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A great little gem for away from home gaming! 05/10/02 Alucard188
The second Breath of Fire 12/23/02 AMD
Ryu Ryu Ryu, What I Am To Do Do Do... 12/23/03 Bobo The Clown
A good, standard RPG that improves in most ways on its predecessor 04/30/10 buruburu1
An old RPG that still retains the fresh charms from the SNES days 10/07/02 chandlerbing
Very wonderful. 04/11/03 DaviO
Puff The Protagonist Dragon 08/25/10 dsaddict
What a game.... 05/27/02 FireLordJeff
Small system, big game... 06/19/02 gameringerr
Has a lot of strong points, but in the end it seems incomplete 05/18/02 kefkakicker
If you liked the first one, you'll like this one better. 06/11/02 KupoNut
Whoever Said Sequels Suck Should Get Shot!!! 04/22/02 KyonKuchiki
A very underrated game is great! 10/20/02 LinkMaster23
What happened? 05/07/02 Loss Of Creativity
Thank St. Eva for this! 01/26/05 Lucky2
A great RPG classic for the Gameboy Advance. 02/16/03 m3a1t1t
Good, no.....GREAT RPG game 10/28/02 MasterLink23
Certainly one of the best RPGs ever! 04/24/02 President Bob
An RPG that is awesome even with a few flaws 10/06/02 Ryu Killer Dragon
Capcom's Newest Remake... 06/11/02 Sage588
A serious contender for Zero Wing 06/27/02 Sir 0rion
Good RPG worth trying. 07/31/04 SithNegotiator
Pure Brilliance 07/18/02 SkaterPilot
If you know any thing at all about RPGs or the BOF series, stop wasting time and buy this game! 06/01/02 Tons Of Fun
The greatest RPG ever created and enhanced for the GBA 05/28/04 Vivi0198

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