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Cyber Elves FAQ by Blackbelt Bobman

Version: 2.5 | Updated: 10/26/2002

Mega Man Zero
Cyber Elves FAQ v. 2.5
by Bob! (aka Blackbelt Bobman or DeKaRzOmBiE12)

Table of Contents
I.   version history
II.  intro
III. What are cyber elves?
IV.  Elf list
  A. By Type
  B. By mission
V.   credits
VI.  contact info
VII. closing/copyrights


version 2.6- Updated method for getting Coswick and Ribbid, and fixed 
some of the names because I can't read!
version 2.2- simpsonfanatic222 changed his name so I had to 
accomidate. . . that's all.
version 2.1- fixed some mistakes.
version 2.0- completed the Elf list!!!!  And also changed the format 
around a tiny bit and fixed some mistakes.
version 1.8- added some more elves, some credits I forgot, things like 
that.  ONLY ONE ELF TO GO!!!!
version 1.6- added some elves, added Jackson, fixed a few errors, etc.
version 1.4- added a couple of elves
version 1.2- added three elves and contact info, fixed some spacing 
and numerical errors
version 1.0- my first attempt at a FAQ!  Hope it's good ^_^

II.   Intro

Hello everyone!  It's the long awaited cyber elves FAQ!  I'm sorry 
if this may not be a very good FAQ, this is the first one I've ever 
written.  Well, where to begin?  Mega Man Zero is one rockin game.  
I wrote this FAQ because there wasn't one like this already, and I 
felt making one would benefit all greatly.  Plus I'm a huge mega man 
fan and I though that this would be fun.  Well, here we go, hope you 
enjoy it!

III.  What are cyber elves?

Cyber Elves are these neat little creatures.  Well, not creatures, 
computer codes.  Anyway, you have the option of viciously slaughtering 
them for your own purpose in this game.  Whoops, i mean sacrificing 
them for the good of mankind.  Anyway, when you use one, it dies and 
gives you some kind of effect, whether it be healing you or turning 
all enemies into Mettalls!!!  Or however you spell that.  Anyway, they 
have the ability to make this game ridiculously easy by getting rid 
of spike pits, giving you lots of health, and making you take less 
damage.  I suggest abusing their powers your first time through the 
game and then not using them at all the second time through, just to 
see how extreme this game can be.  That is all!

IV.   Elf list

So, first of all, I thought that instead of just putting where each 
elf is in each mission, I'll also include a list of all of the elves.  
It is finally a complete list!!!!!  I'm going to add in a list of where 
each elf is, instead of just having it by mission.  Not right now, 
but eventually.  Anyway, here's the list:



# of- How many of each type there are
effect: What happens if you use it
crystals needed: If it is a medium/Large elf, how many crystals it 
needs so it can grow and you can kill it.  I mean use it.
prefix/suffix- the common name ending/beginning that each elf of a 
certain type share.  If there is only one of that type, I'll just put 
the name of that elf here.


Little red haired nurses
# of- 10
effect: restores small amount of hp/fills up sub tank
crystals needed: N/A
Suffix - reff (ie Areff, Sireff)

Medium red haired nurses
# of- 4
effect: raises life by 4 permanently
crystals needed: 750
Suffix - pie (ie Nuppie)

Large red haired nurse
# of- 1
effect: gives you double health (adds blue bar to life meter)
crystals needed: 1000, 2000
Suffix - Winkie

Little blue haired nurses
# of- 4
effect: gives you a shield that turns bullets into health
crystals needed: N/A
Suffix - lar (ie Motolar)

Medium blue haired nurses
# of- 4
effect: becomes a sub tank
crystals needed: 1200
Suffix - tan (ie Lubtan)

Little chubby nurses
# of- 4
effect: fully heals/fills up sub tank
crystals needed: N/A
Suffix - ck (ie Somack)


Large turtle
# of- 1
effect: raises your defense permanently
crystals needed: 500, 1500
Prefix- Shelter

Medium monkey
# of- 1
effect: lets you climb ladders faster
crystals needed: 200
Prefix- Gibber

Medium dog(?)
# of- 1
effect: don't get knocked back when hit
Prefix- Buffer

Medium frog
# of- 1
effect: slide down walls slower
crystals needed: 400
prefix- Rabbid

Medium squirrel (?)
# of- 1
effect: run faster
crystals needed: 1000
Prefix- Turbo

Little bird
# of- 6
effect: Save you from a pit once
crystals needed: N/A
Prefix- Bir (ie Birsky)

Little insect (?)
# of- 4
effect: Stuns enemies
crystals needed: N/A
Prefix- Stick (ie Sticker)

Little cat (?)
# of- 4
effect: Becomes a shield that blocks projectiles, disappears after 
a certain number of hits
crystals needed: N/A
Prefix- Bom (ie Bomgu)

Little bee
# of- 6
effect: follow you around and shoot stingers at enemies
crystals needed: N/A
Prefix- Bee (ie Beesus)


Large kid wizard
# of- 1
effect: spikes all magically disappear PERMANENTLY!!!
crystals needed: 1500, 2000
Prefix- Totten

Medium knight
# of- 2
effect: gets rid of all of the non-boss enemies in the mission
crystals needed: 1250
Suffix- nite (ie Kenite)

Medium statue head
# of- 2
effect: Halves boss's life for one mission
crystals needed: 1000
Prefix- Hafmar (ie Hafmargo)

Little stopwatch
# of- 5
effect: stuns enemies for this mission 
crystals needed: N/A
Prefix- Stoc (ie Stocpie)

Little clock
# of- 5
effect: gives you more time for a mission that involves limited time 
(ie the train)
crystals needed: N/A
Prefix- Cloc (ie Clocpooh)

Little treasure boxes
# of- 5
effect: all enemies will drop items
crystals needed: N/A
Prefix- Ite (ie Itemon)

Little Mettalls
# of- 5
effect: all enemies turn into mettalls!!!!
crystals needed: N/A
Prefix- M-or (ie M-orekka)


# of- 1
effect: Hold A and you become invincible (like the charged up 
chameleon sting from mega man X) but you can't pick up any power ups.
crystals needed: 1500, 3000
Prefix- Jackson

OK now that that list is over, time for. . . 

B. Elves in the mission

This is what you've all been waiting for ^_^

The elves that are hidden can be gotten again after you finish the 
mission, but the ones that are from enemies, I'm not sure whether you 
can get them again after the mission ends.  I'm not sure the number 
of robots you have to destroy to get each elf, but it shouldn't be 
more than l0.  Note that the mission order isn't a suggested order, 
just the order based upon which is the top choice after selecting the 
"begin mission" option.  Believe me, doing the order I give is hard!!!!  
Imagine how I felt doing it!

Mission 1: opening stage                         TOTAL: 4
-HACKER: Clocpah, right behind you when you start
-HACKER: Stoccue, from destroying spider nets
-HACKER: Stocchu, from destroying X-droids
-NURSE:  Nuppie, hidden in ceiling nook.

In the Resistance Base                           TOTAL: 4
-ANIMAL: Beevoize, door behind Ceil with A or S ranking
-NURSE:  Fureff, feed droid 250 crystals near engine room, door behind 
-HACKER: Clocka, listen to old guy's story all the way through after 
second mission.
-NURSE:  Lippie, go to the gate that leads to the desert, and this 
elf is on top of it, hidden behind the corner of it.  (thanks to  Lourde 
Incarnadine for this one)

Mission 2: stop the reploid processing plant!    TOTAL: 5
-ANIMAL: Birsky, from destroying spiked rolling balls
-NURSE:  Gireff, from destroying X-droids
-NURSE:  Mippie, hanging on a hook off of the cliff right after the 
flying X-droid appears.
-ANIMAL: Gibber, from destroying those regen. towers
-HACKER: Clocpooh,  you have to get the triple rod, and go back to 
the area.  Pogo on top of the regen. tower below the wall, and then 
jump up that wall.  Slash at the container and then wait for it to 
float down, and you can claim it!  Hope this helps!
**NOTE** According to people, you can break this container with the 
shield boomerang by standing on the other side of the wall next to 
it, or that the third slash in the three hit combo of the saber will 
cut it.  Oh well, so much for it being hard!

Mission 3: Destroy Train                         TOTAL: 7
-HACKER: Itemon, from destroying mini-bikes
-NURSE:  Bireff, climb up shaft before fighting mini-boss
-ANIMAL: Beesus, defeat mini-boss
-ANIMAL: Buffer, from destroying the X-arm droids (the X-droids with 
a big arm)
-HACKER: Hafmargo, from destroying those bots with the big wrecker 
-ANIMAL: Birdian, from destroying those flying guys who shoot 
-HACKER: Totten, complete mission

Mission 4: Find Shuttle                          TOTAL: 5
-HACKER: Itettle, from destroying sand snakes
-ANIMAL: Birfly, from destroying vultures
-NURSE:  Lubtan, across those crumbling platforms
-HACKER: Stocpie, from destroying sand traps
-HACKER: M-oria, defeat boss

Mission 5: Retrieve data                         TOTAL: 4
-ANIMAL: Bomga, from destroying the red bombs (thanks to the many 
people who emailed me about that)
-ANIMAL: Sticker, from destroying those tanks on the ceiling
-HACKER: Itecle, defeat boss
-NURSE:  Somack, after the place gets destroyed, a new area opens up 
at the top of that shaft.  There, you have to make an INCREDIBLY hard 
jump up to get it.  May I emphasize how hard the jump is?  You will 
get frustrated at it, believe me.  Just don't break your GBA, it was 
expensive ^_^
**NOTE** According to SimpsonsFanatic222, if you get the tri rod and 
come back, you can just break the container with it and wait for the 
elf to float down instead of making the jump.  Thanks! 

Mission 6:  Occupy Factory                       TOTAL: 7
-ANIMAL: Beenet, from destroying those flying things with shields at 
the beginning
-ANIMAL: Ribbid, go into the main enterence of the factory (not the 
air vent shortcut).  There should be some enemies there that shoot 
bullets in an arc and then jump to the ceiling or floor, depending 
on where they were.  Kill a few of them to get the elf, then you may 
(and should) go back out and in through the shortcut.
-NURSE:  Greff, in the air vent shortcut
-ANIMAL: Stickle, from destroying the spiders
-NURSE:  Winkie, above the second point where you have to change which 
worker bot you are riding.
-NURSE:  Motolar, right above the ladder you climb up after the part 
with the worker bots.  Just slash at the container and it will float 
down to you.
-NURSE:  Nutan, secret passage in the wall next to the ladder that 
takes you to the boss.

Mission 7: Defend Resistance base!!!!             TOTAL: 3
-ANIMAL: Birtack, from destroying the flying enemies the tank spits 
out (hard!) 
-HACKER: Stoctto, after destroying boss
-NURSE:  Hapitan, according to  Lourde Incarnadine: "In the battle 
against the big tank thing in Falcon's old area (the one that you have 
BUILDING!!! You know, the one you had to jump off of to get Mippie. 
There's a shaft under the building, but it's closed off at the moment 
(there's a Continue on it, too). Once that's uncovered kill the boss 
ASAP. When you go back, the shaft will now be open- jump down it and 
look for a room on the right with the last SubTank Elf. The shaft goes 
all the way down to the Subway area from the Train mission."  Thanks 

Mission 8: Rescue Colbor!                         TOTAL: 5
-NURSE:  Dereff, to the left of where you start is a door, behind the 
door is this elf (thanks to XxAznKenshinxX for this one)
-ANIMAL: Birtross, from destroying those flying X-droids
-NURSE:  Sireff, underneath the platform that follows two falling 
-NURSE:  Morick, underneath the platform under the stairs right after 
you get Sireff. (Thanks to XxAznKenshinxX for this one)
-ANIMAL: Beedle, defeat the boss

Mission 9: Find the hidden base!                  TOTAL: 3
-NURSE:  Nebitan, when you fall down the long shaft, instead of going 
straight into the base, there is a hidden passage through the sand 
to the left that leads to this elf.
-ANIMAL: Shelter, from destroying those turtle tank enemies
-HACKER: M-orelli, there are some pipes that are in front of a passage 
leading to a door (to the computer room later), if you jump up those 
pipes there's a hidden passage that leads up to this elf.

Mission 10: Duel in the desert                    TOTAL: 3
-HACKER: Kenite, from destroying camels
-HACKER: M-orque, from destroying those little tank enemies
-ANIMAL: Turbo, defeat boss

Mission 11: Protect Factory                       TOTAL: 2
-HACKER: Hofmarda, defeat Phantom
-ANIMAL: Stickon, from destroying those wolves

Mission 12: Stop the Hacking                      TOTAL: 11
-ANIMAL: Bompa, from destroying the squids
-ANIMAL: Bompu, from destroying the fish
-NURSE:  Areff, when you get to the left most part of the water area, 
slide down the side of the cliff, and you will find this elf.
-NURSE:  Rohealar, above the first sub is a little pole.  You have 
to dash jump onto the right side of it and then jump to the top, and 
dash jump onto a platform to the right.  (Thanks to Mark Hunter for 
this one)
-NURSE:  Reppie, computer room
-NURSE:  Keick, computer room
-HACKER: M-orekka, cell 1-02
-NURSE:  Tielar, cell 2-01
-HACKER: Clocta, cell 3-02
-HACKER: Itepon, cell 3-05
-ANIMAL: Bomgu, defeat boss

Mission 13: Defend Resistance Base Again!!!      TOTAL: 2
-ANIMAL: Sticken, destroy some of the mini-monkeys the boss deploys
-HACKER: Eenite, defeat boss

Mission 14: Neo Arcadia Shrine                   TOTAL: 9
-HACKER: Iteron, on top of pagoda with all the electric spinny things 
-NURSE:  Ireff, next to Iteron
-ANIMAL: Beefive, defeat purple robots
-HACKER: Stocpoh, have to pogo over on those flying yellow bots to 
the top of the pagoda that had the purple robots in it. (thanks to 
lyrai for the name)
-NURSE:  Ereff, next to Stocpoh (thanks to lyrai for the name)
-NURSE:  Coswick, have to slide off of the edge to the left of the 
purple robot pagoda, and then dash jump left and hold right so you 
go under the bottom edge of the wall, then hope to land on a platform 
with the elf on it.  (Thanks to lyrai for this one)
an alternate method is:
"Before you go to get the Elf, equip the Z Buster on the R Trigger 
and charge it to Level 2.  Then slide down the side and get ready.  
Drop off, and swing for the area where you're trying to hit, but don't 
try to get it.  As you fall by, fire.  If you're lucky, you'll blast 
open the box.  Then, stop.  Kill all the enemies near you, and wait 
for the Elf to float down to you.
It works, I did it.  Just go with it, and you'll be fine."
(Thanks to Hayate Kusanagi for that info)
-HACKER: Cloctch, defeat clown mini-boss
-NURSE:  Meular, you have to dash jump from the left most disappearing 
block onto a platform that is inactive, then activate it, hop on it, 
and wait until it is the farthest left and dash jump off, you'll end 
up on top of the place where you fought the clown mini-boss. (thanks 
to Mark Hunter for this one)
-ANIMAL: Beehoney, defeat boss

Mission 15: Neo Arcadia tower                    TOTAL: 3
-ANIMAL: Birrair, from destroying those flying round bots
-NURSE:  Hareff, guarded by an X-Droid
-HACKER: M-orolli, defeat boss

Mission 16: Neo Arcadia CORE                     TOTAL: 0

How to get Jackson:  To get Jackson, you must play through hard mode 
while getting all the elves and not using any, also you have to feed 
them till they are all fully grown.  Not only that, you have to get 
A or S rank on all missions!  When you beat the game, save, then 
continue from that save, you'll have jackson.
**Alternatively, on normal mode if you do get all the elves and feed 
them all fully you can get jackson by winning, saving, then starting 
from that save.  The choice is yours!

There it is, the list!!!! ^_^

- Me for writing this
- My parents for buying me a game boy advance for my birthday the other 
- Capcom for making the mega man series!!!!!!
- XxAznKenshinxX, Lourde Incarnadine, Mark Hunter, Lyrai, Hayate 
Kusanagi, and the people who emailed me about bomga for info on some 
of the elves.

VI.   Contact info
If you know the location of an elf that I don't have, you can email 
me at DeKaRzOmBiE12@yahoo.com or IM me on AIM, my screenname is 
DeKaRzOmBiE12.  I only check my yahoo mail once a day (around like 
3) so. . . just so you know.  Thanks.

VII.  Closing/copyrights

Well, that's my guide!  Hope it helped you a lot!!!  It isn't finished 
yet, but hey, it's better than nothing.  Bye bye ^_^

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