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Reviewed: 12/23/02 | Updated: 12/23/02

This is the exact same game as FPW1

This game is the exact same game as the original Fire Pro Wrestling for Game Boy Advance. The only changes, besides that they changed the menu graphics and background music and other stuff you'll only notice the first time you play the game, is that they took out tournament, audience and league modes and added a few create a wrestler moves. They even made where you have to unlock virtually all the wrestlers! Nearly all of them! I mean, I can understand if there's some guys you have to earn, but 190 out of 200? This time, you'll actually use the ''unlock all wrestlers'' code.

Fire Pro Wrestling 2 also has a ''career'' mode where you supposedly go along your wrestler's career. Actually, what happens is you wrestle around 15-20 matches with opponents of the computer's choice, and if you lose one of them, game over. Fire Pro Wrestling even had a mode where you wrestled matches until you lost. Granted, the Fire Pro Wrestling version wasn't as glorified as the Fire Pro Wrestling 2 version is, but then again, it isn't Fire Pro Wrestling's only special mode!

Now, you may have read some of the other reviews or FAQs or such and read that there's a mode where you can play your own federation, but IT'S NOT IN THIS GAME! I can't iterate those five words enough. The ''management of the ring'' mode is in Final Fire Pro which is the Japanese version of this game, but it was removed for the American version, making this game pretty much the exact same as Fire Pro Wrestling. They could have at least added something to make me feel like I didn't waste 20 bucks on a game I already have, but I don't think a Tajiri kick, an F-5, and a Booker T taunt do it. If you have the original, do not give BAM and Spike your money until they can give you something you don't yet have. If you don't have the original, get it instead. The league and tournament modes are useful on occasion, and the Audience mode puts a new twist on the game, and they're not in Fire Pro Wrestling 2.

However, this game does have more WWE wrestler clones. Kurt Angle, Edge, the Hardys, the Dudleys, Booker T, William Regal, Shane-O-Mac and The Next Big Thing Brock Lesnar all have a version of themself in the game. This is about the only reason you would want this game, even though with the original it isn't too hard to create these guys yourself. Unless you absolutely must have these clones, don't buy the game. Fire Pro Wrestling is infinitely better in every other respect.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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