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Reviewed: 09/29/02 | Updated: 09/29/02

A great game...for a while.

Okay, I'll start off with one of the most important parts of this game. If you didn't already know, it's based off the book Dinotopia. If you haven't read the book, chances are you won't understand as much about the plot of this game. You don't NEED to know everything about the plot to play the game, but it makes it a bit more interesting. Now, on to the main review.

Controls are one of the most important thins in a game. Without good controls, the game is to confusing/difficult. The controls in Dinotopia are pretty smooth, the game doesn't take long to respond. Sometimes the character doesn't jump when you press the jump button causing you to fall, and when half of the levels involve going upwaqrd, missing a jump can put you right back to the beginning. Switching between weapons/attacking is great though, the game responds right away.

The graphics in this game are great. In fact, they are the best part. Yep, that's right, this game is graphics over gameplay. The dinosaurs all look great and very realistic, you can even see where the muscles are. The backgrounds aren't quite as good as the dinos, but they are pretty interesting, from a rainforest to a desert like city. The actual characters/enemies sometimes look a bit cartoony, but you get used to it after a while.

There is pretty much one song for over half this game. It is a good song, but it's pretty repetitive. If your head hurts from repetitive music, this is one game not to buy for the sound. The attacking sounds, however, are a bit better. There is one noise for every different attack you have, there is a noise for getting hit/hitting, and jumping. Other then that, not much to say about sound.

This game has three different styles of levels. Normal, Flying, and T-Rex Nest. In the normal levels, you have to fight enemies and find the T-Rex egg. These levers are fun at first, but the egg locations get harder and harder, and these levels often end up as wandering around trying to find the egg, seeing as you can't leave the level without it. Oh, sometimes you get to ride a dinosaur in these levels. The flying levels are my personal favorite, you get to ride a Pterodactyl like creature, fight off enemies, dodge obstacles, and of course, find the all-important T-Rex egg. I just wish they had more of these. The T-Rex nest serves no real purpose except to put the T-Rex eggs back in the nest. There's usually a T-Rex just stomping around back and forth that you have to get around somehow. Then you have to put the eggs back in the nest once you reach it and find a way out. Oh, and one last bit, there is no world map on this game. You just advance to the next level. There is no way to revisit a level, aside from starting a new game. And if you do start a new game, you have to delete the old one.

The plot is a bit hard to understand for those of you who haven't read the 'Dinotopia' books or watched the movie. You are living in a world with both dinosaurs and humans. The people called 'Pirates' have stolen the T-Rex eggs and it's up to you to it's up to you to get them back without the T-Rex knowing they were ever gone. That is because the T-Rex will attack the humans if they are not returned. ALL the humans. They don't just pick out the Pirates and kill them, nope, they go on a human killing spree, killing every human in sight. Unless you get the eggs back.

Once you have beaten this game, there is really no reason to beat it again. If you have memorized the locations of the eggs, it's actually pretty boring.

Rent. This game isn't one of those games that requires you to take a long time to beat it. There are no side quests or mini-games. Only buy if you are really into action platformers, or if you are a die-hard Dinotopia fan.

Talking dinos make this game a bit more interesting, but overall not a very good game to play over and over. Rent it once or twice, you'll probably beat it within that time anyway.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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