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Township FAQ by ROMZ12

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 02/08/03

VER 1.6 (FINAL) - February 9, 2002



  I.   Revision History

 II.   Introduction

III.   Frequently Asked Questions (15)

 IV.   Township

       i.  From Ruins to Hideout to town

      ii.  Granny and the Shamans

            ~ Shamans List (6)
                - Sana
                - Seso
                - Spoo
                - Solo
                - Seny
                - Shin

            ~ Soul Union List
                - Bow
                - Katt
                - Rand
                - Nina
                - Sten
                - Jean
                - Spar

     iii.  The 3 Carpenters from Capitan

            ~ The Carpenters (1/3)
                - Ordinary Carpenter
                   * Cookbook Recipes
                - Wooden Carpenter
                   * Playing Othello
                - Arabian Carpenter

      iv.  In Search for Tenants

            ~ Tenants List (27)
                - Azusa
                - Hekkeller
                - Wooppi
                - Hanz
                - Win
                - Macotti
                - Kay
                - Poo
                - Surfy
                - Baretta
                - Daiye
                - Yozo
                - Watts
                - Locker
                - Leminton
                - Salvador
                - MacClean
                - Sumner
                - Martin
                - El
                - Pechiri
                - Karashinokofu
                - Back
                - Akky
                - Barose
                - Garber
                - Bockden

            ~ Houses for Tenants (6/27)
                - House1 (1/5)
                - House2 (1/5)
                - House3 (1/5)
                - House4 (1/4)
                - House5 (1/4)
                - House6 (1/4)

       v.  The Flying Township

  V.   Tips (18)

 VI.   Spot the Difference : GBA vs SNES (3)

VII.   Credits and Disclaimers


Version 1.0 - June 2, 2002
- I finally started this guide
- Partially completed some parts of this guide
- Submitted immediately at www.gamefaqs.com
- This is my first guide/faq ever!

Version 1.1 - June 3, 2002
- Added more tenants in the list
- Added "Sale" info for business tenants
- Removed "Sidequest" since I mentioned them all already at FAQ section
- Made some updates, changes and corrections in some sections
- Confirmed that you can have more than one Armory shop in your town
- This guide/faq is 75% complete!

Version 1.2 - June 4, 2002
- Added more tenants in the list
- Added a new section "Houses for Tenants" info for house occupancy
- Made some major changes and corrections!
- This guide/faq in nearly 85% complete!

Version 1.3 - June 5, 2002
- I have played the game too much now and made some major confirmations
- Completed "Tenants List" section but the details are still incomplete
- As usual, made some major updates, changes and corrections
- Completed "Houses for Tenants" Section
- Revised "Soul Union List" section in details
- Yes! It's 90% complete!

Version 1.4 - June 8, 2002
- Added "Comment" info on "Tenants List" section
- Completed some of the tenants info on "Tenants List" section
- Added all the positions of houses in the "Houses for Tenants" section
- Added more info on "The Carpenters" section
- As always, made some major updates, changes and corrections
- Yeah! 92% completion and counting...

Version 1.5 - June 23, 2002
- Classes recently started, updates will be seldom
- Added a new section "Spot the Difference : GBA VS SNES"
- Added more cookbook recipes for the cooking carpenter
- As ever, made some major updates, changes and corrections
- Fully completed most of the sections in this guide
- Yay! 95% to perfection!

Version 1.6 (PART 1) - Octover 21, 2002 (FINAL!)
- Made some major corrections
- Updated the "Credits" section
- I made a message board for my FAQ (see "Disclaimers" section)
- Added some tips on boombada with the help of others
- Well, I think there is no more to be added or updated here
- Finally, 99% COMPLETED!
- Let's just leave the 1% for future updates and corrections
  (if any) and for some imperfections here coz nothing is perfect!

Version 1.6 (PART 2) - February 9, 2003
- Added some contributions in GBA vs SNES section and tips
- Any more to add my friends?...


      This is the very first guide/faq that I've ever made in my entire
      videogame life. I made this so I can share to those players of
      BOF2 in GBA my knowledge about the game, as well as to share the
      knowledge shared to me by the other people who helped me. This
      guide/faq aims to help players of BOF2 to enjoy all the feature
      of this game, to avoid missing some important things in
      the game, to save more time coz they already know what to do
      just by reading this guide, to solve the questions in their
      minds, to clear things up, to reveal some secrets, to perform all
      subquests, and to avoid being stuck in the game. I don't have
      time to make a walkthrough about this game. Since the game is so
      straight-forward that you can finish it in one day or two without
      consulting any guide, who needs a walkthrough? This game is just
      a revival anyway, the return of the comeback of BOF2 from
      SNES to GBA. This guide/faq concentrates and covers more on the
      things you might miss in the game about Township and other things
      around the game so you can complete it 100 percent, so you can
      fully enjoy the game. This guide also contain some spoilers, so
      consult this guide only if you really need to, so be careful.

      This guide/faq is a result of my hardwork and sleepless nights.
      It's so boring at home during vacation even after the end of your
      summer class. I always want to do something that can help other
      people, as well as making me busy most of the time to beat these
      boring days. I played this game at GBA countless times now just
      to make this guide and list all the details. I started from
      scratch, and compiled them all to make this wonderful guide. Even
      though this game is old and just been revived from SNES to GBA,
      who cares? I exerted enough effort to finish this coz this is the
      first guide/faq that I've made.


1. Where can I buy BOF2 gamepak?
      As of now, you can buy it at any game stores in your place,
      wherever you are now. The US version of this game is already
      available at the market last month (April 2002). It's just the
      return of the comeback of BOF2 from SNES to GBA like BOF1 last

2. Is there a difference between BOF2 in SNES and GBA versions?
      Slightly, the experience and money gained at every end of battle
      are doubled at GBA version. The only additional feature I noticed
      included is the link cable item exchange system where 2 players
      can exchange items but it needs a link cable, 2 GBA and 2
      gamepaks of BOF2. The names of menus, items and equipment are
      still shortened, worst than text messaging on celfones. Overall,
      it is still the same as the SNES version.

3. Could there be another sequel of BOF in GBA?
      Possibly, but definitely BOF3 Playstation version will not come
      out in GBA. Why? How could a CD game of about 400+ MB be stored
      in a very small cartridge that can only store GBA rom data of
      about 64 MB only? Its like comparing Playstation to GBA. Anyway,
      BOF1&2 are fully compatible in GBA in size coz if you have a UFO,
      you can store a SNES cartridge game in a diskette or two. The
      memory is another issue. BOF3 & BOF4 are in Playstation and the
      much awaited BOF5 will be on PS2 soon. Maybe CAPCOM will make
      their own version of BOF sequels for GBA only. It will much be
      better to be like that rather than bringing old games to GBA
      again with no new features added. It's just my opinion anyway...

4. Which is better, BOF2 or Golden Sun?
      This is the most common question I always hear. In my opinion,
      Golden Sun is better than BOF2 coz of the gameplay and story.
      There are both good in music. In graphics, BOF2 is good coz it is
      in simple 2D while Golden Sun is in smooth 3D in towns/dungeons
      and choppy 3D in world map and battle. Golden Sun is just
      starting to present RPG gaming in 3D in GBA so it is still not
      satisfactory today. Making good 3D games in GBA needs many
      experience,enough time and hard work for game developers
      especially in making RPGs. They must also think of the capacity
      of GBA and its cartridges, there are still many limits here. Look
      at Squaresoft, at first their RPGs have bad graphics and they
      migrated from Nintendo to Sony, now their the number one leader
      and developer of RPG games in 3D! About the gameplay, playing
      Golden Sun is better coz of the battle system and special
      effects, psynergy, djinn summons, class changing, skills, etc.
      are awesome. Golden sun have a deep story to that is so exciting
      but short, and the ending is very suprising coz will not expect
      that it will end here so we have to wait up to next year for its
      sequel. In BOF2, aside from being old, the story is averagely
      simple, the game is very short but good, the gameplay is very
      simple but the graphics is very nice. This game is too short you
      can finish it in one day only or two! I finished Golden Sun in
      weeks! Sorry for being a very bad critic of BOF2 for comparing it
      to Golden Sun. Anyway, I also liked this game anyway 	coz I'm a
      collector of RPGs in GBA and Playstation and soon to PS2! Why
      will I make this guide if I didn't like it? If you'll buy RPG
      for your GBA, buy Golden Sun first, then buy this also and
      compare it by yourself if you like, like I did. Both are great
      games worth buying for!

5. How can I make Township fly?
      Read the section of my guide below entilted "The Flying
      Township", OK.

6. How many Shamans are there?
      There are only six of them, representing 6 elements. Refer to the
      section of my guide below entiled "Granny and the Shamans" for
      more info, OK.

7. Can I still get the Earth Shaman even if I didn't donate 100 coins
   20 times at Namanda Cave before the fall of Evrai?
      That's a very big problem. You can't get the Earth shaman anymore
      even if you donate 100 times or more at Namanda Cave after the
      fall of Evrai. So if I were you, you should follow the advice of
      Rand's mother and the Wise Tree near Namanda Cave. They will only
      say you should donate at Namanda Cave, but they will not tell you
      it should be 20 times or more so be careful...

8. How can I find Bleu?
      Bleu is a secret character. You can already get her after you
      have Grandpa the Whale as your sea transportation. Go to the
      seashore/beach located south of Highland below the mountains and
      there is a sand patch near the seashore with a circle mark which
      is visible during daytime. Enter it and talk to the 3 ghost
      there. Now go to Hometown and go to the Magic School 2nd floor
      and go to the left room and go talk to the left person at the
      door. That's Bleu! After talking to her, she'll join you. Thanks
      to Nicolas Wee, Ol' whazis name and to Crazy Chameleon for their
      correction on Bleu's gender, that she's a SHE! She is a girl that
      transformed into a Lamia! She's good at both support and attack
      magics and her skill Shed can restore his HP to full and recover
      bad status, and you can get her at level 35. By that time, your
      characters are only at level 20+. She's somehow worthless for
      hunting if your carpenter in not the ordinary. If you go to a
      grass patch in World Map, using her will make all animals into
      bag of charcoals and the Gonghead enemy there disappears.
      Charcoal are worthless if your carpenter is not ordinary, coz you
      can't combine it into other items nor sell it in the game.

9. Why can't I acquire the Chopchop skill from the Cook from Wildcat
      That is because you didn't went to Wildcat Cafe before Jean asked
      you to get the royal ring from Nimufu while he is prisoned at
      Simafort. You can get this skill anytime you can access Simafort
      region and the Witch Tower. Be prepared coz you will fight the
      cook here which is really strong. It would be ideal to go there
      after you acquired Jean and before you enter Simafort for the
      first time, but first swim to the falls with Jean in frog form so
      Ryu can learn his other dragon skills from the old wise dragon
      man and get some useful items. At the entrance, leave your things
      to the guard and read all the signs and follow all it says and
      choose 'rare' so only 1/4 of your HP will be taken before battle.
      You can defeat the cook easily with these new skill in 2 rounds
      or less. After you defeat him, follow him and talk to the Wildcat
      cook on the right and answer "no" in the first question then
      "yes" to the second. Now choose whose party member you want to
      have that skill and make him or her lead the party before you
      talk to him or come back later here to change party members. If
      you didn't follow the signs, you'll fight the guard whose getting
      stronger as you can get nearer to the cook, and before you could
      face the cook, you're already worn-out or dead. If its your first
      time to visit here as well as to find Nimufu here for the royal
      ring, you'll fight the cook but no skill will be gained even if
      you talked to him at the counter. Once the Witch's party is held
      here, say goodbye to your Chopchop skill. Anyway, give this to
      your party member that inflicts poor hit points to enemies like
      Jean, Nina or Sten. This just cost 0 AP! This skill is very
      useful against enemies who have very high defense that every
      physical attack you inflict to them only cost 1-5 HP, like the
      Chorking in the Island of giants and other Sludges.

10. What skill can Ray give your party members after the Capitan well
      If you saved all the townspeople in the well, you will be blessed
      with Renew spell. If you killed, left or didn't save even a
      single one out of those townspeople (including those possessed
      ones) in the well after Ray told you so, you'll just get a Cure2
      spell. It's better to give it to Nina since she have a higher AP
      points than the rest of your party members.

11. Why can't I invite this tenant, even though he or she is on the
    tenants list?
      That is because you already choose someone beside him/her to take
      one of your vacant houses at Township that he/she wants to
      occupy or the house he/she wants to occupy is not yet constructed
      by your carpenter. As for business tenants, you can invite one or
      more tenant for one particular business but it still depends on
      the house they will occupy. You can have two or more Armory shops
      in your town at the same time but choose the one that sells
      useful items or equipments so choose them wisely. Anyway, just
      read " In Search for Tenants " section for more details.

12. What happens to those tenants you can't invite anymore?
      Some of them just disappears in their location if you looked
      for them. Some of them just give tips about tenants if you
      go talk to them. Some changes script and some are not.

13. What are those houses in the map with the man saying "I have
    nothing to do with it, so go ahead without me.", the one with two
    men in the Island of Giants, and the one with a cat have to do in
    this game? What are their purpose?
      The cat is a tenant named Akky, but you can only talk to her if
      transformed Katt is on the lead of the party. The two people in
      the Island of Giants are Bo and Karn from BOF1, I don't know why
      they are here in this game, maybe they are meant to surprise
      players who played BOF1. The other one who says nonsense, I still
      don't know!

14. Does Ryu's skill "Timewarp" useful?
      Of course! There are times that at night when you enter a town,
      the guard will be in the way and he will not let you in and you
      should wait until morning to enter there. Timewarp turns night
      into day and vice versa. There is also instances like some houses
      are locked at night or some townspeople changes script, like the
      man in Windia walking around the Armory shop. At day he says he's
      from Capitan, and at night he says there are 3 carpenter at
      Capitan. Strange, isn't it?

15. How can I get the "Boombada" spell?
      After Rand's mother is kidnapped, you can go back to Namanda cave
      and go to the room where most skinhead people or warrior trains
      then talk to the skinhead in front of the altar with bells or
      chimes there. He will tell that it is time for the bell ceremony
      but his partner doesn't come back yet so you will replace him.
      You should familiarize the beat and the right timing to when you
      should hit A and B. If you are lucky enough to sound the bells
      and chimes like his partner do, you will get this skill. Anyway,
      this is the hardest quest in this game that I even didn't
      accomplished. Doing this quest will drive you crazy! Boombada is
      a skill that halves the remaining HP of your enemies for 20 AP.
      I don't know if it is effective to bosses, though.

      Here is a tip from Timothy Hick / T'Sain about Boombada:

        In your township FAQ for breath of fire 2 you stated that boombada
        halved the enemies hp for 0ap. I have gained the boombada spell but
        have found that it consumes 20ap and does damage the enemy for half
        their current hp. I also think you would like the button combo for the
        bell chime. (-= his chime and A,B your chime)
        I advise listening to the tune a few times to gain the correct timing.
        I do not know if boombada is affective against bosses but I will find
        out soon. I hope this information is useful.

      Here is a tip from Lars Davidson about Boombada spell:

        Hello my name is Lars and I thought that I could write this to
        you so you can add that in your FAQ on BOF2 for GBA.
        I have finally got the Boombada spell, it took me some time but
        now when I have it I know it was worth it :)
        First of all it does cost AP, 20AP to be correct and it halves
        the HP of ALL enemies. To bad it does not effect any Boss that
        I have tried it on and I think that it can't harm any Boss in
        the game, it should be too easy. Since I have Spar as my favorite
        character in the game and it was him I gave the Spell to. Since
        he has much AP and he is a supporting character in the back
        row. I think he is the best choice in any way, I mean look
        at my thinking:
        Ryu= Dragon Summon
        Nina= Powerful spells anyway
        Bleu= Same as Nina
        Jean= He can us Chop in his shamanized form and he has low AP
        Sten= Low AP and in my game he already got Chopchop wich helps him,
              plus he has powerful attack magic
        Bow/Rand= They are Healers in the game and should not waste any AP
              on attack magic
        Katt= She has so low AP that she can only perform it once when she
              is not shamanized
        That's leaves only Spar left to give it to, and that is not a bad
        choice in my opinion.
        Hope that helps out your FAQ a little :)


      i. From Ruins to Hideout to Town

            At first, this is just a ruin where an old man Niro lives.
            In the story, where Ryu and Bow as Rangers were given a job
            to look for the lost pet of Mina named Suzy, their journey
            led them in this ruins. Eventually, Niro was attacked by
            cockroaches and shouted for help, so Ryu and Bow helped him
            by exterminating the cockroaches. In return, Niro would
            like to share his meal with them as thanks. But the meal
            about to be cooked is actually Suzy the pig. Niro removed
            Suzy's collar before she was placed in a pot of boiling
            water. Bow is curious so he examined the collar from Niro
            and the name "Suzy" is written in it. They immediately
            removed Suzy in the pot. They didn't know Suzy was a pig.
            Ryu and Bow take Suzy home leaving poor Niro in the ruins

            In the part of the story where Bow is wrongly accused of
            stealing Trout's treasure, Bow was forced to hide in a
            Trash can carried by Ryu so he can go out of Hometown and
            hide in the ruins where Niro lives for a while until his
            name is cleared. While Ryu looks for the real thief bat
            girl Patty, Bow helped Niro to rebuild the ruins into a
            nice hideout.

            After some events, Rand followed to the Hideout to help,
            then Ray visited the hideout to bless a new assist skill to
            your characters. You can now change party. Then returning
            to Capitan, Sana the fire shaman invited only Ryu to
            Granny's house as guines pig for experimenting soul
            union/fusion which resulted for awakening the the dragon
            powers (Dragon Poppy) of Ryu and also destroyed Granny's
            house in the process. Granny and Sana demanded that Ryu
            should give them a house to live in and a room for their
            soul union experiment. They occupied the place Bow made
            which should be for him and Ryu. Granny told Ryu to go to
            Capitan and find a carpenter to remodel their house and
            build the soul union room. Then Township is born...

      ii. Granny and the Shamans

            Soul Union/Fusion/Combination or whatever you call it is
            one of the cool features of BOF2 wherein your characters
            can transform to other forms and acquire new skills when
            they are combined with Shamans. You can do this after the
            carpenter build your hideout into a town. Just go to the
            room next to the main building and talk to Granny if you
            want to combine your characters with the Shamans. You will
            notice that when you are asked that if you need explanation
            and you answered "yes", she will ignore it and you will go
            in the fusion window immediately but if you answered "no",
            she will tell the explanation. Strange, isn't it? Let's go
            to the Shamans lists.

            Shamans List

            Here's the shaman list. Each shaman represents an element
            and the stat or attribute they usually increase when they
            are combined with your characters.

            SANA - Fire Shaman, Attack/Offense
                 - This is the first Shaman you will get along with
                   Granny. She's just beside the Inn. Go talk to her
                   and she'll borrow Ryu in the party for a while and
                   take him to Granny for some soul fusion and dragon
                   power awakening.
                 - Definitely, you can't miss her coz you should talk
                   to her at Capitan after you have taken Ray to your
                   hiding place so Ryu can get his first set of dragon
                   skills, get Granny and Sana as your first tenants,
                   get your carpenter and advance through the game. If
                   you don't go talk to her, the man in Capitan
                   standing in the way going to Simafort region will
                   still be there.

            SESO - Water Shaman, Wisdom
                 - You can find her at Witch Tower, she's the only
                   female statue there before you fought Nimufu the
                   witch. After you defeat her, all statue can move now
                   so you can get her then. She's at the floor with
                   moving platforms, left room.
                 - You can miss her but you can still get her if you
                   want anytime after you get Jean the frog prince.

            SPOO - Wind Shaman, Vigor/Agility/Speed
                 - You can find her at Sky tower. She's the one causing
                   the fog in the path going to Farmtown.
                 - Definitely you can't miss her coz she's part of the

            SOLO - Earth Shaman, Defense
                 - To get her, once Rand's mother told you to go to
                   Namanda Cave to worship there and donate, go talk to
                   the wise tree near Namanda Cave if you want.
                   You must have enough money (about 2000c or more)
                   before going to Namanda Cave. If you reached the
                   shrine inside the cave, donate money 20 times.
                   After the fall of Evrai, go back to Farmtown in
                   Rand's House and go to the field her mother cleaned
                   to you and she is there waiting.
                 - You can miss her coz no one tells you that you
                   should donate 20 times at Namanda Cave before the
                   fall of Evrai. Aside from being a very hard-to-get,
                   she's is very costful and very FAT!

            SENY - Holy Shaman, None/Nothing
                 - After the fall of Evrai, go to Bando and enter the
                   underground dungeon again. In the room with the
                   switch and moving door, she's in the first room so
                   don't bother pushing the switch again.
                 - You can miss her if you want and you can return here
                   to get her anytime after the fall of Evrai.

            SHIN - Devil Shaman, AP
                 - After Father Hulk and the villagers bombed the
                   dragon protecting the entrance to Infinity, the
                   doors protected by the dragon's feet can be entered
                   and she's at the left one.
                 - Miss her or get her if you want, you don't know what
                   you're missing here. Anyway, she's the best shaman
                   to be combined with other shamans.


            Soul Union List

            Here is the list of the best fusion for your characters. I
            excluded Ryu and Bleu coz all combinations fails to them.
            Anyway, they are already strong and they don't need
            being combined to shamans anymore. Take good care of your
            characters in the party while they're combined with shamans
            coz if they reached a very low HP or died, the shaman
            combination will be cancelled and worn-out, so be careful.
            There are only six shamans available. A shaman is only used
            and combined one at a time, so you can't combine the same
            shaman to 2 characters at the same time, only one will
            benefit from it. So combine wisely...

            Combining characters with shamans will increase your
            character's stats except for HP, Stamina, Luck, Condition
            and Guts as long as it remains combined. Any successful
            combination of shamans to your characters can result to
            stat boost. The best combination not only results to stat
            boost but also transforms your character into stronger and
            more efficient allies, like the ones below:
            (* = Best combination and stat)

            Combination: Holy and Devil (Seny and Shin)
            Description: He is really heavily armored that almost look
                         like the summon Alexander in Final Fantasy and
                         his left arm is his weapon that looks and
                         fires like a bazooka or something. He is more
                         efficient in hunting coz he can fire
                         projectiles faster than normal Bow. His
                         attack power is greatly increased.
                  Skill: Shot is replaced by Spray, an attack that can
                         inflict huge damages to 1 or more enemies.

            Combination: Fire and Devil  (Sana and Shin)*
                         Water and Devil (Seso and Shin)
                         Wind and Devil  (Spoo and Shin)
                         Devil           (Shin)
            Description: She looks like a daring female warrior with a
                         tail and uses her killer kicks as her attack.
                         She can't use her stick in this form so she
                         can't break stones. Her attack is greatly
                         increased as well as her AP. She's deadly!
                  Skill: Dare is replaced with Charge, a very powerful
                         skill that charges attack at one round in one
                         enemy target then releases a very powerful
                         horsekick attack that can inflict 300+ damage.
                         Imagine how collosal the damage it can make if
                         you cast AtkUp with it? Anyway, this is the
                         strongest physical attack in the game, almost
                         equal to Ryu's special critical hit.

            Combination: Water and Earth (Seso and Solo)*
                         Fire and Earth  (Sana and Solo)
                         Holy and Earth  (Seny and Solo)
            Description: He looks like a hard-shelled armored armadillo
                         or a rhinoceros with a wiggling worm thing
                         from his head. His attacks power is increased,
                         he attacks using his back or shoulder and he
                         is faster than normal Rand, and smaller too.
                         He can't roll in the world map in this form.
                  Skill: Wake is still wake! So wake up! Dead!

            Combination: Wind and Holy   (Spoo and Seny)
            Description: She looks like a beautiful angel wearing a
                         gorgeous gown and she also floats. She attack
                         using her wings and her attack power is
                         increased slightly.
                  Skill: Will is replaced by Banish, a skill that
                         scares enemies to fled from battle.

            Combination: Fire and Wind   (Sana and Spoo)
            Description: He looks like a red-hot flaming wild monkey
                         with big arms and no feet like a Djinni and 
                         wearing a strange outfit. He can't extend his
                         arms to reach small gaps in this form. His
                         attack power is increased.
                  Skill: Rip is replaced by Switch, a skill very useful
                         that lets you switch or choose enemies that
                         you encounter anytime during battle. You can
                         change enemies you encountered from low EXP to
                         high as well as money gained. You can only
                         switch enemies which are present in that area
                         and you can't switch enemies during boss

            Combination: Wind and Holy   (Spoo and Seny)*
                         Water and Holy  (Seso and Seny)
                         Holy            (Seny)
            Description: He looks like a cool tall frog knight holding
                         a huge sword and wearing a knight armor. He
                         can still turn into a frog in world map. His
                         attack power has greatly increased as well as
                         defense. He's so valiant in this form.
                  Skill: Jab is replaced by Chop, a very cool skill
                         that charges one round then next will slice
                         the screen or ground in two that kills all
                         enemies instantly and causes 999 damage but
                         its doesn't work all the time.

           Combination1: Fire and Devil  (Sana and Shin)*
            Description: He looks like a giant flower plant with a body
                         like a snake and a head like a seahorse, or we
                         could say he is a plant dragon or a forest
                         Leviathan. His attack power is increased in
                         this form and he attacks by spinning his body
                         rapidly then he hits the enemy. Can still walk
                         through trees/forests.
                  Skill: Nature is still nature, but its more effective
                         coz mother nature/green is more responsive

           Combination2: Wind and Water  (Spoo and Seso)*
                         Holy and Water  (Seny and Seso)
                         Devil and Water (Shin and Seso)
                         Water           (Seso)
            Description: She looks like a cute mushroom girl that uses
                         her mushroom hat as her attack weapon and
                         her attack power is slightly increased. Can
                         still walk through trees/forests.
                  Skill: Nature is replaced by Spore, its a skill that
                         makes all enemies go to sleep during battle
                         or can backfire to your party if there is a

           Combination3: Earth           (Solo)*
                         Water and Earth (Seso and Solo)
                         Holy and Earth  (Seny and Solo)
            Description: He looks like an tiny onion or a pink rose
                         bud. His attack power is increased and he can
                         still walk through trees/forests. He seems to
                         be stronger and better in this form compared
                         to the rest.
                  Skill: Nature is replaced by Bud, a skill that
                         charges on one round then attacks constantly
                         on assigned enemy target. Strong indeed.


      iii. The 3 Carpenter from Capitan

            The first time you go in Capitan, you must go to the well
            and help Ray rescue the townspeople there. To complete the
            set of Carpenter in Capitan to choose from, you must rescue
            all of the townspeople in the well, including all those who
            are possessed by the creatures attached in their faces. If
            you saved them all, Ray will give you an assist skill to
            any of your characters in Township. If you returned to
            Capitan, go talk to Sana the Fire Shaman. After some
            events, in Township, Granny will ask you to return to
            Capitan to look for a Carpenter. You will notice that
            there are 3 different houses here made by 3 different
            carpenters. If you saved all of the townspeople in the
            well, all 3 carpenters are in their respective houses. If
            you saved 3-4 people, 2 carpenters will be available and
            the arabian carpenter will be absent. But if you killed
            all of the people possessed and only saved a few, the
            carpenter in the ordinary house will only be the carpenter
            available to choose from. The other two will not be in
            their houses coz you didn't saved them. Funny, I didn't
            recognize the faces of this carpenters being there in the
            well nor saving them. In Township, the carpenter will
            reside in the house that looks like a warehouse left of the
            main building and Granny's house. Here's the carpenter
            descriptions in Capitan from leftmost house to right:

            The Carpenters

            Choose the carpenter you like the best. Some claims the
            ordinary carpenter is the best coz it can cook useful
            consumable and stat boosting items. Others claim the wooden
            carpenter coz you can get rare and strong weapons and
            equipment if you play his game.

            Ordinary Carpenter / Cooking Carpenter
                  - This one builds ordinary/regular houses like those
                    typical houses you see in most towns. His house
                    will become a restaurant with no customer but you.
                    He will cook you anything edible in your item
                    inventory. Most of his cooking combinations results
                    in a charcoal or two. There are many combinations
                    that could result to assist, support and stat-
                    boosting items but its very hard to predict and
                    could cause you a lot of money and effort if you
                    are not careful enough. Like cooking 4 charcoals to
                    get a WiseBL. Bleu is useful for charcoal hunting.
                    MacClean, Hanz and Daiye are good source of
                    ingredients in cooking. Below is a list of some of
                    successful cooking combinations. I don't tend to
                    complete this list coz there are a lot of
                    possibilities you could get these items through
                    cooking and it its so tiring and time consuming.
                    Most of them are just contributed.

                    COOKBOOK RECIPES:
                    4 x Charcoal = HelpBL  (recovers 100HP)
                    2 x Tuna + Stamina = WiseBL
                    3 x Cond.Up  = GoldBar (sells at 6000Z)
                    3 x Tuna     = PwrFood (raises Attack)
                    2 x Medicate = PwrFood
                    3 x ShaveIce = PwrFood
                    2 x HelpBL   = Extract (recovers full HP)
                    4 x Unagi    = GutsBL  (raises Guts, no flame)
                    2 x ShaveIce = GutsBL
                    2 x Tuna     = G8Bait (best bait except for Maniro)
                    2 x Dinker   = Biscuit (DefUpX+CureX all, battle)
                    2 x Frizbees = Dinker  (raise Agility)
                    4 x CureAL   = Dinker
                    4 x SprRib   = PanPizza (casts Pwr.Dwn, battle)
                    4 x Minnow   = LuckCndy (raises Luck)
                    ShaveIce + Frizbee = LuckCndy
                    F.Spice + Frizbee  = LuckCndy
                    F.Spice + ShaveIce = LuckCndy
                    Roast + Unagi = Medicate (casts AtkUp, battle)
                    2 x F.Spice   = MisoSoup (raises Wisdom)
                    F.Spice + 2 x Tuna = Stamina (raises Stamina)
                    2 x Sniper + 2 x Tuna = Cond.Up (changes condition
                                                         to Excellent)
                    2 x SprRib + 2 x Porgy = Octopus (casts AtkUp all,
                    F.Spice + ShaveIce + FrizBee + LuckCndy = P.Pourri
                                                 (casts Angel, battle)

            Wooden Carpenter / Othello Carpenter
                  - This one builds simple and old-fashioned houses
                    with 4 wooden poles support touching the ground
                    like their feet. This houses are good against
                    floods, but there's no such thing as floods in this
                    game. Maybe its just the carpenter's taste of
                    style. If your town already have 6 houses, it will
                    have a Gondola that will give you a bucket ride
                    going to HOUSES 4 to 6. This carpenter will have an
                    Othello-like game where you will you use your
                    Tolens to acquire some rare weapons and equipments
                    in his collection, but the game is quite hard but
                    its worth your time and effort. Save first before
                    you play!

                    PLAYING OTHELLO:
                    You need 2 Tolens/Medals to sandwich between at
                    least two of the prices and you need 4 tolens to
                    sandwich and sweep at least all of the 4 prices on
                    the table. You could sandwich the prices
                    harizontally, vertically or diagonally. There are
                    12 slots around the table where your tolens can be
                    randomly placed by your carpenter (Room1) or his
                    wife (Room2) when you go talk to them. Throughout
                    the game you can find 12 Tolens. Be careful and
                    save the game first before playing. If you sandwich
                    2 items with your first 2 tolens placed in the
                    table, save the game then go back to win the other
                    2 prices. If you are not successful, you could
                    always reset the game and start over again until
                    you get the best position for your tolens and make
                    a winning sweep. Claim your prices at the girl in
                    the counter. Here is the list of prices:

                    Room1: Carpenter           Room2: Wife
                    Weapon1 - TigerSD (Rare)   Weapon4 - KingofDR
                    Weapon2 - LopOffWP         Weapon5- ThndrST
                    Weapon3 - IceBW            Armor2  - RainbwRB
                    Armor1  - ShinyHT          Armor3  - GiantSH (rare)

            Arabian Carpenter / Rumors Pub Carpenter
                  - This one builds Arabian houses with no dressers.
                    The interior and exterior style of this house is
                    awesome. His house will turn into a Bar or Pub
                    infested by weird people who know many rumors about
                    your gameplay. This is interesting coz the people
                    here in the Bar or Pub knows how many times you are
                    defeated, how many dressers you checked for items,
                    how long have you been playing, how many medicine
                    you have purchased, how many time you went fishing
                    and hunting, how many enemies you have encountered,
                    how many treasures you have obtained, and one will
                    advice you whose character you must take in your
                    party often like taking Nina frequently rather than
                    Rand. The carpenter/bartender can give you a soda
                    drink for 600Z.


      iv. In Search for Tenants

            Here is the list of the tenants you can invite to occupy
            the houses in your town. Be aware that your town doesn't
            have enough houses to be occupied by all these people so be
            careful. There are also some people whom you must choose
            among the rest to occupy one of your houses, and
            only one of them you must choose. If you choose one of
            them, if you talked to the other one, you can't get him
            anymore. Instead, he'll just give you advice on inviting
            tenants or he'll just disappear in his location. There are
            some tenants that can take you to secret places and can
            reveal hidden features of the game which they offer to you
            as gratitude for letting them occupy your town coz they
            don't have houses. Yes, you have to be charitable in this
            game and give houses to homeless people, but you must also
            be practical. Don't just invite any tenants in your town,
            you should get those useful ones. Nowadays, nothing is
            free, most things have exchange rates. You will notice that
            all tenants have names, so if you talked to anyone in any
            town or any house in the map that shows his or her name in
            the screen, you could invite him or her. You will also know
            if they are tenants if you go talked to them and they talk
            about finding a house or shelter, or having business or
            something. If you already have your town that have some
            vacant houses (3) and you go talk to them again, the word
            they say will become different, and it will include a yes"
            or "no" if you want to invite them or not. Some will only
            be available as tenants if your town is on its 2nd upgrade
            (3+3=6 houses).

            CONFIRMED! You can have a town full of business tenants
            that sell Armories if you want to, but it still depends on
            the house they want to occupy in your town. Just analyze
            the lists below. So if you want a town full of Armories,
            you'll have a variety of weapons and equipment to choose
            from, but not all of them are useful anyway.

            Tenants List

            The tenants listed below are 27 in total, 6/27 in ratio.

            Description: He's a mountain man and a hunter
               Location: Mt. Fubi, left cave
                Benefit: He'll show you his secret hunting spot
                Comment: His secret hunting spot have lots of animals
                         but that Gonghead is always in the way as
                         usual. Alternatively, you could hunt in any
                         grass patch that pops-up in the screen after
                         each battle in the world map even though it is
                         not as abundant as his offer. If you think
                         about it, he's not that very useful.

            Description: He wants to have a weapon shop in your town
               Location: Hometown, in the house left of your landlord's
                         house, 1st room
                Benefit: Armory Shop (more on Fire weapons)
                Comment: At first, his weapons seems very strong. But
                         once you equip it, its only effective against
                         ice/water enemies and it seems to inflict
                         poor damage to other enemies. You can get some
                         of what he sells in Maori Island later in the
                         game. He's useful but not good enough.
                   Sale: FlameSD - 3200Z
                         BurnKN  - 2500Z
                         FireRG  - 2600Z
                         FireBW  - 3600Z
                         HeatST  - 3000Z
                         MagmaAR - 4700Z
                         FlameSH - 3700Z

            Description: She is a fortune teller
               Location: Hometown Church, upstairs
                Benefit: If you have a problem with anything, come and
                         see her. She'll tell you your fortune.
                Comment: She will give some hints about what will
                         happen next in the event you are currently in.
                         The game is not that hard to beat, so who need
                         her anyway.

            Description: He wants to have an item store in your town
               Location: Hometown, in the house left of your landlord's
                         house, 2nd room
                Benefit: Item Store (more on accessories)
                Comment: You can also buy this accesories and items
                         from Maniro if you catch him on certain
                         fishing spots around the World Map, you could
                         also win some from enemies and get it in some
                         dungeon chests in the game. These accesories
                         are not very used in the game anyway, but the
                         items he sells could be useful for cooking.
                   Sale: Charm    - 1000Z
                         IronBR   - 1000Z
                         D.Earing - 1000Z
                         WiseHoop - 1000Z
                         GutsBT   - 1000Z
                         Cond.Up  - 1000Z
                         Medicate -  500Z

            Description: He offers to let you change your window color
                         in exchange of a house
               Location: Joker Gang Hideout
                Benefit: You can change your window color in 8 colors
                         to choose from, default window color is
                Comment: Why do you have to recruit him just to open
                         this option in the game? If you are not
                         satisfied with the color of your window, you
                         should invite him. For me, I'm satisfied with
                         the default color of the window coz it seems
                         better than the rest.

            Description: He pays one coin per month just to live in a
               Location: Coursair, in the pub's toilet/bathroom
                Benefit: Nothing!
                Comment: Don't bother inviting this useless tenant.
                         He's better be left living in his bathroom!

            Description: She would like to open a hospital in your town
               Location: Coursair Church, upstairs
                Benefit: She'll give you a vaccine shot that can give
                         you immunity to poison for a while
                Comment: What! This immunity only lasts in one battle
                         you first fought! This is ridiculous, and so
                         is she! Her offer is so deceiving, but after
                         you invite her, you'll discover she's useless.

            Description: Lucky! It sure is worth it he ask for a house.
               Location: Coursair Pub, upstairs
                Benefit: He will sells a moondrop for 1000Z later in
                         the game
                Comment: Will you invite him for just a moondrop?
                         Anyway, moondrop is very hard-to-find item
                         that recovers HP and bad status.

            Description: She thinks a safekeeping store gives her some
               Location: In a house northeast of Tagwoods, the path
                         going there have a small gap
                Benefit: Safekeeping Store
                Comment: Very useful, indeed. But safekeeping stores
                         are very common in most towns. Invite her if
                         you want, but I think it's not very practical.

            Description: She wishes to have a business
               Location: Windia Armory Shop
                Benefit: Armory Shop
                Comment: She's the best tenant you could get when it
                         comes to Armory. At first, she sells very weak
                         weapons and equipments but as you progress in
                         the game, her armory gets better and better.
                         Invite her as soon as you have a town.
                   Sale: (Changes and upgrades occationally as you
                          progress in the game on certain events)
                         1ST SET:                   2ND SET:
                         LongSD   - 620Z            BurnKN   - 2500Z
                         BronzeST - 940Z            FireRG   - 2600Z
                         WoodenDR - 290Z            QuartrST - 2100Z
                         SuedeAR  - 300Z            BreathAR - 2500Z
                         SaladBwl -  60Z            NationHT - 1800Z
                         SteelAR  - 120Z
                         RistBand -  10Z

                         3RD SET:                   4TH SET: (BEST)
                         ThndrST  - 7800Z           BreakSD  - 16000Z
                         ChuckDR  - 5800Z           DeathBW  - 23000Z
                         PierceRP - 4600Z           KaiserKN - 25000Z
                         EarthAR  - 6100Z           AmberRG  - 11000Z
                         SokletAR - 3600Z           MotherRB - 28000Z
                         GuardSH  - 5300Z           HeroAR   - 25000Z
                                                    ShinyHT  - 16000Z
                                                    HolySH   - 18000Z

            Description: He wants to sell fish!
               Location: Windia Inn
                Benefit: Fish Store
                Comment: Inviting him means you don't have to look for
                         fishing spots to go fishing anymore coz he
                         sells them, but not all. Anyway, you still
                         have to fish for Maniro, some treasure chests,
                         Porgy and Snper. He's very useful for cooking.
                   Sale: Srdine -  60Z
                         Mckrl  -  60Z
                         Bait   -  60Z
                         Unagi  -  60Z
                         Tuna   - 300Z
                         Minnow - 300Z

            Description: He's a Windian who wants to make a dojo and
                         can't speak straight coz he's a bit shy. It
                         will took him a while to open up to you.
               Location: Windia Castle, upper left portion
                Benefit: Keep talking to him until he increases the max
                         AP of your lead character up to 16 AP
                Comment: His offer is very useful for Katt coz she has
                         the lowest AP in your characters & so that she
                         can now use her spells. You should invite him.

            Description: He is an old man at the carnival that gives
               Location: At the traveling carnival before you get Spar
                Benefit: He gives you riddles when you talked to him
                         (Ding! ding! ding! That's correct!)
                Comment: Even though he gives you some tips in the game
                         through riddles, I don't thinks he's useful.

            Description: He's a painter and he loves the smell of paint
               Location: Capitan, in the house beside the Inn
                Benefit: He will paint your houses in 4 colors to
                         choose from
                Comment: If you are not satisfied with the default
                         color of the houses in your town, then you
                         should take him. Still, inviting him is not a
                         very practical choice.

            Description: He's an old travelling salesman and he's
                         starting to get tired
               Location: Capitan Inn
                Benefit: Armory Shop
                Comment: His armory shop is not good enough, and so is
                         he, so don't bother taking him.
                   Sale: KingSD   - 1980Z
                         WonderRP - 1980Z
                         MightyAR - 2980Z
                         DemonSH  -  980Z

            Description: He's a frog saying that nobody appreciates
                         creativity. He was just planning on creating a
                         statue of the princess but he was locked up.
               Location: Simafort jail cell
                Benefit: He will make your lead character statues by
                         borrowing him or her for a while as a model
                Comment: Your town will look nice if you invite him.
                         If you appreciate creativity, then get him.

            Description: He wants to live in a town close to the ocean
               Location: Seashore west of W.Cape, below the cave where
                         you get whale flute, he's staring at the sea
                Benefit: He'll show you his secret fishing spot
                Comment: He's very useful in cooking. His fishing spot
                         is full of Porgy and Snper that cost a lot of
                         money. You should invite him.

            Description: He's in a slump. Doh, doh doh. Dah dah!
               Location: Tunlan, 3rd stair right house, left room
                Benefit: Music/Sound Test, 35 in all
                Comment: If you like BOF2 music that much, then get
                         him. As for me, I'm satisfied of what sound or
                         music I hear while I'm playing the game.

            Description: Who is "that guy" he's talking about anyway?
               Location: Tunlan Inn
                Benefit: He wants to help you to defeat "that guy" but
                         you must loan/invest him 3000Z for a plan coz
                         he seem to lost his wallet. He promise to
                         return the money back. Apparently, if you
                         refuse to give him 3000Z, he'll give you
                Comment: He talks too many nonsense and yet he's not
                         that very useful.

            Description: A Highlander hired as a guard in Tunlan castle
               Location: Tunlan Castle, he's guarding the treasure room
                Benefit: He will be a guard for your town
                Comment: From what? There is no point in the game that
                         your town will be attacked by anything except
                         for tenants. Who needs a guard anyway!

            Description: He is a thief!
               Location: Thieves Tomb
                Benefit: He will steal your money in the bank and tells
                         he's innocent then tells you how to retrieve
                         it. This is inconvinience, not benefit!
                Comment: He's such a liar! He said has given up
                         stealing. He's useless and annoying!

	      Description: He's an old man who likes to think of all
                         kinds of weapons
               Location: Guntz, northern house
                Benefit: Armory Shop
                Comment: He seems to be useful at first but later in
                         the game he becomes useless.
                   Sale: KingOfDR - 6200Z
                         BirchST  - 5500Z
                         GradeDR  - 5100Z
                         PieceRP  - 4600Z
                         SilverAR - 5800Z
                         SlashGL  - 4100Z
                         WhiteSH  - 4300Z

            Description: He's an old man who claims that there are no
                         one better than him to make armor stronger and
                         he is not senile yet.
               Location: Guntz Armory, lower right hiding
                Benefit: He will increase the defense of the lead
                         character who talked to him temporarily by 4.
                Comment: What! This only last for one battle your first
                         fought again! He is another deceiving tenant
                         whose offer seems useful but pretty useless.

            Description: A cat, yeow! Wah!
               Location: At the house west of sea of trees, only
                         transformed Katt can talk to her.
                Benefit: A house infested with cats and kittens!
                Comment: If you want a pet, go get her. But I think
                         she's very useless.

            Description: He's an old magician of Gandaroof
               Location: Inside the Memory of Great Wise Tree
                         Gandaroof, Memory Town Inn (North)
                Benefit: He'll teach you some strong and useful spells
                         if you take him out. If you want to learn the
                         best magic spell he can give, try to meet all
                         his requirements in the best way you can
                         (HP=1 & AP=0 is Missile) and he can only teach
                         four times in any character regardless of
                         repetition. Give it to Spar, Jean, Bow & Rand.
                Comment: He is one of the best tenants you can have in
                         your town! Get him before you finish
                         Gandaroof's Memory or else you can't get him

            Description: He is a man walking around upstairs of
                         Farmtown Inn
               Location: Farmtown Inn
                Benefit: He will increase your attack power temporarily
                         of the lead character who talked to him
                Comment: What! Another one! Why do this kind of offers
                         don't last more than one battle? This could be
                         useful if you will about to face a boss, but
                         it is still useless!

            Description: He's an old man training at the cave going to
                         Gate region where you first met Barubary
               Location: At the cave northwest of Gate
                Benefit: He'll start a Dojo in your town
                Comment: The Dojo thing is just on his mind. Nothing
                         changes in his house nor any students coming
                         in. He can't even train you, so he's very


            The names with * marks can only be invited if the town is
            upgraded 2nd time. If you talk to your carpenter after the
            first 3 houses in the first (free) upgrade are occupied,
            he'll upgrade the town again and build 3 more houses
            (HOUSES 4 to 6) but he will get 1000Z from you. From there,
            you can now invite tenants with the * in their names above.

            Your town can have a maximum of 6 houses only, and there's
            a strict policy which is "1 house = 1 tenant/person" only.
            There are also instances that other houses will be Armory,
            Safekeeping Store, Item or Fish Store but the houses
            left will be for non-business tenants. There are many
            non-business tenants out there so choose them wisely.
            There are also some kind of pattern in which one tenant out
            of a set of tenants can occupy a certain house in your
            town, that's why some tenants disappears in their location
            or you can't invite them anymore coz you already invited a
            tenant beside them to take that certain house they want to
            occupy, as well as for business tenants, so here's the list


            The arrangement of the houses in your town for tenants look
            likes this:


                         HOUSE1       HOUSE2       HOUSE3

                         HOUSE4       HOUSE5       HOUSE6


                 HOUSE4   HOUSE5          HOUSE6

                                          HOUSE1       HOUSE2   HOUSE3


                              HOUSE1            HOUSE2

                              HOUSE4            HOUSE3

                              HOUSE5            HOUSE6

            The first 3 houses (HOUSES 1 to 3) are the ones you
            first get when you invite your chosen carpenter after
            Granny told you to go to Capitan to look for one. This is
            the first upgrade of your hideout into a town. The 2nd
            3 houses (HOUSES 4 to 6) are the ones you will get after
            the first 3 houses are already occupied by tenants. Just
            talk to your carpenter again at his house in your town to
            get this 2nd upgrade. Now you can invite more tenants,
            including those who you can't invite yet. Your town can
            only have 6 houses for tenants to occupy in any carpenter
            you have.

            Below is the list of tenants who will occupy a certain
            house in your town. Be aware of the strict policy
            "1 house = 1 tenant" only. For example, if you already
            invited one tenant in the list of tenants that can occupy
            HOUSE1, then say goodbye to the others. Choose very wisely
            according to your desired preference, there are a lot of


            HOUSE1               HOUSE2               HOUSE3
             ~ Watts(NW)          ~ MacClean(SU)*      ~ Azusa(SU)
             ~ Hekkeller(AR)*     ~ Win(SN)            ~ Macotti(NW)
             ~ Kay(SN)            ~ Leminton(AR)       ~ Baretta(AR)*
             ~ Poo(NW)            ~ Pechiri(NW)        ~ Woopi(SU)
             ~ Back(SN)           ~ Bockden(NW)        ~ Akky(SN)

            HOUSE4               HOUSE5               HOUSE6
             ~ Karashinokofu(AR)  ~ Hanz(IT)           ~ Surfy(SS)
             ~ Barose(SU)*        ~ Yozo(SU)*          ~ Daiye(IT)*
             ~ Garber(SN)         ~ El(NW)             ~ Salvador(SU)
             ~ Locker(SU)         ~ Martin(SN)         ~ Sumner(SU)


                    AR - Armory
                    IT - Item Store/Fish Store
                    SS - Safekeeping Store
                    SU - Special and useful
                    SN - Special but not very useful
                    NW - Nothing special, worthless
                     * - Best (in my opinion)


            At last! I think the list of tenants are complete! I'll
            complete the details on later updates after some major
            confirmation. Thanks to those who helped me complete it
            (see Credits section).

      v. The Flying Township

            Aside from Mina the flying bird as your means of air
            transportation, you can make your town fly like an airship
            (like Balamb Garden in FF8). Once the doors of Infinity is
            opened, Mina is not usable because of the demons released.
            Warp ability is very limited and only towns you visited can
            benefit from it. This is where the flying Township comes

            To be able to make Township fly, first you must not kill
            the old man which is attached to the machine Boss in Evrai
            which you will confront there while following Habaruku.
            This boss is a three-eyed machine wherein the old man Ganer
            in the center. You must kill first the eye that casts
            Cure3, then the eye that casts Flame, then last the eye
            that casts Freeze. Just leave Ganer unharmed. You most not
            use any attack or magic that can inflict damage in all
            enemies coz it will hurt Ganer as well. If successful,
            before Evrai collapses, Ganer will use his power to
            teleport all of you to Township. Now second, go to Guntz
            and enter the northern house where Karashinokofu lives then
            go to the hidden staircase at the back of the bookshelves,
            you will find in the basement Eichichi, the one that the
            old wise tree near Guntz is talking about. If you tell her
            that you have a machine in Township that is unknown, she
            will go there. Last, Go to the well in Township. The
            machine there looks similar like the one in Highland and in
            Evrai which are both destroyed now. Ganer will voluntarily
            use his human energy to fly township while Eichichi will
            navigate and keep the maintenance of the machine. Now the
            town flies like a flying fortress, despite of its size, it
            flies slow compared to Mina.

            Keeping Ganer alive will not just make your Township fly,
            it will also give a better ending if you beat the game.
            What ending? Just see for yourself! I won't spoil it here.

V.    TIPS

      1. Follow the number one rule of RPG, talk to everyone in the
         game coz you might learn some useful information from them
         aside from advancing through the game.

      2. Check all the dresser in every houses you see in the game. You
         might find useful items and money there.

      3. Its hard to avoid being defeated in this game, so avoid being
         defeated by saving before any quest and deposit your money at
         safekeeping stores so your deaths will not cause you big

      4. Don't run from a battle if not necessary. Keep on
         encountering/fighting enemies in World Map and Dungeons to
         gain more experience and money.

      5. Useful business tenants offers services like Armory, Item
         Shop, Safekeeping store and Fish store. Always prioritize this
         kinds of tenants.

      6. If you want to choose from all the tenants in the game by
         yourself, you should not invite anyone until you have Grandpa
         the whale and Spar. From there, you can visit all towns and
         houses in the map and choose whoever you want to live in your
         town. Go talk to them all so you will know their offer or
         business and you can still say "yes" or "no" at the end of
         your conversation. But I think you can invite one useful
         tenant like Hekkeller so you can buy useful and strong weapons
         and equipment at his Armory shop earlier in the game.

      7. Get all the shamans and combine them with your characters.
         Your characters will be more efficient to use if you combined
         them with shamans. But be careful coz if your character who is
         combined to a shaman get killed or reached a very low HP, the
         shaman combination will be cancelled and worn-out and you have
         to combine all over again.

      8. Use Bleu frequently so all her useful spells comes out in her
         spells list. Bringing her is like bringing Nina, Spar and Jean
         all at the same time in the party. She is a  Nina-Spar-Jean in

      9. The best party always include RYU and BLEU, the 2 left can be
         RAND, KATT, BOW or STEN. Using shamans combinations with your
         characters will make your party invincible.

      10. Choose the carpenter that builds wooden houses so you can
          have an Othello game in your town and get some cool and rare
          items from playing it.

      11. Go hunting frequently with Bow, so you can have Roast or
          anything else which you can sell for big money or use them as
          items. This is a good source of good income.

          Here is Robert Lakeo's tip on hunting:
            If you hunt with Bow and shoot a bird, you get an egg,
            a very rare item that recovers all HP+AP.

      12. Go fishing frequently using the best Rod you have and avoid
          throwing in far places coz it will just make the rod snapped
          and the bait wasted. Throw it near Ryu so you can have a good
          catch often. If the fishes are far from the shore, attract
          them to go near you by throwing the bait near them and if
          they are about to bite the bait, pull it by pressing A to
          avoid it from biting the bait until he's in a good position,
          then you can catch it. Fish can be used as items in battles
          or can also be sold in stores for money. This is another good
          source of income.

      13. Gold is quite few in this game as bait for fishing. You can
          use it as bait for the Merman merchant Maniro or for treasure
          chests. Only go for the treasure chest if you already have
          CharmRod and push A rapidly if the gold bait reaches the
          treasure chest to avoid losing your precious bait for
          nothing, but you can also use Urchin (Gold and G8Bait bites
          faster) as bait and DluxRod for catching the treasure
          chest. Go for the Merman merchant Maniro if you have enough
          money coz he'll sell you some rare items which is sometimes a
          once-in-a-lifetime offer only. Anyway, you can get gold
          sometimes after defeating those enemies that look like red
          treasure chests in Simaport underground dungeon where you
          fought the gold fly.

      14. Examine the game properly. Don't rush finishing it if its
          your first time to play this game or you will miss many
          things here that will make you start all over again. Be
          patient and try to understand the flow of the story.

      15. Prioritize equipments for defense first rather than attack
          weapons. Strong defense can avoid frequent deaths in your
          party and can save a lot of AP and money. Strong offense can
          kill enemies quickly but the lives of your party will be at
          risk. Equip first those characters in your party with low
          defense like Katt, Sten and Nina.

      16. To save money and space in your item inventory, buy weapons
          and equipments by trade. Trade those which are already
          equipped and you want to replace with better ones, but
          don't sell or trade those rare ones like the ones not
          available in the market. Rare weapons like FlameSD and FireRG
          are useful against enemies with Ice attributes, so keep them
          in your inventory, but you can buy it at Hekkeller. Rare
          and useful equipments like StormRG can cast Thunder and
          MedusaSH can cast AtkUP which can be used by any character
          but not all can equip it. TigerSD which can only be acquired
          when you play Othello with wooden carpenter can cast Cure2
          during battle only.

      17. To get a lot of EXP and money in the game, always wander at
          the Island of Giants just NE of Capitan once you have Grandpa
          the Whale, but you must be strong enough to go there or it
          will be suicide. The enemies there are giants like Gonghead,
          A.Sludge and Chorking(Chopchop kills him instantly) that can
          give huge amount of EXP ans some items like Extract and
          Van.Ext. But be careful, once you face the small ones which
          are the K.Sludges (3 Golden Sludges), be prepared coz they
          are much stronger than any boss you have faced in this game,
          worst than the final boss coz they can cast Death which is
          always 100% effective, but defeating them will award you with
          the biggest EXP and money you can find in the entire game!
          Always use your strongest attack and spells which can damage
          the whole enemy party, like Ryu's dragon skills, Missile,
          Hail, Fireball, BoltX, etc., bring the most useful items you
          have and finish the battle as quickly as you can. This island
          will be a piece of cake if you are around Level 40+ and you
          have strong weapons and equipment in your sleeves (I don't
          know if DreamBR can block Death). Always deposit the money
          you earned there when it is big enough in a Safekeeping Store
          or Bank just in case.

      18. If you want your characters to have the best stats in the
          game, go get the cooking carpenter and let him cook those
          stat-boosting items for you. All you have to do is find
          those ingredients needed for making them, or to make things
          easier, get Daiye and Hanz as your tenants and buy some of
          the ingredients from them. Just refer to the cookbook recipes
          in the carpenter section above for more info.

      19. Here's a hint for easy money: deposit all your money in the
          bank and go to the church in HomeTown. talk to the priest and
          try to make a donation. he will give you 10 Zenny. do this until
          you have 100 Zenny. Deposit and repeat over and over untill you
          have desired amount.
          - Thanks to Lavitz321 from my Message Board


      This section is dedicated for all BOF players and fans who played
      BOF2 both in GBA and SNES versions. If you do, could you spot all
      even the slightest difference of this game in the said two
      consoles or platform and compare them from one another?

      1. The big fish "PileWm" in SNES is called "Porgy" in GBA.
      2. Of course, SNES doesn't have a link cable item EXCHANGE.
      3. Quick Save! You can do it almost anywhere in the game.
         Very useful when you are about to run out of battery
         while playing the game.
         - Thanks to Chris Me for reminding me!
      4. Equip lod and bait(SNES) vs equip rod and bait(GBA).
         - Thanks to ultimate_monkpunk!
      5. In the SNES version, you can't run, but in the GBA version,
         you can.
         - Thanks to Trason Dazell
      6. You can earn more EXP and Gold in GBA version than SNES.
      7. When you are little in the begining, you go talk to your
         sister. She talks about Ryu's and her mom and it shows a
         picture of her. This was NOT in the SNES version.
      8. When you get beat up by the demon in the cave when you are
         little, it shows a picture of Ryu... young and adult.
         This also was not in the SNES.
         - Thanks to Zafersan Kubilay for 6, 7 & 8!
      If you know some, email it to me! Credits await you...



      I would like to thank the following for making this guide/faq of
      mine a success
      (Some credits not included here are already written in other
       sections above after their respective contributions.)

      YOURS TRULY - for making this wonderful guide/faq

      www.gamefaqs.com - for letting me post this guide/faq of mine to
                         their site

      neoseekers.com - for requesting me to post my faq to their site

      CAPCOM - for reviving this game for Gameboy Advance

      Noel Capucao (hallie_j2x) - for his tips and advice

      Nicolas Wee - for his correction about Bleu's gender, for his
                    info about Spar's Mushroom Girl and Onion Shaman
                    combination and for additional tenants and info
                    (Poo, Martin, and Woopi)

      Ol' whazis name - for his correction about Bleu's gender, info
                    about charcoals and his suggestion for categorizing
                    tenants in the houses they can occupy

      Crazy Chameleon - for another correction on Bleu's gender and
                    grammar, correction for Mushroom Girl's Spore
                    skill, and for additional tenants and info
                    (Baretta, Sumner, Locker, Poo, Watts, Daiye,
                    Salvador, Garber, Pechiri, Martin and Yozo)

      Seciden Mencarde - for his correction about GBA cartridges

      Seth Huber - for his suggestion and info about the cooking
                   carpenter, his cookings, and most of the recipes at
                   the cooking carpenter section

      Jeroen Vermeulen - for his info about Bo and Karn from BOF1 in
                   the Island of Giants

      Loogy Head - for his contributions of recipes in the cooking
                   carpenter section

      Draco Knight - for his great recipes and FAQ

      Matt Holmes & Trevin Murakami - for their correction for
                    charcoals = 1 HelpBL, and not 1 WiseBL

      PB8J - for his correction for CAPITAN in GBA and SNES versions

      YOU - for reading this guide/faq of mine and for appreciating it

      Robert Lakeo - for his bird-hunting tip using bow to get an egg

      Timothy Hick - for his boombada tip

      Lars Davidson - also for his boombada tip

      And for those people I forgot to mention, thank you! You know who
      you are and what you have done.

      Thanks for your support and complements for my FAQ. This inspires me
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