What is the best class for Marche, the main character?

  1. I had him learn double sword as a ninja, and then switched to Paladin and equipped 2 Excaliburs, then I delt about 197 per hit, with 2 hits when I was just doing the "Fight" Option. Recently, I trained him to a Hunter, and equipped a Max's Oathbow him, and with the "Fight" Option, I now do around 197 per arrow, with Ultima Shot, I do about 300-650, but because of his lack of MP, this is useless. So, which is better? And if none is better, which class should I switch him to? I have the option of ALL secondary classes, and I just need to know which I should train him as.

    Thanks in advance.


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  1. It depends on what you use him for. Attacking physically, you can use a nice Hunter/Paladin combo, which seems the strongest type that also has nice speed. If you want more defense than speed, train as Paladin, but if you prefer speed and balance, then go with Hunter.

    Raised as a Ninja, Marche can go many ways. You could even use him as an Illusionist if you'd like, if only for the gimmick. Blue Mage has nice abilities, but it takes a while to become useful. Also note that it has the highest stat average, as well as being the most balanced level growth.

    The only bad level two job choice I would say would be Fighter. It has the highest attack of all, but it comes with the lowest average of all other stats. You can make a choice between any of them, and it will be good.

    Note; If you go with Hunter/Paladin, Concentrate is far more useful then Double Sword!

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  1. My marche is a paladin. I had him learned "Doublehand" as a Fighter. I equipped Nagrarok to him. By the option "Fight", it can cause almost 500 damage.
    Well, this is what i do to my marche.

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  2. The Blue Mage), Ninja, or Hunter are good classes for him to be raised as. Take use of Double Sword, with it you can deal around more than 500 damage when you can get stronger weapons for the Ninja or Paladin class.

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  3. I'd consider the power build to be a paladin/hunter/Concentrate/Counter (or Block Arrows if snipers are present)/Ninja Combo, equipped with Sequence (once it's built up, until then the Nagrarok is great)/Peytral/Ninja Tabi/Angel Ring/(anything - I usually use a Fortune Ring, but a headband is also good).

    With that setup, he'll have 7 squares movement. His Sonic Boom will do more damage than Ultima would with a Gastra Bow, and with Concentrate will KO anything 95% of the time.

    I'd raise him as either a hunter, ninja, or blue mage for optimum stat growth.

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  4. My Marche was raised as a ninja, learned double sword, became a fighter, then a paladin. He does 600+ with holy blade and with double sword he does about 400. his weapons are excalibur and nagrarok. bracers and maximilian raise weapon atk and calilgula raise atk as well. he is level 40.

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  5. If you want him to be as fast as possible, raise him as a ninja for as long as you can. If not, I
    usually aim for about 160 speed for my physical units then level as soldier for the 2nd highest strength and defense and the highest HP growth. As a Paladin with Geomancy,he would deal triple damage with holy blade. For a sub-skill go with either hunter for sonicboom, or blue magic for a one man army.

    Hunter/Paladin is also good, and you'd be faster. Whatever you do, never use any magic besides blue magic. Marche's magic sucks and you'd only ruin his stats.

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  6. Well I raised him as a ninja learned double sword, changed to paladin, got nagrarok and excalibur2 and learned holy blade delt around 630 damge every time, with combo 999 damage, so u were sort of on the right path

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  7. I'm an expert at this game and i'm not just saying that. Every time i've played this game I have always found that Marche is best suited to being a Ninja (main class) and a Fighter (secondary class) . When you first start the game, Marce is a soldier. You need to master 3 Soldier abilities to become a Fighter and 4 Thief abilities to become a Ninja. Then just change your class to a Ninja, go to pick abilities and choose Fighter instead of item. And there you have it, the ultimate Marche. I hope this information is useful to you and to anybody else who reads it.

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  8. Personally I found that having this combo was best for me:

    Marche, Paladin Lvl 50
    A- Chivalry (Saint Cross and Holy Blade)
    A-Hunt (Sonic Boom, Advice and the 10 JP for one kill with this ability)
    S-Double Sword
    Platinum Helm
    Peytral at 87 def
    Sequence at 107 atk
    Ninja Tabi (+2 move)

    With these stats my Marche could do 200-400 dmg using Sonic Boom, 200-300dmg using The 10jp move, 600 using Holy Blade. In addition to these stats he also had 7 move and 2 jump and always started second for all my battles (after my assassin)

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  9. If u get the special swords after u beat the game u can hit 350 as a lvl 44ninja with 1 sword

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  10. Personally i double sworded him then gave him gaols 2 blades

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  11. Best way to level up Marche in my opinion
    He should go Soldier -> Thief -> Fighter -> Paladin -> Ninja -> Fighter/Paladin

    Level 1-5 should be Soldier for the HP so he can survive at later levels. This is crucial.
    Level 5-12 or so should be Thief, this is the time where you learn all your stealing armor, helm, shield, and other stuff. This goes a long way later in the game to help you beat the game easily. Furthermore, Thief gives you speed. Since your soldier was a slow bag of junk, the thief helps you get ur turn earlier.
    Level 10-20 should be Fighter. Fighter is THE BEST class for WEAPON ATTACK, this means more damage, and fighters have amazing techs that can mop up those battles where Marche goes 1v1.
    Level 20-30 should be Paladin or Ninja, interchangeable. You should learn your Double Sword here if you are a Ninja
    Level 30-40 Paladin or Ninja. Paladin gives wep defense which increases durability, Ninja gives speed and evade
    Level 40-50 Personally i recommend Fighter for more damage, but at this point, you should get crap for experience from people and it is very tough to level up.

    Final Status: Level 50 Paladin
    Equipment -> Nagnarok and Excalibur, Sequence if u you level it up. Fairy boots. Even though you cannot move that far, ignoring terrain height and being able to teleport to a person's back is very valuable. If you follow this build, you should be hitting 400-500 each weapon giving you a grand total of about 900-1k damage which is more than enough kickass.

    CRUCIAL SKILLS: Double Sword, Strikeback.
    You dont really need special skills because your regular attack should do more damage. All skills only use your first item which makes the 2nd weapon a waste. Those with reflex, hit them with a skill and they should fall anyway.

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  12. sorry, forgot to add stat bonuses

    Thief -> Best class for Speed. BETTER THAN NINJA
    Ninja-> Best possible class for EVADE, which is useless since u have pally def
    Paladin-> Wep Def, no speed sadly
    Soldier-> More speed than pally at least but really low. Lots of HP tho
    Fighter-> one of hte best classes for wep attack
    Hunter -> one of the best classes for wep attack but only use bows which means double sword is wasted boo
    Illusionist-> Best class for MP up if u want to use ultima... waste of he's a weapon dealer
    Black Mage -> Best class for Mag Atk.

    Other classes dont bother.. unless i covered them all

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  13. First level up as a ninja gaining double sword (using Nosada). Then level up as a paladin to gain holy blade (using Excalibur). Then level up fighter don't care what power you level up with fighter but with double sword you can learn 2 moves. Then prepare to kick dairy air. Seeing as I can't swear. PS: Holy Blade doesn't work on The Last boss or it's servants. It's just good for beating up other enemies. LV36: Damage 189-236 Holy Blade
    LV36: Damage depends on swords Double Blade.

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  14. I think it is best to get him trained in ALL classes, and keep the best from each class.
    But it depends on your parties strategy, cause he can be a valuable player in any role, INCLUDING RANGED. Just turn him to what you need him to be

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  15. TETRAFLARE000, I'm calling into question your expertise of this game. You only need two soldier abilities to unlock the fighter class, not three. You also only need two thief abilities to unlock the ninja class, not four.

    As for what I did with my Marche on a few runs was having a Paladin/Fighter, with counter, double sword and thief combo (for the 100% inclusion rate from two panels away). That won't give you the most balanced stats, but it will give you the most pure power. However, on this run of the game, I'm using an all-marksman team, so my Marche is a Hunter/Archer. It's nice to be able to shoot down all of your foes at 6 panels away with a bunch of Max's Oathbows and Calling Guns :p.

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  16. Mine mirrors many....

    Lv.: 41
    Class: Paladin/Fighter
    Reaction: Strikeback
    Support: Double Sword
    Combo: Combat Combo
    Gear: Parade Helm, Peytral, Excalibur2, Nagarok, Ninja Tabi
    Move - 7
    Jump - 4
    Weapon Atk/Def - 600/499
    Magic Pow/Res - 340/400
    Speed - 168
    Career Highlight: I let him solo Queen Remedi at lv. 34. He killed her on turn one.

    There are combos for any race that are surefire overkills, like a Gunner/Mog Knight who can use Ultima anywhere on the map, or a Red Mage/Summoner who can Doublecast summons (not to mention override any elemental ban laws). Just gotta pair up the ones that play oh so well off each other.

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  17. It really depends on what abilities you learned, then if you can, just find the best items you can, put it together, all to one, and soon, you will find out which is best, doublesword is really recommended since you will be able to attack twice with swords, or something else without the nosadas or so. Just make sure you really want to be what you want to be.

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  18. What i did was first get him to fighter as soon as possible and stay their until around level 15, or when you get the nosada (double sword) then switch him to ninja to learn double sword and to get some better speed. Then, once you get the seventh heaven, change him to a hunter so he can learn ultima shot, sonic boom, and all those other useful hunter abilities. when all that is mastered, change him to a paladin. First, master the usefull paladin abilities (saint cross, holy blade, cover, etc.) when all that is done, equip him with excalibur2 (or sequence) and nagrarok. with this build, my marche does about 600 damage with the fight command, and easily 900 damage with ultima shot.

    Hope that helped.

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