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CPU Logic FAQ by gbomber

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/03/02

Fire Pro Wrestling CPU Logic FAQ
by G-Bomber
Version 1.1
Last Updated: July 15th, 2002
Contact Info:
g-bomber1@cox.net (E-Mail)
thegbomber (AIM)
Though I love getting e-mail about my work, please write "FAQ" in
the subject line somewhere...thanks! Doing this also assures
that I will read it, as I have learned(many times over) that
on a bad day, there's a slim chance I just *COULD* be wrong...
and the readers always point out errors.. ^_-

      Table of Contents
    1) Update History
    2) General Information -Or- What In The Hell Is All This?
    3) Logic Overview -Or- What Does This Button Do?
    4) Logic Thoughts
    5) Questions & Answers
    6) Thanks'n'Greets
    7) Copyright Info

1) Update History

15Jul02, 4:14PM: FAQ started.

2Sep02, 5:31PM: Added some quick info about the damage levels.

2) General Information

  Fire Pro Wrestling's CPU Logic edit mode is easily one of the best things
I've seen in a wrestling game. Ever. Unlike No Mercy's staredowns, and Smackdown!'s
low impact CPU matches, Fire Pro's logic will make a CPU match as good as a match
played by humans, if not better. Some people, myself included, watch Fire Pro CPU
matches as much, if not more then we play the game.

  For those new to the game or logic editing, Logic simply(ha!) tells a wrestler what
to do, and when. Every possibility is covered, at every level of your opponents damage.
This insures that the wrestler doesn't do anything too out of line, like in Smackdown!,
where CPU controller characters like The Rock will often go to the top rope every time
their opponent is dizzy, while Jeff Hardy is usually trying to be a heavyweight, just
brawling it out center ring. In Fire Pro, all default characters have logic, and fight
(usually) exactly like their real-life counterparts. Custom edits usually don't. That's
when the sleeves are rolled up, and Logic mode is opened up.

  Right here though, I'm saying this. I'm new to the series(this was my first Fire Pro
game), and I haven't really been in the scene long enough to have heard anything about
logic. Sure, there's some stuff on the web about it, but for the most part, it's in
Japanese. I can read the words American, Power, High, and Low in Japanese, thanks to
playing Fire Pro D. You know what else I can read in Japanese? Nothing. At ALL. And,
since in HUNDREDS of simmings I still haven't seen some things happen, I'm not sure
about some things, but I do have theories about them that appear to be right...

  However, I've been asked for logic help by lots of people, and I've never been told
I hadn't helped. So, there's some method to the madness, apparently. =)

3) Logic Overview

  Here, I'll go through each category, and list what they all do.

For reference, though...

Oh, and these apply to your opponent, not you.

Small Damage - Wrestler at the beginning of the match, fresh, not really hurt.

Medium Damage - Wrestler 5-6 minutes into a match. Stays down a bit longer, probably
taking more time to breathe.

Large Damage - Wrestler who's had the hurt seriously put down on them. Winded, slower,
stays down for a heck of a long time. May stand up dizzy.

Near Death - This one isn't used in a lot of situations, but the situations you
do see it in usually involve pinning or submissions, so I'm guessing it's when the
wrestler is near knocked out, a submission WILL make him tap, and a pin will
DEFINATELY get a Near Fall, and likely the 1, 2, 3.

Note 1: Anytime I say 'involved wrestlers', it's when the wrestlers are 'targeting' each
other. This is all the time in a Singles Match, though in Battle Royals, the CPU ALWAYS
targets the nearest person. This will become evident in a 3-Way Match. One wrestler will
perform a move on another, and the 'free' wrestler will move into the move performer,
who will NOT attempt to follow up on the injured man, but will go for the closer person.

Note 2: I'm assuming you know how the percentages work. Higher percentage = Doing the
move more.

Alright, let's get it on! [/Mills Lane voice]

Standing: When both involved wrestlers are standing, not breathing or dizzied.
Grapple: Go in for the Grapple.

Stand Back: Attempts to put distance between self and opponent. Try playing Vinnie-Mac,
you'll see what I mean. =)

Circle: Doesn't neccesarily try to put distance between self and opponent, just doesn't
go for the grapple. Will avoid grappling with opponent while trying to circle. Usually
goes for a striking move if opponent gets too close.

Striking moves: Will go for these if the opponent is dizzied, or if the CPU thinks it
can connect with the move. I've seen a CPU controlled character hit a Jumping High Kick
about a minute into the match.

Front Grapple: Obviously, while engaged in a front grapple.
All: Just the chances that the wrestler will go for a certain move. It's wise to do it
in steps.. you don't want to go for AB moves at Small Damage, for example. Actually,
some AB submissions(mainly the funky Lucha Libre ones) CAN be done at Small Damage.

Back Grapple: Obviously, while back grappling.
All: Same as front grappling, but much more free. As in, if you can get a back grapple
in on small damage, you can usually do A or even AB moves. That's because a back grapple
is a much more adventageous position for the grappler.

Opponent is Thrown To Ropes: Opponent is thrown to ropes. Duh.
What's funny about this one is that your wrestler doesn't have to be the one who threw
the running guy. If the throwing guy gets involved with another guy, your wrestler, if
he's closest to the running guy, might go for one of these moves. Otherwise, this part
is pretty basic. Moves you want get higher percentages. Joy.

Opponent is Dazed in Corner: Opponent is in a corner, in position for a corner grapple.
You can run-up and attack, or get up close and hit something a bit more high-impact.

Another pretty simple part.

Opponent is Down Near Corner: Opponent is laying on the ground, and you have an
oppurtunity to get up to the turnbuckle and use a flying attack.
Attack Normally is what most American wrestlers have a high % in, unless you're..
R...V...D[/thumb points], or Randy Savage(Oooooohhh Yeeeah! Bonesaw's gonna get ya!
Er, sorry. Bad movie reference there =). Conversely, Japanese wrestlers, like
Misawa, do frog splashes and moonsaults far more frequently then their American

Just make sure you don't have any logic on missilekicks, or anything like that
in this section... =)

Opponent is Down in Center of Ring: Opponent is laying down, center ring.
Basic stuff... you can either go for pins and other ground moves, or set up
moves like Hogan's Ass Bomb of Death, and the People's Elbow.

Opponent Down, Facing up: Opponent is lying down, facing up.
A basic section as well. You do pins, submissions, and some other moves here.

Just don't pin at small damage. Unless you're a Tech-Critical bastard, and you're
using La Magistral to pin... =)

Opponent Down, Facing Down: Opponent is lying down, facing down.
Again, since these are so similar...

A basic section as well. You do pins, submissions, and some other moves here.

Just don't pin at small damage. Unless you're a Tech-Critical bastard, and you're
using La Magistral to pin... =)

Opponent is Standing Dazed Near Corner: When... ah, just read it.
Here's where you can use the missilekicks off the turnbuckle, etc. Hey, you can
even use slingshot moves from the apron! More goofy lucha fun! w00p!

Annnnnnnyway... heh. Yeah, either you can attack normally, or go high-flying.

Easy enough.

Opponent is Standing Dazed in Center of Ring: Duh!
This one's also pretty simple.

Either attack normally, or come off the ropes with a running attack, like a Lariat.

Opponent Standing Dazed: Opponent is standing dizzy.
Either Back Grapple, or hit your AB move. Pretty easy stuff.

Opponent Grapples from Behind
Which of your back counters do you want to use?

Opponent is Outside the Ring
When the opponent is outside the ring, how often will you wait for him to return?
How often will you go out after him?(ALL the time! ECW!ECW!ECW!... okay, I'll stop.)

By the by, your wrestler will only go for Slingshot and Running moves if the opponent
stands up dizzy on the outside. That usually happens after a throwing AB grapple move
of some sort.

In each situation, how often will YOU taunt?

Some taunts can't be done on the post. Every taunt after Oh! can't be done on the post.
Oh! itself also can't be done on the post. Don't ask me why, it just is.

Personality Traits
These are the things that can make or break an edit. I've made an edit, cloned it, and
changed these traits just a little, and had a VASTLY different match type. If there's
one part of logic that I need to stress as the most important part, it's these. Actually,
only the first 3. Teamwork really doesn't affect the wrestler's in-ring atttude as much.
Since there's no clear changes when you play with these traits, I'll go into them more
in the Logic Thoughts section.


  Entertainment determines how much the wrestler tries to get the crowd on his side, by
doing slingshot/running to out moves, top rope moves, and if he'll do nearfalls. This
all means that he'll risk the advantage in a match in order to make a much better show.
He'll usually try a Near Fall, if he feels he has enough advantage. He'll also use moves
that send the opponent outside more often then he would normally, as going outside the
ring gets the fans more into a match. He'll pin more in the ropes, to get some rope breaks
in the match. I've noticed Specialties being done more, as well as Finishers being done...
less? Strange, but I've noticed that. Finishers will be done to.. finish.

So, put this on high to be more entertaining.


  Discretion determines how much the wrestler tries to win. Well, it's sorta the opposite
of Entertainment. A higher percentage will have the wrestler not caring about the fans, and
just going for the win, not caring about an entertaining match. As I recall, all the
shootfighters in the game are at 100/0 for this, meaning they NEVER try to entertain. When
this is set on high, the wrestler will act 'cheap', going for more of their stronger moves,
not doing risky moves like off the post moves, and slingshot moves. They'll drag the
opponent away from the ropes to avoid rope breaks. Even if in the move logic, when you set
slingshot and running to out moves on high, this part of the logic can actually make it so
although you have it at a high percentage, it won't get done as much as just getting out of
the ring or staying in. So, simply editing this part can turn RVD into X-Pac. Innovative,
Fresh, and Entertaining into Lame, Tired, and Boring.

So, put this on high to try and win more.


  This one is much more simple, but by itself, it changes entire matches. Basically, when on
high, the wrestler will attempt to have the same style as his opponent. People like Chris
Jericho and Kurt Angle can wrestle in near every style known to man, so I'd have them with
a high flexibility, like 75 to 90. Undertaker? He fights one way, and that's HIS style. So,
yeah, his flexiblility would be 0 to 15. Kane, though similar, has recently been pretty
flexible, doing hardcore, and going to the top rope some more, so I'd give him a 15 to 30.

In fact, most American wrestlers should be around 35. Austin, HHH, Lesnar, Rock, etc. I
don't watch much Puro, but from what I've seen, they should be around 35 to 55, depending.
People who are Junior style can be very flexible, so I'd put them around 80.

If your wrestler who had a high flexibility was fighting in a battle royal, with a lucha,
a power wrestler, and a technical wresler, he'd try to fight the lucha with high-flying moves,
the power wrestler with power moves, and he'd try to mat wrestle with the technician. All
well and good you think? No, what if your wrestler was a Heel type? Heels have little
affinity for lucha, power, or tech moves, so he'd be tiring himself and be doing little damage
by trying to be like his oppponent.

So, put this on high to have your wrestler try to adapt to his opponent.


  All I've seen this affect is how often your wrestler will attempt double team moves, and
things like putting the opponent in a Full Nelson so your teammate can come in and get a
hit. It may affect how often you tag, I haven't messed with this one too much.

So, put this on high to... be more team-like, I'm guessing.

4) Logic Thoughts

  Basically, this section will be a little notepad for my thoughts on logic. I will likely
update the FAQ everytime I add or change something.


Entertainment and Discretion probably adjust certain parts of logic... Discretion probably
makes the finisher be done more, pinning done more, submissions done more, and 'entertainment'
moves, like American Punch Rushes, are adjusted to be done less. Entertainment probably
adjusts the Finisher to be done less, and signature moves more. Submissions and pins less,

People who use submissions at Large Damage or Near Death are cheap bastard scum. Unless it's
their finisher, then it should still be under 20% or so. Specialty submissions should be
under 10%.

The L button headlock from a grapple is stupid. I hate it. It deserves death. I should make
a character called 'Front Headlock' and Critical it 40 times a day. Anyone that uses it more
then 10% should be attacked with a Weed Wacker.

Also, using the funky Lucha Libre AB front grapple submissions at Small Damage is lame too.

Hell, speaking of submissions... only a little at weak damage, a lot at medium, and NEVER
at large damage/near death. Unless, as said above, it's a finisher or specialty.

5) Questions & Answers

  Well, I've given you the tools you need to make a damn fine piece of logic. However,
the Fire Pro CPU Logic section is one of the most intimidating parts of the game, and it
just looks confusing as hell. If you have any questions, send them to me via e-mail(addy
is at the top of the FAQ), and I will answer them to the best of my abilities.

6) Thanks'n'Greets

Spike - We all know why.

Nintendo - For this GBA thing.

GameFAQs - For hosting this.

Some post at the No Mercy boards - For saying FPW rocked
and sparking my interest.

The GameFAQs FPW Board - Since everyone there asked about
logic. Again. And AGAIN. AND... you get the point.

Lord Vermin - For all his work on the logic, so I could base
some of my theory on what he's figured out. Thanks a lot!
Check out his page at www.sickosonparade.com, 'tis good stuff!

Hulk Hogan - For we all need someone to laugh at... =)


C-CWA and M-DWF(yes, M-DWF) - Y'all rock. Kingpin's your god, eh? =)

GameFAQs FPW Board - The peeps that got me into the game, after
hearing about it. Nice stop in my day.

7) Copyright Info

Fire Pro Wrestling CPU Logic FAQ
(c) 2002 G-Bomber


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