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FAQ/Walkthrough by charp / WhizKid_

Version: 1.75 | Updated: 07/13/02

MegaMan Battle Network 2
Released 12/14/01 in Japan
Released 6/14/01 in US
(c) Capcom Co., Ltd
Only for Gameboy Advance

FAQ version 1.75 (7/13/02)
By charp, polished by WhizKid <richardh777@hotmail.com>
Latest version of this FAQ can always be found at:
http://www.gamefaqs.com or http://pinoyotaku.com/faq/rmexe.txt

Note: Since charp has to pursue his studies, I, WhizKid am going to 
update this FAQ now and then, so the writing style might be a little 
Table of Contents

     -real world
     -on the net

   -battle controls



   -real world
   -plug-in ports
   -chip traders
     -chip merchants
     -item merchants

   -scenario 1
   -scenario 2
   -scenario 3
   -scenario 4
   -scenario 5
   -scenario 6
   -scenario 7
   -scenario 8
   -scenario 9
   -scenario 10
   -game clear

   -hidden npc's


-Program advance/Chip combos-




-Navi locations-

-Terrain and Obstacles-

-Folders and Strategies-


-Star progression-



-Future plans-


-Version history-

-Legal disclaimers-

   MegaMan Battle Network 2 is the sequel to, obviously, the previous 
by the same name.
   There are quite a few changes in MMBN2, mostly making the gameplay 
challenging. You can only have a max of 5 chips of the same kind now.
FighterSword class is now unobtainable except by netbattling. V3's of 
have an added twist to them that were not found in their previous 
MegaMan does not heal after every battle (consequence of the 100% sync 
Lan and MegaMan due to Hub.bat). The use of items is introduced. 
harzards have also been added. Armors are gone and replaced by stlyes.

Well, that's about all that I could think of right now. I'm sure you'll 
Out more soon enough.

   As always, contributions are very welcome. If you can correct my 
Confirm something for me, or add to something I'm missing, you will be 

   Nothing has been changed much in this aspect with respect to rmexe1.

     -real world
A - talking, using, confirming, observing ... just like every other 
B - dash, cancelling ... just like every other RPG
L - talk to MegaMan
R - jack in to a computer network
start - brings up the menu
select - commits a chip into memory (more on this later)

     -on the net
A - ditto real world
B - ditto
L - Talk to Net
R - jack out of a computer network
start - ditto real world
select - double ditto

   -battle controls
     -in menu
A - select chips, confirm
B - cancel
L - try to escape from battle (low success rate compared to escape 
R - describes what a chip does (when cursor is over a chip)

     -in battle
A - use chips
B - use buster, hold to charge, use shield (last 2 only when 

   Press start when out of battle to bring it up. From top to bottom:

Chip folders
   -pressing a will bring up 2 options. top one is to arrange the 
chips, bottom
one is to equip the folder. pression L/R will slowly scroll folder 
   -when in chip arrange mode, pressing -> will take you to the chip 
pressing <- will take you back to your folder. press select while in 
folder to preset a chip into memory. the max mb chip you can preset is
indicated on the top of the screen. a preset chip will be the chip 
with a red outline when you enter battle. memory chips increase your 
press start for sorting options

Sub Chip
   Pick an item to use. They can range from healing to stealth items. 
More on this in the "-Items-" section. Sub memory chips will increase 
the no. of items sub chips that you can carry.

Data Library
   Track the progress of your chip collection here. Pressing -> will 
bring up the chip advance/combo memo screen. There you can track how 
many combos you've found (and how to create them in case you forgot).

   Track MegaMan.exe's progress here. You can change styles and use 
PowerUp's here.

   Check your e-mails here.

Key Item
   Check what game progress-related items you have.

   Use link cable features here. Also lists your chip count and vs. 
battle record.

  Test battle
  Real battle (deathmatch, you lose chips if you lose to your opponent)
  Chip trade
  Style trade



Lan Hikari - main character, the guy you control. His netnavi is 
Mayl Sakurai - Net's best friend (and love interest :P). Her netnavi is 
Dex - class bully (-ish). Cross between a fish and a mohawk. His 
netnavi is
Yai - 8 year old genius, I think she has issues... Her netnavi is Glyde
Yuuichiro Hikari - Net's dad, foremost expert on netnavis
Haruka Hikari - Net's mom. Her roles aren't evident but I'm sure she 
does them
Chaud - Official netbattler. Net's rival of sorts. His netnavi is Blues
Mariko-sensei - Net's teacher, will teach you the basics of 
Mr. Higsby - Net's (former?) teacher. Owner of the chip shop, 
Arashi Kazefuki - blonde haired guy. Airman's operator
Ribbita- Reporter that wears a frog hat. Quite a celebrity. Her netnavi 
is Toadman
Mr. Famous - guy with a gas mask. I doubt that's his real name. His 
netnavi is Gateman
Dave - guy with a red shirt. Quickman's operator
Mr. Dark - Shadowman (and Cutman?)'s operator
Raul - native american guy. Hangs out by the court. His netnavi is 
Mrs. Millionaire - also known as the snake lady. Her netnavi is 
Princess Pride - pretty, blonde-haired princess. Her netnavi is 
Magnets Gauss - distinguished gentleman. Magnetman's operator
Hinoken - former WWW member, ditched Fireman for Heatman (a wise choice
Shuiyou Gospel - Freezeman's operator (debatable, I suppose), head of 

  ...more to be added as I get info (or start remembering stuff)

   -real world
ACDC town - Lan's home town. First choice in Metroline selection.

  Points of interest: School, playground, Lan's house, Mayl's house, 
Dex's House, Yai's house, doghouse
Marine Harbor - The new government complex. Second choice in Metroline

  Points of interest: Official center offices, Mother servers, cafe, TV 
van, job board, coffee machine, license computer, server that links to 
official square
Okuden - Camp site. Third choice in Metroline Selection

  Points of interest: Camp entrance, trail1, trail2, waterfall, monk 
statue, bear, campsite, dam, dam control building.
Den Airport - Do I need to explain? Fourth choice in Metroline 

  Points of interest: Departures area, information board, departures 
gate, duty free store, arrivals area
Netopia Airport - Self explananatory. Look at the Netopia Bus stop 
question asks if you're sure. Second quesion gives you a) go to 
departures area, or b) go to arrivals area.

  Points of interest: Tourism booth, arrival area, departures area, 
departures gate, duty free store
Netopia City - Sounds like a splice of America and Europe. Looks like 
it too...

  Points of interest: Netopia castle, secret lab, dungeons, tower, 
downtown, hotel, alley, jewelry store, goddess statue
Airplane - After you get the FreePass, when you pass through the 
departures gate, you'll be given a choice. First one takes you to 
Netopia, the second will take you inside the plane.

  Points of interest: Economy class area, TV, lavatories, business 
class area, toilet in Business Area, First class area, cockpit, 
navigation computer, airline server
Koto town - Looks like a distopian future town. Digital convergence 
gone bad. Get here by using the KotoPass from Marine Harbor metroline

  Points of interest: Vending machine, ATM, Masion 2nd floor, 9th 
floor, 30th floor

Internet zone - First part of the net you can access. Neon blue/green 

- divided into internet area-1, area-2, area-3 lower level, area-3 
upper level, official square entrance, official square, license
area, official square homepage (aka. official square message boards)

- has access to Koto area, Yumland area-1, Netopia
area-1,Lan's computer, Mayl's computer, Yai's computer, Dex's computer

- also contains warp central. takes you to official, Koto, Yumland, 
Netopia squares' entrances

Koto zone - Red/orange area. Has a flower background.
- divided into Koto area, Koto square entrance, square, square 
homepage, UnderKoto area, square, square homepage
- has access to internet area-3 upper level, Undernet internet-3 lower 

Yumland zone - Defined by platforms of red earth. Has a green 
- divided into Yumland area-1, area-2, Yumland square entrance, Yumland
square, Yumland homepage
- has access to Netopia area-3, internet area-3 lower level 
Netopia zone - Defined by platforms with Victorian design. Has a blue
Background with floating crests.
- divided into Netopia area-1, area-2, area-3, square, square entrance
- has access to Yumland area-2, internet area-3 lower level, Undernet
internet-1, Millionaire's bag's computer, stereo computer

Undernet internet zone - Reverse internet/undernet. Dark area with 
glowing neon lights in the area (not the background).
- divided into Undernet internet-1, internet-2, internet-3 lower level,
internet-3 upper level, internet-4, internet-5 south, internet-5 north, 
internet-6, internet-7, UnderSquare, UnderSquare homepage aka. Undernet 
message boards)
- has access to Netopia area-3, UnderKoto area, WWW area-1

WWW network - secret area. The letter "W" flies all over the 
background. Skull designs within the area.
- divided into WWW area-1, area-2, area-3
- has access to internet area-1, Undernet internet-4

   -plug-in ports
ACDC town
  Lan's computer
  Lan's TV
  Mayl's computer
  Dex's computer
  Dex's linked Gameboy Advances
  Yai's computer
  Yai's phone
  Blackboard at school
  Yai's house ventilation network
  Mecha toy by playground (not available at start)
  Mayl's piano (NAAS)
  Statue at Yai's house (NAAS)

Marine Harbor
  TV van
  Official square server
  License computer
  Dad's test computer
  Presentation board
  Navi Computer servers

  Monk statue
  Barbecue grill
  Bomb servers

Den Airport
  Information board

Netopia Airport
  Duty free shop (near the wines)

Netopia City
  Goddess statue
  Hotel refrigerator
  Mrs. Millionaire's Bag
  Netopia Castle Dungeon servers

  Economy class TV
  Airline server (NAAS)

Kotobuki town
  Vending machine
  Mansion servers

   -chip traders
Chip trader-1 - takes 3 chips, gives 1 random 1-5 star chip
  Official center lobby (the chances of getting a 5 star chip is 
extremely rare)

Chip trader-2 - takes 10 chips, gives 1 random 1-5 star chip
  Netopia downtown, by hotel entrance
  Marine Harbor circle (NAAS)
  ACDC Metroline station (NAAS)

Retro chip trader - takes 1 rmexe1 chip via link cable, gives 1 random 
4 star chip
  Okuden entrance
  Official center offices
  Den airport arrivals area
  Airplane first class area

  There are 2 kinds of shops, 1 for items 1 for chips. I'm only going 
to list what I know is for sale from memory or based on what my source 
Japanese site says.

     -chip merchants (all items have a max of 3, sans buster up which 
is 1)
Internet area-1
HP memory 1000~
Shotgun B 200
LilBomb J 500
Recovery10 * 500
Spreader Q 1000

Internet area-3 upper level
HP memory 3000~
Buster UP 5000
Attack+10 * 600
Shotgun O 800
Recovery30 B 1000
AreaGrab E 2000

Official Square
HP memory 2000~
Crossgun J 600
Widesword L 800
Recovery30 1000
Barrier B 1200

Koto Square
HP memory 4000~
Buster UP 10000
Panelsteal * 1000
Fire+40 * 3000
FireBlade R 3800
AquaSword N 5000

Yumland area-2
RockCube * 500
ColdPunch B 800
Spreader N 800
Catcher T 2000

Netopia area-2
Wind * 2000
Dan * 2000
Barrier * 4000
ZapRing1 * 5000

Numberman (Netopia area-2 north)
Recover120 O 4000
Elec+40 * 5000
CustomSword B 7500

Netopia Square
HP memory 8000~
Buster UP 10000
Panelreturn * 2400
Widesword * 3000
Hammer U 4800
Jealousy 10000

Undernet area-1
HP memory 10000~
FullCustom * 5000
Attack+20 * 8000
ElecBlade R 9000
Grab Revenge W 10000

HP Memory 12000~
Power UP 20000
Magnet Line Q 8000
Lava Line A 8000
Ice Line F 8000
Grass Line R 8000

Numberman (Undernet area-5 north)
Recover 120 O 4000*
Elec+40 * 5000*
Custom Sword B 7500*
Kagigenkin T 8000
Hiraishin H 9000
Daikouzui W 10000
*carryovers from first Numberman store, so if you bought it 1 before, 2 

UnderKoto area
HP memory 15000~
Power UP 20000
Fast Gauge * 5000
Slow Gauge * 5000
Aqua Blade R 8000
Mindbender D 10000

WWW area1 (all classic mmbn1 chips)
Trident E 20000
Tornado E 20000
Mine S 20000
Front Sensor R 20000
Double Sensor E 20000
Bubblewrap R 20000
Godstone Q 50000

Numberman (Internet area-1)
Recover 120 O 4000*
Elec+40 * 5000*
Custom Sword B 7500*
Kagigenkin T 8000*
Hiraishin H 9000*
Daikouzui W 10000*
Deathmarch1 S 10000
Deathmarch2 Z 14000
*carryovers from previous Numberman stores

BugFrag shop (only accepts BugFrag pieces)
Crossgun * 1bp
Spreader M 1bp
Recovery80 * 2bp
AirShoes A 4bp
Attack+30 * 8bp
Zeus Hammer Z 16bp

     -SubChip merchants (don't run out like chip merchants)
ACDC town
Mini Energy 50
Full Energy 400
Unlocker 4000

Official square
Mini Energy 50
Full Energy 400
SneakRun 200

Official center lobby
Mini Energy 50
SneakRun 200
Locate Enemy 10000

Dam trail (by the billboard)
Mini Energy 50
Full Energy 400
Unlocker 4000

Koto square
Full Energy 400
Sneak Run 200
Unlocker 4000

Netopia square
Full Energy 400
SneakRun 200
Locate Enemy 10000

Airplane Economy class TV
Full Energy 400
SneakRun 200
Unlocker 4000

Full Energy 400
Untrap 100
Unlocker 4000

   Again, I have to stress that this FAQ was written BEFORE the release 
of the US version so there are some changes in the names and some 
aspects of the game. I might make a list and put it at the end of the 
FAQ. So read the FAQ carefully! =P

   -scenario 1: *sighs* The trouble with computerized air ventilation

1)Talk to Dex, talk to him again after class ends
2)Go home and talk to mom
3)Jack into your computer, your teacher will teach you the basics of
netbattling. First 2 rounds are the same as mmbn1, 3rd one is slightly
different so pay attention.
4)Go to official center and talk to the green navi nearest to the 
firewall. He will ask you to find 2 pieces of data. find them in 
internet area-3 near the p-blocks and in internet area-1 near the dead 
end on the southwest of the screen. Return to the green navi and he 
will give you the super license and the regular system. (Starts you our 
with 4 MB)
5) Jack-out and go to Yai's house. Mayl should give you a Roll V1 chip
6) Jack-in and go towards the bath. Jack into the ventilation system, 
shut off the gas.
7)When the game switches the controls over to Lan, go up to the 2nd 
floor and search one of Yai's dressers for a fan.
8)Proceed on to the very end of the vent system network and delete 
9)Go home and sleep

   -scenario 2: What? You've beaten Wily and you're not even an 
official Netbattler?

1)Go to school, then go to Dex and Yai and discuss plans for the 
camping trip
2)Take the Metroline to Marine Harbor.
3)Talk to the official lady at the leftmost counter to get permission 
to take the B license test
4)Jack into the license computer and talk to the green navi. You have 
to complete 3 tasks to get your B license.
- 1st is a 5 round endurance battle.
- 2nd is to get a data from a green navi just south of the netmerchant 
in internet area-3 upper level. First you have to talk to the navi, 
he'll ask you to defeat a rogue navi in internet area-2.  Do that then 
go back and talk to the navi to get the data. Talk to the license bot 
to complete the task.
- 3rd task is a 5 round endurance battle.
5) Go home and sleep.

   -scenario 3: Buses, bees, bears, Blues and bombs. Can you say 'B' 
spells disaster?

1) Go to the bus station and talk to Mayl, Dex and Yai
2) Go towards the bees. Find 3 items in the area. The items are:
- At the end of the rock bridges
- The end of the riverbank
- At the tree that corners out
3) Go towards the bear. Go find an item behind the waterfall.
4) Approach the bear again. Jack-in and talk to the navi, defeat the 
5) Get 3 items from people in the camp.
- Kindling from the fat lady
- Fish from the man with the bandana
- Wood from the old man in the lower part of the screen.
Talk to Mayl Yai and Dex, they'll each need one of the items you 
6) After the barbecue, head towards the dam. There you'll find Chaud 
trapped in the dam control building after finding bombs there.
7) Disable all 4 bombs in this order
-PET on the rock bridge
-Thermos on the picnic blanket
-PET hidden behind the waterfall
-PET on guy with red shirt on the opposite side of the road where you 
found the bees. He's Quickman's operator, talk to him to jack-in.
8) Beat Quickman to disable the final bomb.

   -scenario 4: What? You're a mere B class Netbattler? That doesn't 
cut it!

1) Go to internet area-3, go towards the Yumland area (look at the 
Security-block on the left)
2) Jack-out and talk to the official behind the counter near the job 
board. He'll post 3 New tasks in the job board. Accomplish jobs 3-5 
(solution in -jobs- section).
3) Plug into the license computer and talk to the green navi. Again, 
you have 3 tasks.
- 1st is a 5 round endurance battle. 
- 2nd is to find 2 rogue navis on the net
    - one in internet area-2
    - the other in Koto area
- 3rd is another 5 round endurance battle.
Complete these tasks and you get your A class license.
4) You're now able to open the Security-block you looked at.
5) Work your way through the Yumland zone until you reach Yumland 
6) Enter the Yumland square homepage (the house shaped door) and beat 

   -scenario 5: Time for a change of pace, Mother wants you to solve 
panel puzzles

1) Go visit Lan's dad in the official center offices on the 2nd floor
2) Jack-in to the official center server, let MegaMan post at one of 
the message boards.
3) Jack-out and then immediately jack-in. Read the reply. Jack-out, go 
to the job board and complete the new jobs that have been posted.
4) Jack-in again, go to Official Square and talk to all the navis 
there. Go back to the official square message boards. There is another 
post for you to read.
4) Go to the ACDC playground and talk to a man that will give you an 
5) Go to the campsite and talk to a lady beside the blue tent, get an 
item from her.
6) Go to Koto square and talk to a purple navi near the house-shaped 
door, you should get the Yumland key (if not try talking to the other 
7) Go to Yumland square and re-enter the homepage. use the key to go 
through the barrier. Take "change.bat" from the purple mystery data, 
battle 4 security navis on your way out.
8) Talk to Lan's dad, he will process change.bat and make it usable to 
9) Go to Official Square and defeat the dark navi.
10) The Mother computers have been attacked, go and help the other 
Netbattler's who are located opposite the official center offices on 
the 2nd floor.
11) Jack into the Mother servers and solve the panel puzzles. The 
passwords are:
<get out your kana table if you're not familiar with katakana>

Mother computer-1 "DANGO" "SHINGOUKI" "O SE"

12) Defeat Shadowman

   -scenario 6 - ~Oh say can you see? I'm coming to Netopia!~ Hey, 
that's not right!

1) Get the passport from the official center from the official in the 
rightmost booth.
2) Go to the airport via the Metroline, Mayl will give you a wireless 
access device. Go through airport security. Airport security (net mafia 
in disguise) will confiscate your PET, chips, money, and passport, and 
then they'll give you a mini-PET in exchange. Talk to Chaud, he will 
give you your PET back (wonder how he got hold of it), then proceed 
through the departure gate.
3) When you arrive at Netopia, talk to the guy in the tourism booth so 
you'll be able to understand the Netopia language. Netbattle the guy 
with blonde hair in green shirts to get your money back, but it's a 
tough battle. Go to your hotel room and get your folder of chips.
4) After the sequence where you throw your PET down, go and talk to 
Higureya.  He'll give you a chip (you should have 2 folders by now, 
with the extra chip you can be able to arrange chips between folders 
again, barely at least). Go back and apologize to MegaMan and get your 
PET back.
5) Talk to the old man near Netopia Castle, then go to the alley and 
talk to Jim, the black kid. Give him a metguard * (I sure hope you have 
at least one of these or you'll have to hunt for it in a chip trader-2, 
which would be a waste), he'll tell you about Raul's Security-code 
chip. Talk to Raul, the Native American guy by the courts at the end of 
the alley. Netbattle him and Thunderman for his Security-code.
6) Jack into the stereo, with Raul's Security-code, you should be able 
to access the Netopia zone. Make your way towards area-3 and look for 
some dark navi's arguing.
7) Talk to one of the navis and battle one of them, you'll get your 
passport back once you win. Jack-out. Talk to the guy with green shirt 
in the alley, he will tell you that someone is willing to give out 30 
MetaGuard *'s. Now go to the entrance of the castle and talk to the 
girl beside a woman in purple shirts, who will give you 30 MetaGuards.
Give Jim another MetaGuard *.
8) You should now be able to coax Mrs. Millionaire to netbattle you. 
She's the VIP in the jewelry store. Win and get her Security-code. You 
get 10000 zennys for winning her and you get your chips back from her 
as well, so you should have everything back by now.
9) Go back to the hotel and sleep

   -scenario 7 - Castles, dungeons, knights and a princess? Isn't this 
the year 21XX?

1) Go to Netopia Castle and walk through the wall where the crest is 
located. Talk to everyone inside.
2) After a cutscene, go to the door on the right, you'll drop into a 
dungeon. Try to go forward until a trap stops you. Jack-into the castle 
network and disable it. Proceed onward and continue disabling traps. Be 
sure to retrieve your wireless access device from the wall once the 
flames are gone.
3) When you get back to the point where you initially fell from, Chaud 
will netbattle you. Defeat Protoman.
4) Go to the top level of the Netopia tower and face Princess. The 
panel for the self-destruct system is over a chasm, but you manage to 
reach it with your wireless access device. Plug in and go to the end to 
defeat Knightman.

   -scenario 8 - Turn your internet devices off, it may interfere with

1) Go to Netopia Castle's secret lab, get your ticket back to Den 
Airport. Board the plane.
2) Collect the items needed to catch the spider on the loose. 
- First talk to the old lady on the same row as you
- Then talk to another old lady next to a scientist
- Then talk to the fight attendant at the back (near the bathroom)
- Finally talk to the black guy with shades.
(I don't remember if this is 100% correct but if it doesn't work, keep 
talking to people on the plane) You should be able to take the 
captain's hat off from the hook in the cockpit if you've done all the 
necessary things.
3) After the plane experiences turbulence, go to the cockpit and jack 
into the airline network server and restart all the engines. Face and 
defeat Magnetman.
4) You'll see a cute cutscene before MegaMan wakes Net up. Exit the 
plane through the economy class door.
5) Go home and talk to Yai, Mayl, Dex and your mom. You should then be 
able to go to sleep.

   -scenario 9 - Since when did people use vaccines to break ice?

1) Go talk to Yai and receive an e-mail from Mayl about Roll, who 's 
trapped behind some ice crystals. You can only break white crystals for 
now. Head towards KotoSquare. Just before the warp towards Koto square 
entrance, you should see a navi trapped behind white ice crystals. 
Break the ice and defeat the viruses, then talk to the navi.
2) Talk to dad to get the red vaccine.  You can now break red ice 
3) Go to Yumland area-2 and rescue the green navi behind the red ice 
crystals, then talk to the navi.
4) Go to the left and break the red ice crystals trapping Roll.
5) Go to the Square message boards and check all of the new messages, 
after you read one of them, Mayl will email you and give you Roll V3.  
Go to Netopia area-3 and access Undernet (the green navi that used to
block the warp should be gone, but there's an red ice crystal in its 
place, take care of it)
6) Go to Undernet area-2 and find the warp that goes to UnderSquare. 
Talk to all the navis there.
7) Go to Netopia square and talk to the pink navi at the northwest 
corner. Go to UnderSquare and pay one of the navis 10000 zennys to give 
you a clue.
8) Go out to Netopia area-2 and talk to the purple navi in front of the 
chip merchant trade a Zapring2 B with him and get the keyword (WWW).
9) Go to the Undernet message boards and post. Talk to the navis in 
10) Jack out, go to the campsite and jack into the barbecue grill, find 
a navi that will give you an item (HeatData).
11) Go to UnderSquare and talk to the orange navi to get the yellow 
12) Go to Netopia area-2, free the green navi behind a yellow crystal 
near the south edge of the screen. Go to Undernet area-3 and find his 
brother (he's at the top of the stairs that goes to Undernet area-3 
lower level) talk to him. Go back to Netopia area-2 and talk to the 
green navi, he will give you an item (BlueFrag 1).
13) Go back to Undernet area-3 and you should see a dark navi that's 
wandering in the lower level. An e-mail should arrive from Chaud. Go to 
Netopia Square and talk to a navi near the warp gate, he will give you 
Gatekey D.
14) Go to warp central and step over the leftmost inactive gate.  Warp 
to Koto Square entrance, go south and access the gate that goes to 
UnderKoto area. 
15) Reach the other end of UnderKoto and go to Undernet area-3 lower 
level. Follow the path the dark navi took to find him. Defeat him and 
get the Gospel password.
16) Go to Koto square and use the password to go through the gate. 
Enter the UnderKoto square homepage. Defeat a couple of lackeys and 
then face Freezeman. Defeat him and get the blue vaccine.

   -scenario 10 - And now, the homily. This is the Luke according to

1) Go to the UnderKoto square homepage, go to the very end. A cutscene 
will ensue.
2) Jack out and go visit dad. He will give you the Metroline ticket 
that can take you to Kotobuki town.
3) Use the ticket from Marine Harbor (MegaMan will ask you something, 
pick the first choice to go to Kotobuki, pick the second, you'll use an 
existing ticket you have that you got from the Metroline ticket booths)
4) Enter the mansion and get to the 2nd floor. Jack into the server and 
fix all the elevator bugs. At the very end, you'll fight 3 consecutive 
battles with Airman, Quickman and Cutman. They're only v1's though, so 
you shouldn't have a problem with them at this point. Jack out, go to 
the 9th floor and check the left door, you'll find an HP memory.
5) Go to the 30th floor, enter the room try to go through the door on 
the right. You'll get zapped by radiation. Jack-in to the server and 
disable the security system. At the very end, you'll fight 3 
consecutive battles with Knightman, Magnetman and Freezeman. They are a 
little but tougher than the first set of 3. I recommend that you have 
CannonBall's to punch through Knightman's stonebody and at least one
terrain changer for Magnetman.
6) Jack-out. SAVE BEFORE YOU GO THROUGH THE DOOR. When you go through 
the door, it's the point of no return, and you can no longer save your 
game. So make sure you get as many of the optional stuff now if you can 
(not really required though because Forte and Gospel are not that hard)
7) Go through the door, you'll plug into the Gospel main server. Reach 
the end and fight Forte and the "secondary" form of Forte, Gospel.
Once you've beaten them, the game is over (and the real fun begins >:)

   -game clear
1) Continue your game after the end credits roll. You should have a 
single yellow star next to "Continue" now. Head for the WWW warp, which 
was behind a firewall you couldn't go through before in Undernet area-
2) Go toward the upper left corner of the screen in WWW area1. Defeat 
the Protector viruses (I'm not giving the solution to that right away 
here, if you can't figure it out read the FAQ section below). Go 
through another red warp and get the ArmyData (allows you to take SS 
license exam) item that's on the other side.
3) Go to the green navi in the license computer. If you haven't gotten 
an S license yet, you'll automatically be upgraded to it. Talk to him 
again and you'll show him the ArmyData you just picked up. You will be 
asked to find 4 prank navis.  Find and beat them at:
- Yumland area-2
- Netopia area-3
- Undernet area-6
- UnderKoto area, IN THAT ORDER.
4) Talk to the green navi again and fight an endurance battle of 20 
rounds, you'll get your SS license after you win.
5) Talk to the green navi again and if you have completed all the 
missions on the job board and have a high enough level, he'll let you 
take the SSS license test. He'll ask you to find the navi master. He 
gives you 1 clue and you take it from there. Here's what you do:
-Go and read cafe sign
-Go to the dam area, to the upper left of the screen there should be 
four trees in a row. Talk to the scientist there
-Go to the plane and look at the plane's ...computer? It's that purple 
pulsing thing by the cockpit (not the place you plug into to access the 
airline network)
-Go to the top floor of Netopia castle, talk to the Caucasian official 
-Go to the alley, look for the 4 dumpsters that are side-by-side to 
each other.  Look at the dumpster that's 2nd from the left.
-Go to Yumland Square's treasure room (where you got change.bat). Meet 
with an orange navi at the very end of it
-Plug into Mayl's piano, talk to the purple navi towards the upper left 
of the screen
-Go to your dad (he left after he gave you the Kotobuki ticket, but he 
should be back), you will find out that he has the navi master program. 
You'll fight an endurance battle consisting of the 6 non-gospel net-
navis (Toadman, Gateman, Thunderman, Snakeman, Heatman, Protoman). They 
are at v2 so prepare a folder that will anticipate the moves of each 
6) Talk to the green navi again and fight an endurance battle of 30 
rounds, you'll get your SSS license after you win.
7) Now go through the WWW areas. There's no special requirement to pass 
through the first gate, just go and beat the crap out of Pharaohman.
8) To pass the 2nd gate, you need to have already beaten and collected 
the V3 chips of every navi before game clear (basically everyone except 
Pharaohman, Napalmman, Planetman and Forte). Once you unlock the second 
gate, you face Napalmman.
9) To pass the last gate, you simply have to have more than 200 entries 
to your data chip library. Behind it is Planetman.
10) Once you try to exit the WWW area into Undernet area-4, you'll 
battle the real Bass, hell of a lot harder than the bad copy you faced 
before you battled Gospel.  After beating Bass, he will drop his V1 
11) Once you beat him, Capcom will congratulate you for being a world-
class Netbattler.  
12) Go all over the world and collect 247/250 of the battle chips (the 
only ones you cannot get are LifeAura3, BassV2 and BassV3).  After 
doing this, wander around WWW area-3 to fight BassDeluxe, the final 
boss of the game.
Btw, it happened to me, but I'm not sure if everyone experiences it, my 
save game got erased after beating Forte, so just to make sure, save 
after you beat him. You'll have 2 stars next to continue now.

   As with any RPG, the side-quests are mostly optional but usually 
have really great rewards once you accomplish them

     Take a job from the job board located at the official center 
basement. You can't choose to take another job until you've 
accomplished the current one. So if you're stuck, just look below for 
the answers. It's listed from the bottom of the job list upwards.

1. Talk to girl near bb in school, find her sister in marine harbor 
north of the tv van, go back and talk to the girl in the school to 
finish the job. Get regular up1.

2. Go to the guy next to the Metroline entrance in marine harbor. Go to
Official Square and step out into internet area-2, find and beat the 
rogue navi. Return to the guy to finish the job. Get HP memory.

3. Cyber criminals have penetrated the ACDC network. Talk to the
scientist next to the Metroline entrance in ACDC town, he'll ask you to 
delete rogue navis. Find them in:
- Dex's Gameboy Advance
- The school blackboard
- The mecha toy in the park.
Talk to the scientist again to complete the job. Get regular up1

4. Go to the purple navi on the right in Koto square, it will ask you 
to delete a rogue navi in the coffee server. Jack-out and jack into the 
coffee machine and beat the navi. Return to Koto Square to complete the 
job. Get Recover 30*.

5. Talk to the man on the rock bridge at the campsite. He will ask you 
for a program for fishing or something. Jack into the internet and go 
to Den area-3 lower level, talk to the green navis there. Jack-out and 
go back to the man to complete the job. Get HP memory.

6. A lady is looking for FireSword F. Grab one by getting a busting 
level of 8-9 when you battle them in Koto area. When you have one, give 
it to the lady at the top of the stairs in the official center. Get 
iaiform L.

7. You have to beat the rogue navi next to the billboard near the 
entrance towards Yumland area-2 in Yumland area-1. You've finished the 
job if you get Gatekey B.

8. Talk to the old man near the bus stop in the campsite entrance. 
He'll give you a love letter. Give it to the old lady standing in the 
grassy area next to the cafe in marine harbor. Go back to the old man 
to complete the job. Get 10000 zennys.

9. Talk to the pink navi at the official square entrance. She'll ask 
you to find her partner. Find him in the statue by the waterfall in the 
wilderness trail. He's the leftmost green navi. Go back to the pink 
navi to complete the job. Get regular up2.

10. Talk to the guy in the playground in ACDC town. He'll ask you to 
look for a black dude. The culprit is at the dam control area near the 
campsite. Go back to the man to finish the job. (if you have the 
Freepass already, you can accuse other similar looking black guys in 
Netopia for some funny stuff ^^;) get kogarashi Y.

11. Talk to the white dude in the Den airport departures area. He'll 
ask you for a Catcher N, get one from battling the UFO viruses in the
airplane network (where you fought Magnetman). He'll give you 50000 
zennys for the job.

12. Talk to the kid inside the ACDC Metroline station. He'll ask you to 
look for his lost navi. He can be found in Yumland square, near the 
homepage entrance. Return to the kid to finish the job. Get HP memory.

13. Jack into Yai's telephone. Talk to the green navi, he'll tell you 
to delete the rogue navi... right in front of you! :P. talk to it again 
to complete the job. Get gospel Security-code (will let you open may of 
those Security-blocks strewn across the net)

14. Jack into the TV van and talk to the green navi, you'll fight a 
tougher endurance battle than the one for the A license test. Get Power 
UP for winning.

15. Talk to the white girl outside the Netopia hotel. Jack into the 
internet, go to the Netopia square entrance. Delete the 4 rogue navis 
there. Talk to the girl again to complete the job. Get fumikomizan M.

16. Go to the first floor of Yai's house. The guy wants to borrow some 
money for to save his company from bankruptcy. He'll ask for 50000
zennys. Exit the house and talk to him again and you'll get 100000 

17. Go to the campsite and talk to the professor looking guy near the
southernmost tent in the campsite (wasn't this the guy in kahoots with
magnetman's operator?). He's looking for a rare bug that lives in the 
river.  You can find it at the end of the rock bridge two screens down, 
near the kid with the baseball cap. Give the guy the bug to finish the 
job. Get recovery200 M.

18. Go to Netopia jewel store. Talk to the female officer. She's 
looking for 3 sisters suspected of stealing from the store. They each 
have Yumland's tear, King stone, and Maiden's dawn.
-Find the first sister in the path next to Netopia Castle. Fight her 
and win, talk to her again to get the first jewel.
-The next sister is in your hotel room, repeat process.
-The last is at the top of the Netopia Castle tower.
Return the jewels to the officer. Get Goldfist Z.

     Lots of people are after chips, and with the usually good rewards, 
you'd be only too happy to oblige them. Here are the following people 
you can exchange with:

Scenario: 3
Location: Boy at the upper west edge of ACDC
Chip Given: DashAttack J
Chip Received: Spreader *

Scenario: 5
Location: Boy at Marine Harbor Metroline Station
Chip Given: Poisonmask S
Chip Received: VariableSword B

Scenario: 5
Location: Boy at wilderness trail 1
Chip Given: Invisible1 *
Chip (and item) Received: Escape N & HP memory

Scenario: 5
Location: Lady at official center basement
Chip Given: Escape N
Chip Received: Hammer Z

Scenario: 6
Location: Purple navi at southern Netopia Square
Chip Given: Hammer Z
Chip Received: Silverfist V

Scenario: 8
Location: White guy at Netopia alley
Chip Given: Yukashita D
Chip Received: Neppuu P

Scenario: 9
Location: White girl at Netopia downtown
Chip Given: Silverfist V
Chip Received: BigBomb *

Scenario: 9
Location: Girl by Netopia airport Duty-free store
Chips Given: AquaAura A, FireArua R, WoodArua S and ElecAura L
Chip Received: Undershirts N

Scenario: 10
Location: Black kid in airplane's first class area
Chips Given: Shadowman V1 S, Shadowman  V2 S and Shadowman V3 S
Chip Received: Kawarimi S

Scenario: 10
Location: Black lady beside Mother server 2
Chip Given: BigBomb *
Item Received: Folder #3

     Another mmbn tradition, the quiz masters are back. Unfortunately I 
didn't note any of the answers down, so you'll just have to go with 
trial and error. All I can do is tell you where the quiz masters are
1) Kid by the duty free store at Den Airport departures area (scenario 
2) Scientist in the secret lab (scenario 8)
3) Old man in Netopia dungeons, by the arrow trap (scenario 10)

   -hidden npc's
     Don't have a better term for these guys. Basically the people that 
are hidden from view. They usually have useful items that they'd just 
give away. I forget what scenarios the start showing up in, but they're 
not there at the start.
1) ACDC town, behind a house on the northwest side of town. Follow the
sidewalk down from Yai's house, press A when you hit an obstacle. Get 
metguard * x20 (haha, I think this might be a carryover from the first 
game. you had to give a kid 30 metguard in one of the exchanges, I 
think he realized that it's more than he needed)
2) Outside Netopia castle, behind the row of trees west of the screen. 
Get sub-memory upgrade.
3) Okuden trail-2, behind the last tree, not quite directly across the
bear. Get regular up1.
4) Marine Harbor, behind the wall at the lower section of the map. Get
deathmarch3 *.
5) Mother computer room, behind the first server box. Get buster UP.

   The heart of mmbn's battle system. There's close to twice as many 
chips in this sequel than in the first game.

   A peircing attack means that it can disregard a barrier (not an 
Aura, just a barrier), shield or stonebody status and damage an enemy 
with the chip's full strength.

   In the location section BMD stands for blue mystery data, these are 
the ones that usually float around non-internet areas and appear only 
once. GMD is for green and they're the most common ones, they 
regenerate once you plug out. PMD is for purple, you have to use the 
Unlocker sub-item to open it. Usually contain extra rare chips.
The format will be like this:
Chip # - Chip Name
Code  - MB - Damage - Rarity - Element - Description

#001 - Cannon
ABCDE* - 16MB - 40 - * - None - Single shot attack     
Den Area 1

#002 - HiCannon
CDEFG* - 24MB - 60 - ** - None - Single shot attack                     

#003 - M-Cannon
EFGHI* - 32MB - 80 - *** - None - Single shot attack                        

#004 - ShotGun
BFHJN* - 4MB - 30 - * - None - 2 square shot attack

#005 - V-Gun
AFGLP* - 4MB - 30 - * - None - 3 square shot attack
Starting equipment

#006 -CrossGun
HJMQS* - 8MB - 30 - * - None - x5 square shot attack
#007 - Spreader
MNOPQ* - 20MB - 30 - ** - None - 3x3 square shot attack

#008 - Bubbler
BGHPR* - 12MB - 40 - * - Aqua - Aqua shotgun 

#009 - Bub-V
CDJNS* - 16MB - 40 - * - Aqua - Aqua V-gun 

#010 BubCross
KOPTV - 20MB - 40 - ** - Aqua - Aqua Crossgun 

#011 - BubSpread
EFILM* - 32MB - 40 - *** - Aqua - Aqua Spreader 

#012 - HeatShot
BGHPR* - 14BM - 50 - * - Fire - Fire Shotgun 

#013 - Heat-V
CDJNS* - 18MB - 50 - * - Fire - Fire V-gun

#014 - HeatCros
KOPTV* - 22MB - 50 - ** - Fire - Fire Crossgun           

#015 - HeatSprd
EFILM* - 36MB - 50 - *** - Fire - Fire Spreader          

#016 - MiniBomb
BEGLO* - 8MB - 50 - * - None - Attack 3 spaces ahead
Starting equipment

#017 - LilBomb
FJOQT* - 12MB - 50 - * - None - 3 square bomb attack   

#018 - CrossBomb
DJOQT* - 16MB - 60 - ** - None - 3 spaces ahead, explodes in cross

#019 - BigBomb
OQTVY* - 32MB - 70 - *** - None - 3 spaces ahead, explodes in 3x3

#020 - TreeBom1
BGHPR* - 10MB - 100 - * - Wood - 3 spaces ahead, homing wood spikes.  
Water for power-up!

#021 - TreeBom2
CDJNS* - 15MB - 120 - ** - Wood - 3 spaces ahead, faster homing wood 
spikes.  Water for power-up!

#022 - TreeBom3
KOPTV* - 20MB - 150 - *** - Wood - 3 spaces ahead, fastest homing wood 
spikes.  Water for power-up!      

#023 - Sword
AKLSY* - 12MB - 80 - * - None - Slash 1 space ahead
Starting equipment

#024 - WideSwrd
ACLQY* - 16MB - 80 - * - None - Swipe 1 column forward

#025 - LongSwrd
AILOY* - 22MB - 80 - ** - None - Sword with range of 2
Purple Knight

#026 - FlameSwrd
FHNRU* - 24MB - 100 - ** - Fire - Widesword with fire element      
Yellow Knight

#027 - AquaSwrd
AHNRW* - 26MB - 100 - ** - Aqua - Widesword with aqua element        
Blue Knight

#028 - ElecSwrd
EHNRV* - 28MB - 100 - *** - Elec - Widesword with elec element         
TV van BMD

#029 - FireBlde
FHPRZ* - 32MB - 90  - *** - Fire - Longsword with fire element

#030 - AquaBlde
AFJRZ* - 32MB - 90 - *** - Aqua - Longsword with aqua element             

#031 - ElecBlde
EFMNR* - 32MB - 90 - *** - Elec - Longsword with elec element

#032 - StepSword
DHMQU* - 54MB - 150 - *** - None - Jump 2 spaces ahead then Widesword  

#033 - Kunai1
EILPS* - 48MN - 40 - * - None - Attacks up and down 1 square

#034 - Kunai2
DFJQR* - 64MB - 40 - ** - None - Attacks up and down 2 squares

#035 - Kunai3
CGHKN* - 78MB - 40 - *** - None - Attacks up and down 3 squares 

#036 - CustSword
BGKQT* - 68MB - 0 to 256 - **** - None - Swipes in 2x3 area.  Damage 
dependent on custom gauge (at top of screen)

#037 -  Muramasa
NOTUW* - 88MB - 0 to 999 - ***** - None - Attacks 1 space forward 
damage = max HP - current HP

#038 - VarSwrd
BLNTZ* - 40MB - 60 - **** - None - Attack formation depends on 
combination entered (check FAQ section for combinations)
Chip exchange
GMD in Undernet area 7

039 - Slasher
ADHLQ* - 24MB - 180 - **** - None - If an enemy enters your area while 
A button is held down, it will automatically attack.

#040 - ShockWav
HJLRU* - 10MB - 40 - * - None - single row piercing wave attack

#041 - SonicWav
EIMSW* - 30MB - 60 - ** - None - Faster single row piercing wave attack             

#042 - DynaWav
GNQTV* - 50MB - 90 - *** - None - Fastest single row piercing wave 

#043 - Quake1
AMPQW - 16MB - 90 - * - None - Attack 3 spaces ahead, crack panel

#044 - Quake2
BGNQW* - 32MB - 110 - ** - None - Attack 3 spaces ahead, crack panel    

#045 - Quake3
CEOQW* - 64BM - 130 - *** - None - Attack 3 spaces in cross formation, 
crack panel 

#046 - GutsPunch
BDHKN* - 8MB - 70 - * - None - Punch 1 space forward   

#047 - ColdPnch
BDLPS* - 8MB - 70 - ** - Aqua - GutsPunch with aqua element

#048 - DashAtk
BDGJL* - 12MB - 90 - * - None -  single row  piercing dash attack   

#049 - Wrecker
OQSUW* - 16MB - 80 - *** - None - 3 space ahead piercing attack, 
destroys panel
Yumland-1 GMD

#050 - CannBall
OPQRS* - 22MB - 150 - **** - None - Stronger 3 space ahead piercing 
PMD in Netopia area 3

051    DoubleNeedle   50x2         18  1     multiple arrow attack      
052    TripleNeedle   50x3         24  2     "                       
053    TetraNeedle    50x4         30  3     "                       
054    Trident        60x3         30  4     "                          
055    Ratton1        70           26  1     seeker that turns once 
056    Ratton2        80           32  2     "                    
057    Ratton3        90           38  3     "                     
058    RattonHanaBi   200          30  4     plant a bomb in 1 space   
059    Tornado        20x8         22  4     persisting whirlwind       
                                             attack 2 spaces ahead
060    Kogarashi      20x8    W    22  3     wood tornado               
061    Neppuu         20x8    F    22  3     fire tornado              
062    BurningBody    150     F    28  3     + fire pillar around you   
063    RabbitRing1    20      E    12  1     single shot stun attack  
064    RabbitRing2    30      E    16  2     "                       
065    RabbitRing3    40      E    20  3     "                     
066    Satellite1     60      E    20  1     sinewing attack across    
                                             all columns ahead, can
                                             be destroyed (easily)
067    Satellite2     80      E    24  2     " but faster                
068    Satellite3     100     E    28  3     " but even faster        
069    BadSpores1     100     W    14  1     attack all grass    
                                             moves forward from col 1
070    BadSpores2     120     W    28  2     "                    
071    BadSpores3     140     W    42  3     "                    
072    MagnetBomb1    80      E    10  1     bomb attack temporarily
                                             anchors enemy to a panel
073    MagnetBomb2    100     E    14  2     | 3 square magnetbomb1
074    MagnetBomb3    120     E    18  3     + 5 square magnetbomb1  
075    Yo-yo1         40x2         36  1     attack 1-3 spaces forward 
076    Yo-yo2         50x2         40  2     "                       
077    Yo-yo3         60x2         44  3     "                        
078    CurseShield1   130          18  1     counterattack when enemy 
                                             projectile hits shield
079    CurseShield2   170          24  2     "                       
080    CurseShield3   210          32  3     "                      
081    BreakHammer    100          24  4     attack 1 space forward     
082    ZeusHammer     200          70  4     hurt all enemies that 
bargain shop
                                             are on the ground
083    BambooLance    90      W    20  3     attack last column   
DenAirport DutyFree
084    BronzeFist     100          18  2     like gutspunch, said to 
                                             change with proper execu-
                                             tion (unconfirmed)
085    SilverFist     140          30  3     "                         
086    GoldFist       180          60  4     "                          
087    PoisonMask     1~           24  3     generate a shield 1 space
                                             forward, slowly poison an
                                             enemy 1 space ahead of
                                             the shield when A button
                                             is held down
088    PoisonFace     1~           30  3     like poisonmask except  
                                             poison radiates a reverse
                                             c shape around the shield
089    UzuShio        10/200       20  1     generates a whirlpool,    
                                             high damage when enemy
                                             walks over it, otherwise
                                             it's a 10 damage bomb
090    BlackHole      10/300       30  2     "                         
091    Meteo9         60x?    F    12  1     generate a staff 1 square
                                             ahead, drop 9 meteors on
                                             enemy area. staff can be
                                             destroyed (easily)
092    Meteo12        80x?    F    24  2     " but with 12 meteors 
093    Meteo15        100x?   F    48  3     " but with 15 meteors  
094    Meteo18        150x?   F    60  4     " but with 18 meteors    
095    CountBomb1     70           32  1     generate a 3sec time bomb 
                                             on the first enemy column
                                             can be destroyed
096    CountBomb2     120          48  2     "                         
097    CountBomb3     200          64  3     "                         
098    Cloud          70x?    A    16  1     rain cloud that travels  
                                             across a column 3 spaces
                                             ahead. last for 6 spaces
099    MoreCloud      90x?    A    24  2     "                        
100    MostCloud      110x?   A    32  3     "                       
101    StealthMine    300          12  4     plant a mine randomly on   
                                             enemy area, blows up when
                                             stepped on by enemy
102    FrontSensor    100          14  4     generate a horizontal      
                                             sensor bomb 1 space ahead
                                             blows along line of sight
                                             can be destroyed
103    DoubleSensor   100          24  4     same as frontsensor but    
                                             has 2 diagonal sensors
104    RimokoGoroo1   80x?    E    8   1     generate a parara virus  
                                             1 space ahead. home in on
                                             enemy position. remote
                                             devices zaps and destroys
                                             squares as it goes. para-
                                             ra can be destroyed, but
                                             otherwise the remote de-
                                             vice will continue zap-
                                             ping as long as there are
                                             intact panels (in other
                                             words until all enemies
                                             are eliminated)
105    RimokoGoroo2   80x?    E    16  2     " but higher hp parara  
106    RimokoGoroo3   80x?    E    32  3     " but even higher hp   
107    AquaBalloon    10      A    20  3     absorbs attacks. damage
                                             of the attack (yours or
                                             an enemy's) will increase
                                             the balloon's damage po-
                                             tential by that attack's
                                             strength. explodes and
                                             damages 3x3 area when it
                                             comes into contact with
                                             an obstacle (incl. you!)
108    ElecBalloon    10      E    20  3     "                    
109    HeatBalloon    10      F    20  3     "                       
110    KanKetsuSen    200     A    40  4     summons a 3x3 attack when  
                                             thrown in a hole 3 spaces      
111    MagmaDragon    200     F    60  5     summon a dragon in a hole 
                                             1 space ahead. attacks all 
                                             squares ahead of it    
112    GodStone       150x?        60  5     summon mini-stoneman in a  
                                             hole 1 space ahead. drops
                                             3, then 4, then 5 stones
                                             in enemy area
113    OldWood        100x?   W    60  5     summon a tree in a hole 1 
                                             space ahead. wood spikes
                                             rise randomly in enemy
                                             area 8 times
114    Metguard       0            2   1     generates a shield    
115    PanelOut1      10           4   1     create a hole 1 space   
                                             ahead. will damage if
                                             enemy is in range
116    PanelOut3      10           8   2     create a column of holes  
                                             1 space ahead. will da-        
                                             mage if enemy is in range
117    LineOut        40      F    24  2     create a row of holes in
                                             front of you. will damage
                                             if enemy is in range
118    CatchMotion    0            12  2     disable any chips an      
                                             enemy might have
119    AnotherMind    30           38  3     single shot attack, i'm    
                                             insure of how it actually
                                             works but it's supposed
                                             to make enemy movement
                                             erratic (to what end?)
120    Recovery10     0            2   1     recover 10hp            
121    Recovery30     0            4   1     recover 30hp               
122    Recovery50     0            8   2     recover 50hp
123    Recovery80     0            16  2     recover 80hp              
124    Recovery120    0            32  3     recover 120hp              
125    Recovery150    0            48  3     recover 150hp
126    Recovery200    0            64  4     recover 200hp              
127    Revovery300    0            80  4     recover 300hp          
128    PanelSteal     10           4   1     steal 1 enemy panel. will
                                             damage an enemy in range
129    AreaSteal      10           8   2     steal 1 enemy col. will    
                                             damage enemies in range
130    StealPunish    30x?         24  3     damage an enemy that uses  
                                             areasteal by the number
                                             of panels stolen
131    DeathMarch1    0            16  2     crack all panels           
132    DeathMarch2    0            32  3     create holes in all pa-    
                                             nels that you, an enemy,
                                             or an obstacle is not at
133    DeathMarch3    1~           48  4     " except it's poison     
                                             panels instead of holes
134    Escape         0            64  2     escape from any random  
                                             battle with 100% success
135    AirShoes       0            12  3     float over holes           
136    PanelReturn    0            8   2     restore all your panels    
                                             to blank panel status
137    RimorooSoku1   0            50  1     create a candle 1 space   
                                             ahead. will gradually
                                             heal you if you're hurt.
                                             can be destroyed
138    RimorooSoku2   0            60  2     " but faster
139    RimorooSoku3   0            70  3     " but even faster
140    StoneCube      10           16  1     create a stone obstacle 1  
                                             space ahead. will damage
                                             if enemy is in range. can
                                             be destroyed.
141    Prism          10           24  3     create an ice prism. can
                                             amplify an attack to da-
                                             mage the surrounding 9
                                             squares, otherwise it's a
                                             10 damage bomb
142    Ojizou-san     200          54  4     create a monk statue 1  
Ktbki ATM
                                             space ahead. counterat-      
                                             tacks anything that hits
                                             it with a lightning bolt
                                             (you're not immune!)
143    Turbo          0            10  1     summon a windbox virus 1   
                                             space ahead. pushes all
                                             enemies. can be destroyed
144    SuiKomi        0            10  2     summon a vaccumfan virus
                                             1 space ahead. pulls all
                                             enemies. can be destroyed
145    PoisonAnubis   1~           90  5     summon an anubis statue 1
                                             space ahead. will rapidly
                                             poison enemies until they
                                             are (or it is) destroyed
146    HeavyGuage     0            10  2     slows custom guage         
147    QuickGuage     0            10  2     accelerates custom guage   
148    FullCustom     0            10  2     instant refill             
149    Invisible1     0            12  1     invincible for a period
150    Invisible2     0            24  2     " but longer              
151    Invisible3     0            48  3     " but even longer
152    TenJouUra      0            64  4     invincible when not using 
153    Yukashita      0            84  5     invincible when not     
154    StoneBody      0            64  3     all non-piercing damage
                                             is reduced to 1. but you
                                             can no longer move
155    KageBunJin1    0            32  2     invincible to anything
                                             but a sword attack for a
                                             period of time
156    KageBunJin2    0            48  3     " but longer duration  
157    KageBunJin3    0            64  4     " but even longer       
158    Undershirts    0            18  4     prevents your deletion    
                                             once, brings hp to 1
159    Barrier        0            8   1     protects you from a sin-   
                                             gle non-piercing attack
160    BubbleWrap     0       A    36  4     40hp barrier, electric     
                                             attacks will pierce
161    LeafShield     0       W    26  4     turns 1 attack's damage 
                                             into hp, fire attacks
                                             will pierce
162    AquaAura       0       A    30  3     nullifies any damage    
                                             under 10, only electric
                                             attacks will pierce
163    FlameAura      0       F    36  3     nullifies any damage     
                                             under 40, only aqua at-
                                             tacks will pierce
164    WoodAura       0       W    42  3     nullifies any damage    
                                             under 80, only fire at-
                                             tacks will pierce
165    ElecAura       0       E    48  3     nullifies any damage      
                                             under 100, only wood at-
                                             tacks will pierce
166    DreamAura1     0            60  4     nullifies any damage un-
                                             der 100, can't be peirced 
Blue Bug
167    DreamAura2     0            70  4     " but nullifies under 150 
168    DreamAura3     0            80  4     " but nullifies under 200  
169    MagnetLine     0            24  3     turns current row into     
                                             magnetic panels
170    MagmaLine      50      F    24  3     " but with magma panels    
171    IceLine        0            24  3     " but with ice panels      
172    KusaMuraLine   0            24  3     " but with grass panels    
173    MagmaStage     50      F    64  4     turns all panels into     
                                             magma panels
174    IceStage       0            64  4     " but with ice panels 
175    KusaMuraStage  0            64  4     " but with grass panels   
176    HolyPanel      0            22  3     generate a holypanel on
                                             the panel you're standing
                                             on. damage is halved when
                                             standing within the panel
177    Jealousy       50x?         22  4     peircing damage on an      
                                             enemy with chips. damage
                                             is calculated by the num-
                                             ber of chips (usually 3)
178    KaKiGenKin     200          32  3     peircing attack on all     
                                             enemies, if an enemy exe-
                                             cutes a fire attack. will
                                             fizzle if there's already
                                             a fire attack lingering
                                             on screen. you can use
                                             other chips while waiting
                                             for the proper trigger,
                                             they won't cancel the ef-
                                             fect (unless it's another
                                             counterattack type chip)
179    HiRaiShin      200          32  3     " but with elec attacks    
180    DaiKouZui      200          32  3     " but with aqua attacks    
181    KawariMi       100          32  3     " but with any attack up- 
                                             on contact, not execution
182    ShiraHadoRi    100x3        32  3     3 square wide wave co-  
                                             unterattack upon contact
                                             with any sword attack
                                             (incl blues' slash wave)
183    NaviScout      ???          32  4     counter when enemy sum-   
                                             mons a navi (for use only
                                             in linked vs battles)
184    BadMedicine    300          32  4     an enemy using a recovery 
                                             chip will be damaged           
185    Attack+10      0            1   4     add 10 damage to any    
                                             attack. activate by posi-
                                             tioning it right after an
                                             attack chip. will apply
                                             effect to any battle chip
                                             that comes right before
                                             and after it in the chip
                                             input sequence. experi-
                                             ment around with these,
                                             learn what you can and
                                             can't do through these
186    Attack+20      0            2   20    " but adds 20 damage       
187    Attack+30      0            3   38    " but adds 30 damage   
188    Fire+40        0            2   12    add 40 damage to fire at-  
                                             tacks. activate by posi-
                                             tioning it right after a
                                             fire elemental chip. will
                                             apply effect to any fire
                                             elemental chip that comes
                                             right before and after it
                                             in the chip input seq.
189    Aqua+40        0            2   12    " but with aqua elemental  
190    Wood+40        0            2   12    " but with wood elemental  
191    Elec+40        0            2   12    " but with elec elemental  
192    Navi+20        0            2   24    " but adds 20 damage to 
                                             navi chips. same deal tho
193    Navi+40        0            4   42    " but adds 40 damage      
194    Roll           60           3   8     damage closest hitta-   
                                             ble enemy on the highest 
                                             then recover 30hp
195    RollV2         80           4   24    " but recover 50hp     
196    RollV3         100          5   48    " but recover 80hp     
197    Gutsman        50           3   32    wave attack damages and  
                                             cracks enemy area
198    GutsmanV2      70           4   48    "                        
199    GutsmanV3      90           5   64    "                        
200    Blues          120          3   52    swipe 1 enemy in each row  
201    BluesV2        160          4   64    "                          
202    BluesV3        200          5   76    "                          
203    Airman         40x?         3   16    generate tornados 1 col   
                                             ahead of you, and travel
                                             through the length of the
                                             screen. double damage is
                                             possible if enemy is in
                                             row of generation. obsta-
                                             cles or holes will pre-
                                             vent generation. will not
                                             pass over holes, but will
                                             hit any enemy in or over
                                             the hole (one of the 1st
                                             navi chips, and yet one
                                             of the most versatile)
204    AirmanV2       70x?         4   34    "                         
205    AirmanV3       100x?        5   72    "                         
206    Quickman       50x?         3   32    throw a boomerang across
                                             1 row, double damage on
                                             all but the last column
207    QuickmanV2     70x?         4   56    "                       
208    QuickmanV3     100x?        5   80    "                       
209    Cutman         150          3   20    attack 1 space forward    
210    CutmanV2       200          4   50    "                         
211    CutmanV3       300          5   80    "                         
212    Shadowman      60x?         3   64    3 attacks evenly dist- 
                                             ributed among enemies.
                                             higher row gets priority
213    ShadowmanV2    70x?         4   50    "                      
214    ShadowmanV3    80x?         5   80    "                      
215    Knightman      160          3   64    attack 1 col ahead     
216    KnightmanV2    210          4   80    "                      
217    KnightmanV3    260          5   96    "                      
218    Magnetman      130     E    3   48    dash attack across 1   
                                             row. both Magnetman will
                                             appear and do double 
                                             if the space between you 
                                             the enemy are the same.
                                             has magnetbomb's effect
219    MagnetmanV2    140     E    4   64    "                      
220    MagnetmanV3    150     E    5   80    "                      
221    Freezeman      50x?    A    3   64    randomly drop 8 icicles
                                             in enemy area. about 75%
                                             chance of hitting a foe
222    FreezemanV2    60x?    A    4   80    "                      
223    FreezemanV3    70x?    A    5   96    "                      
224    Heatman        100     F    3   64    attack in a triangle pat-
                                             tern 1-3 spaces forward
225    HeatmanV2      130     F    4   80    "                        
226    HeatmanV3      160     F    5   96    "                        
227    Toadman        100     E    3   28    single attack with limi- 
                                             ted seeking ability
228    ToadmanV2      140     E    4   48    "                        
229    ToadmanV3      180     E    5   68    "                        
230    Thunderman     80      E    3   30    damage a col 3 spaces 
                                             ahead. blowup empty panels
231    ThundermanV2   130     E    4   60    "                     
232    ThundermanV3   180     E    5   90    "                     
233    Snakeman       30x?    W    3   25    single attack on an     
                                             enemy plus single 
                                             attacks from snakes gene-
                                             rated from any holes from
                                             panels on your side. each
                                             hole generates one snake
234    SnakemanV2     40x?    W    4   50    "                       
235    SnakemanV3     50x?    W    5   70    "                       
236    Gateman        40x3         3   24    chained horizontal attack
237    GatemanV2      40x4         4   40    "                        
238    GatemanV3      40x5         5   56    "                        
239    Pharaohman     240          5   32    generate a sarcophagus
                                             1 space ahead. attack 
                                             either be a 1 row beam
                                             attack or 2 rattons
240    PharaohmanV2   270          5   48    "                     
241    PharaohmanV3   300          5   64    "                     
242    Napalmman      220     F    5   48    throw 5 randomly dist- 
                                             ributed bombs 2-4 spaces 
                                             head. blowup empty panels
243    NapalmmanV2    240     F    5   64    "                      
244    NapalmmanV3    260     F    5   80    "                      
245    Planetman      70x3    all  5   64    3 elemental spheres    
                                             will surround 1 enemy and
                                             simultaneously attack it.
                                             fire from the north, aqua
                                             from the east, elec from
                                             the south, wood from the
                                             west. which ones appear
                                             depend on enemy position
246    PlanetmanV2    80x3    all  5   80    "                      
247    PlanetmanV3    90x3    all  5   96    "                      
248    Forte          50x?         5   96    randomly fire 25 horizon-   
                                             tal shots on all rows in  
                                             front of you   after 
249    ForteV2        60x?         5   96    "                          
250    ForteV3        70x?         5   96    "                          

251    OoAkaTsuNami   220     F    64  5     for use with heat style 
                                             generate a wave attack 1
                                             col ahead. waves will not
                                             pass through an obstacle,
                                             holes, or another enemy
252    FreezeBomb     180     A    56  5     for use with aqua style    
                                             it's a stronger version
                                             of magnetbomb3. it feezes
                                             enemies for a period of
                                             else special about it
253    ChargeSpark    100     E    48  5     for use with elec style    
                                             hold down A to charge,
                                             will gradually decrease
                                             your hp, but conversely
                                             increase the power of the
                                             attack. releases a 3x3
                                             spark field around you
254    GaiaSword      200     W    72  5     for use with wood style    
                                             souped up widesword, any
                                             offensive chips that come
                                             after it would act like
                                             an attack+ chip, the val-
                                             ue added is equivalent to
                                             the chips' 1 hit damage
255    BreakBomb      200     F    64  5     can be a piercing bomb or  
                                             or a cherrybomb (see ter-
                                             rain/obstacles section).
                                             will explode and damage
                                             enemy area if thrown on a
                                             fire elemental or magma
256    FighterSword   100          50  5     for use with normal style  
                                             attack 1-3 spaces forward
257    KnightSword    150          64  5     "                          
258    PaladinSword   200          90  5     "                          
259    RyuuSeiGun     40x?    F    68  5     enemy area will be conti-  
                                             uously struck by meteors
                                             30 times row by row star-
                                             ting from the top right to
                                             the bottom left of the e-
                                             nemy area, cycling back to
                                             the top right when panels
                                             run out. avoids any holes
                                             or panels with obstacles
260    Poltergeist    200x?        50  5     any obstacle will rise     
                                             and fly to the enemy clo-
                                             sest to it. the list of
                                             obstacles is in the ter-
                                             rain/obstacles section
261    Gateman SP     300          50  5     strong single shot attack  
262    FireGospel     600     F    96  5     breath attack in a trian-  
                                             gle pattern from col 3-5.
                                             it is piercing, making it
                                             the best navi chip ...if
                                             you can get it :P
263    AquaGospel     600     A    96  5     "                          
264    ElecGospel     600     E    96  5     "                          
265    WoodGospel     600     W    96  5     "                          
266    Sanctuary      0            99  5     turn all your panels into      
                                             holy panels                

alternatively, visit http://www.geocities.com/nakoruru00/rockmanxe2-
chip.doc or
http://www.gamefaqs.com for neo zero x's rmexe2 chip and program 
advance guide

-Program advance/Chip combos-
   The method of chaining combos remain unchanged from rmexe1, so 
hopefully you guys have tried it out then as I won't explain it 
anymore. The number of combos is down from the first game, but each one 
that is here now really do count for something.

Zeta series -slightly changed from rmexe1, aside from invincibility and
unlimited use of the weapon for 5 sec, each execution is 3 rapid hits 
(except howgun)

Omega series -same as zeta, but with a 10 sec duration (up from 7 in 

Beta and Sigma series -gone from the game, but the same combinations 
yield more powerful results than their previous incarnations.

* chips are wild. They can be used to replace missing letter chips.  
However, if PA with the same chip (Z-Cannon) * chips can only replace 
substitute for ONE chip.

Following each Program Advance is a brief description of what each 
Program Advance does.  Below the description is the amount of damage 
each hit takes.  Normal max damage is the total amount of damage 
possible for multiple shot PA's.  Super max damage is the total amount 
of damage possible by adding an attack+30 and an attack+20 to the end 
of the PA.

program advances:

1. Z-Cannon1: Cannon A,B,C/B,C,D,/C,D,E
   Gives you five seconds of invisibility and unlimited usage of the 
Cannon chip
-40 damage for each shot
2. Z-Cannon2: HiCannon C,D,E/D,E,F/E,F,G
   Gives you five seconds of invisibility and unlimited usage of the 
HiCannon chip
- 60 damage for each shot
3. Z-Cannon3: M-Cannon E,F,G/F,G,H/G,H,I
   Gives you five seconds of invisibility and unlimited usage of the M-
Cannon chips
- 80 damage for each shot 

4. H-Burst: Spreader M,N,O/N,O,P/O,P,Q
   A one-time shot that does 100 damage.  After the shot connects, it 
bursts out in a 3x3 square, and can damage multiple times.
-100 damage for each burst
-300 normal max damage
-450 super max damage
5. Z-Ball: CannBall O,P,Q/P,Q,R/O,R,S
   Gives you five seconds of invisibility and unlimited usage of the 
CannBall chip
- 300 damage for each CannBall
6. Z-Ratton1: Ratton1 H,I,J/I,J,K/J,K,L
   Gives you five seconds of invisibility and MegaMan shoots out 3 
-70 damage
-210 normal max damage
-360 super max damage
7. Z-Ratton2: Ratton2 J,K,L/K,L,M/L,M,N
   Gives you five seconds of invisibility and MegaMan shoots out 3 
-80 damage
-240 normal max damage
-390 super max damage
8. Z-Ratton3: Ratton3 L,M,N/M,N,O/N,O,P
   Gives you five seconds of invisibility and MegaMan shoots out 3 
-90 damage
-270 max damage
-420 super max damage
9. O-Cannon1: Cannon A,B,C,D,E
   Gives you ten seconds of invisibility and unlimited usage of the 
Cannon chip
-40 damage for each shot
10. O-Cannon2: HiCannon C,D,E,F,G
   Gives you ten seconds of invisibility and unlimited usage of the 
HiCannon chip
-60 damage for each shot
11. O-Cannon3: M-Cannon E,F,G,H,I
   Gives you ten seconds of invisibility and unlimited usage of the M-
Cannon chip
-80 damage for each shot
12. M-Burst: Spreader M,N,O,P,Q
   A one-time shot that does 100 damage.  After the shot connects, it 
bursts out in a 3x3 square, and can damage multiple times.  I think the 
only difference between M-Burst and H-Burst is that M-Burst sticks 
around longer.
-100 damage for each burst
-500 normal max damage
-750 super max damage
13. O-Ball: CannBall O,P,Q,R,S
   Gives you ten seconds of invincibility and unlimited usage of the 
CannBall chip
-300 damage for each CannBall

14. O-Ratton1: Ratton1 H,I,J,K,L
   Gives you ten seconds of invisibility and MegaMan shoots out three 
-70 damage
-210 max damage

15. O-Ratton2: Ratton2 J,K,L,M,N
   Gives you ten seconds of invisibility and MegaMan shoots out three 
-80 damage
-240 max damage

16. O-Ratton3: Ratton3 L,M,N,O,P
   Gives you ten seconds of invisibility and MegaMan shoots out three 
-90 damage
-270 max damage

17. Arrows: DoubNdl+TripNdl+QuadNdl C/I
   A one-time PA that shoots out a volley of ten needles.  If you 
connect with the first the target will be stunned, allowing the other 
nine needles to connect.
-100 damage for each needle
-1000 normal max damage
-1500 super max damage
18. UltraBmb: LilBomb+CrosBomb+BigBomb O/Q/T
   A one-time PA where MegaMan throws a 3x3 bomb that cracks all panels
-400 damage
19. LifeSrd1: Sword+WideSwrd+LongSwrd A/L/Y
   One-time gigantic sword that swings in a 2x3 arc (two up and three 
-400 damage

20. LifeSrd2: FireSwrd+AquaSwrd+ElecSwrd H/N/R
   One-time gigantic sword that swings in a 2x3 arc (two up and three 
-500 damage
21. LifeSrd3: FireBlde+AquaBlde+ElecBlde F/R
   One-time gigantic sword that swings in a 2x3 arc (two up and three 
-600 damage
22. Punch: GutPunch+ColdPnch+DashAtk B/D
   One-time PA where MegaMan shoots out six giant fists in a row.  If 
the first hit connects, the target will be stunned, allowing the 
remaining fists to connect.
-80 damage
-480 normal max damage
-780 super max damage
23. Curse: CrsShld1+CrsShld2+CrsShld3 A/O/P
   This one-time PA works pretty much the same as the CurseShield chips 
do.  When the PA is activated, MegaMan will raise the CurseShield in 
front of him for a brief moment.  If anything hits MegaMan while the 
shield is in front on him, a CurseShield will fly through each row.  So 
unless an enemy is on your side, it will be damaged.  I can't remember 
but I'm pretty sure that it flies through obstacles as well (other 
enemies, rocks etc)
-500 damage
24. TimeBom+: TimeBom1+TimeBom2+TimeBom3 G/K/Z
   A one-time PA that creates a giant time-bomb that damages all enemy 
-500 damage
25. HvyStamp: Quake1+Quake2+Quake3 Q/W
   A one-time usage PA that turns MegaMan into a giant anvil and stomps 
on the nearest enemy, no area damage
-800 damage
26. PoisPhar: PoisMask+PoisFace+Anubis U/W
   A very unique PA that acts much like the Anubis chip, but MUCH 
faster.  It drops a statue that deals out constant poison damage to the 
enemy territory at an amazing rate.  The only way to stop this PA is to 
destroy the statue, which is relatively weak.  Please note that you 
CANNOT add +attack chips to this PA.
-Unlimited damage
27. Gater: Wind+Fan+Gateman(V1,V2,V3) G
   The first of the Navi PA's, it also happens to be one of the best in 
the game.  When you cannot beat a boss, before logging onto GameFAQs 
and asking for help, try using this PA first.  What is does is call 
Gateman down in front of MegaMan, who whacks Gateman on the back to 
shoot out nine projectiles.  Please note that the version of Gateman is 
irrelevant, damage will always be the same.
-100 damage for each projectile
-900 normal max damage
-1350 super max damage
28. GtsShoot: Guard+DashAtk+Gutsman(V1,V2,V3) G
   A one-time PA where Gutsman drops down behind MegaMan, and then 
throws him forward, damaging anything in the row.  Please note, the 
version of Gutsman is irrelevant, damage will always be the same.
-400 damage
29. BigHeart: HolyPanl+Recov300+Roll(V1,V2,V3) R
   A one-time PA that works just like the standard Roll chip.  Roll 
drops down and attacks the closest enemy, and then heals MegaMan.  
Please note that the version of Roll is irrelevant, damage and health 
will always be the same.
-300 damage and FULL health
30. BodyGrd: DropDown+AntiDmg+ShadoMan(V1,V2,V3) S
   In my opinion, BodyGuard is the best PA in the game.  The only 
problem is that the chips required are not easy to come across.  
Anyway, this is a one-time PA where Shadowman drops by to deal out some 
major damage by throwing eighteen Chinese stars at the enemy.  If the 
first attack hits, the enemy will be stunned, allowing the remaining 
stars to connect.  Please note that the version of Shadowman used does 
not affect the damage.
-100 damage for each throwing star
-1800 normal max damage
-2700 super max damage
For those of you wondering, yes, the super version of this PA WILL kill 
BassDeluxe in one hit.
31. 2xHero: CustSwrd+VarSwrd+ProtoMan(V1,V2,V3) B
   A one-time PA where Protoman joins MegaMan, after which they both 
proceed to blow the crap out of everything on the screen with a total 
of eight shots.  Please note that the version of Protoman used does not 
affect the damage.
-70 damage for each hit
-560 normal max damage
-960 super max damage

32.	Dark Messiah: Bass(V1,V2,V3)+AntiNavi+Gospel X
   Technically this PA is impossible to get because Capcom currently 
doesn't have any plans to let us American gamers get our hands of the 
super-secret Gospel chips, which can only be gotten at Capcom give-a-
ways (much like Mew from Pokemon).  Please do not e-mail me asking me 
how to get the Gospel chips because YOU CANT, and I don't cheat either, 
so I can't help you with codes.  Because of this, I have never actually 
seen this PA in action, although if you do cheat to get the Gospel 
chips, you could do it.  From what I've heard, Bass and Gospel drop 
down and dish out an amazing amount of pain.  It probably doesn't 
matter which version of Bass you use either.
-3000 damage

chip combos:

1. prism + forestbomb1/2/3 - 100/120/150x90damage, affects area 
surrounding the prism (only works in Japanese version)
2. IceLine/stage (or terrain) + any elec element chip - double 
3. LavaLine/stage (or terrain) + any fire element chip - double 

   There are way more things to upgrade in rmexe2 than in 1. you have 
and sub memory chips to add to your buster ups and hp memories.

Buster UP (12 in total) -raises buster attribute by 1
Bomb area-4
Optionlocked mystery data in internet area-3
Lab coat in Dad's office
Castle area-4
Mansion area-3
Shop in internet area-3
Shop in Koto square
Shop in Netopia square
Shop in UnderSquare
Complete job #14
Hidden npc #5
?? (couldn't understand the guide's description, i have all 12 now 

HP memory (45 in total) -raises HP by 20
Ventilation system
Yai's PC
Monk statue
Bomb area-2
Complete job #2
Complete job #5
Exchange #3
Mother computer-1
Hotel refrigirator
Netopia area-3
Graveyard area-1
Airplane business class galley
Airline network area-4
Airline network area-2
Complete job #12
Ura internet-1
Ura internet-2
Complete quiz #2
Mansion area-2
Mansion 9th floor, leftmost door (in the real world)
Mayl's piano network
Internet area-1 shop x3
Official square shop x3
Internet area-3 upper level shop x3
Koto square shop x3
Netopia square shop x3
Undernet internet-1 shop x3
UnderSquare shop x3
First win against Gateman's operator
First win against Heatman's operator
...one more seems to be missing, but i managed to get all 45

Sub memory (5 in total) -raises the max amount of sub chip items you 
can carry
Castle area-3
Ura internet-3 behind a P-block
Optionlocked mystery data in WWW area-3
Hidden npc #2
??? (unconfirmed. the max capacity of 9 was determined by hacking)

Regular memory (49 in total) -raises memory by 1 (read -menu- section 
for more info)
Regular system (starts you with 4mb)
Ventilation system
Yai's phone
Coffee server
Pass B license exam
Complete job #1
Mecha toy
Complete job #3
Yumland area-1
Mother computer-2
Airline network area-1
Pass S license exam
Pass SS license exam
Pass SSS license exam
Gospel server-1
Hidden npc #3
Bomb area-3 x2
Pass A license exam x2
Mother computer-5 x2
Netopia alley x2
Netopia airport duty free shop computer x2
Airline network area-4 x2
Undernet internet-1 x2
Undernet internet-6 x2
Complete job #12 x2
Mansion area-1 x2
Wilderness trail-2 x2
Koto town vending machine x3
Complete quiz #3 x3
(still incomplete)

Bargain pieces (32 in total) -to trade for items in Koto homepage 
bargain shop
Doghouse x5
Ventilation system
Internet area-1
Internet area-2
Control panel (?)
Yumland area-1
Yumland area-2
Presentation board
Mother computer-3
Den Airport flight information panel
Raul's stereo
Mrs. Millionaire's bag
Hotel refrigerator
Netopia area-1
Netopia area-2
Castle area-4
Airplane's economy class TV
Statue at Yai's house
Undernet internet-2
Undernet internet-3
Undernet internet-4
Undernet internet-5
Undernet internet-7
Koto mansion ATM
Mansion area-3
WWW area-1
WWW area-3
...hrm, i think i remember one of the above giving 2 of them, can't 
remember which

   This is what replaced the armors of the first game. You'll get 
access to styles once you get change.bat. you can only carry 2 styles 
at a time.  Please note that the element you get is entirely random.

i've done it in this format:
style type
-how to get it

-fire elemental, weak against water. charge attack is a flamethrower 
with a range of 1-3 forward. can walk over magma panels without getting 

-water elemental, weak against electricity. charge attack acts like 
bubbleshot chip

-electric elemental, weak against wood attacks. charge attack acts like
Zapring chip

-wood elemental, weak against fire. Charge attack acts like tornado 
chip. Grass panels will slowly heal you

armor type:
-power type, buster power rating is doubled, rapid rating is reduced to 
-use mostly buster attacks to defeat enemies

-chip type, start with 7 chips before battle
-use mostly battle chips to defeat enemies

-navi type, capable of putting up to 8 navi chips in a folder (even 8 
of the same)
-use mostly navi chips to defeat enemies (preset v1 or v2 navi chips, 
or you're more likely to get custom armor)

-defensive type, pressing <- + B will produce a shield (sort of like 
Protoman), start with a barrier 
-use mostly defensive, heal and support chips (ie. poison mask, curse 
shield, etc.)

final style:
Hub style
-all of the armor types combined! non-elemental. start with a barrier 
and 10 chips. can put up to 8 navis in a folder (even 8 of the same 
kind). buster power is doubled, rapid is reduced to 1. can produce a 
shield. *but* your hp is halved. -defeat all net navi v3's with 'S' 
busting level (Bass not required). Track your progress by talking to 
mayl's best friend who's wandering around just outside the
school's gate. once you have achieved the requirements, battle normally 
as you would in getting any other style. the next time dad contacts 
you, you will be asked if you want to accept the site style (and be 
asked to remove another if you have 2 already)

-Navi locations-
   Here's where I put where you find net navis you can fight. for ghost 
navis, you have to first jack-out then jack back in order to find the 
V2 at where it's supposed to be. You have to do the same if you want to 
find the V3 randomly. For netbattler navis wait for the next scenario 
to challenge their upgraded navi.

ghost navis (defeated gospel/www navis)
Airman V2 - internet area-1, at a dead end near the eastern edge of the 
Quickman V2 - Koto area, platform near the Security-block (I think)
Cutman V2 - Yumland area-2, platform underneath the warp toward Yumland 
Square entrance
Shadowman V2 - Undernet internet-5 north. Westernmost corner of the 
large platform (fancy colors and where Numberman first appears)
Knightman V2 - Large platform on the upper-west of Netopia area-1, walk 
around a bit
Magnetman V2 - Dead end behind the stairs near the warp that goes to 
UnderSquare entrance in Undernet area-2
Freezeman V2 - Dead end at the western edge of Undernet internet-7, 
near the mystery data
Pharaohman V2 - Dead end at the western edge of WWW area-1, north of 
the mystery data
Napalmman V2 - 2nd to the last path in WWW area-2, just before the long
Planetman V2 - Dead end at the end of the southernmost stair in WWW 
Bass SP - randomly in WWW area-3, must have collected 247/250 already 
(all chips excluding LifeAura3, Bass V2, Bass V3)

netbattler navis (navis with operators you can challenge over and over)
Gutsman - Dex, at his home, camp or Kotobuki town (wherever he's 
currently at)
Toadman - Ribbita, at Marine harbor, camp or Netopia airport arrivals 
area (WSCA)
Gateman - Mr. Famous, guy with the mask, official center lobby, by the 
coffee machine
Thunderman - Raul, by the basketball court in Netopia Downtown's alley
Snakeman - Mrs. Millionaire, at the Netopia jewelry store VIP room
Protoman - Chaud, Netopia castle basement, dam or outside Netopia 
castle (WHCA)
Heatman - Hinoken, at Den Airport depatures gate, starting scenario 9


Sub Chip Items:

Mini Energy - heals 50 HP
Full Energy - Refills all HP
SneakRun - Avoid lower level viruses, based on your current level
Unlocker - Use to open purple mystery data
Untrap - will prevent monster-in-a-box situations. will also disable 
randomness of  mystery data. Lasts for your whole plug-in session
Enemy locator - Use after an enemy encounter and that enemy (or set of 
enemies) will appear repeatedly for about the next 10 encounters. Great 
to get rare chips like DropDown, and good for getting more chips from 
ghost navis.

Key Items:

(too many to enumerate, maybe next update, not essential to know 

-Terrain and Obstacles-
     New to the game (mostly). Can significantly restrict movement, 
homing or
   wide range attacks even more important in order to get S busting 

Terrain name  Description
BlankPanel    The standard panel, no advantages, no disadvantages
CrackedPanel  A cracked panel. If you step over it and move away, it 
becomes a
              Panel. Throwing/using a panel cracker chip over it will 
break it.
BrokenPanel   Panel with an induced hole. Will repair itself after 10 
secs (or
PresetHole    Panel with a fixed hole. Its status cannot be changed
MagnetPanel   Magnetic panel. You will be involuntarily pulled toward 
it if you
              on any panel (save another MagnetPanel) above or below 
it. You
              momentarily escape its pull before being pulled back if 
attempt to
              go one square up or down (except if that square was 
              Panel). It will similarly affect non-flying enemies.
MagmaPanel    Ember panel. Stepping over it will harm you (or an enemy) 
              ning into a BlankPanel, unless you have HeatArmor on (and 
in the
              of the enemy, it's fire elemental).
IcePanel      Frozen panel. You will intertially skid along the same 
              took to come upon it to the farthest IcePanel possible.
GrassPanel    Grass panel. Fire attacks will change it into 
              over it with WoodArmor (in the case of the enemy, if they 
              elemental) will heal you (or them) gradually
PoisonPanel   Poisonous panel. Stepping over it will drain your HP. 
Same for
HolyPanel     Defensive panel. Halves damage recieved while you're on 

All of the above except PresetHole can have its status changed. Panel 
status changers include attack chips/combos that can crack or break 
panels, chips 115-117, 131-133, 136, 169-176 and 266.

     Present in the first game but it plays a more prominent role this 
time around. Obstacles can be destroyed, just some more difficult than 
others. Both you and the enemy can contribute to the destruction of an 
obstacle. I don't know the exact HP of the obstacles, but I'm rating 
them as easy (10-50HP), not so hard (50-100HP), hard
(100-200HP), very hard (200+HP). For many of the obstacles, please  
refer to the chip list, as many are generated. Just look for thier 
effects there.

Obstacle        Description                                       
NaturalRock     Rock preset on a stage                            very 
IceCube         Ice block preset on stage or generated by the     hard
                Aqua Dream Viruses
CherryBomb      Combustible bomb. Will explode and damage an      hard
                entire area if ignited by a fire attack
MeteoStaff      Staff generated by the Meteo series of chips      easy
TimeBomb        Bomb generated by the CountBomb viruses or chips  easy-
not too
GigaTimeBomb    Bomb generated by the GigaCountBomb P.A.          very 
SensorBomb      Bomb generated by the SensorBomb series of chips  not 
too hard
PararaVirus     Virus generated by RemokoGoroo series of chips    easy-
not too
HealingCandle   Candle generated by RimorooSoku series of chips   easy-
not too
StoneBlock      Generated by the StoneCube chip                   hard
IcePrism        Generated by the Prism chip. Will fade in about   very 
                10 seconds from the time of generation
MonkStatue      Statue generated by the Ojizou-san chip.          easy
WindboxVirus    Virus generated by the Turbo chip                 easy
VaccumFanVirus  Virus generated by the SuiKomi chip               not 
too hard
AnubisStatue    Statue generated by the PoisonAnubis chip         hard
PharaohStatue   Statue generated by the PoisonPharoah P.A.        very 

-Folders and Strategies-
   The ability to use multiple folders is one of the best additions to 
the game. I thought it was hell everytime I had to switch practically 
my entire deck just to change a strat to make something work against a 
navi. Anyway, you get a total of 3 folders in the game, I think it's a 
perfect number. One for general virus killing, one specialized for navi 
killing, and one for experimenting.

   Anyway, so here are my decks/folders, feel free to submit yours too, 
but right now I'm only accepting ones that are reasonable to form, not 
ones that were hacked (ie. regUndernetr chips that you can obtain from 
enemies rather than from chip traders)

Folder1: General virus busting - chips with wide range and have to 
ability to make multiple kills with minimal movement
Early game-
DashAttack * x5 (S busting from GreenBird)
DoubleNeedle A x5 (S busting from RedClam)
Longsword A x5 (S busting from PurpleKnight)
Attack+10 * x5 (starting gear, shop, red chip trader)
Sword A x2 (GMD, I forget which area)
WideSword A x2 (GMD, same place as Sword A)
QuickGuage * x1 -preset- (shop/red chip trader)
AirmanV3 A x5 (S busting from AirmanV3)

Late game-
FlameBlade * x5 (GMD, WWW area-1)
AquaBlade * x5 (")
ElecBlade * x5 (")
Attack+20 * x5 (shop, folder2/3 start gear)
AreaSteal * x2 (folder3 start gear, I forget where the other one is)
QuickGuage * x2 (shop)
Attack+30 * x1 -preset- (bargain shop)
AirmanV3 A x5 (S busting from Airman) ->can be modded to navi of 
choice, like

Folder2: Navi killer - chips that form powerful combos, but are fairly 
                       themselves as well, plus speed and restrain 

FlameBlade R/* x5 (shop/GMD, WWW area-1)
AquaBlade R/* x5 (shop/")
ElecBlade R/* x5 (shop/")
RollV? R x5 (Mayl, chip trader)
QuickGuage * x1 -preset- (shop)
+9 others ->modded to best take advantage of a navi's weakness

Folder3: Experiment folder - can contain anything you want. i use this 
one to
                             bombs for the instances i need greatest 
bomb p.a.

   Apparently, some of the chips have motions that will make them 
change their form.
While using the chip, hold 'A' and quickly do the motions as you would 
a typical fighting game like Street Fighter. Damage is still the same 
as the chip's original
displayed damage (legend: b=back, d=down, f=forward, u=up, B=B button)

Variablesword      d-df-f (longsword)
                   u-f-d (widesword)
                   b-d-f (fightersword)
                   d-b-u-f-d (dreamsword)
                   b-B-f-B (slash wave x3)
Bronzefist         d-df-f (flying guts punch x1)
Silverfist         f-u-b-d-f (flying guts punch x2)
Goldfist           B-d-df-f-B (flying guts punch x3)

-Star progression-
   You get stars next to continue once you achieve certain things in 
the game.
There are 5 stars of different colors, yellow, green, red, purple, 
blue. The objectives don't *have* to be achieved in this order, but it 
usually is:

1. Yellow - Beat Gospel for the first time and see the ending
2. Green - Beat Forte at the end of the WWW area missions
3. Blue - Complete all 31 program advance
4. Red - Complete chip library from 1-250
5. Purple - Complete chip library from 251-260

   Save after you achieve each objective (except#1) to see it appear 
next to continue

   Happy busting!

   Basically this is where I put those things that are rumored or hard 

MAX power!
 Trade a style that will enable at least one of the traders to have 2 
of the
style, and you will get infinite power (1 shot/charged shot win?) 

 to illustrate:
 player A - heatguts, elecshield
 player B - heatguts
  player A trades elecshield with player B's heatguts, player A's 
  infinite power

8 of a kind!
 To equip more than 5 navi chips of the same kind, first equip a non-
navi/hub style, then equip the 5 navi chips of your choice. now equip a 
navi/site style, add up to 3 more navi chips. voila! 8 of a kind. now 
all you have to do is get 8 navi chips of
the same kind >:)

Increase your odds!
 In the Marine Harbor chip trader(s), quickly press and hold A and B 
after confirming the trade. It will increase your chances of getting a 
good chip <unconfirmed>

Chip duplication!
 When you enter the final room of the mansion to defeat Gospel, all the 
chips your chips are carried over to the next game, regardless of if 
you saved or not. So a loophole here allows you to duplicate chips, 
especially useful for the rare ones.
Basically just skip over the chip you want to duplicate, save, get the 
chip, battle Gospel, load up your game and you should be able to get it 
again.  I haven't confirmed any of these, but possible duplicable (is 
that a word?) sources are blue mystery data, purple mystery data, quiz, 
exchange, job. It's NOT possible to duplicate fixed number items such 
as buster up, regular up, hp memory, sub memory and bargain chips, 
though :P <unconfirmed>

If at first you don't succeed, try and try again!
 Okay, I know, this is lame, it's probably not considered a secret, but 
it's worth mentioning anyway. If you don't get an item you like from 
green mystery data or the chip trader, just reset and try again. Of 
course, you should've saved before that.

Secret chips!
 Ever wondered how to get chip 251+? Well it's not easy but here it is.

-chips 251-260
physical requirements: 2 GBA's, 2 MMBN2 game carts, GBA link cable
game requirements: both carts have to have at least 3 stars
Battle your friend and beat him at S busting level (unknown if it 
requires  deathmatch mode) and you will get the chips randomly (it's 
harder than you think  unless your friend is letting you win, and he 
probably has all powerups at this  point too. And knowing Capcom, they 
probably have an algorithim to prevent you from  abusing it)->whizkid 
says, it takes an average of 17.5 battles to get one of these. 
Personally, I think only chips 255 and 260 are worth getting anyway.

-chip 261: Gateman SP
physical requirements: GBA, RMEXE2 cart, be in Japan for the RMEXE2 
tournament >:)
 Yep, that's right, it's the same as the Forte chip in rmexe1, you can 
only get it from Capcom (or using a code on one of the game enhancers)

-chips 262-265
physical requirements: GBA, RMEXE2 cart, be in Japan for the RMEXE2 
Like GatemanSP, the Gospel chips can only be gotten from Capcom (or 
cheating devices).

-chip 266 Sanctuary
physical requirements: GBA, MMBN2 cart
game requirements: you have to have 5 stars and has beaten Hard Mode
you get  the Sanctuary chip after you have beaten Gospel for the first 
time in Hard Mode, you can only get it ONCE.

Hard Mode!
To get Hard Mode, after getting all five stars, press 
left,left,right,left,right,left,right,right when pointing to "New 
Game", the letters should turn orange, now save when you see that 
"netbattle" is disabled. Restart the game, and Hard Mode will appear 
under "New Game" and "Continue".

Q: Help, how do I <state problem>?
A: Read the walkthrough *carefully* before mailing me with anything. 
Besides. Chances are, if I failed to mention an essential step in the 
walkthrough, I won't remember it when you ask me either :\

Q: How do you get the blue vaccine?
A: I've illustrated it in the walkthrough, but fyi, you don't actually 
get to use it to manually break the blue ice crystals.

Q: How do I defeat the protect viruses?
A: You have to kill them all at the same time with one blow. The best 
method is to kill them with the greatest bomb combo. Save right before 
you face them and continually try to face them. If you don't get the 3 
elements for the combo in your starting set, reset and retry.  Heh, 
this is pretty cheesy, but if you use BubbleWrap you will pretty much 
be invincible, as the  barrier reforms before the next explosion.  
Gives you plenty of time to get the chips you need.

Q: How do I defeat the giga protect viruses?
A: So... you've reached the end of WWW area-3. Well, there's only 1 way 
that worked for me. That's to have the elements for dreamsword3 plus 
attack+20 and attack+30

Q: Argh! I'm stuck at Lv99! Where's the last HP memory?
A: Have you checked the door on the Kotobuki Mansion's 9th floor yet? 
That's where my last one was. Or Mayl's piano? Those 2 are normally the 
last ones to be found.

Q: How do I add 8 navi chips of the same kind in one folder?
A: First, you have to have a Plus Armor or Hub Style. Equip normal 
style, setup your folder, then change to plus/hub style, replace 3 
chips with the navi chips :)

Q: Help! How to I pass the 3x3 panels (first security set) in the last 
mother server?
A: Here's a rough illustration:

*hg *noX
*i* *ml
*j* **k

*c* **f
*ba **e
*** **d

-where X marks the exit
just follow the letters

Q: Where are the gatekeys?
GateKeyA: Get it from the woman standing in front of the blue tent in 
the campsite, after the plane incident
GateKeyB: Get it from defeating the rogue navi (job#8)
GateKeyC: Get it from the quiz master scientist in the secret lab in 
Netopia castle
GateKeyD:Get it from the rogue navi(part of the story line you WON'T 
miss this one)

Q: Help, I'm stuck in Scenario 9! I freed the navi but no one appeared 
in Undernet 3!
A: Yep, another one of those commonly asked questions. First, Navi and 
Prgrams are different. Navis are look like man, and they have legs. 
Programs look like some weird robot, they float, and they have no legs.
You have free the Navi in the southern part of Netopia area 2, not the 
one in the eastern part!

Q: Where is warp central?
A: Warp central is the place in Internet Area 1 with 4 warps.

I'm sure there's more to come but that's it for now.

-Future plans-

Add navi stats, solve scenario 8 after plane missing detail in 

Metabee  for being the most helpful an knowledgeable person on the 
Hiitoman  for offering me his saves, and saving mine from death so I 
could make this faq <http://www.atn-universe.com/HeatMan/>
Mimicmasterax  for giving me his save so i could see chip# 251+ in 
action and for correcting some of my walkthrough mistakes
NeoZeroX  for posting the results of his chip library hacking
Toastyfrog  for offering me some of the names of the Navi OPs
WhizKid  for lots of confirmations and corrections (and the only one I 
know who has 2 copies of the import ^^;) and for updating the FAQ
Blake  for confirmations and corrections for early parts of the game
Sratanadel  on how to get chip 251-260 without hacking
AznJon623  for the spider on the plane puzzle's solution
OyajiCool135  for a correction on the mother computer puzzle
Megaboy  for getting me through rmexe1
Gameland <http://popup2.tok2.com/home/gameland/exe2/exe2_kihon.html>
and Executive 2.0 <http://www.cnet-ga.ne.jp/ddsnet/exe/exe.html>
for thier lovely guides
The other posters on the rmexe2 board  for thier queries, without which 
I would never have made it through some of the early parts of the game, 
or would've known the mistakes in my walkthrough Capcom  for making a 
bigger and better sequel... and for avoiding a Wily cliche 
-Version history-

version 1.75 - I, GCMaster have started to translate the FAQ into 
English.  Walkthrough is completely translated except for the mother 
computer passwords.  Chip descriptions have been done up to chip No50.  
Changed the format for the -exchanges- section.  Changed format of 
Program Advance section.  Went through most the FAQ and fixed the weird 
spacing.  Fixed minor grammar mistakes throughout FAQ.  Should be 
completely translated within a few days.

version 1.7 - Jeez, I forgot to save, and what do you know, two hours 
of hard work lost... You have no idea how I felt. >_> Anyway, 
reformatted everything except for PA which will be back to normal in 
the next update.

version 1.61 - Hotmail destroyed the format of this FAQ, and I had to 
do complete reformat of the FAQ. Changed some major errors.

version 1.6 - I, WhizKid will be taking over of the walkthrough as 
charp as to pursue his studies. Added some more info, corrected 

version 1.5 - minor revisions to walkthrough, added future plans 

version 1.4 - slight modifications in the chip section

version 1.3 - made a walkthrough correction and how to get chip 251-260

version 1.2 - a few more corrections, added secrets section.

version 1.1 - made a lot of corrections from contributions from whizkid 

version 1.0 - a complete proofread of the guide. corrected whatever 
mistakes I've found. It's by no means 100% complete, but this is the 
most I can do on my own. I don't forsee updates unless someone submits 
some significant thing I have to add/change. It definitely will get 
updated again when the English version is out, when guide accuracy is 
more crucial. oh, and added the -folders and stats- section

version 0.9 - changed a *grevious* error about the strength of the 
prism as an obstacle, and about the strength of the prism + forestbomb 
version 0.8 - just added a couple of faqs, minor corrections and 
finished 251+ chip data. added -terrain and obstacles- section

version 0.7 - finished chip data, made some more corrections. added 
star progression reformatted program advance section, added damages and 

version 0.6 - added hidden npc section, patrial chip data. modified 
character section

version 0.5 - corrections and confirmations galore. heatman raised my 
save from the dead. only the chip list is left.

version 0.1 - Barebones FAQ, should cover the essentials though. Mostly 
done from memory because I lost my save just right before I finished 
the game 
-Legal disclaimers-
*This document is copyright of Charles Cheung aka "charp". No part or 
whole of this document may be reproduced or edited without my 
permission. Not for sale or any sort profitable distribution. This FAQ 
was written to aid gamers, not to infringe on copyright owners of the 
original game, its stories or characters. If it does and I was asked to 
take it down, I will comply without further notice.*

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