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Reviewed: 07/27/02 | Updated: 07/28/02

Don't even think that this is the same game


The graphics in this game are nothing special and they never really have in the Fire Pro series. If you've played Fire Pro G then you know what the game looks like. While this game might not have the look of Road to WrestleMania X8, it's the gameplay that counts in the end. There are some nice animated pictures which help guide you through the Management of Ring mode which I will talk about later.


Once again, nothing special. The theme music is kind of like MIDI music. I believe some of the themes are from Fire Pro G. Although the sounds might not be the best their not that bad.


The soul of Fire Pro has always been the gameplay. It still has the great controls and moves that made the series famous. There is various options including electrified cages and octagon rings(although the color has been changed to yellow to avoid issues with the UFC). New moves has been added including the move of 2001, the Shining Wizard. I could go on and on about how great the gameplay is, but most people already know how good it is.


Here we go. First thing I have to talk about is the Management of Ring mode. This allows you to create or manage an existing company. It mostly lasts up to 5 years but there is so much you can do. You can have inter-promotional matches with another company but you have to chose your wrestlers wisely because if you have made a challenge to say Michinoku Pro and you selected Vader, the MPro fans might not like the match that much. During the inter-promotional matches you can win their promotions titles. Also in MOR, you can spend money on producing action figures and other items and training equipment. You can sign TV deals for regional,national, or worldwide coverage. You can sign wrestlers or just for a one time appearance. You can also send your wrestlers to other companies or overseas for more training. Sending your scouts to other countries plays a big part in the game. Depending on what style you are looking for and in what country, your scouts can unlock hidden wrestlers. A unique way to unlock new wrestlers. MOR is very fun and adds so much to the game. It's like having a 3D version of your favorite simulator. You have to be careful in MOR though because one or more wrestlers may jump ship and land in another fed. There is also other things in MOR like interviews on TV shows, advertising for your next card, tournaments to determine your champion and more. It really adds a lot to the game and let's hope we continue to see it grow in other Fire Pro games. Of course, the great Create a Wrestler returns with the loads of moves and other options. Fire Pro has always had a great CAW since the SNES days. One problem with the Japanese version is that the American wrestlers like Booker T and The Rock are not the proper colors. They usually are on the Japanese version but I guess Spike just wanted to help BAM! out a bit.

I hope you found this review helpful and I hope everyone is psyched for the English version. Spike continues to prove that they have so much Pro-wres Love.

9/10 To say that this game is almost the exact same as the previous version is absurd. While there not have been many moves added to the game there is a brand new mode that hasn't been in any wrestling game before that will keep you busy for hours.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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