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Reviewed: 07/12/03 | Updated: 07/12/03

Good as the PC version, but the funny stuff had to be deleted. :(

Backyard Baseball is a game where you can play with the MLB All Stars as kids. Many changes in this game: stuff deleted and stuff added.

As this is a sports game, this has no story, but I can say you make your team and try to win the World Series.

Gameplay: 8/10
So like I said, new stuff has been added. At the beginning of the season, you pick your team name (you can't make your own in this), an pick the players for your teams. Then you try to get to the playoffs, and hope to win the World Series.

Also, you can do a Home Run Derby. You can time yourself, hit a certain amount of home runs before the round is over.

If you know somebody that has this game and you or him/her has a GameBoy Advance Link Cable, hook up and play a game vs. each other!

Graphics: 7/10
The graphics now look a little worse, but overall good. At least they are easy to see, but still, the players and fields are exactly the same. Colorful, and now the team suits have their own colored uniforms for when they are home and away.

Sound: 3/10
Come on, they had to take the character voices and sound effects for a foul ball out! You can read what the broadcasters say, but they don't sound good when they talk. They don't broadcast, they just call the balls and strikes, out or safe now.

Music: 8/10
The music is fine here, with new music now. Nothing major here, but still the players still have their own ''theme song'' for when they are up to bat. The music for hitting a home run is now cool also.

Controls: 4/10
When I first got this game, the controls were a pain in the neck for me, but I can handle them well now a little better. You now have to hold a button and press one of the D-Pad buttons depending on where a runner is in order to steal, and now it is hard to control 2 runners at a time.

Replayability: 7/10
The only reason I see playing this game again is for picking a new team name, having different players on your team, and to try a harder skill level. I don't see why not if you want to start over, it's your choice.

Rent or Buy?
If you have never played a baseball game before, rent this, because you don't want to waste money on something you don't like, and if you do like this game after renting it, buy it! But if you have played a baseball game before, buy this!

Overall: 8/10

Rating: 8

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