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Translation Guide by BFrayne

Updated: 06/25/2002

Castlevania, White Night Concerto English Translation
Copyright 2002 Brendan Frayne

This is the first release, hope you like it.  Expect an update or two when I get the other endings.

At the castle entrance, Maxim and Juste...

Juste	So, this is really the castle Lydie was taken to?
Maxim	I don't remember so clearly, but this must be it.  Don't you believe me?
J	I know very well that you're not one to lie.
M	Argh...
J	Are you all right?
M	I- I'm okay.  Forget about me, we're here to find Lydie...  Go on ahead!  I'll follow you soon.
J	All right.  Let's meet again inside.

First meeting with Death, near the entrance...

Death	Halt!  The color of that soul...  You're a Belmont, then?
Juste	That's right.  This overwhelming presence...  Death?
D	Of course.
J	Then as I thought, this is Castle Dracula.
D	Perhaps...
	However, the energy present here is not necessarily my lord Dracula's.
J	What do you mean by that?
D	I leave you for now, but we'll meet again, Belmont!
J	He got away...

Approach of Deplore, Maxim and Juste...

Juste	Maxim, you're all right!
Maxim	Yes...  Is that you, Juste?  Yes, I guess I'm all right.
J	What's wrong?  You look out of sorts.
M	I...  I don't know how I got in the castle.
J	What?
M	Well, I'm not sure...  Things are still foggy, but my memories seem to be coming back, bit by bit.
J	Your memories are returning?
M	Well it seemed that way.  Since I came to this castle, I've had some strange feelings.  If I go
	deeper into the castle, I might be able to remember.
J	Let's go together, Maxim!
M	No...  If we want to find Lydie, it's better if we're split up.
J	Oh...  Yeah, I guess you're right.
M	Stay alive, Juste!
J	You, too, Maxim.

First encounter with the Shopkeeper...

SK	Oh my!  Welcome!
Juste	What are you doing in a place like this?
SK	Well, I'm a traveling merchant, you see...  While on the road, I became stuck in a thick fog, then
	all of a sudden, I found myself in this castle!
J	But, to open shop in a place like this...
SK	Of course I tried looking for a way out, but it seems there's none to be found.  Having no other
	choice, I set up my shop...  Nothing else to do, you know.
	So, how can I help you?

	(If you approach him a second time)
SK	Hm?  did you forget something?

	(Every time after that)
SK	So we meet again.  I'm glad to see you're all right.  What can I do for you?

When Juste enters the Item Collection room for the first time...

Juste	My, what an elegant room.  But, it seems rather bare.  If there were just some furniture or
	decorations...  All right, I'll leave these things I'm carrying.
	(Places any furniture in inventory about the room)

Cave of Skeletons, Evil Maxim and Juste...

EM	Juste!  I was looking for you!
Juste	Maxim.  What's going on?  Have you found Lydie?
EM	Found her...  You're also hiding things, aren't you?
J	What on earth are you talking about?
EM	Well, no matter...  I don't know the extent of your powers, Belmont, but I won't let you have her!
J	What's the matter with you?  This isn't like you at all!
EM	I've gained a new power to surpass you.  But, for now Lydie is my concern.  Farewell!  May you rot
	away in this castle!  (Laughs)
J	Wait, Maxim!  Was that really Maxim?  I can't believe it...

Corrider in the Air, Maxim and Juste...

Maxim	Juste, did you find Lydie?
Juste	You're the real Maxim, right?
M	Whoa, whoa!  What're you talking about?
J	Nah, forget about it...  How about you?  How is your search going?
M	I haven't made much progress either...  but my memories are gradually returning.
J	Really?  So Lydie is in this castle, after all?
M	Without a doubt.  What's more, I know now that I've been here before...  I thought I should tell you...
J	Anything.  What's on your mind?
M	That day, when you ascended to the role of vampire hunter...  I felt a gap widening between us...  So
	I went on a journey.  I wanted to surpass your skills...  I also wanted to free you from your destiny
	as a hunter.
J	...
M	Do you recall the story you once told me about the relics, the pieces of Dracula?
J	Yeah, I remember.  My grandfather, Simon, gathered and destroyed the relics in order to end Dracula's
M	I thought if I could gather and destroy those pieces of Dracula myself, my hopes would be fulfilled.
J	You're not saying the relics of Dracula still exist?
M	According to the legend, it's still too early for Dracula's revival.  And, it's not like anyone is under
	Dracula's curse right now.  At first, I also doubted the relics still existed...  but following the
	legend, I somehow found the 6 pieces.
J	Ridiculous!
M	I can't recall anything after that...  The pieces seem to have disappeared, too...  The only thing I
	remember vividly is Lydie being taken here...
J	If that's true, Dracula's pieces were probably brought to this castle as well.
M	I'm sorry.  I'm to blame for all of this.
J	You shouldn't apologize to me.
M	?
J	You should apologize to Lydie.  But we should get searching if you're to do that...
M	Ah, that's right.  Okay, I'm going.
J	Maxim, I'm trusting you.
M	Thank you...  Juste.

Clock Tower, Death and Juste...

Juste	Ah, it's you!
Death	You know a man named...  Maxim, I believe.
J	And, if I do?
D	That man...  He's obtained something which contains Lord Dracula's power, has he not?
J	Could it have something to do with Dracula's relics?
D	Relics?  I see, then it all adds up.
J	What do you mean?
D	Yes, that explains everything.  You have my thanks.  It's so simple...  That man brought forth the castle.
J	What?  There's no reason Maxim would do such a thing!
D	Perhaps not at first.  But, if he obtained Lord Dracula's relics, then it's a different story.  Two
	spirits have received Dracula's power, and brought this castle into existence once again.
J	Two spirits?
D	At the moment two spirits dwell within Maxim.  There is his own soul...  The other is the evil spirit of
	my lord, Dracula, which came from his relics.
J	That's absurd.
D	Still, I wonder why two castles have materialized...  Dracula's spirit alone should have sought to call
	forth the castle, but...
J	Wait!  What do you mean two castles?
D	What a fool...  You weren't even aware that there are two?  Well then, I have nothing more to say.
J	Wait!  Are you running away again?
D	At present, the castle is divided, incomplete.  This won't suffice.  These two castles must be fully united.
	(Enters portal to 2nd Castle)

2nd Castle, Corridor in the Air, Evil Maxim and Juste...

EM	Oh?  You're still alive, eh?
Juste	Maxim!  No, it's not him.
M	Oh, so you've found me out, then?
J	Who the devil are you?
M	I am myself.  Though, I'm not the same Maxim you know.  I am the desires that were once sealed away in
	this man.  Since he obtained the relics of Dracula, another spirit took form within him.  I am that
	other.  I don't know if he's even aware of me.
J	Is abducting Lydie your work, then?
M	Heh, heh, heh, obviously...  That is of course my doing.  But the fool has lost his memories.
	He doesn't even know where he is right now!  His memories will soon be revived.  If we come to share those,
	the woman will be mine.
J	Bastard!
M	If I perish, your dear friend will die along with me.  Is that all right with you?
J	Damn!
M	You will die here, scum!

1st Castle, Corridor in the Air, Maxim and Juste...

Maxim	Ju- Juste...
Juste	Maxim!  Is it the real you?
M	...  The other one...  So you met him...
J	Yeah...
M	Oh...  Dracula's power is great...  soon he'll swallow me completely.
J 	Don't talk like that!  Get a hold of yourself!
M	Please, listen to me.  When he brought Lydie here...  He hid her in this castle, which was summoned
	by my spirit.  I wanted to do something to protect my own memories, but it seems hopeless...
	Take this bracelet.  With it, you should be able to open the sealed doors.
J	I can't leave you here like this.
M	Please!  We can't let them get Lydie!
J	Al- All right.  Once I've rescued Lydie, I promise I'll come for you too.
M	Okay...  Please...

1st Castle, Castle Tower, Lydie and Juste...

Juste	Lydie!
Lydie	Juste!  It is you, isn't it, Juste?
J	Are you all right?  You're not hurt?
L	I'm fine.  Maxim hid me here.
J	...Is that so?
L	He's not with you?
J	Maxim is waiting outside, most likely.
L	Juste, what happened to the person who brought me here?
J	Who brought you here?  You mean you don't know?
L	Before Maxim came for me, I had been blindfolded the whole time.
J	Really...  Well, for now let's just get out of here.
L	Okay.
	(A laugh, and Death enters)
D	So she was hidden here...  That fellow is bold, indeed.
L	Eek!
J	Lydie!
	(Death grabs Lydie)
D	I'll take the girl.
L	No!  Juste, save me!
J	Damn!  I can't let him take her!

2nd Castle, Moss-Grown Cave, Death and Juste...

Juste	There you are.  Return Lydie!
Death	Don't worry.  She's with Lord Maxim.
J	Why?  Lydie has got nothing to do with you!
D	In order for us to make the castle whole, the girl is necessary.
J	What do you mean by that?
D	This castle is in an incomplete state.  It must be prepared for my master's revival.
	Until the two castles are united as one Castle Dracula's form is not complete.  My lord's dear friend
	is necessary.
J	Maxim is a strong man!  It won't happen as easily as you think.
D	He is filled with the power of Lord Dracula...  And, I know of a way to augment that power within him.
	If, perhaps, the energy of somebody dear to him is used, I wonder what the effect would be...
J	You...  You can't mean...  to take her life?  You can't do this!
D	Don't interfere.  The candle of Lord Maxim's soul has almost burned down.
	(After fight)
D	You're too late.  The castle will soon be complete!

1st Castle, Final Boss Room

Juste	Stop!
Maxim	Juste...  it's you.
J	Lydie!  Are you all right?
L	......
J	She fainted.  It appears I'm in time.  Maxim!  You're still yourself, aren't you?
M	Somewhat.  But I can already see it coming...
	Please...  kill me!
J	What are you talking about?  Such a thing would be...
M	It's no good.  I can't push back the urges any longer!
J	I...  I can't do it...
EM	Then allow me the honor.  Prepare yourself!
	(After fight)
Maxim	Thank you, Juste.  To fall at your hand...  I'm pleased...
J	Maxim!
M	I wanted to set you free from a cursed fate...
J	It's okay...  Don't say anymore...
M	Pl- please take care of Lydie...
J	Maxim!
	(Demon Castle disappears)
Lydie	Ungh...
J	Ah, you're awake.
L	We're...  all right?
J	Yeah.
L	Oh...  Where's Maxim?
J	Maxim...  he...  ...
L	Juste...  It's okay, you don't need to say.
J	I...  I...
L	I don't understand very well what was going on between the both of you...  But, you mustn't be so hard
	on yourself.  Blaming yourself would be no different from blaming him.
J	Perhaps you're right.  He certainly was quite a guy.
L	Let's go.  It would be better if you rest and have some time to think before you tell me the story.
J	You're right...  Okay, let's go, Lydie!

The End?

2nd Castle, Final Boss Room

Juste	Lydie!
Lydie	......
J	She's still breathing, but...  Damn!  Am I too late?
EM	Welcome, Juste.  You're late.
J	Maxim...
EM	Maxim?  Ah, if you mean you're friend, he's dead.  Thanks to the girl, I gained enough strength to
	completely overcome him.
J	You bastard.  I won't forgive this!
EM	It makes no difference to me.  You're my enemy, regardless.
	(After fight)
Maxim	Augh.  That...  That bracelet...  You wore it, after all...
J	Maxim?  Is it you?
EM	Why is he coming back?  You should be dead already!
J	Remember, Maxim!  You're no weakling!
M	You...  you're right.  Compared to our training...  this isn't a big deal, right?
EM	Why?  Why can't I control this body anymore?
M	I won't allow you the freedom any longer.  Juste!  Finish him now!
	(Dracula's relics float into the air)
M	Uh...  intense...  energy...
J	The...  the relics!
EM	This energy alone should suffice...  I don't need this body any longer.  You can have it!
M	Argh!
	(Maxim knocked unconscious, Dracula's Phantom appears)
DP	Blast!  As I thought, my power is unstable.  But, if I drink your blood, I can achieve my full strength.
J	You think you can?  Don't underestimate a Belmont.
DP	Well, shall we begin?  Let the battle commence.
	(After fight)
DP	Ahh!
J	As I said, don't take us lightly.
DP	This is the power of the Belmonts?
J	You, now finally separated from Maxim, are my enemy, first and foremost.
DP	I'll die like this...
	However, under that cursed power, you and your kin are doomed to be hunters for all eternity.  Even in
	death, I can still find pleasure in that fact.
	(Demon Castle disappears)
M	...  Where...  Where are we?
J	Maxim, you're awake.
M	I survived too?
J	You're strength dispatched Dracula.
M	Not my strength...  Rather, yours and Lydie's.  Ah!  What about Lydie?  Is she safe?
J	She's still unconscious, but since Dracula's been destroyed, the wounds on her neck have disappeared.
	Her color is also returning to normal.  It's only a matter of time before she comes to.
M	Oh...  Juste...  I'm sorry.
J	It's over now, and everyone is all right.  You needn't say anything.
M	......  Thank you...
L	Ungh...
J	Lydie's coming to.
L	Oh...  Juste.  Where am I?  Somebody...  Maxim...  sucking blood...
J	Whoa, easy there, you were just having a nightmare.  Go ahead, feel your neck.
L	......  Nothing there...  So it was only a dream...
M	Hey!  The truth...
J	Shh!  Keep quiet!
L	Oh?  Maxim, you've returned!
M	Well, actually...
J	Yes, Maxim's back.  He's probably tired from the journey, so why don't we all talk after we're home?
M	No.  I...
J	All right, Maxim?  Nothing happened!  Everything's all right, isn't it?
M	You think I'll go by that?  This is typical, you're always taking things too far!
J	What did you say?
L	Stop it!
M	......
L	......
L	Enough, you two!  You're fighting so soon after meeting each other?
M	The truth is, Lydie...
L	I'll hear your reasons after we've returned home.
	Until then, the two of you must stop speaking so strangely.
J	That's right, Maxim.
M	...  Okay...
L	Ha ha.  My, but it has been a while, hasn't it, the three of us together like this?
J	It certainly has.
M	Yeah.

The End

Hope you found this translation useful.  Questions?  Comments?  E-mail me at "petregeus at hotmail.com"

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