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A (Mostly) Plagiarized Story, and Shoddy Gameplay = Tactics Advance 06/15/04 Aagon
Square Enix takes a plunge from the masterpiece known as Final Fantasy Tactics. 04/14/04 Adori
An All-around Regression, but Still a Good Game 09/13/03 Android 247
One part strategy, four parts role-playing 08/25/08 bluej33
This is why video games were ever put on earth! Absolutely Excellent! 01/07/04 bobber205
Fun for a while, but little else, it is not a contender. 06/11/04 Braben
A fun and charming game filled with plenty of customisation 11/10/03 chandlerbing
Fire Emblem, eat your heart out. 09/21/06 cheeseball341
FFTA: Live up to it's name? 11/17/03 ChocoboFromHell
I wish I played the original. 12/19/06 Darkknight326
Is this the real life, or is it just fantasy? 05/25/07 discoinferno84
Pure Tactical Fun... 03/05/07 EJRICH
Square-Enix: Go to Prison! 10/14/03 Evil Vyse
Excellently Done, Only a Few Flaws 06/29/06 FFFans
A Strategy Game for the Strategy Game Fan Only 09/10/03 FireDymlos
Lions and Tigers and Moogles, Oh My! 10/08/03 gamefreak99
Hey, it's not perfect. But it's portable, it's tactical, and it's fun. Oh, and it lasts a long time. 12/13/03 honestgamer
Yet another failure by SquareEnix. Nothing like the first Tactics. 09/10/03 jammno
Sorry, it's not just inferior to the original... it's horrible all on it's own. 06/21/04 Jeux Fire
Help control the pet population. Spay or neuter your moogles! 10/09/03 Joe the Destroyer
Why say "Tactics?" Why not just a number? 03/24/10 KeyBlade999
The Complete REVIEW of a complete game! 09/18/03 kn1gh7
A game so consistently bad that its ineptness feels intentional 01/14/05 La Vaca
The return of our Tactics... Did it make the cut? 09/19/03 Lasareth
When reality meets fantasy 03/23/05 Mageknight
It's good. Go buy it. Now. 07/29/04 magical cow
Nintendo and Square Enix reunite, with excellent results. 12/15/03 MagicalChimpanZ
A game that will make you feel geeky for finding excuses to take long car rides. 09/18/03 Maverick Hunter Zero
If you're looking for a true sequel, look elsewhere 12/12/05 Muchitsujo
2000 to get my moogle out of jail??? 02/25/03 Mysterious M
Not as bad as I remember it being. However... 06/09/15 nastynate3118
Square's first GBA game is a sure to be a hit among strategy RPG fans. What can be better than FFT in a portable format? 09/11/03 peon
Weaker than the original, but good in its own way 10/27/03 Radiuju
It just doesn't live up to the original. 09/10/03 red13n
Slow and boring at times, but still has good, solid gameplay 09/13/03 Sephiroth101
Average game with battle constrictions that fall flat 07/15/09 ShapeQuest
This game is a mockery to Final Fantasy Tactics 12/22/04 Shivan Reincarnated
Not as good as the original but, fun never-the-less 01/13/04 shneepshnop
Alienated kids, Odd judges, Lizard Men and crazy Cat Girls. Quite a Fantasy. 01/10/05 SpiralSage
The return of something great... 09/28/03 T ConX
Beaten from the gate 06/10/04 Tribulations
Tough to pick up at first, but well worth the effort. 05/02/03 Whelk
Surprisingly good 01/02/06 xanxus
"On that day, my town was no longer the town I once knew..." 05/22/03 xephyris
Something to Try Once, But Not Again 07/19/07 Yoh_of_Izumo
It's not Final Fantasy Tactics 2, but something different. 11/11/11 Zylo the wolf

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