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Thieves Guild Guide by jmirk

Version: 2.2 | Updated: 03/21/04

===== Thieves' Guild Guide to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance  =====
===== By: jmirk (jmkuehn _at_ cs _d_ adelaide _d_ edu _d_ au =====

* Table of Contents *

Section 1.	Introduction
	1.1	This Guide
	1.2	Notes about Monsters
	1.3	Notes about Characters
	1.4	Notes about Missions (and Ablities)
	1.5	Missions Alerts!
	1.6	Items of Extreme Rarity
	1.7	Comments That Don't Fit Anywhere Else (FAQ)
	1.8	Notes about Treasure Hunts
Section 2.	Mission Lists
	2.1	Location Index
	2.2	Spontaneous Clans & Territory Missions
	2.3	The Quests Of Ivalice
		2.3.0 My Early Game Strategy
		2.3.1 What Happened To My White Christmas?
		2.3.2 The Clan Wars
		2.3.3 Friend Or Foe?
		2.3.4 A Clue?
		2.3.5 Famfreet Of The Moogles (2 Laws)
		2.3.6 Just A Guy Trying To Earn A Living
		2.3.7 The Clues Begin To Add Up
		2.3.8 Ultima Of The Nu Mou
		2.3.9 Just Be Glad Treebeard Didn't Catch You
		2.3.10 You Didn't Think You'd Get Away With It Did You?
		2.3.11 Adrammelech Of The Bangaa
		2.3.12 Didn't You Parents Teach You Not To Play In The Jagds?
		2.3.13 You're Not The Only Clan Interested In Money You Know
		2.3.14 A Brief Reunion
		2.3.15 Exodus Of The Viera (3 Laws)
		2.3.16 Ask Him If His Name Is "Fett"
		2.3.17 You're Going To End Up In Carbonite You Know
		2.3.18 Mateus Of The Humans
		2.3.19 Isn't This Taking Sibling Rivalry Just A Little Too Far?
		2.3.20 Doesn't This Guy Ever Get Tired Of Wearing That Hat?
		2.3.21 Just Hit Each Other Then Go Get A Beer
		2.3.22 I Could Really Use Some Gopher Repellant Here Guybrush
		2.3.23 Now You Know What It's Like To Be Married
		2.3.24 How Many Times Do I Have To Kill These People?
		2.3.25 The Corrupt Judge Missions
	2.4	The Recurring Combat Missions
	2.5	The Recurring Dispatch Missions
	2.6	The Reserved Missions
Section 3.	Reference Lists
	3.1	Classification Scheme
	3.2	Equipment List
	3.3	Thievery Ability List
	3.4	Non-Thievery Ability List
Section 4.	Version History & Copyright

* Section 1. Introduction *

* Section 1.1 This Guide

This is not a strategy guide, this is a guide for helping you collect absolutely
everything that isn't nailed down as you progress through the game! You should
decide for yourself what level of "role-playing" vs "power-playing" you want to
take as you play this game, but this guide is here to help you make an _informed_
decision about that choice (in other words what you will miss out on ;). I do make
comments about gameplay below, but more from a quick'n'dirty perspective. If you want
to learn more about the other races (Viera, Bangaa and Nu Mou) or the heavy combat
classes (like Paladin or Illusionist), you should look elsewhere.

I am also assuming you have read at least one other stealing guide, and know that
after finishing the Thesis Hunt mission to ditch the other Human and Bangaa from
your tribe then just scam your way up to 30 Negotiation by doing all the "X Wanted"
mission, so that you can get the Cinquedea right away (took my ~2.5 hrs). Then you
should repeat the first "Wanted!" mission several times so that lots of your characters
have the Steal:Weapon ability.

Lastly, any ability or item marked with a single hash '#' is something that is actually
quite hard to acquire. Generally this is caused by the fact that a Beastmaster cannot
order a Bomb or Grenade to Blowup (and no, not even if the bomb is critical), and you
cannot use Steal:Ability on a Blue Mage. Also, don't forget that Alchemist may have
hidden items even if the Item group is not specifically set on them (since they get
it for free).

* Section 1.2 Notes about Monsters

Monsters are not a big deal - except they tend to have very good (and very balanced)
leveling stats on the whole (apart from speed), not to mention no equipment you can
steal to weaken them significantly! ;) If all you want to do is kill monsters, the
Human Hunter class is unmatched in its monster-killing potential. However, chances
are you are reading this because you also want to get a full set of high-level
monsters in your Monster Bank, and a class "gold star" for all your Blue Mages. If
you are even slightly as anal about me as "completing" games like this, you should
also make sure you read Section 1.5, so that you don't miss out on the Goblin and
Thundrake monsters and abilities.

Most abilities are pretty easy to get once your Nu Mou has picked up a few of the
Beastmaster abilities, although the more 'magical' a creature becomes, the harder it
is to control. A Beastmaster makes a control attempt as their normal action in their
turn. You cannot control a monster which is asleep or stopped. If they succeed in
their 'attack', you gain control of that monster until the Beastmaster's next turn
(which could be several or none of the monster turns). Generally, you cannot order
a monster to commit suicide, although you can order it (the monster) to take an
action which which cause a Yellow or Red Card. Note that while your Nu Mou is
currently in control of a monster, their reaction ability is deactivated.

One suggestion is to take two Beastmasters with you, and a Time Mage.
The idea is to Haste the *monster*, because that way you should get about two shots
at using it per Control, as there is nothing more annoying then controlling a
monster when the Nu Mou gets its next turn first! Don't be too over-zealous, it is
better to get one character a Blue Magic ability per encounter, then have everyone
KO'd because you are trying to do too much in a single mission (especially since all
but two monsters are infinitely recurring). The Juggler's Smile ability is also
useful for these kinds of situations.

The next question is usually building your monster bank. At first you will want to
capture monsters mostly to build up your Soul collection either for profit or to
get your Morpher star. The first two creatures you will need to focus on will be
the Goblin and the Thundrake. A good way to do that is to take one of your high
level characters, turn them a Paladin (with low evasion) and switch of their
reaction ability. Now you can Frog the monster in question and just let it hit
the target over and over again, building up EXP. Eventually, when it hits level 50
you can capture it at leisure. Now, you don't need to have high-level monsters
in the bank, as you can just keep feeding them anyway, I just think it looks
cooler to have a monster bank of level 50 monsters at your beck and call. ;)
This trick also works well with learning Lvl? S-Flare, by using Nurse (or Esuna)
to return the Vampire to form when it reaches the right level.

Lastly, Hunting is *hard*, no doubt about it. With a maximum success rate of 24%, it
takes a lot of patience to get a full larder of monsters. The good news is, that
unlike Control, you can safely hunt monsters whiched are either suffering from Sleep
or Stop (but this does *not* increase your success rating). Basically there are no
magic bullets for hunting, remembering that many monsters types simply cannot be
captured, 'boss' monsters cannot be captured and you can't capture the last monster
alive. You can use this guide to find out where to get certain monsters (and their
Blue Mage abilities), but to find the best way to make them buff for your Morpher
see 'TFergusson's "Mechanics Guide":

If you are desperate for money to level your Malboro's up to 999 each, then the
best way to raise cash is to surround an opponent with the Item secondary ability
and just keep stealing their Weapon (and Smile them when they are unarmed). The
later roaming clans obviously have better weapons so will provide better return on
investment. ;)

* Section 1.3 Notes about Characters

First thing's first: if you want to be a power gamer you *MUST* learn the difference
between your character's abilities and your character's level! While your
character's level will effect how well your abilities work, apart from that they are
completely seperate game features, and should be treated as such. This means you
should make a decision early about what balance of stats you want your characters to
have and *NEVER* let them level in a mission unless they have the right class! The
recurring missions are your best friend here, as they are what will give you the
flexibility to do this. If you are planning on taking the smart option of rampant
thievery, you will find there is plenty of time to gain all the abilities available,
so you need to keep an eye on your levelling more than your learning.

You may think saying *NEVER* is a little harsh, but you're wrong for one simple
reason: you will *NEVER* get your speed back! Of all the stats a character has,
speed is the hardest one to acquire, so you should take that into account when you
are planning a levelling strategy (and never level as anything with a speed growth
of 0). I would rather have a character which is only 80% as strong as yours, but
gets *TWO* turns for every one of yours! I'm not making this up, it really does
happen that your Illusionist with a billion MP gets KO'd (or Frogged) before it even
gets a single turn. Especially when you take into account a pair of Moogle killers
using the most broken ability in the game (Smile) to wipe out two or three
characters before you can effectively respond. Remember, you only get 50 LEVELS,
no more (not to mention you will lose some of those before you even get the character
in the first place)! So level through them wisely. ;)

In general, I try to have my main characters with as close to 200 SPD and 150 MP
as possible. By the time your clan average hits the 40 mark you will learn to
*FEAR* the Viera Assassin knocking out units before anyone else gets a turn.
Abilities like Demi and Matra Magic, not to mention the boolean TRUE/FALSE
abilities based purely on direction, make most other values not really that big
a deal, instead you want speed and flexability so that you can respond *DURING* a
battle to changes that occur (like an unexpected status ailment or KO). You can
find the stats gained by each class in 'TFergusson's "Mechanics Guide":

My final clan will look like (not counting Ezel, Babus and Cid):
  3/4 x Humans: Lvl as Ninja (+Blue Mage), end as Hunter w/Blue Magic
  3/4 x Moogles: Lvl as Thief (+Animist), end as almost anything w/Call
  4 x Viera: Lvl as Assassin, end as Assasin w/Aim or w/Summon
  2 x Nu Mou: Lvl as White/Time Mage (+Morpher), end as Sage w/Morph or Black Magic
  1 x Bangaa: Lvl as Gladiator, end as Templar w/ Monk Tech

Some other notes:
- Level for speed first, then for HP+MP, then speed, then HP+MP, etc...
- Always equip Concentrate or Turbo MP. Accuracy makes the game much quicker.
- Counter (or Reflex) is usually the best Reaction, but the AI is so stupid that
  I actually prefer Strikeback on my human characters.
- In the mid-game I like my characters to be arranged as Ninjas or Blue Mages,
  Thieves or Animists, and White Mage (with Control or Black Magic).
- I use the Humans & Viera almost exclusively, use the Moogles if the main
  abilities are forbidden, and bring a Nu Mou when I go into the Jagds or do
  the Magic Tourney. I never use the Bangaa (Pallanza) except on dispatches.
- I prefer White Mage over Time Mage for Nu Mou as I always use Turbo MP to
  improve their accuracy anyway, so having a few more MP is usually more
  important than a few more points in Magic Attack.

Because of these reasons, you should also decide which secret characters you
want to get as soon as possible. In particular I find that the Sage, Mog Knight,
Fencer and Red Mage character classes are bad for levelling. This means you will want
to try and get those characters as early as possible (not always easy), so that
you can level them up with the stats you want. Obviously this means you should
avoid gratuitiously levelling up your characters as much as possible also. Trust
me, there is plenty of time to get things done in this 200hr+ undertaking we
sometimes call a 'game'. ;)

Here is the equation for calculating the amount of EXP earned by an action:
	EXP = max(1, 10 + 2 x delta)
where delta = difference between level of caster and highest level target hit.
Note that cost of the spell, the range or area of a spell, or using doublecast
does *NOT* provide more EXP, they just make it easier to hit a high-level character
successfully. So, your highest level characters get the most EXP by healing
themselves, and your lower-level characters get more EXP by casting positive spells
on your highest level characters. The best I've seen so far is 90 EXP from a level
10 White Mage casting Cure on a level 50 character! Some examples:
	1. My level 10 Time Mage casts Haste on my level 25 Fighter:
	   EXP = 10 + 2 x (25 - 10) = 10 + 2 x 15 = 40 EXP
	2. My level 32 White Mage casts Esuna on my level 28 Juggler:
	   EXP = 10 + 2 x (28 - 32) = 10 + 2 x -4 = 2 EXP
	3. My level 40 Animist casts Frogsong on a level 30 Red Panther:
	   EXP = 10 + 2 x (30 - 40) = 10 + 2 x -10 = -10 -> 1 EXP
	4. My level 49 Blue Mage casts Angel Whisper on himself:
	   EXP = 10 + 2 x (49 - 49) = 10 + 2 x 0 = 10 EXP

Lastly, I strongly recommend the use of 'Marche-mellows'. What I mean by that is
right near the beginning of the game, after you've scammed the Cinquedea, you
should accept *ALL* requests from the public to join your clan. That way, as you
level up your main core group of characters, your clan average will stay low and
hence the level of enemies you will encounter on the world map will be low enough
that you can farm AP quickly. Then, right near the end of the game when you start
to recruit the unique characters (particularly the ones which have fixed jobs),
you can ditch the 'Marche-mellows' to rapidly increase your clan average. Of
course, by that point in the game most of your main characters should be level
50 anyway!

* Section 1.4 Notes about Missions (and Abilities)

The Blue Mage ability "Night" should be learnt ASAP, it is *AWESOME*! Most missions
are a snap when you put every character to sleep, then take your time ransacking
their bodies (just make sure all of your characters are wearing a Fortune Ring).
The Juggler ability Smile is also extremely useful, especially when trying to
teach your Blue Mage characters harmful spells. Notice that in many situations
though you would be better off using Haste, so while Smile is the Bee's Knees, it
isn't the solution to *every* problem. One good example of when it should be used
is in missions during which you have a limited time to steal from, like in the
later missions with Llednar, or when one of your 'allies' keeps killing everyone.

I do *STRONGLY* recommend that you Flee certain missions so that you can do
them over and over again to pick up multiple copies of rare items. In particular,
after over 200 hrs+ of playing time, I still only have the 3 Angel Rings I stole
by repeating the "Lutia Mop-Up" mission twice. So be warned! ;)

Remember, your Humans and Moogles need only worry about learning Combo, Support,
Reaction and Blue Mage abilities. Everything else you can steal! People might
think that takes 'the fun' out of the game, but this is a looonnnnggg game. If
it wasn't supposed to be based on rampant thievery, then why is there a guy
in the 4th mission waiting to give you Steal:Weapon? ;)

As for general advice, I would suggest the most useful abilities to have are:
Fighter Tech, Aim, Hunt, Blue Magic, Steal, Call, Stunt, Time Magic and Sagacity. These
are all relatively easy to acquire throughout the game, and are generally the most
versatile ability sets to have (so that you don't have to change everybody around
every single flippin time you go on another mission). Once you pass the halfway mark
the deadliest characters are easily the Assasin (w/Aim) and Hunter (w/Blue Magic) for
their prowess in tearing through a group of enemies with 'Night', Ultima damage,
'Matra Magic' and 'Faster'. If a battle takes more than one and a half turns I
get annoyed at myself. ;)

And don't forget to bring a White Mage or a Sage with you when you enter the Jagds!

* Section 1.5 Mission Alerts!

The following missions are important, and should *NOT* be attempted until
you understand *WHY* they are important and when you are ready to complete
	Dispatch: Caravan Guard (#168)
	Fixed (Tubola Caves): Missing Professor (#063)
	Fixed (Delia Dunes): A Dragon's Aid (#066)
	Fixed (Koringwood): Reconciliation (#---)
	Fixed (Lutia Pass): Mortal Snow (#---)
	Dispatch: Left Behind (#---)
	Fixed (Ambervale): With Babus (#---)
	Dispatch: A Maiden's Cry (#---)
	Fixed (Cadoan): Cleanup Time (#J01)

	Fixed (Lutia Pass): Snow In Lutia (#044)
	Fixed (Giza Plains): White Flowers (#055)
	Fixed (Eluut Sands): Village Hunt (#037)
	Fixed (Koringwood): Tower Ruins (#032)

	Fixed (Nargai Cave): Pale Company (#011)
	Roaming (Roda Volcano): Wyrm's Awaken (#102)
	Fixed (Delia Dunes): A Dragon's Aid (#066)
	Fixed (Baguba Port): Ruby Red (#031)
	Fixed (Deti Plains): To Ambervale (#022)

	Fixed (Cadoan): Free Bervenia! (#087)

	If you don't have room for the 'secret' NPC characters when you complete
	their primary recruitment mission, their secondary (recurring) recruitment
	mission should still show up at the pub after a while.
	If you make the 'semi-secret' characters Lini, Cheney or LittleVilli leave
	your clan you can still recruit them again. Similarly, if Eldena or
	Pallanza leave the clan *before* you use up their mission item you
	will be able to re-recruit them. Obviously, Quinn cannot be re-recruited
	if you make him leave your clan. Of course, don't forget it can take
	many attempts to actually get them to come forward though!

NOTE:	When you make a secret or semi-secret character leave your clan and attempt
	to re-recruit them, they *will* lose all the abilities they learned while with
	your clan (excluding the ones they automatically knew).

Eldena (Elda's Cup)
	The mission "Hungry Ghost" (#123 in Section 2.3.6) will provide you with
	the mission item "Elda's Cup". DO NOT COMPLETE MISSION #168 "Caravan Guard",
	until you have successfully recruited the secret character
	"Eldena" (Red Mage), by using the item on other, unrelated missions.
	Eldena has already mastered "Barrier" and "Doublecast".

Quinn (Missing Professor)
	The mission "Missing Professor" (#063 in Section 2.3.20) may randomly allow
	you to recruit the secret character Quinn (Sage). YOU SHOULD SAVE YOUR GAME
	BEFORE ATTEMPTING THIS MISSION, and reset if they do not offer to join your
	Quinn has already mastered "Giga Flare" and "Ultima Blow".

Pallanza (Wyrmstone)
	The mission "Ruby Red" (#031 in Section 2.3.17) will provide you with the
	mission item "Wyrmstone". DO NOT COMPLETE MISSION #066 "A Dragon's Aid",
	until you have successfully recruited the secret character "Pallanza"
	(Gladiator), by using the item on other, unrelated missions.
	Pallanza has already mastered "Blitz" and "Ultima Sword".

Cheney (Snake Shield)
	The mission "Hundred-Eye" (#165 in Section 2.3.15) will provide you with the
	mission item "Snake Shield". You can then use this item on other, unrelated
	missions to attempt to recruit the secret character "Cheney" (Hunter).
	Cheney has already mastered "Capture" and "Ultima Shot".

Lini (The Hero Gaol)
	The mission "Oasis Frogs" (#062 in Section 2.3.5) will provide you with
	the mission item "The Hero Gaol". You can then use this item on other,
	unrelated missions to attempt to recruit the secret character
	"Lini" (Mog Knight).
	Lini has already mastered "Mog Guard" and "Ultima Charge".
	You should also hit [Select] on this mission item to read its description
	(in your Clan section), as this will then allow you to access some more
	missions concerning the	story of the Hero Gaol.

Littlevilli (Clan League)
	The mission "Clan League" (#043E in Section 2.3.22) may randomly allow
	you to recruit the secret character Littlevilli (Sniper). Since this
	mission is infinitely recurring, it is up to you whether or not you wish
	to save & reload when you first attempt this mission.
	Littlevilli has already mastered "Doubleshot" and "Doom Archer".

Ezel (Reconciliation, Bored)
	At the end of the mission "Reconciliation" (in Section 2.3.23) near the
	end of the storyline, Ezel (Hermetic) will offer to join your party.
	Since Ezel cannot learn any new abilities or change job, you need not bother
	with this mission until your clan's average level is relatively high, so you don't need to
	waste too much time levelling him up. If you do get him too early, you can
	take off all of his gear and tell him to leave. A short time later a mission
	will be available at the pub called "Bored", which will recruit Ezel just
	above your current clan average level (and a new copy of his stuff!).
	Ezel has already mastered "Azoth", "Astra", "Block Arrows" and "Weapon Atk+".
	Ezel is already equipped with Druid Mace, Gaia Gear, Black Hat.

Babus (Left Behind, With Babus, Doned Here)
	Shortly after the final story-line mission a mission called "Left Behind"
	will become available at the pub. You can then attempt a mission called
	"With Babus", which is also about the storyline in a way. Once you have
	finished that mission Babus (Runeseeker) will offer to join your clan.
	Since Babus cannot learn any new abilities or change job, you need not bother
	with this mission until your clan's average level is relatively high, so you don't need to
	waste too much time levelling him up. If you do get him too early, you can
	take off all of his gear and tell him to leave. A short time later a mission
	will be available at the pub called "Doned Here", which will recruit Babus
	just above your current clan average level (and a new copy of his stuff!).
	Babus has already mastered "Explode", "Stillness", "Quarter", "Demi"
	and "Counter".
	Babus is already equipped with Lotus Mace, Aegis Shield, Mirage Vest.
	WARNING: Apparently some people have found that if you move around on the
	world map before signing up for "With Babus" the mission will disappear
	and never come back. This *DOES NOT* happen on my version, but I pass
	this warning on so that you can be ready for it.
	WARNING: Apparently some people have found that if you complete both
	"A Maiden's Cry" and "Left Behind" at the same time you will also lose
	the ability to access the "With Babus" mission. I can neither confirm
	nor deny this rumour, but again include it here for you to consider.

Shara (A Maiden's Cry, A Maiden's Cry [take two])
	Shortly after the final story-line mission a mission called "A Maiden's Cry"
	will become available at the pub. Once you have completed this mission head
	to the nearest town and Shara (Sniper) will offer to join your clan.
	If you wish you may tell Shara to leave and a short time later a mission
	will be available at the pub called "A Maiden's Cry" (but not the same
	as the original), which will recruit Shara just above your current clan average
	level (and a new copy of her stuff!).
	Shara has already mastered "Death Sickle", "Doom Archer", "Aim: Armour"
	and "Aim: Weapon".
	Shara is already equipped with Seventh Heaven, Galmia Set, Ribbon.
	WARNING: Apparently some people have found that if you complete both
	"A Maiden's Cry" and "Left Behind" at the same time you will also lose
	the ability to access the "With Babus" mission. I can neither confirm
	nor deny this rumour, but again include it here for you to consider.

Ritz (Mortal Snow, Ritz's Offer)
	Shortly after the final story-line mission a mission called "Mortal Snow"
	will become available at the pub. Once you have completed this mission
	(containing the bullies from the school yard!) Ritz (Fencer) will offer to
	join your clan.
	If you wish you may tell Ritz to leave and a short time later a mission
	will be available at the pub called "Ritz's Offer", which will recruit Ritz
	just above your current clan average level (and a new copy of her stuff!).
	Ritz has already mastered "Swarmstrike", "Shadowstick", "Featherblow",
	"Manastrike", "Piercethrough" and "Block Arrows".
	Ritz is already equipped with Femme Fatale, Brint Set, Ribbon.

Cid (All Missions, Cleanup Time, Cid's Mission)
	Once you have cleared ALL 300 numbered missions in FFTA, you will then begin
	a new story-line of missions generally known as the "Corrupt Judge Missions".
	The first of these missions is called "Cleanup Time", and when you finish
	that mission Cid (Judgemaster) will offer to join your clan.
	Since Cid cannot learn any new abilities or change job, you need not bother
	with this mission until your clan's average level is relatively high, so you don't need to
	waste too much time levelling him up. If you do get him too early, you can
	take off all of his gear and tell him to leave. A short time later a mission
	will be available at the pub called "Cid's Mission", which will recruit Cid
	just above your current clan average level (and a new copy of his stuff!).
	Cid has already mastered "Abate", "Judge Sword", "Bind", "JP Gift" and
	"Yellow Clip".
	Cid is already equipped with Lohengrin, Diamond Armour, Diamond Helm,
	Opal Shield, Bracers.

	Goblins are one of the only two monsters in the game that go extinct! This
	means that in order to achieve a complete monster collection, not to mention
	getting the 'class complete' gold star for your Blue Mages you really want to
	have a Beastmaster, a Hunter and all of your Blue Mages with Learning equiped
	on these missions until you have everything you want. You *SHOULD* be prepared
	to Flee the mission once you have captured this monster (and learned its Blue
	Mage ability) so that you can leave the final completion of it until you
	have the time to control it and level it up (so you get a high-level monster
	in the monster bank). The Goblin (not to be confused with the proliferent
	Red Cap monster) is found only in:
		Herb Picking (#001), A Lost Ring (#049), Snow In Lutia (#044),
		White Flowers (#055), Village Hunt (#037), Tower Ruins (#032)
	This is especially important if you want Cheney to get the Blue Mage star.
	NOTE:	You will also find there are some enemy Blue Mages who know Goblin
		Punch, but it is usually difficult to get them to cast it on you.

	Thundrakes are one of the only two monsters in the game that go extinct! This
	means that in order to achieve a complete monster collection, not to mention
	getting the 'class complete' gold star for your Blue Mages you really want to
	have a Beastmaster, a Hunter and all of your Blue Mages with Learning equiped
	on these missions until you have everything you want. You *SHOULD* be prepared
	to Flee the mission once you have captured this monster (and learned its Blue
	Mage ability) so that you can leave the final completion of it until you
	have the time to control it and level it up (so you get a high-level monster
	in the monster bank). The Thundrake (not to be confused with the proliferent
	Icedrake or Firewyrm monsters) is found only in:
		Pale Company (#011), Wyrm's Awaken (#102), A Dragon's Aid (#066),
		Ruby Red (#031), To Ambervale (#022)
	This is especially important if you want Cheney to get the Blue Mage star.
	NOTE:	The missions "Wind Sigil" (#079), "Magewyrm" (#034) and "The
		Worldwyrm" (#088) also contain a Thundrake from which you can
		learn Dragon Force, but they have a class ribbon on them which
		prevents them from being captured.
		You will also find there are some enemy Blue Mages who know Dragon
		Force, but it is usually difficult to get them to cast it on you.

Bervenia Palace (Free Bervenia!)
	WARNING: Apparently some people have found that if you fail the mission
	"Free Bervenia!" (#087) you will *never* be allowed to attempt it again.
	This *DOES NOT* happen on my version, but I pass this warning on so that
	you can be ready for it. There is nothing particularly useful or hard in
	that mission so there should be no reason why you don't finish it first
	time anyway.

* Section 1.6 Items of Extreme Rarity

See Section 3.1 for an explination of these terms. The reason this section is not
down the bottom is that it is important for you to know these names as early as
possible so that you automatically look for them when you go through the mission
lists in the Section 2. Obviously, you want multiples of some items, but if you have
at least one item (and the second save game slot free) you can always clone an item
lots of times by linking.

It is very possible to completely miss the following by the end of the game:
	- Galmia Shoes (N/A,+DDD)
	- Genji Helm (SR,+PPCC)
	- Materia Blade (SR,J44,+TTFF)
	- Mindu Gem (SR,+DDDD,+SSCC)
	- Silver Coat (SR,+FFFF)
	- Tulwar (SR,J44,+TTPP)
	- Zeus Mace (SR,+PPMM)

It is mildly possible to miss the following by the end of the game:
	- Dragon Force (R)
	- Gastra Bow** (N/A,J50,+PPP)
	- Genji Armour (R,+FFCC)
	- Genji Shield (R,+TTCC)
	- Goblin (R)
	- Goblin Punch (R)
	- Rubber Suit (R,+TTT)
	- Thundrake (R)

You should make sure to collect the following from missions as soon as you can:
	- Aona Flute (SR,J39,M5)
	- Carabini Mail (R,M4)
	- Cat Claws (SR,J29,M2)
	- Chill Rod (R,M6)
	- Death Claws (N/A,+MMSS,M7)
	- Diamond Sword (R,J14,M3)
	- Epiprism (N/A,J44,+SSDD,M7)
	- Fairy Shoes (N/A,M7)
	- Feather Boots (N/A,M5)
	- Germinas (N/A,M6)
	- Godhand (SR,J39,M5)
	- Harpe (R,J19,M6)
	- Joyeuse (SR,J29,M3)
	- Light Robe (R,M6)
	- Lordly Robe (SR,M7)
	- Lvl3 Def-Less (C)
	- Nirvana Staff (SR,+CCJJ,M7)
	- Morning Star (SR,J24,M3)
	- Pearl Blade (R,J39,M6)
	- Perseus Bow (N/A,J44,+DDJJ,M6)
	- Red Boots (N/A,+TT,M4)
	- Sacri Shield (SR,M7)	
	- Scorpion Tail (R,J44,M7)
	- Silver Rapier (R,J19,M1)
	- Snake Staff (SR,J34,M3)
	- Sword Breaker (SR,J34,M6)
	- ^^Target Bow (N/A,J39,M5)
	- Vitanova (SR,J39,M5)

The following rare things are nice to have more of during the game:
	- Angel Ring (SR,Craft/20)
	- Cinquedea (SR,J39,+FFDD,Negotiation/30)
	- Longbarrel (SR,J39,M6,Appraise/25)
	- Madu (R,J39,+FFSS,Negotiation/40)
	- Thief Armlets (R,M3,Appraise/12)
	- Thor Rod (R,J39,M5,Magic/25)

^^ = The Target Bow teaches your Viera and Humans the Concentrate ability.
** = If you fail to collect this as a treasure hunt you can still get it
     from the highest level Ninjas and Jugglers (45-50).

* Section 1.7 Comments That Don't Fit Anywhere Else (FAQ)

Here is some Random Advice of mine, plus some quick Questions & Answers to common
problems in the game. The comments preceeded by a double-star "**" are important.

- Play the game straight out of the box for about 5-10 hours first to
  try and get a basic idea how things work. Then restart and power-game.

- Save often, as all it takes is one moment of less than 100% attention
  to break a law and lose equipment, monsters or status points you don't
  want to.

- Always have some Thieves ready to steal stuff. Flee missions that are
  rife with loot or abilities so that you can get multiple copies or have
  each of your different characters get a full set of abilities.

** In particular, make sure Marche and Mont Blanc learn all the Steal
  abilities, as they are often forced to be in missions (and Marche may
  be trapped in a mission alone with good stuff to steal).

- Doublecast and Reaction abilities are the two easiest ways to avoid most
  harsh Laws (This doesn't work against anti-status laws though).

- Never accept a Status Down penalty, you only have 50 levels and no more.
  Always reset the game and try again.

** Speaking of levels: Speed, Speed, Speed, Speed, Speed, Speed and Speed.
  There are so many awesome Yes/No spells the rest of your stats are
  pretty irrelevant. It's no good being able to do 999 points of damage if
  you have to wait five minutes for your turn (and get KOed anyway).
  For more information about how to level your characters, see Section 1.3.

- Don't bother learning Human or Moogle A-Abilities that are easy to steal.
  Spend your time learning the Support, Reaction and Combo abilities.

- Don't worry about money. At the start of the game you should steal
  *EVERYTHING* in every mission and encounter to sell off so you can afford
  to go on lots of missions. After that don't bother buying anything from
  the shop because most items can be stolen for free throughout the game.
  Consult the reference lists at the end of this Guide for a list of which
  abilities can't be stolen easily, so you can buy those items if you want.
  Most people have at least 3-5 million Gil by the end of the game without
  actually trying.

- Always concentrate your fire. Hit White Mages first, then take out your
  enemies one at a time, while keeping your White Mage (or Sage) well
  protected. There is no "wound factor" on damage you inflict, so a single
  kill is worth more than two half-wounded characters.

- Remember the oldest rule of combat: Divide and Conquer. Always try and
  seperate your opponents as much as possible so you can annihilate them
  individually until you learn the more powerful spells like KO and Frog.

- Always carefully double-check what mission item you are throwing away
  so you don't acidentilly ditch the wrong thing and destroy your game.
  Also, saving regularly helps alleviate this.

** Steal: Ability, Sheep Count, Night, Counter and Concentrate are the *BEST*
  abilities in the game. Learn them ASAP and then abuse them. Don't forget
  that characters armed with a bow (or gun) can even Counter after a ranged
  attack like Black Magic.

- Frogsong and Bad Breath are also pretty damn cool. For some reason you
  can still steal things from people even when they are a frog!

- You can capture early to get souls, then release them and wait till later
  in the game when it is easier to power the monsters up to level 50 before
  capturing them. Life is too short to have wimpy monsters in your bank.
  The exception is Goblins and Thundrakes, which go extinct.

- Don't bother training random strangers. Take 1 or 2 extra Humans, 1 extra
  Moogle and 1 exta Nu Mou, then train the secret and semi-secret characters
  to finish off your team. You should accept strangers to keep your average
  clan level low, but don't waste time training them.

- Phoenix is a great way to KO a Vampire. Otherwise, putting them to sleep
  will give you a 100% hit with Burial.

- Avoid the Jagds until you know what the heck you are doing. After that
  point it is so much easier not to have to worry about breaking the law,
  but save before you go in so you never lose a character.

** You can *NOT* Flee from fixed or roaming missions in a Jagd.

- Don't *EVER* bother negotiating on a mission. It's mostly a waste
  of time and you miss out on the AP as well as any stuff in the mission.
  The only useful one is near the end of the game you can trade a blue
  rose for an Allmight anti-law card.

- Don't waste too much time trading Anti-Laws. Learn to get a feel for
  the order of the laws and try to time it on the days when you have a
  clan encounter or attempt a mission. Some Saving and Re-Loading
  can help on this too.

** If you end up in a battle where a certain Law robs you of too many
  abilities (like "Damage > Monsters"), you can still win if you have
  some healing and lots of Counter equipped because:

Q: Are there any ways to completely stuff up my game without knowing it?
A: Yes, several. Under no circumstances should you:
   - Dismiss all the other members of your clan,
   - Discard a mission item that does not re-appear (see Section 2.5),
   - Allow Montblanc to be killed in an encounter in a Jagd territory,
     although there are reports that Ezel will do the mission briefings then.

Q: Why can't I steal ability X?
A: You can't steal abilities from monsters, Blue Magic, or through Maintaince. To
   learn monster abilities you have to have the Blue Mage support ability "Learning"
   equipped as your support ability. You do not need to currently be a Blue Mage, just
   to have "Learning" equiped when a Monster hits you. You also need to survive, so
   an Angel Ring or Angel Whisper is usually needed to learn Roulette.

Q: Why can't I steal shoes, or loot corpses?
A: No idea. It's really irritating you can steal a full suit of plate mail from
   someone, but not untie their laces and slip off their loafers when they die.

Q: I don't know what ability X does?
A: Frankly, who cares? There are a handful of abilities I use that are so cool
   I never bother using any other abilities. Why waste time knocking off measly
   hit points when you can Frog someone and kill them in one hit? Just make
   sure to have enough variety of secondary abilities so that no two laws can ruin
   you completely, and don't bother with the weird little abilities like "Parley".

Q: Why bother with Flee, don't you have to start again?
A: Yes, but you *KEEP* what you stole (both items and abilities). So by Fleeing
   a mission you can get multiple copies of that item or ability easily.

Q: I don't understand XXX about monsters?
A: Read the Mechanics FAQ *properly*. You can't capture undead, tonberries,
   fairies, blade-biters, monsters with ribbons, the last monster in the field,
   or a monster which you already have captured in the bank. Also, when hunting
   a monster the *ONLY* thing that affects the result is that monster's HP.
   The different colours of the 'same' monster are treated completely seperately
   for every game purpose except that they have the same Soul item and the same
   Morph command.

Q: How do those Super-Fairies keep zapping me?
A: The target-all fairy attack is based on the current *day* of the month. Once you
   know that it is much easier to work out who they can hit.

Q: Why can't I hurt X?
A: You can't ever kill a Flan with a physical weapon, so use Black Magic. If
   an enemy makes your attack inflict "0" points, or actually *heals*
   from your attack it means they have an "Elemental" immunity, so hit them
   with a different character or a different spell. If an enemy has a hit
   rate of 0% it means they have a Reaction equipped which neutralises that
   attack, so again use a different character or a different spell. Also
   see the following question about missile attacks.

Q: What the?!? I just shot my own dude in the head when I attacked an enemy?
A: Ordinary (and some A-Ability) missile attacks (arrow & gun) are actually
   treated like they would in the real world of kinetics. So they can't shoot
   through your own guys, through walls or through bushes and pillars. You
   also have hardly any chance of shooting up-hill. Unfortunately you will
   have to discover this by yourself, as the algorithm doesn't show you this
   ahead of time by making your attack have a 0% success rate like it alegedly
   does in the Playstation version.

Q: How come that enemy dude never goes to prison?
A: To stop you abusing the law system to make certain missions too easy, some of
   the 'boss' enemies have a little ribbon on their name-plate that allows them
   to break the law indefinately.

Q: How come this guy wont go to Sleep/Doom/Poison/KO/...?
A: Many items provide resistance to certain afflictions (eg. the Wygar prevents
   instant KO). Also, most 'boss' monsters have bonus immunities so that you
   actually have to kill them instead of getting a one-turn win. Just use
   Ultima attacks instead, or pound them with the heaviest weapons you have.

Q: Why are Marche/Mont Blanc/Ritz/Doned/Mewt so annoying?
A: Apparently the English translation sucks. Resist the urge to kill off Mont Blanc
   in the Jagds or you may miss a mission or two later in the game.

Q: Why do Ezel, Babus and Cid suck so much?
A: No idea. I too wished they had let you learn the other classes as well so
   that they had better Secondary, Support, Reaction and Combo abilities.

Q: A friend told me you can't complete all 300 missions without linking?
A: FALSE. The mission "My Mission" is *unnumbered*, so you can finish all
   300 and get all the secret and super-secret characters solo. It will take
   longer harder to get all the cool stuff in the game without being able to
   abuse Nono's shop. I know this because I myself do not have a trading partner.

Q: I failed mission X, do I have to start again?
A: No. If you fail a mission the mission items are returned, they are *NOT* wasted.
   Read Section 1.5 for a few warnings about other people's experiences with the
   missions near the end of the game though, but I found that unless you fail
   a story-line mission you can repeat them ad-infinim.

Q: Why can't I do this dispatch mission? Why do I keep failing dispatch missions?
A: First, make sure you have the Mission Items required. If not, leave the mission
   for now, eventually another mission will pop up that you can complete. If you
   think you really should be able to attempt a dispatch mission but it still wont
   let you check to see if it requires a specific character class. Secondly, when
   choosing a character to attempt a dispatch mission, make sure the little dude
   is jumping up and down (this indicates they have a high chance of success).

Q: Surely Damage > MP is the coolest Reaction, 'cause it sure annoys me!
A: It's okay, but my experience teaches me that the best players of any game are
   those with strategies to win, not "lose slowly". Most of the cool abilities
   also require MP (especially Ultima), so you end up making your character
   less effective, and battles take longer. The best way to kill characters with
   Damage > MP is to put them to Sleep, hit them with Magic Hammer, Matra Magic
   them and they will immediately KO if they have no MP left. Also, turning
   them into a frog means you can ignore them, and let them kill themselves
   on your Counter-attck.

Q: How do the Beastmaster abilities work?
A: See the Section 1.2 about Monsters.

Q: What does Cid's "Yellow Clip" do?
A: It removes a Yellow Card from another character's record, but ONLY if they
   earned that card in the current battle. Otherwise they have to do time in
   prison to remove it.

Q: Why do you spell like a convict?
A: In point of fact South Australia is the only state that wasn't settled by
   convicts, so my spelling is just fine thank you. Technically, I apologise
   for mis-spelling "Armour" so much, since I should really use the exact title
   from the game as a proper noun. If you find any other mis-spellings of items,
   abilities or places specific to the game let me know.

* Section 1.8 Notes About Treasure Hunts

The "Treasure Hunt" system is based on how your choose to place your locations
on the world map. The prizes are determined by the terrain *AROUND* a square,
and have nothing to do with the type of terrain in the centre spot. The only
caveat to this is that you must actually have a terrain in the centre spot in
order to collect on a prize, but it doesn't matter if you add it earlier or
later, only the layout at the present point in time.

For the most part, Treasure Hunts are pretty worthless. You tend to pick up cheap
junk mostly, and too late in the game to be of any use either. However, once you
start to get combinations of three or four terrains, that's when you start to pick
up good items. There are even some items that are practically impossible to get
without specially designing your map to harvest them, and there are many other
items which are very hard to get if you don't pick them up from a Treasure Hunt.

Section 1.8 has a list of the kind of items you should be thinking about when
you design your world map layout, but the six main items of interest are the
Zeus Mace, Tulwar, Materia Blade, Gastra Bow, Galmia Shoes and Mindu Gem. Of
these it is the Zeus Mace, Tulwar and Gastra Bow that are the problem, because
it is IMPOSSIBLE to get all three from the same map. In other words you will
have to choose which two you would rather get from thr Treasure Hunts, and then
be extremely careful in making sure you steal the third one during the story-line
missions of the game. Fortunately the Materia Blade, Galmia Shoes and Mindu Gem
do not conflict with anything else, so you should always be able to pick them up
from your Treasure Hunts, in addition to two of the three conflicting weapons.

I recommend checking out AstroBlue's "Region Creation Setups" from:

One important note - if you place another location before you collect on a
Treasure Hunt you *DO NOT LOSE* the previous item. What will happen is that
when you go treasure hunting on that square you will pick up the first item,
and then Marche will say "There's something else here!" before finding the
second item. You should of course try to pick up the items before you move any
further in the story-line, particularly when there are multiple locations to be
placed (like Jagds) or an automatic mission which you might accidentily trip.
The Gastra Bow is a good example of an item you should pick up immediately, as
you can use it straight away to make the following missions easier.

* Section 2. Mission Lists *

* Section 2.1 Location Index

I have numbered the missions based on when you can access them compared to the main
story-line missions. So, after completing Mission #005 you will have access to all
roaming clans from territories numbered 5 or less. This way you can rapidly tell what
additional items, abilities and monsters you have access to based on where you are up
to in the main story. Note that the "Free X" missions work along a different mission
base, as marked below in parenthesis.

-2 Giza Plains			12 Kudik Peaks
-1 Cyril			13 Jeraw Sands
00 Sprohm			14 Muscadet
01 Lutia Pass			15 Uladon Bog
02 Nubswood			16 Gotor Sands
03 Eluut Sands			16.5 Jagd Ahli
04 Ulei River			17 Delia Dunes
05 Cadoan			17.5 Ozmonfield
06 Aisenfield			18 Materiwood
07 Roda Volcano			19 Bervenia Palace
08 Koringwood			20 Tubola Cave
09 Salikawood			20.5 Jagd Helje
10 Nargai Cave			21 Deti Plains
11 Baguba Port			22 Siena Gorge
11.5 Jagd Dorsa			23 Ambervale

Note: Jagd Dorsa, Jagd Ahli, Ozmonfield and Jagd Helje are not placed immediately
      after their corresponding story-line mission. In the case of the last three
      in particular, it may mean that you place them in a slightly different order.

* Section 2.2 Spontaneous Clans & Territory Missions

These missions are your main "bread & butter". In particular, I find that the
territory re-claimation missions are better for training your characters for
several reasons:
 - they don't tend to take as long (once you have a system)
 - you can easily choose the laws that will be in effect
 - you get at least 320 AP points, compared to 300 AP for a clan skirmish

However, if you don't have a trading partner for this game, you should instead
concentrate *HEAVILY* on as many roaming clan missions as you can as early
as possible. Every so often you will receive a Mythril weapon as a reward
from a roaming clan encounter, and without trading this will be the *ONLY*
way you can acquire these weapons (which teach you the combo moves).

The important thing is that since these missions occur repeatedly over the
course of the game, you know that these abilities and items will always be
available to your characters - which means that you can focus on acquiring
those goodies which are only coming to you from the storyline missions. This
also means you will never need to "Flee" from these missions (unless you are
in real trouble ;).

The **A missions all take 6 characters, and provide 50 AP each, while the
**B missions all take 4 characters and provide 80 AP each. There is also
some irrelevant cash rewards, and occassionaly you can get a card or some
items from a roaming clan skirmish.

-2A Giza Plains - Clan Marble
	Skills:	Sheep Count, Aim:Legs, Take Aim, First Aid x2, Mug
	Items:	Longbow, Silver Sword, Glass Bell, Stinger, Samsonsword,
		Leather Garb x2, Bronze Armour x2, Chain Plate
	>: Animist, Archer, Fencer, Soldier, Warrior
-2B (02) Giza Plains - Help Giza!
	Skills:	Lv3 Def-Less, Sheep Count, 100% Wool, Chocobo Rush
	Items:	Fairy Harp, Survival Vest,
		[ITEM: Fairy Harp+, Demon Bell]
	Monsters: Antlion x2, Jawbreaker
	>: Animist, 2x Antlion, Jawbreaker

-1A Cyril - Cyril Band
	Skills:	Steal:Gil x2, Steal:JP, Steal:Shield, Steal:EXP,
		PowerBK, MindBK, Mug, Boost, Aim:Legs, Take Aim
	Items:	Kris Knife, Jack Knife, Shortsword, Longbow, Rising Sun,
		Leather Garb x2, Bronze Armour, Chain Plate, Survival Vest
	>: Archer, Soldier, 2x Thief, White Monk
-1B (02) Cyril - Help Cyril!

00A Sprohm - Sprohm Knights
	Skills:	First Aid, MagicBK, MindBK, Rush, Beatdown, Cure, Esuna
	Items:	Shortsword, Samsonsword, Shadowblade, Rising Sun, White Staff,
		Bronze Armour x2, Chain Plate x2, Hempen Robe
	>: Fighter, Soldier, Warrior, White Mage, White Monk
00B (02) Sprohm - Help Sprohm!

01A Lutia Pass - Clan Dip
	Skills:	Aim:Arm, Aim:Legs, Take Aim x2, Blackout, First Aid, Mug,
		Steal:Gil, Steal:EXP, Steal:JP, Cure, Shell, Esuna
	Items:	Char Bow, Longbow, Shortsword, Jack Knife, White Staff,
		Leather Garb x3, Cuirass, Hempen Robe, Feather Cap
	>: 2x Archer, Soldier, Thief, White Mage
01B (04) Lutia Pass - Help Lutia!
	Skills:	First Aid, Mug, Aim:Arm, Aim:Legs, Take Aim x2, Blackout,
		Cure, Shell, Esuna
	Items:	Shortsword, Char Bow, Longbow, White Staff,
		Cuirass, Leather Garb x2, Hempen Robe, Feather Cap
	>: 2x Archer, Soldier, White Mage

02A Nubswood - Rangers
	Skills:	Aim:Legs, Cupid, Blackout, Cure, Shell, Sheep Count, 100% Wool
	Items:	Char Bow, Estoc, Fleuret, Demon Bell, White Staff,
		Leather Garb, Chain Plate, Survival Vest, Adaman Vest, Hempen Robe
	>: Animist, Archer, Elementalist, Fencer, White Mage
02B (06 & 070) Nubswood - Help Nubs!
	Skills:	Haste, Slow, Stop, Quarter, Matra Magic
	Items:	Conch Shell, Survival Vest
	>: Beastmaster, Blade Biter, 2x Toughskin

03A Eluut Sands - Antlions
	Skills:	Lvl3 Def-Less, Blowup#, Matra Magic
	Monsters: Antlion x2, Jawbreaker, Bomb
	>: 2x Antlion, Bomb, Jawbreaker, Toughskin
03B (07) Eluut Sands - Help Eluut!
	Skills: Bad Breath, White Wind
	Monsters: Antlion, Malboro, Big Malboro
	>: Antlion, Big Malboro, Malboro, Sprite

04A Ulei River - Clan Shalo
	Skills:	First Aid, PowerBK, MindBK, Air Render, Drop Weapon,
		Cure, Life, Shell, Esuna, 100% Wool, Cuisine, Catnip
	Items:	Hard Knuckles, Shortsword, Defender, Demon Bell, Guard Staff,
		Chain Plate, Leather Garb, Bronze Armour x2, Magus Robe
	>: Animist, Defender, Warrior, White Mage, White Monk
04B (08) Ulei River - Help Ulei!
	Skills:	First Aid, PowerBK, MindBK, Air Render, Drop Weapon,
		Cure, Life, Shell, Esuna
	Items:	Shortsword, Defender, Hard Knuckles, Guard Staff,
		Bronze Armour x2, Chain Plate, Magus Robe
	>: Defender, Warrior, White Mage, White Monk

05A Cadoan - Clan Bansia
	Skills:	Far Fist, Rush, Wild Swing, Air Render
		Sheep Count, 100% Wool, Cuisine,
	Items:	Dream Claws, War Trumpet, Atmos Blade, Sun Blade, Predator,
		Survival Vest x2, Adaman Vest x2, Power Sash,  Round Shield,
		[ITEM: Dream Claws+, Survivor]
	>: Animist, Fighter, Gladiator, Warrior, White Monk
05B (06) Cadoan - Help Cadoan!

06A Aisenfield - Aisen Ghosts
	Skills:	Stare, Lvl3 Def-Less, Drain Touch
	Monsters: Floateye, Jawbreaker
	>: Floateye, Jawbreaker, Tonberry, 2x Zombie
06B (09) Aisenfield - Help Aisen!
	Skills:	Steal:Armour, Steal:Shield, Steal:Gil, Sheep Count, Tail Wag,
		Chocobo Rush, Boltshot, Iceshot, Confushot, Charmshot
	Items:	Scramasax, Orichalcum, War Trumpet, Chaos Rifle,
		Adaman Vest x2, Survival Vest, Power Sash, Wizard Hat,
		[ITEM: Chaos Rifle+, Aiot Gun]
	>: Animist, Gunner, Juggler, Thief

07A Roda Volcano - Roda Dragons
	Skills: Acid, Blowup#, Matra Magic, Guard-Off
	Monsters: Jelly, Bomb, Firewyrm x2
	>: Bomb, 2x Firewyrm, Jelly, Toughskin
07B (10) Roda Volcano - Help Roda!
	Skills: Blowup#
	Monsters: Bomb x2, Grenade, Firewyrm
	>: 2x Bomb, Firewyrm, Grenade

08A Koringwood - Koring Band
	Skills:	Air Render, Far Fist, Aim:Arm, Aim:Legs, Cupid, Take Aim,
		Sheep Count, 100% Wool, Tail Wag, Cure, Esuna, Shell, Protect
	Items:	Guard Staff, Rising Sun, Char Bow, Glass Bell, Cure Staff,
		Chain Plate x2, Survival Vest, Adaman Vest, Silken Robe,
		[ITEM: Glass Bell+, Blood Strings]
	>: Animist, Archer, Bishop, White Mage, White Monk
08B (11) Koringwood - Help Koring!
	Skills:	Sheep Count, 100% Wool, Tail Wag, Cure, Shell, Protect, Esuna,
		Aim:Arm, Aim:Legs, Cupid, Take Aim
	Items:	Char Bow, Glass Bell, Guard Staff, Cure Staff,
		Chain Plate x2, Adaman Vest, Silken Robe,
		[ITEM: Glass Bell+, Blood Strings]
	>: Animist, Archer, Bishop, White Mage

09A Salikawood - Tricky Spirits
	Skills: White Wind, Angel Whisper, Magic Hammer
	Monsters: Cream, Red Cap
	>: Cream, Red Cap, 2x Sprite, Titania
09B (12) Salikawood - Help Salika!
	Skills:	Magic Hammer, White Wind, Angel Whisper
	Monsters: Red Cap
	>: Red Cap, 2x Sprite, Titania

10A Nargai Cave - Tribites
	Skills:	Poison Claw, Hastebreak
	Monsters: Red Panther x2, Coeurl
	>: Blade Biter, Coeurl, 2x Red Panther, Toughskin
10B (13) Nargai Cave - Help Nargai!
	Skills: Hastebreak
	Monsters: Red Panther, Coeurl
	>: Blade Biter, Coeurl, Red Panther, Toughskin

11A Baguba Port - Gaja Band
	Skills:	Boltshot, Silenshot, Stopshot, Throw, Fire Veil,
		Metal Veil, Sonic Boom, Advice, Aim:Vitals, Cure
	Items:	Gae Bolg, Riot Gun, Petalchaser, Osafune, Cranequin,
		Fleuret, Platemail, Survival Vest x2, Ninja Gear,
		Brigandine, Circlet,
	>: Dragoon, Gunner, Hunter, Ninja, Red Mage
11B (12) Baguba Port - Help Baguba!

11.5A Jagd Dorsa - Clan Hounds
	Skills:	Hastebreak, Magic Hammer, Twister#, White Wind#, Mighty Guard#,
		Fireshot, Iceshot, Confushot, Charmshot, Blindshot, Silenshot
	Items:	Aqua Saber, Lost Gun, Colichemarde, Brigandine, Survival Vest x2,
		[ITEM: Aqua Saber+, Manganese]
	Monsters: Coeurl, Lamia, Red Cap
	>: Blue Mage, Coeurl, Elementalist, Gunner, Lamia, Red Cap
11.5B (24) Jagd Dorsa - Help Dorsa! [NO FLEE]
	Skills:	Fireshot, Iceshot, Confushot, Charmshot, Blindshot, Silenshot,
		Mighty Guard#, Twister#, White Wind#
	Items:	Colichemarde, Lost Gun, Aqua Saber, Survival Vest x2, Brigandine,
		[ITEM: Aqua Saber+, Manganese]
	Monsters: Lamia
	>: Blue Mage, Elementalist, Gunner, Lamia

12A Kudik Peaks - Kudik Beasts
	Skills:	White Wind, Poison Claw
	Monsters: Antlion, Red Panther x2
	>: Antlion, 2x Red Panther, Sprite, Toughskin
12B (15) Kudik Peaks - Help Kudik!
	Skills:	Acid, Poison Claw, White Wind
	Monsters: Ice Flan, Red Panther x2
	>: Ice Flan, 2x Red Panther, Sprite

13A Jeraw Sands - Clan Catz
	Skills: Red Spring, Blue Screw, Green Gear, Silver Disc, Gold Battery,
		Slow, Stop, Silence, Quarter, Hurl, Ring, Firebomb, Ball, Dagger
	Items:	Dream Claws, Terre Rod, Khukuri, Gaia Gear, Magus Robe, Power Sash,
	>: Animist, Gadgeteer, Juggler, Thief, Time Mage
13B (15) Jeraw Sands - Help Jeraw!
	Skills: Red Spring, Blue Screw, Green Gear, Silver Disc, Gold Battery,
		Slow, Stop, Silence, Quarter, Hurl, Ring, Firebomb, Ball, Dagger
	Items:	Dream Claws, Terre Rod, Khukuri, Gaia Gear, Magus Robe, Power Sash,
		[ITEM: Terre Rod+, Force Rod],
	>: Gadgeteer, Juggler, Thief, Time Mage

14A Muscadet - Clan Belmia
	Skills:	Wood Veil, Earth Veil, Fire Veil, Fireshot, Iceshot, Charmshot
	Items:	Ashura, Twin Bow, Chaos Rifle, Zanmato, Petalchaser,
		Ninja Gear, Gaia Gear, Brigandine, Judo Uniform,
		[ITEM: Twin Bow+, Master Bow]
	>: Assassin, Gunner, Ninja, Sniper, Thief
14B (15) Muscadet - Help Muscadet!

15A Uladon Bog - ^^Roaming Naiads
	Skills: ^^Night, Acid, White Wind
	Monsters: Ice Flan, Lamia, Lilith, Icedrake
	>: Icedrake, Ice Flan, Lamia, Lilith, Sprite
15B Uladon Bog - Help Uladon!
	Skills:	Acid, Twister
	Monsters: Lamia, Lilith, Ice Flan, Icedrake
	>: Icedrake, Ice Flan, Lamia, Lilith

16A Gotor Sands - Wild Monsters
	Skills: Blowup#, Mighty Guard, Bad Breath
	Monsters: Grenade, Icedrake, Malboro, Coeurl, Jelly
	>: Coeurl, Grenade, Icedrake, Jelly, Malboro
16B Gotor Sands - Help Gotor!
	Skills: Rush, Far Fist, Sheep Count, 100% Wool, Cuisine
	Items:	Predator, Atmos Blade, Dream Claws, War Trumpet,
		Adaman Vest x2, Power Sash, Survival Vest, Round Shield,
		[ITEM: Dream Claws+, Survivor]
	>: Animist, Gladiator, Warrior, White Monk

16.5A Jagd Ahli - Bloodthirsters
	Skills:	Lvl? S-Flare, Roulette, Oblivion,
		Hurl, Ring, Firebomb, Ball, Dagger, Smile
	Items:	Heaven's Cloud, Rondell Dagger, Dark Gear, Wygar,
		[ITEM: Rondell Dagger+, Tonberrian],
	Monsters: Ahriman
	>: Ahriman, Assassin, Juggler, Masterberry, 2x Vampire
16.5B (24 & 065) Jagd Ahli - Help Ahli! [NO FLEE]
	Skills:	Drain Touch
	>: Vampire, 3x Zombie

17A Delia Dunes - Brass Dragoons
	Skills:	Haste, Silence, Nurse, Defense, Drop Weapon, Saint Cross, Holy Blade
	Items:	Vajra, Ice Lance, Lionheart, Partisan, Lohengrin,
		Maximillian, Gold Armour, Dragon Mail, Platemail x2, Cross Helm
	>: Defender, 2x Dragoon, Paladin, Templar
17B Delia Dunes - Help Delia!
	Skills:	Sheep Count, 100% Wool, Cuisine, Rush, Wild Swing, Air Render
	Items:	War Trumpet, Predator, Atmos Blade, Sun Blade,
		Adaman Vest x2, Survival Vest, Power Sash, Round Shield
	>: Animist, Fighter, Gladiator, Warrior

17.5A Ozmonfield - Gertai Band
	Skills:	Magic Hammer#, Mighty Guard#, Twister#, Matra Magic#,
		Roulette#, White Wind#, Hurl, Ring, Firebomb, Ball, Dagger,
		Gil Toss, Oblivion x2, Earth Veil, Metal Veil, Water Veil
	Items:	Manganese, Jambiya, Hades Bow, Hunt Bow, Kotetsu,
		Heaven's Cloud, Brigandine, Power Sash, Dark Gear,
		Survival Vest, Ninja Gear,
		[ITEM: Kotetsu+, Nosada],
	>: Assassin, Blue Mage, Juggler, Ninja, Sniper
17.5B (24 & 066) Ozmonfield - Help Ozmon!
	Skills:	Oblivion x2, Earth Veil, Metal Veil, Water Veil,
		Magic Hammer#, Mighty Guard#, Twister#, Matra Magic#,
		Roulette#, White Wind#
	Items:	Hades Bow, Hunt Bow, Kotetsu, Heaven's Cloud, Manganese,
		Dark Gear, Ninja Gear, Survival Vest, Brigandine,
		[ITEM: Kotetsu+, Nosada]
	>: Assassin, Blue Mage, Ninja, Sniper

18A Materiwood - Lost Monsters
	Skills:	White Wind, Bad Breath, Stare, Blowup#
	Monsters: Malboro, Big Malboro, Grenade, Floateye
	>: Big Malboro, Floateye, Grenade, Malboro, Sprite
18B Materiwood - Help M'wood!
	Skills:	Cure, Shell, Sheep Count, 100% Wool
	Items:	Estoc, White Staff, Demon Bell, Fleuret,
		Chain Plate, Hempen Robe, Survival Vest, Adaman Vest
	>: Animist, Elementalist, Fencer, White Mage

19A Bervenia Palace - Guard Patrol
	Skills:	Mog Attack, Mog guard, Mog Lance, Mog Rush, Defense,
		Drop Weapon x2, Silence, Nurse, Saint Cross, Cura
	Items:	Flametounge, Lionheart, Gae Bolg, Vigilante, Judge Staff,
		Druid Mace, Blaze Robe, Platemail x2, Gold Armour,
		Iron Armour, Survival Vest, Round Shield, Cross Helm, Bracers,
		[ITEM: Gae Bolg+, Beastspear]
	>: Bishop, Defender, Mog Knight, Paladin, Sage, Templar
19B (Free all other turf) Bervenia Palace - Help Bervenia!

20A Tubola Cave - Tubola Bandits
	Skills:	Freezeblink, Star Cross, Stardust, Wild Tornado,
		Advice, Aim:Vitals, Sonic Boom, Steal:Gil, Steal:EXP,
		Steal:Armour, Steal:Weapon, Steal:Ability, Cure,
		Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Magic Hammer#, Twister#,
		Matra Magic#, Drain Touch#, White Wind#
	Items:	Force Rod, Shamshir, Master Bow, Scramasax, Gupti Aga,
		Mistle Robe, Adaman Vest, Survival Vest x2, Mirage Vest,
	>: Blue Mage, Hunter, Illusionist, Red Mage, Thief
20B Tubola Cave - Help Tubola!
	Skills:	Steal:Armour, Steal:Gil, Steal:Ability, Steal:Weapon,
		Steal:EXP, Sonic Boom, Advice, Aim:Vitals, Freezeblink,
		Star Cross, Stardust, Wild Tornado, Magic Hammer#,
		Twister#, Matra Magic#, Drain Touch#, White Wind#
	Items:	Scramasax, Master Bow, Shamshir, Force Rod,
		Survival Vest x2, Adaman Vest, Mistle Robe
	>: Blue Mage, Hunter, Illusionist, Thief

20.5A Jagd Helje - Jagd Emissaries
	Skills:	Roulette, Night, Throw, Fire Veil, Earth Veil
	Items:	Pure Staff, Master Bow, Flame Tounge, Kotetsu,
		Kikuichimonji, Black Robe, Survival Vest, Brigandine,
		Ninja Gear,
	Monsters: Ahriman, Lamia
	>: Ahriman, Gladiator, Lamia, Ninja, Sniper, Summoner
20.5B (24 & 064) Jagd Helje - Help Helje! [NO FLEE]
	Skills:	Magic Hammer, Hastebreak, White Wind
	Monsters: Lamia, Red Cap, Coeurl
	>: Coeurl, Lamia, Red Cap, Sprite

21A Deti Plains - Ramble Band
	Skills:	Throw, Wood Veil, Fire Veil, Water Veil, Oblivion,
		Rush, Wild Swing, Far Fist, Backdraft, Steal:Armour,
		Steal:Acc, Steal:Weapon, Steal:Ability
	Items:	Mandragora, Hades Bow, Heaven's Cloud, Petalchaser,
		Zorlin Shape, Sun Blade, Gaia Gear, Dark Gear, Ninja Gear,
		Power Sash, Brigandine,
		[ITEM: Mandragora+, N/A],
	>: Alchemist, Fighter, Ninja, Sniper, Thief
21B (22) Deti Plains - Help Deti!
	Skills:	Steal:Arm, Steal:ACC, Steal:Weapon, Steal:Ability, Throw,
		Wood Veil, Fire Veil, Water Veil, Oblivion, Rush, Backdraft,
		Wild Swing, Far Fist
	Items:	Zorlin Shape, Mandragora, Heaven's Cloud, Petalchaser,
		Sun Blade, Power Sash, Gaia Gear, Ninja Gear, Brigandine,
		[ITEM: Mandragora+, N/A],
	>: Alchemist, Fighter, Ninja, Thief

22A Siena Gorge - Zoara Sect
	Skills:	Slow, Stop, Quarter, Demi, Haste, Silence,
		Prominence, Tempest, Freezeblink, Wild Tornado
	Items:	Lotus Mace, Force Rod, Flame Rod, Arch Sword, Atmos Blade,
		Gaia Gear, Flurry Robe, Blaze Robe, Diamond Armour, Wygar,
		Cross Helm
	>: Gladiator, Illusionist, Sage,  Templar, Time Mage
22B Siena Gorge - Help Siena!
	Skills:	Silence, Haste, Wild Swing, Slow, Stop, Quarter, Demi
	Items:	Lotus Mace, Arch Sword, Atmos Blade, Flame Rod,
		Gaia Gear, Diamond Armour, Wygar, Blaze Robe, Cross Helm
	>: Gladiator, Sage,  Templar, Time Mage

23A Ambervale - Doned Faction
	Skills:	Haste, Slow, Stop, Silence, Quarter, Demi,
		Wild Swing, Beatdown, Backdraft, Far Fist, Air Blast
	Items:	Sleet Rod, Venus Blade, Dragon Whisker, Nike Bow,
		Lotus Mace, White Robe, Wygar, Gold Armour, Dark Gear,
		Gaia Gear
	>: Dragoon, Fighter, Sage, Sniper, Time Mage
23B (24 & 063) Ambervale - Help Ambervale!

* Section 2.3 The Quests Of Ivalice

These missions are ordered based on the story-line missions that have to be
finished in order to access them. Note that in many cases, you will also need
to have completed other side-missions from the earlier sections to gain access
to a later mission even if you have completed the 'chapter' in the story it
follows (these have been listed in parenthesis to the left of the mission).

A "+ ROAMING" in the location indicates that although this mission starts off
located as specified, it is represented by one of those soldier sprites that may
then move around the world map over time.

Missions prefixed with ^'s (hats) indicate that a particular mission has
something I consider highly worthy of acquiring from that mission. These missions
are graded as either "Useful" (^), "Important" (^^) or "CRITICAL" (^^^). This may be
because the item or ability is very rare, but it may also be because the item or
ability is not going to be found generally available until much later in the game.
I have also marked the item or ability of interest with a ^ (hat). In many
cases I would recommend you actually FLEE the mission, so that you can obtain
multiple copies of the desired item or ability. Obviously, there will still be
other items you may want to acquire so that you can have them as early as possible.

By the way, I have provided details of some of the missions that only appear in
certain months or in certain towns. These are abbreviated as:
	KM = Kingmoon
	MM = Madmoon
	SM = Sagemoon
	HM = Huntmoon
	BM = Bardmoon
	CY = Cyril
	SP = Sprohm
	CA = Cadoan
	BP = Baguba Port
	MU = Muscadet
The only other two that are hard to find are "Fre Cyril!" (#194) and "Ship
Needed" (#195), both of which are found in Cyril.

* Section 2.3.0 My Early Game Strategy

1. Start a new game, complete the Snowball fight, and the Bangaa encounter.
   You should have a clan that looks something like:
	Marche 03, Mont Blanc 04, Human 03,
	Bangaa 03, Nu Mou 02, Viera 02

2. Buy an extra Rod, Jack Knife, Glass Bell, Stinger and some Phoenix Downs.

3. Make Marche a Thief, Montblanc an Animist, the Viera a Fencer, leave the
   Bangaa as a Monk and make the other Human and Nu Mou both Black Mages.

4. Complete Mission #001 and Mission #002. The easiest way to do this is to
   walk around the world map and time it so that your encounter occurs on a
   day when the "Fight" action is banned (since the early enemies do not know
   many alternatives abilities at that point).

5. (Optional) Complete the "Free Giza" dispatch mission by having a random
   encounter. Now "Help Giza" a few times to get some extra cash, making sure
   to use the other four characters so that you don't waste too many levels on
   Marche and Montblanc (having a Fight ban will also make these easier). Then
   let Giza Plains be recaptured.

6. Dismiss the Human and the Bangaa.

7. Now wander around the world map carefully avoiding clan encounters as
   they waste too much time and too many levels. At the start of each month
   visit the pub and repeatedly complete the dispatch missions:
	Viera/Human/Nu Mou/Bangaa/Moogle Wanted
	Chocobo Help!
	Swords In Cyril (flee a roaming encounter to get it finished)
   As you complete these missions your Negotiation skill will go up by one
   point every 2-3 successful attempts. A couple of your other skills
   will also go up slowly, dont worry about those.

8. If you run low on cash sell the rubbish you received as a reward from
   Chocobo Help and Swords In Cyril.

9. As you are refusing offers to join your clan be on the lookout for the
   following promising recruits:
	- 2x A Human Ninja with 125+ Speed.
	- A Nu Mou Morpher (or White Mage) with 120+ Speed.
	- A Moogle Thief with 120+ Speed.
   If one of those offer to join your clan you should accept them, and ditch
   one of the other characters from your clan. Don't be afraid to ditch the
   Viera, because after you complete Swords In Cyril a few times you should
   have plenty of cash to complete the "X Wanted" missions.

10. Eventually you will receive the Cinquedea as a reward. My best time is
    3.5 hours from the start of the game to the Cinquedea.

11. If you haven't recruited the characters in Step 9 yet, keep doing the
    "X Wanted" missions until you have. The best way to do this is to start
    the mission, walk around for four days, save the game, then keep reloading
    it and take one more day until you get the right offer to join. It is
    important to note that the success or failure of the mission is in fact
    determined when you sign up, but the character who offers to join is not.
    As advanced jobs, worry first about getting the Ninja and Morpher recruits
    first, as a Moogle Thief will be much easier to pick up later. Kingmoon
    is a good month, as it can have both a Human and Moogle recruit.

12. You should now arrange your team as such:
      Marche (Thief), Montblanc (Animist), Nu Mou (White Mage w/Black Magic),
      Human (Thief), Moogle (Animist), Human (Thief)
    You should also accept *EVERYONE* who offers to join your clan from this
    point on until you have a full clan, and then only ditch characters when
    you are ready to recruit one of the secret characters.

13. Once Montblanc and the other Moogle have learnt Sheep Count, you should
    switch them over to Thief with Call as their secondary ability class.

14. Now, starting with Marche, give each character time to learn from the
    Cinquedea by re-liberating Giza Plains, having roaming encounters, and
    completing those missions which having nothing rare in them (see list
    below). You *SHOULD NOT* complete the "Wanted (Draghilev Godeye)" mission
    under *ANY* circumstances, as you will want to repeat this mission at
    least five times so that you characters *ALL* get the Steal:Weapon
    skill before you move on the the higher missions.

15. Once your Humans have learnt Steal:Ability, Steal:Helm and Counter you
    should switch them over to Ninjas, and have Steal as their secondary
    ability. Over time throw in a few levels as a Blue Mage also to learn
    the "Learning" support ability and beef up their HP and MP a bit more.
    Eventually you will want to switch their secondary ability over to
    Blue Magic, occassionaly switching back to Steal only when a rare ability
    shows up in a mission. Level the Moogles heavily as a Thief, as this is
    the only class they have that doesn't have really bad speed growth.
    You can switch them over to Animist every now and then to beef up their
    other stats, but all their best spells are status effects, so don't spend
    more than a few levels out of the Thief class. You will be using them for
    the most part to pick up rare items that occur in missions, except when
    Marche has to go solo. Vary their secondary abilities as you want.
    Level the Nu Mou as a White Mage from now on, throwing in a few levels as
    a Morpher if you want. Forget about their physical stats, these people
    are spell-casters. Once you pick-up the four secret Viera, level them as
    Assassins (the equal best class in FFTA with Blue Mage). I never bother
    with Bangaa as they are too slow, can't Steal, and have no Concentrate or
    Turbo MP. You want to teach one of them a couple of skills to satisfy the
    dispatch missions that are class-specific, but as a race even if they
    they are really tough, if they can never score a hit who cares?

* Section 2.3.1 What Happened To My White Christmas?

	6 x 40AP: Herb Picking #001 (Giza Plains) [NO FLEE, GOBLIN]
	Location: Lutia Pass
	>: Goblin 01+01+01, Redcap 02, Sprite 02

	*** 6 x 40AP: ^^^Wanted (Draghilev Godeye) #027 (Giza Plains/MM) [STEAL:WEAPON] ***
	Skills:	^^Steal:Weapon, Steal:Armour, Aim:Legs, Aim:Arm, Rush, Wild Swing
	Items:	Jack Knife, Javelin, Thorn Bow, Energy Mace, Sweep Blade,
		Leather Garb x2, Cuirass, Chain Plate, Feather Cap,
		[ITEM: Energy Mace+, ^^Morning Star]
	>: Alchemist 04R, Archer 03, Dragoon 04, Gladiator 04, Thief 03

	6 x 40AP: Fire! Fire! #038 (Cyril/CY)
	Skills:	Blowup#
	Monsters: Bomb x4
	>: Bomb 03+03+04+04

	6 x 40AP: ^^Snow in Lutia #044 (Lutia Pass) [GOBLIN]
	Skills:	^^Goblin Punch
	Monsters: ^^Goblin, Red Panther x2
	>: Goblin 04, Red Panther 03+03

(044)	6 x 40AP: ^Frosty Mage #045 (Lutia Pass)
	Skills:	Blizzard, Blizzara, Stare, Poison Claw
	Items:	Sleet Rod, Flurry Robe
		[ITEM: Sleet Rod+, ^Chill Rod]
	Monsters: Red Panther x2, Floateye
	>: Black Mage 06R, Floateye 04, Red Panther 03+03, Sphere 01+01

(044)	5+1 x 40AP: Prof in Trouble #046 (Lutia Pass) [BULLIES]
	Skills:	Drain Touch
	Monsters: Ice Flan x2
	>: Ice Flan 04+05, Lost One 04+04+04
	<: Sage 04

* Section 2.3.2 The Clan Wars

	6 x 40AP M3: Thesis Hunt #002 (Lutia Pass) [NO FLEE]
	Items:	Leather Garb# x2, Chain Plate#, Cuirass#, Silken Robe#,
		Bronze Shield, Headband#
	Location: Nubswood
	>: Archer 02, Soldier 02+03, Thief 03+04, White Mage 03

	6 x 40AP: Wanted (Black Mage Dolce) #025 (Nubswood/KM)
	Skills:	Air Render, Fire, Shell, Protect
	Items:	Hard Knuckles, Shortsword, Rod, White Staff,
		Leather Garb, Cuirass, Silken Robe, Hempen Robe,
		Bronze Shield x2
	>: Black Mage 07R, Soldier 06, White Mage 05, White Monk 05

	3 x 40AP: Fowl Thief #068 (Cyril)
	Skills:	Steal:Gil, Steal:EXP, Steal:JP
	Items:	Khukuri, Survival Vest, Gauntlets
	>: Thief 07R

(068)	6 x 50AP: ^^Free Sphorm #069 (Sprohm/CY)
(194)	Skills:	^SpeedBK, ^Steal:Helm, First Aid, PowerBK, MindBK, MagicBK,
		Steal:Gil, Steal:EXP, Steal:JP, Cure, Shell, Esuna, Protect
	Items:	Falchion, White Staff, Khukuri, Magic Ring,
		Bronze Armour, Survival Vest, Silken Robe, Bronze Helm	
	>: Thief 09R, Warrior 06, White Mage 08

(069)	4 x 40AP: ^Ravens's Oath #070 (Giza Plains)
	Skills:	Nurse, Drop Weapon, Saint Cross, Holy Blade, Thunder
	Items:	^Diamond Sword, Thunder Rod, Opal Armour, Thunder Robe,
		Opal Shield, Wizard Hat
	>: Black Mage 08R, Paladin 11R

* Section 2.3.3 Friend Or Foe?

	4+2 x 40AP: Cheetahs #003 (Nubswood) [NO FLEE]
	Skills:	Blitz, Aim:Arm, Take Aim, Air Render,
		Fire, Thunder, Blizzard
	Items:	Sun Blade, Char Bow, Sick Knuckles, Rod,
		Adaman Vest x2, Survival Vest, Magus Robe,
		Green Beret, Gauntlets
	Location: Eluut Sands
	>: Archer 05, Black Mage 05, Fighter 04, Thief 03, White Monk 04
	<: Archer 06, Fencer 07

	6 x 40AP: ^^Village Hunt #037 (Eluut Sands) [GOBLIN]
	Skills:	^^Goblin Punch, Hastebreak
	Monsters: ^^Goblin, Antlion x3, Coeurl
	>: Antlion 06+07+07, Coeurl 07, Goblin 06

	6 x 40AP: ^^White Flowers #055 (Giza Plains) [GOBLIN]
	Skills:	Magic Hammer
	Monsters: ^^Goblin, Red Cap, Antlion x3
	>: Antlion 05+06+06, Goblin 06, Red Cap 07

* Section 2.3.4 A Clue?

	6 x 40AP: Desert Peril #004 (Eluut Sands) [NO FLEE]
	Skills:	Poison Claw, Hastebreak, Lvl3 Def-Less
	Monsters: Red Panther x2, Coeurl, Cream, Antlion
	Location: Ulei River
	>: Antlion 05, Coeurl 06, Cream 05, Red Panther 05+05

	6 x 40AP: ^^A Lost Ring #049 (Ulei River) [GOBLIN]
	Skills:	^^Goblin Punch, White Wind
	Monsters: ^^Goblin, Lamia x2, Lilith
	>: Goblin 07, Lamia 07+07, Lilith 08, Sprite 08

(113)	6 x 40AP: Staring Eyes #050 (Cyril)
	Skills:	Stare, Cure, Shell, Protect
	Items:	Black Quena, Power Sash, Feather Cap
	Monsters: Floateye x2, Ahriman
	>: Ahirim 07, Beastmaster 06R, Floateye 05+06

(112)	6 x 30AP: Clan Roundup (Clan Crow) #101 (Lutia Pass + ROAMING)
	Skills:	Cure, Esuna, Steal:Gil, Steal:EXP, Steal:JP, Fire,
		Thunder, Blizzard, PowerBK, MindBK, Boost, Aim:Arm,
		Aim:Legs, Cupid
	Items:	Guard Staff, Scramasax, Rod, Striborg, Artemis Bow,
		Silken Robe, Chain Plate, Magus Robe, Adaman Vest,
		Leather Garb, Bronze Shield, Headband, Fortune Ring
	>: Archer 08, Black Mage 07, Thief 07R, Warrior 08, White Mage 06

	6 x 40AP: ^A Challenge (Clan Baham) #112 (Ulei River + ROAMING)
	Skills:	^SpeedBK, Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Cure, Protect,
		PowerBK, MindBK, MagicBK, Air Blast, Steal:Gil,
		Backdraft, Aim:Arm, Aim:Legs
	Items:	^Thief Armlets, Kris Knife, Rod, Barong, Guard Staff,
		Yoichi Bow, Chain Plate, Silken Robe, Platemail,
		Hempen Robe, Judo Uniform, Green Beret,
		Magic Ring, Scarab
	>: Archer 07, Black Mage 07, Soldier 09R, Thief 07, White Mage 08

* Section 2.3.5 Famfreet Of The Moogles (2 Laws)

	6 x 80AP: Twisted Flow #005 (Ulei River) [TOTEMA, NO FLEE]
	Skills:	Stare, Demi, Slow
	Monsters: Floateye x2, Ahriman x2
	Location: Cadoan
	>: Ahriman 06+06, Floateye 05+06, Totema 09R

(037)	6 x 40AP: ^Twin Swords #036 (Eluut Sands) [READ "HERO GAOL" DESCRIPTION]
(062)	Skills:	^Mog Shield, ^Mog Aid, Sheep Count, 100% Wool, Tail Wag, Cuisine,
		Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Slow, Silence, Quarter, Confushot,
		Charmshot, Blindshot, Silenshot, Fireshot, Boltshot, Iceshot,
		Mog Guard, Mog Attack, Mog Lance
	Items:	Earth Bell, Lost Gun, Atmos Blade, Shadow Blade, Firewheel Rod,
		Rod, Chain Plate, Leather Garb, Iron Armour, Survival Vest,
		Silken Robe x2, Round Shield x2, Iron Helm, Green Beret,
		Gauntlets, Fortune Ring
	>: Animist 07, Black Mage 07, Gunner 07, Mog Knight 07+09R, Time Mage 07

	5 x 40AP: Oasis Frogs #062 (Cadoan/CA) [NO FLEE]
	Monsters: Lamia x3
	>: Lamia 08+10+10

* Section 2.3.6 Just A Guy Trying To Earn A Living

	5+1 x 40AP: ^Antilaws #006 (Cadoan) [AUTOMATIC, NO FLEE]
	SKills:	Drop Weapon, Wild Swing, Rush, Sonic Boom, Aim:Vitals,
		Prominence, Tempest, Freezeblink
	Items:	^Wygar, Predator, Atmos Blade, Air Blade, Thunder Rod,
		Ninja Knife, Murasame, Hunt Bow, Iron Armour, Brigandine x2,
		Silken Robe, Ninja Gear, Green Beret, Magic Ring,
		[ITEM: Predator+, Arch Sword],
	Location: Aisenfield
	>: Defender 08, Fighter 08, Gladiator 07, Hunter 08, Illusionist 06,
	   Ninja 07
	<: Ezel 10

(242)	4 x 40AP: ^^Nubswood Base #071 (Nubswood/SP)
	Skills:	^Fira, ^Thundara, ^Blizzara,
		Cure x2, Cura, Shell, Protect, Fire, Thunder, Blizzard
	Items:	^Madu, ^Fortune Ring x2, ^White Robe, ^Minerva Plate,
		Pure Staff, Terre Rod, Magic Ring, Magus Robe, Opal Shield,
		Feather Cap, Circlet
	>: Black Mage 11, Red Mage 12R, White Mage 10

(071)	*** 4 x 40AP: ^^^Lutia Mop-Up #072 (Lutia Pass/SP) [ANGEL RING] ***
	Skills:	^Haste, ^Fira, ^Thundara, ^Blizzara, Slow, Silence, Demi,
		Cura, Esuna, Aim:Legs, Cupid
	Items:	^^Angel Ring, Firewheel Rod, Sleet Rod, Hades Bow,
		Magus Robe, Chain Plate, Brigandine,
		Wizard Hat, Magic Ring, Bracers
	>: Black Mage 12, Sniper 15R, Time Mage 12

(072)	6 x 40AP: Borzoi Falling #073 (Cyril/CY)
	Skills:	Air Render x2, Far Fist x2, Rush, Backdraft,
		Cure, Cura, Esuna, Shell, Protect
	Items:	Cranequin, Kaiser Knuckles, Atmos Blade, Kwigon Blade,
		Cure Staff, Adaman Vest, Chain Plate x2, Silken Robe,
		Bronze Shield, Bracers, Gauntlets
	>: Fighter 15R, Sniper 13, White Mage 13, White Monk 11

(195)	6 x 40AP: Cadoan Watch #074 (Cadoan/CA)
	Skills:	Blowup#
	Monsters: Bomb x5
	>: Bomb 09+10+10+11+14

(074)	4 x 50AP: ^Free Cadoan #075 (Cadoan/CA)
	Skills:	^Mog Aid x2, Mog Attack x2, Ring, Firebomb, Dagger,
		Ball, Confushot, Charmshot, Blindshot, Silenshot
	Items:	Icebrand, Flametounge, Platemail, Adaman Vest,
		Round Shield, Iron Helm x2, Gauntlets
	>: Mog Knight 12+13

	6 x 40AP: Resistance #106 (Eluut Sands + ROAMING/CA)
	Skills:	Steal:EXP, Steal:JP, Throw, Rush x2, Wild Swing x2,
		Blitz x2, Beatdown, Haste, Slow, Silence, Quarter
	Items:	Shortsword, Terre Rod, Kris Knife, Shadow Blade,
		Chain Plate x3, Mistle Robe, Circlet, Green Beret,
		Gauntlets x2,
	>: Fighter 10, Thief 09R, Time Mage 08, Warrior 09

* Section 2.3.7 The Clues Begin To Add Up

	6 x 40AP: Diamond Rain #007 (Aisenfield) [NO FLEE]
	Skills:	Mighty Guard, Acid
	Monsters: Icedrake x2, Bomb, Ice Flan, Lamia
	Location: Roda Volcano
	>: Bomb 08, Icedrake 08+09, Ice Flan 08, Lamia 09

	6 x 40AP: Hot Recipe #047 (Roda Volcano)
	Skills:	Blowup#
	Monsters: Bomb x3, Firewyrm x2
	>: Bomb 09+10+10, Firewyrm 09+10

	6 x 40AP: ^^Fire Sigil #076 (Roda Volcano)
	Skills:	^^Night, ^Mog Aid x3, Mog Rush, Mog Lance, Mog Attack,
		Steal:Weapon, Steal:Gil, Steal:EXP, Sheep Count,
		100% Wool, Chocobo Rush, Fira, Thundara, Blizzara
	Items:	Icebrand, Atmos Blade, Shadow Blade, Bronze Armour,
		Chain Plate, Adaman Vest, Flame Shield, Bronze Helm,
	>: Mog Knight 10+11+12, Lamia 13R

* Section 2.3.8 Ultima Of The Nu Mou

	4 x 80AP: Hot Awakening #008 (Roda Volcano) [TOTEMA, NO FLEE]
	Location: Koringwood
	>: Ultima Crystal 09+09+10+10+11+11+11+11

(062)	6 x 30AP: ^^^Tower Ruins #032 (Koringwood) [LAST GOBLIN]
	Skills:	^^^Goblin Punch, Blowup#, Bad Breath, Guard-Off
	Monsters: ^^^Goblin, Bomb, Malboro, Icedrake, Firewyrm
	>: Bomb 11, Firewyrm 11, Goblin 12, Icedrake 10, Malboro 11

(032)	6 x 40AP: Battle In Aisen #033 (Aisenfield)
	Skills:	Boost, Cupid, Take Aim, Blackout, Rush, Far Fist
	Items:	Partisan, Atmos Blade, Stinger, Long Bow,
		Bronze Armour, Power Sash, Chain Plate x2,
		Round Shield, Bronze Helm, Gauntlets
	>: Archer 10+10, Dragoon 11, Fencer 10, Fighter 11

	3+2 x 40AP: S.O.S. #048 (Koringwood)
	Skills:	Drain Touch, White Wind, Ring, Firebomb, Ball, Dagger
	Items:	Jack Knife, Adaman Vest, Feather Cap
	>: Juggler 11, Sprite 10+11, Zombie 11+12
	<: Archer 12, Fencer 13

* Section 2.3.9 Just Be Glad Treebeard Didn't Catch You

	5 x 40AP: ^^Magic Wood #009 (Koringwood) [NO FLEE]
	Skills:	^Steal:Helm, Steal:Armour, Steal:Acc, Steal:Gil, Steal:EXP x2,
		Steal:JP, Steal:Shield, Haste, Slow, Quarter, Fira,
		Blizzara, Take Aim, Blackout, Faster
	Items:	Zorlin Shape, Scramasax, Judge Staff, Force Rod, Thorn Bow,
		Fey Bow, Thunder Rod, Judo Uniform, Power Sash, Flurry Robe,
		Gaia Gear, Survival Gear, Minerva Plate, Blaze Robe,
		Thief Hat, Headband, Scarab,
		[ITEM: Zorlin Shape+, ^^Cinquedea]
	Location: Salikawood
	>: Archer 10, Black Mage 11, Sniper 11, Summoner 10, Thief 09+11,
	   Time Mage 09

	6 x 40AP: Fiend Run #100 (Cyril + ROAMING/CY) [CAPTURE 5 MONSTERS]
	Skills:	Hastebreak, Magic Hammer, Bad Breath
	Monsters: Coeurl, Red Cap, Big Malboro, Ahriman
	>: Ahriman 11, Big Malboro 11, Coeurl 11, Red Cap 11

* Section 2.3.10 You Didn't Think You'd Get Away With It Did You?

	6 x 40AP: ^^Emerald Keep #010 (Salikawood) [NO FLEE]
	Skills:	^Stopshot, Boltshot, Cura
	Items:	^Mirage Vest, Chaos Rifle, Lotus Mace, Lohengrin, Cure Staff,
		Partisan, Mandragora, Survival Vest, Diamond Armour,
		White Robe, Gold Armour, Chain Plate, Aegis Shield,
		Diamond Helm, Opal Helm, Green Beret,
		[ITEM: Mandagora+, ^^Cactus Stick]
	Location: Nargai Cave
	>: Alchemist 10, Bishop 09, Gunner 10, Babus 12R, Templar 10+11

(114)	6 x 40AP: ^^Royal Ruins #058 (Nargai Cave)
	Skills:	^^Night, Matra Magic
	Monsters: Lamia, Lilith
	>: Lamia 13, Lilith 14, Statue 01+01, Titania 11, Toughskin 13

(124)	4 x 40AP: Cursed Bride #092 (Eluut Sands)
	Skills: Twister
	>: Lilith 26R

* Section 2.3.11 Adrammelech Of The Bangaa

	6 x 80AP: ^^Pale Company #011 (Nargai Cave) [TOTEMA, THUNDRAKE, NO FLEE]
	Skills:	Mighty Guard
	Monsters: ^^Thundrake, Firewyrm, Icedrake
	Location: Baguba Port, Jagd Dorsa [go to Baguba Port]
	>: Icedrake 13, Firewyrm 13, Thundrake 13, Totema 15R

	6 x 40AP: ^Retrieve Mail #111 (Cyril + ROAMING)
	Skills:	^SpeedBK, ^Provoke, Cuisine, Tail Wag, Frogsong, Catnip,
		First Aid x2, MagicBK, Aim:Arm, Aim:Legs, Cupid,
		Blackout, Confushot, Charmshot, Blindshot, Silenshot
	Items:	War Trumpet, Predator, Char Bow, Silver Sword, Chaos Rifle,
		Adaman Vest x2, Iron Armour, Power Sash, Chain Plate,
		Wizard Hat, Round Shield, Headband, Green Beret
	>: Animist 14, Archer 13, Gunner 13, Soldier 14, Warrior 15R

* Section 2.3.12 Didn't You Parents Teach You Not To Play In The Jagds?

	6 x 40AP: ^^^Jagd Hunt #012 (Jagd Dorsa) [TULWAR, NO FLEE]
	Sills:	Lvl3 Def-Less, Matra Magic, Night#, Hastebreak#,
		Mighty Guard#, White Wind#, Sonic Boom, Advice,
		Metal Veil, Water Veil, Throw, Oblivion
	Items:	^Harpe, Petalchaser x2, Kikuichimonji, Fey Bow,
		Wygar, Mirage Vest, Dark Gear, Judo Uniform,
		Thief Hat, Genji Armlet, Fortune Ring,
		[ITEM: ^Harpe+, ^^^Tulwar],
	Monsters: Antlion
	Location: Kudik Peak
	>: Antlion 12, Assassin 14, Blue Mage 13, Hunter 13, Ninja 14,
	   Toughskin 12

	6 x 40AP: Friend Trouble #052 (Kudik Peaks)
	Skills:	Acid, Poison Claw, Hastebreak
	Monsters: Red Panther x3, Coeurl, Cream
	>: Coeurl 16, Cream 14, Red Panther 13+15+16

	6 x 50AP: Free Baguba! #077 (Baguba Port/BP)
	Skills:	Twister
	Monsters: Lilith x3
	>: Lilith 18+19+20

	6 x 40AP: ^Water Sigil #078 (Nargai Cave)
	Skills:	^Mog Aid x3, Acid, Mog Attack x3, Mog Lance x3, Confushot,
		Charmshot, Blindshot x2, Silenshot, Stopshot, Fireshot,
		Boltshot, Iceshot
	Items:	Air Blade, Sun Blade, Shadow Blade, Platemail x2,
		Gold Armour, Round Shield, Bronze Shield, Cross Helm,
		Bronze Helm x2, Bracers
	>: Ice Flan 20R, Mog Knight 14+17+18

	6 x 40AP: ^^Wind Sigil #079 (Koringwood)
	Sills:	^^Dragon Force, ^Mog Aid x3, Mog Attack x3, Mog Lance x3,
		Fireshot, Boltshot, Iceshot, Confushot, Charmshot, Stopshot,
		Blindshot, Silenshot
	Items:	Air Blade, Icebrand, Atmos Blade, Iron Armour x2, Platemail,
		Round Shield x3, Iron Helm x3
	>: Mog Knight 14+14+15, Thundrake 16R

	6 x 40AP: ^Earth Sigil #080 (Aisenfield)
	Skills:	^Mog Aid x3, Drain Touch, Mog Rush, Mog Attack x3,
		Mog Lance x2, Dagger, Ball, Hurl x3, Ring, Firebomb,
		Smile, Gil Toss
	Items:	Atmos Blade, Kwigon Blade, Air Blade, Platemail x2,
		Iron Armour, Round Shield x3, Iron Helm x2, Bronze Helm,
		[CATCH/17, CATCH/17, CATCH/18]
	>: Mog Knight 17+17+18, Zombie 19R

(076)	6 x 40AP: ^The Redwings #081 (Salikawood)
(078)	Skills:	^Mog Aid x2, Mog Attack x2, Mog Lance x2, Ring, Firebomb, Ball,
(079)		Dagger, Fireshot, Boltshot, Iceshot, Nurse, Saint Cross,
(080)		Holy Blade, Aim:Arm, Aim:Legs
	Items:	^Diamond Sword, Arch Sword, Flametounge, Atmos Blade,
		El Cid Sword, Platemail x4, Iron Armour, Ice Shield,
		Opal Shield x2, Opal Helm x3, Cross Helm, Iron Helm,
		Bracers, Gauntlets
	>: Defender 15+16, Mog Knight 14+17, Paladin 19R

(052)	6 x 40AP: Poachers #108 (Kudik Peaks)
	Skills:	Sonic Boom x2, Advice x2, Aim:Arm x2, Aim:Legs x2, Cupid x2,
		Confushot x2, Charmshot x2, Blindshot x2, Silenshot x2
	Items:	Twin Bow, Nail Bow, Lost Gun, Silver Cannon, Cranequin,
		Thorn Bow, Survival Vest x2, Adaman Vest x3, Chain Plate,
		Headband, Circlet, Feather Cap, Bracers x2, Fortune Ring,
		(Tiger Hide+)
	>: Archer 15+16, Gunner 13+15, Hunter 14+17R

* Section 2.3.13 You're Not The Only Clan Interested In Money You Know

	6 x 40AP: ^^The Bounty #013 (Kudik Peaks + ROAMING) [NO FLEE]
	Skills:	^Quicken, ^Reflect, Drop Weapon, Saint Cross, Cure,
		Cura, Life, Fire, Fira, Thunder, Blizzard, Bilzzara,
		Blizzaga, Stop, Wild Swing, Air Render, Air Blast
	Items:	^^Rubber Suit, ^Vigilante, Force Rod x2, Druid Mace,
		Djinn Flyssa, Atmos Blade, Gold Armour, Mistle Robe,
		Gaia Gear, Brigandine, Survival Vest, Flame Shield,
		Bracers, Scarab,
		[ITEM: Djinn Flyssa+, ^Gupti Aga]
	Location: Jeraw Sands
	>: Black Mage 14, Fighter 14, Paladin 15R, Red Mage 13, Sage 11,
	   Time Mage 14

	6 x 40AP: ^^Wanted (Gabama Bros) #026 (Jeraw Sands/BM)
	Skills:	^SpeedBK, ^Smile, ^Quicken, First Aid, Air Render, Dagger,
		Mog Attack, Mog Guard, Mog Lance, Mog Rush,
		Steal:Armour, Cuisine, Haste, Quarter
	Items:	^^Sword Breaker, Striborg, Kaiser Knuckles, Jambiya, Air Blade,
		Terre Rod, Iron Armour, Adaman Vest, Survival Vest x2,
		Chain Plate, Mistle Robe, Ice Shield x2, Iron Helm,
		[ITEM: Air Blade+, Ogun Blade]
	>: Juggler 14, Mog Knight 16R, Thief 14, Time Mage 15, Warrior 15,
	   White Monk 14

	6 x 40AP: ^^Hit Again #061 (Jagd Dorsa) [NO FLEE]
	Skills:	Blizzard x2, Blizzara, Blizzaga, Fire, Thunder, Cure,
		Steal:Gil, Steal:EXP, Steal:JP, Steal:Ability, Throw,
		Confushot, Charmshot, Blindshot, Silenshot,
		Cuisine, Chocobo Rush
	Items:	^^Longbarrel, ^Chill Rod, ^Harpe, ^Thief Armlets, Khukuri,
		Petalchaser, Flamberge, Ninja Knife, Flurry Robe,
		Survival Vest, Adaman Vest, Minerva Plate, Power Sash,
		Chain Plate, Round Shield, Wizard Hat, Bracers,
		Green Beret, Fortune Ring,
	>: Black Mage 16, Blue Mage 17, Gunner 17, Ninja 16R, Red Mage 16,
	   Thief 15

	6 x 40AP: Snow Fairy #109 (Giza Plains + ROAMING)
	Skills:	White Wind, Angel Whisper, Blowup#, Acid
	Monsters: Grenade, Ice Flan
	>: Grenade 13, Ice Flan 13, Sprite 16R

* Section 2.3.14 A Brief Reunion

	4+2 x 40AP: ^^^Golden Clock #014 (Jeraw Sands) [ZEUS MACE, NO FLEE]
	Skills:	Demi, Red Spring, Blue Screw, Hurl, Firebomb, Ball
	Items:	^^Morning Star, ^Thor Rod, Sick Knuckles, Kard,
		Leather Garb, Chain Plate, Power Sash, Gaunlets, Scarab x2,
		[ITEM: ^^Morning Star+, ^^^Zeus Mace],
	Location: Muscadet
	>: Alchemist 16, Gadgeteer 15, Juggler 14, Time Mage 16
	<: Elementalist 19, Sniper 18

* Section 2.3.15 Exodus Of The Viera (3 Laws)

	5 x 0AP: ^^Scouring Time #015A (Muscadet) [AUTOMATIC, NO FLEE]
	Skills:	^Mog Shield, ^Mog Aid, Mog Lance, Mog Attack, Mog Guard,
		Mog Rush, Drop Weapon, Saint Cross, Holy Blade, Fireshot,
		Iceshot, Blindshot
	Items:	^^Genji Armour, ^Trident, ^Carabini Mail x2, Energy Mace,
		Atmos Blade, Shadow Blade, Ragnarok, Riot Gun, Dragon Whisker,
		Dragon Mail, Chain Plate, Judo Uniform, Platemail, Opal Shield,
		Round Shield, Opal Helm, Cross Helm, Bracers, Gauntlets x2
	>: Gunner 16, Mog Knight 15+16, Paladin 17, Sage 15, Templar 16+17

	Solo x 80AP: ^^Scouring Time (Exodus) #015B (Muscadet) [TOTEMA, AUTOMATIC, NO FLEE]
	Items:	^^Lordly Robe, Lotus Mace
	Location: Uladon Bog
	>: 8x Exodus Fruit 18, Babus 21

	6 x 40AP: Wanted (Swampking Kanan) #028 (Uladon Bog/SM)
	Skills:	Take Aim
	Items:	Burglar Sword, Kain's Lance, Judge Staff, Cure Staff,
		Artemis Bow, Iron Armour, Platemail, Thunder Robe,
		Adaman Vest, Survival Vest, Iron Helm, Cross Helm,
		Circlet, Magic Ring, Green Beret
	>: Archr 18, Bishop 18, Dragoon 18, Summoner 18, Templar 19R

	6 x 40AP: The Wanderer #039 (Muscadet/MU)
	>: Tonberry 18+19, Masterberry 20R

	6 x 50AP: ^^Free Muscadet! #082 (Muscadet/MU)
	Skills:	Oblivion, Silence, Haste
	Items:	^^Genji Shield, ^Cachusha, Master Bow, Masamune, Gae Bolg,
		Dark Gear, Opal Armour, Opal Helm, Genji Armlets, Bracers
	>: Assassin 22+23, Templar 21R

(082)	4 x 50AP: Foreign Fiend #083 (Ulei River)
	Skills:	Night
	>: Lamia 38

(083)	4 x 60AP: Foreign fiend #084 (Baguba Port)
	>: Blade Biter 28

(084)	4 x 70AP: Foreign Fiend #085 (Uladon Bog)
	Skills:	Bad Breath
	Monsters: Malboro, Big Malboro
	>: Big Malboro 42, Malboro 36

(085)	4 x 80AP: Last Stand #086 (Nubswood)
	Skills:	Lvl? S-Flare
	>: Vampire 46

	6 x 40AP: Flan Breakout #093 (Salikawood)
	Skills:	Acid
	Monsters: Jelly x2, Ice Flan x2, Cream
	>: Cream 24, Ice Flan 21+25, Jelly 24+26

* Section 2.3.16 Ask Him If His Name Is "Fett"

	6 x 40AP: ^^The Big Find #016 (Uladon Bog) [NO FLEE]
	Skills:	Rush, Air Render, Far Fist, Backdraft, Wild Swing,
		Beatdown, Blitz, Cura, Steal:Armour, Steal:Shield,
		Steal:Acc, Steal:Weapon
	Item:	Kwigon Blade, Ogun Blade, Cure Staff, Rondell Dagger,
		Garnet Staff, Leather Garb, Chain Plate, Survival Vest,
		Wygar, Black Robe, Headband, Wizard Hat,
		[ITEM: Ogun Blade+, ^^Adaman Blade]
	Location: Gotor Sands
	>: Bishop 17+18, Fighter 18+19, Thief 17+21

	6 x 40AP: Desert Rose #051 (Gotor Sands/HM)
	Skills:	Lvl3 Def-Less, Poison Claw
	Monsters: Red Panther x2, Antlion x2, Jawbreaker
	>: Antlion 19+19, Jawbreaker 19, Red Panther 19+21, Sprite 18

	6 x 40AP: Exploration #065 (Gotor Sands)
	Skills:	Hastebreak, Blowup#, Lvl3 Def-Less, Acid
	Monsters: Coeurl, Grenade, Jawbreaker, Ice Flan
	Location: Jagd Ahli
	>: Coeurl 18, Grenade 20, Ice Flan 21, Jawbreaker 18

(025)	6 x 40AP: ^Wanted (Dark Duke Londion) #030 (Jagd Ahli/KM) [NO FLEE]
(065)	Skills:	Rush, Wild Swing, Beatdown x2, Blitz x2, Air Blast,
		Boost, Aim:Arm, Aim:Legs, Blackout, Oblivion,
		Prominence, Tempest, Freezeblink
	Items:	^Thor Rod, Shadow Blade, Partisan, Sun Blade, Marasame,
		Nail Bow, Chain Plate, Iron Armour, Power Sash,
		Thunder Robe, Survival Vest, Brigandine, Wizard Hat,
		Green Beret, Bracers, Gauntlets x2, Magic Ring
	>: Archer 15, Assassin 14, Dragoon 16, Fighter 15, Gladiator 16,
	   Illusionist 16R

	6 x 40AP: ^^Stolen Scoop #104 (Baguba Port + ROAMING)
	Skills:	^Provoke, ^Steal:Helm, First Aid, Mug, Steal:Gil x2,
		Steal:EXP, Steal:JP, Steal:Shield, Steal:Acc
	Items:	^^White Fangs, ^Cachusha, Restorer, Flamberge, Jack Knife,
		Zorlin Shape, Dragon Mail, Judo Uniform, Leather Garb,
		Ninja Gear, Survival Vest, Aegis Shield, Cross Helm,
		Genji Armlets, Bracers, Fortune Ring x2,
		[ITEM: Zorlin Shape+, N/A],
		[ITEM: Jack Knife+, N/A]
	>: Fencer 19, Soldier 21, Thief 20+20R, White Monk 19

(108)	6 x 40AP: ^^Smuggle Bust #105 (Baguba Port + ROAMING)
	Sills:	^Addle, Fira, Firaga, Thundara, Thundaga, Blizzara,
		Blizzaga, Sonic Boom, Aim:Vitals, Bad Breath
	Items:	^^Aona Flute, Master Bow, Power Sash, Gaia Gear,
		Green Beret, Magic Ring,
		(Chocobo Skin+)
	Monsters: Malboro x2
	>: Beastmaster 21R, Box 01+01, Hunter 19, Malboro 17+18

(105)	6 x 40AP: ^^Flesh & Bones #053 (Baguba Port)
	Skills:	^Addle, ^Steal:Helm, ^SpeedBK, Confushot, Charmshot, Blindshot,
		Silenshot, Dagger, Smile, Steal:Shield, Steal:Gil x2,
		Steal:Armour, Steal:Acc, Sonic Boom, Aim:Vitals, Aim:Arm,
		Aim:Legs, Cupid, Rush, Beatdown, Blitz, PowerBK, MindBK,
		MagicBK, Oblivion
	Items:	^Outsider, ^Cachusha, Jambiya, Fey Bow, Nail Bow, Cranequin,
		Rondell Dagger, Jack Knife, Chain Plate x2, Survival Vest x2,
		Brigandine, Judo Uniform, Headband, Bracers, Gauntlets,
		Fortune Ring, Scarab,
		[ITEM: Outsider+, ^^Calling Gun]
	>: Archer 20, Gunner 20, Hunter 20+21R, Thief 19+20

* Section 2.3.17 You're Going To End Up In Carbonite You Know

	5 x 40AP: ^^Desert Patrol #017 (Gotor Sands) [NO FLEE]
	Skills:	^Provoke, ^SpeedBK, Cura, Air Render, Far Fist, Drop Weapon,
		Mug, PowerBK x2, MindBK x2, MagicBK
	Items:	^^Hardedge, ^^Godhand, ^Spring Staff, ^Diamond Sword, ^Mirror Mail,
		^Carabini Mail, Dragon Mail, Dragon Whisker, Ragnarok, Venus Blade,
		Ninja Gear, Flurry Robe, Brigandine, Wygar, Wizard Hat, Flame Shield,
		Diamond Helm, Cross Helm, Bracers, Gauntlets,
		[ITEM: ^Spring Staff+, ^Cheer Staff],
		[ITEM: Ragnarok+, Arch Sword]
	Location: Delia Dunes
	>: Bishop 18, Defender 20, Dragoon 19, Gladiator 20, Soldier 18+19,
	   White Monk 17

(033)	6 x 50AP: ^^Magewyrm #034 (Delia Dunes)
	Skills:	^^Dragon Force, Guard-Off, Mighty Guard, Blowup#, Poison Claw,
		Lvl3 Def-Less
	Monsters: Firewyrm, Icedrake, Bomb, Red Panther, Antlion
	>: Antlion 20, Bomb 21, Firewyrm 22, Icedrake 21, Red Panther 20,
	   Thundrake 20R

(034)	6 x 60AP: ^Salika Keep #035 (Salikawood)
	Skills:	^Quicken, Lvl? S-Flare, Shell, Protect, Haste
	Items:	Cure Staff, Terre Rod, Falchion, Lohengrin, Magus Robe x2,
		Bronze Armour, Platemail, Round Shield, Bronze Helm,
		Iron Helm, Feather Cap, Bracers, Gauntlets, Magic Ring
	>: Defender 21+21, Time Mage 21, Vampire 23R, White Mage 21

(102)	6 x 40AP: ^^A Dragon's Aid #066 (Delia Dunes) [WYRMSTONE USED, THUNDRAKE]
	Skills:	^^Dragon Force, Mighty Guard
	Items:	^^Genji Armour, ^^Genji Shield, ^Trident, Restorer, Dragon Mail,
		Cross Helm
	Monsters: ^^Thundrake, Icedrake, Firewyrm
	Location: Ozmonfield
	>: Dragoon 21R+22, Firewyrm 19, Icedrake 20, Thundrake 21

(152)	4 x 40AP: ^"Challengers?" #091 (Delia Dunes)
	Skills:	Air Blast, Backdraft, Aim:Arm, Aim:Legs, Take Aim, Faster
	Items:	^Bone Plate, Paraiba Blade, Bracers
	>: Fighter 32R

	6 x 40AP: ^^Wyrms Awaken #102 (Roda Volcano + ROAMING) [THUNDRAKE]
	Skills:	^^Dragon Force, Guard-Off, Mighty Guard
	Monsters: ^^Thundrake x2, Firewyrm x2, Icedrake
	>: Firewyrm 19+22, Icedrake 21, Thundrake 20+21

(102)	6 x 40AP: ^^Ruby Red #031 (Baguba Port) [THUNDRAKE]
	Skills:	^Addle, ^^Dragon Force#, Faster, Blackout, Cura, Shell, Protect,
		Advice, Aim:Vitals, Mighty Guard#, Guard-Off#, Angel Whisper#
	Items:	Artemis Bow, War Trumpet, Twin Bow, Aqua Saber, Thunder Robe,
		Judo Uniform, Brigandine, Power Sash, Headband, Fortune Ring,
		Magic Ring
	Monsters: ^^Thundrake, Icedrake
	>: Archer 20, Beastmaster 21R, Blue Mage 21, Hunter 20, Icedrake 20,
	   Thundrake 21

* Section 2.3.18 Mateus Of The Humans

	6 x 0AP: ^Quiet Sands #018A (Delia Dunes) [BANGAA HELM, LIMITED TIME, NO FLEE]
	Skills:	Haste x2, Silence, Angel Whisper
	Items:	^Bangaa Helm, Savethequeen, Kain's Lance, Lohengrin, Maximillian,
		Dragon Mail, Opal Armour, Diamond Helm, Cross Helm
	Location: Materiwood
	>: Llednar 23R, Templar 20+21, Titania 19+20

	6 x 80AP: Quiet Sands (Mateus) #018B (Delia Dunes) [TOTEMA, NO FLEE]
	Skills:	Lvl? S-Flare, Star Cross, Thundaga
	>: Totema 24R, Vampire 21+22+22+22

	5+1 x 40AP: For A Song #054 (Materiwood/MU)
	Skills:	Guard-Off, Poison Claw, Bad Breath, White Wind, Angel Whisper
	Monsters: Firewyrm, Red Panther, Malboro
	>: Firewyrm 23, Malboro 23, Red Panther 24, Sprite 23, Titania 25
	<: Summoner 15

(066)	6 x 40AP: ^^Showdown! #060 (Ozmonfield)
	Skills:	^Mog Aid, Oblivion, Nurse, Drop Weapon, Saint Cross, Holy Blade,
		Mog Lance, Fireshot, Boltshot, Iceshot
	Items:	^^Genji Shield, ^Carabini Mail, Sage Crosier, Kain's Lance,
		Vigilante, Kwigon Blade, Pure Staff, Ninja Gear, Gaia Gear,
		Platemail, Opal Armour, Mistle Robe, Opal Shield, Aegis Shield,
		Cross Helm x2, Opal Helm, Gauntlets, Magic Ring, Scarab,
		[ITEM: Sage Crosier+, Battle Mace],
		[ITEM: Vigilante+, SavetheQueen]
	>: Alchemist 23, Assassin 24, Dragoon 23, Mog Knight 23R, Paladin 24,
	   Summoner 23

	2+4 x 80AP: Old Friends #107 (Materiwood + ROAMING)
	Skills:	Lvl3 Def-Less
	Items:	(Allmighty)
	Monsters: Antlion, Bomb
	>: Antlion 21, Blade Biter 27, Bomb 20
	<: Elementalist 17, Sniper 17, Summoner 16, White Mage 15

* Section 2.3.19 Isn't This Taking Sibling Rivalry Just A Little Too Far?

	6 x 40AP: ^^Materite Now! #019 (Materiwood) [NO FLEE]
	Skills:	^^Full-Life, ^Curaga, Oblivion, Fire, Thunder, Sleep,
		Esuna, Shell
	Items:	^^Rubber Suit, ^^Joyeuse, ^Madu, ^Ribbon,
		Masamune, Nike Bow, Pure Staff, Cheer Staff, Ninja Gear,
		Bone Plate, Brint Set, Mirage Vest, Thunder Robe, Genji Armlets,
		Gold Hairpin, Magic Ring
	Location: Bervenia Palace
	>: Asassin 23, Elementalist 23, Red Mage 22, Sniper 21, Summoner 21,
	   White Mage 20

	6 x 20AP: Prison Break #057 (Sprohm)
	(See Section 2.4 "The Recurring Mission".)

* Section 2.3.20 Doesn't This Guy Ever Get Tired Of Wearing That Hat?

	5 x 0AP: ^^^Present Day #020A (Bervenia Palace) [MATERIA BLADE, AUTOMATIC, NO FLEE]
	Skills:	^Mog Shield, ^Mog Aid, Wild Swing, Rush, Beatdown, Blitz, Haste,
		Mog Attack, Mog Lance, Mog Rush
	Items:	^Pearl Blade, Ogun Blade, Life Crosier, Lionheart,
		Venus Blade, Brigandine x2, Gaia Gear, Platemail x2,
		Opal Helm, Cross Helm, Feather Cap, Bracers, Gauntlets,
		[ITEM: Life Crosier+, ^^Scorpion Tail],
		[ITEM: ^Pearl Blade+, ^^^Materia Blade]
	>: Alchemist 21, Gladiator 22+23, Mog Knight 22, Templar 24

	Solo x 80AP: ^Present Day (Llednar) #020B (Bervenia Palace) [BANGAA HELM, LIMITED TIME, AUTOMATIC, NO FLEE]
	Items:	^Bangaa Helm, SavetheQueen, Maximillian
	Location: Tubola Cave
	>: Llednar 26 (Invulnerable)

	5 x 40AP: Battle Tourney #040 (Bervenia Palace/KM) ["Sequence" booster]
	(See Section 2.4 "The Recurring Mission".)

	4 x 40AP: Mage Tourney #041 (Bervenia Palace/SM) ["Sapere Aude" booster]
	(See Section 2.4 "The Recurring Mission".)

	4 x 40AP: Swimming Meet #042 (Bervenia Palace/HM) ["Acacia Hat" booster]
	(See Section 2.4 "The Recurring Mission".)

(046)	6 x 40AP: Missing Professor #063 (Tubola Cave) [QUINN]
	Skills:	Blowup#, Mighty Guard, Roulette, Angel Whisper
	Monsters: Bomb, Icedrake, Ahrimin
	>: Ahrimin 24, Bomb 25, Icedrake 26, Statue 01+01, Titania 28

(057)	6 x 40AP: ^^Den of Evil #064 (Tubola Cave)
	Skills:	Cura x2, Esuna, Slow, Stop, Silence, Demi, Silver Disc,
		Fire, Fira, Firaga, Night#, Star#, Lvl? S-Flare#
	Items:	^^Silver Rapier, ^^Snake Staff, Stardust Rod, Flame Rod,
		Hard Knuckles, Cure Staff, Magus Robe, Mistle Robe,
		Black Robe, Blaze Robe, Gaia Gear, Judo Uniform,
		Round Shield, Black Hat, Thief Hat, Gauntlets,
		Scarab, Magic Ring x2
	Location: Jagd Helje
	>: Bishop 25, Black Mage 26R, Elementalist 28, Gadgeteer 26,
	   Time Mage 25, White Mage 28

(064)	6 x 40AP: ^^Wanted (Killer Rayne) #029 (Jagd Helje/HM) [NO FLEE]
	Skills:	Confushot, Charmshot, Blindshot, Silenshot,
		Oblivion, Cure
	Items:	Petalchaser, Colichemarde, Hades Bow, Peacemaker,
		Ninja Gear, Minerva Plate, Power Sash, Brigandine,
		Bracers, Gauntlets, Fortune Ring, Magic Ring,
		[ITEM: Hades Bow+, N/A],
		[ITEM: Peace Maker+, ^^Bindsnipe]
	>: Assassin 26R, Gunner 25, Red Mage 24, Sniper 24

(063)	6 x 40AP: Mythril Rush #103 (Tubola Cave + ROAMING)
	(See Section 2.4 "The Recurring Mission".)

(287)	6 x 40AP: Revenge #110 (Nargai Cave + ROAMING)
	Skills:	Rush, Wild Swing, Blitz, Beatdown, Air Render, Far Fist,
		Backdraft, Boost, Aim:Legs, Aim:Arm, Take Aim, Fire, Fira,
		Thunder, Thundara, Blizzard, Blizzara
	Items:	Ogun Blade, Flametounge, Yoichi Bow, Shadow Blade,
		Terre Rod, Adaman Vest x2, Survival Vest, Judo Uniform,
		Mistle Robe, Wizard Hat, Bracers x2, Fortune Ring, Magic Ring
	>: Archer 13, Black Mage 15, Gladiator 14, Fighter 14+17R

* Section 2.3.21 Just Hit Each Other Then Go Get A Beer

	6 x 40AP: ^^Hidden Vein #021 (Tubola Cave) [NO FLEE]
	Skills:	^Friend, ^Mog Shield, ^Mog Aid, Far Fist, Sheep Count, Tail Wag,
		Mog Guard, Mog Rush, Hurl, Firebomb, Dagger, Smile, Twister#,
		Bad Breath#, Roulette#, White Wind#
	Items:	^^Scorpion Tail, ^Harpe, Survivor, Black Quena, Paraiba Blade,
		Orichalcum, Judo Uniform, Bone Plate, Survival Vest x2,
		Mirage Vest, Power Sash, Thief Hat, Iron Helm, Feather Cap,
		[ITEM: Black Quena+, ^^Heal Chime],
	Location: Deti Plains
	>: Animist 26, Blue Mage 25, Juggler 24, Mog Knight 25, Sage 26,
	   White Monk 26

* Section 2.3.22 I Could Really Use Some Gopher Repellant Here Guybrush

	6 x 40AP: ^^To Ambervale #022 (Deti Plains) [LAST THUNDRAKE, AUTOMATIC, NO FLEE]
	Skills:	Lvl3 Def-Less, Twister, Bad Breath
	Monsters: ^^Thundrake, Coeurl, Jawbreaker, Lilith, Big Malboro
	Location: Siena Gorge
	>: Big Malboro 26, Coeurl 26, Jawbreaker 25, Lilith 26, Thundrake 27

	6 x 20AP: Yellow Powerz #043A (Sprohm + ROAMING/KM)
	6 x 20AP: Blue Geniuses #043B (Cadoan + ROAMING)
	6 x 20AP: Brown Rabbits #043C (Muscadet + ROAMING)
	6 x 20AP: White Kupos #043D (Baguba Port + ROAMING)
	4 x 80AP: Clan League #043E (Bervenia Palace) ["Peytral" Booster, LITTLEVILLI]
	(See Section 2.4 "The Recurring Mission".)

	6 x 40AP: ^Sketchy Thief #059 (Deti Plains)
	Skills:	^Provoke, Acid, Steal:Gil, Steal:JP, Steal:Armour, Steal:Weapon,
		Blizzara, Blizzaga, Blindshot, Stopshot, Cuisine, Frogsong,
		Chocobo Rush, Ball, Firebomb, Aim:Arm, Aim:Legs, Mug,
	Items:	^Thief Armlets x2, Khukuri, Scramasax, Black Quena, Thorn Bow,
		Dark Gear, Survival Vest x2, Brigandine, Round Shield, Headband,
		Fortune Ring
	Monsters: Jelly
	>: Animist 28, Archer 30, Jelly 29, Thief 28R+30

	4 x 40AP: Sorry, Friend #094 (Deti Plains)
	Skills:	Lvl3 Def-Less
	>: Jawbreaker 34

* Section 2.3.23 Now You Know What It's Like To Be Married

	6 x 80AP: ^^^Over The Hill #023 (Siena Gorge) [SILVER COAT, AUTOMATIC, NO FLEE]
	Skills:	Oblivion, Fire, Thunder, Blizzard
	Items:	^^^Silver Coat, ^^Nirvana Staff, ^^Rubber Suit, ^Madu x2,
		^Max's Oathbow, ^Seventh Heaven, ^Femme Fatale, ^Galmia Set,
		^Brint Set, ^Ribbon x2, Brigandine, Minerva Plate, Gold Hairpin x2
	>: Assassin 28, Elementalist 28, Fencer 28, Red Mage 30R, Sniper 29,
	   Summoner 28

	6 x 40AP: ^New Antilaw #056 (Siena Gorge/CA)
	Skills:	Air Render, Far Fist, Blindshot, Mog Attack, Mog Rush,
		Wood Veil, Fire Veil, Earth Veil, Metal Veil,
		Water Veil, Haste, Slow, Silence, Demi
	Items:	^Carabini Mail, Lohengrin, Ashura, Murasame, Lost Gun, Hunt Bow,
		Estoc, Stardust Rod, Blaze Robe, Ninja Gear,
		Gaia Gear, Judo Uniform,  Survival Vest, Flame Shield,
		Cross Helm, Headband, Wizard Hat x2, Bracers x2
	Location: Ambervale
	>: Defender 25, Gunner 26, Ninja 27R, Red Mage 27, Sniper 28, Time Mage 28

(056)	5+1 x 40AP: ^^Reconciliation #--- (Koringwood) [EZEL]
	Skills:	^^Auto-Life, ^Cover, ^Provoke, ^Steal:Helm, Beatdown, Blitz,
		Drop Weapon, Holy Blade, First Aid, Steal:Weapon, Steal:JP, Cura,
		Curaga, Esuna
	Items:	^Light Robe, Kaiser Knuckles, Venus Blade, Gale Sword, Colichemarde,
		Garnet Staff, Brigandine, Dark Gear, Opal Armour,
		Gaia Gear, Opal Shield, Cross Helm, Headband,
		Green Beret, Gold Hairpin, Gauntlets, Star Armlet,
		Fortune Ring x2, Magic Ring
	>: Elementalist 16, Fighter 15R, Soldier 15, White Mage 14, White Monk 14
	<: Ezel 15

* Section 2.3.24 How Many Times Do I Have To Kill These People?

(056)	4 x 0AP: Royal Valley #024A (Ambervale) [NO FLEE]
	The effects of this battle will not be saved.
	>: Alchemist 28, Assassin 29, Gunner 27, Illusionist 28, Llednar 30R,
	   Ninja 29

	6 x 0AP: Queen Remedi #024B (Ambervale) [AUTOMATIC, NO FLEE]
	The effects of this battle will not be saved.
	>: Adrammelech 28, Famfrit 28, Remedi 32R

	6 x 0AP: Li-grim #024C (Ambervale) [AUTOMATIC, NO FLEE, LAWSHIFT, CUT-SCENE]
	The effects of this battle will not be saved.
	>: Mateus 28+28, Remedi 36R

(191)	4 x 40AP: Missing Meow #067 (Deti Plains)
	Skills:	Hastebreak
	>: Coeurl 35R

	6 x 50AP: Free Bervenia! #087 (Cyril/CY) [FREE ALL OTHER AREAS]
	Skills:	Mighty Guard, Roulette, Lvl? S-Flare
	Monsters: Icedrake x2, Ahrimin x2
	>: Ahrimin 32+36, Icedrake 34+35, Vampire 39R

	4 x 40AP: ^^The Worldwyrm #088 (Roda Volcano)
	Skills:	^^Dragon Force
	>: Thundrake 46R

(088)	6 x 40AP: ^Moogle Bride #089 (Materiwood)
	Skills:	^Mog Aid, ^Friend x2, Firaga x2, Thundaga x2, Blizzaga x2, Haste,
		Slow, Silence, Demi, Mog Attack, Mog Rush, 100% Wool x2,
		Tail Wag x2, Chocobo Rush, Frogsong, Steal:ACC, Steal:Gil,
		Steal:Ability, Confushot, Charmshot, Blindshot, Silenshot, Hurl,
		Ring, Ball, Smile
	Items:	Flame Rod, Venus Blade, Jambiya, Terre Rod, Orichalcum,
		Blaze Robe, Opal Armour, Ninja Gear, Mistle Robe, Mirage Vest,
		Opal Shield, Black Hat, Green Beret, Gold Hairpin, Fortune Ring,
		Magic Ring x2,
	>: Black Mage 31, Juggler 32, Mog Knight 34R, Thief 32, Time Mage 30

(089)	6 x 40AP: ^^Clan Law #090 (Ozmonfield)
	Skills:	Drop Weapon, Saint Cross, Holy Blade, Air Render, Far Fist,
		Curaga, Esuna, Shell, Protect
	Items:	^^Cat Claws, ^Spring Staff, ^Light Robe, Cheer Staff, Lohengrin,
		Lotus Mace, Opal Armour, Survival Vest, Wygar, White Robe,
		Aegis Shield x2, Bracers, Scarab, Fortune Ring x2, Magic Ring
	>: Paladin 39R, Sage 35, Summoner 38, White Mage 37, White Monk 36

(064)	4 x 40AP: Carrot! #095 (Jagd Helje) [NO FLEE]
(193)	Skills:	Bad Breath
	>: Malboro 48R

(065)	6 x 40AP: ^^Shadow Clan #096 (Jagd Ahli) [NO FLEE]
(067)	Skills:	^Unspell, ^Soil Evidence, ^Deluge, Oblivion x2, Throw x2,
		Prominence, Tempest, Freezeblink, Wild Tornado, Blowup#, Stare#,
		Night#, Twister#, Poison Claw#
	Items:	^^Genji Shield, Kikuichimonji, Nike Bow, Nosada, Ninja Knife x2,
		Ashura, Kotetsu, Dark Gear x2, Minerva Plate, Ninja Gear x2,
		Black Hat x2, Genji Armlets x3, Scarab x2,
		[CATCH/41, CATCH/43]
	>: Assassin 39+41, Ninja 38+41+43R

(284)	4 x 40AP: ^^The Dark Blade #097 (Jagd Dorsa) [NO FLEE]
	Skills:	^^Goblin Punch#, Acid#, Guard-Off#, Poison Claw#,
		Hastebreak#, Drain Touch#
	Items:	Vigilante, Dragon Mail, Bracers
	>: Paladin 48R

(064)	4 x 40AP: ^^^The Hero Blade #098 (Baguba Port) [GENJI HELM]
(095)	Skills:	Haste
	Items:	^^^Genji Helm, ^^Genji Armour, Dragon Whisker, Genji Armlets
	>: Templar 48R

(192)	4 x 40AP: ^The Fey Blade #099 (Siena Gorge)
	Items:	^Pearl Blade, Bone Plate, Genji Armlets
	>: Gladiator 49R

	3+1 x 40AP: Mortal Snow #--- (Lutia Pass) [RITZ, BULLIES]
	Skills:	Lvl? S-Flare
	>: Vampire 16+17+18R
	<: Fencer 16

	3+1 x 40AP: With Babus #--- (Ambervale) [BABUS]
	Skills:	Stare, Roulette
	Monsters: Floateye, Ahrimin
	>: Ahrimin 15, Floateye 15, Remedi 15R
	<: Babus 15

(Bear)	4/6 x 0AP: Memories #--- (Ambervale) [NO FLEE]
	This mission repeats mission #024, and the credits, and has no effect.
	You can only get this mission once you have the 'Bear' you get from
	Babus after the end of the game. You must not have any of the main
	characters from the storyline currently in your clan, but you can
	still do the mission by kicking them out later on. Once you accept the
	mission, the status flag for mission #024 will come OFF, blocking you
	from doing any more of the later game missions.

* Section 2.3.25 The Corrupt Judge Missions

	NOTE: These missions contains TONS of rare stuff to steal! In fact,
	      it's almost as if these missions were added as a chance to pick
	      up a copy of any ultra-rare items you missed along the way. I
	      *STRONGLY* recommend you take a couple of Thief characters and
	      some Time Magic with you to get as much as you can from these
	      missions (this is your last chance)!
	NOTE: Interestingly enough, the difficulty of these missions is
	      based on your average clan level.

	5+1 x 40AP: ^^^Cleanup Time #J01 (Cadoan) [CID]
	Skills:	Air Render, Defense
	Items:	^^Blood Sword, ^Carabini Mail x2, ^Light Robe, Apocalypse,
		Life Crosier, El Cid Sword, Gold Armour, Aegis Shield,
		Ice Shield, Cross Helm x3, Feather Cap, Bracers x2,
		Scarab, Magic Ring,
		[ITEM: Life Crosier+, ^^^Zeus Mace]
	>: Defender, Sage, Templar **R, Time Mage, Warrior
	<: Cid **

	6 x 50AP: ^No Arms Rule #J02 (Giza Plains) [BLANK CARD]
	Skills:	^Cover, ^SpeedBK, ^Soil Evidence, ^Deluge, Wild Tornado,
		Holy Blade, Haste, Slow, Silence, Fira, Thundara, Blizzara,
		Cura, Esuna
	Items:	^Thor Rod, ^Light Robe, Garnet Staff, Sleet Rod, Lohengrin,
		Stardust Rod, Thunder Robe, Gaia Gear, Magus Robe, Opal Armour,
		Ice Shield, Gold Hairpin, Wizard Hat x2, Diamond Helm,
		Black Hat, Fortune Ring x2, Magic Ring x4,
		[ITEM: ^Thor Rod+, Princess Rod]
	>: Bishop, Black Mage, Illusionist **R, Paladin, Time Mage

	6 x 50AP: ^^Kissing Rule #J03 (Nubswood) [BLANK CARD]
	Skills:	^Ultima Shot, Air Render, Rush, Wild Swing, Beatdown, Blitz,
		Sonic Boom, Aim:Vitals, Aim:Legs, Cupid, PowerBK, MagicBK
	Items:	^^Rubber Suit, Survivor, Hades Bow, Nike Bow, Silver Bow,
		Venus Blade, Wygar, Bone Plate, Mirage Vest, Dark Gear,
		Thief Hat, Green Beret, Feather Cap, Headband, Genji Armlets,
		Bracers, Gauntlets
	>: Archer, Gladiator, Hunter **R, Sniper, White Monk

	6 x 50AP: ^^Immunity Pass #J04 (Cyril) [NO FLEE, YELLOW CARD]
	Skills:	^Reflect, Slow, Cura, Life, Shell
	Items:	^^Angel Ring, ^Excalibur, ^Light Robe x2, ^Mirror Mail, ^White Hat,
		Lotus Mace, Druid Mace, Ice Shield, Flame Shield, Black Hat,
		Diamond Helm, Bracers, Scarab, Magic Ring
	>: Judge **R, 2x Sage

	6 x 50AP: ^No Full HP #J05 (Aisenfield) [BLANK CARD]
	Skills:	Night, Twister, Chocobo Rush, Catnip, Ring, Dagger, Catch,
		Magic Hammer#, Mighty Guard#, Matra Magic#, Bad Breath#
	Items:	^Harpe, War Trumpet, Gaia Gear, Mirage Vest, Thief Hat x2
	Monsters: Lamia, Lilith
	>: Animist, Blue Mage **R, Lamia, Lilith

	6 x 50AP: ^^^No Literacy #J06 (Uladon Bog) [BLANK CARD]
	Skills:	Poison Claw, Throw, Fire Veil, Earth Veil, Oblivion
	Items:	^^^Mindu Gem, ^Trident, War Trumpet, Osafune, Heaven's Cloud,
		Power Sash, Dragon Mail, Dark Gear, Diamond Helm, Green Beret,
		Genji Armlets, Magic Ring,
	Monsters: Red Panther
	>: Beastmaster, Ninja, Red Panther, Templar, Thief **R

	6 x 50AP: ^^^Favourtism #J07 (Baguba Port) [NO FLEE, YELLOW CARD]
 	Skills:	Drop Weapon, Cura, Shell, Protect
	Items:	^^^Genji Helm, ^^Genji Shield, ^^Genji Armour, ^^Fire Mitts,
		^Carabini Mail, ^Beastsword, ^Bangaa Helm, ^Parade Helm, ^White Hat,
		^Choco Shield, Bracers x2, Star Armlet, SaveTheQueen, Kain's Lance,
		Pure Staff, Dragon Mail, White Robe
	>: Dragoon, Judge **R, Warrior, White Mage

	6 x 50AP: ^^^No Answers #J08 (Muscadet) [BLANK CARD]
	Skills:	^Reflect, Throw, Fire Veil, Metal Veil, Water Veil, Oblivion,
		Haste x2, Silence x2, Rush, Confushot, Silenshot, Tempest
	Items:	^^Bone Armlets, ^^Judge Coat, ^^Onlyone, ^Light Robe, ^Bindsnipe,
		^Thor Rod, ^Cachusha, ^Sacri Shield, Seventh Heaven, Masamune,
		Zanmato, Lohengrin, Minerva Plate, Thief Hat x2, Cross Helm,
		Wizard Hat, Bracers, Gauntlets,
	>: Assassin, Gunner, Ninja **R, Templar, Time Mage

	6 x 50AP: ^^No Jumping #J09 (Roda Volcano) [BLANK CARD]
	Skills:	^SpeedBK, ^Provoke, Prominence, Tempest, Freezeblink, Aim:Legs x2,
		Aim:Arm, Cupid, Take Aim, Faster, Blackout, Wild Swing, Beatdown,
		Air Blast, Backdraft, Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga, First Aid, MagicBK,
	Items:	^^Sage Robe, ^^Lordly Robe, ^^Vitanova, ^Heretic Rod, ^Crescent Bow,
		^Shijin Shield, Bone Plate, Stardust Rod, Max's Oathbow, Venus Blade,
		Temple Cloth, Wygar, Dragon Mail, Gold Hairpin, Ribbon, Thief Hat,
		Black Hat, Green Beret, Opal Helm, Aegis Shield, Bracers x2,
		Gauntlets, Ruby Earing, Magic Ring
	>: Archer, Black Mage **R, Fighter, Illusionist, Sniper, Soldier

	6 x ??AP: ^Decision Time #J10 (Sprohm) [NO FLEE, YELLOW CARD]
	?Items:	^Excalibur, ^Carabini Mail, ^Mirror Mail, Nagrarok, Defender,
		Dragon Mail, Flame Shield, Diamond Helm, Cross Helm x2,
		Bracers, Scarab
	>: 2x Judge, Judge **R

* Section 2.4 The Recurring Combat Missions

	NOTE: This missions will re-appear at the pub indefinately. This means
	      that any skills and equipment found in these missions can be picked
	      up any time after they become available without fear of missing it
	      completely (similar to the world map 'territory' and 'roaming clan'

(020)	5 x 40AP: Battle Tourney #040 (Bervenia Palace/KM) ["Sequence" booster]
	Skills:	Star Cross, Stardust, Defense, Cura, Esuna, Protect,
		Magic Hammer#, Mighty Guard#
	Items:	Terre Rod, Lohengrin, Gale Sword, Ragnarok, Druid Mace,
		Mistle Robe, Platemail x2, Iron Armour, Magus Robe,
		Flame Shield, Ice Shield, Opal Shield, Round Shield,
		Wizard Hat, Iron Helm, Bracers, Magic Ring x2,
		[ITEM: Druid Mace+, N/A]
	>: Defender 25, Dragoon 26, Illusionist 24, Paladin 26, Sage 26

(020)	4 x 40AP: Mage Tourney #041 (Bervenia Palace/SM) ["Sapere Aude" booster]
	Skills:	Magic Hammer#, Acid#, Blowup#, Twister#, Drain Touch#,
		Fira#, Thunder#, Thundara#, Blizzard#, Blizzara#, Cura#,
		Life#, Protect#
	Items:	Scarlette#, Judge Staff#, Aqua Saber#, Sleet Rod#,
		Thunder Robe#, Blaze Robe#, Flurry Robe#, Mistle Robe#,
		Circlet# x2, Gold Hairpin#, Fortune Ring#, Scarab#,
		Magic Ring# x2
	>: Black Mage 25, Blue Mage 26, Red Mage 26, White Mage 26

(020)	4 x 40AP: Swimming Meet #042 (Bervenia Palace/HM) ["Acacia Hat" booster]
	Skills:	Wild Swing, Air Render, Aim:Legs, Take Aim, Curaga, Esuna
	Items:	Icebrand, Artemis Bow, Partisan, Judge Staff,
		White Robe, Ninja Gear, Minerva Plate, Platemail,
		Round Shield, Iron Helm, Feather Cap, Bracers,
		Gauntlets, Fortune Ring, Scarab
	>: Archer 27, Dragoon 26, Gladiator 27, White Mage 27

(022)	6 x 20AP: Yellow Powerz #043A (Sprohm + ROAMING/KM)
	Skills:	First Aid, MagicBK, Rush, Wild Swing, Beatdown, Blitz,
		Aim:Arm, Aim:Legs, Cupid, Take Aim, Faster, Blackout
	Items:	Djinn Flyssa, Claymore, Ogun Blade, Yoichi Bow,
		Ninja Gear, Opal Armour, Wygar, Minerva Plate,
		Round Shield, Opal Shield, Opal Helm, Green Beret,
		Genji Armlets, Fortune Ring, Scarab
	>: Archer 26, Fencer 27, Gladiator 28R, Warrior 27

	6 x 20AP: Blue Geniuses #043B (Cadoan + ROAMING)
	Skills:	Cura, Curaga, Esuna, Shell, Protect, Haste, Slow,
		Stop, Silence, Demi, Fira, Firaga, Thundara,
		Thundaga, Blizzara, Blizzaga
	Items:	Cheerstaff, Force Rod, Mandragora, Stardust Rod,
		White Robe, Black Robe, Gaia Gear, Wygar,
		Black Hat, Wizard Hat, Magic Ring x2,
		[ITEM: Mandragora+, N/A]
	>: Alchemist 27, Black Mage 27, Time Mage 28R, White Mage 25

	6 x 20AP: Brown Rabbits #043C (Muscadet + ROAMING)
	Skills:	Cura, Esuna, Shell, Protect
	Items:	Max's Oathbow, Cheer Staff, Gupti Aga, Cure Staff,
		Mirage Vest, Wygar, Bone Plate, Flurry Robe,
		Circlet, Gold Hairpin, Bracers, Star Armlet,
		Magic Ring
	>: Fencer 31, Sniper 32R, Summoner 29, White Mage 30

	6 x 20AP: White Kupos #043D (Baguba Port + ROAMING)
	Skills:	Steal:Gil, Steal:EXP, Steal:JP, Fireshot, Boltshot, Iceshot,
		Stopshot, Confushot, Charmshot, Blindshot, Silenshot, Catnip,
		Frogsong, Chocobo Rush, Tail Wag, Cuisine
	Items:	Kard, Outsider, Peacemaker, Satyr Flute, Ninja Gear,
		Dark Gear, Survival Vest, Gaia Gear, Aegis Shield,
		Green Beret, Black Hat, Thief Hat, Genji Armlets,
		Bracers, Magic Ring,
		[ITEM: Kard+, N/A]
	>: Animist 31, Gunner 29+33R, Thief 31

	4 x 80AP: Clan League #043E (Bervenia Palace) ["Peytral" Booster, LITTLEVILLI]
	Items:	White Staff, Fey Bow, Twin Bow, Flamberge, Gaia Gear,
		Ninja Gear, Minerva Plate x2, Green Beret, Opal Shield,
		Bracers x2, Ruby Earing
	>: Assassin 28, Elementalist 28, Sniper 30R, Summoner 28

(019)	6 x 20AP: Prison Break #057 (Sprohm/KM/SP)
	Skills:	Air Render, Far Fist, Haste, Cura
	Items:	Defender, El Cid Sword, SavetheQueen, Kain's Lance,
		Diamond Armour x4, Aegis Shield, Diamond Helm x4,
		Bracers, Gauntlets x2
	>: Defender 24+25, Templar 23R+24

(020)	6 x 40AP: Mythril Rush #103 (Tubola Cave + ROAMING)
(063)	Skills:	Hurl, Ring, Firebomb, Ball, Dagger, Smile, Star Cross,
		Stardust, Wild Tornado
	Items:	Zorlin Shape, Terre Rod, Life Crosier, Colichemarde, Wygar,
		Thunder Robe, Mirage Vest x2, Flame Shield, Opal Shield,
		Gold Hairpin, Fortune Ring, Magic Ring,
	>: Fencer 23, Illusionist 24, Juggler 22, Sage 25R

* Section 2.5 The Recurring Dispatch Missions

Since these missions reappear indefinately, if you are truely desperate for
space in your mission items section, you can throw away something from this
list (just make sure you don't throw away anything else!). You can also throw
away the mission items exactly called: "Badge" (reward from #043D), and the
"Helje Key" (reward from #057).

The mission items "Feather Badge" and "Insingia" are important because they
increase the amount of AP received from a mission. In the best case, you can
use one on a 50AP+ mission to master a combo in one hit!

#116 Gulug Ghost	- 50AP, M7, Fire Sigil (2 battles, HM)
#117 Water City		- 50AP, M6, Water Sigil (2 battles, MM)
#118 Mirage Tower	- 50AP, M7, Wind Sigil (2 battles, Mog Knight Only, BM)
#119 A Barren Land	- 50AP, M6, Earth Sigil (2 battles, SM)
#120 Cadoan Meet	- 40AP, M4, Magic Trophy (1 battle, Black Mage Only, SM)
#121 Sprohm Meet	- 40AP, M3, Fight Trophy (1 battle, Fighter Only, MM)
#196 Mind Ceffyl	- 80AP, Mind Ceffyl (3 battles, Fire Sigil, Wind Sigil)
#197 Body Ceffyl	- 80AP, Body Ceffyl (3 battles, Earth Sigil, Water Sigil)
#198 The Spiritstone	- 90AP, Spiritstone (4 battles, Mind Ceffyl, Body Ceffyl)
#200 Chocobo Help!	- 20AP-30AP, M1, Chocobo Egg (5 days, BM)
#202 Ruins Survey	- 30AP, M4, Ancient Medal (10 days, SM)
#203 Dig, Dig, Dig	- 50AP, M5, Zodiac Ore (1 battle, MM)
#204 Seeking Silver	- 30AP, M2, Sivlril (15 days, KM)
#205 Materite		- 30AP, M1, Materite (10 days, KM)
#206 The Wormhole	- 30AP, M2, Leestone (10 days, HM)
#207 Metal Hunt		- 30AP, M2, Adamantite (15 days)
#214 Skinning Time	- 30AP, Chocobo Skin (10 days, BM)
#216 Magic Cloth	- 30AP, M3, Magic Cloth (10 days, Magic Cotton, SM)
#217 Cotton Guard	- 50AP, Magic Cotton (1 battle, HM)
#220 Into The Wood	- 20AP, M3, Panther Hide (5 days, HM)
#221 Jerky Days		- 20AP, Jerky (5 days, KM)
#222 New Fields		- 40AP, Gysahl Greens (10 days, MM)
#225 Malboro Hunt	- 40AP, M3, Cyril Ice (15 days, Chocobo Egg, MM)
#226 Chocobo Work	- 40AP, M4, Choco Bread (10 days, BM)
#231 Magic Vellum	- 50AP, M4, Magic Vellum (1 battle, Magic Cotton, SM)
#235 Book Mess		- 40AP, Encyclopedia (10 days, SM)
#236 One More Tail	- 40AP, M6, Rabbit's Tail (10 days, MM)
#237 Relax Time		- 50AP, Danbukwood (15 days, HM)
#238 Foma Jungle	- 50AP, Moonwood (15 days, HM)
#239 For A Flower	- 70AP, M5, Telaq Flower (2 battles)
#264 Swords In Cyril	- 50AP, M1, Victor Sword (1 battle, Fencer Only, MM)
#--- Bangaa Wanted	- 20AP, Bangaa (300 Gil, 5 days, < 6 in clan, MM)
#--- Human Wanted	- 20AP, Human (300 Gil, 5 days, < 6 in clan, KM)
#--- Moogle Wanted	- 20AP, Moogle (300 Gil, 5 days, < 6 in clan, BM)
#--- Nu Mou Wanted	- 20AP, Nu Mou (300 Gil, 5 days, < 6 in clan, SM)
#--- Viera Wanted	- 20AP, Viera (300 Gil, 5 days, < 6 in clan, HM)
#--- Bangaa Help?	- 20AP, Bangaa (5 days, < 6 in clan, Montblanc dead, MM)
#--- Human Help?	- 20AP, Human (5 days, < 6 in clan, Montblanc dead, KM)
#--- Moogle Help?	- 20AP, Moogle (5 days, < 6 in clan, Montblanc dead, BM)
#--- Nu Mou Help?	- 20AP, Nu Mou (5 days, < 6 in clan, Montblanc dead, SM)
#--- Viera Help?	- 20AP, Viera (5 days, < 6 in clan, Montblanc dead, HM)

Even though they seem to come back regularly, I don't know for sure these
will *ALWAYS* come back, so save your game *BEFORE* you boot the former NPC.
#--- Bored		- 20AP + Ezel (5 days, make Ezel leave clan, SM)
#--- Doned Here		- 20AP + Babus (5 days, make Babus leave clan, BM)
#--- Ritz's Offer	- 20AP + Ritz (5 days, make Ritz leave clan, KM)
#--- A Maiden's Cry	- 20AP + Shara (10 days, make Shara leave clan, HM)
#--- Cid's Mission	- 20AP + Cid (5 days, make Cid leave clan, MM)

Here are the territory dispatch missions which you can repeat if you
allow the territory to be captured.
#240 Giza Plains	- 50AP, M1 (3 enemies)
#241 Lutia Pass		- 50AP, M1 (3 enemies)
#242 The Nubswood	- 50AP, M2 (3 enemies)
#243 Eluut Sands	- 50AP, M2 (3 enemies)
#244 Ulei River		- 50AP, M3 (3 enemies)
#245 Aisenfield		- 50AP, M3 (3 enemies)
#246 Roda Volcano	- 50AP, M3 (3 enemies)
#247 Travel Aid		- 50AP, M4 (5 enemies) [Koringwood]
#248 The Salikawood	- 50AP, M4 (5 enemies)
#249 Nargai Cave	- 50AP, M5 (5 enemies)
#250 Kudik Peaks	- 50AP, M5 (5 enemies)
#251 Jeraw Sands	- 50AP, M5 (5 enemies)
#252 Uladon Bog		- 50AP, M5 (7 enemies)
#253 Gotor Sands	- 50AP, M4 (7 enemies)
#254 Delia Dunes	- 50AP, M6 (7 enemies)
#255 Bugbusters		- 50AP, M6 (7 enemies) [Materiawood]
#256 Tubola Cave	- 50AP, M7 (7 enemies)
#257 Deti Planes	- 50AP, M7 (10 enemies)
#258 Siena Gorge	- 50AP, M7 (10 enemies)
#259 Jagd Ahli		- 50AP, M6 (15 enemies)
#260 Jagd Helje		- 50AP, M5 (15 enemies)
#261 Jagd Dorsa		- 50AP, M7 (15 enemies)
#263 Ozmonfield		- 50AP, M7 (7 enemies)

* Section 2.6 The Reserved Missions

#--- Hero Of Yore	- 40AP, Vermillion, M5 (7 days)
#--- Sauce Recipe	- 40AP, Eldagusto, M3 (7 days)
#--- Shining Lake	- 40AP, Gold Vessel, M4 (7 days)

#--- My Mission		- 50AP, M4, M4 (5 enemies, ***)
#--- Jade Dreams	- 70AP (2 battles)

One of two things can happen in a game. Firstly, if you get all three of the
mission items Vermillion, Eldagusto and Gold Vessel you will *not* be able to
access the final reserve missions "My Mission" or "Jade Dream" (however, you
will gain a bonus 20AP for each mission as 'compensation'). Otherwise, you will
only get one of the early reserve missions, and will then have to trade for the
other two items which will become the mission requirements for "My Mission".

* Section 3. Reference Lists *

* Section 3.1 Classification Scheme

The following lists are classified as either "Common", "Uncommon" or "Rare". These
basically equate to the following catagories:
	Common = first half of territories, first couple of shop upgrades
	Uncommon = remaining territories, final shop upgrades, recurring missions
	Rare = Appears in non-recurring missions only, or as a mission reward
	Super-Rare = Almost never appears in the game (or in a NO FLEE mission)
	N/A = Never appears to be stolen (ie. mission/layout reward only)

In other words, if you forget to steal as you first play the game you will
*ALWAYS* be able to go back and get more common and uncommon items with just a
bit of effort. If you miss a Rare item though, you may not be able to get one
for the remainder of the game, so don't miss them the first time through!

Rare items are marked with the number of times they appear in missions prior to
the Corrupt Judge missions with a number followed by an 'N' for all being
non-repeatable missions and an 'R' for at least one repeatable missions
(eg. 2R appears twice but can be harvested, 3N appears three times but cannot be
repeated). Rare items that can be found in the Corrupt Judge missions are marked
with a "#J" symbol. Rare items that can be caught off a juggler
or Ninja are also marked with a "J" along with the highest level Juggler/Ninja
that will throw it (ie. once your clan average passes too far past that level
you will not be able to get it thrown again). Rare items that can be found via
a Treasue Hunt are marked with a + (plus) and the layout required to generate the
item (the territory markers being Town, Forest, Plain, Mountain, Swamp, Desert,
Cave or Jagd). Rare items that can be found as a random mission reward are marked
with an "M" and the difficulty level the mission needs to be. Additionally, rare
items which occur as specific mission rewards are marked with a # (hash) followed
by the specific mission number that item is a reward for. Finally, a rare item which
occurs as a reward for reaching a certain clan skill level is marked with the skill
and level at which you receive it seperated with a / (forward slash). If all of
these fail you, your last option is to simply spend hours restocking Nono's shop via
linking, as Nono has a small chance of stocking even ultra-rare items.

All of the Mythril weapons can only be received as a random reward from beating
each of the roaming clans that are continuously spawned on the world map (not the
ones spawned by a pub mission).

* Section 3.2 Equipment Lists

Helmet (Soldier, Paladin, Warrior, Dragoon, Defender, Templar, Mog Knight):
	C: Bronze Helm, Iron Helm, Opal Helm
	U: Cross Helm, Diamond Helm
	SR: Genji Helm(1R,#J,+PPCC), Bangaa Helm(2N,#J,#094), Parade Helm(#J,#0281)
	N/A: Hanya Helm(#082)

Ribbon (All Viera Classes):
	U: Ribbon(+TTTT) [V]
	R: Cachusha(3R,#J,Craft/30) [V]
	N/A: Barette(+FFF,Craft/35) [V]

Hat (All except Paladin, White Monk, Dragoon, Defender):
	C: Feather Cap, Circlet, Green Beret, Headband, Wizard Hat
	U: Gold Hairpin, Thief Hat, Black Hat, Acacia Hat
	SR: White Hat(#J,#296)
	N/A: Tiara(+MMM,Track/45) [V]

Armour (Soldier, Paladin, Warrior, Dragoon, Defender, Templar, Mog Knight):
	C: Cuirass, Bronze Armour, Iron Armour, Platemail, Gold Armour
	U: Diamond Armour, Opal Armour, Peytral, Maximillian, Dragon Mail
	R: Carabini Mail(4R,#J,M4), Mirror Mail(1N,#J,M5,lots/7), Genji Armour(3R,#J,+FFCC)
	N/A: Adaman Armour(#297), Materia Armour(#298)

Clothing (All except Paladin, Dragoon, Defender):
	C: Leather Garb, Chain Plate, Adaman Vest, Survival Vest, Brigandine,
	   Judo Uniform, Power Sash, Ninja Gear
	U: Gaia Gear, Dark Gear, Wygar, Minerva Plate [V], Mirage Vest,
	   Bone Plate, Temple Cloth, Brint Set, Galmia Set
	R: Rubber Suit(3N,#J,+TTT) [V]
	SR: Onlyone(#J,#030), Judge Coat(#J,#086)

Robe (Paladin, White/Black/Blue/Red/Time Mage, Illusionist, Defender, Bishop,
      Templar, Morpher, Sage, Elementalist, Summoner):
	C: Hempen Robe, Silk Robe, Magus Robe, Mistle Robe
	U: Blaze Robe, Thunder Robe, Flurry Robe, White Robe, Black Robe
	R: Light Robe(2R,#J,M6)
	SR: Lordly Robe(1N,#J,M7), Silver Coat(1N,+FFFF), Sage Robe(#J,+FFMM,Magic/45)
	N/A: Red Robe(#075), Magic Robe(#282), Reaper Cloak(#081)

Shield (Soldier, Paladin, Warrior, Sage, Fencer, Mog Knight):
	C: Bronze Shield, Round Shield, Opal Shield
	U: Ice Shield, Flame Shield, Aegis Shield
	R: Genji Shield(4R,#J,+TTCC)
	SR: Choco Shield(#J,#194), Sacri Shield(#J,M7), Shijin Shield(#J,#073)
	N/A: La Seraphica(Appraise/40), Reverie Shield(#280)

Armlets (All Classes):
	C: Gauntlets
	U: Bracers, Genji Armlets
	R: Thief Armlets(3R,M3,Appraise/12)
	SR: Fire Mitts(#J,#283), Bone Armlets(#J,Appraise/30)

Accessory (All Classes):
	C: Fortune Ring, Magic Ring, Scarab
	U: Ruby Earring, Star Armlet
	SR: Angel Ring(1R,#J,Craft/20), Mindu Gem(#J,+DDDD,+SSCC)

Sword (Soldier, Warrior, Dragoon):
	C: Shortsword, Silver Sword, Buster Sword, Burglar Sword
	U: Gale Sword, Restorer
	SR: Blood Sword(#J,J29,M3,Combat/5), Vitanova(#J,J39,M5)
	N/A: Mythril Sword, Victor Sword(#264), Onion Sword(J44,#265),
	     Chirijiraden(#091), Laglace Sword(J50,#045)

Blade (Fighter, Gladiator, Mog Knight):
	C: Sweep Blade, Shadow Blade, Sun Blade, Atmos Blade, Flametounge,
	   Air Blade, Icebrand, Kwigon Blade, Ogun Blade, Paraiba Blade
	U: Venus Blade
	R: Pearl Blade(2R,J39,M6)
	SR: Materia Blade(1N,J44,+TTFF), Adaman Blade(1N,J50,#285)
	N/A: Mythril Blade, Ebon Blade(#097), Ayvuir Red(#035), Ayvuir Blue(#036)

Saber (Blue Mage):
	C: Blue Saber, Shamshir, Aqua Saber
	U: Manganese
	R: Harpe(3N,#J,J19,M6)
	SR: Tulwar(1N,J44,+TTPP)
	N/A: Mythril Saber, Soulsaber(#266)

Knightsword (Paladin, Defender, Templar):
	C: Defender, Apocalypse, Lionheart, Ragnarok, Lohengrin
	U: SaveTheQueen, Arch Sword, Sequence
	SR: Excalibur(#J,J39,+MMDD,M7,Combat&Magic/20)
	N/A: Mythril Brand, Excalibur2(J44,#098), Nagrarok(J50,#286)

Greatsword (Soldier, Paladin):
	C: Barong, Ancient Sword
	U: Vigilante
	R: Diamond Sword(3R,J14,M3)
	SR: Hardedge(1N,J19,M4,Smithing/5)
	N/A: Zankplus(J50,#287), Master Sword(J44,#288), Oblige(#267), Lurebreaker(#289)

Broadsword (Warrior, Defender):
	C: Samson Sword, Falchion, Predator, Striborg
	U: El Cid Sword, Claymore, Vajra, Estreledge
	SR: Beastsword(#J,J44,#269)
	N/A: Tabarise(#290), Rhomphaia(#268), Eclipse(J50,Smithing/40)

Knife (Thief, Juggler):
	C: Jack Knife, Kris Knife, Khukuri, Kard, Scramasax,
	   Rondell Dagger, Jambiya, Orichalcum
	U: Zorlin Shape, Tonberrian, Tiptaptwo
	SR: Sword Breaker(1R,J34,M6), Cinquedea(1N,J39,+FFDD,Negotiation/30)
	N/A: Mythril Knife

Rapier (Fencer, Elementalist, Red Mage):
	C: Stinger, Estoc, Fleuret, Scarlette, Flamberge, Mage Masher
	U: Djinn Flyssa, Colichemarde, Gupti Aga, Femme Fatale
	R: Silver Rapier(1R,J19,M1), Madu(3R,J39,+FFSS,Negotiation/40)
	SR: Joyeuse(1N,J29,M3)
	N/A: Epiprism(J44,+SSDD,M7), Mythril Rapier, Last Letter(J50,#092),
	     Aerial Hole(#271)

Katana (Ninja, Assassin):
	C: Ninja Knife, Murasame, Ashura, Osafune, Petalchaser, Kotetsu,
	   Kikuichimonji, Heaven's Cloud
	U: Nosada, Masamune, Zanmato
	N/A: Mythril Epee, Masamune 100(#099), Charfire(J50,#272), Silkmoon(#291)

Staff (White Mage, Bishop, Summoner):
	C: White Staff, Guard Staff, Judge Staff, Cure Staff, Pure Staff,
	   Bless Staff, Garnet Staff
	U: Cheer Staff
	R: Spring Staff(2R,J39,M5,Magic/10)
	SR: Snake Staff(1R,J34,M3), Nirvana Staff(1N,+CCJJ,M7)
	N/A: Mythril Staff, Power Staff(#273), Dream Watcher(J50,Magic/50)

Rod (Black Mage, Illusionist, Time Mage):
	C: Rod, Firewheel Rod, Thunder Rod, Sleet Rod, Terre Rod, Force Rod
	U: Flame Rod, Stardust Rod, Princess Rod, Sapere Aude
	R: Thor Rod(2N,#J,J39,M5,Magic/25), Chill Rod(2R,M6)
	SR: Heretic Rod(#J,J50,#093)
	N/A: Mythril Rod

Mace (Sage, Alchemist):
	C: Battle Mace, Energy Mace, Druid Mace, Sage Crosier
	U: Mandragora, Life Crosier, Lotus Mace
	R: Scorpion Tail(2N,J44,M7)
	SR: Morning Star(2R,J24,M3), Zeus Mace(1N,#J,+PPMM), Cactus Stick(1N,J50,+FFPP,Magic/40)
	N/A: Mythril Mace, Vesper(#050)

Bow (Archer):
	C: Longbow, Char Bow, Thorn Bow, Nail Bow, Silver Bow
	U: Artemis Bow, Yoichi Bow
	SR: Crescent Bow(#J,J50,#274)
	N/A: Target Bow(J39,M5), Perseus Bow(J44,+DDJJ,M6), Mythril Bow, Malbow(#095)

Greatbow (Hunter, Sniper, Assassin):
	C: Windslash Bow, Ranger Bow, Cranequin, Twin Bow
	U: Hunt Bow, Fey Bow, Hades Bow, Nike Bow, Master Bow,
	   Max's Oathbow, Seventh Heaven
	N/A: Mythril Shot, Marduk Bow(J44,#275), Gastra Bow(J50,+PPP), Arbalest(#276)

Spear (Dragoon, Templar):
	C: Javelin, Lava Spear, Gae Bolg, Ice Lance, Partisan, Dragon Whisker
	U: Kain's Lance
	R: Trident(2R,#J,J34,M7,Combat/25)
	N/A: Odin Lance(J44,#292), Beastspear(J50,+PPDD,#107), Bangaa Spike(#277),
	     Mythril Spear

Instrument (Beastmaster, Animist):
	C: Demon Bell, Glass Bell, War Trumpet, Conch Shell, Earth Bell,
	   Black Quena, Satyr Flute, Fairy Harp, Blood Strings
	SR: Aona Flute(1R,J39,M5), Heal Chime(1N,M6,Craft/15)
	N/A: Mythril Bell, Dark Fiddle(#293), Fell Castanets(J50,#278)

Knuckles (White Monk, Gadgeteer):
	C: Hard Knuckles, Rising Sun, Sick Knuckles, Dream Claws,
	   Kaiser Knuckles, Survivor
	SR: Cat Claws(1R,J29,M2), White Fangs(1R,J34,M4,Collection/20), Godhand(1N,J39,M5)
	N/A: Tiger Fangs(J44,M6,Collection/25), Death Claws(+MMSS,M7),
	     Greaseburst(J50,Collection/40), Magic Hands(#279), Mythril Claws

Soul (Morpher):
	C: Goblin Soul, Flan Soul, Bomb Soul, Dragon Soul, Bug Soul,
	   Malboro Soul, Eye Soul
	U: Lamia Soul, Panther Soul
	N/A: Mythril Soul, Dread Soul(J50,#086), Rukavi Soul(#087)

Gun (Gunner):
	C: Aiot Gun, Silver Cannon, Riot Gun, Chaos Rifle, Lost Gun
	U: Peacemaker, Outsider
	SR: Longbarrel(1N,J39,M6,Appraise/25), Bindsnipe(1N,#J,J50,#294), Calling Gun(1R,#284)
	N/A: Giot Gun(J34,M5,Appraise/15), Mythril Gun

Monsters (why not):
	C: Red Cap, Antlion, Jawbreaker, Bomb, Grenade, Jelly, Cream,
	   Firewyrm, Malboro, Big Malboro, Floateye, Red Panther, Coeurl
	U: Ice Flan, Icedrake, Lamia, Lilith, Ahriman
	R: Goblin (5R), Thundrake (5R)

Shoes (All Classes):
	C: Battle Boots, Spiked Boots, Dash Boots
	N/A: Red Boots(+TT,M4), Feather Boots(M5), Germinas(M6), Fairy Shoes(M7),
	     Galmia Shoes(+DDD), Caligula(+MMMM,Craft/45), Ninja Tabi(#096)

Potions all common except: Ether(N/A,+??,Collection/15), Elixir(U), Cureall(U)

Initial Shop Items (Common):
	Bronze Helm, Feather Cap, Green Beret,
	Cuirass, Bronze Armor, Leather Garb, Chain Plate, Hempen Robe,
	Shortsword, Silver Sword, Sweep Blade, Barong, Falchion, Jack Knife,
	Scramasax, Jambiya, Stinger, Fleuret, Scarlette, White Staff,
	Guard Staff, Judge Staff, Rod, Longbow, Char Bow, Thorn Bow, Demon Bell,
	Glass Bell, War Trumpet, Hard Knuckles, Rising Sun, Aiot Gun,
	Bronze Shield, Battle Boots, Gauntlets,
	Potion, Hi-Potion, X-Potion, Antidote, Eye Drops, Echo Screen,
	Maiden Kiss, Soft, Holy Water, Bandage, Phoenix Down

Additional Shop Items After 10 Battles (Common):
	Iron Helm, Iron Armor, Adaman Vest, Survival Vest, Silken Robe,
	Buster Sword, Shadow Blade, Sun Blade, Atmos Blade, Blue Saber, Shamshir,
	Apocalypse, Lionheart, Ragnarok, Ancient Sword, Samson Sword, Estoc,
	Flamberge, Ninja Knife, Murasame, Ashura, Osafune, Kotetsu, Pure Staff,
	Bless Staff, Firewheel Rod, Thunder Rod, Sleet Rod, Terre Rod, Battle Mace,
	Energy Mace, Druid Mace, Sage Crosier, Silver Bow, Windslash Bow,
	Ranger Bow, Cranequin, Javelin, Lava Spear, Ice Lance, Partisan,
	Conch Shell, Earth Bell, Black Quena, Satyr Flute, Sick Knuckles,
	Dream Claws, Kaiser Knuckles, Silver Cannon,
	Round Shield

Additional Shop Items After 20 Battles (Common):
	Opal Helm, Circlet, Headband, Platemail, Gold Armor, Brigandine,
	Judo Uniform, Power Sash, Magus Robe, Mistle Robe,
        Burglar Sword, Flametongue, Air Blade, Icebrand, Kwigon Blade, Ogun Blade,
	Paraiba Blade, Aqua Saber, Defender, Lohengrin, Predator, Striborg,
	Kris Knife, Khukuri, Kard, Rondell Dagger, Mage Masher, Kikuichimonji,
	Heaven's Cloud, Cure Staff, Garnet Staff, Force Rod, Nail Bow, Twin Bow,
	Gae Bolg, Dragon Whisker, Riot Gun, Chaos Rifle,
	Opal Shield, Spiked Boots, Dash Boots, Fortune Ring, Scarab

Additional Shop Items While You Control X Turfs (Uncommon):
	Cureall (10/Baguba), Star Armlet (15/Cadoan), Bracers (20/Sprohm),
	Hunt Bow (21/Muscadet), Estreledge (22/Cyril), Temple Cloth (23/Cyril),
	Masamune (24/Muscadet), Princess Rod (25/Baguba), Tiptaptwo (26/Cadoan),
	Seventh Heaven (28/Baguba), Elixir (30/Cyril)

The Secret Characters Always Bring The Following Items (Uncommon):
	Ezel: Druid Mace, Gaia Gear, Black Hat
	Ritz: Femme Fatale, Brint Set, Ribbon
	Shara: Seventh Heaven, Galmia Set, Ribbon
	Babus: Lotus Mace, Aegis Shield, Mirage Vest
	Cid: Lohengrin, Diamond Armour, Diamond Helm, Opal Shield, Bracers

* Section 3.3 Thievery Ability List

This list shows how easily available abilities are once you have aquired
Steal:Ability. Obviously, this list is *ONLY* applicable to Human and Moogles.
Where a rarity appears in parenthesis, this indicates that the equipment needed
to learn a rarely occuring ability is not itself rare (ie. it might be easier
to just learn that one the traditional way). This way, if you decide to accept
a new character later in the game (like Cheney or Lini), you will know which
weapons are a better use of their time while they learn the support abilities
(apart from the mythril weapons obviously). The non-stealable abilities are
included in curly braces for reference purposes.

Animist (Call) [8/8]
	C: 100% Wool, Catnip, Chocobo Rush, Cuisine, Sheep Count, Tail Wag,
	   {Block Arrows}
	U: Frogsong
	R: Friend(C)
	N/A: {Animal Combo}

Archer (Aim) [7/8]
	C: Aim:Arm, Aim:Legs, Blackout, Boost, Cupid, Take Aim
	U: Faster
	N/A: Burial(C), {Concentrate}, {Bow Combo}

Black Mage (Black Magic) [9/9]
	U: Fire, Fira, Firaga, Thunder, Thundara, Thundaga, Blizzard,
	   Blizzara, Blizzaga, {Return Magic}
	SR: {Geomancy}
	N/A: {Black Combo}

Blue Magic (Blue Mage) [20/20] - 1 Black Magic + 1 White Magic
	C: Lvl3 Def-Less, Matra Magic, Bad Breath, White Wind, Stare, Drain Touch,
	   Acid, Guard-Off, Angel Whisper, Magic Hammer, Posion Claw, Hastebreak,
	   {Damage > MP}, {Immunity}, {Learning}
	U: Blowup, Twister, Mighty Guard, Night, Lvl? S-Flare, Roulette
	R: Goblin Punch, Dragon Force
	N/A: {Blue Combo}

Fighter (Fighter Tech) [8/8] - 2 Battle Tech
	C: Air Render, Beatdown, Far Fist, Rush, Wild Swing, {Bonecrusher}
	U: Backdraft, Air Blast, Blitz, {Strikeback}, {Doublehand}
	N/A: {Fight Combo}

Gadgeteer (Pandora) [5/8] - 2 Steal
	C: Blue Screw, Gold Battery, Green Gear, Red Spring, Silver Disc,
	   {Damage > MP}
	U: {Auto-Regen}
	N/A: Black Ingot(N/A), Chroma Gem(C), Yellow Spring(C), {Gadget Combo}

Gunner (Gunmanship) [8/8] - 1 Call
	C: Boltshot, Charmshot, Confushot, Fireshot, Iceshot, Silenshot
	U: Blindshot, Stopshot
	SR: {Concentrate}
	N/A: {Gun Combo}

Hunter (Hunt) [5/9] - 2 Aim
	C: Advice, Aim:Vitals, Sonic Boom
	U: {Auto-Regen}, {Weapon Atk+}
	R: Addle(U)
	SR: Ultima Shot(U)
	N/A: Capture(C), Hunting(U), Oust(C), Sidewinder(U), {Hunt Combo}

Illusionist (Phantasm Skill) [8/8] - 3 White Magic + 5 Black Magic
	U: Freezeblink, Star Cross, Stardust, Wild Tornado, Tempest, Prominence
	R: {Half MP}
	SR: Deluge(SR), Soil Evidence(C), {Absorb MP}
	N/A: {Spell Combo}

Juggler (Stunt) [7/7] - 2 Steal
	C: Ball, Dagger, Firebomb, Hurl, Ring, {Catch}, {Return Fire}
	U: Gil Toss, Smile
	N/A: {Juggle Combo}

Mog Knight (Charge) [6/8] - 1 Call
	C: {Laste Haste}, {Shieldbearer}
	U: Mog Attack, Mog Guard, Mog Lance, Mog Rush
	R: Mog Aid(C), Mog Shield(R)
	N/A: Mog Peek(C), Ultima Charge(SR), {Charge Combo}

Ninja (Ninja Skill) [8/8] - 2 Steal
	C: Earth Veil, Fire Veil, Metal Veil, Wood Veil, Oblivion, Throw,
	   {Last Haste}
	U: Water Veil, {Double Sword}
	SR: Unspell(C)
	N/A: {Ninja Combo}

Paladin (Chivalry) [6/8] - 2 Battle Tech
	C: Defense, Drop Weapon, Holy Blade, Nurse, Saint Cross
	U: {Weapon Def+}
	R: Cover(U), {Reflex}
	N/A: Subdue(C), Parley(C), {Knight Combo}

Soldier (Battle Tech) [7/8]
	C: First Aid, MindBK, Mug, PowerBK, MagicBK, {Shieldbearer}
	U: {Monkey Grip}
	R: Provoke(SR), SpeedBK(C)
	N/A: Sensor(C), {Combat Combo}

Thief (Steal) [9/9]
	C: Steal:Armour, Steal:EXP, Steal:Gil, Steal:JP, Steal:Shield,
	   {Counter}, {Maintenance}
	U: Steal:ACC, Steal:Weapon^, Steal:Ability^
	R: Steal:Helm(C)
	N/A: {Thief Combo}

Time Mage (Time Magic) [8/8] - 5 Black Magic
	C: Quarter, Silence, Slow, Stop
	U: Demi, Haste
	R: Quicken(R), Reflect(C)
	SR: {Last Quicken}
	N/A: {Time Combo}

White Mage (White Magic) [9/9]
	C: Cure, Esuna, Life, Protect, Shell
	U: Cura, Curaga, {Turbo MP}
	SR: Full-Life (SR), Auto-Life(U)
	N/A: {White Combo}

^ = Obviously a catch-22, but these can be stolen quickly without needing to
    wait the time it takes to actually *master* the ability.

* Section 3.4 Non-Thievery Ability List

This list just copies the rarities of the Equipment list to highlight which
abilities are easier to get than others. If this list indicates that a skill
is Uncommon, you will probably not get that skill until at least halfway in the game.
If this list indicates a skill is Rare, it means you will need to be on the
lookout for a fixed mission or mission reward of that matching item.
If this list indicates a skill is "N/A", you will *have* to wait for a mission
to come up with a reward of the matching item.

Alchemist (Alchemy Skill) - 2 White Magic + 5 Black Magic
	C: Astra (Sage Crosier), Rasp (Energy Mace), Posion (Druid Mace),
	   Maintenance (Adaman Vest)
	U: Death (Life Crosier), Flare (Lotus Mace), Toad (Mandragora)
	R: Meteor (Scorpion Tail), Magic Pow+ (Morning Star)
	N/A: Gold Combo (Mythril Mace)

Animist (Call)
	C: Sheep Count (Glass Bell), 100% Wool (Earth Bell),
	   Tail Wag (Fairy Harp), Chocobo Rush (Satyr Flute),
	   Friend (Blood Strings), Catnip (War Trumpet),
	   Block Arrows (Green Beret)
	SR: Cuisine (Heal Chime), Frogsong (Aona Flute)
	N/A: Animal Combo (Mythril Bell)

Archer (Aim)
	C: Boost (Longbow), Aim:Legs (Thorn Bow), Aim:Arm (Nail Bow),
	   Burial (Silver Bow), Blackout (Char Bow), Block Arrows (Green Beret)
	U: Cupid (Artemis Bow), Take Aim (Yoichi Bow)
	N/A: Faster (Perseus Bow), Concentrate (Target Bow), Bow Combo (Mythril Bow)

Assassin (Corner) - 2 Spirit Magic + 1 Sharpshoot [+ 1 White Magic + 1 Lunge Tech + 2 Aim]
	C: Last Breath (Petalchaser), Aphonia (Murasame), Nightmare (Kikuichimonji),
	   Ague (Ranger Bow), Rockseal (Kotetsu), Return Fire (Power Sash)
	U: Shadowbind (Fey bow), Oblivion (Masamune), Ultima Masher (Zanmato)
	N/A: Killer Combo (Mythril Epee)

Beastmaster (Control)
	C: Goblin (Demon Bell/War Trumpet), Flan (Demon Bell/Glass Bell),
	   Bomb (Demon Bell/Aona Flute), Dragon (Earth Bell), Lamia (Glass Bell),
	   Bug (Fairy Harp), Tonberry (Blood Strings), Panther (War Trumpet),
	   Floateye (Black Quena), Undead (Black Quena), Fairy (Fairy Harp),
	   Rockbeast (Conch Shell), Last Haste (Ninja Gear),
	   Immunity (Survival Vest)
	R: Malboro (Aona Flute)
	N/A: Beast Combo (Mythril Bell)

Bishop (Prayer) - 2 Monk Tech
	C: Cura (Cure Staff), Dispel (Bless Staff), Barrier (Garnett Staff),
	   Aero (Judge staff)
	U: Judge (Cheer Staff), Return Magic (Black Robe)
	R: Water (Spring Staff), Half MP (Light Robe)
	SR: Holy (Nirvana Staff),
	N/A: Pray Combo (Mythril Staff)

Black Mage (Black Magic)
	C: Fire (Rod), Fira (Firewheel Rod), Thunder (Rod), Thundara (Thunder Rod),
	   Blizzard (Rod), Blizzara (Sleet Rod)
	U: Firaga (Flame Rod), Return Magic (Black Robe)
	R: Thundaga (Thor Rod)
	SR: Blizzaga (Chill Rod), Geomancy (Sage Robe)
	N/A: Black Combo (Mythril Rod)

Blue Mage (Blue Magic) - 1 Black Magic + 1 White Magic
	C: Lvl3 Def-Less (Antlion), Matra Magic (Blade Biter), Bad Breath (Malboro),
	   White Wind (Sprite), Stare (Floateye), Drain Touch (Zombie),
	   Acid (Flan), Guard-Off (Firewyrm), Angel Whisper (Titania),
	   Magic Hammer (Red Cap), Posion Claw (Red Panther), Hastebreak (Coeurl),
	   Damage > MP (Judo Uniform), Immunity (Survival Vest),
	   Learning (Blue Saber)
	U: Blowup (Bomb), Twister (Lilith), Mighty Guard (Icedrake), Night (Lamia),
	   Lvl? S-Flare (Vampire), Roulette (Ahriman)
	R: Goblin Punch (Goblin), Dragon Force (Thundrake)
	N/A: Blue Combo (Mythril Saber)

Defender (Defend) - 2 Battle Tech
	C: Defense (Lionheart), Drop Weapon (Ragnarok), Hibernate (Defender),
	   Mow Down (Striborg), Aura (Lohengrin), Last Berserk (Predator)
	U: Tremor (El Cid Sword), Meltdown (Vajra), Expert Guard (SaveTheQueen),
	   Weapon Def+ (Diamond Armour)
	N/A: Defend Combo (Mythril Brand)

Dragoon (Dragon Tech) - 2 Battle Tech
	C: Jump (Javelin), Wyrmtamer (Buster Sword), Fire Breath (Lava Spear),
	   Bolt Breath (Gae Bolg), Ice Breath (Ice Lance),
	   Bangaa Cry (Dragon Whisker)
	U: Lancet (Restorer)
	R: Dragonheart (Vitanova)
	SR: Wyrmkiller (Blood Sword)
	N/A: Dragon Combo (Mythril Spear)

Elementalist (Spirit Magic) - 1 White Magic + 1 Lunge Tech
	C: Fire Whip (Scarlette), Earth Heal (Fleuret), White Flame (Flamberge),
	   Heavy Dust (Estoc)
	U: Shining Air (Djinn Flyssa)
	R: Evil Gaze (Joyeuse), Sliprain (Silver Rapier)
	SR: Absorb MP (Lordly Robe)
	N/A: Elementalshift (Epeprism), Spirit Combo (Mythril Rapier)

Fencer (Lunge Tech)
	C: Swarmstrike (Stinger), Featherblow (Estoc), Manastrike (Mage Masher),
	   Piercethrough (Flamberge), Shieldbearer (Bronze Shield)
	U: Checkmate (Gupti Aga), Swallowtail (Djinn Flyssa), Reflex (Mirage Vest)
	R: Shadowstick (Silver Rapier), Nighthawk (Joyeuse)
	N/A: Lunge Combo (Mythril Rapier)

Fighter (Fighter Tech) - 2 Battle Tech
	C: Rush (Sweep Blade), Wild Swing (Ogun Blade), Beatdown (Shadow Blade),
	   Blitz (Sun Blade), Air Render (Atmos Blade), Far Fist (Kwigon Blade),
	   Air Blast (Air Blade), Backdraft (Flametounge),
	   Bonecrusher (Ninja Gear)
	U: Strikeback (Wygar), Doublehand (Venus Blade)
	N/A: Fight Combo (Mythril Blade)

Gadgeteer (Pandora) - 2 Steal
	C: Red Spring (Rising Sun), Green Gear (Sick Knuckles),
	   Silver Disc (Hard Knuckles), Chroma Gem (Dream Claws),
	   Yellow Spring (Survivor), Damage > MP (Judo Uniform)
	U: Auto-Regen (Gaia Gear)
	SR: Blue Screw (White Fangs), Gold Battery (Cat Claws)
	N/A: Gadget Combo (Mythril Claws), Black Ingot (Death Claws)

Gladiator (Spellblade Tech) - 2 Battle Tech
	C: Rush (Sweep Blade), Wild Swing (Ogun Blade), Beatdown (Shadow Blade),
	   Blitz (Sun Blade), Fire Sword (Flametounge), Bolt Sword (Air Blade),
	   Ice Sword (Icebrand)
	U: Strikeback (Wygar), Doublehand (Venus Blade)
	SR: Ultima Sword (Materia Blade)
	N/A: Sword Combo (Mythril Blade)

Gunner (Gunmanship) - 1 Call
	C: Fireshot (Aiot Gun), Boltshot (Riot Gun), Confushot (Chaos Rifle),
	   Blindshot (Silver Cannon), Silenshot (Lost Gun)
	U: Charmshot (Peacemaker), Stopshot (Outsider)
	SR: Concentrate (Longbarrel)
	N/A: Gun Combo (Mythril Gun), Iceshot (Giot Gun)

Hunter (Hunt) - 2 Aim
	C: Sonic Boom (Cranequin), Oust (Windslash Bow), Advice (Twin Bow),
	   Capture (Ranger Bow)
	U: Aim:Vitals (Fey Bow), Hunting (Hunt Bow), Addle (Master Bow),
	   Ultima Shot (Seventh Heaven), Sidewinder (Hades Bow),
	   Auto-Regen (Gaia Gear), Weapon Atk+ (Nike Bow)
	N/A: Hunt Combo (Mythril Shot)

Illusionist (Phantasm Skill) - 3 White Magic + 5 Black Magic
	C: Prominence (Firewheel Rod), Tempest (Thunder Rod),
	   Freezeblink (Sleet Rod), Soil Evidence (Terre Rod)
	U: Star Cross (Princess Rod), Stardust (Stardust Rod)
	R: Wild Tornado (Thor Rod), Half MP (Light Robe)
	SR: Deluge (Chill Rod), Absorb MP (Lordly Robe)
	N/A: Spell Combo (Mythril Rod)

Juggler (Stunt) - 2 Steal
	C: Hurl (Kris Knife), Ring (Rondell Dagger), Firebomb (Khukuri),
	   Ball (Scramasax), Dagger (Jambiya), Smile (Orichalcum),
	   Gil Toss (Jack Knife), Catch (Chain Plate), Return Fire (Power Sash)
	N/A: Juggle Combo (Mythril Knife)

Mog Knight (Charge) - 1 Call
	C: Mog Attack (Flametongue), Mog Guard (Kwigon Blade),
	   Mog Lance (Atmos Blade), Mog Rush (Shadow Blade),
	   Mog Peek (Paraiba Blade), Mog Aid (Icebrand), Last Haste (Gold Armor),
	   Shieldbearer (Round Shield)
	R: Mog Shield (Pearl Blade)
	SR: Ultima Charge (Materia Blade)
	N/A: Charge Combo (Mythril Blade)

Morpher (Morph) - 5 Control
	C: Goblin (Goblin Soul), Flan (Flan Soul), Bomb (Bomb Soul),
	   Dragon (Dragon Soul), Bug (Bug Soul), Malboro (Malboro Soul),
	   Floateye (Eye Soul), Damage > MP (Judo Uniform)
	U: Lamia (Lamia Soul), Panther (Panther Soul)
	N/A: Morph Combo (Mythril Soul)

Ninja (Ninja Skill) - 2 Steal
	C: Throw (Ninja Knife), Wood Veil (Kotetsu), Fire Veil (Ashura),
	   Earth Veil (Osafune), Metal Veil (Kikuichimonji),
	   Water Veil (Murasame), Unspell (Heaven's Cloud), Last Haste (Ninja Gear)
	U: Oblivion (Masamune), Double Sword (Nosada)
	N/A: Ninja Combo (Mythril Epee)

Paladin (Chivalry) - 2 Battle Tech
	C: Nurse (Defender), Defense (Lionheart), Subdue (Ancient Sword),
	   Drop Weapon (Ragnarok), Parley (Barong)
	U: Cover (SaveTheQueen), Saint Cross (Arch Sword),
	   Weapon Def+ (Diamond Armor)
	R: Reflex (Genji Armor)
	SR: Holy Blade (Excalibur)
	N/A: Knight Combo (Mythril Brand)

Red Mage (Red Magic) - 1 Lunge Tech
	C: Barrier (Mage Masher), Fire (Scarlette), Thunder (Stinger),
	   Blizzard (Flamberge), Cure (Fleuret), Sleep (Estoc), Catch (Chain Plate)
	U: Magic Pow+ (Colichemarde)
	R: Poison (Silver Rapier), Doublecast (Madu)
	N/A: Red Combo (Mythril Rapier)

Sage (Sagacity Skill) - 3 White Magic + 2 Control
	C: Drain (Energy Mace), Blind (Druid Mace), Water (Battle Mace),
	   Aero (Battle Mace), Shieldbearer (Round Shield)
	U: Raise (Life Crosier), Giga Flare (Lotus Mace), Bio (Mandragora),
	   Reflex (Mirage Vest), Weapon Def+ (Dark Gear)
	SR: Ultima Blow (Zeus Mace)
	N/A: Wise Combo (Mythril Mace)

Sniper (Sharpshoot) - 2 Aim
	C: Doubleshot (Twin Bow), Beso Toxico (Cranequin), Conceal (Windslash Bow)
	U: Death Sickle (Hades Bow), Doom Archer (Max's Oathbow),
	   Aim:Armour (Fey Bow), Aim:Weapon (Master Bow), Aim:Wallet (Hunt Bow),
	   Auto-Regen (Gaia Gear)
	N/A: Sniper Combo (Mythril Shot)

Soldier (Battle Tech)
	C: First Aid (Shortsword), PowerBK (Barong), MindBK (Buster Sword),
	   MagicBK (Ancient Sword), SpeedBK (Silver Sword),
	   Sensor (Burglar Sword), Shieldbearer (Bronze Shield/Opal Shield)
	U: Monkey Grip (Vigilante)
	R: Mug (Diamond Sword),
	SR: Provoke (Blood Sword)
	N/A: Combat Combo (Mythril Sword),

Summoner (Summon Magic) - 2 White Magic + 2 Spirit Magic [+ 1 Lunge Tech]
	C: Unicorn (Pure Staff), Ifrit (Guard Staff), Ramuh (Judge Staff),
	   Kirin (Cure Staff), Carbuncle (Garnet Staff)
	U: Madeen (Cheer Staff)
	R: Half MP (Light Robe)
	SR: Shiva (Snake Staff), Phoenix (Nirvana Staff)
	N/A: Summon Combo (Mythril Staff)

Templar (Sacred Tech) - 2 Monk Tech
	C: Warcry (Javelin), Rasp (Apocalypse), Cheer (Partisan),
	   Silence (Ragnarok), Haste (Lohengrin)
	U: Astra (SaveTheQueen), Soul Sphere (Arch Sword), Lifebreak (Kain's Lance)
	R: Bonecrusher (Carabini Mail), Weapon Atk+ (Trident)
	N/A: Sacred Combo (Mythril Brand)

Thief (Steal)
	C: Steal:Armor (Rondell Dagger), Steal:Shield (Scramasax),
	   Steal:Access (Jambiya), Steal:Helm (Kard), Steal:Gil (Jack Knife),
	   Steal:EXP (Khukuri), Steal:JP (Orichalcum), Counter (Brigandine),
	   Maintenance (Adaman Vest)
	SR: Steal:Weapon (Sword Breaker), Steal:Ability (Cinquedea)
	N/A: Thief Combo (Mythril Knife)

Time Mage (Time Magic) - 5 Black Magic
	C: Haste (Firewheel Rod), Slow (Terre Rod), Reflect (Thunder Rod),
	   Silence (Sleet Rod), Quarter (Force Rod)
	U: Demi (Stardust Rod)
	R: Quicken (Thor Rod)
	SR: Stop (Chill Rod), Last Quicken (Lordly Robe)
	N/A: Time Combo (Mythril Rod)

Warrior (Battle Tech)
	C: First Aid (Shortsword), PowerBK (Samson Sword), MindBK (Buster Sword),
	   MagicBK (Falchion), SpeekBK (Silver Sword), Body Slam (Striborg),
	   Shieldbearer (Bronze Shield/Opal Shield)
	U: Greased Bolt (Gale Sword), Downsize (Restorer), Monkey Grip (Claymore)
	N/A: Combat Combo (Mythril Sword)

White Mage (White Magic)
	C: Cure (White Staff), Cura (Cure Staff), Esuna (Pure Staff),
	   Life (Bless Staff), Shell (Judge Staff), Protect (Guard Staff)
	U: Auto-Life (Cheer Staff), Turbo MP (White Robe)
	R: Curaga (Spring Staff)
	SR: Full-Life (Nirvana Staff)
	N/A: White Combo (Mythril Staff)

White Monk (Monk Tech)
	C: Whirlwind (Hard Knuckles), Air Render (Kaiser Knuckles),
	   Revive (Survivor), Exorcise (Rising Sun), Counter (Brigandine)
	U: Reflex (Mirage Vest)
	SR: Far Fist (Godhand), Chakra (Cat Claws), Holy Sign (White Fangs)
	N/A: Earth Render (Tiger Fangs), Monk Combo (Mythril Claws)

* Section 4. Version History & Copyrights *

2.2 - 21st March 2004
	- Marked which missions trigger an increase in the number of Laws.
	- Discovered I was completely wrong about stacking Treasure Hunts.
	- Ambervale is never attacked in the Clan Wars.
	- Added locations and months for hard-to-find missions.
	- Finished all the enemy and ally listings.
	- Still don't know if #J10 can be saved. :(
	- Some minor typos from Andy Nguyen, who is more awake then I am.
	- Kudos to Nyst, who's guide made me want to write a complete list.

2.1 - 16th March 2004
	- Discovered there is a small chance of Steal:Armour by #002.
	- Correctly switched the AP for the Scouring Time A/B missions.
	- Added a bunch of enemies and allies.
	- Moved a couple of missions to the right section.
	- Added some Totema abilities that could be stolen.
	- Approx. 40 missions left to finish detailing (~5 Catches).
	- Will also fix: New Antilaw (AP), Moogle Bride (AP), can #J10 be saved?

2.0 - 3rd March 2004
	- Added a couple of "No Flee"s that I missed.
	- Filled in a few more of those gaps from the mission lists.
	- Added items for the first missions which you might be able to steal.
	- Added the "Free X" missions to the recurring dispatches.
	- Added the rank of the random items received from recurring missions.
	- Added the Reserve Missions section just for fun.
	- Began adding the ">:" field to show what enemies there are.
	- Began adding the "<:" field to show what allies there are.
	- Began added the 'Catch' ratings to the item lists.
	- Moved the early Cinquedea notes into their own section with extra detail.
	- Moved the Levelling FAQ item to the Characters section.
	- Moved the Beastmaster FAQ item to the Monsters section.
	- Added the list of shop items and when they become available.
	- Added the list of items the Secret characters bring with them.
	- Added the Item->Ability rarities for Human/Moogle-only classes.
	- Added Section 1.8 with some notes about Treasure Hunts.
	- Resorted the Class abilities section into alphabetical order.
	- Special thanks to Jeanleah Mohrherr, for tips on training monsters.
	- Special thanks to Terence Fergusson, for being an absolute legend.

1.1 - 13th February 2004
	- Added the job requirements for the advanced jobs.
	- Added the number of times a rare item shows up in missions.
	- Rearranged the mission lists so that the 'desirable' entries go first.
	- Added Section 1.7 to hold all the little Q&A things I think are helpful.
	- Fiddled a little with the decision of how many hats to assign things.
	- Still have gaps - thanks for the email people, I'm just busy. ;)

1.0 - 20th Jan 2004
	- Still about 10 gaps where AP, items, abilities or locations unconfirmed.
	- Added the Corrupt Judge missions.
	- Added the few final numbered (and non-numbered) missions.
	- Added the NPC missions, and their recurring missions.
	- Finished the details for the recurring missions.
	- Re-organised all the sections.
	- Added the item rarity list.
	- Added the ability rarity lists.
	- Added the rarity summary list in Section 1.6.
	- Tagged all the missions with stuff to acquire based on importance.
	- Changed Magic Hammer to Goblin Punch in Section 1.5.
	- Changed all the "Amberville"s to "Ambervale"s.
	- Changed all the "Helj"s to "Helje"s.
	- Changed all the "Bavernia"s to "Bervenia"s.
	- Moved Bervenia Palace *before* Tubola Cave in the location index.
	- Changed all the location numbers to refer to the story-line missions.
	- Updated Section 1.5 to tone down the warnings I didn't encounter.
	- Changed references from the Stats & Monster guides to the Mechanics guide.
	- Special thanks to AstroBlue, for letting me use his FAQ to
	  re-organise the missions by story-line.

0.1 - 5th Jan 2004
	- Most of the map missions done.
	- Most of the secret characters stuff done.
	- EXP & basic strategy stuff done.
	- Still missing details on a few of the missions from the start.
	- Still need to sit down and fill in the blanks on the dispatches.

All material in this FAQ is copyright by me from 2004. No material may
be copied from this document without prior permission from me and complete
reproduction of this version history and copyright notice explicitly attached
(except where otherwise explicitly allowed by law).

All the class types, abilities, equipment and race names are taken from
the Engligh release, and are hence *NOT* made up by me and probably should
be best left alone except in the context of FFTA. All trademarks of Square
Enix remain so - remember, the best way to encourage the kind of games you
want is to be the kind of players they want. The GBA and GBASP are products
of Nintendo.

Special thanks to gamefags.com, without whom I would have never have known
how dissapointing the end of a game could be. ;)

Please send any feedback to the email address listed previously. Any comments
regarding the fact I speak Australian English will promptly be ignored, unless
I actually made a typo in the name of a piece of equipment from the game. In
particular, if you are intending to *really* disagree with me, you should send
me a photo, screenshot or core dump of your game showing what I have missed.

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