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FAQ by Golaith

Updated: 11/18/02

Gekido - Kintaro's Revenge

Top Right			- Jump
Top Left			- Not Use
B button			- Kick
A Button			- Punch
Tap Left or right twice		- run

Flaming Combo			- Punch x 2, Kick, Punch, Kick and Punch x 2
Special Techique		- A + B button (will cost health when meter is not full)
Dash Attack (Swirling Kick)	- Left or Right Dir. Tap Twice and with A Button
Dash Attack (Raging Punch)	- Left or Right Dir. Tap Twice and with B Button

--Chapter 1 Appearance--
Hooligans			- They appear in Chapter One. Low endurance, and less treat.
Ghouls				- They rose from the ground. Throw projectiles (kill them quick!)
Zombies				- Spit blood. Clear them off with Dash Attack (recommended)
Monks				- From the sides. Prouncing attack and really nuisance
Bats				- Nuisance in the air. Clear them off with (A + B) at busy fight scenarios.

--Chapter 2 Appearance--
CheongsumGals(All)		- From the sky. Less treat
Stone Statues			- Appearance after first Boss. Combo them! Combo!
Stone StatuesII			- These cause raining rocks, BGM changes for their encounter. Combo them! Combo!
GhoulsII			- They rose from the ground. Throw projectiles and spit blood (kill them quick!)

--Chapter 3 Appearance--
All those mention will appear

--Chapter 4 Appearance--
Dark Hooligans			- They do flying kicks and inflicts high damage. Beware
Soul Snatchers			- Boomerang knifes. ( A + B ) Should do the trick.

--Chapter 5 Appearance--
Hail! It's Halloween...

--Boss and Tactics--
Chapter One - The Deathtoll Rises
First Boss
Stone Statues x 2
Do not attack them till they are going to attack you.
There is two different kinds of attack, 1 is the ground stamping which contributes to
rocks falling from the sky and two is the raging fist. They boss will perform like a
storing stance for the raging fist, attack them before they execute the raging fist.

Chapter Two - The Three Seals
Second Boss
Kintaro is a rather easy to fight Boss, remember this well and i believe that you wont have
problem knocking him down. Kintaro stays in the air and there is no way to get him down...
He will be shooting fireballs at you, so make sure you dodge those (jump! when he starts to charge, those
fireballs will definitely miss you. :) and when he disappears thereafter, prepare to use the special
technique (A+B) after a while. He will lightning down where you are, and damage is rather much...deal him the
Flaming combo a few times, and he's history.

Chapter Three - The Ancient Book
Third Boss
Soul Snatcher x 2
These two are a bit difficult if you hit with normal moves. One will throw the boomerang knifes at you,
while the other goes underground, grabs you and inflict damage. Your fastest winning ticket, (jump! again)
once one of them is throwing the boomerang knife (jump!) get close and special technique (A+B), two times
to one of them and they are out, but look out for the one hiding in the ground....;)

Chapter Four - Searching For Koji
Fourth Boss
Koji aka Black Angel
Koji is really a pain and hard nut to crack, tried a few times with this stage..:(
How to defeat him?
When Koji is crouching down and releasing his ravens, hit the ravens as much as you can, and when they have cleared
away from Koji(Still crouching) use the special technique (A+B). Koji's body will blink, and should you be so lucky
to get the skeleton orb, 1 hit and he's gone. hahahahha :)

Chapter Five - The Final Battle
Fifth Boss
As mentioned in Chapter Two, the winning stance is to jump. Unfortunately, he has added a few moves, after you
had finished dodging the fireballs, he will flash lightning lasers down without landing.. and then after 2 flashes
he will do a screen drift, move around ( prefered at bottom of screen) and prepare touse special technique (A+B)
as he will lightning down this time. Do the combo, and that's more about it.

This game is really challenging, to earn credits and also to maintain health for the character. Although,
you will get into some yelling and swearing like what i did, you just wont give up. :)

Contributed by
Golaith - Email eian_shu@yahoo.com

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