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Reviewed: 06/16/03 | Updated: 06/16/03

Better than Smackdown! games?

I got the first FPA game when I bought a special GBA pack, back when it first came out, and I was amazed. Well, at first, I sucked because I took this as a button masher. Big mistake.

Graphics: 8
''This game doesn't look very realistic, why give this an 8?'' you might ask. Well, it may not be 3D, but you can see what the guys are doing. It might be hard to see blood, but it's there. You can clearly see what moves are being done, and alot of them look very good.

Sound: 5
I mostly mute the sound, because I like to listen to CDs or TV, plus the sounds can sometimes distract a gamer. But from what I hear, it sounds weird. Most of the moves I've heard sound like a squeaky toy. You'd have to hear the noises to understand, but the moves don't sound like you're hitting someone, they sound squeaky. Some moves have a more realistic sound, though, so it's not all bad. The fans sound very realistic, and even the ref does, the few things he says.

Control: 9
The controls can be hard to learn, but only for a little while, if you've never played a Fire Pro game. Don't take this as a button masher, I did that at first, and lost every match. The key to winning grapples is to press the button combos as soon as the two guys touch. Moving on, the moves are pretty easy to pull off after you master the skill of winning grapples. I don't think there are any moves that require you to push more than three buttons, and even then, those are mostly pressing A and B at the same time, along with another button. Moving is easy to do. You can move freely around the entire ring, not just like a 2D fighting game.

Gameplay: 10
If you're only familiar with WWE games (which most American fans are), this game could stack up well against them. It's got a career mode, even though there are no cutscenes or anything, the career mode is still entertaining. You have to fight five matches of a bunch of stipulations. You go five singles matches, then five tag, etc. You may not think it's too fun, but try anyways. If you're just having matches outside story mode, you can set difficulty from 1 to 10. There's a training mode, so you can get to know this game. There's even a create a wrestler mode (CAWs are called ''Edits'', not CAWs). Sure, you can't choose every little detail, like a nose, eyes, patterns, etc. You choose a head, a stance a height (from Small, or S, to Large, or L), then you can choose the shirts and pants, and some already have patterns on it. From there, you do the colors for everything on the guy, then the moves, how strong you Edit is, then, there's logic. It's long but if done right, your guy could wrestle like it does in real life.

Overall: 8
I give this an eight because I don't think alot of people will like it. Not because the game sucks, but because they have to readjust from Smackdown! games. I learned quickly, so you could, too. The game is actually really great. It has hundreds of guy, plus WWE guys (they have wrong colors and names, so you have to make a whole new edit to fix those). Play as the other guys, you'll like them, too. I think this will become the best wrestling game for the GBA. Unfortunatly, there won't be a sequel, so enjoy this game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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