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Game Script by master chris x3

Version: Final | Updated: 10/23/03

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (English name)
Castlevania: Concerto of Midnight Sun (Japanese name)
Game Script
Copyright (©) 2003 by Master Chris X3
E-Mail: FFXtidus@juno.com
Last Updated: 10/23/03

This script contains the dialogue from the final version of the game and
gives away major plot details. Do not read this if you do not want to know
what the game is about. The characters are:

Character Bios:

	Juste Belmont: The main character of the story who is the grandson
		       of Simon Belmont. His magical power is partly derived
		       from blood ties to the Fernandez family.

		       Having abilities considered prodiguous even among his
		       family members, he inherited the Hunter Whip passed
		       down from his forefathers at the young age of sixteen
		       and has earned the title of Vampire Killer.

	Maxim Kischine: Has been the best friend of Juste since childhood,
			and also his rival. He departed on a training
			expedition two years ago, right after Juste became
			a Vampire Killer.

			Maxim is a master swordsman, and his sword is called
			the Stellar Sword.

	Lydie Elranger: A childhood friend of both Juste and Maxim. Her
			presence is both comforting and invaluable to these
			two men undergoing strict physical training.

			Not much else is known about Lydie, other than the
			fact that she is a maiden.

	Death: The physical form of death. Looks like a grim reaper. A
	       servant of Dracula himself.

	Dracula: Also known as Vlad. He is an immortal vampire who rises in
		 his castle once every hundred years. The pieces of his
		 body are known as the Relics of Vlad. The Belmonts have
		 always stopped him from taking over the world.

	The Shopkeeper: Though you never know his name, this man got lost
			in the castle and will sell you items and buy some 
			treasure if you talk talk to him.


	(The scene opens on the castle gates, then pans up to show the
	castle and an orange sky with a full moon)

		Fifty years have passed since Simon Belmont vanquished the
	curse of Dracula. Fate has dictated that Juste Belmont, blood
	descendant of the Belmont Family, hunt for the relics of Dracula.

		One day, Juste's best friend, Maxim, who had set out on a
	training expedition two years earlier, returned unexpectedly... his
	body covered in wounds. He informs Juste that Lydie, a childhood
	friend whom they both deeply care about, has been kidnapped.

		Maxim has completely lost his memory of his time training
	away from home, and only has vague images of the kidnapping.
	Ignoring his bodily injuries, Maxim leads Juste to the place he
	believes Lydie is being held captive.

		Passing through the thick fog, the two men happen upon a
	castle undocumented on any map. Could this be the fabled Dracula's
	castle? Standing solemnly in the night, this forbidding castle
	welcomes its unexpected guests as the moonlight shines upon it...

	(letters flip onto the screen to spell)
			C A S T L E V A N I A
	(and then     ~ Harmony of Dissonance ~   slides down from CV)

Outside the Castle, Juste and Maxim:

Juste   So you truly believe that Lydie was brought to this castle...
Maxim   My memory fails me, but... this seems to be the place... don't you
	believe me?
Juste   I know better than anyone that you are not the type to lie.
Maxim   Juste... Aaargh!!
	(hunches over in pain)
Juste   Are you all right?!
Maxim   I- I'm fine... It's Lydie you should be concerned about, not me...
	...Go on ahead!! I'll be right behind you. You have my word.
Juste   OK, then. I'll see you inside!!

	(Juste walks along, and suddenly a giant machine comes to life,
	chasing him inside the castle. The drawbridge raises up behind him
	so he cannot go back.)

Marble Corridor, Death and Juste:

Death   Halt! The color of your soul... you must be a Belmont...
Juste   That is correct. This... overwhelming power... Death...?
Death   Indeed.
Juste   Which means this is, in fact, Dracula's castle...
Death   That might be true... though the power that is here is not my
Juste   What do you mean?!
Death   I must go now. We shall meet again, son of Belmont...
	(evil laugh; disappears)
Juste   He got away...
	(shakes his fist)

Shrine of the Apostates, Juste and Maxim:

Juste   Maxim, you're all right!
Maxim   Yes...  Is that you, Juste?  Yes, I guess I'm all right.
Juste   What's wrong? Standing around in a daze leaves you... vulnerable.
Maxim   I...  I don't know how I got in the castle.
Juste   What?
Maxim   Well, I'm not sure...  Things are still foggy, but my memories seem
	to be coming back, bit by bit.
Juste   Your memories are returning?
Maxim   Yes... and I also know now that I've been to this castle before.
	Since I came to this castle, I've had some strange feelings. If I
	go deeper into the castle, I might be able to remember.
Juste   Let's go together, Maxim!
Maxim   No...  If we want to find Lydie, it's better if we're split up.
Juste   Oh...  Yeah, I guess you're right.
Maxim   Stay alive, Juste!
Juste   You too, Maxim.

First Time You Use a Teleporter:

Juste   Hmmm... for some reason, things look a bit different than before...

First Encounter With the Shopkeeper:

Shop K. Welcome.
Juste   ?! Why do you have a shop in a place like this?
Shop K. Well, being the wandering merchant that I am, during my travels...
	I was suddenly swallowed up by a dense fog... and ended up here.
Juste   Still, there is no need to set up shop in a place like this...
Shop K. At first, I spent some time looking for an exit. I couldn't find
	one, so... without other options, I opened up for business right
	here...	nothing else to do, you know. So what can I do for you?

	(If You Approach Him a Second Time)
Shop K. Oh? Did you forget something?

	(Every time after that)
Shop K. So we meet again. I'm glad to see you're all right. What can I
	do for you?

When Juste Enters The Item Collection Room For The First Time:

Juste   Whoah! What an elegant room! Maybe a bit tasteless... Okay!
	I guess I'll try putting this down right here!
	(Places Any Furniture in Inventory About The Room)

Cave of Skeletons, Evil Maxim and Juste:

E.Maxim Juste! There you are!
Juste   Maxim! What's going on?  Have you found Lydie?
E.Maxim How dare you ask ME of Lydie! You're one of her captors, aren't you?
Juste   What the hell are you talking about?
E.Maxim Oh, nothing... forget it. I know not the scope of your power,
	Belmont, but I won't let you have her!
Juste   What's the matter with you?  This isn't like you at all!
E.Maxim I've gained powers to surpass you! But first, the woman...
	Farewell!  May you rot away in this castle!  (Evil Laughs)
Juste   Wait, Maxim! Was that truly Maxim? Do my eyes and ears deceive me?

Sky Walkway, Maxim and Juste:

Maxim   Juste! Have you found Lydie?
Juste   You... you're Maxim, aren't you?
Maxim   Hey! What do you mean by that?
Juste   Uh, nothing. Forget it. So tell me, how did you fare?
Maxim   I have found nothing yet. But my memory is slowly coming back to me.
Juste   Really? So Lydie is somewhere in this castle after all?
Maxim   Yes, I'm sure of that now. And I know that I have also been here
	before... and, there is something I think you should know...
Juste   Go ahead, you can tell me anything.
Maxim   The day you inherited the title of Vampire Hunter... I felt as if a
	wall had been erected between us... and for that reason I set out
	on my expedition. I wanted to be better than you and relieve you
	of your fate.
Juste   ...
Maxim   Long ago, you told me of Dracula's remains. Do you rememer that?
Juste   Yes, I remember. The story of how my grandfather, Simon, gathered 
	Dracula's remains and destroyed them to undo his curse.
Maxim   I thought my wishes would be granted if I too could gather and 
	destroy them.

	(If you've picked up any Relics)
Juste   That means the remains found in this castle are genuine...
Maxim	They are identical to the ones I found. But, I have little memory of
	what happened after that. I only remember Lydie being brought here.

	(If you don't have any Relics)
Juste	What?! You found them?
Maxim   According to legend, it's still too early for Dracula's
	ressurection. It is not like anyone is cursed right now either. At
	first, I was doubtful that I could find the remains... but I
	uncovered six parts, as if guided by a higher being...
Juste	That's impossible...
Maxim   I have little memory of what occured after that, but the remains
	have vanished. I do remember clearly though that Lydie was

Juste   If true, Dracula's bodily remains may be giving rise to this
Maxim   Forgive me. This is all my fault...
Juste   I'm not the one you should be seeking forgiveness from...
Maxim   ?!
Juste   You ought to apologize to Lydie first. We must hurry and find her.
Maxim   Yes. Yes, you're right. OK, I'll be off then.
Juste   Maxim... I believe in you.
Maxim   Thanks, Juste...

Clock Tower, Death and Juste:

Juste   Arghh, Death has returned!
Death   Mortal... you know a man named Maxim, do you not?
Juste   Oh, and if I do?
Death   That man...  He's obtained something which contains my lord's
	power, has he not?
Juste   Could it have something to do with Dracula's relics?
Death   Relics?  I see, then it all adds up.
Juste   What do you mean?
Death   Yes, that explains everything.  You have my thanks.  It's so
        simple... That man brought forth the castle.
Juste   What?  There's no reason Maxim would do such a thing!
Death   Perhaps not at first.  But, if he obtained Lord Dracula's relics,
	then it's a different story.  Two spirits have received Dracula's
	power, and brought this castle into existence once again.
Juste   Two spirits?
Death   At the moment two spirits dwell within Maxim.  There is his own 
	soul...  The other is the evil spirit of my lord, Dracula, which
	came from his relics.
Juste   What a ridiculous notion...
Death   Still, I wonder why two castles have materialized...  Dracula's
	spirit alone should have sought to call forth the castle, but...
Juste   Wait!  What do you mean two castles?
Death   What a fool...  You weren't even aware that there are two?  Well
	then, I have nothing more to say.  Farewell!
Juste   Wait!  Are you running away again?
Death   At present, the castle is ina transient state, divided, incomplete.
	This won't suffice. These two castles must be fully united.
	(Enters portal to 2nd Castle)

Castle B, Sky Walkway, Evil Maxim and Juste:

E.Maxim Oh?  You're still alive, eh?
Juste   Maxim!  No, it's not him...
E.Maxim Heheheh... you're onto me...
Juste   What the hell are you?
E.Maxim I am... myself. Though, I'm not the same Maxim you know.  I am the
	desires that were once sealed away in this man. Since he obtained
	the relics of Dracula, another spirit took form within him. I am
	that other. I don't think he's even aware of me!
Juste   So abducting Lydie is your work, then?
E.Maxim Heheheh, obviously... that is of course my doing. But the fool has
	lost his memories! He doesn't even know where he is right now! His
	memories will soon return, and when they do, the woman will be mine.
Juste   Damn you!
E.Maxim Sure about that? If I die now, your dear friend will perish with
	me! Is that all right with you?
Juste   Arghh...
E.Maxim Death is at hand! Die, vile dog!

Castle A, Sky Walkway, Maxim and Juste:

Maxim   Ju-Juste...
Juste   Maxim! It's the real you!
Maxim   ... the other one... so you met him...
Juste   Yeah...
Maxim   Oh... Dracula's power is so great... soon he'll swallow me
Juste   Don't talk like that! Get a hold of yourself!
Maxim   Please, listen to me. When he brought Lydie here... he hid her in
	a castle forged from the fabric of my memory. I wanted to do
	something to protect my own memories, but it seems hopeless...
	Take this bracelet. With it, you should be able to open the sealed
Juste   I can't leave you here like this.
Maxim   Please! We can't let them get Lydie!
Juste   Al-All right. Once I've rescued Lydie, I promise I'll come back
	for you too.
Maxim   Okay... hurry!

Castle A, Castle Top Floor, Juste and Lydie:

Juste   Lydie!
Lydie   Juste! Is it really you?
Juste   Are you all right? Are you hurt?
Lydie   I'm fine. Maxim hid me here.
Juste   ...Is that so?
Lydie   He's not with you?
Juste   Maxim is waiting outside, I think.
Lydie   Juste, what happened to the person who brought me here?
Juste   Huh? You mean you don't know?
Lydie   Before Maxim rescued me, I had been blindfolded the whole time.
Juste   Really... well, for now let's just get out of here.
Lydie   Yes, let's go.
	(A laugh, and Death enters)
Death   So she was hidden here... that fellow, too, is a bold man.
	(Lydie screams)
Juste   Lydie!
	(Death grabs Lydie, Lydie screams again)
Death   I'll take the girl.
Lydie   (Calls Juste's name, Death disappears with Lydie)
Juste   Lydie! I can't let him have her!

Castle A, Luminous Cavern, Death and Juste...

Juste   There you are! Return Lydie!
Death   Don't worry.  She's with Lord Maxim.
Juste   Why? Lydie has got nothing to do with you!
Death   In order for us to make the castle whole, the girl is necessary.
Juste   What do you mean by that?
Death   This castle is currently incomplete, in a transient form. It must
	be prepared for my master's revival. Until the two castles are
	merged, Dracula's form is not complete. My lord's dear friend is
Juste   Maxim is a strong man!  It won't happen as easily as you think.
Death   He is filled with the power of my lord... And, I know of a way to
	augment that power within him. If the energy of somebody dear to
	him is used the effect would be immeasurable.
Juste   No... you can't mean...  Lydie's blood?!
Death   Don't interfere. Lord Maxim's soul has almost burned out. I shall
	now extinguish the candle of your soul!
	(After Fight)
Death   You're too late. The castles will soon merge together!

Castle B, Final Boss Room

Juste   Lydie!
Lydie   ......
Juste   She's still breathing, but... damn! I am too late.
E.Maxim Welcome, Juste. You're late.
Juste   Maxim...
E.Maxim Maxim? Oh, if you mean you're friend, he's dead. Thanks to the
	girl, I gained enough strength to completely overcome him.
Juste   No mercy for you! I won't forgive you for this!
E.Maxim Who needs mercy? Weak threats from an unworthy opponent.
	(After Fight)
Juste   Maxim... I'm sorry...
E.Maxim Heh... you think I, who wields the power of Count Dracula, would
	lose? With that cursed strength of yours, you'd better hunt down
	Dracula eternally.
	(Castle Disappears)
Juste   Damn it all! Ultimately, I couldn't save Maxim or Lydie! I've
	failed as a Vampire Hunter! What on earth should I do with
	myself now?

	The End, Bad

Castle A, Final Boss Room

Juste   Stop!
Maxim   Juste... it's you.
Juste   Lydie!  Are you all right?
Lydie   ......
Juste   She fainted. It appears I'm in time. Maxim! You're still yourself,
	aren't you?
Maxim   Yes, by some means or another... but I can already see it coming...
	please... kill me!
Juste   But, to take your life...
Maxim   It's no good. I can't fight it any longer!
Juste   I... I can't do it...
E.Maxim Then I'll make you kill me! Juste! Prepare yourself!
	(After Fight)
Maxim   Thank you, Juste, for I did truly desire to be felled by your hand.
Juste   Maxim!
Maxim   I wanted to set you free from a cursed fate...
Juste   It's okay... please, don't say anymore...
Maxim   Take care of Lydie... (falls down, dead)
Juste   Maxim!
	(Castle Disappears)
Lydie   Ungh...
Juste   Ah, you're awake.
Lydie   Have we been... saved?
Juste   Yeah.
Lydie   Oh... where's Maxim?
Juste   Maxim... he...
Lydie   Juste... it's alright, you don't need to say anything more...
Juste   I... I...
Lydie   I don't understand what was going on between you two, but you
	mustn't be so hard on yourself. Blaming yourself would be no
	different from blaming him.
Juste   Perhaps you're right. That's what he would have said...
Lydie   Let's go. It would be better if we go home and rest before you
	tell me the story.
Juste   You're right... Okay, let's go Lydie!

	The End, Good

Castle B, Final Boss Room

Juste   Lydie!
Lydie   ......
Juste   She's still breathing, but... damn! I am too late.
E.Maxim Welcome, Juste. You're late.
Juste   Maxim...
E.Maxim Maxim? Oh, if you mean you're friend, he's dead. Thanks to the
	girl, I gained enough strength to completely overcome him.
Juste   No mercy for you! I won't forgive you for this!
E.Maxim Who needs mercy? Weak threats from an unworthy opponent.
	(After fight)
Maxim   Tha-that bracelet... so you wore it after all...
Juste   Maxim? Is that you?
E.Maxim Why? Why do you still live within me?
Juste   Remember, Maxim! You're no weakling!
Maxim   You... you're right. But compared to our training... this isn't a
	big deal, right?
E.Maxim Why? Why can't I can't I free myself of you?
Maxim   Because I choose not to free you! Juste! Finish me off!
E.Maxim Ah! I sense a strong magic at work!
	(Dracula's Relics Float Into The Air)
Maxim   Uh... intense... energy...
Juste   The... the relics!
E.Maxim This energy alone should suffice... I don't need this body any
	longer. Here have it!
Maxim   Arghh!
	(Maxim falls unconscious, Dracula appears)
Dracula Hmm... in my current form, my energy is unstable. But, if I drink
	your blood, I can achieve my full strength.
Juste   Heh... don't underestimate the power of a Belmont.
Dracula OK then, let us begin. I will enjoy destroying you.
	(After, Dracula Transforms. Then, After Beating That...)
Dracula Arghh!
Juste   As I said, never underestimate the power of my bloodline.
Dracula So... so this is the power of Belmont?
Juste   Vile spawn of Maxim, you are not worthy of being my foe.
Dracula I shall now fade from this world... However, I find some pleasure
	in this. With that cursed power, you and your kin are doomed to be
	Hunters for all eternity.
	(Castle Disappears)
Maxim   ... Where... Where are we?
Juste   Maxim, you're awake.
Maxim   I survived too?
Juste   You're strength dispatched Dracula.
Maxim   Not my strength... rather yours, and Lydie's. Ah! What about Lydie?
	Is she alright?
Juste   She's still unconscious, but the wounds on her neck seem to have
	disappeared. Her color is also returning to normal. It's only a
	matter of time before she comes to.
Maxim   Juste... I'm sorry.
Juste   It's over now, and everyone is all right. There's nothing to
	apologize about.
Maxim   ... Thank you.
Lydie   Ungh...
Juste   Lydie's coming to.
Lydie   Oh... Juste.  Where am I? I-I think Maxim was sucking my blood!
Juste   Whoa, easy there, you were just having a nightmare. Go ahead, feel
	your neck.
Lydie   (Checks Neck)... Nothing there... so it was only a dream...
Maxim   Hey! Tell her the truth!
Juste   Shh! Keep quiet!
Lydie   Oh? Maxim, you've returned!
Maxim   Well, yes, but actually...
Juste   Yes, Maxim's back. I'm sure he's probably tired from the journey,
	so why don't we all talk after we're home?
Maxim   No. I...
Juste   All right, Maxim?  Nothing happened!  Everything's all right, isn't
Maxim   Hey! You should finish what you start!
Juste   What did you say?!
Lydie   Stop it!
Maxim   ......
Juste   ......
Lydie   Cut it out, you two!  You're fighting so soon after meeting each
Maxim   The truth is, Lydie...
Lydie   I'll hear your reasons after we've returned home. Until then, the
	two of you must stop speaking so strangely.
Juste   You heard the lady.
Maxim   ... okay.
Lydie   Ha ha. My, but it has been a while, hasn't it, the three of us
	together like this?
Juste   Yes, it has.
Maxim   Yes.

	The End, Best

(Credits roll)
Well? Please send me an e-mail with comments about what you thought, if
you find any mistakes, or if you have any questions about the game.
I said it at the top of the FAQ, but I'll say it again:
my e-mail address is FFXtidus@juno.com.

If you want to use this script on another website, by all means do so, but
be sure to include my name and do NOT alter the script in any way.

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Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance was copyrighted (©) in 2002 by Konami.
All rights to Castlevania, Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance, and anything
with the name Castlevania or character names used in the games are
trademarks of Konami.

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