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Reviewed: 11/25/02 | Updated: 11/25/02

If you havent played a Fire Pro game pick this up.

Ok so far all wrestling games on the portable systems for the most part are not worth the box its put in. Most that reason is because all those games are from the WWE. Not to long ago Bam brought over the Fire Pro games on the GBA. Fire Pro games are the only wrestling game worth getting on the GBA and are good enough to be compared to PSX games and N64 games.

Gameplay is where the game shines. FPW 2 is a simulation wrestling game with as many moves as No Mercy. There are thousands of moves you can choose and make pretty much anyone you want. All the moves look great and devasting.

The moves arent pulled off like anything your used to from WWE games. All moves require timing and button mashing will get you no where besides a quick loss. You need to learn how to time your move to when the wrestlers touch shoulders, it can be frustrating but will become like second nature. You also need to weaken your opponents. Unlike other games your finishers are avilable from the beggining. Getting to use those finishers though will take strategy. When you beggin a match you need to start with weak moves, then go to medium, and when they get worn down you can use strong moves. If you screw up that order you wll get punished with counters and the roles reverse. You will ned to pace yurself also wit breathing with the L button.

There are limited match types to play in. You can play normal and that has tag matches and there are many things you can change like arenas, music, style, count outs, and even referee. Deathmatch is a unique match. You are stuck in an electrified steel cage with explosives around the ring. If noone wins within the fuse time the ring explodes hurting the wrestlers very much. After the explosion both wrestlers are damaged enough to be pinned no matter how bad someone was kiking the others butt. There is also gruesome wich is like shootfighting. There are n pins and ou have to make the other wrestler submit or KO him. Then there is basic battle royal. You can have it over the rope or elimiation. It can also be endless and the defeated wrestlers never leave. The only reason thre is not a perfect 10 is because of the fact tht FPW 1 was just the same without ironman mode.

Graphics in the game are not the best. FP has never tried o good graphics though. The graphics are good enough to display the moves and how good the wrestlers look though.
With over 200 wrestlers to choose from and 75 to create all look unique. The moves look devastating een thougthe blood is hard to make out.

This game is worth the 20 bucks I spent. I played FPW 1 ad enjoyed it and enjoy this game. The problem with this game is te ony thing added is some moves and ironman road. The biggest part was removed from the American version of the game. A season mode was supposed to be in that would make the game worth buying if you had played the first game to death like so many have. I dont have the specifics but its not hard to find what its about. Overall this game is great but it doesnt add enough to for most people to buy. If you haent played a Fire Pro game though get he game now. I actually got the GBA for these games an dont regret a moment.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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