• No random battles while walking around

    This trick was in the original Genesis version, but now it's a bit different. While moving Rolf and friends around, mash the ''B'' button as often as you can. This brings the menus up and down each time your characters take a step, so you do not encounter random battles!

    Contributed By: Kevin Cox.

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  • Infinite Robot Police Fights

    The Robot Police in Triada Prison will always appear as soon as you walk to the square it is on, even after defeating it and taking one step back makes it return. It gives a solid 100-150 MST and 25 EXP per fight. Not as good as the sandworms (Mountain Range West of Uzo) as they give more MST and EXP along with it multiplying due to quantity of enemies fought but a good temporary stop until you obtain the Laser Gun at Skure which makes Sandworms easier to kill.

    Contributed By: Ryan914.

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  • Equip armor glitch

    It is possible to have armor equipped even if it is not in your possession...first make sure you have at least two pieces of armor in a characters possession..

    1. Go to the equip screen and highlight the armor you want to keep equipped.

    2. This is the tricky part...equip/unequip the armor...when it says ".....takes armor" press a confirm button and then QUICKLY press down to the next armor below it and equip/unequip that armor. You need to do it
    fast enough so that you see only a little change in the attack,defense, and/or agility from changing equipment.

    3. You'll know if the glitch worked because you won't be able to unequip the first piece of armor. Now you can give the armor to another character! Who says you can't have powerful equipment like the NEIMET on just one character?

    To cancel the glitch, simply equip another piece of armor over the affected armor slot.

    It may take a few tries to get the glitch working because the equipping/unequipping must be done very quickly.

    Contributed By: DBD0607.

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  • Item Duplication glitch.

    This will allow you to dupe any item in the game, even the Nei items.
    Anna can have 2 Nei Slicers, Rolf, and Kain no longer need to fight over the Neimet. It even helps when you need to buy knives, or multiple armors.

    1. Make sure one person has at minimum 9 items and a max of 15(just use antidotes as they are cheap). DO NOT KEEP IMPORTANT ITEMS OR VALUABLE EQUIPMENT ON THIS CHARACTER DURING THIS PROCESS! DO NOT KEEP ITEM YOU WANT TO DUPE ON THE CHARACTER WITH ANTIDOTES!
    2. Go to the item you want duped, and press "C". A menu will pop up " use" "giv" "tos". Now back out until you can select another character.
    3. Go to the character with the antidotes press " C" on next, and then go up to next again, but this time press "B" and "C" Simultaneously and you will see the "use" "giv" "tos" menu.
    4. Select "giv" and give it to the person with the antidotes.
    5. Congrats! Keep doing this until you no longer see an Antidote in your inventory.

    Now you can sell all those extra weapons and armor for massive profit.

    Contributed By: smurfsn1p3r.

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  • No random encounters

    When examining the nearby area with the A (Talk, Examine) button, the next step you take is guaranteed not to take you into a battle. Keep hitting the A button (Talk, Examine) while you walk, so that after every step it will say ''There seems to be nothing unusual here.'' No random encounters will happen, but it will take quite a while to maneuver through dungeons this way.

    Contributed By: H Hog.

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  • Become invisible

    In battle, get all of your team members KO-ed except for Nei. Then get Nei to cast Nasak and she should KO herself. Then, your characters will turn invisible and you can walk around dungeons freely.
    (This works in all version of PS2)

    Contributed By: Uvula Walrus.

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  • Slow motion play

    When paused, press and hold B and play as normal. The game should play very slow.

    Contributed By: krankorx.

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  • Switch game music

    This trick allows you to have different music play in other areas, using the slow motion code. First, you go to the area that has the music you want, like the weapons shop for instance. Next, press start and hold B. The game will move in slow motion with no sound, so you can still move. Now, then go to another place and let go of B, then press Start. The music from the place where you first pressed B and Start now plays in this area! Cool glitch!

    Contributed By: Orange Star.

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  • Improve late-game character stats

    A glitch in the game will allow you to make either Laya or Kara always act first in battle and be immune to physical attacks, as well as moderately improve the speed and defense of the rest of the party.

    The glitch is activated in Skyhaven, when changing the Legendary weapons into Nei weapons.

    1. Decide who you want to always act first and be immune to physical attacks - Laya or Kara.
    2. Remove all items from that person.
    3. Make sure everyone else has their appropriate Legendary weapon equipped (Orakio Sword, Miun Claw, Siren Shot, Laya Bow, Lune Slicer).
    4. Speak to the second from the left old man, who says "Nei is the word of ultimate power".
    5. Check your status screens. For the person who had no equipment, attack and defense should be in the 64,000 range, and speed in the 220 range. For the others, the attack, defense, and speed bonuses of the Legendary weapon they had equipped will be permenantly added to their base stats. (Unfortunately, none of the increases to the attack statistic have effect on damage dealt in battle).

    The only way the person with 64,000 defense will be hurt is from a Gnasher (who will do a whopping 4 damage) or from techniques (which are unaffected). She will always act first.

    There are 3 side effects which may appear alarming but are in fact harmless.

    1. Colours will be unusual - this will be corrected once you check your menu and leave Skyhaven
    2. Last person in line will be shifted out of place - this will be corrected once you leave Skyhaven, and the out-of-line person will not prevent you from moving
    3. Characters will be renamed - this is permanent but harmless.

    Contributed By: Ragn_Charran.

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  • Instant Victory

    You can win a battle instantly if you have the following situation: 1. Surprise the enemy 2. A technique bearing character with fewer TP then what a spell costs (ie 4 TP for a res spell) Instead of fighting, choose the "single player command" option and have that character try and cast a technique they do not have enough TP for. You will get a message that states something like "Not enough tech points", then instantly emerge victorious. Very helpful for when weak and facing several enemies. This will not work unless you surprise the enemy.

    Contributed By: Dradaki.

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  • Skip Nial's Generation

    An escapipe glitch allows players to skip over Nial's generation directly to playing Aron. Aron will need to do some of Nial's quest, but it goes much faster and easier with Aron, thanks to his healing and access to the Aero Parts.

    1. As Rhys, before fighting the king of Cille, make sure Wren or Mieu has an escape pipe.
    2. After defeating the king, select Nial's route by marrying Lena. (Do not choose Maia as the glitch does not work for Ayn.)
    3. As soon as the cinema is over and you can move, go into your menu and use an escapipe.
    4. As Nial, you will warp back to Cille dungeon. Walk through it again (you will encounter only Chirpers). The king and Maia are waiting in the same place as for Rhys, defeat him once more (an easy task with full HP/TP and a stronger leader).
    5. Select Aron's route by marrying Alair. (Do not choose Laya because Adan will be unable to complete his quest.)

    At this point you play as Aron. The Sub Parts, Laya Pendant, Twins Ruby, and Mystery Star that Aron come with are "fakes" that do not work, so Aron will need to collect the real ones as Nial would have.

    6. Collect the Aero Parts as normal.
    7. Fly to the rebel hideout and pick up the Sub Parts.
    8. Go to Hazatak using the caves to Landen, Aquatica, then Aridia.
    9. Get Laya as normal.
    10. Go to Mystoke and get the Laya pendant.

    From this point on finish the game as normal.

    Contributed By: Ragn_Charran.

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  • The King's Secret

    At the very start of the game, go to the store and sell Rhys' Boots and Garment to earn some money, then purchase an Escapipe with that money. Now continue with the story as usual. Once Rhys is sent to the dungeon by the King, use the Escapipe to teleport outside of the cell, and go back up the stairs. You will now be locked inside of the area with no way to progress the story. None of the soldiers will interact with you, and the King will state the following if you speak to him:

    "You used you're escapipe! Normally a smart move, but now I'm afraid the game can't be continued. Please press the Reset Button and start again."

    Contributed By: DeepFriedBurger.

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