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Reviewed: 06/05/03 | Updated: 06/05/03

The Best Wrestling Game For GBA.

Graphics: 6.5/10 The visuals in FPW2 aren't fantastic. I've seen much better done on the GBA. Sometimes the wrestlers are hard to see, do to the fact that they're so tiny. Luckily it's not to bad, and isn't too much of a serious problem. The colors are kind of drab, not necessarily bad, but they won't grab your attention. All in all they the graphics in FPW2 get the job done.

Control: 7/10 The controls in FPW2 are all pretty accurate, once you get the hang of them. There is a pretty steep learning curve though, do to the fact that there are so many different moves in the game. There's a great ''practice dojo'' in the game that will guide you through everything. I suggest if you've never played FWP, that you hit it up before you try and get in the ring. After you've got all the moves down, the controls are great.

Gameplay: 6.5/10 The gameplay is a mixed bag of fun, and frustration. The computer always seems to have an advantage of you. In tag matches the computers partner will likely break up pins, and submission holds. While your partner just sits there. The A.I is often cheap, pulling off strong, hard-hitting moves too soon in a match. Match's usually last about 15 mins, 20-25 if you're playing a tag match, do to the fact that the game is fairly hard. Your three primary modes of play are the following:

Easy (Challenging, but fun)
Normal (Fairly hard, but fun for vets)
Hard (Extremely hard, near impossible)

After you get used to the sometimes cheap A.I. there's another problem. Some of the moves in the game are just too hard to pull off. Like top-rope moves, the rarely connect, I'd say the connect 1 out of ten times. Standing strong blows, are also hard to hit as well.

Now I've talked about the bad, on to the good. In the games season mode there are around 200 wrestlers that you can unlock, which is great. There are extremely fun matches, my favorite being the electric-exploding cage match. So basically, it's a fun challenging game. I recommend you play it on easy.

Audio: 5/10 Bleh, the audio in the game is easily forgettable. Every wrestler has his own entrance, but they all sound the same. During matches cheesy music plays, it reminds me of the old NES wrestling games. The better parts of the audio come in when the ref asks if the wrestlers want to give up, or if he's counting. Also the practice dojo is narrorated which is kind of cool.

Overall: 7/10 The game is fun, but hard at times. It looks decent, plays decent, and sounds acceptable. It's a must buy for wrestling fans looking for a good GBA grappler.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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