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FAQ/Move List by Bloodspoor

Version: 2.2 | Updated: 12/03/02

Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance
Ver. 2.1

+Version Info+
Ver. 1.1
The meat of the guide. This is my first
version of the guide. It is missing the ending
and combo sections.

Ver. 1.2
I added all of Shang Tsung's Morphs. This is
still lacking the endings but fear not, they
will be up shortly.

Ver. 2.1
Since there was so much typing involved with
this update, I decided that this would be a
good time to call this Ver. 2.0. I added all
the ending text, thanks to www.vgmuseum.com
and Rey. Still no combos but I've added some
canned combos for Kenshi, Frost, Jax, Kano
and, Kitana. I also updated the Contents.

Ver. 2.2 (Final)
I added throws. I also corrected Fatalities.

What will be in future versions?

**There will probably be no further updates**
** I have played this game quite a bit and **
** and discovered that most of the stuff I **
**was going to add is just stuff you should**
**be able to figure out for youselves using**
**what I have already provided for you here**
**I hope I haven't dissapointed any of you **
** out there. If I see fit, some time from **
** now, I might make a considerable update **
** I will leave the cancled update list up **
**  in case you were wondering what could  **
**      have been. Again, I am sorry.      **

-In-game bios instead of the manual bios and
 the in-game intro story

-Sample Juggles for each character.

-Frequently Asked Questions section

-Glitches and Quirks section


The content contained within this document
is property of Greg Daily, AKA, Bloodspoor.
Please do not distribute without my explicit
consent. All names for moves are given
according to my martial arts knowledge and
are in no way what they should be called or
what you should call them. The same goes for
the fatalities.

-Version Info
 -Moves list


With the aid of the thunder god Raiden, Earth's
mightiest heroes have repelled all invasions from
other-worldly forces through a tournament known
as Mortal Kombat.

Although there has been relative peace for many
years, a new threat to Earthrealm has emerged.
This time, the threat of evil has two faces.

In an attempt to seize control of the realms, the
sorcerers Shang Tsung and Quan Chi have joined
forces and are preparing to revive the lost army
of the mythological Dragon King.

Should they succeed, they will be unstoppabale.
Once again, Earth's heroes must venture to
Outworld and combat the forces of evil. They must
act now. They must stop this Deadly Alliance.


#       ___________________________          #
#      /  4   /             \   3  \         #
#     |------    __________  -------|        #
#    /    _     |----------|     _   \       #
#    |  _|u|_   |----------|  _ /2\  |       #
#    | |b   f|  |----------| /1\\_/  |       #
#    |   |d|    |----------| \_/     |       #
#     \ Start O |__________|        /        #
#      \_     O Select            _/         #
#        \_______________________/           #
#                                            #
#   4      - Change Style, Change Costume    #
#   3      - Block, Change Costume           #
#   Start  - Pause, Confirm                  #
#   Select - Unused                          #
#   b,f,u,d- Back, Forward, Up, Down         #
#   1      - Attack 1(usually Punch), Cancle #
#   2      - Attack 2(usually Kick), Decide  #
#   3,4,2  - Used in Test Your Might         #
#   JG     - Juggle Starter                  #
#   KD     - Knocks Down Opponent            #
#   TP     - Trips Opponent                  #
#   SP     - Sweeps Opponent                 #
#   *      - Special Properties(check number)#


Please note the difference in strings and
combos. Combos are inescapable while some
strings aren't always that way.

Blinded by Shang Tsung's trickery, Kenshi vows
to slay the sorcerer and redeem himself in the
eyes of his ancestors.

Fighting styles: Tai Chi & San Shau
Weapon: Katana
Alignment: Unknown

Tai Chi Moves:
Straight Punch       1
Wild Uppercut        b+1      JG
Stature Strike       f+1      KD
Double Dragons       d+1
Overhead Stamp       u+1
Unbalanced Kick      2        *1
Spin Heel High       b+2      KD
Spin Heel Mid        f+2
Push Kick            d+2
Leg Check            u+2      TP

San Shau Moves:
Wild Hook            1
Overhand Punch       b+1      TP
Knee Punch           f+1
Chest Strike         d+1
Big Uppercut         u+1      JG
Roundhouse           2
Heel Kick            b+2
High Front Kick      f+2      JG
Low Kick             d+2
Jump Spin Crescent   u+2      TP
String 1             1,u+1    JG
String 2             1,f+2    JG
String 3             u+2,f+2  TP,JG
String 4             b+1,f+2  JG

Universal Moves:
Mind Blast           d,f+2    KD
Ermac Lift           d,b+2    KD
Ermac Throw          d,u+2    KD
Weapon Attack 1      b,b+1
Weapon Attack 2      d,b+1
Weapon Attack 3      d,f+1
Throw                f,f+1+2  KD

Contortionist        d,u+1

*1 - This move can avoid sweeps

Kenshi had finally caught up with Shang Tsung
in Outworld. Years ago, Kenshi had been
manipulated into releasing the souls of his
ancestors. Shand had consumed those souls and
left kenshi to die in the tomb. The event left
Kenshi blinded, but the sword of his ancestors
led him out of the depths. To redeem himself,
Kenshi had vowed to free his ancestors from
their captor. He cut Shang Tsung down with the
sword and a blast of souls was instantly
released. The spirits of the warrior kings
reentered the sword as Kenshi held it above
his head. His duty fulfilled, he could now
return to Earthrealm.

Newly recruited to the Lin Kuei clan, Frost
aids Sub-Zero in his fight with the Deadly

Fighting styles: Tong Bei & Yuan Yang
Weapon: Dual Daggers
Alignment: Unknown

Tong Bei Moves:
Jab                  1
Low Backhand         b+1
Lunging Jab          f+1
Claw Rake            d+1
Double Uppercut      u+1      JG
Front Kick           2
Mid Side Kick        b+2      *1
Step Side Kick       f+2      KD
Lunging Backhand     d+2
Big Front Kick       u+2      JG
String 1a            1,1,u+1  JG
String 1b            f+1,u+1  JG
String 2a            1,1,u+2  JG
String 2b            1,u+2    JG

Yuan Yang Moves:
Step Jab             1
Double Dragons       b+1
Step Uppercut        f+1_u+1  KD
Gut Jab              d+1      *2
Front Kick           2
Mid Side Kick        b+2      *1
Step Roundhouse      f+2
Split Kick           u+2      JG
Ground Sweep         d+2      TP
String 1             1,1
String 2             2,2,(u+1_f+1)
String 3a            2,2,u+2  JG
String 3b            2,2,f+2
String 3c            2,2,d+2  SP

Universal Moves:
Slide                d,f+2    SP
Ground Freeze        d,b+1
Weapon Attack 1      d,b+2
Weapon Attack 2      b,b+1
Weapon Attack 3      u,d+1    TP
Throw                f,f+1+2  KD

Ice Summoning        d,d+2

*1 - These two moves look the same but are
very different. The Tong Bei stance version
moves her forward and causes a minor stun
while the Yuan Yang version doesn't cause a
stun and she retreats backwards a bit after.

*2 - This move can avoid some projectiles and
can also duck some high moves.

As they travelled back to the portal that
would return them to Earthrealm, Sub-Zero
revealed to frost that she had been and
integral part in the destruction of the Deadly
Alliance and that he was proud to have her as
a member of the Lin Kuei Clan. Bun unknown to
Sub-Zero, Frost's true intention for joining
the Lin Kuei was to become Grand Master
herself. She used her ice blast to temporarily
immobilze him and ripped the Dragon Medallion
from his chest. As she held the Medallion, she
felt the power surge through her body. Lacking
the strength and discipline required to control
the medallion's immense power, she was consumed
by her own freezing ability.

Special Forces Agent Jackson Briggs searches
for the one responsible for the destruction
of the Outerworld Investigation Agency.

Fighting Styles: Muay Thai & Judo
Weapon: Tonfa
Alignment: Good

Muay Thai Moves:
Jab                  1
Backhand             b+1
Cross Punch          f+1
Low Blow             d+1       JG
Hard Hook            u+1
Chest Kick           2_f+2
Knee                 b+2       *1
High Roundhouse      u+2       KD
String 1             1,1,b+1,u+1,f+1
String 2             1,b+1,d+1 JG
String 3             1,1,u+2   KD

Judo Moves:
Knee Punch           1
Uppercut             b+1       JG
Double Dragons       f+1       JG
Step Chest Blow      d+1
Step Neck Blow       u+1
Side Kick            2         *1
Sweep Kick           b+2       TP,*2
Low Roundhouse       f+2       TP
Low Sweep Kick       d+2       SP
Back Kick            u+2       *1
String 1             1,b+1     JG

Universal Moves:
Machine Gun          b,f+2
Piston Punch         d,f+1
Ground Pound         b,b+1     KD
Weapon Attack 1      d,b+2
Weapon Attack 2      d,f+2
Weapon Attack 3      b,f+1
Throw                f,f+1+2  KD

Slam Head Crush      u,u+2

*1 - Because of Jax's strength, these moves
push your opponent away.

*2 - This isn't a true sweep but it causes the
opponent to be knocked off axis and to a minor

Jax had a score to settle with the traitor he
knew as Hsu Hao. Now revealed to be a member
of the Red Dragon, Hsu Hao had infiltrated the
Special Forces Outerworld Investigation Agency
and destroyed it with a mini nuke. Making good
on his promise, Jax eventually caught up with
Hsu Hao and ripped the implant from his chest
in retribution. Hsu Hao diead a most painful

The mercenary, Kano, has remained in Outworld
acting as Shao Kahn's general for many years.
But now he must decide where his loyalties
will reside...with the weakened Shao Kahn,
or with the newly formed Deadly Alliance.

Fighting styles: Xing Yi & Aikido
Weapon: Broad Swords
Alignment: Evil

Xing Yi Moves:
Step Mid Punch       1_u+1
Step Cross           b+1
Hard Cross           f+1
Leg Grab             d+1
Lunge Kick           2
Knee                 b+2
Jump Back Kick       f+2
Lower Palm           d+2
High Side Kick       u+2       JG
String 1             1,1,2

Aikido Moves:
Overhand Smack       1_u+1
Body Hook            b+1
Chest Punch          f+1
Knee Jab             d+1
Front Kick           2
Leg Sweep            b+2       TP
Roundhouse           f+2
Double Leg Sweep     d+2       SP
High Front Kick      u+2
String 1             2,2
String 2a            d,b+2     TP
String 2b            2,b+2,f+1

Universal Moves:
Kano Ball            b,f+2
Laser Eye            b,f+1
Weapon Attack 1      d,b+2
Weapon Attack 2      d,f+1     JG
Weapon Attack 3      d,b+1
Throw                f,f+1+2  KD

Organ Ripper         b,b+2

Kano and Sonya had fought before. Although
Kano was humiliated by his defeat to her so
many years ago, this time things would be
different...Kano had stolen Quan Chi's Amulet
at the request of Shang Tsung. With the Amulet
in his possession, Kano came to the realization
that he was now in total control of the revived
undefeatable army. Rather than hand the amulet
and the army over to Shang Tsung, Kano kept
them for himself and later used the army to
ambush Sonya near the temple ruins.

Princess Kitana leads a preemptive attack
onShao Kahn's forces.

Fighting styles: Eagle Claw & Ba Gua
Weapon: Dual War Fans
Alignment: Good

Eagle Claw Moves:
Step Low Blow        1
Step Claw            b+1
Double Claw Lunge    f+1       JG
Low Palm             d+1
High Palm            u+1
Step Front Kick      2         *1
Front Kick           b+2       *1
Ankle Kick           f+2       TP
Clap                 d+2
Roundhouse           u+2
String 1             1,u+1,f+1 KD
String 2a            2,2,b+2   JG
String 2b            2,2,f+1   KD

Ba Gua Moves:
Jab Step             1
Ankle Punch          b+1       JG
Step Palm            f+1
Knee Punch           d+1
Backhand Slap        u+1
Side Kick            2
Leg Sweep            b+2       TP
Spinning Backhand    f+2
Ducking Palm         d+2
High Split Kick      u+2       KD

Universal Moves:
Jumping Face Kick    b,f+2     JG?
Step Forward Slice   d,f+2
Backflip             d,b+2     *2
Fan Throw            d,f+1
Face Slice           b,f+1
Fan Uppercut         d,u+1     JG
Throw                f,f+1+2  KD

Kiss of Death        u,d+2

*1 - These moves only differ in how she

*2 - Use this to get yourself out of a bind.

Kitana's long time enemy Shao Kahn was dead
and the alliance between Shang Tsung and Quan
Chi was defeated with the help of warriors
from Earthrealm. Although there was peace once
more throughout the realms, all was not right
for Kitana. Saddened by the death of Goro, she
attended a ceremony in the Kuatan Palace to
honor her fallen friend and ally. Following
Shokan tradition, Prince Goro's body was
lowered into the molten rock contained within
the throne room itself. As Kitana said goodbye
to her wartime ally, she also held a moment of
silence for Liu Kang and secretly wished he
had joined her in Edenia so many years ago.

Kung Lao:
Shaolin Monk Kung Lao travels to Outworld
to learn fron an old martial arts master.

Fighting styles: Shaolin Fist & Mantis
Weapon: Broad Sword
Alignment: Good

Shaolin Fist Moves:
In - Out Jab         1
Low Step Slaps       b+1
Power Punch          f+1       KD
Low Punch            d+1
Low Uppercut         u+1
Side Kick            2
Keepaway Kick        b+2
Shaolin Strike       f+2
Low Clap             d+2
Advancing Kick       u+2
String 1             1,u+1,2

Mantis Moves:
Mantis Strike        1
Double Mantis        b+1       KD
Drunken Fist         f+1
Leg Sweep            d+1
Lunging Backhand     u+1
Mantis Kick          2
Full Sweep           b+2       SP
Step Axe Kick        f+2
Step Low Backhand    d+2
Gut Kick             u+2
String 1             1,1,f+1
String 2             1,1,2,d+1 TP

Universal Moves:
Head Slam            d,f+1     JG?
Hat Throw            b,f+1
Flying Kicks         d,u+2
Weapon Attack 1      b,f+2
Weapon Attack 2      d,b+1
Throw                f,f+1+2  KD

Stylish Distraction  f,b+1

Rage fueled Kung Lao's thirst for revenge. The
memory of holding his fellow monk's broken
body on the Lei Tai of the Wu Shi Academy
grounds consumed him as he rained blow after
blow down upon Shang Tsung. Kung Lao had
finally mastered the attack Bo 'Rai Cho had
taught him. The sorcerer could not withstand
his whirlwind assault. Shang Tsung begged for
mercy...Kung Lao granted him none. Upon his
return to Earthrealm, Kung Lao stood before
the modest shrine to Liu Kang which had been
erected by the Wu Shi initiates during his
absense in Outworld. He lit a stick of incense
and placed it among the others already burning
there. He bowed his head and prayed for safe
passage to the afterlife of his friend and
brother. With Shang Tsung's death, Liu Kang's
spirit could finally rest peacefully.
Earthrealm was safe once more, but at a
terrible cost. The work of the White Lotus
Society had become more important than ever.

Li Mei:
A native of Outworld, Li Mei has entered
the Deadly Alliance tournament to win back
the freedom of her people.

Fighting styles: Baji Quan & Liu He Bafa
Weapon: Sai
Alignment: Good

Baji Quan Moves:
Underhand Slap       1
Overhand Slap        b+1
Elbow                f+1
Low Strike           d+1
Sidestep Backhand    u+1
Step Backhand        2
Chambered Kick       b+2
Lunge Palm           f+2
Low Front Kick       d+2
Sidestep Jab         u+2
String 1             f+1,1,3
String 2             u+2,2,1
String 3             u+2,f+1,1,3

Liu He Bafa Moves:
Double Palms         1_u+1
Step Palms           b+1
Low Slap             f+1_b+2_u+2   TP
Low Palm             d+1
Step Knee            2
Cross Low Kick       f+2_d+2

Universal Moves:
Low Stab             d,b+2
Sai Uppercut         d,u+1         JG
Piston Punch         b,f+1
Spinning Sai         d,b+1
Throw                f,f+1+2  KD

Heart Attack Kick    d,u+2

Li Mei had been promised that her people would
be freed from enslavement if she could win the
tournament held by the Deadly Alliance. Now
that she had emerged victorious, the true
purpose behind the tournament was finally
revealed to her. Her soul would be the last
one Shang Tsung needed to completely revive
the Dragon King's lost army. Her people would
never be freed and Li Mei herself would remain
trapped inside the mummified remains of a dead
soldier...cursed to serve the Deadly Alliance...

Quan Chi:
Free from the Netherealm, the sorcerer
Quan Chi has discovered an ancient army
and has allied with Shang Tsung in an
attempt to revive it.

Fighting styles: Tang Soo Do & Escrima
Weapon: Broad Swords
Alignment: Evil

Tang Soo Do Moves:
Palm Slap            1
Downward Elbow       b+1
Step Jab             f+1
Knee Chop            d+1_f+2
Step Cross Palm      u+1
Roundhouse           2_u+2
Knee Slap            b+2
Low Blow             d+2
String 1a            1,b+2
String 1b            f+1,b+2
String 2a            f+1,f+2
String 2b            f+1,u+2

Escrima Moves:
Step Uppercut        1_u+1
Big Uppercut         b+1       JG
High Jab             f+1
Gut Jab              d+1
Knee                 2_u+2
Crouching Hook       b+2_d+2
Step Hook            f+2

Universal Moves:
Slide Kick           b,d+2     KD,JG
High Swords          b,f+2
Skull                d,f+1
Big Punch            b,f+1
Ambidexterity        d,b+1
Overhead Swing       b,b+1
Throw                f,f+1+2  KD

Deamon Neck Rip      b,b+2

The Deadly Alliance was successful in reviving
the mummified remains of the Dragon King's
undefeatable army. It would appear that nothing
could stand in the way of Shang Tsung and Quan
Chi as they began their Domination of the
realms. Unfortunatly for Shang Tsung, however,
Quan Chi had no further need for the
partnership. Once Shang Tsung had finally
revived the last of the mummified warriors,
Quan Chi closed the portal to the heavens and
effectivly shut of Shang Tsung's endless
supply of souls. Quan Chi then instructed Kano
to assassinate Shang Tsung in a surprise
weapon attack. With their captor cut wide open,
the thousands of souls Shang Tsung had consumed
in the past spewed forth and swirled about the
room. Quan Chi came to the realization that if
Kano could so easily kill Shang Tsung he could
also turn on Quan Chi himself. Quan Chi used
his sorcery to drain the life from Kano and
left his body where it fell. Immediatly one of
the lingering souls shot into Kano's body. To
Quan Chi's surprise, the man was standing
before him was no longer the Black Dragon thug
known as Kano. Kano's body now contained the
soul of the Shaolin Monk...Liu Kang!!

The ninja spectre Scorpion continues
his quest to destroy Quan Chi.

Fighting styles: Hapkido & Pi Gua
Weapon: Ninjato
Alignment: Neutral

Hapkido Moves:
Quick Backhand       1_b+1
Close Hook           f+1
Low Backhand         d+1
Palm Blow            u+1
Step Kick            2
Low Sweep            b+2        SP
Sweep Kick           f+2        SP
Ankle Kick           d+2        TP
High Side Kick       u+2        JG
String 1             1,1
String 2             1,2        TP

Pi Gua Moves:
Advancing Jab        1
Hammer Punch         b+1        TP
Open The Flower      f+1        SP
Low Chop             d+1        TP
Ankle Sweep          u+1        SP
Front Kick           2          KD
Leg Check            b+2        TP
Flower Slaps         f+2
Low Backhand         d+2
High Hook            u+2
String 1             1,1,2      KD
String 2a            b+1,2      KD
String 2b            b+2,b+1,2  TP

Universal Moves:
Summon Flame         d,b+2      KD
Sword Flash          d,f+2
Spear Throw          b,b+1
Back Stab            b,f+1
Spinning Sword       d,b+1
Sword Combo          d,f+1
Throw                f,f+1+2  KD

Heart Rip            f,b+2

The hunt for Quan Chi had led Scorpion to the
palace of Shang Tsung. Scorpion entered the
palace through a hidden passage. As he made
his way through the lower levels, he was
discovered by the two Oni he had previously
encountered while in the Netherealm. Shang
Tsung had secretly allied with Moloch and
Drahmin as a backup defense against Quan Chi.
The two oni had been hidden in and underground
chamber and were periodically fed mortals to
keep them satisfied. Scorpion fought well but
was overpowered by Moloch and Drahmin. Although
they could not consume the ninja spectre, they
devised another means for eliminating their foe
that would satisfy their cruel nature. The Oni
brought Scorpion before the portal to the
heavens that Shang Tsung had tapped as a source
of limitless souls. They hurled him into the
soulnado and his hellspawn body was ripped
apart by the purity of that realm.

Shang Tsung:
Desiring eternal life, Shang Tsung
has struck a deal with the sorcerer
Quan Chi to consume limitless souls
through a portal to the Heavens.

Fighting styles: Snake & Crane
Weapon: Tai Chi Sword
Alignment: Evil

Snake Moves:
Snake Stab           1
Advancing Snake      b+1
Low Flail            f+1         KD
Downward Stab        d+1
High Stab            u+1
Keepaway Kick        2_f+2
Low Stab             b+2
Double Dragons       d+2
Palm Blow            u+2
String 1a            b+1,1
String 1b            b+1,u+1
String 2a            d+2,2
String 2b            d+2,b+2

Crane Moves:
Step Punch           1
Spinning Crescent    b+1
Doube Chop           f+1
Backoff Punch        d+1
Roundhouse           u+1
Front Kick           2
Step Knee            b+2
Step Side Kick       f+2      KD
Low Sweep            d+2      SP
Step Front Kick      u+2      JG

Universal Moves:
Dive Roll            b,f+2    SP
Spinning Swords      d,f+2
Fire Ball            b,f+1
Backhand             d,f+1
Double Stab          u,d+1
Sword Poke           d,b+1
Throw                f,f+1+2  KD
Kenshi               d,b+4
Frost                d,d+4
Jax                  f,f+4
Kano                 f,d+4
Kitana               d,u+4
Kung Lao             b,f+4
Li Mei               u,u+4
Quan Chi             f,b+4
Scorpion             b,b+4
Sonya                d,f+4
Sub-Zero             u,d+4

Multi-Slam           u,d+2

The Deadly Alliance was successful in reviving
the mummified remains of the Dragon King's
army. Shang Tsung, however, began to realize
that his relevance in the partnership had
evaporated once his talents for soul
transplantation were no longer needed. The
balance of power within the Deadly Alliance
had seemingly been undone. Fearing betrayal he
secretly instructed Kano to steal Quan Chi's
Amulet in an attempt to gain control of the
army. Since Part of the Soultransfer spell
included the command to obey "...he who
possessed the amulet...", the army would obey
Shang Tsung and not Quan Chi, once the amulet
was in his possession. Amulet in hand, Shang
Tsung revealed his betrayal to Quan Chi and
commanded the army to destroy the sorcerer.
Shang Tsung would succeed where others had
failed. He would conquer the realms. He would
conquer the Earth.

Sonya Blade:
Special Forces Agent Sonya Blade
will rescue her men from Outworld
at any cost.

Fighting styles: Kenpo & Tae Kwon Do
Weapon: Kali Sticks
Alignment: Good

Kenpo Moves:
Chop                 1
Overhand Chop        b+1
Hard Chop            f+1_u+1
Double Punch         d+1
Back Kick            2
Low Sweep            b+2
Really Ugly Kick     f+2      JG
Ugly Kick            d+2
Split Kick           u+2      JG
String 1             1,2
String 2             1,1,2    JG

Tae Kwon Do Moves:
Roundhouse           1_u+1
Block Chop           b+1
Twin Dragon          f+1
Mid Hook Kick        d+1
Axe Kick             2_f+2    TP
Leg Check            b+2      TP
High Hook Kick       f+2
Flip Kick            d+2

Universal Moves:
Back Flip            d,b+2    *1
Two Timer            b,f+2    JG
Knee Bash            d,f+2
Spinning Smack       d,b+1
Deadly Kiss          d,f+1
Spinning Twigs       b,f+1
Throw                f,f+1+2  KD

Kiss Crush           b,b+1

*1 - Use this to get out of a bind.

After the destruction of the Deadly Alliance,
Sonya searched for the missing Special Forces
agent Kenshi. She finally discovered him badly
beaten and near death apparently from hook-like
wounds in his ribcage. She managed to return
him to the rendezvous point where Raiden
transported them back to Earthrealm. Upon her
return, Sonya was promoted to General and given
her choice of command. She hand-picked a team
to deal with new terrorist threats located on
Earth. While in outworld, Special Agent Kenshi
had learned of a new threat to peace. The Red
Dragon had awakened.

Sub-Zero has become the Grand Master
of the newly reformed Lin Kuei clan.

Fighting styles: Shotokan & Dragon
Weapon: Kori Blade
Alignment: Good

Shotokan Moves:
Overhand Chop         1
Quick Uppercut        b+1
Downward Punch        f+1
Sack Tap              d+1
High Punch            u+1
High Front Kick       2           JG
Hook Kick             b+2
Roundhouse            f+2
Low Sweep             d+2         SP
Hop Kick              u+2         JG
String 1              1,1,b+2     JG
String 2              2,f+2       JG

Dragon Moves:
Advancing Jab         1
Step Back Dragons     b+1         KD
Face Rake             f+1
Toe Punch             d+1
High Backhand         u+1
Hook Kick             2
Back Turn Side Kick   b+2
Leg Check             f+2         TP
Knee Punch            d+2
Shoulder Kick         u+2
String 1a             1,f+1,b+1   KD
String 1b             1,f+1,2

Universal Moves:
Shoulder Slice       u,d+2    *1
Kori Uppercut        d,f+2
Freeze               d,f+1
Cold Emit            d,b+1
Kori Combo           b,f+1
Throw                f,f+1+2  KD

Spinal Tap           u,u+2

*1 - This move has a built-in side-step and
can be used to evade fireballs.

After defeating the Deadly Alliance, Sub-Zero
returned to the new temple of the Lin Keui with
the severely injured ninja Frost. A short time
later, he was visited by the thunder god Raiden
who commended him for his victory in Outworld
and thanked him for all his help. With Sub-Zero
now the Grand Master of the Lin Kuei,
Earthrealm will be well protected.


AA - 300 - Prissy Kitana
AB - Beat game on V. Easy - Kitana
AC - 300 - Diva Li Mei
AD - 2250 - Arena: The Portal
AE - 12500 - Free Test Your Might
AF - 25 - +50 Koins
AG - 300 - Reptile Scorpion
AH - 450 - Commando Jax
AI - 4500 - Quan Chi
AJ - 225 - Goth Kung Lao
AK - 400 - Golden Rose Kung Lao
AL - 325 - Flygirl Sonya
AM - 225 - Goth Frost
AN - 200 - Anime Sonya
AO - 325 - Crome Jax

BA - 2000 - Arena: House of Pekara
BB - 400 - Reaper Scorpion
BC - 275 - Smoke Scorpion
BD - Beat game on Normal - Sub-Zero
BE - 225 - Goth Scorpion
BF - 275 - Irish Rose Li Mei
BG - 300 - Gamma Jax
BH - 225 - Goth Kenshi
BI - 10000 - Free Test Your Sight
BJ - 750 - Select Arcade Mode Arena
BK - 200 - Anime Kano
BL - 300 - Kry Baby Kung Lao
BM - 350 - Flaming Frost
BN - 225 - Goth Quan Chi
BO - 1250 - Thermal Mode

CA - 325 - Ermac Scorpion
CB - 325 - Hippy Li Mei
CC - 225 - Goth Shang Tsung
CD - 450 - Evergreen Shang Tsung
CE - 250 - +500 Koins
CF - 325 - Vlad Shang Tsung
CG - 325 - Armored Kenshi
CH - 450 - Skin-suit Kitana
CI - 400 - Purple Quan Chi
CJ - 200 - Anime Scorpion
CK - 275 - Demon Quan Chi
CL - 300 - Suntan Quan Chi
CM - 450 - Black Knight Kenshi
CN - 450 - Stone Sub-Zero
CO - 1000 - VB Mode

DA - 300 - Piotr Kano
DB - 325 - Icy Frost
DC - 325 - Denim Dream Kano
DD - 400 - Akano Kano
DE - 225 - Goth Kitana
DF - 325 - Wood Shaman Kung Lao
DG - 350 - Colorbline Kenshi
DH - 400 - Handyman Shang Tsung
DI - 300 - Technicolor Shang Tsung
DJ - 350 - Reaper Quan Chi
DK - 200 - Anime Kitana
DL - 100 - +200 Koins
DM - 350 - Royal Shang Tsung
DN - 300 - Scorpio Sub-Zero
DO - 225 - Goth Sonya

EA - 225 - Goth Jax
EB - 200 - Anime Li Mei
EC - 200 - Anime Quan Chi
ED - 200 - Anime Kung Lao
EE - 200 - Anime Frost
EF - 275 - Jade Kitana
EG - 450 - Rogue Sonya
EH - 350 - Xeno Kano
EI - 275 - Justice Kenshi
EJ - 200 - Anime Shang Tsung
EK - 400 - White Knight Kenshi
EL - 400 - Undercover Jax
EM - 300 - Snowy Frost
EN - 225 - Goth Li Mei
EO - Beat game on Easy - Kano

FA - 450 - Hyper Blue Frost
FB - 400 - Krypt Raider Sonya
FC - 500 - +1000 Koins
FD - 400 - Mandarin Mi Lei
FE - 300 - Solid Kenshi
FF - 7500 - Shang Tsung
FG - 350 - Patriotica Li Mei
FH - 275 - 80's Sonya
FI - 450 - Private Kano
FJ - 450 - Gold Quan Chi
FK - 2500 - Arena: The Swamp
FL - 300 - Red Sonya
FM - 650 - Krazy Survival Kolors
FN - 275 - Scorpette Frost
FO - 200 - Anime Jax

GA - 275 - Golden Jax
GB - 400 - Happy Raver Frost
GC - 200 - Anime Sub-Zero
GD - 50 - +100 Koins
GE - 125 - +250 Koins
GF - 350 - Farenheit Sub-Zero
GG - 200 - Anime Kenshi
GH - 400 - Captain Sub-Zero
GI - 225 - Goth Sub-Zero
GJ - 325 - Alien Quan Chi
GK - 225 - Goth Kano
GL - 350 - Black Jax
GM - 450 - Kung Pao Kung Lao
GN - 275 - Reaper Kung Lao
GO - 275 - Parliment Shang Tsung

HA - 350 - Celsius Scorpion
HB - 1000 - Krazy Kredits
HC - 350 - Wild West Kung Lao
HD - 400 - Leather Kitana
HE - 2750 - Arena: Spy Facility
HF - 325 - Iced Sub-Zero
HG - 1500 - Classic Mode
HH - 1750 - Night Vision Mode
HI - 325 - Lace Kitana
HJ - 450 - Lemon Li Mei
HK - 450 - Storm Scorpion
HL - 350 - Classic Sonya
HM - 275 - Disco King Kano
HN - 275 - Reaper Sub-Zero
HO - 350 - Tart Kitana


Thanks go out to Midway for finally making a
good game on the GBA, www.vgmuseum.com for the
ending transcripts, all the people on the
GameFAQs.com message board for their support.

Thanks to BydoEmpire for hinting me towards
Shang Tsung's morphs.

Thanks to Insicor for
figuring out how throws are done.

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