panels and send the flying guts punches to you.
After his HP drops to 200, he will use a recover 200 chip and his HP will turn
400 again! Watch out for this! One way to avoid this is to take his HP down to
210, and then form a P.A. to kill him.

HP: 300
Toadman, at this stage shouldn't be too much of a problem. When you start the
battle, you will notice two "leaves", those are the platforms for Toadman to
stand on, so you should be able to predict his movements quite accurately,
also, they constantly fire tadpoles at you.

After staying on a leaf for a while, Toadman will execute the "paralyzing
attack": A "musical note" which is yellow in color and flashes would come out
from his mouth and home in on you. Move up and down swiftly to avoid it,
otherwise you will get hurt and be paralyzed for a few seconds. If you are
paralyzed, Toadman will disappear into the water again and come up right in
front of you to "slap" you with his palm, that hurts a lot, so watch out for
this one! Sometimes, Toadman will do this attack even if you are not paralyzed,
not to hard to dodge anyways.

Toadman V2
HP: 600
Toadman V2 is a litte tougher than Toadman as the tadpoles move faster and deal
more damage. Also, you'll notice that the tracking ability of the "musical
note" has increased, making it harder to dodge. Toadman has also doubled his
Nothing to say here really, but I recommend using P.A. DreamSword 2, that would
take 500 of his HP, then hit him with some good electric chips and he should be
defeated quite easily.

Toadman V3
HP: 900
Ok, so this version of Toadman is a lot harder than the previous two. The
tadpoles move at an incredible speed that they are nearly impossible to avoid.
Toadman moves very fast and frequent now and so it is quite hard to nail him
with you chips. He frequently uses the "musical note" attack and its homing
ability has further been raised. If you can, try using P.A. DreamSword3 or
Greatest Stomp to hit him in the first turn.
I recommend tackling him after scenario 9.

HP: 900(not confirmed)
First off, Thunderman has three clouds which he controls to restrict your
movement and to attack you. If you touch the clouds for a second or so, they
will turn black and unleash a lighting to attack, don't worry, it only has one
range, just move back(or forward) to avoid it. After a while, Thunderman will
stop in a place and charge (his hands should glow yellow), now move around
quickly as 5 thunders from the sky will hit you if you don't move out of the
way. Sometimes, you sparks are formed inside clouds, and instead of the thunder
attack, sparks attack you after Thunderman stops his charging.
After that, the whole process reapeats, so when should you attack him? Either
when he's moving or the moment he charges, also, if you can stun him when he is
charging, the thunder attack will be cancelled. Forest bombs work very well
here, you can get one from the red flytraps in the Mother servers.

Thunderman V2
HP: 1100(not confirmed)
Same as Thunderman except with more HP, just follow the instructions for

Thunderman V3:
Same as previous versions of Thunderman except with even more HP, the thunders
are faster, and therefore has a higher accuracy, not to mention they hurt even
more, just move around carefully and you should be okay.

HP: 900
Snakeman is very special; he will hide in his protective "jar" when you are
standing in the same row as him, and will only come out when you are on other
rows. Also, the second column in his area is chipped away.
Snakeman attacks by sending small snakes that form in the holes to attack you.
If you are standing in the same row as him, you will NEVER be able to damage
him and you will NEVER defeat him. So move to other rows to make him come out.
After coming out for 5 seconds or so, Snakeman will attack you personally, his
attack is either
a) Tilting to one side to bite you (which has 2 ranges)
b) Firing a series of shots at you

So as you can see, both of them are not hard to avoid, the only problem is the
little snakes that come out from the empty column, they will block your attacks
if you do not destroy them within the time limit.

Just keep trying and you will eventually destroy Snakeman.

Snakeman V2
HP: 1200
Snakeman with 300 more HP, just refer to the Snakeman section for help.

Snakeman V3
HP: 1500
Snakeman with 600 more HP, still no changes, so you should refer to Snakeman

HP: 700(unconfimred)
Heatman is very annoying. First, he will move around very fast, and when he
attacks, he immediately leaves after he does his fire attack, a tracking chain
of fire (sort of like the Fire Tower in MegaMan Battle Network 1 except it's
faster). And after sometime, Heatman will appear above your head and try to
stomp you, get out quick, even if you avoid the attack, he will leave a Magma
panel on the tile he hit, stepping over it would cost you 50 HP, leaving it
alone would reduce your movement area.

The third attack is the hardest to avoid. Heatman will appear in his protective
box and stare at you, after a second, 4 flames will appear randomly on four
tiles; this is very hard to avoid, as the flames are often adjacent to each
other, however, the flames will cast shadows on the tiles just before they
stick out, so use this 0.5 second of time to avoid the attacks.

Heatman V2
HP: 1000(unconfirmed)
Nothing different from Heatman except for some more HP. Just use the methods
you've used to defeat Heatman to defeat this boss.

Heatman V3
HP: 1300
Still not much different from Heatman except it has 600 more HP and it does
it's third attack more frequently. He also moves faster at this stage. Still,
use the same methods mentioned above to take him down.

HP: 900
Blues/Protoman is MUCH harder now in MegaMan Battle Network 2. First, he moves
around very swiftly, to make things worse, he has also gained some very good

After he moves around for a while, he will launch some slash waves at you. The
slash waves are the "things" produced by the wide swords, when he launches them
at you, he either stays at the top or bottom row so as to let you escape from
one of the rows (the slash wave takes up two rows).
Immediately after that, he will come up to you and slash you with his fighter
sword, a 3 range sword, so back out of that row to avoid it. Sometimes, instead
of using his slash wave and his fighter sword, he will warp to the column right
before you and slash you with a wide sword, simply move forward, back, or
change to another row to avoid the attack.

If you attempt to attack him with your buster when he is moving around, he will
put up a shield to reflect all your attacks, so use chips instead of your
buster to nail him. The best time to hit him is when he comes up to you to cut
you with his fighter sword, be quick though, or you'll know what it's like to
be cut with that sword.

Blues/Protoman V2
HP: 1200
Just an upgraded version of Blues/Protoman. Nothing really to say, refer to
Blues/Protoman section if you need any help.

Blues/Protoman V3
HP: 1500
The final version of Blues/Protoman still hasn't changed much except that he
will follow you three times and attempt to cut you with his fighter sword until
he gives up. Refer to Blues/Protoman section.

HP: 600
Gateman is pretty easy to deal with. Starting off, he will move around, then
open his chest and do one of the following attacks:
1. A single powerful blast down a whole row
2. 3 small soldiers come out and attack you.

Attack 1 is quite simple to avoid, just move out of the row and you'll be fine.
Attack 2 is a little harder as you'll have to attack the soldiers fast in order
to destroy them, worst of all, they have a homing device and they follow you
around...fast! You might consider using a long sword here. If you can stun him
while he's doing attack 2, his attack will end.

Keep attacking him when he is in attacking range to bring this one down.

Gateman V2
HP: 800
Ditto of Gateman with more HP. Refer to Gateman section if you need any help.

Gateman V3
HP: 1000
Still no change except for more HP. Refer to Gateman secion if you really need
any help.

|                    Special Bosses                        |

Special bosses refer to those that can only be fought after meeting certain
circumstances. The basic requirement is that you have to beat the game first.
I'll explain these in more detail in the following section. Special bosses
include: Pharaohman, Napalmman, Planetman, Forte (real) and Forte SP.

Requirements to meet him: Beat the game once.
HP: 1200
Again, Pharaohman is much harder in this game. Pharaohman doesn't attack you
himself, the only thing he does is to read out a curse and set down a trap.
Most of the time though, he leaves the job to his two trusty coffins. There a
total of four attacks from the coffins:
1. The coffin will fire a laser down one row to hit you.
2. The coffin will release two rattons to attack you.
3. Sometimes, when the coffin opens and nothing comes out, beware though, the
panel you are standing on is being aimed and a stone block drops from the sky,
not really an attack though, but it can hurt you if hit and take up your area
if not.
4. Sometimes, a gust of air comes out from the coffin to push you into the back
row, this is often used after Pharaohman has read out a curse and set down a

Pharaohman V2
HP: 1500
Pretty much the same, except that Ratton 2 comes out of the coffin instead of
Ratton 1. Nothing special really, just watch out for the laser beams.

Pharaohman V3
HP: 1800
Ok... So this one is somewhat tough. Still, if you can dodge his fire and use
your P.A. well, winning is just up to time.

Watch out for the trap Pharaohman sets! If you step on it, a random attack will
attack you, but it's very easy to avoid anyways. I recommend putting some area
steals in your folder. Airshoes would also be nice. After that, use some long
range attacks or navi chips to defeat this guy.

Requirements to meet him: Collect the V3 chips of all Navis
HP: 1400
Yep, this is one of the harder bosses. First of all, some auto-tracking guns
will rise up in the row you are standing in and fire at you, it reaches until
the end of the entire row, this is something you should look out for. After
moving around for 7-8 times, Napalmman will stop and fire 5 napalm bombs at
you. This the time to use your chips/P.A.s on him, and watch out for the bombs,
not only do they smash your panels, they burn for a while after it hits the
panel, very nasty. -_-

After Napalmman only has very very little HP left, he put a large, pink
crosshair into the arena, move to the corners at once! Because after it locks
on to you, Napalmman will fire a 3x3 bomb, luckily, this time, it is neither
panel cracking nor burning.

Napalmman V2
HP: 1700
The same as Napalm except with more HP.

Napalmman V3
HP: 2000
Now this one is really hard. In fact, you might even die a few times before you
can eventually beat him. From this battle and on, you had better use P.A.s
instead of just chips to beat the bosses, because I tell you, it's IMPOSSIBLE.

Requirements to meet him: Have more than 200 chips recorded in your library
HP: 1600
Planetman is quite funny, he does not attack you himself, instead, two spheres
surround him and do the attacking, when engaging, you will find that sometimes
one sphere is aqua type and elec type while other times they are aqua and fire.
Also, you can destroy one sphere if the your style element is stronger than
his, this means:
Aqua style can cancel out the fire sphere
Elec style can cancel out the aqua sphere
Wood style can cancel out the elec sphere

Also, after sometime, Planetman will send out a small plane to attack you. The
plane will fire bullets row after row until it is destroyed, I think this is
one the most annoying attack to avoid.

Here are the attacks for the three spheres:
Fire sphere: Sends a line of fire coming in your row. Very easy to avoid.
Aqua sphere: Sends out an aqua tower to attack you, this one is harder to
avoid, as it can home in on you.
Elec sphere: Sends out a slow moving electric ring towards you, this is the
easiest to avoid.

After Planetman only has a very little HP left, his body will turn black
(resembling a Black hole probably and suck you towards him, while some meteors
fly out from the back most row. This is one of the hard attacks to avoid, but
it can still be avoided if you take caution in avoiding them.

If you have destroyed one sphere and Planetman has less than 400 HP left, he
will rebuild a green sphere to help him recover his HP, by this time, you'd
better hurry as you haven't got much time left to defeat him.

Planetman is wood elemental, therefore if you pack in some strong fire chips,
you'll defeat him within no time.

Also note that your fighting area is like this:
O: Your panels
X: Planetman's panels
-: A blank panel (preset hole, its status CANNOT be changed)

As you can see, there is only ONE panel in Planetman's area, that is the panel
he is standing on.

Planetman V2
HP: 1900
Still as easy as Planetman except with more HP.

Planetman V3
HP: 2200
Planetman V3 is the boss with the most HP in the game. But don't worry, if you
pack in some good fire chips (Magma Dragon, Neppu), he will be gone in no time.

Forte (Real)
Requirements to meet him: After you beat Planetman, when you try to go back
through the red warp into Ula net-4, he will appear and challenge you.
HP: 2000
Note: This boss has a 150 aura that can be regenerated.

This one is really hard! First, he has an aura of 100 HP, this means that any
attack below 100 is harmless to him. And also because of his high HP, he is one
hard piece of boss to coupe with. Note that his aura can REGENERATE, and it
regenerates pretty fast! For this one, I suggest that beginners use the
Prims+Forestbomb combo to defeat him, at this stage, any forestbomb will do.

If you are really really determined to defeat him the hard way, then here it
Forte will follow you around, then he will fire one shot straight down your
row, this is of course, easy to avoid. Then after ten seconds (the time needed
for the Custom gauge to fill once), he will charge and release one his 3
special attacks:

If he charges yellow: Forte will fire off 16 shots randomly in your area, very
hard to avoid, of course, it IS possible to avoid them, but it is rather hard
to do so, because you have to time it just right to escape between the gaps the
shots create.

If he charges blue: Forte will release shots in your area in an "8" figure,
this one is also pretty hard to avoid as you'll have to move around a lot. Just
be careful.

If he charges red: Forte will release shots randomly in your area, BUT this
time, instead of firing them at you, they appear in your area, making this
attack the hardest to avoid, make sure you know where you are going to avoid
this attack, I find this attack nearly impossible to avoid.

After Forte loses most of his HP, he will sometimes move around very quickly,
and after moving for a while, Forte will up to you and smash your panels (or
you if you don't get out quickly). The good thing about this is that Forte
leaves his aura if he does so, the bad thing? Well, your panels get smashed up,
and you take a lot of damage if you are hit.

Some last piece of advice: You MUST use at least ONE P.A. in this battle.
GateMagic is one good P.A. as it does 800 damage to Forte, BodyGuard is another
great P.A. as it does 1700 if you are lucky. Anyways, three pieces of advice
Be calm
Use P.A.s
Be swift

Forte SP
Requirements to meet him: Collect all 247 chips except for Forte V2, Forte V3
and DreamAura3.
HP: 2000
Note: This boss has a 150 aura that can be regenerated.

Pure evil. This is THE hardest boss in the game. With an aura of 150 and 2000
HP, this is the most deadly boss in the game. Forte SP is merely an upgraded
version of Forte (Real). His special attack now does 200 damage per hit and 100
for normal ones.

For this one, I recommend using the BodyGuard P.A. + 1 Attack +30 and 1 Attack
+20. This way, the first blade that Shadowman fires will cancel his aura, and
the 17 left will keep on hitting him until he is destroyed. Also, if you can, I
suggest that you put in some DreamAura 2's and some holypanels, when you step
on the holypanel with the DreamAura2, the DreamAura turns into a 300 aura!!!
This means that no matter under what circumstances, you will never be hit.
Good? Yes, but it takes at least 20 seconds to set out this protective gear.

After you beat Forte, you are done for the game, if you want, you can keep on
searching for all the chips and the secret chips #251-260. Then after that, you
can play Hard-Mode and get the Sanctuary chip. I, myself have already gotten
the Sanctuary chip. Maybe you can, too!

This FAQ is the work of Richard Huang a.k.a. WhizKid. DO NOT USE MY FAQ
ANYWHERE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! You will be punished if you do so.
Also, this FAQ is only to be put on GameFAQs and Happy Puppy.

Me, for making this FAQ.
Charp, metabee and NeoZeroX for guiding me through the whole game so that I
could finish it.
Capcom, for making a lovely squeal.

You will be credited properly if you can send me any useful info.

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