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FAQ/Walkthrough by Nine

Version: Full | Updated: 06/19/04

MegaMan Battle Network 2 FAQ Full version/

Date/Time Started: Thursday, March 21, 2002 12:10 PM
Date/Time Ended: Monday, September 9, 2002 5:00 PM
Copyright 2002 By NINE
Contact: Email: N1N384LL@yahoo.com or AIM: StrangeHybrid13



Table of Contents/
THOSE are key words you can type in to FIND (ctrl+f) the section you | |
want. For example, I want the Why I did this section, I type "~WHY."
| in the space provided after I use the ctrl+f function and search and |
voila! I get my section I want.

~WHY. Why I did this
~STR. Storyline
~CNT. Controls
~MEU. Menu Commands
~CHR. Characters
~STY. Styles
~SET. The Settings and Places

~GUI. Full Walkthrough
  *PART ONE: Getting the Official Zlicense
  *PART TWO: The gaseous AirMan
  *PART THREE: Official Blicense
  *PART FOUR: Panic at the picnic!!!
  *PART FIVE: Go now, get the A license
  *PART SIX: Change. bat
  *PART SEVEN: Netopia, the new world
  *PART EIGHT: The good old medieval style
  *PART NINE: I knew flying was a bad idea...
  *PART TEN: Dammit! The computer froze on me again!!
  *PART ELEVEN: Final Encounter

~END. After Scenario
~MOR. Side Quests
~CHP. Chip Database
~PAS. P.A. List
~VIR. Virus Bestiary
~COM. Chip Combos
~ITE. Items
~BUY. Shops and Net Dealers
~FAQ. FAQ Section
~COP. Copyright
~CCC. Creditz

~WHY. Why I did this/
     Well first off I know RockMan or MegaMan 2 is not out in America,
but I have the game due to the fact I got from import and I'm Japanese
so I got the game when I was over. I have played RockMan or MegaMan
Battle Network already and have beaten it and I liked it so I decided to
write an FAQ for the sequel so I get a head start on things. I also
wanted to be of some use instead of just playing games for my own fun.

~STR. Storyline/
     After the fall of WWW, another crime organization known as GOSPEL
terrorizes the net to extinction! Will Lan and MegaMan be able to stop
them!? GOSPEL, the ruthless, fearful, inhumane net mafia of the time...
What kind of twisted creation will they concoct to destroy the INERNET?

~CNT. Controls/
D-Pad: Obviously used to move your character around and your menu cursor

*A-Button: on menu used to confirm selections. In battle used to wield
your battle chips

*B-Button: Mostly used to cancel selections. In battle you use it to
shoot your Mega Buster

*Select: Use it to select the regular chip

*Start: Used to bring up the menu, and used to pause during a battle

*L-Button: Used to bring up the menu to use chips when the custom gauge
fills 100%. Also used to talk to MegaMan if you are Lan, or talk to Lan
if you are MegaMan. You can also use this button when the battle chip
selection menu is out to try to escape from battle.

*R-Button: Same as L-Button in battle. In the field, it is used to plug
into jack-in ports.

~MEU. Menu Commands/
-Chip Folder- contains all your chips.
-Sub Chips- Items used for various effects. Like a mini energy healing
-Data Library- holds data on the chips you have collected.
-MegaMan- Gives info on MegaMan's stats
-E-Mail- Shows all your E-Mail
-Key Item- Shows all key items. ex: PET, Mayl's Passcode
-Network- Link battle/trade chips with your friends!
-Save- ... You can figure this one out
-Return- goes back to field screen

~CHR. Characters/
Hikari Net(Lan)- Operator of RockMan(MegaMan) Son of the acclaimed Dr.
Hikari who invented the whole entire PET hubbub. Also Lan is the savior
of the world when he defeated the LifeVirus/DreamVirus. Not to mention
the obvious protagonist of the game. Also, FYI LAN stands for Local Area
Network... lol

MegaMan/Hub (RockMan/Site)- Lan's brother, also his Navi

Mail(Mayl)- Operator of Roll. And obviously Lan's Girlfriend...

Yaito(Yai)- Operator of Glyde. A wealthy girl in Lan's classroom. Also
skipped two grades.

Dekao(Dex)- Operator of GutsMan. And Lan's bully-type person. FYI Dekai
means BIG in Japanese

Arashi/Arashi- Operator of AirMan. GOSPEL crony. FYI means storm in

Hayami/Dave- Operator of QuickMan. GOSPEL crony. FYI, Hayame means "on
the faster" so I would say: I gotta' get to my date Hayameni.

Mr. Famous/Meijin- Operator of GateMan. good guy. Btw, Meijin is made
after a guy in real life. A guy working at Capcom.

Ribbita/Kero- News reporter, operator of ToadMan. FYI Kero is a
onomatopoeia for a frog sound.

Mr. Dark- mysterious operator of ShadowMan, hired by GOSPEL, an

Millionaire- Rich VIP at the jewelry store. Operator of SnakeMan

Raoul- Operator of ThunderMan

Princess Pride- Operator of KnightMan, GOSPEL crony

Gauss- Operator of MagnetMan, GOSPEL crony

~STY. Style Changes/
New to this game are the style changes. Which allows you to put on
different attributes. These can be attained by the change. bat event
(refer to the walkthrough)


Guts Style- Doubles your attack but puts your rapid to a minimum. Also,
you never get stunned after you get hit/damaged
*How to Get (HtG)- Use your buster cannon A LOT and charged shots too

Custom Style- Gets seven chips at start of battle instead of five
*HtG- Use a lot of offensive chips in a ROW A LOT. Don't use Navi or
shield or healing type chips. Use cannons and such, P.A.

Shield Style- By pressing back and B you can put up a shield like
ProtoMan and deflect ANY attack
*HtG- Use chips like healing and barrier and guard like you're obsessed
with it

Team/Brother Style- (my personal favorite) You can put up to eight
instead of five Navi chips
*HtG- use lots of Navi chips to delete enemies (my opinion: hardest to
get, unless trading)

***You can level up your Styles, like your enemies, you get three
versions, v1, v2, and v3. By beating 100 battles or so. The elemental
charged shot becomes stronger

The element after several hours of testing, I can conclude that it is

Heat- charged shots shoots a three-space flamethrower (like FireMan)
Electric- Charged shots shoot Zap Rings and paralyzes enemy.
Water- charged shots are like the bubble shots the shrimp viruses do
Wood- Charged shots is like a whirlwind in the space in front of you

The combination I got for the first time was ElecGuts
All other possible combinations are:

HeatGuts, HeatCustom, HeatShield, HeatTeam
ElecCustom, ElecShield ElecTeam (I wanted this one...)
AquaGuts, AquaCustom, AquaShield, AquaTeam
WoodGuts, WoodCustom, WoodShield, WoodTeam

Hub/Site Style- HtG @ bottom,
1. Buster attack x2!!
2. Super Armor
3. Ten Chips open at custom menu
4. Shield accessible!
5. Navi chips eight!


How to USE Hub/Site style well:
1. first thing's first, put up your Dream Aura 3
2. Program Advance one after another
3. Use Full Customs to speed up battle!
4. More P.A.!!!
5. S rank kills!!!

~SET. The Settings/
Electopia- your home continent
ACDC Town- Your hometown
Marine Harbor- Official Center home
OkuDen- The great outdoors!
Den area- first few areas you go to in the beginning of the game.
Koto area- another Internet area
Kotobuki- the city, the last battle...
YumLand/Agiina- where you'll go to another net-continent
Netopia/Ameroppa- a foreign country, much like NY


*PART ONE: Getting the Official ZLicense

   The game starts off with a conversation of some project... (You can
skip conversations by pressing start) After that it starts off at your
school seeing that Lan finally made it to school on time, and itz the
last day of school!
   You can talk to the people in the room until finally talking to Dex.
You can also check the desks for some battle chips. When you talk to him
he'll start telling you "let's go net surfing later!". And then the bell
rings... The teacher first tells you it's the last day of school before
break and you can get your report card. After school, continue the
conversation between you and Dex, he'll tell you a "square".
   He tells you that there is some event going on there and he and Mail
are going so he invites you over to check it out. Now you can leave the
school and explore town before heading home. In front of your house is
some mysterious guy with blonde hair.... peculiar...
   Well just go in your house and talk to your momma.
   Then head upstairs. As soon as you enter your room, your mom tells
you need to show her you report card. By the looks of it, Lan seems he
didn't get good grades so his mother forces him to do homework first.
Just jack into your PC and a Pink Program should come up. (that's the
homework program) Then it takes you through a battle tutorial. (which is
annoying...) after the tutorial/homework you have to head on to the
"Square"! You get mail from Dex regarding your tardiness so scurry on to
the "Square".
   Continue on to the net.
   Continue down the path picking up mystery data on the way. You may
also notice some cubes blocking your way. Don't worry, you'll be
able to pass there once you get Mail's pass code or Dex's pass code
and stuff like that.
   Continue on until you get to the yellow TRIANGLE so you can continue
on the NEXT area I presume is Area 2. Continue on the path until you
meet a fork in the road, take the bottom road. And step on the     warp.
You should end up in the entrance to the " Square" where GutsMan and
Roll is patiently waiting. After the conversation, continue on to the
North warp to get to the Square. You'll get to a place with some shops
(check shopping section) and GutsMan and Roll are.

   Got to GutsMan and talk to the Green Guy He'll give you choices:

   The Zlicense is a license where you will become a recognized city net
battler. So just take the test! You have to go on a scavenger hunt to
find the "HeroData" and The "HopeData" head out and to the area at the
fork in the road. Head up this time and get the red floppy disk, which
is the "HeroData"
   Now head all the way to the beginning and search there, you should
find the Green Floppy disk which then is the "HopeData". Now go back to
the Official Green Guy and talk to him then he'll give you the Zlisence
and the regular chip is used on the chip folder menu. Just put your
cursor on the battle chip you want to have that chip open at the start
of battle and press SELECT BUTTON! It should then have a red frame
around it to show it's a regular. After that you get Mail's pass code in
your E-Mail. Jack out, as soon as you jack out you get a distress signal
from Glyde! Yai's navi! It seems Yai's be in the bath too long and Glyde
is beginning to worry! What has happened to Yai!?

*PART TWO: The gaseous AirMan

   Immediately head over to Yai's house for she is in peril! You'll meet
Dex and Mail at the door for you. Dex, using his brute force, busts open
the door. After five minutes Dex hasn't come out so Lan goes in to check
it out. He finds himself trapped inside with gas all over the place. Get
e-mail from Mail and get Roll R. Head down the hall to the bathroom
you'll find Dex ded on the floor. (his position is strange...^_^) Head
to the blue panel to the LEFT and jack in. You soon find out that the
pink gas will blow you away. Keeps this in mind, there will be timing
shots. Ignore the first gas where the program is blown away. The next
one you'll have to do a timing shot. You'll find a path to the left. (if
you can't find it) You'll meet up with GutsMan, and to his left is a gas
pump, which you should turn on. You'll be blown to an area with a
program and a funky rectangular machine, go and operate the machine.
Then the gas around Dex will be released and he'll be saved! You'll then
enter the next area. You'll meet up with Glyde and you'll have to do TWO
more timing shots. If you get blown though you should get the HP Memory.
After the TWO you'll need to turn off the next one by turning the
switch. Continue on until you find another Box to operate, do so and
operate it. Lan soon finds out it doesn't work so he decides to go and
find Yai's fan collection she was bragging about earlier. Go upstairs
into Yai's room, search her Shelves. Go back to the bath and soon Lan
will be fanning AWAY!!!!!!!(^_^) After that, AirMan will be beamed
down... Go down to the area where it was blocked before and turn the
switch and blow away. And then turn off the switch for the next one.
Continue to the third switch and turn that one. Turn on the second one
and BLOW!!!!!! You should then get caught up in the third gas pump and
meet: AirMan.EXE. Before you fight him make preparations:
1. Make sure HP is at max.
2. Make sure you have your battle chips set
3. Make sure you save just in case
You'll then find that the operator is the blonde freaky guy from a while
ago. You also find out that he is against rich people and gives out a

*Boss: AirMan.EXE  HP: 300
   This guy is quite simple, I'll list his attacks:
Small Tornado: He'll blow 3 little slow-moving tornadoes at you and you
can easily dodge this by going in between the tornadoes.
Large Tornado: 2 tall large tornadoes will charge around at you.
Body Tornado: AirMan shoots a horizontal blast from his chest.
$   Just dodge attacks and shoot

After the battle, MegaMan sets the system back to normal. And there's a
scene where the guys discuss if Lan saw Yai nude or not*_*. Then there
is a scene with the blonde (Arashi, means storm in Japanese) and well...
he gets killed. Then examine Yai's bed and get Yai's pass code. Go home,
you them get a mail regarding the Metroline bombing. Then go to sleep!

*PART THREE: Official B License
   Lan wakes up and comes up with an idea to go to the mountains and
have a camp with everybody! Leave the house and go over to Dex's place,
he says he can't go today cuz' he gotta watch the house.(you can fight
GutsMan for his chip and Dex's pass code)

*opt. Boss: GutsMan
HP: 300
Shock Wave: same attack as the Mettaur
Ground Slam: Cracks all floors down the column.
Guts Punch: Only does this when up close to GutsMan. Heavy hitting
$   This battle shouldn't be too hard...

Go to Yai's house, there will be a sign saying she's on a vacation
visiting all over the world. Got to school (last place I looked ^_^) and
you'll find Mail studying. Lan'll be thinking in the park what to do
when he gets mail on upgrading his license from ZLicense to B license.
Also he sends mail to his friends to go on picnic tomorrow so you'll get
replies on that. So go over to Marine Harbor by Metroline. You can Net
battle Ribbita, the reporter person.

*opt. Boss: ToadMan
HP: 300
Tadpole: a tadpole comes out from under a lily pad and goes down the
column 10 damage
Croak: this is soooo annoying like a fire tower, only with a musical
note, not fire. Hits and paralyzes for a moment. 20 damage
Froggy Punch: This one too is annoying. Suddenly pops up in front of you
and does a foul punch at you.
$   This one got me steaming mad! well first off the lily pads move on
the top and bottom column. and ToadMan only stays on top of the pads.
The battle will go very easy if you have an Electric Sword, which can be
found in the TV van nearby. Pair the sword with a few +10s and ToadMan
is ToaSTMan.
After the battle you'll get RibiCode.

Go into the Official Center Building and talk to the lady at the
counter. Say the bottom choice, I'm here to take the test and she is
surprised to see you have a Sub License. Then go downstairs and jack
into the machine. Talk to the Green Navi and the test includes three
1. fight 5 battles in a row and win
2. find and help a Navi with its problems.
3. same as 1 only stronger viruses

test1: easy, just fight to the death.
test2: annoying, effortless and easy. Run around Den Area 3 Upper level
and you'll meet a Navi who got robbed of his "walkprog". So go find the
crook that took it's program. You'll find an evil-looking Navi, Undernet
navi, in the Den Area 2 lower. Fight it and it will give back the
program. Return to the navi and return the program and receive the
"NiceData" Return to the Navi instructor.
test3: just fight MON!

after the heated battles, you get your BLicense.
Go home and go to sleep. See some scenes...

*PART FOUR: Panic at the Picnic!

   You wake up late for the camp!!! Oh Lan oh Lan..... Go out to the bus
stop and go on. When you reach there you meet up with Chaud... There
seems to be a swarm of bees blocking your way to the camp site. When you
talk to the lady with her sister, she tells you bees will die to fire.
So go and Check around the water side to find two items: Lighter and the
Stick. Also check the trees for the newspaper. Then go to the swarm of
bees and use all three items and flush the bees away.
   Continue on you'll run into a BEAR!!!! But something's peculiar... Go
behind the waterfall and find the binocs there. Then approach the bear
and jack in! Go in delete the dog virus ppl.
Continue on into the campsite.
   You need to get ready for the bbq so talk to Dex, Yai, and Mail.
Then talk to the guy on the rocks for the fish, Woman by the river for
the KNIFE, old guy for the firewood. Give Yai the fish, give Mail the
Knife, and give Dex the firewood. Then you start eating without Chaud,
   THEN!!!! There was an explosion at the dam!! Head north over to the
dam! As soon as you try to enter the dam, you get a call from Chaud.
Head out onto the rocks and find a PET there, JACK IN!!! Run around
until you get to the defusing program. Jack out and search for the other
three. Go behind the waterfall to find another PET, jack in. JUST RUN
AROUND LIKE CRAZY. once you find the defusing program, defuse the bomb!
Go find the other two. Then jack in to the Cnteen next to the river and
next to the back pack. You get a call, find that red-jacketed-person.
When you talk to him, do the choices 1 and 3. You find his name to be
Dave! You jack in! So just do the same as above, RUN AROUND LIKE CRAZY!

You then reach QuickMan.EXE

*BOSS: QuickMan.EXE  HP: 400
Boomerang: shoots a boomerang down the column
Block: Blocks ALL attacks with boomerang arms
Quick: Moves around his area
       real fast
Head Boomerang: A very rare attack, I only witnessed this attack when
fighting him for the second time. Comes at you and                 takes
the boomerang off of his head and hits you.
$   Ok.. this one is VERY hard. Ok his attacks and moves are SIMPLE but
HARD. When he's standing still, and you shoot him he blocks ALL attacks.
Then he moves around his are a QUICKLY and is almost impossible to hit.
But at that moment, use a NAVI chip!!! You want as much damage possible
to the guy. And after he stops moving, he uses his boomerang attack. THE
ONLY ATTACK. And keeps that pattern. What I did was stand and shoot with
B when he's moving and dodge the attack swiftly.

after you kill him, you find out that if QuickMan dies the dam will blow
up anyway. And just then ProtoMan finishes him off.

*PART FIVE: Go now, get the A license...

     This part starts off with Lan standing in the park. He find s a
balloon stuck in a tree and there was some data at the end of the
string. It said it was from YumLand. Lan wants to go there so he's gonna
do some research, and he also wants the good tasting exotic foods. Go
online in your PC and head to the fork in the road from much earlier.
(OFFICIAL SQUARE!) And instead of taking the bottom road take the top.
   You head up the road and talk to the cube on the top, it won't let
you in unless you have a higher Official License so head over to Marine
Harbor. At the Official there's a net battler with a mask named Mr.
Famous. You can fight him...

*opt. BOSS: GateMan.EXE  HP: 600
GateSoldier: sends 3 soldiers at you
RemoGate: sends a panel on one column and moves up and down, like a
Purple arm thingy: An arm comes out of the RemoGate and ATTACKS!
GateCannon: big gun pops out of chest and does a shockwave attack

      In order to be able to take the A license test, you have to help
about three to five ppl on the job listings, whole section on that under
sidequests. Now you can return to the Official Square and talk to the
guy and you should be able to take the test, if not, go back and do more
     Go into the room and jack in! The A license test is the same as the
last test,
1. 5 straight battles
2. Punish a navi
3. Another 5 battles

Ok on the second part, there will be an evil navi at Den area 2 and the
Koto Areas.
   Now go back to the guy and fight five battles. After you win you
should now get your A license. Head back to the Internet area where the
blocked cube was. Enter YumLand. If you run around until you get to the
YumLand Square, you'll have fight CutMan.EXE. But you also find out that
Electopia is gonna get blown up after YumLand, cuz' everybody died there

*BOSS: CutMan.EXE  HP:600
Head Cut- comes close and cuts you with head.
Scissor toss- sends a floating scissor in your area
Scissor Boomerang- sends a scissor fly through the column
$  Not too hard

*PART SIX: Change.bat

     First go meet your Dad in the Official Center, second floor. Then
jack in to the Big machine everyone's standing next to. Go in to the
Official Square and post a message in the house/message board. Now jack
out and check your board again. Do some jobs. (I did all of the ones
possible *o*) Now talk to everyone in Koto and check your board. If not,
talk to everybody at the squares and go to the board.
   When you get a new notice, go to the park in your hometown. There
will be a guy there who says his wife ran off to the camp site without
him, go there. Also you receive the Batteries to give to the wife.
She'll be in front of a tent, you give her the batteries and she'll tell
you to go to the Kotobuki Square and meet a purple navi there, you also
receive the NoteData.
   When you talk the Navi, he'll tell you to head over to YumLand with
the YumKey. (do back to the girl in the camp area to get GateKey A)Go to
the homepage you went to earlier. (where you fought CutMan) and break
the barrier. Get the Change. bat and escape from the area fighting your
way through.
     Now that you got your Change. bat, head back to your dad.  He'll
install the program to MegaMan. You get a signal from the Official
Square so jack in. Talk to the virus and start battle.

*BOSS: Goofball  HP: 300
Area Steal- same as your chip
Gas mask- sends his mask one space forward and emits gas.

$ This wasn't too hard just have fire elemental chips and attack and
wide attacks, Meteor 9 chip works well. And don't forget to get the free
Flame Sword from the guy outside.

   Now head back to your old man. Then head over to the Mother Computer
on the same floor. There will be several funny looking scenes here... I
cannot STOP laughing!! XD! On the second panel, you'll need to jack in
and help the old guys. There will be some puzzles inside, the second one
you may have trouble with. First word: CAT. Second: RIVER. Next: the
blacks are N & B. Keep going and the old guys' navis will sacrifice
themselves for MegaMan.
  Jack into the next computer and continue. (this is my first time using
ASCII art, sorry if it messed up)

First one:   Next one:   Third one:
_ _ _          _ _ _       _ _ _
\_\C\D\        \_\_\_\     \E\R\E\
 \_\E\_\        \W\A\T\     \H\T\_\
  \_\B\_\        \_\_\C\     \S\T\_\
   \A\F\_\        \_\_\H\     \O\M\_\

You then run into ShadowMan, but ProtoMan takes care of that.
Now Jack into the BIG MOTHER COMPUTER.
Follow it in order 1, 2, 3, 4....

3.MASK       4.KNIFE
 _ _ _        _ _ _
 \ \A\M\      \ \F\E\
  \ \S\ \      \ \I\N\
   \_\K\_\      \_\_\K\
1.WIG      2.GEM
_ _ _       _ _ _
\_\G\_\     \_\_\M\
 \_\I\W\     \_\_\E\
  \_\_\_\     \_\_\G\

next:         then:                next:
UCANGO        JUMPS                SPIDER
   _ _         _ _ _ _             _ _ _
_ _\_\O\       \_\_\_\S\           \_\_\_\_
\_\_\_\G\       \_\U\M\P\           \S\P\I\D\
 \_\_\_\N\       \_\J\_\             \_\_\_\E\
  \C\A\                               \_\_\_\R\

the next one's easy, just go down the center, code: APPLE.
next third from the left, B

 _ _ _

ok:               next:            then:            next:
_ _ _              _ _              _ _ _ _ _        _ _
\R\A\_\            \Y\W\            \E\M\A\H\D\     _\_\_\_
 \_\C\_\            \S\U\_ _         \T\S\Y\E\A\    \_\S\T\E\
  \_\C\_\            \Q\O\_\_\        \_\_\S\_\_\    \S\Y\_\M\
   \_\O\O\            \_\M\K\_\
    \_\_\N\                \I\G\

Next:        Finally:
_ _ _ _       _ _ _
\_\_\L\C\     \V\I\_\
 \_\_\O\_\     \_\R\_\
  \_\_\S\       \_\U\S\
   \_\_\E\       \_\_\_\

Now ShadowMan is waiting for you...
Oh yea, protect the MOTHER BRAIN

*BOSS: ShadowMan.EXE  HP: 800
Shuriken/Throwing Stars: Jumps up and throws stars at you
Kagebunshin: Splits into three and avoids attacks, harder to hit. Also
triple the attack when attacks
Kagebunshin 2: instead of being in his own area, goes into yours. Also
attacks with sword.
Bomb: explosion down the column

After you have beaten ShadowMan it is the end of another chapter...

*PART SEVEN: Netopia, the new world

   You wake up with an E-Mail talking about Netopia, and Lan wants to go
there for the meeting thingy. Talk to mom and leave to the Official
Center. You can fight Mr. Famous for a whole lot of chips or not... it's
your choice... Now talk to the Lady at the front counter, and then to
the person at the right most counter. Get your Passport and head off to
the airport.
   Meet Mail there and get her chip and the Wireless. After you talk to
Mail you can then head off to the Metal Detector Device. But you carry
your PET in and is replaced with a MiniPET until you reach Netopia. You
then get mugged and you get your PET back from Chaud. Reach Netopia.
   You can regain your money back by talking and fighting that thug
there. You can combat Kero here.
   You then get abducted by a guy, you then get your chips stolen...
Well what a bad day huh? Head to the hotel. You get in a fight with
MegaMan and you dump him, now go to the little park and talk to Higsby.
Go back and get MegaMan. You then find out your passport has been stolen
and MegaMan has been beat up. Go talk to the old guy in the park, then
the little boy (Jim) in the alley and then to Raul, the Indian Black
guy. You can then fight ThunderMan.EXE

*BOSS: ThunderMan.EXE  HP: 700
Bolt: A circular electric ball will resident the floating clouds and
comes to hurt you.
Thunder Shock: one cloud shoots thunder up down and left to right.
Thunder: Three bolts of lighting falls from the sky.
$ This got me trying for a few times. Try not to touch the clouds or
they'll thunder shock. I used Navi chips and +20 Navi and +10 Attack.

     After the battle get RaulCode and jack into the stereo. Run around
and find a warp that will eventually lead to the NetSquare. There you
need to talk to a green Navi to the lower right of the whole area. Then
go visit Netopia area 3 and find two Evil Navis talking, FIGHT! Now go
back to Jim and give him a Guard *. He'll tell you about the rich Mrs.
Million Lady. Head off to the Jewelry Store, talk to the lady on the
left and fight her for ALL your chips.

SnakeMan.EXE  HP: 600
All attacks wood element
Mini Snake: shoots small snakes at you, like missiles
Snake Hand: shoots machine gun fire from hand
Snake Stretch: expends body from pot and attacks
$  The only thing I have to say is... get guts. You need to just shoot
out the mini snakes and go up and down the column and shoot when you get
the chance. It takes time but it works.

     Now go to the hotel and sleep.

*PART EIGHT: The good old Medieval Style

     Head over to the castle and talk to the black chick and walkthrough
the wall with the emblem. Start talking to everybody. Then the guy
starts talking about Gospel and how they are making and Ultimate Navi...
Then you fall into a pit. You seem to fall into a Medieval Trap house,
jack in to the green panel.
     Follow the maze find the electric keys and open the locks as you
go. There are also two entities you should watch out for the Vampire and
the Zombie. The vamp will drain HP and the Zombie will send you to it's
grave. You should then get to a spinning gear, that's the shut down
program for the traps.
     Head out to the next room where the ceiling closes onto you. The
Princess says this must be the same one that Johnson must have been
killed in. Well you won't die, jack in. There will be a new foe to face
here, the robber, don't touch him or he'll take your riches. Run around
and switch off.
     Now that the trap has been disabled, head out to the open door.
Then there's a scene where the Princess dies... or did she? Head up the
stairs to find out Jennifer is also down, go to the room. There a fall
of flame will surround you. Lan uses the wireless plug Mail gave him and
jack in! This time around, there will be MORE people running around for
your life. If you want this the ez way, DO NOT STOP! Get the switch,
jack out.
     In the next room talk to Raul's (yes that's Raul) burning body and
Chaud comes in and accuses you to be part of Gospel, you have no choice
but to fight him...

*BOSS: ProtoMan.EXE  HP: 800
Wide Sword- a wide sword blast travels down the column
Long sword- sword that extends three columns
Shield- shield like Shield Style MegaMan
$ This guy got weaker from the last game. First he is much more
vulnerable to attacks because he doesn't put up his shield as long as he
did on the first game. Otherwise, he's just a push over.

     Then head up the long stairs and meet up with PRINCESS...........
Yes, her... now jack in thru the wireless plug. I got a little angry
around here, but not much a problem. You should eventually meet up with

*BOSS: KnightMan.EXE  HP: 800
Mace Toss- shoots the mace from hand
Top shot- hits the ceiling and drops rocks on you
Hop- this is WEIRD looking, hops and finally moves, cracks ALL floors
$ This will not be a problem. He stays rock solid for awhile and
whatever attack will do ONLY ONE damage. When he gets colored, HIT!!!
with navis and such. To prevent the hop attack, I used two GutsMan chips
and eliminated all of his areas. Not too hard.

     Then there is a scene where Lan and Chaud are apologizing to each
other for the accusation and you hear about Raul and Princess'

*PART NINE: I knew flying was a bad idea...

     You wake up, now head over to the airport go do some last
farewells(like fighting other fellow net battlers?? eh?) and make sure
you get some rare chips from the yellow machine..(like a GutsMan 2???)
eh?) Oh yea, go talk to the Black guy where Higsby used to be, he'll
sell you a "Broach" for Yai, you can continue buying stuff from the
"Black Market" get it? Lol n/m... The RoboX and the goldring. Some gifts
for your fellows back at home.
     Go get your ONBACode at the Castle and head to the Airport now. (by
going to the bus) You can do round 2 with Chaud here if you want to.
Talk to the scientist and go on the plane. On the plane, Lan starts
dreaming about being back home, you wake up and decide to check the
cockpit out. Talk to the captain there and you will experience
     After that talk to everybody, you then notice it's time for lunch
so you head back to your seat. You get a stomach ache so go to the
toilet, you hear a conversation about a spider... Go to the bald guy who
is also a bug specialist and he'll tell you the that spider is extremely
poisonous and rare. You hear a scream from the bathroom, go there. Now
Lan goes to find a doctor, go to the business class area and talk to the
big bulky guy in the green shirt, now head back to the almost dead guy.
The doctor will temporarily treat the guy and you want to capture the
spider, so go talk to the specialist.
     Now talk to the black guy who wants you to RAP for some of his
whisky. Now go to the cockpit and take the Pilot Hat. Talk to the old
lady in the economy class and listen to her long story to get the
chopsticks. Then talk to the Flight Attendant in the back for some
thread. Then head back to the specialist. You then hear the spider moved
to the first class cabin, go there, and now there is a scene where Lan
and the people are catching the spider.
   After that, you get some turbulence. Go to the cockpit and jack in!
You can now do what I do best, run around. You will eventually be able
to stop the red polarities and blue polarity through activating a
machine. (red machine=red polarity, and vice versa) Once you switch off
the right wing controls, the piloting program goes haywire! Once you fix
the piloting program, the pressure goes off. After you fix the pressure,
the throttle goes off!  And THEN after that, the landing program goes
off! On this one you meet, MagnetMan!!! You also find out GOSPEL is
going out for the "Hi-Power Program" to finish their "ULTIMATE NAVI" (I
doubt it..)

*BOSS: MagnetMan.EXE  HP: 1000
Magnet- shoots magnets at you, like the Ratton hits
Magnet Line- he uses the chip; magnet line. Which puts a row of magnets
Magnet Bomb- A big ball of energy flows in your direction... (quite
dodge able) also paralyzes you
Double Team attack- Makes two counter parts and magnetically tackles you
$  It was quite hard. You first have to watch out for the Double team.
You can dodge it by simply staying on the top or bottom row. You also
want to try dodging the magnets and the Double team. Other wise it will
go by ez. You can also try to make MagnetMan lay magnet tiles in ALL
your squares so you are not pulled by the force from the magnet. I
barely escaped with 50 HP to spare...

     Now head out and see a few scenes and go home. Greet your mother
and friends, give them your presents (if you bought any you big meanie),
and go to sleep.

*PART TEN: Dammit! My computer froze on me again!

     You wake up and get a distress call from Mail saying that Roll got
lost in the Yum area. Jack in to the internet. You find some ice
crystals EVERYWHERE! You can break the white ones at this point (I'll
call this level 1) though, and whenever you break open one some viruses
attack you. Now head to the YumLand. When you try to go there there's
some pink crystals. Now head over to the KotoArea, you should find a
purple navi trapped inside the white crystal next to the warp free him
and he'll give you the "RedFrag". Go over to your Dad now. He'll tell
you that the crystals are viruses that freeze computers to get the
"Environment System" which in turn, causes earthquakes, tsunamis, etc
etc... if tampered. Get the RedCure(level 2) and head back to YumLand.
The viruses will get MUCH harder...  In area TWO you should find Roll.
You also should help the little green Navi and talk to him. Make sure
you have the ONBACode from the guy in Netopia. Read all the things in
the Official square message board and head to the Undernet, you should
learn about a keycode that goes to a secret area in the Undernet.....
Now think back to the time your passport was missing, remember the
little navi blocking the entrance to the Undernet? It should be open, go

***also, at this point, you can meet up with an old friend...well not
really, the operator of FireMan, now the operator of HeatMan. You can
find him at the airport.

*opt. BOSS: HeatMan.EXE  HP: 900
Magma Drop- lands on an area on your side and makes a lava space
Fire tower- the good old fire tower, you should know what this does by
Upper Fire- closes up and puts on some fire in your area for a short
time, also becomes immune to attacks while closed.
$ Well he was easy

    Talk to everybody there, one buy should ask you for 10,000 zenny for
a hint on where to find the keycode, you have no choice, pay up. Now
head to the Netopia Square. Talk to everybody and find the guy, he tells
you his friend knows so go to the net merchant close by to the warp to
the Square, the purple navi there. Give him a Rabbit Ring 2 B. And he
tells you the keycode is WWW!
     Now head back to the Undernet to write in a message. When you do
so, go to the guy at the shops. Talk to him and he tells you he has the
YellowFrag, but you also need to find the HeatData to forge it into a
vaccine. Go to Okuden (the camp site) and jack into the bbq grill. Talk
to the little program there and get the HeatData. Head back to the guy.
Get the YellowCure. Head to Netopia Area 2 and help the Green Navi
that's trapped and talk to him, you have to find his little brother so
head to the Undernet area 3. Head back to the big brother and get the
"BlueFrag A". Head back to Undernet area 3 to find a guy in the lower
level, chase after him.
      You get a call, it's Chaud. He tells you there is a shortcut from
the Kotobuki to the Undernet. So go to Netopia Square and talk to the
pink navi to get the gate key, Gate Key D. Now head to Den area 1 where
all the little closed warp gates are, activate one and head off to the
Kotobuki to investigate. Right after you enter the warp you opened, head
downward to the hidden warp which leads you to the Under-Kotobuki...
     Go thru this twirling maze of dizzying delight and reach The lower
level of the Undernet area 3... (I KNEW that Kotobuki was suspicious...)
Retrace the steps the guy took and battle him. Get the "BlueFragB" and
the Gospel ID. Now head back to Kotobuki SQUARE, go to the south of that
area and enter thru the pink lined gate to go to the GOSPEL Base... Go
around here, fight a little and reach FreezeMan.EXE... He says that he
HIMSELF is the third part to the Blue Cure, you have no choice but to
delete him...

*BOSS: FreezeMan.EXE  HP: 1000
Freeze Up- turns into a big ice crystal
Icicle- drops 3 at a time
Ice tower- you know what the towers do, only ice
Gust- blows wind AGAINST you
$ Not too hard, be sure to keep on hacking away at his HP constantly.
Electric Guts style will come in handy here...

  Jack out and talk to your momma' and go to sleep.

*PART ELEVEN: Final Encounter

     Go down stairs talk to your mom and head into the internet in the
place you battled FreezeMan. You find a portal that keeps on producing
Navis! Head to Dad. Get the KotoPass and the MagSuit. Now board the
train with the pass and go to Kotobuki City. There will be many events
here. Just go into the big building and try to enter the elevator, the
event happens and head up to floor 2.
     Go take the left hall and jack-into the Large X-box-looking thingy.
After warping and running around you should get to the ElecBit 082,
insert that into the big purple thing. Don't worry about the swirling, I
also want to add that I like the interior design of the place. Continue
and you can get 232 to fix the warp. And then to an EV bit... to a 243,
253, 042, 271, 093, 201. You then reach a yellow platform area, SAVE,
heal, and go fight 3 battles with AirMan, QuickMan, and CutMan. Same as
the first time you battled. Not too hard.
     After that, go to floor 30 on the elevator. Go into the green door,
you get an event where Lan gets electrocuted, jack into the X-box. Just
follow paths and pickup some mystery data while you're at it. At the
end, I prefer to save before the encounter, you will fight KnightMan,
MagnetMan, and FreezeMan. (isn't that the life virus orby thing?)And
now, go through the door for the finale! SAVE RIGHT HERE, like in the
last game, you will not be able to save.
     There's an event here where the Big boss of GOSPEL will try to make
you join, but Lan is strong and he will stop the guy! Jack in and fight
the fight! This is it!!!!!! Now GO!!!!!!! (sorry for my overreaction)
Jack in and run around the spiral until, the event where there is the
GutsMan, Roll, Glyde, and ProtoMan copies. Then you find that the
Ultimate Navi GOSPEL was talking about was actually Bass (or Forte)
Continue your spiral run and finish off Bass! (and GOSPEL)

Bass Copy (Forte)  HP:1000
Elec Gun- shoots electric balls at you
Rapid- Charges arm and shoots several rounds of the elec gun at you
$ Not too hard

     An event will play and the real Bass (Forte) is revealed! Big lion
thing! You also find out that the GOSPEL boss is the kid from the plane!
(I knew he was suspicious) Then the server voltage goes up and Lan and
the kid gets shocked and Lan gets plugged into the internet world and he
goes into FULL SYNCHRO (which is when the Navi and operator become one
mind one thought and soul and is better. Now fight GOSPEL!

Breath- shockwave-like attack from the mouth
Junk Data- stuff flies at you constantly
Howl- charges for an instant moment and does a ground cracking shock
wave attack!
Drill Head- Quite self explanatory, the head turns in to a drill and
flies at you!
Copy- this one is cool! The head turns into a GOSPEL Navi!
Inhale- just blows you in
Green Flame- shoots a big fire! You are only safe in your back row!

$ You can only hurt him while his mouth is open, which is when he uses
his Howl or Breath, or when he uses copy. I would use some paralysis
attack to stop him for an instant moment and shoot away. Lucky I got the
ElecGuts style! The Green Fire will pose a problem! When the starts this
pattern of inhaling and fire, try to stay in the back row!

     After the intense battle, the ending will commence. Much longer
than the last game. I will not tell you what happens and that is for you
to find out. I cannot ruin the game for you, but I will tell you this,
there is still something that needs to be done. And the Bass you fought
was a copy, so the real one...

Game Clear, 04/18/2002 2:59:33 PM(Japanese)/06/24/2002 10:35:04 AM
(English), Game time: 17:23(Japanese) 12:13 (English)

                            #THE END#

~END. After Scenario/

       You get StarIDs next to "continue" if you completed the game
doing something special. Here are the levels:

*Yellow Star: Completed the scenario and saw ending

*Green Star: Defeated the four hidden navis, PharohMan, NaplamMan,
PlanetMan, and Forte/Bass

*Red Star: Data Library over 250

*Purple Star: Got the hidden chips

*Blue Star: Over 31 P.A. (Program Advance) found.

     First get the SSS rank at the official center if you haven't
already... and get a data library of over 130.

S-rank: beat 10 HARD battles in a ROW

SS-rank: find the ArmyData after the warp in WWW area 1, NW. Use
unlocker item. Go back to the guy he'll tell you to beat up some guys,
head to YumLand area 2 for the first, Netopia 3, Undernet 6, Undernet
Kotobuki. Then go back to the guy and take the second part, BEAT TWENTY
BATTLES IN A ROW!!! Well, let's say this is harder than the bosses
combined! Not really, but it is a pain in the ass.

SSS-rank: This is like a scavenger hunt, you need to find the "Master
Navi"(like, MegaMan is...) Go to the cafe sign, then to the woods, near
the dam. There will be a guy hiding in the four trees, yea, the
official-looking guy. Then go on the airplane and examine the purple
screen thingy in the cockpit. Go to Netopia and make your way up the
castle. There talk to the chick. Then go to the alley way and talk to
the dumpsters second from the LEFT. Go to the YumLand homepage. Then to
Mayl's piano. Talk to the purple navi there. Before you talk to Dad,
save. You find out HE'S the navi master!!! You'll fight another of those
classic endurance battles. But with navis! That includes: GutsMan v2,
ToadMan v2, GateMan v2, ThunderMan v2, SnakeMan v2, HeatMan v2, ProtoMan
v2. Go back to the guy and fight the fights! 30 battles in a

     Then by finding the four hidden navis...

PharaohMan: To find him: You have to be over Lv.70 and go 2 WWW area 1.
There, he will have a fight with you when you try to enter the WWW 2. He
will be at 1200HP. His attacks include beams and switches on the floor,
which you shouldn't step on. Also ratton hits. Won't be a prob with the
Prisim/Forest bomb combo! (not in english)

NapalmMan: To find him: Get ALL V3 navi chips OTHER THAN the hidden ones
and then enter WWW area 3. For this battle, make sure you have some kind
of aqua element, for starters, NOT WOOD. It'll be like a sea of flames
in here. He'll shoot missiles and such at you.

PlanetMan: To get him: Data Library over 200 and enter WWW area 3. Now
this guy is wood element so subsequently... right FIRE WILL BEAT HIM.
Will hit you with multi-elemental attacks... Beware! Not hard, use life
aura 2 and ALL attacks are negated.

True Forte: Ok now, this is the real thing, and should MUCH, MUCH, MUCH,
MORE POWERFUL. At HP: 2000 and dream aura (100), this will be tough...
to find him, Beat Planet man and go to WWW area 1 entrance. The only
thing I can say is hit away with all your most powerful attacks when you
get the aura down... try, try, try mon! Practice makes perfect! What I
did was to just sort my folder by attack and used all my most offensive

     After you have done that, you can now go and try to get the Site
Style!!! You now have to beat ALL V3 navis at S level!!! (gasp) Yes I
myself have cowered at this idea, but I would think to get good chips
and good combos figured out for MAX DAMAGE. I'll make a whole new
section on that... Well, here's the list of all the navis:

AirMan: Den area 1
QuickMan: Kotobuki Area
CutMan: YumLand area 2
ShadowMan: UnderNet 5
KnightMan: Netopia area 1
MagnetMan: Undernet 2
FreezeMan: Undernet 7
PharaohMan: WWW area 1
NapalmMan: WWW area 2
PlanetMan: WWW area 3

   You can check your death toll account by talking to the girl behind
some trees by the park. After some battles, you'll eventually get Site

    Now to get the hidden chips:
You must have at least three chip levels for BOTH, yes, BOTH players,
when you fight the real battle, with your friend, you get a random chip!
They are listed in the chip list... If I ever get it up...

     Well, think you done
     You must now access the hard mode, go to the title screen, all five
stars, and press on the D-PAD: left, left, right, left, right, left,
right, right...
The three points to the hard mode:
1. Start all over from ZERO, back to level one back to 0z
2. You can't trade!!! (gasp)
3. Enemies are BEEFED UP!!!

On some miraculous event you happen to beat the game in hard mode... You
are awarded the SANCTUARY CHIP in your normal file. It turns your WHOLE
area into holy panels!!!

Well, congratulations... you pretty much did everything there is to
do... if you ever made it this far...

~MOR. Side Quests/

:::Requests:::- you can take on a request to help people out!!!

1. At the cafe- Head over to the cafe, the guy there. He'll want you to
kill a virus. Go to the entrance to the Square, he's there. Kill him, go
back, get HPMemory

2. Need help- go to school, the girl in front of you, she says to find a
relative. Go to Maine Harbour and the little girl to the North of the
Official Blg. Go back, report, and get reg up 1.

3. Mission 1- Go to the front of ACDC Station and talk to the sciency
guy. He says that the experimental Navis has escaped! So it's an
assassination work. First, Dex's GBA. Then the robot toy in the park.
Last, the School digital Chalk board. Go back to the guy and get Reg up1

4. Mission 2- Most likely to be your first visit to KotoSquare! Make a
shortcut thru the TV VAN. Go to Koto, or as I like to say "at the
Kotobuki" and talk to the Evil Navi there, then jack into the coffee
server in the lobby of the Official Blg. Get OddProg and beat the Navi
up. Go back to the guy in Koto. You find he's actually an official! And
the OddProg reveals to be Recov30*. You take it, mission accomplished.

5. Mission 3- Head over to OkuDen valley, Camp. In the river, the macho-
man dude. You need to find a program for his son that is lost in Den
Area. That's Den Area 3. Talk to the little dude and go back to the
macho man! Get HPMemory.

6. Chip Please!- Just get a Fire Sword F, by now you should already have
it by killing a Swordy 2 in thr Koto Areas. Go to fet lady in lobby, get

7. Paying in advance- Go to YumLand area 1 and take the small warp and
the undernet guy in front of the sign, get GateKeyB, and ass whoop the

8. Need a cupid- go to Oku. The old guy there. He'll write a love letter
which you need to give to the senior woman in Marine Harbor in the
square of flowers. Go back to the old man. Get 10,000z!

9. For male pride- Talk to the pink navi in the Square Entrance, then
head over to the OkuDen Camp trail. The guardian statue, jack in there.
Talk to him, just say fan, plan or weak spot. Go back to the navi, give
it satelit1 G, hope you have one... Get regular up 2

10. Detective Job- go to the squirrel thingy in the park in ACDC. The
man. The black guy at the Dam. Go back and report. Get Twister Y.

11. Sell me a chip!- Go to the airport, departures. Well this is easy if
you got the Catcher N in the Airplane  in the MagnetMan scenario... Well
you can get the chip in the plane network, by killing the UFO, give
chip, not hard. Get 50,000 ZENNY!

12. Help reconcile us- The boy in the orange in the ACDC metro line,
talk. Go to YumLand Square, in front of homepage. The navi... talk, go
back to the kid, get HPMemory.

13. Fight Crime- Go and jack into Yai's phone on the second floor. Kill
the evil navi. Get GospCode, important.

14. Help research- Jack into the TV van, fight... Get powerUP

15. Please Help- Go to Netopia. The freckle girl in the front of the
hotel. Talk, you heard her, now head to NetSquare entrance and you'll
see four Evil navis, "punish" them. Go back, report, get StepSwrd M.

16. Lend me cash!- Just go to ACDC, and the guy in Yai's house, give
50,000z. Exit house, go back in, get double money back! Well, I say that
was a fast recovery for a failing company!

17. to Bug academics- Itz the specialist guy from the plane! Well he's
by the river in Okuden. The beetle is in camp road 1, where the stck was
inthe scenario, I think, on the rocks somewhere... Get beetle. Go back
and give beetle, get Recov200 M.

18. Return my gem!- Three stones were stolen; YumTear, KingStone, and
Twilight. Go to Jewry store in Netopia. One in the side of the castle,
on the northern part of screen following the hidden path, in your
hotel... uhh... yea... , and on the top of the castle where Pride was.
Go back and give the gems back, get GoldFist Z.

:::Quizzes:::- Answer some ez questions and get some stuff!
1. Sciency guy in the castle, HQ

~Answers: DNN News, Ratty, H-Burst, Guardian, Yai's House, Can't lay
eggs!, Same, Mrs. Millions (although it is Millionaire in Japanese
ver...), Cypress, and last, Teddy.

~Reward: Gate Key C, HPMemory

2. Old guy Quiz master from 200 somewhat years ago... In the Castle
basement, the possessed dude.

~Answers: No element, HardHead, 240, Mr. Match, Jack Electricity,
MagnetMan, 3 degrees C, RoboX, 9, Swordy 3, Metroline, Netopia 3, Den
Air, RIVER, Wiley

~Reward: RegUP3, and that he's been posessed since he was 13 years old!
That sucks... better catch up with his life!!!

~CHP. Chip Data Base/


1.   Cannon-     none      40     Cannon for attacking one enemy*
2.   Hi-Cannon-  none      60     Same as cannon**
3.   MegaCannon- none      80     Same as Hi-Cannon***
4.   Shotgun-    none      30     Explodes one square behind*
5.   V-gun-      none      30     Explodes 2 diagonal squares*
6.   CrossGun-   none      30     Explodes 4 diagonal Squares*
7.   Spreader-   none      30     Creates a large Explosion**
8.   Bubbler-    Aqua      40     Explodes one square behind*
9.   Bub-V-      Aqua      40     Explodes 2 diagonal squares*
10.  BubCross-   Aqua      40     Explodes 4 diagonal squares**
11.  BubSprd-    Aqua      40     Creates a large explosion***
12.  HeatShot-   Fire      50     Explodes one square behind*
13.  Heat-V-     Fire      50     Explodes 2 diagonal squares*
14.  HeatCros-   Fire      50     Explodes 4 diagonal squares**
15.  HeatSprd-   Fire      50     Creates a large explosion***
16.  MiniBomb-   none      50     Throws a bomb three squares*
17.  LilBomb-    none      50     Bomb that explodes vertically*
18.  CrosBomb-   none      60     Bomb that explodes across**
19.  BigBomb-    none      70     Bombb with nine square explosion***
20.  TreeBom1-   wood      100    Tree seed! Water for power up!*
21.  TreeBom2-   wood      120    " **
22.  Treebom3-   wood      150    " ***
23.  Sword-      none      80     Cut enemy in front! Range=1*
24.  WideSwrd-   none      80     same as Sword Range=3*
25.  LongSwrd-   none      80     same as Wideswrd range=2**
26.  FireSwrd-   Fire      100    Flame sword cuts 3 vert**
27.  AquaSwrd-   Aqua      100    Water sword cuts 3 vert**
28.  ElecSwrd-   Elec      100    Electric sword cuts 3 vert***
29.  FireBlde-   Fire      90     Flame sword cuts 2 horiz***
30.  AquaBlde-   Aqua      90     Water sword cuts 2 horiz***
31.  ElecBlde-   Elec      90     Elec sword cuts 2 horiz***
32.  StepSwrd-   none      150    Two steps, then use a wide sword***
33.  Kunai1-     none      40     Kunais up and down 1 square*
34.  Kunai2-     none      40     Kunais up and down 2 squares**
35.  Kunai3-     none      40     Kunais up and dwon 3 squares***
36.  CustSwrd-   none      ????   Custom gague= Attack power****
37.  Muramasa-   none      ????   Sword that uses HPs to attack*****
38.  VarSwrd-    none      160    A magical, shifting sword ****
39.  Slasher-    none      180    Cuts while A button is held!****
40.  Shockwav-   none      40     Shock that gose thru enemies*
41.  SonicWav-   none      60     Shock that goes thru enemies**
42.  DynaWave-   none      90     Shock that goes thru enemies***
43.  Quake1-     none      90     Attack cracks the floor*
44.  Quake2-     none      110    Attack cracks the floor**
45.  Quake3-     none      130    Attack cracks the floor***
46.  GutPunch-   none      70     Punch that pushes one square*
47.  ColdPnch-   aqua      70     Ice punch pushes one square**
48.  DashAtk-    none      90     Dash right thru enemies!
49.  Wrecker-    none      80     Can break 3rd square ahead***
50.  CannBall-   none      150    " ****
51.  DoublNdl-   none      50     2 volleys of needles*
52.  TripNdl-    none      50     3 volleys of needles**
53.  QuadNdl-    none      50     4 volleys of needles***
54.  Trident-    none      60     3 volleys of spears****
55.  Ratton1-    none      70     A crawling rat that turns once*
56.  Ratton2-    none      80     " **
57.  Ratton3-    none      90     " ***
58.  FireRat-    none      200    Amazing when lit on fire****
59.  Tornado-    none      20     8-hit toranado 2 ahead****
60.  Twister-    wood      20     " ***
61.  Blower-     fire      20     " ***
62.  Burner-     fire      150    Envelops you with flames!***
63.  ZapRing1-   elec      20     Paralyzing electric rings!*
64.  ZapRing2-   elec      30     Paralyzing electric rings!**
65.  ZapRing3-   elec      40     Paralyzing electric rings!***
66.  Satelit1-   elec      60     A floating & spinning satellite*
67.  Satelit2-   elec      80     A floating & spinning satellite**
68.  Satelit3-   elec      100    A floating & spinning satellite***
69.  Spice1-     wood      100    unhealthy powder on all grass*
70.  Spice2-     wood      120    unhealthy powder on all grass**
71.  Spice3-     wood      140    unhealthy powder on all grass***
72.  Magbomb1-   elec      80     Stops the enemy in its tracks*
73.  Magbomb2-   elec      100    Stops the enemy in its tracks**
74.  Magbomb3-   elec      120    Stops the enemy in its tracks***
75.  Yo-Yo1-     none      40     a three square yo-yo attack!*
76.  Yo-Yo2-     none      50     a three square yo-yo attack!**
77.  Yo-Yo3-     none      60     a three square yo-yo attack!***
78.  CrsShld1-   none      130    Guard then bite into enemy*
79.  CrsShld2-   none      170    " **
80.  CrsShld3-   none      210    " ***
81.  Hammer-     none      100    Hammer for smashing things!****
82.  ZeusHamr-   none      200    Damage all if panel****
83.  Lance-      wood      90     A lance thru back line***
84.  BrnzFist-   none      100    Fist of death!**
85.  SilvFist-   none      140    Fist of death!***
86.  GoldFist-   none      180    Fist of death!****
87.  PoisMask-   none      none   Poison 1 panel with A button**
88.  PoisFace-   none      none   Spread poison w/ A button!***
89.  Whirlpl-    none      none   whirlpool kills weak enemies!*
90.  Blckhole-   none      none   whirlpool kills weak enemies!**
91.  Meteor9-    fire      60     Magic wand shoots 9 meteors*
92.  Meteor12-   fire      80     " shoots 12 meteors**
93.  Meteor15-   fire      100    " shoots 15 meteors***
94.  Meteor18-   fire      150    Magic wand shoots 18 meteors ****
95.  TimeBom1-   none      70     an area wide time bomb!*
96.  TimeBom2-   none      120    " **
97.  TimeBom3-   none      120    " ***
98.  LilCloud-   Aqua      70     Rain cloud goes back and forth*
99.  MedCloud-   Aqua      90     " **
100. BigCloud-   Aqua      110    " ***
101. Mine-       none      300    " Place mine in enemy area****
102. FrntSnsr-   none      100    Automatic dynamite device****
103. DblSnsr-    none      100    Diagonal dynamite device****
104. Remobit1-   elec      80     Generates remobit in enemy area*
105. Remobit2-   elec      80     Generates remobit in enemy area**
106. Remobit3-   elec      80     Generates remobit in enemy area***
107. AquaBall-   aqua      10     pops when it hits something***
108. ElecBall-   elec      10     pops when it hits something***
109. HeatBall-   fire      10     pops when it hits something***
110. Geyser-     aqua      200    geyser if there is no panel****
111. LavaDrag-   Fire      200    Summons a nasty lava dragon!*****
112. GodStone-   none      150    Summons a God Stone!*****
113. OldWood-    wood      100    Summons old wood!*****
114. Guard-      none      none   Repel the enemy's attack*
115. PanlOut1-   none      none   Destroy 1 panel in front
116. PanlOut3-   none      none   Destroy 3 panels in front**
117. LineOut-    fire      40     Destroy one line of panels!**
118. Catcher-    none      none   Sends UFO to steal a chip**
119. Mindbndr-   none      none   Enemy loses control***
120. Recov10-    none      none   Recovers 10HP*
121. Recov30-    none      none   Recovers 30HP*
122. Recov50-    none      none   Recovers 50HP**
123. Recov80-    none      none   Recovers 80HP**
124. Recov120-   none      none   Recovers 120HP***
125. Recov150-   none      none   Recovers 150HP***
126. Recov200-   none      none   Recovers 200HP****
127. Recov300-   none      none   Recovers 300HP****
128. PanlGrab-   none      none   Steals one enemy square!*
129. AreaGrab-   none      none   Steals left edge from enemy**
130. GrabRvng-   none      none   Punishes for stolen panels!***
131. Geddon1-    none      none   cracks all panels!**
132. Geddon2-    none      none   Breaks all empty squares!***
133. Geddon3-    none      none   Turns all panels to a swamp!****
134. Escape-     none      none   Escapes from some enemies**
135. AirShoes-   none      none   Stand on empty square***
136. Repair-     none      none   Fixes your side's panels**
137. Candle1-    none      none   places a healing candle*
138. Candle2-    none      none   places a healing candle**
139. Candle3-    none      none   places a healing candle***
140. RockCube-   none      none   places a cube in front*
141. Prism-      none      none   Shoot all over after it hits***
142. Guardian-   none      200    Statue punishes when hit****
143. Wind-       none      none   Wind Box blows at enemy area*
144. Fan-        none      none   Vacuum Fan sucks at enemy area**
145. Anubis-     none      ????   Anubis poisons enemy area *****
146. SloGauge-   none      none   Custom Gauge slows down**
147. GstGauge-   none      none   Custom Gauge speeds up**
148. FullCust-   none      none   Cut gauge becomes full!**
149. Invis1-     none      none   Invisible for awhile*
150. Invis2-     none      none   Invisible for awhile**
151. Invis3-     none      none   Invisible for awhile***
152. DropDown-   none      none   Invisible until you attack****
153. Popup-      none      none   Invisible except for attack*****
154. StoneBod-   none      none   Stone body only takes 1 damage***
155. Shadow1-    none      none   Only sword attacks hurt you**
156. Shadow2-    none      none   Only sword attacks hurt you***
157. Shadow3-    none      none   Only sword attacks hurt you****
158. UnderSht-   none      none   Lethal hit reduced to just 1 HP!****
159. Barrier-    none      none   Nullify damage one time!*
160. BblWrap-    aqua      none   water barrier reforms****
161. LeafShld-   wood      none   Next attack heals you****
162. AquaAura-   aqua      none   Repels attacks under 10***
163. FireAura-   fire      none   Repels attacks under 40***
164. WoodAura-   wood      none   Repels attacks under 80***
165. ElecAura-   elec      none   Repels attacks under 100***
166. LifeAur1-   none      none   Repels all attacks under 100****
167. LifeAur2-   none      none   Repels all attacks under 150****
168. LifeAur3-   none      none   Repels all attacks under 200****
169. MagLine-    none      none   Changes your line to magnet***
170. LavaLine-   none      none   Changes your line to lava***
171. IceLine-    none      none   Changes your line to ice***
172. GrassLine-  none      none   Changes your line to grass***
173. LavaStage-  none      none   Changes all panels to lava****
174. IceStage-   none      none   Changes all panels to ice****
175. GrassStg-   none      none   Changes all panels to grass****
176. HolyPanl-   none      none   Makes all panels holy***
177. Jealosy-    none      none   More chips means more damage****
178. AntiFire-   fire      200    Punishes enemy for using fire***
179. AntiElec-   elec      200    Punishes enemy for using elec***
180. AntiWatr-   aqua      200    Punishes enemy for using water***
181. AntiDmg-    none      100    fake pain and throw shurikens!***
182. AntiSwrd-   none      100    Punishes use of swords***
183. AntiNavi-   none      none   Take enemy's navi away****
184. AntiRecv-   none      none   Punish the recovery of HP's!
185. Atk+10-     none      none   +10 to selected AtkChip!*
186. Atk+20-     none      none   +20 to selected AtkChip!**
187. Atk+30-     none      none   +30 to selected AtkChip!***
188. Fire+40-    none      none   +40 to fire chip**
189. Aqua+40-    none      none   +40 to aqua chip**
190. Wood+40-    none      none   +40 to wood chip**
191. Elec+40-    none      none   +40 to elec chip**
192. Navi+20-    none      none   +20 to selected Navichip**
193. Navi+40-    none      none   +40 to selected Navichip****

194. Roll-       none      60     Attacks 1 enemy and heals you***
195. Rollv2-     none      80     " ****
196. Rollv3-     none      100    " *****
197. GutsMan-    none      50     Creeps and smashes panels!***
198. GutsManv2-  none      70     " ****
199. GutsManv3-  none      90     " *****
200. ProtoMan-   none      120    Swings sword at enemy face***
201. ProtoMnv2-  none      160    " ****
202. ProtoMnv2-  none      200    " *****
203. AirMan-     none      40     Shoots air twisters in a line***
204. AirManv2-   none      70     " ****
205. AirManv3-   none      100    " *****
206. QuickMan-   none      50     Boomerang attacks whole row***
207. QuickMnv2-  none      70     " ****
208. QuickMnv3-  none      100    " *****
209. CutMan-     none      150    Scissor attacks one square***
210. CutManv2-   none      200    " ****
211. CutManv3-   none      300    " ****
212. ShadoMan-   none      60     Splits and shoots 3 shirikens!***
213. ShadoMnv2-  none      70     " ****
214. ShadoMnv3-  none      80     " *****
215. KnightMn-   none      160    Smashes enemies in circle***
216. KnghtMnv2-  none      210    " ****
217. KnghtMnv3-  none      260    " *****
218. MagnetMn-   elec      130    Bipolar tackle on one enemy***
219. MagntMnv2-  elec      140    " ****
220. MagntMnv3-  elec      150    " *****
221. FreezeMn-   aqua      50     Rains icicles on enemies***
222. FrzMnv2-    aqua      60     " ****
223. FrzMnv3-    aqua      70     " *****
224. HeatMan-    fire      100    Flame attack! Range=3***
225. HeatManv2-  fire      130    " ****
226. HeatManv3-  fire      160    " *****
227. ToadMan-    elec      100    Shocking melody paralyzes!***
228. ToadManv2-  elec      140    " ****
229. ToadManv3-  elec      180    " *****
230. ThunMan-    elec      80     Thunder attacks 3rd line***
213. ThunManv2-  elec      130    " ****
232. ThunManv3-  elec      180    " *****
233. SnakeMan-   wood      30     Main attack and snakes!***
234. SnakeMnv2-  wood      40     " ****
235. SnakeMnv3-  wood      50     " *****
236. GateMan-    none      40     3 soldiers charge foward!***
237. GateManv2-  none      40     4 " ****
238. GateManv3-  none      40     5 " *****
239. PharoMan-   none      240    Laser-shooting coffin etc*****
240. PharoMnv2-  none      270    Laser-shooting coffin etc*****
241. PharoMnv3-  none      300    Laser-shooting coffin etc*****
242. NapalmMn-   fire      220    Bombs that even break panels*****
243. NaplmMnv2-  fire      240    Bombs that even break panels*****
244. NaplmMnv3-  fire      260    Bombs that even break panels*****
245. PlanetMn-   wood      70     Planet smashes 1 enemy!*****
246. PlnetMnv2-  wood      80     Planet smashes 1 enemy!*****
247. PlnetMnv3-  wood      90     Planet smashes 1 enemy!*****
248. Bass-       none      50     Air-burst attack on all lines!*****
249. Bassv2-     none      60     Air-burst attack on all lines!*****
250. Bassv3-     none      70     Air-burst attack on all lines!*****

251. BgRedWav-   fire      220    Heat chip Creates a lava wave*****
252. FreezBom-   aqua      180    Aqua chip Tosses ice bomb*****
253. Sparker-    elec      100    Elec chip A Button to spark*****
254. GaiaSwrd-   wood      200    Wood chip Steals attck from chip*****
255. BlkBomb     fire      200    Exploding Firebomb attack*****
256. FtrSword-   none      100     Normal sword. 3 spaces fwd*****
257. KngtSword-  none      150     " *****
258. HeroSword-  none      200     " *****
259. Meteors-    fire      40      Shooting stars shot at enemy!*****
260. Poltrgst-   none      none    Items are thrown at the enemy!*****

261. GateSP-     none      300     Cannon of another dimension*****
262. FireGspl-   fire      600     Gospel's Breath of fire*****
263. AquaGspl-   aqua      600     Gospel's Breath of water*****
264. ElecGspl-   elec      600     Gospel's electric breath*****
265. WoodGspl-   wood      600     Breath of wood that slices*****
266. Sanctuary-  none      none    Turns your panels holy*****

~PAS. P.A. List/

1. Z-Canon1  5-Second invisible cannon  Canon ABC,BCD or DCE

2. Z-Canon2  5-Second invisible cannon  Hi Canon CDE,DEF or EFG

3. Z-canon3  5-Second invisible cannon  M-Canon EFG,FGH or GHI

4. H-Burst   Powerful exploding Shots  Spreader MNO,NOP or OPQ

5. Z-Ball    5-Second invisible cannonball CannBall OPQ,PQR or QRS

6. Z-Raton1  5-Second invisible Ratton  Ratton1 HIJ,IJK or JKL

7. Z-Raton2  5-Second invisible Ratton  Ratton2 jkl,KLM or LMN

8. Z-Raton3  5-Second invisible Ratton  Ratton3 LMN,MNO or NOP

9. O-Canon1 10-Second invisible cannon  Cannon ABCDE

10. O-Canon2 10-Second invisible cannon  Hi Cannon CDEFG

11. O-Canon3 10-Second invisible cannon  M-Cannon EFGHI

12. M-Burst     Powerful exploding Shots  Spreader MNOPQ

13. O-Ball 10-second invisible cannonball  CannBall OPQRS

14. O-Raton1 10-Second invisible Ratton  Ratton1 HIJKL

15. O-Raton2 10-Second invisible Ratton  Ratton2 JKLMN

16. O-Raton3 10-Second invisible Ratton  Ratton3 LMNOP

17. Arrows Fires off 10 arrows of rage!  DoubNdl,TripNdl and QuadNdl CCC
or III

18. UltraBmb Srongest bomb hits 9 panels!  LilBomb,CrosBomb and BigBomb

19. LifeSrd1 Gigantic 2 by 3 sword!  Sword,WideSwrd and LongSwrd AAA

20. LifeSrd2- Gigantic 2 by 3 sword!  FireSwrd, AquaSwrd and ElecSwrd

21. LifeSrd3- Gigantic 2 by 3 sword!  FireBlde, AquaBlde and ElecBlde

22. Punch- Punch like a machinegun!  GutPunch,ColdPunch and DashAtkBBB
or DDD

23. Curse 3- line curse shield! CrsShld 1,2 and 3 AAA, OOO or PPP

24. TimeBom- Gigantic time bomb!  TimeBom 1,2 and 3 GGG, KKK or ZZZ

25. HvyStamp- Stomps on 1! enemy Quake 1,2 and 3 QQQ or WWW

26. PoisPhar- Phaoaoh's stronger poison  PoisMask,PoisFace and Anubis

27. Gater- Various objects shoot out of a gate! Wind G,Fan G and GateMan
(V1,2 or 3)G

28. GtsShoot- GutsMan throws MegaMan! Guard*,DashAtk G and GutsMan (V1,2
or 3)G

29. BigHeart- Roll's heart does full heal!  HolyPanl R,Recov300 R and
Roll (V1,2 or3) G

30. BodyGrd- ShadowMan shoots shurikens! DropDown S,AntiDmg S and
ShadowMan(V1,2 or3)S

31. 2xHero- MegaMan&ProtoMan teamed up! CustSwrd B,VarSwrd B and
ProtoMan(V1,2 or3) B

32. Darkness- Double darkness attack!  Bassv3 X,AntiNaviX and
Fire,Aqua,Elec or WoodGspl X
This does 3000 damage!!!

~VIR. Virus Bestiary/
In theoretical order of game flow... incomplete

Mettaur 2
Metttaur 3
Cannodumb 2
Cannodumb 3
Beetank 2
Beetank 3
Swordy 2
Swordy 3
Spooky 2
Spooky 3
Fishy 2
Fishy 3
Flappy 2
Flappy 3
Shrimpy 2
Shrimpy 3
HardHead 2
Spikey 2
Spikey 3
Handy 2
Handy 3
Sparky 2
Sparky 3
Dominerd 2
Dominerd 3
BrushMan 2
Null & Void
Megalian A
Megalian H

~COM. Chip Combos/
Need BIG damage in one hit? Need something that will help you
dramatically in battle? Well, combos are good. Here's a few...

1. Holy Panel/Dream Aura- make a holy panel and make the aura, stay on
the panel and you get MAX defense! Max damage defense: Up to 400 HP
damage is negated!!!

2. Grass Stage/HeatMan- make a sea of flames!!! Double damage

3. Prism/Forest Bomb- set the prism and throw a forest bomb on it!!! (I
highly recommend this combo for most one hit wonders on beating navis in
one hit. May not work on some viruses... and in the American Version)

4. Geddon 2/SnakeMan- well, let's just say this is quite the bugger, use
area steals before hand for more damage, problem is, SnakeMan and
Gesson 2's codes don't go together so use full custom!

5. Magnet Line/Front Sensor- the magnet will attract the viruses to the
center, then place the sensor in front of them... BOOM!

6. Undershirt/Muramasa- Put your HP all the way down to 1 and counter
attack with Muramasa for MEGA DAMAGE triple nine!!! 999HP damage!!!

7. Barrier/Zeus Hammer- just to protect your self for S rank...

8. Geddon 3/Panel return- Leave your opponent in a poison hell.

~ITE. Items/


Mini Energy- Heals 50HP out of battle
Full Energy- Fully heals HP
SneakRun- For a short time prevents attack from weaker viruses
Unlocker- Breaks the security lock on some mystery data.
HP Memory- Adds 20HP to your total, brings you up one level.
PowerUP- adds one point to one of MegaMan's stats: Attack, Rapid, or


Change.bat- Program necessary for bringing out MegaMan's full power
PET- Lan's portable terminal with MegaMan.EXE
MiniPET- a basic PET only used for e-mails, no navi is present...
Fan- One of the fans in Yai's collection
HopeData- This data is proof of a Navi's hopefulness
HeroData- This data is proof of a Navi's heroism
NiceData- This data is proof of a Navi's niceness
BadData A- Data containing the nasty attitude of a bad guy
BadData B- Data containing the nasty actions of a bad guy
HeatData- a program that emits flames
NoteData- Send this message to Kotobuki Square
ZLicense- to the operator who has high hopes in net battling, can be
able to take the B License test.
BLicense- license given to the operators of B rank
BugFrag- Junk data that will evolve into a BUG (you collect it)
Lighter- a butane lighter you found near the river in Okuden Valley
Stick- a stick that you found near the river in Okuden Valley
Paper- Sports page from a local newspaper
Binocs- Binoculars you found behind a waterfall
Fish- Fish that you caught in the river. Look delish!
Firewood- Highly flammable firewood, made by the master!
Knife-  a knife borrowed at the campgrounds, Don't hurt yourself!
Ballon- A ballon sent from YumLand
ExamCard- ExamCard for taking the B-License test
OddProg- Some kind of chip data, but ur not sure exactly what...
WalkProg- Program that allow Navis to "cyberwalk"
ACDCPass- Metro ticket to the ACDC station (child's fare)
MariPass- Metro ticket to the Marine Harbor station (child's fare)
AirPass- metroline ticket to the Airport
OkuPass- Metro ticket to the OkuDen valley station (child's fare)
LoveLetter- a love letter written by  grandpa....
Gate Key B- used to connect the Agiina network to the internet
Gate Key D- used to connect the Kotobuki Network to the internet
Battery- Rechargeable batteries for your PET
YumKey- a key to the door that guards the treasure of YumLand
Passport- an Electopian passport, stored as data in your PET
Ticket- Economy class, two-way ticket to Netopia
Wireless- From Mayl. Plug in to connect your program remotely
CyberKey- A key to a door in the Cyberworld of the castle
Broach- An elegant jade broach
RoboX- An action figure of a robot from a hit cartoon in Netopia
GoldRing- A ring with a simple yet dynamic design
PilotCap- A cool-looking pilot's cap. Kinda big...
Chopsticks- A pair of chopsticks that used to belong to grandma
Whiskey- A famous whiskey, very fragrant
Thread- a strong thread for sewing
Free Pass- Unlimited use of airplane going to and from Electopia to
RedFrag- A strange fragment that radiates...
RedCure- can break red ice
YellowFrag- Used to break yellow crystals
YellowCure- can break yellow ice
BlueFragA- part of the blue vaccine . . .
Beetle- an unusual beetle, only lives in OkuDen valley
Kotobuki Pass- A special pass to board the train to Kotobuki City
Anti-Electric Suit- can with stand up to 50,000 volts of electricity
*Pass Codes are used to eliminate the cubes blocking your way on the net
MailCode- Connects Mail's PC to Internet
DexCode- Connects Dex's PC to Internet
YaiCode- Connects Yai's PC to Internet
RibiCode- Connects Kero's TV Van to Internet
RaulCode- Connects Raul's radio to Internet
MillionareCode- Connects Millionaire's handbag to the Internet
GOSPELCode- opens many blocks in the Internet
ONBACode- allows access to Netopia area

~BUY. Shops and Net Dealers/
Refer to the Items section for item info

Den area 1-
HP memory        1000z (starting at)
Shotgun       B  200z
LilBomb       J  500z
Recovery10    *  500z
Spreader      Q  1000z

Den area 3-
HPmemory         3000z (starting at)
BusterUP         5000z
Atck+10       *  600z
Shotgun       O  800z
Recovery30    B  1000z
AreaGrab      E  2000z

Official Square-
HP memory        2000z (starting at)
Crossgun      J  600z
Widesword     L  800z
Recov30       0  1000z
Barrier       B  1200z

Koto Square-
HPmemory        4000z (starting at)
BusterUP        10000z
PanelGrab    *  1000z
Fire+40      *  3000z
FireBlade    R  3800z
AquaSword    N  5000z

Yumland 2-
RockCube     *  500z
ColdPunch    B  800z
Spreader     N  800z
Catcher      T  2000z

Netopia 2-
Wind         *  2000z
Dan          *  2000z
Barrier      *  4000z
ZapRing1     *  5000z

Numberman in Netopia 2-
Recover120   O  4000z
Elec+40      *  5000z
CustomSword  B  7500z

Netopia Square-
HPmemory        8000z (starting at)
BusterUP        10000z
Panelreturn  *  2400z
Widesword    *  3000z
Hammer       U  4800z
Jealousy     *  10000z

Undernet 1-
HP memory      10000z (starting at)
FullCustom   * 5000z
Attack+20    * 8000z
ElecBlade    R 9000z
Grab Revenge W 10000z

HP Memory      12000z (starting at)
Power UP       20000z
Magnet Line  Q 8000z
Lava Line    A 8000z
Ice Line     F 8000z
Grass Line   R 8000z

Numberman in Undernet 5-
Recover 120  O 4000z
Elec+40      * 5000z
Custom Sword B 7500z
Kagigenkin   T 8000z
Hiraishin    H 9000z
Daikouzui    W 10000z

UnderKoto area-
HPmemory        15000z
PowerUP         20000z
Fast Gauge   *  5000z
Slo Gauge    *  5000z
Aqua Blade   R  8000z
Mindbender   D  10000z

WWW 1-
Trident      E  20000z
Tornado      E  20000z
Mine         S  20000z
Frnt Sensor  R  20000z
Dble Sensor  E  20000z
Bubblewrap   R  20000z
Godstone     Q  50000z

Numberman in Internet 1-
Recover 120  O  4000z
Custom Sword B  7500z
AntiElec     T  8000z
AntiFire     H  9000z
Anti Aqua    W  10000z
Geddon 1     S  10000z
Geddon2      Z  14000z

BugFrag Merchant (Koto Homepage)-
Crossgun     *   1 bug frag
Spreader     M   1 bug frag
Recover80    *   2 bug frags
AirShoes     A   4 bug frags
AttackUp 30  *   8 bug frags
Zeus Hammer  Z   16 bug frags

~FAQ. FAQ Section/
Send any questions to: N1N384LL@yahoo.com

Q: What does the Megaman styles actually look like?
A: Well you can find out @

Q: How do you get a different style?
A: Ok you get your first change in the Mother Comp no matter what. From
then on in, you must look forward to your next change. So until then,
let's say you want a AquaTeam. USE NAVI CHIPS ALL THE TIME AND NO OTHER.
Sometimes you might mess up and get a different one though... Then after
several hundred battles, you get a unexpected style change.
- Many of you people submitted the same questions filling my box, those
of you are: Calikids45, Aronist311, etc...

Q: Do you have to be in Normal style to get a change?
A: You can be anything to get a style change.

Q: Do you beat the Protecto Viruses in the WWW areas!?
A: Well, the v1 goes down ez with ProtoMan v3. But v2 is another thing,
ok. You use a grass stage first, then you use my fave chip, LavaDragon.
Lava Dragon does 200 damage, grass doubles it, to 400 damage. Or you can
always just use the ultimate PA... Where I got this chip is in the chip
trader in Marine Harbor.

Q: Where do I go to enter the WWW area!?
A: Undernet area 4...

Q: If you start a game in hard mode will it save over your old?
A: No

~COP. Copyright w/e stuff/

DO NOT COPY MY WORK!!!!!!!! You have no use of this FAQ if everybody
knows it's my work! And I've got many friends to back that up! So don't
even try or I'll have you removed from GameFAQS!

By the way this FAQ is only meant to be posted on GameFAQs, CheatCC,

~CCC. Creditz/
Special thanks to.... ME!

Also to Capcom for making such a good game

and for my good friend, Sammo, who put me through to force me to make
this FAQ.

And to POKEMONJOE777788 for filling in the chips I was missing in my

Thank you to Rakkusho for the generous shop list

JediMasterDan, Tbo88 a.k.a. Dark Zero EXE, and others for the P.A. list
complied together, mail me cuz I forgot your name, for credit if you
submitted a P.A. list

Thanks to you, Archi123 for telling me to fix the "I forget" to a "300"
in a strange elegant mail

And to my FAQ viewers to look at such a good faq.

Full Version took many hours of torment and disdain to type up. So
respect it please.

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