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Reviewed: 10/05/02 | Updated: 10/05/02

A worthy addition to the land of Fire Pro?

Well, Final Fire Pro is here, and here I am, reviewing the game after having it for a long time. So, here we go.

Standard Fire Pro fare with this one. The grappling system is still as intuitive as ever. Walk into the other person to cause a grapple, then hit a corresponding button to perform a grapple move. Of course it has to be the right move for the right time in the match. You can't just run out, guns blazing with an AB grapple as your first move. The gameplay really hasn't changed very much from the rest of the Fire Pro series. The biggest addition to the gameplay has to be the difficulty. The first GBA game (FPA) seemed a bit too easy with grapple timing, AI and in general. This game seems to have more of the timing of its FPD big brother, which is a good thing.

Well, this is very hit or miss. There is still the standard exhibition mode, which consists of Regular, Gruesome (MMA/shoot), Deathmatch and Battle royale. The Standard type of matches you can choose between 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 2 on 1, or even have managers for your 1 on 1 matches.. An addition from the first GBA game, and new addition to the Fire Pro series.

Then there is Management of the Ring. This brand new mode is really what makes or breaks this game for you. Its a deep sim mode which you have total control over a promotion of your choice, or create your own promotion from the ground up. Be warned, Japanese text galore, so if you are going to play this mode, I recommend translating the names of all the wrestlers so you can see who wants what, who is calling who out, etc. This is the meat of the game, this is where you can unlock people, etc. This mode also heavily relies on audience ratings. If you want to be over in America, you need to put on some good shows in America. You want to be over in Mexico, well, you get the picture. Each promotion can be played in a specific style too. That's where the fun comes in, you can play as Toryumon for a more Lucha style, NJPW for Strong style, WCW for Showman, and so on. The only real problem with this mode is its kind of easy after a few times through..

Then there is training mode.. Well, training mode is good if you have never played the game I guess. It runs through multiple situations, and sharpens your skills (or lack there of). Simple, easy and pretty quick. You get rewarded also, but I won't tell you how..

This then leaves me to the last mode: Edit mode. Edit mode is where Fire Pro has always shined. People have always heralded the Fire Pro edit system, with just cause. You can basically make anyone you can imagine, tweak their style down to the fine details, assign special moves, stats, and my favorite: CPU logic. You can really get lost in this edit mode, whether you are updating some characters that Spike gave the short end of the stick, or adding in someone new, its always fun.

But, as you can see.. This game does lack modes. To do a tourney, you need to do it from within MoR, which is kind of annoying, seeing as though you just want to do a 1 night tournament. But I digress..

Sound and Graphics
Yes, I lumped these too together. Why? Because both of these are on par with the first game. Not spectacular, not bad. The graphics can be rather bland at times, and the lack of many background songs is also pretty hurting. A few new themes here and there (Mutoh's BATT theme is in I think..), but nothing to write home about. Simple, almost MIDI songs. Oh well, its not like this is DC/PSX etc, what can you expect? No graphical or sound upgrades really, which hurts the overall score, but doesn't subtract from the awesome gameplay.

Good game. A worthy addition indeed. The lack of modes can be a bit frustrating, but then again, MoR is good enough to tide you over for a long time. And exhibition matches are always fun. You will still spend a lot of time making edits, tweaking CPU logic etc, so no worries. Some new characters, whom were badly needed were added (Yay Tanahashi), so all is right with the world.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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