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Secret Character FAQ by deframer

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 03/28/04


1. Introduction

2. Update Info

3. Secret Characters
- 3.1 Shara
- 3.2 Ritz
- 3.3 Ezel
- 3.4 Babus
- 3.5 Cid

4. Semi-Secret Characters
- 4.1 Eldena
- 4.2 Lini
- 4.3 Cheney
- 4.4 Pallanza
- 4.5 Quin
- 4.6 Littlevilli

5. Tips

6. Mission Items
- 6.1 Elda's Cup
- 6.2 The Hero Gaol
- 6.3 Snake Shield
- 6.4 Wyrmstone

7. Credits

8. Legalities

9. Contact/Questions

As with its predecessor, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the Gameboy Advance
sports a nice variety of secret characters. They come in two flavours: Secret
and Semi-secret. I'll explain the differences later. Anyhow, it's about time
someone put all those "Help with Eldena!" and "Can you get Cid?" questions to
rest. Happy character-collecting! (For lack of a better term.)

|VERSION 1.01|
Mistake under the A-Abilities for Eldena corrected. Eldena does not come with

Mistake under the A-Abilities for Littlevilli correcter. Littlevilli comes with
Doom Archer.

Added more information on how to make "Mission 043 - Clan League Final"

Added information on the maximum number of clan members.

These are the characters with their own special sprites. Ezel is the only one
of these that can be gotten prior to finishing the game. For the rest, you must
have beaten the Li-Grim.

They'll ALWAYS join your clan (unless your clan is full) once you have
completed the required steps.
YOU DON'T THEY WILL NOT OFFER TO JOIN! The maximum number is 24.

3.1 - |SHARA|
Finish "A Maiden's Cry" mission (which becomes available soon after the
completion of the game). NOW GO STRAIGHT TO ANY TOWN! A cutscene will begin to
play. After the cutscene, Shara should offer to join, if your party isn't full.
CLASS: Sniper. Has Viera's jobset.
SKILLS: Change depending on class.
- Comes with sniper A-ability set "Sharpshoot", with the following mastered:
 - Death Sickle - Sweeps out to afflict doom with horrid speed.
 - Doom Archer - Deal's archer's lost HP worth of damage to HP & MP.
 - Aim: Armour - Shot aimed to destroy armour worn by target.
 - Aim: Weapon - Shot aimer to destroy weapon held by target.

3.2 - |RITZ|
Finish the mission called "Mortal Snow" (which becomes available soon after
completion of the game). After it's done, Ritz should offer to join your clan.
(Easter Egg: The zombies on the mission have the same name as the bullies from
school in the real world :P)
CLASS: Fencer. Has a Viera's jobset (even though she's human).
SKILLS: Change depending on class.
- Comes with fencer A-ability set "Lunge", with the following mastered:
 - Swarmstrike - Deals damage and poisons like stinging bees.
 - Shadowstick - Attack to hinder movement, reducing target's speed.
 - Featherblow - Flurry of attacks. Good hit rate, light damage.
 - Manastrike - Strikes target's will directly, damaging MP.
 - Piercethrough - Armour-penetrating attack. Also hits unit behind.
- R-ability "Block Arrows"

3.3 - |EZEL|
Right before the end of the game (after Cid asks you to help with Ezel's new
card), go to the Caodan Card Shop, and choose the option "Gossip". Ezel will
say something about you being a mediator for negotiations between the palace
and the resistance. Then he will post up a mission in the pub, called
"Reconciliation" (NOTE! If you haven't finished the first mission he gives you,
you'll have to do that one first before you get "Reconcilation"). Complete it,
and you should get Ezel.
CLASS: Hermetic
- A-ability set called "Hermetics", which includes the following A-abilities:
 - Azoth - Secret Alchemy. Puts all enemies to sleep.
 - Astra - Confers one-time status affliction pretection.
- R-ability "Block Arrows"
- S-ability "Weapon Atk+"

3.4 - |BABUS|
Finish the mission called "Left Behind" (which becomes available soon after
completion of the game) then enter any town. A small cutscene will play, with
Babus asking you to come along with him to Ambervale. Go straight to the pub,
and select mission "With Babus".
Once you've finished that mission, there'll be a scene where Marche asks Babus
to be his friend. Halfway through the scene, Babus will offer to join. Voila!

There was some inaccuracy here, on my part.

The following CORRECT information was given by Allester Elishia Darkflame:

I made two save files just before getting the mission. In once case I 
left the "With Babus" mission in the Pub. I then walked around for 3 
Ivalice Years(Going through all 5 months completely) and I checked the 
pub every month, yes it did Vanish, but it came back every Nu Mou

In the second save file I did the same thing, and again the mission 
reappeared every time. In this I tried it with all the other missions 
for the "Secret Characters" and found that they too dissapear and 
REappear every certain month(5Secret Character's, 5 Months, notice 
the trend yet? =p). 

~*Arison Dragon*~ 
~*Dragon of Balance*~ 
Thanks very much! :)

CLASS: Runeseeker
- A-ability set called "Rune", which includes the following A-abilities:
 - Explode - Explosive magical power. Deals enourmous damage.
 - Stillness - Freezes time and space to stop units in an area.
 - Quarter - Saps a quarter of target's HP.
 - Demi - Gravity field. Saps half of target's HP.
-R-abilty Counter

3.5 - |CID|
Clear each and every one of the 300 missions available in FFTA.

Here are further detailed instructions, provided by Tedain:

I finally got Judgemaster Cid. It was not hard to get
him. All you actually needed to do was go to Bervenia
Castle and a cut-scene SHOULD appear with Cid in his
office approached by a ninja. Next, you have to go to
town and look up new missions. When you do the new
mission, Cid should appear and help you out. After the
battle, he asks to join your clan. After he joins you,
a string of quests appear (1 by 1) at the pubs which
are doable, but do not show up as one of the 300
Thank you Tedain :)

CLASS: Judgemaster
- A-ability set called "Advanced Law", which includes the following:
 - Abate - Skips judge's turn once to allow violation. (32 MP)
 - Judge sword - Slash to damage and steal JP.
 - Bind - Immoblizes and disables target for arrest. (16 MP)
 - JP Gift - Give own JP to a deserving friend.
 - Yellow Clip - Nullifies a yellow card from record. (8 MP)

These have normal, generic sprites (graphics). They usually have some very nice
abilities pre-mastered, and they'll join your clan a few levels above average.

Note that even if you have completed what is required to get the character,
whether or not the character offers to join your clan is compltety random.
Example: It took me 20+ tries to get Eldena, while I got Lini on the first try.
It *might* help (I say this very tentatively, though) if you bring along the
"Ally Finder" or "Ally Finder 2" item. This is not confirmed yet, though.

4.1 - |ELDENA|
Finish ANY mission successfully (be it Dispatch, Clan Turf, or Battle) with the
mission item ELDA'S CUP set as one of the mission items you would like to bring
along, and Eldena MAY offer to join your clan.
CLASS: Red Mage. Has Viera jobset.
- A-ability set "Red Magic", with the following mastered:
 - Barrier - Raises weapon defense and magic resistance.
 - Doublecast - Cast two spells in quick succession.

4.2 - |LINI|
Finish ANY mission successfully (be it Dispatch, Clan Turf, or Battle) with the
mission item THE HERO GAOL set as one of the mission items you would like to
bring along, and Lini MAY offer to join your clan.
CLASS: Mog Knight. Has Moogle jobset.
- A-ability set "Charge", with the following mastered:
 - Mog Guard - Focuses power to improve weapon def. and magic res.
 - Ultima Charge - Charge attack born from ultima magic.

4.3 - |CHENEY|
Finish ANY mission successfully (be it Dispatch, Clan Turf, or Battle) with the
mission item SNAKE SHIELD set as one of the mission items you would like to
bring along, and Cheney MAY offer to join your clan.
CLASS: Hunter. Has Human jobset.
- A-ability set "Hunt", with the following mastered:
 - Capture - Puts live monsters into the monster bank.
 - Ultima Shot - Hunting attack born from ultima magic.

4.4 - |PALLANZA|
Finish ANY mission successfully (be it Dispatch, Clan Turf, or Battle) with the
mission item WYRMSTONE set as one of the mission items you would like to bring
along, and Pallanza MAY offer to join your clan.
CLASS: Gladiator. Has Bangaa jobset.
- A-ability set "Spellblade Tech", with the following mastered:
 - Blitz - Uses aggression to sense and attack target. High hit rate, low
 - Ultima Sword - Mageblade attack born from ultima magic.

4.5 - |QUIN|
Complete mission 063 - MISSING PROFESSOR. (This mission is located at the
Tubola Caves) Quin MAY offer to join your clan upon conclusion of the mission.
CLASS: Sage. Has Nu mou jobset.
- A-ability set "Sagacity Skill", with the following mastered:
 - Giga Flare - More powerful version of "flare." Area affect.
 - Ultima Blow - Powerful sage attack born from ultima magic.

Complete mission 043 - CLAN LEAGUE. (This mission is located at Bervenia
Palace) Littlevilli may offer to join your clan upon conclusion of the mission.
To make mission 043 - Clan League available, you must complete Missions 40
through 42 (which become available after surviving against Llednar), read the
rumour "Clan League Final", and complete the clan missions Yellow Powerz,
Blue Geniuses, Brown Rabbits and White Kupos. (These are Reserve missions)
CLASS: Sniper. Has Viera jobset.
- A-ability set "Sharpshoot", with the following mastered:
 - Doubleshot - Attack twice in quick succession.
 - Doom Archer - Deals archer's lost HP worth of damage to HP & MP.

It seems many people have trouble getting the Seecret and Semi-secret
characters. Well, this is to help you:

1. With the secret characters, sometimes players seem to have trouble getting
them to offer to join your party. There is but one reason for this: NO ROOM IN
YOUR PARTY. Their offering to join your clan IS NOT a random event. It should
happen. (Maximum party members: 24)

2. Let's use Eldena as an example for this one. Many, many players try once,
with Elda's Cup set as the mission item, and Eldena doesn't turn up. This is
because, with the semi-secret characters, whether they offer to join your clan
or not IS RANDOM! Chance and probability, capeesh? :) I had to try 20 times to
get Eldena. So keep trying!

3. Many people suggest you save before you do a mission to try to get one of
the semi-secret characters, and reset and try again if you don't get him/her.
I agree with the saving part, but you DO NOT have to reset. If you bring an
item on a mission where it is not required, IT STAYS in you inventory. So you
can keep going, try a DIFFERENT mission, and bring the item along again. That
way you don't hinder your progress whilst trying to get the characters.

4. With semi-secret characters: DO NOT DO THE MISSION WHERE THE MISSION ITEM
IS REQUIRED!! You don't have to! If you do, you'll lose the item! So bring it
along on ANY OTHER mission, so you can keep trying. You cannot get another
Elda's cup, Wyrmstone, Snake Shield or The Hero Gaol.

5. Some people still haven't gotten this figured out. Well, here's how you
bring items along on missions:
a - Go to the pub, and select a mission.
b - Now you should be at the mission info. page. E.g. Uldaon Bog: Won't someone
help me build a bridge over Uladon Bog? It would really speed up travel.
Iluluna, Young girl.
c - Press a once. If this is a dispatch, you should now be at where you choose
who to send. If it's battle, or clan mission, then go straight to step e.
d - Press a once.
e - Now you're at the screen that says "Choose what to bring on [Uladon Bog]"
f - Press up once, and press a. Then select the item. Voila!

6. It is *possible* that if you send a character on a dispatch mission with two
of the items that are required, you will have a higher chance of getting one or
another of the characters. i.e. Send a character off with Elda's Cup and The 
Hero Gaol, and you'll have a higher chance of getting EITHER Eldena or Lini.
This is unconfirmed, however.

6.1 - |ELDA'S CUP|
Finish Mission 123 - HUNGRY GHOST. It appears after story mission "antilaws"
and you need a "Dragon Bone" to complete.

Finish Mission 062 - Oasis Frogs. It appears after story mission "Twisted Flow"

Finish Mission 165 - Hundred-Eye. It appears after the Exodus battle.

Finish Mission 031 - Ruby-Red mission. It appears after the "Wyrms Awaken"
mission, which in turn appears after "Desert Patrol".

Thanks to the many and varied authors and repliers on the many and varied
threads on the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Board. This is where I scraped
together all my information.

Thanks to Racoberts for starting the thread that started this guide.

Thanks to Racoberts, Yadotian Spy and many various others for providing

Thanks to Marc for correcting a large amount of mistakes in this FAQ.

This file is Copyright (c) 2004 Desmond Chiam. All rights reserved.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and all its images are Copyright (c) by Square

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. The file was written completely by me unless otherwise
acknowledged in Credits. It must not be distributed publicly without advance
permission from the writer. Use of this guide on any web site other than
www.gamefaqs.com and www.ign.com, or as a part of any public display is
strictly prohibited,and a violation of copyright.

If you want to use part of this guide in your own guide, please ask first.

Ok. My FFTA days are long over. You may ask a question at
d_isfordes@hotmail.com, BUT due to a VERY busy schedule, I may not be able to
answer. I apologise in advance for this, but it is unavoidable. In addition,
my answers may no longer be as accurate as they should be. Corrections are
still welcome but I cannot guarantee that I put every one up, for the above
reasons. No questions regarding anything OTHER than secret characters, too,

Also you may have noticed that I spell certain words funny. I'm Australian.
Get over it. In my books, color = colour. So there. :P

======END OF GUIDE======

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