How do i get to the warp panel in undernet5?

  1. I whant to battle shadowman and get the blue data.

    User Info: gamer62-2

    gamer62-2 - 6 years ago

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  1. Hey this one is pretty easy to figure out if you have the maps^^ to get them go to the faqs section and hit Ctrl + F then type "Internet Maps (ZIP)" for the internet related maps and you could type in "Network Maps (ZIP)" for the network related maps :P but if you too lazy and want a semi difficult explanation then here goes :P (jk)
    from Undernet 5 go to Undernet 6 then go down the stairs, pass the next three stair cases to your right, and go down and follow the path take your first right. Finally take your next left and go through the portal and youll see a moving platform DONT take it. instead go left and youll find yourself in Undernet 5^^ follow the path to teleport to the BIG colored area in the center where you can find ShadowmanV2 and V3. as well as an Unlock and a Bugfrag^^ well there you go have fun^^

    User Info: goten75031

    goten75031 - 6 years ago 1 0

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