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Reviewed: 01/01/04

Resist smashing your GameBoy...

Although LucasArts can make amazing three-dimensional effects for the silver screen and for high-powered game consoles, they seem to have trouble making games for the less-powerful GameBoy Advance. Don't be fooled by the screenshots--while graphically advanced, the gameplay is boring and repetitive. I honestly had more fun playing the original Star Wars game for Game Boy Classic. Here's a breakdown of why this game deserves a 2 rating...

Gameplay: 1
If you enjoy walking and hitting the A button (and a direction!) occasionally for hours performing the same tasks that get old before they begin, this game is for you. Most levels are nothing more than walking right killing everything that pops up. Some levels require a small amount of jumping, but you either have to wait about ten seconds to perform another Force Jump or risk falling all the way to the beginning of the level. For example, one of the levels requires you to find three keys before exiting. Not only are there near 100 pointless rooms to mindlessly explore for five hours, but all three keys are in the most predictable places. Another level requires killing the same pattern of about 20 monsters at least four times. The three-dimensional levels are sort of fun, but the graphics are done so poorly that you cannot tell a wall from an enemy from a powerup, not to mention that these breaks from the annoying side-scrolling levels last a maximum of 99 seconds. Not to say this game is incredibly easy; the game's difficulty is okay until the final boss kills you before you can swing your lightsaber even once.

Controls: 2
Arrows: Move
B Button: Jump
A Button: Nothing
A Button plus Direction: Lightsaber swing

When I first got this game (given to me with no manual), I was baffled with the lack of activity from the most pressed button. After a little while, it wasn't so bad pressing a direction with A, except for one thing--the physics in this game allow two people (droids, animals, etc.) to exist in the same place at the same time. And that's not all--he can hit you while you flail your lightsaber in all directions killing everything else except the enemy existing in your space.

L button plus something else: Force command
R button: Block

The force commands took me about two hours to learn, and even then are only moderately useful. The Force Jump is necessary to complete missions like Kamino, but as far as the Force Pushes go, I'd rather save until my force meter is full and I start gaining life when I kill enemies. The blocks are necessary yet worthless. The blocks can certainly deflect blaster beams (if pressed at the right time), but cannot defend against a Tatooine raider with a stick. And you can't move while blocking. That makes things really difficult.

Graphics: 7
In most of the two-dimensional levels, it is tough to complain about the graphics. The characters and enemies are drawn very well for the small system. The backgrounds seem to be taken straight out of the movie, and are beautiful, until it starts repeating frequently (like everything else). The only other other problem is that there is a major graphics glitch in the Tatooine level, and most of the pictures become scrambled. This doesn't matter much because anything scrambled is most likely an enemy anyway.

As for the three-dimensional levels, the graphics are terrible. I could have done better myself, seriously. Every once in a while, you see something coming at you, and you wonder whether to hit it or avoid it, and you always end up hitting the obstacles and avoiding the powerups because you can't tell the difference. ''Is that Jango Fett's ship? Nope, an asteroid. Smack!''

Sound: 6
The sound was okay. It was at least good enough to play the game to. The version of the Star Wars theme certainly wasn't as good as LucasArts could have made it, though.

Avoid this game. Really. If you must play this, rent it. It has eleven levels, and you probably couldn't beat the final boss even if you owned it (I didn't). The graphics and sound are decent, but certainly not enough to cover the awful gameplay and the poorly designed controls.

LucasArts was really sloppy when making this and it shows, although I'm sure this game sold well simply because of its title. I wouldn't even recommend it to a Star Wars collector (I am a fan myself). As for me, I will be enjoying the AC adapter I traded this game in for...

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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