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FAQ/Walkthrough by SilverShadowX

Version: 0.8 | Updated: 07/27/04

    SSSS          U           U P        PP E         R       R 
    SS		  U           U P         P E         R        R 
      SS	  U           U P         P E         R        R 
        SS        U           U P         P E         R       R
          SS      U           U PPPPPPPPPP  EEEEEEEEE RRRRRRRRR      
            SS	  U           U P           E         R       RR
             SS   U           U P           E         R        RR
               SS U           U P           E         R         RR
             SSSS  U         U  P           E         R          RR

     --------------      >        >  ++++++++   \      \\ *        #######  
     \                   <        < ++      ++  \\     \\ *        #
      \                  >        > +        +  \\     \\ *        #######
       \      ------\    <--------< +        +  \\     \\ *              #
        \            \   <        < ++      ++  \\     \\ **             #
         \____________\  >        >  ++++++++    \\\\\\\\ ******** #######

                                    NN      NNN 
                                    NNNN    NNN  
                                    NNN N   NNN
                                    NNN  N  NNN
                                    NNN   N NNN
                                    NNN    NNNN

       %%%%%%%%%%%%%% (         (  ^^^^^^^    ~~~~~~~~ <----------> __________
       %%             )         ) ^^     ^^   ~~             >     (
       %%             (         ( ^       ^   ~             <      (  
       %%    %%%%%%   )~~~~~~~~~) ^       ^    ~~~~~~~       >     (_________ 
       %%          %  (         ( ^       ^         ~~      <                )
       %%           % )         ) ^^     ^^          ~       >               )
        %%%%%%%%%%%%% (         (  ^^^^^^^    ~~~~~~~~      <      __________)

GBA version. 
Author: SilverShadowX

Versions: .8-sections 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 added.

1. Arrange mode
2. Controls and Basic Manuevers
3. Weapons/Equipment
4. The Story  
5. Chests
6. Low Level's/High level's/Classic's Bosses


Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts is copyrighted to Capcom.

This Guide is meant to be on GameFAQs.com ONLY. If you post this FAQ on any 
other site I will be mad, and contact you to take it off of your site.

What you may see in the future: Chest locations, new bosses, and level detail.

I have NOT copied off of anyone, so IF something comes up in this guide it is

My ASCII art shouldn't be taken unless you have my permission.

Contact: GameFAQs message boards, because my e-mail has problems.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Section 1: Arrange Mode^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Arrange Mode is an exclusive mode for the gameboy advance. This is how it works

Top Row:Hard: You can only access the top row if you completed the previous 
stage in gold armor. This row is made up of original levels, which have
rearranged enemies and chests.

Middle Row:Medium: This row is fun. You need Bronze or Gold armor to get here.
It consists of entirely new levels with new bosses. This is the main reason 
why I got this game. 

Bottom Row:Easy: This row contains the original levels on easy mode. Just like

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Section 2: Controls and Basic Manuevers^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Jumping & Double Jumping: By default it's the A button. To double jump, at any
point of the first jump press A again. There will be many times where mastery 
of the double jump saves your hide. Practice jumps for length, for height, for
short length, and for a combination of both height and length.

Throwing a Weapon: By default it is assigned to the B button. This is as 
important as jumping, you can't get through the game without it. You have to
learn about all the different types of weapons and  at which rate you should 
throw them. See Section 2 for more info on weapons.

Magic: This can only be used if Arthur is wearing the gold armor. Basically 
hold in the B button and the little circle things around your weapon window
will light up and grow bigger. Then the weapon icon changes to the symbol of
the magic. What magic is used depends on the weapon.

Opening a Chest: Easy. Just throw weapons at a chest until it opens. If you 
want what's inside then just walk over top of it. Anything from weapons to 
armor to traps and fairies can be hidden in these chests.

Armor: Armor allows you to use magic, upgrade weapons, and block an enemy hit.
If hit by an enemy the armor will shatter, leaving Arthur in his underwear. If
Arthur is hit without armor then he turns into bones and dies.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Section 3: Weapons/Equipment^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Arthur can equip himself with some whit magic weapons that he may find in a

(Name of weapon)(1-3 stars, 3 stars good, 1 star bad) and explanation.

Lance ** : This weapon is Arthur's standard weapon, he starts out the game with
it. Although it is slow, two can be thrown at a time and it has moderate attack

Dagger ***: This can be the best weapon of the game, depending on the situation
you are in. Three can be thrown at a time and although they have weak attack
power, they are really fast. Highly recomended for boss fights.

Torch *  : This weapon doesn't even deserve one star, it's that horrible! Even
though it has high attack power, it doesn't reach the other end of the screen
when thrown, and only two can be thrown at a time. When it hits the ground,
though, the area goes up in flames, damaging anything around it. DO NOT USE

Crossbow ***: This can be the best weapon of the game along with the dagger. 
In some cases the dagger may be better though, like when a level has low 
cielings, because the arrows travel in an upward direction.Despite low damage,
two arrows are thrown at one push of the button and four arrows can be on 
screen at the same time. Highly recomended for boss fights.

Axe *  : Horrible, but not as horrible as the torch. It has high attack power,
but it is really slow and only one can be on screen at a time. Leaves Arthur 
defenseless for periods of time. Not recomended for boss fights.  

Scythe ** : Not too good, but not that bad. Only one can be on screen at time, 
but it goes fairly fast and does high damage. When it touches the ground it
follows all the hills and bumps of the surface.

Shuriken ** : This weapon makes it impossible to kill some boss and ghouls, 
because of its short range. It does have high attack power and does go up above
Arthur to get enemies there.

+Armor Enhanced Weapons & Magic+
 (Now out of five stars to get a more accurate rating)

Weapon: Enhanced Weapon.
 Magic: Magic pertaining to the weapon above.

Flaming Lance ***  : A good upgrade, speed and damage are increased, but only 
one can be on screen at a time.

 Lightning **** : Awesome damage, but it can easily miss some targets since it 
 only goes down to Arthur and then splits horizontly.

Laser Dagger *****: A very good upgrade! The daggers get even more speed and
attack power is boosted. Still, you can only have three on screen at a time.
Kills boss health like crazy.

 Summon Dragon *****: Killer damage, the dragon moves pretty fast, and covers 
 the whole area in front of Arthur and the whole top of the screen. 

Fireball *     : This is the upgraded version of the torch, it is still bad,
but at least the flames go higher and it does more damage. Now only one can be

 Barrier Circle ***  : Three protective orbs circle Arthur and kill anything
 they touch with high attack power. The problem is that enemy projectiles can
 get through easily and you need to have the fireball to use it.

Magical Tracing Arrows **** : A very good upgrade, and it helps to take out the
red arremer aces. Attack power is enhanced and the arrows find the enemies
and attack them themselves. Although it is good, in some tight areas the arrows
will run into the cieling and floor easily, and the three arrows thrown have 
to leave the screen before you can throw more. Also, I think that they are 
attracted to lava(Correct me if I'm wrong). They can get you killed easily; 
sometimes the enemy one arrow is going after is killed and it goes for another
and just circles the enemy for a long time leaving you open. Highly recomended
for boss fights.
 Chest Finder **** : No damage is dealt, any hidden chests will appear on 
 screen when used. Can be used to get the temporary invincible effect, which 
 is useful in some areas.

Double Bladed Axe **   : Only one can be on screen at a time, but it is faster 
and covers more range because of the path it takes (goes up then down and then
to the right). In tight areas the axe may hit the cieling when traveling 
upward, rendering it useless.
 (Magic will be posted later)

Magic Scythe **** : Cool! Now it's bigger and does more damage and has a double
slash effect on enemies. Still only one can be thrown, and it still follows the
surface of the ground. Major upgrade. Usable for boss fights.
 Tornado *****: Very good. The two tornadoes wipe out all small enemies on 
 screen. It also does high damage to bosses.

Triblade Shuriken **** : It has more range and attack power. It still moves in
a boomerang fashion. Still, even though it has a high rating you shouldn't 
fight a boss with this because of its lack of range.
 Nuclear **   : Cool name, but bad magic. A small explosion damages enemies 
 around Arthur.
 *******  The Princess' Bracelet
**     ** (This deserves a section all its own)
**     **
*       * Yes, it's a weapon, in fact the game says it's the ultimate weapon.
 *     *  It can be a very good or bad weapon, depending on the situation. This
          is the only weapon that can defeat Sardius, so basically you have to
          defeat at least level 7-1 with it epuiped in order to reach level E
          (Sardius' throne room). It actually works very well on Sardius. Oh 
          yeah, as you get more armor upgrades, the magic increases and the 
          blasts become bigger and more powerful, and it gets more range. At 
          it's most powerful level (gold armor with moon shield) it can be the
          most damaging weapon in the game, but if Arthur is in his underwear,
          then the beam is strictly short range and weak.

Armor comes in three types, steel, bronze, and gold.

Steel: This is Arthur's basic armor, if he dies or ends the level in his 
under pants, then he will start with steel armor in the next level, or when
he starts over. This armor has no special effects.

Bronze: This armor allows Arthur to use armor enhanced weapons.

Gold: This armor allows Arthur to use armor enhanced weapons and whit magic. It
also comes with a sun shield. 

+Shields (only obtainable with gold armor)+

Sun Shield: Automatically epuiped when gold armor is obtained. It blocks one 
enemy atttack, this means that the attack would have to be a projectile and
hit the shield, not Arthur (rare situation).

Moon Shield: This is the blue shield. It increases magic charge up time and
can now block three enemy projectile attacks, same rules with blocking attacks
apply to the moon shield as the sun shield.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Section 4: The Story^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Yes, this game has a story line. Arthur was returning from his quest to find 
the weapons of white magic. As he enters the castle he is greeted by his girl,
Princess Guinevere (or Princess Prin Prin). After a moment of hugging and 
catching up, one of Sardius' fiends break through the window and snatch her up
and take deep into the ghoul world. Little does Arthur know that the bracelet 
that the princess was wearing was really a powerful weapon that could destroy
Sardius. When the Princess found out (I don't know how) she hid the bracelet so
Sarduis could not use its powers for evil. A very angry Arthur then sets out
to kill Sardius and save the princess.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Section 5: Chests^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Chests can contain armor, weapons, shields, traps, magicians, and/or bear 
traps. Under certain circumstances, they can also contain a fairy that gives
you the Princess' Bracelet. The chest pattern goes by which armor you have on.
The pattern resets when you die or start a new level. Also, all you need to do
to make the pattern continue is make the chest appear, you don't have to open
it and/or get what's inside. The  pattern is not changed with levels and is
same through out the game, no matter what difficulty. In order to make a chest
appear you mus put Arthur in a cerain possition in a certain place, or use the
chest finding magic. 

This is the basic pattern with change of armor starting with steel armor:
Chest NO.  What's in it   

1          Random Weapon
2          Bronze Armor (Obtain Bronze Armor to get gold armor in next chest)
3          Gold Armor (Obtain Gold Armor to get moon shield in next chest)
4          Moon Shield 
5          Random Weapon or Fairy
6          Trap
7          Wizard

If you lose your armor before the first chest:

1          Wizard
2          Random Weapon
3          Wizard
4          Steel Armor

This section will be updated.

^^^^^^^^^^^^Section 6: Low Level's/High Level's/Classic's Bosses ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

This section will explain the bosses in detail, and tell you how to beat them.
Note: All of the boss's attack names are names that I made up, so they may seem


Level 1

 Cockatrice: This is a bird-like monster that you will see in some of the later
 levels also, except it will be a head on a wall.

 Attacks: Cockatrice has three attacks: Neck Extend, Fire Ball, and Egg. 

 Stratedgy: This is an easy boss. You have to attack it's head with your weapon
 and try not to get cornered. Also, if Cockatrice lays an egg then a baby 
 Cockatrice will emerge from the egg. Kill it quick and return to attacking the
 main boss.

Level 2

 Kraken: The Kraken is a giant sea monster that you will have to fight while 
 the waves of the sea take you up and down.

 Attacks: The Kraken has one main attack: Minnie Kraken Drill

 Stratedgy: this boss can be hard, but if you can avoid the drills it shoots at
 you then you'll be fine. Aim for it's face and fire away. 

Level 3

 Giant Larva: This is a big grub like boss, I think it is kind of freeky...

 Attacks: Giant Larva has 2 attacks: Spin, and Blob Shooter.

 Stratedgy: Giant Larva is easy, the best weapon for him is the Cross Bow. If 
 you have the cross bow then fire away at the head like crazy. Any other weapon
 has the same stratedgy, except you may need to dodge some blob shots when he
 goes off screen.

Level 4
 Hydra: This boss is a 3-headed dragon that can split up into tiny dragons.
 Attacks: The Hydra has 2 attacks: Fire Ball and Split

 Stratedgy: Hydra is easy to defeat. Just fire away at the heads while dodging 
 the Fire Balls. Almost no weapon gives you a disadvantage. If Hydra gets the
 chance to split then just dodge the mini dragons and wait until Hydra reforms.

Level 5

 Ice Warlock: A frozen giant that can freeze Arthur.

 Attacks: Ice Warlock has 2 attacks: Freeze Beam, and Arm Throw

 Stratedgy: If you have the cross bow then you will want to stay down in the 
 bottom left corner while continuously firing at him. If you have any other 
 weapon then you will want to jump up and throw your weapons like crazy at the
 middle of this creature. If you get frozen from his Freeze Beam then just
 press every button like crazy.

Level 6

 Emperor: A giant resembling an ogre.

 Attacks: The Emperor has 2 attacks: Laser and Flame Sweep

 Stratedgy: If you have the cross bow then just let loose and attack it like 
 crazy. You may also have the Goddess's Bracelet, if you have this weapon then
 you will want to get up in his face attack like crazy then retreat and dodge
 fire, do this repeatedly.

Level 7

 Emperor: See above

 Grand Emperor: The big grand daddy of all Emperors.

 Attacks: The Grand Emperor has 2 attacks: Super Hyper Beam, and Super Flame 
 Stratedgy: This guy is tough, even with the cross bow. Just stay in the pit 
 and when he stops attacking for a little bit jump up and attack him, and if 
 you see him starting to charge, then get in that pit QUICK!

The Throne Room  <BIG SPOILER>

 Sarduis: the ultimate, end all-be all Demon King.

 Attacks: Sardius has 2 attacks: Laser burst and Platform Shot

 Stratedgy: Wait until the laser gets fired and jump on the platform in a safe
 spot. After you get onto the platform wait until it takes you right by 
 Sardius's face. Then jump off and unleash the wrath of the Princess's 


And this ends my FAQ for now. I will make updates later, and some of them will
consist of: the new levels and bosses, chest locations, and level details. I
might even put in some more ASC2 art.

Special thanx to:

My computer for not messing up my guide.

Capcom for the awesome games they make.

Nintendo for...being Nintendo

and Sony, for making the PS2 (Even though it has nothing to do with this guide,
 couldn't think of anything else...)

Copyright 2004 SilverShadowX(Brandon Copenhaver)

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.




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