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Reviewed: 09/14/02 | Updated: 09/14/02

One of the best wrestling game ever

After playing Final fire pro wrestling and beating manager of the ring mode many times I deiced of making a review of the game.
Graphics 10/10: The graphics in this game are not the best but it is a little updated from it previous version. The moves look great since there are animated so well. The character in this game also looks great since they have so many superstars from many different regions.

Sound 10/10: The sound is the same as the last game but you can just turn it off. The audience always gets into the match so whenever a character performs his special move the crowd starts to cheer and also when a character dose a trademark move and a taunt.

Controls 10/10: The controls in this game are great since it not like any other game. The reason the moves are so good is that at the start of the match it harder to pull a move off then after you starts beating him up for awhile. The moves are also easy to pull of since you don’t need to use a long combo of buttons to pull the moves off.

Gameplay 10/10: The gameplay in this game is just amazing. There are more then 5 modes in this game such as the new manager of the ring mode, deathmatch, single, handicap, the UFC cage match and many more.

Roster 10/10: The roster in the game is the best I ever seen. The roster has wrestlers and federations from America, England, Japan, and Mexico. The roster also contains legendary wrestlers such as Andre the giant, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and many more. The other wrestlers in this game also contain people like Goldberg, The Rock, Steve Austin, Rick Flair, Stan Hanson, Mike Modest, Ultimo Dragon, Tajiri, The Undertaker, Rod Van Dam, Ray Mastirio Junior, Kurt Angle, Kenzo Suzuki, and many more.

Manger of the ring mode 10/10: This is the newest mode in the fire pro series. The point of the manger of the ring mode is to pick a federation and try to make it number 1. The manager of the ring mode is also the mode that let you unlock almost all the hidden characters. The things you do in this mode is to get wrestlers to sign up with your federations, to set up a show, to sell tickets for your show, make alleys and foes along with the other federations, and to be the #1 federation in the world.

Replay Value 10/10: The replay value is very good. The reason it so good is because you can not just beat manager of the ring once and beat the whole game you need to try to unlock all the characters. The other reason is because there are so many moves and hidden characters to just play it once.

Rent or Buy? Buy. Because there are so many secret characters and this is just too good of a game to pass up on buying.

Final Thoughts: This is one of the best wrestling games ever and also a long series that was not will known of until last year. The new fire pro games are also going to be coming out for playstation 2 and gamecube.

Overall 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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