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FAQ/Walkthrough by Alucard188

Version: 1.7 | Updated: 05/07/08

Breath of Fire 2 
Alucard188 Productions
Ver. 1.7
November 20, 2002


~ Legal Stuff
~ News and notes
~ Introduction
~ Version info
~ Frequently Asked Questions
~ Character descriptions
~ Character Bios for Japanese version
~ Walkthrough
   1: Prologue
   2: The beginning, or the pet hunt
   3: 10 years later...
   4: Hero and the Katt
   5: The princess' fans are Jokers
   6: Well...that's a deep subject
   7: Awakening
   8: The Frog, the Witch, and the Impostor
   9: A-thiefing we will go...again
  10: From Trout to Whale Cave
  11: World Tour
  12: The little Carnival of horrors
  13: Sten's 'happy' homecoming
  14: Save the Queen!
  15: Gandaroof's Memory
  16: Namanda, Namanda
  17: Heathen!  Blasphemer!
  18: Gate: The final Frontier
  19: Flashback ***DISCLAIMER NOTE~SPOILERS***
  20: The Final Area
~ Township 
  A: Carpenters
  B: Tenant locations <coming soon>
~ Shamans and Fusions
  A: Shaman list 
  B: Shaman Combinations 
~ Hunting and Fishing
  A. Hunting Overview <coming soon>
  B. Fishing Overview <coming soon>
  C. Fishing for Treasure <Coming Soon>
  D. Manillo <Coming Soon>
~ Secrets and Sidequests
  A. Getting Chop Chop
  B. Getting Boombada 
  C. Getting Bleu
  D: Flying Township
  E: Monster Island
  F: The Endings
  G: The church that gives?!
~ Character spells
~ Weapon, Armor, Item, and Spell lists <Coming soon>
~ Town Shop Lists <Coming Soon>
~ Acknowledgements


This Walkthrough is copywrited by me, Alucard188.  Reproduction of this 
document in whole or partial is not endorsed, unless explicit 
permission is granted.  Use of this document for personal use is 

Breath of Fire 2, and the Breath of Fire logo is a registered trademark 
of Capcom U.S.A, INC, (c) 1994, 2001.  All rights reserved.


News and Notes 
Mwehehehe, me again.  Finally completed the walkthrough.  Took a long 
time.  Could have been done a lot earlier, but I lost my motivation.  
This weekend, I picked up my motivation, and unto you, I deliver this 
document.  This MAY be my final update, unless I find something more 
worthwhile to add to it.  Thank you for reading.

If you ever had the urge to do a walkthrough, but could never muster up 
the determination to follow through with it, then how about the next 
best thing?  If you would like to contribute to this walkthrough with 
alternate boss strategies, Weapon/Armor/Magic listings, or anything 
else that you may be of some help on, then send it to me with the 
Subject header 'BoF2 Contribute'.  I will give you notable recognition, 
which will give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

  Welcome, I am Alucard188, and this is my walkthrough for Breath of 
Fire 2.  When I am done with this, I hope the walkthrough meets your 
expectations. Feel free to contact me at Alucard188@Gmail.com with 
the subject heading 'BoF2' if you have any questions or concerns. 
Please, only legitimate mailing.  No 'OMG U SUX0RZ F00'.  Now, on to 
the Walkthrough!

Ver. 1.7
November 20th, 2002
~ COMPLETED the walkthrough
~ Added some to the rumors section and added a Bugs section
~ Added Endings section under secrets and sidequests
~ Added the Character spells section

Ver. 1.6
August 4th, 2002

~ Made a correction to Spar's nature ability
~ Recieved confirmation on the CharmSH in Upacave

Ver. 1.5
June 10th, 2002

~ Finished walkthrough to the end of Skytower

Ver. 1.4
June 1st, 2002

~ Added a few new areas to the document *boy am I ambitious*
~ Completed walkthrough to the end of Highfort
~ Started on the town shop lists
~ Changed notices to News and Notes
~ Added a Final Note section
~ Added a Rumors Section

Ver. 1.3
May 26th, 2002

~ Added a notices area
~ Added Bleu's age
~ Finished Walkthrough to the aquisition of Spar
~ Made a correction to Rand's character profile
~ Revised a bit of Hero's character profile
~ Made a correction to Jean's character profile
~ Changed the titles of some of the chapters
~ Changed 'Outroduction' to 'Acknowledgements'
~ Added a Hunting and Fishing area
~ Changed the layout a bit more

Ver. 1.2
May 18, 2002

~ Rearranged the layout a bit
~ Finished walkthrough to the end of Trout scenario
~ Added a Frequently Asked Questions area
~ Added info on Carpenters, Shaman locations

Ver. 1.1
May 12th, 2002

~ Completed walkthrough to the beginning of Simafort
~ Put Chop Chop up in the Secrets area
~ Added info on how to get Bleu
~ Added Flying Township info

Ver. 1.0 
May 1st, 2002

~Started the Walkthrough
~Did character descriptions


Q: How does this game differ from the SNES version?

A: Well, not a whole lot has been altered.  The game's basically the 
same, poor translation and all.  However, the first thing you should 
notice is the battle interface.  It's much cleaner than the Snes 
version.  Also the experience and gold given after a battle have been 
doubled and tripled respectfully, making it easier for people to get 
through the game.  A dash feature, trading option, weapon, armor, item 
and spell icons beside the item name, and cut scene pictures finish up 
the package of 'what's new'.

Q: How does this game measure up to BoF GBA?  Is it worth buying?

A: I, and many others find this game better than BoF.  If you liked the 
first one, you'll love this one.  It features a deeper story, although 
marred by the poor translation, crisper graphics and animations, a 
decent dragon system, and a great soundtrack. You should buy this game 
at all costs, unless you find games without graphics like Golden sun 
unappealing, have played the game to death, or have the SNES version.

Q: Who do you think I should invite to Township?

A: Everyone has their own preference, but I tend to like this combo.  
House 1: Hekkeller, House 2: MacClean, House 3: Baretta, House 4: 
Barose, House 5: Hanz, House 6: Daiye.  This setup is best used with 
the regular carpenter, as you can exploit a money trick with the 
cooking option that the regular carpenter brings.


Main Characters

Subnote:  If anyone can come up with definate answers to the 
character's ages, then email me at the email address above.

Age: 16
Weapon: Sword
Special ability: Guts
Magic specialty: Dragon magic
Field Action: Fishing

  The Hero, or Ryu as his default name is, is exactly that, the hero, 
or main protragonist of BoF2.  Having lived in Gate as a child with is 
Father, Ganer and his sister, Yua, he was mysteriously orphaned at 6 
years old.  Having taken his sister's advice, he fell asleep under the 
guardian dragon.  When he awoke, he found that his father and sister 
were missing, and no one remembered him.  Shaken and scared, he took up 
shelter in the church, under the care of Father Hulk.  There, he meets 
his best buddy, Bow.  

  Hero's special ability is guts, the ability to call upon his inner 
strength and spirit to heal his wounds.  Of course, if you don't use 
this ability often, its healing power is greater.  This ability is best 
used in a bad situation, when you need a quick boost.  

  His magic specialty is Dragon magic.  Like the first BoF, Hero can 
summon his strength, as a result of his human/dragon hybrid, to change 
into a powerful dragon form.  However, unlike the other BoFs, it's a 
one shot deal, as it eats up all your AP, or Ability points.  You can 
restore his AP during battles for repeated use of the Dragon magic, 
making this a powerful attack.  The basis for damage total is the 
difference between the MAX AP and the Current AP.  The bigger the gap 
between the numbers, the less powerful the Transformations are.  A 
42/50AP attack won't do as much damage as a 24/25AP attack, as the AP 
is closer to Max.

  The Hero's field action is fishing.  Upon exiting a fight, you may 
happen across a fishing spot, designated as a little fish hopping in 
and out of the water.  Hero must be in the lead, and have fishing gear, 
rod and bait. More on fishing later.

Age: 16?
Weapon: Crossbow
Special Ability: Shot
Magic specialty: Healing Magic
Field Action: Hunting

  Bow's past is mysterious... well, as mysterious as a walking, talking 
dog can be.  He met the Hero in Gate, and has been travelling ever 
since.  They made their way to Hometown, and have secured a job as 
Rangers at the local Ranger's guild, a group of people who hire 
themselves out for odd jobs.

  Bow's special ability is Shot, an attack that is sometimes an instant 
kill on the enemy.  Although the chances are very slim, it still is 
useful.  You'll find out later on how useful.  Bow is also in command 
of very potent Healing magic, learning the most powerful healing spells 
in a relatively short time, making him a prominent member of your 

  Bow's field action is hunting.  After exiting a battle, you may 
happen upon a little tuft of grass that is twitching.  This is easy to 
spot, and signifies the hunting field.  Upon entering, Bow can use his 
bow to take aim at the game in the hunting ground.  Having long range, 
he can nail animals without having to chase them, but his shot is slow, 
often giving the game a chance to escape.  Hunting is an excellent way 
of acquiring healing items without having to buy them.

Age: 17?
Weapon: Staff
Special Ability: Dare
Magic Ability: Critical Magic
Field Action: Hunting

  Katt's originally from Cotland, as far as I can guess.  Her race is 
Woren, a fierce cat like race, who has a natural ability for fighting.  
She originally meets the Hero under unique circumstances at the 
Coliseum in Coursair.  After a bit of trial and whacking, she joins up 
with Hero on his quest.

  Katt's special ability is Dare, which when used makes the enemy more 
likely to attack her.  Dare also gives her a better chance at a counter 
attack.  Unfortunately, with her lower defense, this can also kill her.  
Use with wise consideration.  Oddly enough, her magic is very potent, 
as she learns it at an extremely low level.  The downside?  She doesn't 
gain AP fast enough to use it effectively, or at all.  Still, when 
she's shamanized (you'll find out about that later), she has enough AP 
to cast it, but you'll have 2 potent magic users at the time, so why 
bother?  Just use her for her fast attacks.

  Her field action is hunting.  Like Bow, she can also hunt in the 
Hunting grounds, but she has to be right next to the animal, sometimes 
making it difficult to hunt with her.  But, she can attack in rapid 
succession, making it easier to kill the animals.  

Age: 23?
Weapon: Knuckles
Special Ability: Wake
Magic Ability: Misc.
Field Action: Expeditious movement

  Rand is from Farmtown, a farming community, as the name implies.  He 
was a farmer, but got bored, and traveled to Coursair to work at the 
Coliseum.  He meets the Hero there, and upon certain events, joins the 
Hero in fixing the Hideout, then joins his party.

  Rand's special ability is Wake.  It's purpose is to revive a fallen 
party member with 1 hp, but I have yet to get it to work.  Well, it's 
good at the beginning of the game, when you have neither the spell or 
the money to buy life items.  But you only get Rand for a short time 
before Capitan, and by that time, you get enough money to buy life 
items, thus negating the use of Wake.  

  *sigh* Oh well, no sleep lost because of it.  Rand's magic ability is 
rather general, a little attack, and a little healing, but he seems 
more dominant in Healing.  It would be a handy thing, if he weren't so 
damn slow!  Anyways, use him for his strength in battle, as his hp is 
extremely high, but balances out with his inability to equip most 

  His field action is Expeditious movement, but the game manual calls 
it something stupid.  In this action, Rand rolls up in a ball and can 
move at great speed across the land, but will stop when he hits an 
obstacle.  He doesn't enter fights while rolling, but almost every time 
he hits something, he'll enter a battle.  Unfortunately, this is the 
only way to stop rolling, so what can you do?

Age: 19?
Weapon: Magic Ring
Special Ability: Will
Magic Ability: Attack
Field Action: Float

  Nina is the fallen princess of Windia, a town of winged people who 
once had the ability to change into birds and fly.  Nina was born with 
black wings, which raised cause for concern, as an old legend states 
that when a child with dark wings is born into the royal family, a 
great doom will occur.  The Windians made their voices heard, and the 
king and queen gravely gave Nina away.  She ended up in Hometown, 
studying under a wizened mage master at the Magic School.  She meets 
the Hero during a rescue operation, and joins his party soon after.

  Nina's special ability is Will, which regenerates her AP.  Like 
Hero's Guts action, it's best used in moderation for maximum effects.  
Her magic ability is attack magic.  She has the ability to learn 
devastating magical attacks, making her a very good ally in battle.  
Unfortunately, she hasn't the ability to learn Missile naturally, so 
you must look to other methods to acquire this potent spell.

  Nina's field action is float, which allows the party to escape 
pitfalls, as long as she's in the lead.

Age: 21?
Weapon: Knife
Special Ability: R.I.P
Magic Ability: explosive magic
Field Action: crossing gaps

  Sten's originally from Highfort, a militaristic community.  They are 
mercenaries at heart, selling their services to others for money, as 
long as it's in their beliefs.  Sten last fought in the Battle of 
Goonheim, where he rushed the enemy and was supposedly killed, but 
wasn't.  He escaped and started touring the world as a magician, 
appearing in Windia when the Companions (Hero and friends) are at the 
castle.  Sten ropes Hero into a magic act, then makes him disappear.  A 
rather humorous scene and ass beating by Katt later, Sten pledges his 
allegiance to the group, and joins.

  Sten's rather useless ability is R.I.P, where Sten 'plays dead' to 
minimize his chances of getting hit.  While in this attack, his defense 
is lowered, but his chance for critical attack is higher.  His magic 
ability is explosive magic, which is fire based.  He learns flame at a 
relatively low level, and can become a good person to use, as his speed 
is high.

  His field action, as a result of Highlander's overly long arms (he's 
a monkey), he can cross small gaps by reaching across with his arms.

Age: 20?
Weapon: Rapier
Special Ability: Jab
Magic Ability: Support
Field Action: Giant Frog

  Jean's the prince of Simafort, a waterland kingdom, where everyone is 
an amphibian.  Light hearted and carefree, he journeys the land at 
whim, often causing his sister, Petape distress.  On his latest caper 
though, he got changed to a...frog, by the witch Nimufu.  The party 
stumbles upon him, and after a brief visit to Nimufu's tower, they 
restore the prince.  After another storyline, Jean officially joins the 

  Jean's special ability is Jab.  While it attacks all the enemies on 
the screen, it will subtract 30 offense for each addition enemy
beyond the first enemy it hits.  Jean's magic is mostly supportive, 
causing stat raising effects.  He also learns warp, which is a good 
thing to have.

  Jean's field action involves him turning into a giant frog.  When in 
the frog form, he can move over inland lakes, gaps, ledges, and some 
trees.  He can only jump 2 spaces though, and you can still get into 
fights in the frog form, but the fights are minimized.

Age: ??
Weapon: whip
Special ability: Nature
Magic Ability: Misc
Field Action: Walk through forests

  Spar's origins are a mystery, but he has the uncanny ability to 
communicate with nature, often abiding it to his will.  Of course, he's 
a walking plant, so that might have something to do with it.  He became 
a main attraction at the Carnival, until the master decided to be done 
with the grass man.  After a little distraction involving beating down 
the master of the carnival, Spar joins.

  Spar's special ability is Nature, in which Spar calls to the forest 
to answer his call.  His magic will have multiple effects.

A tree falls or something and does about 180 damage to all enemies.  
Flowers will bloom, and the defense of all enemies will be cut in half. 
You can use Def.Dn. too for a cumulative effect! However, it only works 
one time per battle.  
The cactus will explode, and do about 90 damage to all enemies.  
Everyone gets healed 32 HP.  

  His magic affinity is like Rand's, only more towards supportive.  He 
has one or two attack spells, a couple of healing spells, and a few 
stat boosting and lowering spells.  He also learns exit and warp, which 
is good to have in a pinch.

  Spar can walk through forests...uh, how much explanation do you need?

Age: 10,000
Weapon: Magic Ring
Special Ability: Shed
Magic Ability: Attack
Field Action: Hunting!

  Bleu's origin's are a bit of a mystery, but she was in the first BoF 
game.  She's a serpentine sorceress, one of a kind.  She's rather 
pushy, but commands powerful magic.  She's not integral to the story 
line, so you won't find her on your travels, unless you do some 
searching, or I'll tell you later.

  Bleu's special ability is Shed, which when used, heals Bleu's hp 
completely.  An extremely useful ability.  She also wields potent 
magic, having almost all her spells when she joins up with you.  She 
only learns 4 more spells, Fireball, Hail, Missile, and Bolt X.  
Powerful stuff, indeed.

  Her field action is Hunting!.  I call it Hunting!, because like Bow 
and Katt, she can hunt in the hunting grounds, but with one vast 
difference.  With a wave of her wand, she obliterates all the game in 
the hunting ground, turning them into Charcoal! ^_^  I find this funny, 
as Bleu's somewhat of an extremist.


NAME: RYU Bateson  
AKA: "Ryu" "Hero"  
CLAN: Dragon Clan (sub-division: Light)  
AGE: 16  
BIRTHDAY: 05/01  
HEIGHT: 167 cm.  
WEIGHT: 57 kg.  
3 SIZE: 90 - 64 - 70  
AKA: "Bow"  
CLAN: Grass Runner  
AGE: 15  
BIRTHDAY: 12/16  
HEIGHT: 156 cm.  
WEIGHT: 60 kg.  
3 SIZE: 93 - 80 - 92  
AKA: "Katt"  
CLAN: Fullen  
AGE: 15  
BIRTHDAY: 04/19  
HEIGHT: 154 cm.  
WEIGHT: 42 kg.  
3 SIZE: 74 - 48 - 76  
NAME: RAND Marks  
AKA: "Rand"  
CLAN: Armor-Shelled Clan  
AGE: 31  
BIRTHDAY: 03/14  
HEIGHT: 218 cm.  
WEIGHT: 140 kg.  
3 SIZE: 198 - 141 - 178  
NAME: NINA Windia  
AKA: "Nina"  
CLAN: Winged Clan  
AGE: 17  
BIRTHDAY: 10/09  
HEIGHT: 160 cm.  
WEIGHT: 34 kg. (due to the nature of her hollow bones)  
3 SIZE: 83 - 54 - 80  
NAME: STEN Legacy  
AKA: "Sten"  
CLAN: Highlander  
AGE: 19  
BIRTHDAY: 07/15  
HEIGHT: 169 cm.  
WEIGHT: 60 kg.  
3 SIZE: 88 - 61 - 69  
NAME: Ekal Hopper de pe TAPETA  
AKA: "Jean"  
CLAN: Crawler  
AGE: 17  
BIRTHDAY: 03/03  
HEIGHT: 160 cm.  
WEIGHT: 88 kg.  
3 SIZE: 151 - 134 - 145  
NAME: ASPARA (pronounced "Aspar" in the game) Gas  
AKA: "Spar"  
CLAN: Grass Man  
AGE: 111 (16, in human years)  
BIRTHDAY: 02/02  
HEIGHT: 181 cm.  
WEIGHT: 58 kg.  
3 SIZE: 72 - 57 - 60


Items: Treepole, Herb x2
Level: 1

  The game opens with a giant eye in the middle of the screen.  He 
mutters some stuff about God, and then dozes off again.  In the church 
in Gate, father Ganer is trying to get Yua down for her nap, when Yua 
leaves the church.  Ganer calls Hero to find Yua.  Before you do 
anything though, search the dresser for the Treepole, then head 
downstairs.  Talk to Ganer, and say you'll go find Yua.  Head out of 
the Church, and talk to the two women that are chatting outside of a 
house, and one'll say that Yua's always playing in the back of the 
village.  Go around the houses to the back of the village, and you'll  
see a moving bush.  Pushing the action button'll remove the bush, 
allowing access to the back of the village.  Follow the path, and 
you'll enter another area of the back forest(it's in color!!).  
Continue, and you'll find Yua, standing outside of a giant dragon.  
Then, a monster attacks Hero. 
  There's nothing much you can do here, but attack.  When your hp drops 
to critical, Ganer comes and kills the Beak.  They chat for a bit, and 
you're given an option, choose whichever one you want, then they chat 
some more.  Then Ganer and Yua leave, but Yua tells you to sleep under 
the dragon for a while. 
  You can follow Yua's advice to see another picture of the eye, or you 
can say no, and continue back to the village.  When you get back, no 
one remembers you, or Ganer or Yua.  Someone tells you that the pastor 
of the St. Eva church has alwyas been Father Hulk.  Search the northern 
most house's book case on the first floor for a herb, and the dresser 
on the second floor of the house to the south of the first one for 
another herb.  Go to the church, and talk to the father, and he'll let 
you sleep in the church.  During the night, the other person in the 
room wakes up, and steals the candle.  You stop him, and he tells you 
his motive, and what he'd like to do.  You're given the option to join 
him, so do so.  His name is Bow, and he joins you.  
  Exit the town, and go west.  Bow will sense rain, and caution for 
shelter.  Head to the cave to to the north and west of your location.  
It's really dark in the cave, so Bow'll suggest to use the candle.  
Follow the path, and you'll see something sliding along the path.  
Follow, and you'll reach a giant of a monster.  He'll knock Bow away, 
and you'll fight him.  


The big demon's Baubary, and he'll defeat the hero easliy.  Then a 
screen pops up that explains some stuff, and now, we're on to the game.

Ten years later...

Items: LifePI, Herb, Antdt
Level: 1

  The scene, 10 years later in Hometown, Bow and Hero are Rangers at 
the rangers guild.  They get their first job, finding a lost pet.  Bow 
scoffs at this, but his opinion is quickly changed as he sees that the 
owner of the lost pet is the beautiful winged princess of Windia, Mina.  
She pleads for you to find her precious Suzy, then leaves for the inn.  
Bow's really excited now, and they head off right away.  Search the 
bookcase behind the Elder of the Ranger's guild for a LifePI.  Search 
the book cases in the duplex near the Ranger's guild for some herbs and 
an Antdt, then change your formation to scramble and put Bow in the 
lead.  Buy some equipment, and maybe a few herbs, although with a few 
hunting grounds, you can have a few roasts to use, which are good money 
for equipment (Roasts sell for 200 Zenny).  Head to mount Fubi, to the 
south east of Hometown.
Mt. Fubi
Items: Saladbwl, Firerock
Level: 4

  Head in the first cave, and straight up, there's a healing spot 
there.  Level up to 6 or 7 there, and continue along the path.  
Eventually, you'll fight a boss, the Harpy Sisters.  

Level: 7

Harpy Sisters: There are three of them, Peach, Palo, and Puti, and 
they'll concentrate on Hero.  They want to eat him, and will attack 
each other for a round.  Heal when necessary, and keep pounding on 
them.  They go down rather well.  Congratulations, you've won.

  Now continue up the path, and push the little stone out of the way of 
another cave, which will bounce into a larger stone, which'll roll down 
the mountain and flatten the first cave, and almost flatten the 
travelling maniro too.  Bow will make a comment, then continue into the 
cave.  Follow it down, and head past the cave on the left, and get the 
chest there for a Saladbowl.  Follow back up, and enter the cave you 
passed earlier.  Follow that down, and after getting the Firerock in 
the chest there, continue until you see a pit, then drop in the pit.  
You'll meet Azuza the hunter here, but he's not important now.  Exit 
the cave, and you'll notice that with the destruction the rolling 
boulder did, you can now go across Mt. Fubi that way.  Now, head out of 
Mt. Fubi and head west to the building there.

Items: one pet
Level: 8
  Save at the Dragon Statue you see on the left of the house, and enter 
the house.  You'll see an old man there, who's screeching about the 
roaches that are there.  Enter into a fight between the cockroaches 
(there are six), and beat them easily.  The old man takes a step 
forward, then scream.  A huge roach'll attack you, and it's time for 


Roach: He'll only attack, so attack back.  heal when necessary.  You 
could use the firerock that you got at Mt. Fubi, but you'll need it for 
  After the fight, you'll talk to the old man(Niro), and he'll thank 
you for saving him, and will offer you a piece of the pig he found, 
which he wants to eat.  But, he had to take off the collar first.  Bow 
asks to see the collar, and it says Suzy!!  Bow panicks, and they get 
Suzy out of the pot.  Happy, they take Suzy and put her in a bag, to 
which Niro laments.  Head back to Hometown, and see the elder.  He'll 
congradulate you, and give you 500 coins.  Once you exit the Guild, Bow 
says he's tired, so picking yes to the option will take you straight to 
your house.  Sleep, as you will.  In the middle of the night, Bow gets 
woken up by a guy named Kilgore, and he accepts a job from him to steal 
the 'magic hood' from Trout.  
  In the morning, head outside and talk to the guard by the front gate, 
who says that Bow was stealing from Trout's place.  Go to Trouts place.  
On the way there, you'll bump into a woman who's running.  She'll say 
excuse me, then make off past the Magic School.  Once you get to 
Trout's place, the guard'll say that Bow will be found, no matter how 
long.  Head left to the other mansion.  Talk to the guy out front 
(Kilgore), and he'll appologize for getting Bow into this.  
  Head back to your house, and Bow'll be in the room.  He'll tell you 
his story (pick that you believe he didn't steal anything).  According 
to Bow, the girl that bumped into you was the real thief.  Then, a 
knock at the door.  Panicked, Bow hides in a garbage can.  The guard at 
the door searches the room, and leaves.  Bow then wants you to take him 
to Niro, at the ruins to the south of Hometown.  Head to the gate, and 
the guard'll ask you what's in the garbage can.  Pick any of the three 
(Comic books, Trash, Bow), and he'll let you through anyways.  Go and 
drop Bow off at the Ruins, and he asks you to find the thief, who has 
wings on her back.  Seems easy enough, right?
Hero and the Katt

  Niro suggests that you ask around for clues at Hometown, or Coursair, 
a town to the east of Hometown.  You could ask around Hometown, but we 
know better, right?  So instead, head to Coursair.  From Mt. Fubi, head 
east, across the bridge.  The enemies are tougher here, but if you're 
lv 8 or 9, shouldn't be too much of a problem.  Just watch out for 
those flies.  Go across the bridge to the north (take note of that 
cavern to the left in the cliff wall), then continue north.  

Items: Smoke, BumsCL, Herb x2
Level: 9

  In Coursair, search the upstairs dressers in the pub for a smoke.  
You'll also see Poo here, and he's being a whiny little brat, so ignore 
him for now.  Macotti is in the bathroom, but he lives there for 1 coin 
a month.  Search the upstairs dressers in the Inn for a Bum's Clothes 
and a Herb, then go to the church on the west side of town.  Search the 
dresser on the second level for another Herb.  You'll also notice that 
Kay is here.  For now though, Head back to the pub.  If it's daytime, 
talk to the bartender to fast forward it to nighttime.  
  Talk to the big guy at the counter(Rand), and he'll tell you that a 
strange girl's fighting in the first battle, but the guy that fights 
her is Baba.  Another person says that Baba lives in Tagwoods, to the 
north of Coursair.  So, buy some new equipment from the weapons shop, 
some healing items if you need them, then put the rest of your money in 
the bank.  Trust me, you'll know why later.
  Head to Tagwoods. *note* If you go past Tagwoods on the right, you'll 
come to a gap with a wooden pole on each side.  You can't do anything 
here, but at the cliff is a fishing spot, and on the other side of the 
gap is a house where you can find Surfy.

Items: Herb x2, Gold, Smoke, 100Coins x2, Baba Axe

  In Tagwoods, head up to the first intersection, and head left to open 
a chest containing a Herb, then head back to the intersection, and head 
up.  Grab the chest on the right (100Coins), then head up, around the 
bend of trees and down to the right to another chest containing a herb.  
Head back up and around to the left, and continue left.  Climb the 
ladder of the house on poles to use the gondola to travel across the 
trees to the next area.  Head right to the next gondola, but head down 
and left from it to another chest containing gold.  Go back up to the 
second gondola, and enter it.  
  When you exit the last gondola, head left, and behind the gondola to 
a chest for a smoke, and head down from the gondola, all the way to a 
chest with another 100Coins, then head back up, but stick to the left 
of the path.  Head left to enter a narrow path that leads to Baba.  
He'll taunt you, then you're in a...


Baba: He's a little more challenging.  If you're lv 9-10, you shouldn't 
have too much problem.  Just heal when necessary, but never let your HP 
fall below 25, as one critical hit from him can take more than 20 HP 
away from you.  Hit, heal and beat him into the ground.  After the 
fight, he'll give you his axe so you can fight in his place.  Go back 
to Coursair now.
  If it's night time, head to the pub and talk to Rand.  If it's 
daytime, talk to the bartender again to fast foward to night.  Rand'll 
notice you have Baba's axe, and will think you're Baba.  Now you have 
your foot in the door.  *Note* If you noticed, Hero's name has changed 
to Baba for the time being in the party menu screen.  Save if 
necessary, then head to the Coliseum.  

Items: 1000Coin
Lv: 11

  The guards there'll tell you to go to the right room.  Talk to the 
secretary behind the desk, and she'll send you into the first room to 
get 'interviewed' by the Dir. HR.  This provokes a....


Dir. HR.  Pretty easy, just beat him down, and don't forget to heal.  

  When you beat him, he'll give you the thumbs up, and the secretary'll 
tell you to go see the Manager of the Coliseum, Augus.  He's a pretty 
shady character, and will reveal the darker side of the first bout that 
Baba'll be in.  Hero's pretty unsettled, but after the interview, go to 
your dressing room.  *note* Go into the opponent's dressing room and 
touch the unopened chest for a bit of funny.  In your dressing room, a 
chest there contains 1000C. 

  Immediately head back to the bank and deposit all your money in 
there.  You'll see why in a bit.  Save if you feel uncertain about the 
outcome of the fight, then head back to your dressing room.  Talk to 
the Guard, then check the door at the back of the room.  Rand'll show 
up in your room.  Hero tells Rand about Augus, but Rand's dubious.  
Hero wins Rand over, and Rand suggests that you give him all your 
money!  Select yes (glad you put it in the bank, eh?), and he'll buy 
two Antidotes.  He'll try to give one to the female fighter(Katt), but 
she rejects it.  Rand calls her ferocious like Biruburu, then suggests 
that you take both, and protect her.  You'll have to knock her out 
first though.  Rand'll leave, and the guard'll come back in announcing 
that it's your turn now in the ring.  Head through the door, and out 
into the arena.  *Note*  We see a cutscene with Augus discussing the 
outcome of the fight with a few guards.  
  The fans'll taunt you, and Katt seems to be the crowd favourite.  
Undaunted, Katt'll denounce the warning you give her, and will attack 


Katt:  She's a good fighter, but not too tough.  Attack, heal, etc.  
She'll sometimes taunt you, causing you to lose your strength for the 
round.  Soon, you'll beat her.
  Rand'll warn you of the danger after you beat her.  Quickly run up, 
and pust Katt into the corner, where she'll be safe.  If you don't, it 
determines how tough the next battle'll be.  If you didn't save her, 
Rand'll be there with you, with Ray, a St. Eva Priest.  Ray'll be 
tending Katt, and Rand'll join you to fight Augus.  If you saved her, 
Katt'll be pacing around in the hotel room.  She'll appologize, and 
join you to beat up Augus.  Rand'll join up before you fight Augus 
though, so don't worry.  Get equipment for Katt, and level her up a 
bit, then head to Augus' room in the Coliseum.  Rand'll be there, and 
Augus'll transform into a monster.


Augus:  He's difficult.  Attack with everyone.  Heal with Katt, because 
she's the fastest.  You can heal with Hero and Rand as well, seeing 
that they have cure spells, but they'll heal after Augus attacks.  
Augus attacks twice in a round.  Sometimes he'll conserve strength, 
which makes his next attack a critical.  If you need too, it would be a 
good time to use the Firerock that you got in Mt. Fubi.  With a bit of 
pounding, you'll get him for a sizeable amount of exp.  
  After the fight, Augus'll spout some stuff about his god's world 
coming, and Rand'll wonder what this is about.  Hero mentions the 
hiding place, and Rand want's to go there to help out.  Katt wants to 
go too.  Now, head back to the Hideout. 
  (*Note* To speed things up, use Rand's special ability to get back to 
Mt. Fubi quicker.)
The Princess' fans are 

  Bow'll welcome you back to the hideout when you get there, and will 
wonder who Rand and Katt are.  Katt learns Hero's real name, and 
comments that both names are weird.  Bow is worried that Katt isn't 
very smart, and thinks that Katt will break many things instead of 
fixing them.  Katt comes over and asks what you're talking about.  Bow 
tells Katt to go with Hero, as he and Rand can handle the repairs.  She 
agrees, then drags Hero out the door.
  Fresh out of ideas, head to Hometown.  Heading up from the entrance, 
you'll notice a blast from the gates of Magic School.  A female with 
black wings is there, being confronted by 3 guys.  Her name is Nina, 
and apparently, she's being persisted by these people called the Joker 
gang.  She chases the guys off with magic, then goes back inside.  
Katt's all kittenish now, and wants to learn magic.  Select yes to her 
question (if you select no, she becomes all demanding and whiny), and 
head into the school.
  Go up the stairs, and over to the right classroom on the top floor.  
Nina's there with her teacher, Yoji.  They talk, and Katt comes forward 
with a proposition; teach her magic, and she'll beat up the Joker Gang 
for her.  Yoji says this isn't possible, as the Joker's won't wait that 
long.  A Joker is standing at the door as Yoji's saying this, and he 
tells Nina that if she doesn't come with him to the Joker hideout, 
she'll never see her little sister, Mina again.  She agrees to this, 
and they leave.  Yoji explains the situation, and Katt decides to punch 
their lights out.  So, head back on the way to Coursair, but at the 
sign that says 'look out for hoodlums', head west.  In a mountain 
overlooking a lake, is the Joker Gang Hideout.  If you wish, head to 
Capitan to buy supplies and save, then head to the Hideout.

Joker Gang Hideout
Items: LuckCndy, SilverDR, 1100Coins
Level: 10
  Upon entering the hideout, you'll fight the Hood at the guardpoint 
first.  He goes down rather easily, and now you're free to explore.  
Talk to all the people in the cave, and you'll find something peculiar.  
As one guy puts it, 'it's all relatives'.  Everyone in here is related.  
Oh, and Win is in the first cave on the left.  You'll also notice 
someone guarding a chest.  Ignore that for now, and head to the right 
most cave.  There's a guard standing by a rock, and he'll ask you a 
question, Who is the boss's nephew.  The correct answer is pain, and 
he'll let you through.  The next gate has a guy that tells you that the 
switch to open the gate is in the hole on your right.  It's a trap 
though, as your hand gets bitten by a poisonous spider.  The hood 
attacks you with the Spider.


P. Spider and Hood:  Concentrate on the Hood first, then attack the 
Spider.  Hero's poisoned from the start of the battle, but pay that no 
heed, as P. Spider can poison you again.  Just keep beating him.  Lv. 
10-11 should be fine to lay a good thwacking.
  Head up to the stairs, then head right, and down into the area below 
the stairs for a LuckCandy, then head all the way right, ignoring the 
door in the middle, and open the chest at the end for a Silver Dagger.  
Equip it on Hero, and head back to that door and enter it.  In the next 
area, head to the right, along the wall, and you'll see a chest 
containing 100C, then head left to the stairs.  Head up, and you'll 
come to a open room.  Head to the right, and down the ladder.  Talk to 
the hood to initiate a fight with him.  Katt and Hero see Nina over in 
the main room talking to Joker, the leader.  After the scene, head to 
the left, and follow the path.  Katt'll creep forward, and knock out 
the hood guarding Mina, and you'll be attacked by 6 hood.  There can 
only be 4 enemies on the battle screen at one time, so the other two 
will switch in once two are defeated.  Once you win, Nina'll bury Joker 
under rock, but Joker turns into a monster and attacks.


Joker: He's not that tough.  Attack with Hero and Katt, healing with 
Katt when necessary, and cast cold with Nina.  He'll go down with few 
  Now that he's done, Nina joins you to take Mina home to Windia.  Now 
that everyone's gone, head back to the guarded chest on the top level, 
and open it for 1000C!!!  Go to Coursair to heal and save if needed, 
then head to Windia.

that's a deep subject!

  Windia's to the west of Coursair, just make like you're going to 
Tagwoods, but don't go up the ramp by the sign.  Instead, head west 
from there and you can't miss it.  Just cross the bridge, and you're in 
the basement of Windia Castle.  

Windia Basement
Items: None

  There's a guard behind the gate, and he'll recognize Mina, letting 
you through.  Travel through the maze, (*note* You'll know you're on 
the right track when Mina says something) and you'll reach the a set of 
stairs up.  Up the stairs, and you're in Windia castle, surrounded by 
guards.  Mina will run to her mother, and Nina acts non-chalant about 
it.  Mina wonders what's going on, and the Queen asks the guard to 
escort the party out to the town.  

Items: 100Coins, TreeST
  Out in the town, the guard tells you to cross the cliffs where the 
distance isn't that much if you want to pass between lands.  Katt is 
confused, and Nina explains.  After the scene, head down into the 
square where there's a monkey standing beside a box.  He announces that 
it's a magic show, and people gather.  Monkey boy(Sten), offers to make 
Hero disappear, and does so.  After the magic show, Katt asks Sten to 
bring Hero back, but Sten says that Hero is gone to another dimension.  
Katt demands Hero back(*note* during this scene, we see 
hero...somewhere, but it's all black around him).  Sten want's a date 
with Nina and Katt, or else they'll never see Hero again, but Hero 
appears out of a hole in the ground, which prompts a thumping by Katt.  
  Sten appologizes, and joins the party.  Now, buy new equipment, and 
give your SilverDR to Sten, as it's better than the WoodenDR that's 
sold in the shop.  Baretta's in the weapon's shop here, and Daiye is in 
the second floor of the Inn.  Also, search the dressers for 100C and a 
TreeST.  Now, if you feel like it, raise a few levels, and head to 
Capitan, to the west.  Along the way, you'll notice a cabin nestled in 
a valley between two cliffs, and a forest behind it.  This is the 
Hunter's cabin.  Head there for a bit of side info on a Uparupa.  One 
of the Hunters asks how much you want to sell Katt for, also, search 
the chest for a HelpBL.  
Items: SuedeAR, Tolen, Wfruit

  In Capitan, one of the villagers laments about the dried up well, and 
how a kid fell into it.  Now, some people are looking for the child.  
Leminton's in the Inn on the second level.  Also, search the drawers 
for a SuedeAR, and a Tolen(*note* You'll find out what these are 
later).  Locker is in the house next to the Inn, and a Wfruit is in the 
cabinet in the house that Locker's in.
Items: Van.Ext, Charm
Level: 14

  If you feel like you're ready, head to the well up behind the item 
shop and enter.  At the bottom, you'll run into a monster, but some guy 
comes out of the door on the left and kills the monster.  It's Ray, and 
he's trying to help the villagers in the well, but before he can 
explain more, a monster attacks you.  Defeat it easily (use Nina's Cold 
spell), and Ray'll explain more.  Agree too help the villagers, and 
he'll lead you into another room.  When he enters the long room, a 
monster attacks him.  He tells you to save the villagers, and he begins 
to fight the monster.  Walk up and out into a big room.  There are 
turtles swimming back and forth between the islands.  There's a guy on 
one of the islands who's searching for his son.  The island up from the 
guy, take the left turtle to a Van.ext, then continue all the way up, 
past the boy on the right, and get the charm in the chest.  Head back 
down to the boy, and talk to him.  He'll tell you about playing with a 
turtle, then a monster appears out of the water.


Terapin: He's a trifle difficult, but not unbeatable.  Just be around 
lv's 13-14.  Have Nina cast her magic, and Hero Attack.  Katt can use 
items to heal and attack as well.  Use Sten's bomb magic until his AP 
is depleted, then have him heal and attack.  Terapin has an attack 
called Brainwave that confuses one of your group and has them attack a 
party member once.  He can also cast an earthquake that deals 28 
damage, and attack singular people for mid 30 damage. 
  After defeating Terapin, the area'll start to shake.  Head back down 
into the other room, and you'll meat Ray there.  The water'll start 
out, and Ray'll stop it with magic.  Now you have to save the 
villagers.  *Note* How many villagers you save determine certain things 
in the near future.
  Head back one room, and enter the door next to the one you came out 
of.  Talk to that villager to save him, then go back to the last room, 
and enter the door on the left.  There's a guy standing between two 
doors.  Talk to him, and you'll fight him.  Don't choose auto attack, 
or else the party will kill the villager.  Instead attack the monster 
on his face to save the villager.  Once you beat the Chiroru, enter the 
right room, and beat the Creon on the other side.  Another villager is 
in the room, and he's possessed by the demon as well.  Beat the Chiroru 
and another villager is saved.  Head back to the stairs, and enter the 
other door beside it.  Beat the demon on the villager in the next room, 
and head into the door on the right.  Follow the path, save the other 
villager ahead, and enter the last door at the end of the path.  Talk 
to the last villager, then head back to Ray.  He'll ask if the 
villagers are saved.  Select yes, and he'll let the barrier fall.  Run 
back to the door, and you'll be outside.
  Ray'll thank you, and wants to give you magic.  But, he wants to go 
to where the party gathers, a rather obscure way of saying he wants to 
go to Hideout.  Take him there.  Once there, Ray'll ask you to talk to 
the party members and decide who to give St. Eva's blessings to.  What 
spell you get is determined by how many villagers you saved.  If you 
saved all 6 of them, you get Renew, a spell to revive fallen party 
members.  If you don't save all of them, you'll get Cure2 instead.  I 
recommend you give Renew to Bow, or if you get Cure2, give it to Nina.  
After being blessed, Ray'll leave. 


  Now, go back to Capitan.  Between the Inn and house, there's a girl 
dressed in red there.  Put Hero in the front, and she'll take him away 
from the group for a while.  The scene reopens in a cabin.  There are 
three weird circles on the floor, two smaller, and one larger.  The old 
woman there, Granny, will explain what this is, and that the young girl 
dressed in red is Sana, the Shaman of Fire.  *note* An explanation 
about fusing and shamans will be later.  Granny tells you to stand in 
the middle circle, but search the dresser for a LifePI, then go stand 
in the circle.  Sana tries to join with you, but something goes wrong.  
The joining doesn't work, but they inadvertedly release your latent 
dragon powers, in the process burning down the forest and their 
cottage.  Granny's a little disturbed, and wants Hero to find them a 
house, because he burnt down their old one.  Go back to Capitan, and 
there's a guy standing where Sana was.  He tells you that the party 
left, and you'll automatically be back in Hideout.
  Granny and Sana will commandier the room that Bow built for Hero and 
him, but they say that it's not complete.  They ask Bow to fix the 
room, but he takes off in a huff.  In Bow's room, Bow complains, but 
sees that Hero was right in doing what he did.  Granny and Sana make 
some demands, and ask that you go to Capitan to find a carpenter.  Now, 
here's where the villager saving thing comes in.  There are three 
carpenters, one that builds the ordinary houses, one that builds the 
houses on poles, and the one that builds the fancy houses.  If you 
saved only the minimum villagers, 2, you only get carpenter 1, if you 
saved either 3 or 4 villagers, you get carpenters 1 and 2.  If you 
saved all of the villagers, you get all 3 carpenters.    More 
information will be covered in the Township area of the walkthrough.  
Now, choose your carpenter.  Once he's gone to Hideout, the people in 
behind of the fancy house will have moved.  There's talk that the thief 
went west in a boat from this point, so follow the path out to get in a 
boat and go to the next land.

The Frog, the Witch and
the Impostor

  The party docks in the next land, so follow the path to the 
overworld.  Head up, and you'll enter a forest.  Follow the path, and 
you'll see a bunch of frogs there.  One of them will speak to you as 
you pass it!!!  It appears in the pool, and tells you that it's been 
placed under a curse by a witch in the nearby area.  He asks that you 
go to the Witch's tower and get her to remove the spell.  Simple 

  Head out of the forest, and along west.  You'll see an encampment by 
a dock in the lake.  You can rest here and save if you want.  *Note* 
You can now change your party members at any dragon shrine you come to, 
unless for special reasons.  You can do one of two things now.  You can 
go to the Wild Cat Restaurant, to the west of the encampment, on the 
other side of the waterfall there, or you can head up north to the 
witch's tower.  Either way, level up to around lv. 15 or 16.  *note* If 
you wish to go to Wildcat Restaurant first, see the Secrets part of the 
Walkthrough.  From the encampment, head west a bit, then follow the 
trail up, and at the lake on the top of the hill, head east to Witch's 

Witch's Tower
Items: CureAl, Herb, SilkGL, WizardRG, WiseRB, WiseBL, Wisehoop, 1503 
Level: 16-17
Party: Rand, Nina, Katt

  Enter Witches tower, and with Hero in the lead, Step on the switch.  
Nimufu'll talk to you, and you'll fight some enemies.  After the 
battle, do it again.  She'll eventually let you in, because Hero's 
cute.  Now that you're in, don't grab the chest on the dais, as that 
seals the door, preventing excape.  Head to the left door, and up the 
stairs for a chest with a CureAl, then head back to the main room, and 
through the right door, and up the stairs.

  At the top of the stairs, follow the path up and left, and note the 
statue by the door.  If you walk up to it and press the action button, 
Hero'll note that the statue looks almost alive.  There's a reason for 
this, explained later.  For now, head through the door on the left.  
Follow the path down (take note of the chests in the other room), and 
head up the stairs to the next level.  Head up from the stairs, and 
you'll see that there are 5 moving platforms, linked by chains.  In the 
Snes version, you could see where each platform would take you, but the 
screen's too small in the GBA Version, so I'll tell you where to go.  
Hop on the second one from the right to head to an enclave with stairs 
leading down.  There are many chests here, but as you open some of 
them, pitfalls open up.  Be careful.  Once you've opened them all, head 
back up the stairs, and ride the platform back to the beginning, and 
hop on the far left one to ride it to the right side of the room.

  Go up the stairs at the end of the hallway, noting the statues of men 
there.  They're strewn about this place, and they're mostly men.  At 
the top of the stairs, head down the path, and note the female statue 
here.  This is a statue of Nimufu, and she'll take you to the bottom of 
the tower if you want to.  Grab the chest near Nimufu for a Herb, then 
head left.  In this next room, there are buttons on the floor that are 
pressed when you walk on them.  These alternate the gates that open and 
close when you step on the buttons.  Step on a button as you make your 
way up the left side of the hall, towards the first set of gates.  
There's a room with a chest to your left, but you need to lower the 
gate.  There are three buttons placed in a pseudo triangle by a 
pitfall, so step on the front most one(don't step on the other two), 
and head back to the chest for a SilkGL, then head back past the 
pitfall.  The hallway after the pitfall is one space wide, but the 
hallway running left and right is two spaces wide.  Walk through the 
hallway, but stay to the bottom of the hallway running left and right, 
to miss that button there.  Now there's another set of gates here, and 
the left one leading to the stairs should be down, while the right one 
with a chest is up.  Head through the door just down from the stairs, 
then back into the last room.  

  Hit the first button you see there to close the left gate and open 
the right one.  Get the WizardRG and the WiseRB there, then press 
buttons until the left gate opens.  Head up the stairs.  You'll come to 
a room with 4 moving plaforms, and two chests, each on an island.  ride 
the first platform to the first island to get a Wisehoop, then head 
back and ride the next platform for a WiseBL.  *note* There's a door to 
the right of the last platform, but that leads outside.  Ride the 
platform from the island to the other side of the room, and enter the 

  At the top of the stairs, hit the button to open up the way, and 
proceed to Nimufu's room.  She'll be glad that you made it, and wants 
to play with hero.  Hero mentions the frog, and if Hero plays with her, 
she'll tell you how to remove the curse.  Hero walks forward, and 
Nimufu wants to make Hero her pet.  He panicks, and she becomes upset.  
She'll attack you now.


Nimufu:  She's rather easy.  Just use your dragon transformation, while 
Nina uses S.Boom.  Have Katt and Rand heal when necessary with items 
and Cure.  Another tactic you can use is to have Katt and Rand use 
Wfruit on Hero to replenish his AP and have him keep using his Dragon 
forms.  Nimufu casts Thunder, Spark, and attacks regularly.  Two Dragon 
attacks will be sufficient to do her in.

  Nimufu cries after beating her, and will tell you how to release the 
curse on the frog.  Head back down the tower, but don't exit by falling 
out the window in the room with the 4 moving platforms.  Instead, head 
back down to the 5 platforms on chains, and ride the far right one over 
to the left side of the room, and through the door.  Go up the stairs 
and you'll find Seso, the Water Shaman.  Talk to her, and she'll warp 
back to Granny.  Now exit, and head back to the forest where the frog 

  Put either Katt or Nina in the front of the party and talk to the 
frog.  After the scene, the frog will have changed back...to a frog!?  
The frog's name is Ekaru Hoppe de pe Jean, the prince of Simafort, and 
he wants to thank you by showing you his castle.  After he joins, 
change your party to include him, then exit the forest.  After exiting 
the forest, the game'll say 'around that time', and will show you 
Township.  The first 3 houses are built, and the carpenter rejoices, 
but insults you first.  

  Now, instead of heading to Simafort, put Jean in front, and change to 
a frog.  Head up to the lake on top of the hill, and swim down the 
waterfalls to enter a hidden cave.

Hidden Cave
Items: SkoletAR, KmikzeBL

  Here, there is an old man in the cave.  Grab the two chests for a 
SkoletAR, and a KmikzeBL, and talk to the old man with Hero in the 
lead.  The old man will give Hero his second set of dragon 
transformations.  Now leave.

  You can do one of two things now.  You can either go to Simafort to 
continue the story, or head back and recruit people for your Township.  
I'd recommend the latter, as you can get some weapons to help you in 
  *note* For a list of Tenants, see the Township section of the 
  *extra note* for my recommendations, see the FAQ.

  Now that you've done that, put Jean at the front of the party, and 
after changing into the giant frog, head to Simafort, located in the 
middle of the lake, south of Nimufu's tower.

Items: Dluxrod, HelpBL, GutsBT, SoleSD, BreathAR, IronSH, RoyalHT, 1000 
Party Level: 18-19
Party: Rand, Nina, Katt

  Enter Simafort, and Jean'll welcome you to his castle. *note* All the 
people of Simafort are frogs. The people around him are all surprised 
at this show, and two guards come to carry Jean off, calling him an 
imposter.  Now, the 'real' prince comes down and appologizes for Jean's 
actions, and asks you to leave immediately.  You have no choice, so 
comply.  He then thanks you, and tells you that a boat with money in it 
is waiting out front for you, so exit the castle.  

  Out on the pier, you see a girl pulling a giant rock around.  She 
struggles to lift it, and with a mighty throw, sinks your boat!!!  She 
explains that she's the princess of Simafort, Petape, and tells you the 
story about who the imposter really is, and begs you to help.  Before 
she can explain furthur, two guards come out to the pier, investigating 
a noise.  Petape quickly dunks the party in the drink, and hides 
herself.  After they leave, Petape fumes at the guard's lack of doing 
anything to remedy the situation.  The party then announces that 
they're drowning, and Petape saves them.  

  Hero then re-awakens in a bedroom, with the other two people in your 
party, as well as Petape.  If Nina's there, she'll be relieved that 
you're alright.  Rand'll say you were muttering about flowers, and Katt 
would ask if you want her to hit Petape now. :)  Petape appologizes, 
then explains the situation further.  Select yes, or more info, if you 
feel you need it.  Then she gives you the gills, allowing you to 
breathe in shallow water.  After the scene, check the bookcase in the 
room for a Dluxrod.  Buy items or equipment if you need them, then head 
out to the pier.  

  Notice the grate on the pier, with a door underwater directly beneath 
it?  Enter this grate to go to the walkway underneath the water, then 
follow the walkway.  It branches off to the right, surfacing on a 
separate pier with a boat there, allowing you to go back to the 
Campsite.  Do so now, and get another party member at the dragon 
shrine.  Then, head back to Simafort on the boat, and follow the 
underwater pass back, but at the junction, head north.  Enter an 
underwater room, and following it will lead you into the castle food 

  Head up between the large grates where the live food is kept(note the 
guy standing in the entranceway leading to the stairs, to the right of 
the grates.), and go down the stairs at the end of the hall.  This will 
take you to the jail, where the guard leader is looking in on Jean.  
He'll finish, then notice you.  He'll say some stuff, and present a 
choice to you.  Select yes to fight him.  He's rather easy, and goes 
down with one dragon attack.  Petape will appear after the battle, and 
go to Jean.  Jean says some stuff that makes Petape mad, and she 
wonders how they'll prove that Jean's the real prince.  Then the Royal 
ring comes into the conversation.  But, Jean gave it to Nimufu, so 
Petape asks you to find her and give it back.  So, we're off to Wildcat 

  It appears that there's a witches reunion at the Wildcat Restaurant 
right now.  One of them will tell you that Nimufu's worshiping the 
porcelain god, and another one will fight you if you talk to her.  Go 
to the right door, and you'll see Nimufu hovering over the toilet bowl.  
She'll cry at not being popular, and will tell you that she doesn't 
have the ring, and it might've gone down the toilet.  Proceed to jump 

  From the stairs, head left, and you'll see something sparkle in the 
water.  Go over to it and press A.  The ring'll slip, carrying it away.  
Go north, through the pass just left of the stairs up, and you can grab 
the ring there.  Head back, and Nimufu's grossed out that you jumped in 
the toilet for the ring.  She hears that it's the royal ring, and she 
denounces you as  a liar, as no one could give her such a precious 
gift.  Now you have the ring, so go back to the Jail in Simafort.

  Jean and Petape are happy to see the ring, and rush off to the throne 
room right away.  They confront the 'real' prince and present the royal 
ring.  Then the 'prince' shows that he has the royal ring!!  Petape is 
flabergasted, but has a stroke of genius.  She challenges him to a 
cooking contest between Jean and the 'prince'.  The 'prince' is 
delighted, and says that the penalty for losing is death for Jean and 
the party.  Petape promises that they won't lose, and are taken to the 
kitchen.  Jean and Petape discuss their dinner plans, and decide on a 
'cockroach *Hi automod ^_^* and green onion salad', 'worm with caramel 
sauce', and 'gold fly pudding'.  Petape asks you to find the 
ingredients, which can be found in the castle basement.

  Exit the kitchen from the north, and go through the banquet hall to 
go to the courtyard.  There are a lot of people here, but one female 
between the well and the pond asks where her boyfriend, Tata, is.  Head 
up the stairs to the north, and enter the right door on the side of the 
King's chair.  Up the stairs will lead to the royal bedroom, and by the 
picture of the king is a lever, with a down arrow above it.  Pressing 
the lever will move the picture, revealing a staircase leading up to 
the roof.  Tata's on the roof, and he's dying.  Untie him, and head 
back down to see Fiolina, his girlfriend.  Say yes to her question and 
she'll take off to save him.  Go back to the roof, and talk to Tata.  
He'll thank you, and tell you about the windmill and the buckets there 
that you can use to get to the basement.  He'll give you the storage 
key as well.

  Open the left door on the roof, and grab the chest inside for 1000 
Coins, then open the center door to access the buckets in the windmill.  
Take them down to the basement, and follow the path.  A fly is 
attacking a soldier, and will attack you after taunting you.


Gold Fly:  He's difficult.  Hit him with everything you have.  Have 
Hero use his dragon transformation.  Have Rand use a Wfruit on Hero, 
Katt attack, and Nina use S.boom.  Next round, have Hero use dragon 
transformation again, Rand heal Hero, Katt use a Wfruit, and Nina use 
S.boom or heal if neccessary.  Next round, have Hero attack, Rand and 
Katt use a Wfruit on Hero, and Nina use S.boom.  Repeat this pattern 
until goldfly runs away.

  After the fight, the Soldier will die.  If you need to, and you 
probably do, head back to the inn at the entrance to Simafort to heal, 
and buy some items if you need to, preferably Wfruit and LifePL, then 
head back to where the soldier died.  There are two paths you can take 
from here, left, or right.  Take the left door.  There are two guards 
in this room, but ignore them and enter the door to come out on a 
walkway.  The gold fly is hovering a few steps from you, and when you 
get close, he'll taunt you, and run away furthur into the room.  Follow 
the path, and you'll come to a bridge.  The bridge will break apart, 
and a giant worm will come out and fight you.


J.Worm:  He's really annoying.  Basically, follow the same attack 
strategy for the gold fly.  He has an annoying sleep attack that'll put 
your party to sleep 75% of the time, often leaving only one party 
member up.  You can wait until he hits your party members to wake them 
up, or you can hit them yourself.  He uses quite a few special hits, 
and counter attacks, so heal when necessary.  He'll go down before 

  After the fight, gold fly will come down, taunt both you and the 
fallen worm, then leave again.  You now have one of the ingredients.  
If you need to, head back to the inn to rest, and save at the dragon 
shrine at the campsite.  Head back to the basement after you're done in 
the castle, and this time, take the right path.  Go up through the 
door, then go back through the door to the left for 2 chests containing 
a HelpBL and a GutsBT.  Head back through the door, and take the only 
other door in the room to lead to a maze-like room with a bunch of blue 
cockroaches in it.  Gold fly will taunt you some more, then fly away.  
From here, make your way over to the left door, then enter it, and 
through the other door to find a chest containing a Stamina, then go 
back to the maze room, and make your way up to the door to enter 
another maze-like room.  *note* The cockroach's will only battle if 
your lead character touches the roach.  If you don't want to fight, 
then take a step forward, then a step back to protect your lead 
character from being attacked.  

  Here, the gold fly will taunt you again, then leave.  make your way 
to the door and enter it.  Gold fly will taunt you some more, then fly 
past a giant red roach.  Heal yourself if needed, then go up to the 
roach and fight it.


G.Roach:  He's not as annoying as the worm, as he doesn't have sleep 
attacks.  Use the Gold fly strategy to put this guy down.

  You're awarded with another ingredient after beating the G.roach.  
Head up through the door(heal first) to fight the gold fly.


Gold Fly: One dragon attack will put him under.  *note* The ammount of 
damage you delt Gold fly in the last battle will determine how much Hp 
he has for this fight.

  You now have all 3 ingredients, so go back to see Jean in the 
kitchen.  *note* Now that the gold fly's been defeated, there aren't 
any roaches in the two maze rooms anymore.  Petape thanks you, and 
tells you to wait in the dining room.  Go up the stairs, and talk to 
the guy blocking the door at the other end of the dining room to start 
the contest.

  After a scene, the king declares 'prince' Jean the winner, although 
the tasters took a double taste of the 'gold fly pudding' that Jean 
made.  Petape goes balistic, and promises to blow up the castle.  
'Prince' Jean panics, then bolts after.  The master chef appologizes, 
and explains the situation, then asks you to save Master Jean and 
  Head back down to the kitchen, but enter the door that has the WC by 
it.  Press the lever underneath the down arrow to go back to the 
basement.  From here, head right, and follow the path.  You'll find 
Jean here, and past the other door, you'll find a pedistal.  The real 
imposter will explain a few things, then change into a demon and attack 


Kuwadora: He's a pain in the rear.  Make sure you bring your lifePIs 
and Wfruits for Hero.  He has the ability to stop the round before it's 
finished, often wasting attacks, and an attack that'll hit everyone for 
regular damage, between 30-45 HP.  He also casts death, which succeeds 
quite often, and casts curse.  After a long battle, he'll go down.

  Kuwadora will complain about losing, then will press the button on 
the pedestal.  The castle will begin to shake, then Kuwadora dies. Jean 
enters and tells you the button's real use.  Then a door will open up 
at the other end of the room, and a walkway will appear.  Petape will 
wonder what's going on, and Jean explains.  Then the two of them leave.  
Walk up past the pillar, and grab the SoleSD in the stone, then exit 
the room.  You'll appear in the King's room, and after a scene Jean 
will rejoin your party.

  Now that you're done that, head back through the kitchen to the food 
stores area, near the stairs that lead to the jail.  There's someone in 
the right grate, and the guys watching over the person don't like how 
she whines, so they offer to give her to you.  It's the thief from 
Trout's house!  Grab her, then head through the door that the guy was 
guarding, and up the stairs to get 3 chests containing a RoyalHT, 
BreathAR, and IronSH.  Now you're on your way back to Hometown.

A-thiefing we will go... 

Items: Antdt, cake, Magic Hood
Level: 19-20 Bow: 10

  Once in Hometown, head to Trout's place, and the guard'll let you in 
once you mention the real thief.  Trout will thank you, but Patty, the 
thief, will raise suspicion about Trout, so to prove his innocence, 
Trout wants you to inspect his house to see if you can find what Patty 
mentions, which is supposedly in the basement.  Go up past the tabke 
and go into the kitchen.  Search the cupboard for an Antdt, then go to 
the storeroom on the other side of the house, and open the chest inside 
for a cake, then go into the next room over and down the stairs.  
*note* Up from this room is another staircase, but you can't access 

  After entering the basement, go back up and Trout'll meet you there, 
then escort you off the property.  Kilgore will meet you outside, and 
asks you what happened.  He's relieved that the real thief was found, 
and he'll ask you to go get Bow, so he can apologize.  Go to the Dragon 
Shrine next to the weapon shop and switch out someone for Bow, then go 
to Kilgore's place.

  Kilgore will welcome you in his study, then invite you to a feast.  
Kilgore apologizes, then they discuss the current events.  Then, 
Kilgore asks Bow to steal again.  Bow agrees, then asks if Hero wants 
to come or not.  If you're feeling unsure, then take Hero.  If you're 
feeling bold, then go alone.  

  The scene begins with a battle with a guard.  Put him down easily, 
then head to the basement that you were at before. Go down to the 
basement, then come back up.  Bow'll notice a noise, then he'll hide.  
A hidden panel opens, and Trout steps out.  After he leaves, go in 
through the hidden door, and down the stairs.  Here's what Patty's 
talking about.  At the end of the jail is Patty.  Talk to her, and 
Trout'll come back down.  Trout notices Bow near Patty, then makes an 
offer to Patty, which she refuses.  Trout then turns into a monster and 
attacks you.


Trout:  If you have Hero with you, the fight's easy.  Just use the 
Dragon transformation to beat him.  If you don't have Hero, then just 
keep hitting Trout, and healing when your HP runs low.  Trout steals 
money from you when he attacks, but you get it back when you win.

  Afterwards, Trout cries a bit, then dies.  Patty compliments you, 
then gives you the Magic Hood, which Kilgore wants.  She leaves, and 
Bow heads back to Kilgore's place.  Bow explains things, then tries to 
give the Magic hood back to Kilgore, but Kilgore wants you to have it.  
Bow then has a premonition, and offers Hero a choice.  Select whichever 
you want, then after a cut scene, you're outside of Kilgore's place.  
Head back down, and you'll see Silvia there, who asks you to go to the 
Ranger guild.
  In the elder's room, the veteran Rangers are talking about something 
that happened to the forest in Gate.  They talk about it, then say they 
don't want to do it.  Bow and Hero come forward, saying that they know 
what the Rangers saw in Gate, and Elder sends them to investigate Gate.  
He then says for you to find the Grass man.

From Trout to Whale Cave
Items: SteelAR, PwrFood, GoldAR, 100 Coins, Whale Bell
Party: Bow, Katt, Rand
Level: 19-20

  From Hometown, head back towards Simafort, but instead of entering 
Simafort, follow the river south til it reaches the little lake at the 
end.  A sign is to the right, and a beach is nearby, where you can get 
MacClean, who is another possible candidate for your town.  Continue 
east from there, and you'll see a house nearby.  This is W.cave.  Near 
the house is a Dragon Statue.  Make sure you have Katt with you, then 
enter the house.  There's a few kids inside the house, and a man 
blocking a path out to the backyard.  You can buy cakes at the counter 
if you want, then talk to the man.  He thanks you for saving him at 
Trout's place, then rewards you with a visit to W.cave.

  Follow the path, and climb down the ladder.  Oddly enough, the walls 
seem to be pulsating.  At the bottom of the ladder, there's another 
ladder to the right of it, with a fence around it.  As you walk around, 
you'll hear voices from below.  Switch to Katt, then have her hit 
either the north or the south plank on the fence to knock it down, then 
go down the ladder.  You'll land with a thud, suprising an old man at 
the bottom.  He tells you a few things, and introduces a pair of 
dolphin children.  Apparently, this cave's a real whale, and has been 
asleep for a long time.  The dolphins speak of a stone doll in the 
Whale, then Tree and Ton argue with the old man, then pretend to deny 
him passage on them.  He panics, then apologizes, then leaves.  From 
there, head up through the door to the next room, and notice the large 
appendage in this room.  This is Grandpa's adams apple.  Katt can hit 
it, but it won't do any good right now.  Instead, head past it into the 
body of Grandpa.

    Head up and to the right from the door, hugging the wall until you 
come to a chest with a SteelAR, then head back down, and go left 
through the bubbles, and back up.  Follow the path to the top, and when 
you clear the last of the bubbles in this room, head left and swing 
down to get another chest with 100 Coins, then go back up and exit into 
the next room.

  Head up (ignore the path to the right, it leads to a dead end) and 
take the path leading to the right into the next room.  Follow the path 
all the way up, into the next room, and grab the chest there(PwrFood), 
then head back to the fork, then take the center path up to the next 
room.  Follow the path, ignoring the left path, as it leads to yet 
another dead end, and continue to the next room.

  From the door, hug the wall as you go up and left, ignoring the door 
leading back to the last room, and enter the door you see in the top 
left corner for GoldAR.  (*note* Use Katt to open the doors that are 
closed.  She'll hit them with her staff.)  Go back to the last room, 
and head right, across the top of the room, and enter the door there.

  Notice the two converging paths in this room.  Follow the path, and 
continue up. (*note* Going down the right path leads to a dead end)  
Hit the door at the end with Katt's staff, and enter the next room.  Go 
straight up, and enter the last room.  In this room is the stone doll 
that Tree and Ton were talking about.  He'll wake up, mumble some 
stuff, then try to kill you.


Munmar: He's rather easy.  He has a sleep attack that puts your 
characters to sleep.  Use a dragon transformation, then attack for a 
couple of rounds to beat him.

  He'll be relieved that he can sleep now, then will disappear.  Go 
back to the Adams Apple, and hit it with Katt's staff.  Grandpa will 
wake up, and be glad that he's awake.  Tree and Ton come by and thank 
you, as well as tell you that there's a _carnival_ at Tunlan.  Grandpa 
tells you to go grab the whale bell from the old man on the beach, and 
you'll automatically go there.  Enter the cave here, and talk to the 
old man.  He's happy that Grandpa's awake, and gives you the bell.  
Check his shelf for a Herb, then go to the water and press A button to 
ring the bell.  Grandpa will come here and pick you up.

World Tour 
Items: Tolen x2, Cond. Up
Level: 20-21
Party: Rand, Katt, Bow

  Now that you have suitable transportation, I recommend you take time 
to complete the map, it'll make things easier in the long run.  Follow 
the coastline all the way around, periodically checking the map for 
it's completeness.  From the pennisula directly south of W.cave(there's 
a sign near the tip of it), go east.  The island here is where Guntz is 
located.  Step in and complete the next part of Flying township, and 
buy the BrassSD for Hero.  Go up to the last house on the path, and 
check the right shelf on the first row of shelves for a Tolen.  
Karashinikofu is here too, and will join your town if you let him.  I 
don't recommend this, as he takes house #4, where you can get the 
powerful Barose.  Eichichi's in the basement.  Read my 'Flying 
Township' area of this document for more information.  

  The island that Tunlan's on is directly north of Guntz, but don't go 
there yet.  Make sure to circle the island north west from Hometown, 
there's signifigance to this island, as there's a mountain on here.  
From the southern tip of the western continent, head directly east, and 
you should see an island here with really high cliffs and no beach.  
There are two buildings on this island.  There's a smaller island to 
the east of the other island with no beach.  there's a single house on 
here.  Complete the eastern continent from the small island, noting the 
castle on top of a plateau, as you come up the east side of the eastern 
continent.  You have one more thing to complete, getting Bleu.  Go read 
the Secrets area to learn how to get Bleu, then once you've done that, 
go to Tunlan.

The little Carnival of

  You can't really do anything right now in Tunlan, as they speak with 
musical tones, and can't understand you.  Buy some equipment if you 
need it(preferably the twinBW for Bow), then head to the carnival just 
outside of town.

Items: none
Level: 22
Party: Bow, Katt, Bleu

  In the carnival, talk to the guy to buy tickets.  He mentions that 
the grass man's going to be fodder for a demon, and they've raised the 
prices on the tickets as well.  After buying tickets, head through to 
the back and talk to the Chief.  He mocks the grass man(Spar), and is 
surprised that Spar can talk.  He asks a question.  Select no, and 
he'll ask you another question.  Select yes, and he'll make an offer, 
Spar for either an Uparupa, or 900,000 coins!!!  After that, head out 
the back door to go to the world map.

  From here, you can go either straight to the Uparupa cave, or go to 
the Hunter's shack between Capitan and Windia first.  I'd recommend 
you'd go to the hunter's shack first.  From the beach near Tunlan, head 
around to the left, and go up the left side of the island, and dock at 
the beach to the left of Gate.  Head north east, and you'll see the 
hunter's shack nestled between two cliffs, and a forest in behind.

Hunter's Shack/forest
Items: Owl Fruit
Level: 22
Party: Bow, Katt, Bleu

  In the hunter's shack, read the diary on the table to learn what 
happened to the hunter's, then head out the back door, and through to 
the forest behind.

  In the forest, follow the path.  At times, you'll hear someone 
singing.  At the end, you'll see a girl standing infront of the Owl 
Fruit.  She'll change then attack you.


Algernon, Danielle, Suiky: Algernon's the head of this trio.  Danielle 
heals Algernon with Cure2, while Suiky attacks with thunder.  Have Hero 
use his dragon magic, while Bleu can use Freeze.  Bow can heal and cast 
Defup, while Katt can heal and attack as well, seeing that she's the 
fastest.  Bring your Wfruit to replenish AP.  It doesn't take much to 
down Danielle and Suiky, but they get revived, so concentrate the 
majority of your attacks on Algernon. 2 dragon spells, and a few magic 
attacks will do in Algernon, so just heal and attack. 

  She tells you not to tease her, then dies.  Pick one owlfruit, as 
that's all you'll need.  Then exit the forest, and warp to Hometown.  
Sleep at hero's room there to replenish your hp and ap, then board 
grandpa at the beach to the south of Hometown.  Follow the coastline 
around to the north of hometown, and at the north/south bridge by 
Capitan, you'll see a cave in the rockwall by the bridge.  Enter it 
with Grandpa, and you're in the Uparupa cave.

Items: QuartrST, Gold, OceanRB, BusterSD, CharmSH
Level: 23
Party: Bow, Nina, Bleu

  Notice that you're underwater in this cave.  Fortunately, you can 
breathe here, thanks to the gills from Petape.  I'd recommend you have 
some fire weapons for this cave, like the HeatST for Katt, if you have 
her.  Head up, pass the island on the right, and continue up.  Go up 
the ramp and enter the cave to find a chest with a QuartrST for Katt.  
It isn't as powerful as the HeatST though.  Go back down the ramp, and 
go to the right.  Ignore the path leading up, as it leads to a dead 
end, and continue right.  Go up the ramp to get the chest on the land 
for a Gold, then go back down the ramp, and head up the path just to 
the right of the ramp to exit into the next area.

  Head up through the path, out of the water, then after the bend, 
you'll see a door leading into the next area.  Go in the door to the 
opposite of the other door, and open the chest there for a OceanRB, 
then go back through the door, and through the other one to get to the 
next area.

  There are a bunch of Maniro here.  One'll tell you how to catch 
Uparupa for 200 coins, and another one will sell an OwlFruit for 1000 
coins.  Say no to them, and proceed to the final area.  Here are a 
number of holes in the rock walls, with sparkling eyes in them.  These 
are the Uparupa holes.  Ignore all the holes, and go up the stairs to 
the left of the river running through the cave.  Go up the other ladder 
here, ignoring the rest of the Uparupa holes, and proceed to the last 
Uparupa hole.  To capture the Uparupa, place an owlfruit infront of 
their cave, then back off a distance.  The Uparupa'll come out of it's 
cave to eat the owlfruit.  When it eats it and begins to go back to 
it's hole, run forward and press A.  The Uparupa'll squawk, then attack 


Uparupa: He's rather easy.  Don't use regular attacks on him, as he 
will counter attack you everytime.  Just use a dragon attack, then have 
Nina and Bleu cast their most powerful attack magic. Bow will heal.  
Uparupa will go down without much struggle.

  After the fight, Uparupa will whine.  You now have a choice, either 
keep Uparupa, or let it go.  Choose let it go.  It'll be so happy, that 
he'l leave you a chest containing the BusterSD.  Now exit the Uparupa 
room, but then re-enter it.  There is a CharmSH in the room.  Now, 
leave the Upacave.  With Grandpa, swim to Hometown to heal, and change 
your party at the dragon shrine if neccessary, then go to the Carnival.

Party: Katt, Bow, Bleu

  At the Carnival, pay another 100 Coins, then head through to Spar's 
inclosure.  Talk to the Chief, and he'll ask if you brought the money, 
or Uparupa.  Choosing 'I'll give you nothing!!' will prompt a boss 


M.C. Tusk: He looks daunting, but isn't that tough.  Hero uses his 
dragon magic, Katt attack the first round, then use Wfruits on Hero to 
replenish his AP for as long as necessary.  Bleu use Freeze, and Bow 
cast Def-up, and heal when necessary.  He'll go down without much of a 

  Chief threatens you, then dies.  Hero looks for an opening, but can't 
figure it out.  Then Spar shows you where it is.  He talks to you for a 
bit, then suggests what to do next. Then he joins you.  Change your 
party to include him, then you'll exit the carnival.  Go to Tunlan and 
buy some equipment for Spar, then board Grandpa and head west, then 
follow the coastline north until you come to the old man's beach.  
Disembark there, then exit the beach and head west.  When you enter the 
great forest, make for south west, and you should notice a giant tree, 
surrounded by littler trees.  This is the great tree, Gandaroof.  Enter 
from the bottom, and Spar will talk to Gandaroof.  Gandaroof complains 
of amnesia, and blames Spar.  He then tells you to get the Therapy 
Pillow from Tunlan.

Sten's 'happy' homecoming

  In Tunlan, talk to the guy by the main stairs at the entrance to 
Tunlan to learn that they won't understand you unless you bring a 
musical instrument of high caliber.  He then mentions the Famous Flute, 
from Highfort.  Ok, go to the beach near Guntz, directly below Tunlan, 
and follow that east, following the islands until you come to a 
pennisula with a house on the end.  Follow the south shore of the 
pennisula, and there's a beach here.  Disembark, and head east, 
following the coastline to the south.  Once you are between the sea and 
an inland body of water, head east, over the top of the lake, and 
you'll see a ramp here.  Go up, then back west to another ramp.  Go up 
the ramp, then go back east until you reach a castle, overlooking the 
sea.  This is Highfort.

Items: MothDR, QuickCL, Extract, Tolen x2, NinjaDR, MoonMask, Collar, 
2000C, Famous Flute
Level: 20-23
Party: Sten, Bleu/Bow, Katt

  If it's night time, there'll be a guard at the gate who'll deny you 
access to Highfort.  So, just use Hero's Timewarp spell to fastforward 
it to day, then enter. 

  Walk across the bridge until you come to a gap.  Put Sten in the 
lead, and press A.  Sten'll raise a concern, and will mention that this 
is his hometown.  Select yes to Sten's question, and he'll relent.  
Now, press A to cross the gap and enter the castle.

  The guard near the door will notice you, but then notices Sten, who 
he welcomes back with open arms.  They talk for a bit, then the guard, 
Gayne, will mention that Trubo is looking forward to see him.  This 
surprises Sten for some reason, having to do with Goonheim.  Sten then 
walks away.  The party follows, but Sten tells them to get the flute 
without him, as he has business to take care of.  (*note* the Dragon 
Statue here won't let you change your party, so you're stuck with the 
party you have currently)  Save if you need, then go through the door 
to the left of the dragon statue.  Follow the path all the way up, and 
enter the door that's being guarded by two people.

  You'll walk in on a war meeting.  A lady called Shupkay is making 
plans with the Division Commander, Chief of Staff, and an Army Corp 
Commander.  She then talks about the hidden power of Highfort, and with 
it, they'll take over the world.  The Division Commander object, but 
she slaps him out and sends them off.  The party comes forward, and 
Shupkay drops them into a pit. 

  The scene goes back to Sten, who's pacing in a lobby of some sorts.  
He's getting worried, and decides to go look for them.  One of the 
guards warns him about Shupkay, and Sten wonders who she is.  The guard 
explains.  From here, head down the stairs to the right.  Go down the 
other set of stairs in the room to find three chests containing 
QuickCL, MothDR, and an Extract.  Equip the MothDR on Sten, and raise a 
level or two if you feel inadequate, then go back up to the main room. 

  Save, and buy some healing items, as Sten will be alone for a while.  
Make sure you have at least 5 lifePLs.  Then once you're done that, 
deposit all your money in the bank, and save again.  Head through the 
door to the right of the dragon statue, and head across the bridge.  
Someone will interrupt Sten at about half way, and they'll talk.  It 
turns out to be Trubo.  He'll bluster at Sten, then attack.


Trubo: He's a little difficult, especially if you're at low levels.  
Just attack and heal when neccessary.  The battle will end without 

  Trubo will talk with Sten a bit, then will break the bridge apart, 
plunging them down.


Trubo: You have 3 turns to beat him.  Open up on his ass.  If you gave 
Chop Chop to Sten, use it.  If not, use flame, or attack.  You'll beat 
him in 3 turns, hopefully.

  After the fight, Sten and Trubo will land in the water.  Sten will 
save him.  Trubo will wake up, then they reminisce about the past.  
Trubo will fill Sten in on current events, then they devise a plan to 
get rid of Shupkay and save the Princess.  After Sten and Trubo 
separate, head in the door that Trubo goes into.  Use the healing pool 
here, and save.  Then go back out the door, and head left along the 
path to the road that Trubo mentioned.

  Follow the path up the stairs and through the door to enter to a 
larger room.  Head up to the wall, then right, and then up the first 
hallway to enter a door with a chest for a Tolen, then go back to the 
large room, and head right again.  Go up the last path and enter the 
door there for a chest containing a D. Earing, then go back to the 
walkway in the large room, and head down the last path you see to 
advance to the next room.

  Follow the path to enter a room with a bridge over a pit.  There's a 
fork in the bridge's path.  Head left first to a chest with 1000 Coins, 
then go back to the fork and take the other path to advance.  Follow 
the path here, using Sten's arms to pass the gaps, and continue to the 
next room.

  In this next room, there are two ways you can take, left and right.  
Left just loops you around, so head right, and up the first path you 
come across to advance to the next room.  *note* if you look to the 
left of the stairs, you'll see the other party members there.  Continue 
up the stairs to enter another bridge room.  You can go up or down from 
here, but go down, as heading up leads to a dead end.  Follow the path 
and ignoring the first door you see, continue on the path to the right 
of the door to find another door.  Then, step on the warp pad in the 
next room.

  From the connecting warp pad, follow the path, and you'll be behind 
the throne room.  Head left, and down the stairs, then step on the 
other warp pad you see here.  In the next room, you'll see 3 doors, one 
to the left, one in the middle, and the last to the right.  The ones on 
the left and right are set up closer than the one in the middle.  Head 
in the left door first, and go through the door at the end for a chest 
with a NinjaDR.  Equip it, then head back two rooms, then enter the 
right door.  Go through the door at the end of the door and open the 
chest for a CloakKN, then go back to the main room, and finally, 
through the middle door.

  Continue up the path to a room with two short hallways in it, side by 
side.  At the end of each hallway is a door.  Enter the door on the 
left, and get a chest for another 1000 Coins, then go back, and through 
the right door.  Follow the hallway up to find Shupkay and the Princess 
talking to each other.  Sten joins the conversation, and Princess is 
happy.  Sten takes a step foward after a bold proclimation ('This 
monkey is going to give you a spanking, Shupkay!'), and falls through a 

  Sten lands in the room where the party is being held, and they get 
annoyed with him.  Then they join up again.  Change your formation, if 
necessary, then head up, and use sten's arms to cross the gap here to 
advance.  Now here comes the fun part.  A really big bridge maze room.  
From the beginning, head left, and follow the path all the way around, 
then at the next fork, head left.  Follow the path left, then turn 
south.  Ignore the paths to the right, as they loop around, and turn 
right, then at the first junction there, head up.  Follow the path to 
reach a square platform with 2 more ways to go, left, and down.  Head 
down, and follow the path to reach the stairs.

  You are in another maze room now.  Follow the path up, right, then 
down a short ways to come to another 2 way.  Head down, then to the 
left.  Ignore the first path leading up, and take the second one.  
Follow it, and enter the door at the end.  In this room, there's a 
healing pool, and a warp pad.  Take the warp pad to a chest with a 
MoonMask.  Heal if necessary, then go back to the maze room.

  Follow the path back to the other path leading up, and take that one.  
Turn right at the first path, and follow it all the way to reach the 
stairs.  In the next room, there are 3 warp pads here.  Taking the 
right one will lead you back into the castle, thus starting you back at 
the beginning!  Taking the left one will lead you back to the room with 
the MoonMask.  So, take the center one to go forward.  You'll find 
Trubo there on the floor.  Trubo will start getting mad, so Sten'll 
knock him out.  Then walk up to the door and press A to face a boss.


Portal: Do not use attack magic, as it heals Portal.  So have Bleu heal 
and use WFruits on Hero.  Hero can use his Dragon magic, while Katt can 
heal and attack.  Sten attack as well.  You can beat him easily using 
this strategy.

  After the fight, the door will open up fully, and Trubo will wake up.  
He'll talk to you, and then you decide on a plan, you fight Shupkay and 
get Princess back, and he stops the machine.  Follow the path all the 
way up, and in the last room, you'll see a staircase.  Going past the 
staircase will lead you to a warp pad which leads to where Sten dropped 
through the floor.  Head up the stairs instead.  

  In this next room, you can see 2 stair cases from where you stand, 
one to your right, and another to your upper left.  Take the upper left 
one to reach 2 treasure chests containing Collar and another Tolen, 
then go back to the last room, and take the right staircase. Follow the 
path to the last set of stairs to reach the top level where Shupkay and 
the Princess are.  After the scene, Shupkay turns into a monster and 
attacks the party.


Shupkay:  Make sure to heal Hero's AP for this battle.  Shupkay has the 
ability to cast Hush on your party members, and is also capable of 
counter attacking.  She casts Thunder, and Drain.  Heal with Katt and 
Sten, and have Bleu cast her most powerful magic.  Hero can use his 
Dragon magic, then attack, or just heal his AP with Katt and Sten, and 
use it again.  She'll go down with little difficulty.

  Afterwards, the game will take control and you make your escape from 
the tower.  Sten then makes a noble move to stay behind and lower the 
party and the Princess down the elevator, because they're manually 
propelled.  In the throne room afterwards, Princess will thank you, and 
give you the Famous Flute, and will give you a final note for Sten.  
Head back to the entranceway of the castle, where the shops are, and 
exit the door to find Sten standing there, moping.  He rejoins the 
party.  Now that you have the Famous Flute, head back to Tunlan.

Save the Queen!

  Now that you have the Famous flute, you can understand the people of 
Tunlan now.  Talk to the residents to learn of the plight facing the 
queen.  Go up to the castle, and follow the stairs up to the queen's 
room.  Apparently, she's turned into a real food hound, eating 10 
servings of food a day!!!  She's really fat now, and the old lady 
beside her says that if she doesn't lose the weight, she'll die. There 
are two others in the room that speak of an old magician who can help 
her, but was banished from Tunlan for his temper and disrespect of 
woman.  He was banished to an island, but that's all the info they give 
you.  But don't worry, that's what I'm here for.

  If you have Bleu or someone else who can warp, then warp to Hometown.  
If not, then just board Grandpa and swim to Hometown.  From there, head 
just north and a bit west, and you'll notice an island there with a 
beach on the south side and a mountain on it.  This is where Gedd is.

Mt. Maori
Items: MoonDrop, ThornWP, CureAl, FlameSD, FlameSH, MagmaAR, 
Level: 26-27
Party: Katt/Nina, Sten, Your call

  Enter, and ignore the post you see here, and follow the path right to 
enter a cave.  There's a healing spring here, and you can heal your 
wounds if you need to, then head into the next room to find Gedd.  If 
you step on the platform with anyone but Nina, Katt, or Spar shamanized 
as the girl, then he won't speak to you.  Put either Nina or Katt in 
the front, and he'll take notice of her.  He'll then gloat about being 
the best in the world, and can cure anyone, then asks who the patient 
is.  He frets at the queen, and doesn't want to go back...unless the 
'little girls' kiss him.  After the following scene, he'll agree to 
help you.  Go back to Tunlan now.

  Enter the queen's room in the castle, and Granny's fretting that you 
aren't back yet.  Gedd walks in the room, and they 'debate' for a bit, 
until Gedd turns the attention back to the queen.  Gedd tries a spell, 
but she fattens right back up again.  He makes his diagnosis; the 
queen's been infected with a demon.  He sends you with a letter to see 
his assistant on Mount Maori, so head back there immediately.

  Return there to see Gedd's assistant engaging in aerobics.  He then 
takes the letter, and tells you what to do; head to the top of the 
mountain, and get a mushroom from the top that looks like what he shows 
you.  Take a good long look at the mushroom, and remember the placement 
and size of the dots on the mushroom cap.  Then head out and with Sten, 
cross the small gaps, ignoring the first door you see, and enter the 
other door.  Get the chest with the MoonDrop in it, then go back to the 
first door and enter it.

  Follow the path up all the stairs, and ignoring the path to the 
right, head back down another path adjacent to the first one to claim a 
chest with a ThornWP for Spar.  Now head back up, and follow the path 
leading to the right. Go up the stairs, and head left for a chest with 
a CureAl in it, then head back right, and exit the door.

  Head right, cross the gap behind the waterfall, and enter the other 
door there.  From the door, head up and in the first door you see to 
get the FlameSD in the chest, then go out the door, and continue up the 
path.  At the fork, head right, and up the stairs to the upper level, 
then head right.  Follow this to a chest with a FlameSH, then back down 
the stairs and head left.  Exit the door to appear on a ledge behind 
the waterfall.  Walk left to the edge, then press down to fall down to 
another ledge with a chest containing a HushRG, then go back through 
the door at the bottom, but this time, go up the stairs to the upper 
level, and head left.

  Go in the first door you see, and follow the path.  Ignore the upper 
path, and keep heading right to get a chest with a MagmaAR in it, then 
up to the upper path, and follow it all the way right, and exit the 
door at the end to appear at the summit.  Here you can find your 
mushroom, but as you look, notice that there are a few different 
mushrooms here, all with different white dot placements on the mushroom 
cap.  Go around the pond at the summit to the posts on the left of the 
pond, and cross to the island in the middle.  There are three mushrooms 
here.  Pick the furthest one from the post, and you'll automatically go 
back to the Assistant.  He'll thank you, then give you the equipment 
you need...a Mirror.  O...k. o_O  Anyways, now that you've completed 
that, head back to Tunlan.

Items: none
Level: 26-27
Party: Sten, Katt, Bow

  Return to the queen's room and talk to Gedd.  He'll thank you, then 
tell you how to use the Mirror.  He'll give you final instructions, 
then shrinks you and puts you in the queen's body.  This part can take 
as little as 10 minutes, or 1 hour, depending on if you know how to do 
it properly.  The queen's body is divided into 4 areas; Upr. Right, 
Lwr. Right, and their respective parteners, Upr. Left and Lwr. Left.  
In the body, you'll notice some weird things floating across the 
screen, which signifies her blood.  The left side of her body is 
coloured blue, while the right side is red.  You start out in the right 
side of her body.  I strongly recommend you defeat all the enemies in 
one room before proceeding to the next.  Use the little dancing monster 
in your party menu screen to tell if the room is still occupied.  It'll 
dance if there's enemy in the room, and sleep if the room's clear. 
During this process, the game'll cut out to a picture of Gedd, who'll 
tell you how you're doing.  Also, if you need to get out of the body 
for any reason, just use the mirror.  

  From where you start, go up through the door, then through the other 
door in that room.  In the next room, head right a bit, then through 
the door leading down, as the one leading up will take you to the 
queen's arm, and there aren't any monsters in there.  Then head down a 
little bit, and take the left fork, making sure to clear the area of 
monsters, before heading into the next room.  Clear that room, and 
Gedd'll tell you that the Upr. Right part is good to go, so head to the 
Lwr. Right area.  Head back to the last room and go back to the fork, 
and head down the right path to reach the lower right area.

  From the door, head down and into the first door you see.  Fight 
there at the entrance to clear that room, and head back through the 
door.  Head down the right path this time, ignoring the second door, 
and head in the last one.  Clear this room to clear the whole right 
side.  Follow the path through the room, and there are two paths you 
can take at the fork, one that leads up and to the left, and one that 
leads straight left.  There are two doors on the upper-left path, and 
one on the straight left path, but all three lead to the lower left 
area.  But anyways, head down the straight left path, and enter the 
door to proceed to the lower left area.

  Something to point out, there are enemies here called 'fatty'.  They 
are swift to run, but yield a lot of experience, so seek them out and 
defeat them first in battle.  Occasionally, you'll fight 3 of them.  In 
this situation, use the dragon magic to quickly take them out.  Ok, 
from the door, follow the path, and at the fork, take the left path up, 
as the right path will lead you to the two doors leading to the upper-
left path of the last room.  Go through the door to the next room.

  Go through the room, and enter the first door you see.  Defeat the 
monsters in here, then go back to the last room, and continue up.  
There are two doors at the end, one leading up, and another leading 
down.  Head through the door leading down, and defeat the monsters 
there.  There are two doors on the other side of the room, but both 
lead into the lower right area, and we don't want to go there.  Once 
you've cleaned out the monsters in this room, and you'll get a message 
saying you've cleared out the whole area. Now, head back to the last 
room, and enter the door leading up.

  From the door, head up and enter the door at the top.  There are two 
doors in this room, one on the left, and one one the right.  The one on 
the left leads to the arm, and the one on the right leads to another 
room you want to go to.  Clear the monsters out in here, and ignore the 
other door in here.  Head back to the last room you were in, and go in 
the door leading back down.  Back in this room, head back down, and 
when you come to the fork, take the right path and enter the door at 
the end.  Now head right, and enter the first door you see to enter the 
last room you need to enter.  Clear this room to clean out the queen 
entirely.  Gedd'll now warp you back out of the queen's body.

  Gedd'll thank you for a job well done.  Granny'll be so grateful, 
she'll let Gedd come back to live in Tunlan.  He's happy about this, 
but the queen's miserable that she's so thin, and can't move.  They 
laugh at this, then Gedd thinks he's forgetting something.  As reward, 
the old lady will let you take the bolst...uh, therapy pillow. :)  Exit 
the queen's room, and go back down the stairs outside of the throne 
room.  But, instead of going down the set of stairs to go out of the 
castle, head left past it, and enter the door where the Highlander is 
standing guard outside of.  This is the treasury, where the Therapy 
pillow is, but it's gone!!! Actually, the girl outside of the safe 
doors has it, and will give it to you when you talk to her.  Take it, 
then go back to Gandaroof.  Make sure you have Spar with you, and that 
you have decent levels for him.  If you need to, take him to monster 
island, but be careful up there, as the monsters are immensely strong.  
Once you're at Gandaroof, he'll thank you, then will ask if you're 
ready to go into his mind to retrieve his memory.  Select yes to begin.

Gandaroof's Memory

  You'll start out beside a town.  Enter it, and talk to ALL the 
inhabitants.  Notice that they're all old men in this town, and each 
town is shaped EXACTLY alike, save for the people.  In the town, find 
the item shop and buy some upgrades for your party, if they need them.  
After you talk to all the people in the town, exit the town, and head 
south a bit, then east over the bridge, and continue east until you 
reach the next town.  This town is filled with young men.  Talk to all 
of them, then exit the town, and walk west a bit, then north.  You 
should see a path leading up the cliffs.  You'll see a third town 
situated beside a lake.  Enter it, and talk with all the inhabitants, 
who are all children.  The kid by the main stairs will be surprised 
that there are 3 towns, and mentions that there should only be two.  
This Item shop has items, so stock up on what you need.  The kid behind 
the next counter, where the banker should be, will offer to take you 
out of the mind, if you talk to him.  In the inn, there is an old man 
in here named Barose.  He's one of the appliciable tenants you can get 
in the game.  I strongly suggest that you take him, as he can teach you 
powerful magic.  Once you're done here, go back to the first town.  
Enter it, and you'll be in the Memory Tower.

Memory Tower
Items: AutoBW, EarthAR, MisoSoup, HeroBT, BlndedML, 1000 Coins
Level: 28-29
Party: Spar, Bow, Bleu

  This place can be difficult to navigate, as there's a giant circle 
around you, removing the immediate layout of the tower around you.  
from the entrance, go up til you can go further, then head left a bit, 
then up all the way.  Go right, and talk to the old man, who'll offer 
to escort you to the entrance for 100 Coins.  Take it, and he'll bring 
you to the ladder in the middle of the room.  Talk to him again, and 
pay 100 coins to go to the exit.  He'll actually take you to the two 
chests above the ladder that you couldn't reach otherwise.  Take them 
for an AutoBW and EarthAR.  Talk to him again, and he'll take you out 
of  the tower.  Go back in, and talk to him one last time, and this 
time, walk one space right, and head up to go up the ladder.

  From where you end up, make your way over to the old man standing in 
the corner of the room.  He'll offer to transport you to a place.  
Don't accept.  Instead, walk down three steps from the old man, then 2 
left, then go up to advance.  Then from the top of the ladder, walk one 
left, then down all the way, then left all the way for a chest with a 
MisoSoup, then walk back 7 steps, and go up until you can go up any 
further, then left 5 steps, then up all the way, then right 7 steps, 
then up all the way, then left all the way, down all the way, then left 
two steps, then up to advance.

  From the ladder, walk right one step, then down 2 steps, then right 
two steps, then up to advance.  Then, walk left one step, then down all 
the way, left one step, up one step, then left all the way to get a 
chest with 1000 Coins in it, then retrace your steps back to the 
ladder.  From one space up from the ladder, head left all the way, then 
up, right, up, and right all the way, then down two steps, right two 
steps, up 6 steps, and left all the way for a chest with a HeroBT.  
Then, go down one step, right all the way, then down all the way.  
Then, 6 steps right, down 3, and left 2 for a chest with a BlndedML.  
Then, go right 2, up 3, left 6, and up 7.  Then, right 2, and up 5.  
Right 2, and up 3.  Left 2, down 1, right 3, down 1, right 1, and down 
6.  Left 2, down 4, right 2, and up all the way to advance.

  From the ladder, right 1, down 2, right 2, and up all the way to 
advance.  In this next room, there'll be 3 old men, one on the left 
side, and two on the right.  From the ladder, walk right 1 step, and up 
all the way to talk to the two old men on the right of the room.  Then 
go back down all the way, left all the way, up all the way, and right 1 
step, then up all the way to talk to the third old man.  Then back 
down, and right all the way, then up all the way, left one step, and up 
into the door.  Make sure you have everything at max, and are suitably 
equipped, as you will face the boss now.  From the door, walk straight 
up.  Talk to the old man, and he'll reveal himself as the one who 
destroyed the minds of everyone in gate, and is doing the same to 
Gandaroof.  He changes, and you fight him.


Aruhamel:  He's a tough cookie.  One of his most annoying attacks is 
the ability to lock your character's spells, starting from the ones 
that you most recently got.  He casts this over all your party, for 
extra annoyance.  Have Hero use Dragon magic, Bow use Defup X and Cure 
after that if needed, Spar use Freeze, and Bleu use her most powerful 
magic.  If Aruhamel locks her most powerful magic, have Bleu use 
restorative items.  If he locks all your important magic, use 
restorative items and attack regularly.  He'll go down after a bit.

  After the fight, Aruhamel dies. Walk out of the room, and make your 
way to the old men again.  They remember a bit more, but not too much.  
Now use exit and make for the third town.  Go to the item shop, and 
talk to the kid behind the bank counter to exit the mind.  Gandaroof 
thanks you.  Walk up to him, and talk to him to find some stuff out.  
Choose all the options to learn it all.  Now exit Gandaroof's grove, 
and make for south.  Cross the bridge to come to a valley.  Talk to the 
guy at the entrance to the valley, and he'll wonder if something 
happened in Skytower.  Warp to Capitan, sleep, buy items, and save, if 
you need to.  Change your party too, if you want.  Exit Capitan, and 
walk south to the beach.  Board Grandpa, and make for Skytower.  You 
can't miss it, just sail straight south, and it'll be to the left of 
Grandpa.  It's round, and has a green top.  Enter it with Grandpa.  

Items: GutsBL, IceSH, FrozenAR, NorthDR, 1000 Coins
Level: 35-36
Party: your choice

  You'll be on the roof.  Walk left, and go down the stairs.  There are 
two manillo here.  Talk to the one above the small square hole, and 
he'll make point that something's wrong with skytower.  Talk to him a 
second time to gain admittance to the tower.  Now, be careful here, as 
you're underwater.  You have a 3 minute time limit.  If you exceed 
this, you'll pass out, and will reawaken at the top level where the 
manillo are.  Fortunately, there are rooms with air in them, so you can 
take a breather there before continuing.

  From the elevator, head through the left door.  Ignore the door you 
see, and continue past it.  Enter the door at the end, and get the 
chest for 1000C, then head back through the hall, and enter the door 
you passed earlier.  Go up the stairs, and through the door at the top 
of the stairs.  Follow the path, open the first chest for a GutsBL, and 
continue down the hall.  Enter the door, and go through the door at the 
top of the stairs.  Follow the path and you'll enter a large room with 
a cross-like support beam in the middle.  There are steps there, but 
reaching them is difficult. as the currents of the room will sweep you 
around. Make your way to the bottom of the room, and stand directly 
underneath the down current, and walk straight up until you're right 
next to the stairs, then go up them.  

  Grab the IchSH in the chest just at the top of the stairs, the 
FrozenAR in the chest up from the stairs, and the NorthDR in the last 
chest, then go around the room and enter the other set of stairs.  
Follow the rest of the stairs to reach the cause of the problem, Spoor, 
the wind shaman.  She'll appologize, and will leave to go to granny.  
If you have it, use exit, but you're not done yet.  Go back to the main 
room you first entered, and enter the right door this time.  

  There are swift currents in this room, so run to the right to the 
first door, and enter.  There's a manillo in this room who'll sell you 
armaments.  Buy what you need, and head out the door again.  You'll be 
swept back to the beginning of the room.  Make your way around to the 
last door in the room, being careful to push the button in one 
direction.  If you change directions, the currents'll take you back to 
the beginning of the room.  Make to the end of the room, and enter the 
door.  There'll be a door to the left of you, so enter that one.  Go 
through the hallway, and enter the door at the end.  A manillo will 
caution you to the lack of air when going down the set of stairs there, 
but enter it anyways.  You'll be in a room full of grass.  Step left 2, 
then up all the way.  Ignore the door at the top of the room, and go 
all the way right to enter that door.  

  You'll be in a hall now with fast currents.  Run all the way right to 
advance.  You'll be in another room with grass.  Make your way to the 
door at the top of the room, and continue.  This is another room with 
fast currents.  Follow the hallway, making sure you're at the top-right 
corner before heading left, and enter the first door there for a 
goblinSD, then go back.  You'll be pushed back to the beginning, so 
make your way across the hall.  Grab the chest there for a SpiritRB.  
You're now done the SkyTower.  You can't use exit here, so go back to 
the room with the manillo, and exit from there.

  You can go back to Township to fiddle with your new shaman, or can 
continue through the valley.

Namanda, Namanda
  Now that the fog is cleared in the valley south of Gandaroof, you can 
now venture through it and get to Farmtown.  In the valley, just head 
straight south.  There is a fork to the right somewhere around the 
middle of the valley, but ignore that, and keep heading south to reach 
the exit.  Now head straight south to reach Farmtown.

Items: HelpBL, Gold, Plate
Level: 37
Party: Rand, Your preference

  Once you enter, you realize that there are a bunch of people who look 
like Rand here!!  This is Rand's hometown.  Talk to the people with 
other party members, then with Rand to get different messages.  Go to 
the Inn, right at the entrance, and on the second floor of the inn, 
search the dresser in the upper room for a HelpBL.  The house you want 
is the one at the top of the town.  There are 3 doors here; the one on 
the left, middle, and right.  The one on the left is a completely 
different house, while the other two doors belong to one house.  The 
middle and right doors are seperated by a fence.  Walk up the steps to 
the house, but enter the door on the left.  

  Go up the stairs in this house and check the drawers for a Gold, then 
return to the middle door, and attempt to go in.  The screen will 
darken, and someone will yell, causing the party to step outside in a 
hurry.  A man comes out of the house, pleading with the owner of the 
house, Daisy.  He's an emmisary from the St. Eva church, and want to 
build a church on Daisy's land.  Daisy announces her faith in Namanda, 
and chases the emmisary off, then re-enters her house.  You should do 
the same.  

  Explore Daisy's house a bit, then enter the door on the lower level 
to talk to Daisy.  It appears that Daisy is Rand's mother, and she 
belts him with a ladle, demanding that Rand explain himself.  She hits 
Rand again, and puts him to work plowing the fields.  She makes the 
rest of the party do it too, first thing tomorrow.  In the morning, she 
gives you a final piece of advice, then you scoot off to the back 

  Now, the game's version of plowing the field is walking up to 
everything and pressing the action button to get into a fight.  You'll 
fight stones, stumps, and bushes.  There are two of each in the field.  
Also, don't use magic against these things.  You'll find out why later.  
The only one that offers any challenge is the last thing you face.  If 
you face the stone last, it's an S. Golem.  If someone can tell me what 
the other two are, then let me know.  After defeating these, return to 
Daisy.  Don't talk to her yet.  Instead, go through the door to the 
kitchen, and check the shelves by the 'oven' for a plate.  What, no 

  Go back and talk to Daisy now to rest.  In the morning, Rand'll 
appologize to you for Daisy's actions.  Daisy will be in the backyard, 
so go talk to her.  She tells you to go west to Namanda and pray for a 
good harvest, so do so.  Head west, and on a plateau to the north you 
should see a cave.  Continue west a bit, then turn north, go up the 
ramp at the end, then turn right and head back down south to reach 

Items: Tolen
Level: 37
Party: Rand, your preference

  At the entrance, you'll see a guy standing between two poles, and a 
building.  Enter the building, and talk to the guy if you want.  Then 
search the shelves on the back wall for a Tolen.  Exit the building, 
and head up, past the guy between the two poles, and talk to the guy 
guarding the door at the top of the stairs. He'll let you pass.  
Continue up through the path, past the guy fighting the monster, and 
enter the first cave you see.  In this room are a bunch of circular 
pods, some with people laying on them, and at the front, are two guys 
standing near a bell.  Talk to the one on the left, and he'll ring the 
bell with his partner.  Exit the room, and continue up the path, and 
through the door.  In this last room, there is a basket in the middle 
of the room, and when you examine it, you can put money in it, at  100C 
a time.  Donate 20 times, then go back to Farmtown.  It _MUST_ be at 
least 20 times, no less.

  Back in Farmtown, go back to the backyard, and you'll see someone 
standing there, but it isn't Daisy.  He hands Rand a letter from Daisy, 
which says that Daisy endorsed the building of the St. Eva church.  
Rand won't have that, and fights the Emissary.


Paladin: Not much strategy here, just keep plugging him, and healing.  
Be at least lv 27.  He casts defupX on himself, so it leads to a 
protracted battle.  Not too difficult.

  After the fight, Ray will show up, and the emissary will whine to 
Ray.  Ray'll threaten you, then Rand will call St. Eva dumb, and tells 
them to leave.  Rand'll question the St. Evites, and ask your oppinion 
as to weither Daisy was taken by force or not.  Select yes.  Rand 
wonders how to get there, and then wishes they could fly.  If you don't 
have Nina and someone with warp in your party, change your party at the 
dragon shrine and head to Windia.

Items: HelpBL, Tolen, MoonDrop, BumCL
Level: Nina(30)
Party: Nina, your preference

  Walk up to the castle in Windia, and with Nina at the lead, talk to 
the guard.  She pleads with the guard to tell the king that she has 
returned.  The queen, Hina makes her appearance at the door and tells 
the guard to let them through.  In the castle, a scene happens where 
Hina explains about the Black wings.  She then implores you to go see 
the king.

  From where you can control the party, go through the door to the left 
of the main stairs, then right a bit, then up through the door.  You 
should recognize this room from the first time you were here.  There's 
a set of stairs leading down near the center of the room, a door to the 
right of the stairs, and a path up, across the small moat that leads to 
another door. Go through the north door, and follow the path to lead to 
Yozo, another person that can join your town.  Go back to the last 
room, and go in the door to the right of the stairs to reach the castle 
kitchen.  There are stairs right near the door as you enter the room, 
and another door to the right of you that you can reach by circling 
around the wall in the middle of the room.  Search the shelves at the 
back of the wall to find a HelpBL and Tolen, then exit the room the 
same way you came in.

  Go back to the room with the two guards in the right room, and the 
guard infront of the door that leads to some chests, and at the split, 
go into the right door to appear to the right of the main stairs.  The 
door to the right of your location leads to the basement, and you can't 
go in there right now.  Now, go up the main stairs behind Hina.  In 
this room, you'll see a giant door just up from you that leads to the 
throne room.  There are paths to the left and right.  Head to the 
right, and you'll see stairs leading up, a door near the stairs, and 
another door on the opposite wall of the first one.  Go left from the 
throne room entrance to see a guard standing by a gate on the south 
wall, barracading a staircase leading to the cerimonial chamber, and 
another set of stairs on the opposite wall.  Now, go up the stairs to 
the right of the door to the throne room, and search the dresser for 
BumCL, then go back to the throne room door, and head up the stairs to 
the left to reach the bedroom of the king.  

  First thing you do is raid his dresser for a MoonDrop, then as Nina, 
talk to the king in the bed.  The king'll recognize Nina's voice, then 
a flashback occurs.  He explains his actions, then begins to tremble.  
A man in the room, an Emissary from the St. Eva chruch, promises that 
the king'll get better if he spreads the teachings of St. Eva, which 
causes the party concern.  The king turns down the Emissary's offer, 
and he threatens the king before he leaves.  Nina then asks Gramps, who 
was standing beside the king's bed, to open the basement so she can go 
through the trials.  He protests, but Nina wins him over.  

  Nina explains about the power of the great bird, and how she can 
transport them to the St. Eva Chruch in Evrai.  From here, go back to 
the very first room you were in, the one with Hina.  Go into the far 
right door, and down the stairs to reach the Skycave.

Items: StormRG, WindBR, WindRB
Level: 37
Party: Nina, Bow, your preference

  Follow the path from the stairs.  At the fork, you'll notice that to 
the left is a staircase leading down, and a path leading up.  Take the 
path leading up.  Follow the path to another set of stairs, and go 
down.  Follow the path right, and down another set of stairs.  Here, 
you'll notice two paths leading up, one just to the left of the stairs, 
and one to the right.  Head up the left path leading up, and you'll see 
3 paths leading right, one at the top, one at the middle, and one at 
the bottom.  Take the one in the middle, and follow it to reach another 
fork.  You can continue straight down, or left.  Go left, and follow 
that path to reach the stairs leading up.  In this next room, there's 
another set of stairs in here.  Go up them to reach another set of 
stairs leading up.  Going up them leads to a chest in the castle 
containing a StormRG, then head all the way back to the first fork you 
ever took in the SkyCave.  This time, head left and down the stairs.

  Keep going down the stairs, and at the bottom, go up through the door 
you see.  Go up through the room, and on a dais at the end of the room 
is a stone guardian.  Go up the stairs and talk to the guardian.  He 
asks if Nina wants to undergo the test.  Select yes, and Nina'll 
seperate from the party, and appear in a different room.  In this room, 
there are several platforms, each with it's own guardian.  Traversing 
the narrow passages of the room are stone like things that block your 
path, so work your way around them.  Talk to all the statues to hear 
what they have to say.  They will denounce what you're going to do, but 
don't listen to them, you know what you have to do.  Oh, you'll still 
fight enemies here, so run from them, as they're very difficult to beat 
with Nina alone.

  Make your way to the south-east corner of the room, and head up the 
wall, then go up the platform (the guardian calls you cocky for going 
for the great wings), and continue up past the guardian to get a chest 
with a WindBR, then work your way left to the left wall, then go up it 
to reach another chest with a WindRB.  Notice the door to the right?  
You need to get there.  You can get there by going down, then going up 
the platform just to the right, the top-right one, and following it up 
all the way to get to the door. (the guardian on the platform tells you 
that you can't be human again)  At the end is a guardian.  Talk to him, 
and go into the door behind him to get to the final chamber.  A final 
guardian questions Nina's intentions, then fights you.


Guardian: He's not too tough.  Make sure she's at full health and 
magic, and wail on him with your most powerful attack magic, and heal 
when your hp gets below half.  He casts Hush, which seals your magic.  
If that happens, just attack and you'll beat him after a bit.

  The guardian congratulates you after the battle, and gives you the 
Mark of the Wing, then changes into...NINA?  Well, Nina from BoF1.  She 
announces herself as her great great great great grandmother, and 
explains how the clan lost the ability to fly.  After talking to her, 
Nina-guardian will fly away, then asks your forgiveness for her 
actions.  Select yes, and she'll thank you.  Now head back to the last 
room, and to the guardian on the upper-middle platform.  Talk to him to 
return to the rest of the party, then exit the SkyCave.

   Upon exiting the cave, go talk to the king again, with Nina at the 
head of the party.  After the scene, Nina's standing beside a bed with 
the other party members sleeping.  Check the left side of the dresser 
to find that someone took the Mark of the Wing.  Nina guesses that Mina 
must have it, and follows in pursuit.  Exit the room, and head left 
past the stairs leading to the King's room, to the previously barred 

  Ascend the stairs, and you'll meet Mina, who runs away.  Follow her 
to the cerimonial chamber, but she's barred the door.  Nina pleads with 
her, but Mina decides to do it anyways.  She uses the Mark of the Wing 
on herself, sacrificing her life to become the Great Bird.  Tragic, 
yes, but necessary.  Now you have wings, and are treated to a nice cg 
pic of Mina as well!  Remember, only Nina can call the Great bird, so 
make sure she's in your party.  

  There are a few places you can go first.  There's an island to the 
east of Evrai with a solitary house on it.  This is an Armoury, and has 
some extremely potent items for sale.  Definately check it out.  Also, 
now that you have wings, you can fully do the fishing for treasures, 
now that you can get the strongest fishing rod, the Charm Rod.  First, 
go to the island that Evrai's on, which is south of Guntz island, and 
enter the smaller house on the island.  This is an inn.

Inn on Evrai Island
Items: CharmRod

  Enter the building, and go up the stairs.  Search the dresser in the 
top room for the CharmRod.  Now, you're set for fishing, just grab some 
bait and go.  See 'Fishing for Treasure' under the Hunting and Fishing 
area.  Do some fishing if you want, and enjoy the freedom of the great 
bird, as brief as it is.  If you haven't yet, go back to Namanda and 
donate the full 20 times to the shrine to ensure that you get your 
Earth Shaman.  Then, from the inn, walk up and enter Evrai.


Items: Tolen x2, WiseBL
Level: 39
Party: Nina, your choice

  There are three houses in this town.  Go in the right one, and search 
the shelves by the fire in the kitchen, which is located in the upper 
right part, for a Tolen.  The lady in this room mentions about a lady 
going into the grand church, and speculates that she's from Farmtown.  
In the top most house, before the grand staircase leading up to the 
grand church(it's the largest house here), go into the kitchen and 
search the shelves there for a WiseBL.

  Talk to all the residents, and try to leave the town.  You'll notice 
that you can't leave!  The residents all say something different now, 
except the one in the bigger house.  The girl, standing in front of a 
shrine in a makeshift chapel in this house.  Her name is Claris, and 
she'll help you escape, by going through the houses plumbing into a 
vast underground cavern.  What is it with caverns underneath bathrooms?  
Anyways, follow her words and leave via the toilet.

  From the entrance, Head straight down, ignoring the tunnel just to 
the right of the stairs.  At the bottom of the second set of stairs 
down, head right.  Enter the door you see, and head up, past the hole 
in the floor, and right.  There are two paths you can take, the lower 
and the upper.  Take the upper, and follow it through the door.  From 
the door, go left, and follow the path to the next door.

  Now, there's a path from the door to the left, and at the split, you 
can go either down or up the stairs you see.  go up the stairs to exit.   
Now, where are you?  Anyways, check the dresser there for a tolen, then 
head through the door down from you.  It appears you're in the inn.  
The guy talks to you, and you get to stay free!

  Now, if you still have Nina in your party, call the great bird and 
fly to Cotland, which is south from Farmtown.  If you don't want to 
search, use Bleu's warp to go to Farmtown, and fly south from there.


Items: None
Level: 39
Party: Katt, your choice

  Now, make sure to have Katt for this part.  Enter Cotland, and smash 
the boulders out of your way.  Talk to the guard at the top of the ramp 
to gain admittance.  Talk to the people, and after that, enter the 
house up from the people to see the leader of Cotland, Tiga.  Tiga 
becomes smitten with Katt, as Tiga's woren as well.  He talks about St. 
Eva, but his thoughts are distracted.  Katt brings him back to reality, 
and he apologizes.  He then mentions their lack of funds, and how their 
sponsor went to Thievestomb, in the west, over the sea.  Katt enlists 
the group to find the sponsor, and you leave.

  Thieves tomb is directly east from Evrai, so make your way back to 
Evrai, and head straight east to reach it.


Items: DoubleWP, BananaDR, ThunderGL, Sunmask, KramerBR, 
Level: 39
Party: Nina, Bow, your choice

  At the entrance, head through the drop gate, and down the stairs.  
There are some chests in this room, but it will be difficult to get 
them, for the constant moving of pitfalls.  If you can get them all, 
you'll get a DoubleWP, BananaDR, ThunderGL, and Sunmask.  If you do 
fall down the pitfall, just head back up the stairs to the left to get 
back up.  After getting the chests, head back down.  Take the pitfall 
to go down.  

  You'll land beside an old man, surrounded by 4 tiles of faces on the 
ground, each dipicting an emotion.  They're differently coloured too.  
Talk to the old man to get an explanation.  The premise of this is that 
if you get into a fight while on a face, you get the effect of the 
face.  Purple is anger, and either you'll lose money, or be poisoned.  
The smiley face is orange, and you may get money or an item.  The 
serene face is green, and you'll get healed on that space, while the 
blue face, or surprise, will enact any of the three if you land a 
battle on that square.

  There's also a staircase leading down beside the angry face you see 
there.  To make this more of a challenge, the battle rate has been 
hightened.  Also, make sure to keep Nina at the head of the group, to 
avoid any pitfalls.  Head past the stairs leading down, and into the 
hall.  Move to the end, and head down, then left, over the row of angry 
faces, and get the chest for a KramerBR.  Head left, to the farthest 
walk way, and take that all the way up, then follow right, and head up 
through the door, halfway across.  

  You'll come up into a room, with a drop down gate, but it's up.  Head 
up the room, and you'll see someone trapped in a room.  Follow the path 
around, and it's Patty.  She asks you to step on the switch, and flees 
up when you do.  Follow her into the next room, and she jumps with glee 
when she opens the chest, but is saddened to find the chest empty.  
When you can move, walk up, and inspect the chest.  Flip the switch to 
reveal a door.  Head up through it, and open the chest inside to get 
the evidence.  Walk out of the door, and Patty bumps into you, then 
leaves.  You can probably guess what she did.  Anyways, use exit to 
leave, and head back to Cotland.

  Enter Tiga's house to find Tiga with Patty.  Tiga then proposes to 
Katt!!  Boy, he's not forward much.  Tiga stalks Katt, and she hides 
behind Hero.  Tiga then wants to fight Hero for Katt.  Answer his 
questions.  Answering Yes to his first question and No to his second 
will envoke a fight, as will answering No to his first.  Answering Yes 
to both will not invoke a fight.  You can't win against Tiga, so answer 
whichever you want.  When he beats you, he'll announce that Katt will 
marry him, and that they'll attack Bando tomorrow.

  During the night, Tiga and Katt have a little talk beside the fire 
pit.  In the morning, you'll notice that Katt is very conspicuous in 
her absence.  Patty's in the room too.  Talk to her, and head back to 
Farmtown to change your party, then go south to Bando.  Follow the land 
south, and Bando's on the southern tip of the continent.

Heathen!  Blasphemer!


Items: 1000C, SnakeST, EvraiRD
Level: 40
Party: Nina, Bow, Bleu

   Enter the church, and talk to everyone there, then go up and see 
Katt and Tiga.  Katt gets bored, and in response, punches the wall, 
revealing a secret door.  Answer Tiga's question with a yes, and you'll 
go down there.  We also learn that Tiga's claustrophobic.  Enter the 

  From the stairs, walk up, and you'll get accosted by a footman. 


Footman: Attack, and heal as neccessary.  After the fight, walk up some 
more, and you'll see a man in orange robes run up.  Follow him down the 
stairs.  In this next room, there's two tiles on the floor with arrows 
on them, one facing left, and one facing right, with a door nearby.  
There's nothing in the room beyond the door, but the arrows extend and 
retract the hallway.  Step on the right arrow to extend the hallway.  
One press will lead you to a room with a chest in it.  Open for a 
SnakeST. Two will bring you to a room with a cell in it.  Three will 
lead to another room with a cell in it.  Four will lead to a staircase 
leading down.  Go down the stairs.

  From the stairs, head down, and go up the set of stairs you see.  
Head left from the stairs to get a chest with 1000 in it, and go back 
down.  Head all the way up, and down the set of stairs at the other end 
of the hallway.

  You're in a large room now, with a walkway just outside of the small 
hallway that you're in.  go right, then go down the walkway, and follow 
it.  There's a platform in the middle of the room, so head up the 
middle path to reach it.  Make sure you're at full health, because 
you're going to fight a boss.  Manson's there, and he sends 3 zombies 
after you.  Heal and hit them hard, but keep Hero's dragons out of it 
for now, the big fight's up shortly.


Necroman: This guy can be trouble.  He has an death attack that rarely 
misses, and can zombify your party.  Bring items and use magic to 
counteract this, and equip the KramerBR on Bow.  Use the previous 
strategy I expressed, use Dragon magic, and everyone use their 
strongest attack spells.  It helps to have Bow with Missile, although 
you might want to save his MP for healing.  Use WFruits on Hero to 
replenish his MP and reuse Dragon magic when full.  He'll go down.

  Mason rambles after kicking his ass, and dies.  Open the chest behind 
you to get the EvraiRD, to get in and out of Evrai freely.  Head back 
now, but make sure to stop off at the cells to talk to the people, then 
go out.

  As you exit, you see Manson?!  Actually, it's just Tiga in a 
disquise, with Katt as the Nun.  They explain their plan, and tell you 
to study the teachings of St. Eva.  This is a bit vague, as there's no 
St. Eva school you can just go to.  So, the next best thing is to go to 
a town with a St. Eva church in it, and talk to the priest there to 
learn the teachings of St. Eva.  Everyone leaves, except you and Katt.  
Katt stays to talk to you.  Answer her question.  Answering yes will 
raise her dragontear colour, while answering no will lower it.  

  It isn't neccessary to learn the teachings of St. Eva, as you'll find 
out why later, so you can just head to Evrai now, on the wings of the 
great bird, but before entering Evrai, visit the inn to the south, and 
change your party to include someone with strong single attacks, such 
as Rand or Sten.


Items: ElementAR, BlastKN, DmndBR, RainbwRB, 1000C 
Level: 41
Party: Rand, Bow, Bleu
Revised party: Rand, Bleu, Katt

  Head to Claris' place, where you escaped from earlier.  Talk to Tiga 
and you'll begin.  The guard at the door will question each and 
everyone one, but will run out of recites by the time you get there, so 
he asks you what St. Eva's true name is.  Pick Evans to proceed 
unhindered.  If you choose the others, he'll fight you.  Enter now, and 
ascend the stairs to enter the main chamber.

  Habaruku, the church's head prist will give a sermon, and reveal some 
surprising information.  He also captured Claris, much to Tiga's 
disdain.  Habaruku plays some mind games, and Tiga springs into action.  
Tiga isn't powerful enough to stop Habaruku, and he knocks Tiga away, 
then drops Claris from the rafters to the floor.  He drops a lightning 
bolt on the two of them.  Katt then rejoins your party.  Make room for 

  Go up to the dais at the front, and Habaruku'll leave through the 
right door.  Follow him, and meet him in the next room.  He talks to 
you for a bit, then calls Ray to deal with you.  He then morphs 
into...a dragon?


Ray: There's a trick to this fight.  He wants you to show him your 
power, so don't disappoint.  Use your dragon magic, and during the next 
round, he'll say 'this is all I have' and will attack all of you.  
Then, something happens.  Look at your dragon magic, and you'll notice 
a new dragon attack, g.drgn.  Use it, and you'll win.

  You'll talk a bit after the fight, and you learn Ray's real intent.  
He begs of Hero for a good god, and dies.  Follow Habaruku up the 
stairs and up another set of stairs to see Daisy.  Make sure you have 
Rand in your party.  Habaruku will taunt you in this room, and leave 
over a collapsable bridge.  Flip the switch to the right of the cell 
door and talk to Daisy with Rand at the head of the party.  Break the 
wall behind Daisy, and she insults you.  Run up the stairs.  

  In this room, there are two chests.  Follow the path down a ways, and 
take the fork left to a chest with an ElementAR, then head back to the 
fork, and head down and left to another chest with 1000C, then head 
right to go up the stairs.  In this room, there's a breakable wall.  
Use Rand to break it, and then realize that it's a trap.  Rand holds it 
back while the party escapes upstairs.  Daisy comes out and knocks Rand 
out of the way.  After a heartfelt moment, Rand continues, and meets 
the party upstairs.

  Open the chest for a BlastKN, and go up the stairs.  You'll be at the 
top of the church.  Follow the path to find Habaruku.  He doesn't want 
to fight, and sends an archer after you.  Defeat it easily, and another 
comes after you.  Move to the end of the path, and around to the other 
side of the room to see Habaruku.  He agrees to fight you, but only if 
you keep up to him.  He then falls down, and you follow him.  From 
where you land, head straight up into a room to get a DmndBR, and head 

  Head left to get to another room with a RainbwRB and go up the stairs 
at the end.  Here, there is a big room.  Follow the path to find a 
moving platform with 9 tiles, each with a direction to go.  They are as 


  Now, I'm sure that the letters are self explanitory.  I will number 
them as follows..


  Ok, step on 7, 4, 5, 2, 8, 9, and 1 to get a chest with a CrmsnCL, 
then fall down to the last floor.  Then, go back up to the platform, 
and step on 7, 4, 5, 8, 9, and 2 to get to the stairs down.  Make sure 
you're at full health, and enter the giant door.  Upon entering, you 
hear someone asking who it is.  Continue up, healing after you go 
through the laser gauntlet to find a dark sillouette.  Press the 
flashing blue button on the pedistal to illuminate the sillouette and 
reveal a man hooked to a machine.  He begs for you to kill him, and you 
start a boss battle.


Oldman and Guardeye:  Despite his words, don't attack the old man.  
Refrain from using multi target spells, and concentrate on the 
guardeyes first.  That renders most of Bleu's spells useless, so have 
her up the attack of the others.  The top right one heals the guardeyes 
with cure3, the one on the top left uses Freeze.  The one on the bottom 
uses Flame, with the old man in the middle.  Concentrate on the flame 
guy first, then go for the healing one, then the frost one.  This'll 
free the old man.

  The place starts crumbling, and Ganer uses Exit.  Now the whole place 
crumbles.  You find yourself in a room in Township, above the 
Carpenter's business.  You talk for a bit, and the guy takes notice of 
Hero's name.  He then introduces himself as Ganer.  A flashback ensues 
showing what happened at Gate that fateful day.  After the talk, head 
to the well, and talk to Eichichi, who's getting really excited over 
the machine.  Ganer comes and explains it, and volunteers to be the 
energy source.  Congrats, you have your flying township now!  This is 
crutial, as you'll see soon.

  Now, get the Earth and Holy Shamans, and fuse with them, if you want.  
The final area is coming up.

Gate: The Final Frontier

  Ok, by now you should have the flying township, if you've followed 
everything in my walkthrough thus far.  If not, then just go to Gate on 
the great bird.  Looking at the map, Gate is directly west of Mt. 
Maori.  There's also a cave that you can access gate from, it's 
entrance is south of the Hunter's place, where you fought Owljernon.  
You should remember this cave from the prologue.  You don't have to go 
there, but one of the township people, Bockden is here.  To get to him, 
enter the cave from the northern entrance, and at the first t section, 
continue right to find him.  He offers to open up a Dojo, but his 
Dojo's useless, from my experience.  Just go back to the T section, and 
head down to the next T section.  Heading left would bring you to the 
place where you fought the demon in the prologue, while heading right 
will bring you out of the cave, then head east to Gate.

Items: None
Party: Your preference, but I like Bleu, Katt, and B
Level: 40-42

  From the entrance, head to the dragon statue to the right of the 
church if you want, then head up into the glade behind the northern 
most house, and go up through the glade and into the middle exit.  You 
will find the villagers here, and Father Hulk is setting a bomb to blow 
up the dragon!!!  The bomb goes off, and the left and right gates are 
opened, releasing demons into the world.  From this point on, you can't 
call the great bird, so if you don't have flying township, getting 
around will be difficult.  Father Hulk realizes that the bombing was a 
mistake, and charges you to find Patty, who is knowledgeable in this 

  Ok, head back to Cotland where Patty was last, and learn that she 
isn't there anymore, and that she was hungry.  Go to the Wildcat 
Restaurant now, by warping to Simafort (you'll be by the dock on the 
mainland).  Talk to the chef, and he'll tell you that Patty left again, 
saying that she's going to challenge that grave again.  Go back to 
Thieves tomb now, and talk to the guy to the right of the entrance.  
The translation is messed up on this one.  It's supposed to say that 
Patty went to a new town to the south of Hometown, which would be 
Township.  Go back to township and go to the main house, by the dragon 
statue.  Patty's on the second floor, in the middle room.  Talk to her, 
and she'll go to Gate.  Head back to Gate as well.

  Go back to the glade, but don't go in the middle exit, but work your 
way around to the left exit and go in the left dragon cave.  You'll 
find Shin, the final shaman.  She sounds very meek when you speak to 
her.  Now go back to Granny's fusing place in township to fuse with her 
if you want, then go back to the glade and go through the middle exit 
this time.  All the villagers are gone except Hulk and Patty.  They 
talk for a bit, then the dragon talks, telling you guys to leave.  A 
scene later, Hulk turns into Habaruku, and explains a bit about his 
role in the situation.  He explains some other stuff, and tries to kill 
Patty, but the dragon intervenes and saves her, then knocks her away, 
then tells you to run.  Go back and save, then go and whup on Habaruku.


Habaruku: One of the final bosses in the game.  Use your most powerful 
attacks against him, which include G.dragon, BoltX, Missile, and Katt's 
attacking.  If she's shamanized, then use charge, then attack the next 
round.  Have your designated healer heal when necessary, and attack 
with their strong stuff.  Habaruku uses Hush, ag-down, and other 
attacks.  Goes down without much hassle. 

  Habaruku talks a bunch of spunk and dies.  The dragon speaks a bit, 
and offers a choice for Hero, wait for the demon to emerge or go in and 
defeat it.  Select wait to witness the bad ending if you want, then go 
and select go ahead and defeat it.  The dragon changes to the form of a 
woman.  She talks a bit, then goes to the gate and opens it with her 
life.  Go back and save, then prepare for the great beyond.

Infinity-Part 1
Items: ShinyBR, BusterBW, ShinyHT, NatureWP, Stamina, Pwrfood, HeroAR, 
MotherRB, ImortlRG, ShadowDR, DreamBR, FinalKN,     
Level: 44-48
Party: Sten, Katt (Shamanized), Rand (shamanized)

  This is the final area, if you have unfinished business, go and do it 
before you journey in here.  Make sure that Sten's unshamanized so you 
can take some shortcuts and get some chests that you couldn't get 
otherwise.  Once you're ready, go back to the main door and enter.  In 
this first room, head right around the room and down the first set of 
stairs.  You'll notice a little thing to the left of the stairs that 
you can cross with Unfused Sten, but if you don't have him, continue 
the other way.  Go down the second set of stairs, then go right to a 
chest with a ShinyBR, then head back to the second set of stairs, and 
go down the third set of stairs to reach the middle of the room.

  Go down from the stairs and head right to the post on the edge of the 
walkway, and using Sten, cross over and get the chest containing a 
BusterBW.  Head back over the gap and go down and follow the path, 
ignoring the doorway for now, and continuing left, then up the 
platforms to another chest with a NatureWP.  Head back to the door, and 
enter it.  This room is square, with 2 paths leading up from the door.  
Head up the left path for a ShinyHT, then go up the right path to go 
down the stairs to proceed.

  Head down the stairs to the right, and head left around the room, 
bypassing the stairs leading up, and continue until you get to a chest 
with a Stamina.  Then head all the way back, again ignoring the stairs 
leading up, and continue down the path, around the room again, and down 
yet again.  Don't go down to the stairs though, just continue to the 
last chest with Pwrfood, then head back and go down to the next level.  

  From the stairs, head left, around the stairs, and at the top of the 
room, head right, and down through the door to a couple of chests 
containing HeroAR and MotherRB.  Head back through the door, and head 
left, all the way around the room and get the chest at the 
end(CrsntSD), then head all the way back to the stairs going up.  Head 
down the path just to the right of the stairs, skip the first path 
heading up, and head up the second path to reach the stairs down to the 
next level.  

  The next series rooms are straight forward, so no problems here.  Now 
from the stairs, head down all the way, and get the chest for a HolySH, 
then head left, and up all the way and grab the chest for a Sunmask.  
Head back to the stairs from the last level, and head right, past the 
first path down, and take the second path down, then head right again, 
and up.  Take the chest with the ImortlRG, then head down all the way 
to the chest containing a ShadowDR.  Head back up a few flights until 
you reach the first path left, then take it.  When you reach the fork, 
head down the right one and grab the DreamBR, then go up one level, and 
take the narrow path right, then down to the next fork, and head left 
to grab the chest with a FinalKN in it, then continue along.  When you 
hit the fork, head south and follow the path to the stairs down.  From 
the stairs now, head down to the door to exit into the dragon colony of 

Level: 48-50
Party: Your choice

  An old man greets you at the door.  He resonates a light, then Hero 
resonates a light.  He proclaims you as the destined child, as the 
guardian dragon did.  He then takes you to the elder of the town.  The 
elder greets you, and goes into the history of the dragon clan and the 
creation of Deathevn.  When you gain control, talk to the old guy by 
the door to learn about your lineage a bit, then head out the door to 
throw yourself into a flashback.


This following passage of the walkthrough contains spoilers.  DO NOT 
read any further unless you want to be spoiled.

  Here you control a woman named Valerie.  Go and talk to everyone in 
the town, then go back to the house you started out in front of and 
enter.  You'll talk to Valerie's father and the elder a bit, then 
she'll go up to the surface. <note: we're treated to a nice little 
picture of Valerie, the same one that was in the prologue>  

  You're now in front of the entrance to Infinity, head through the 
glade into Gate, and into the church.  Head to the alter where Ganer 
is, and talk to him.  Play through the scene, and when you have control 
of Valerie, go and talk to all the villagers to hear what they have to 
say, then go back to the church.  Head up the stairs to see Hero when 
he was younger, and he speaks!!!!! O_O  Him and Valerie have a 
discussion, then go back downstairs.  Another scene later, go up the 
stairs of the church when you have control and talk to Hero again, then 
go outside to see Ganer battling a demon.  He defeats it, and tells 
Valerie to stay in the house if you talk to him.  A guy hiding behind 
the dragon statue will tell you that the demons came from the gate to 
Infinity, so go back there and inspect the gate.  Valerie makes the 
decision to turn to a dragon to strengthen the seal.  After she 
changes, she drops the 'Dragon's tear'.  After the scene, you go back 
to the present in Dologany.

  Go and talk to all the people here and you'll learn some more info.  
There's 2 woman who looks like the thief Patty but aren't (one has 
orange hair), and another person who looks like Ray.  The center house 
in the lower level of Dologany offers services in the form of items and 
resting quarters.  There's also a Dragon shrine here to save and change 
your party members, so put your best people in your party if they 
aren't.  Don't worry if they're not shamanized, you'll find out later. 

  Once you've finished with your business, head through the double 
doors in the pillar on the lower level to proceed.  In the following 
room, step on the discoloured tile in the center of the platform to go 
down into the final area of the game.

The Final Area

Infinity Pt. 2
Items: Noe'sRB, RiotST, HolyRP, DragonSH, DragonAR, DragonSD, HolySH, 
Level: 50+
Party: Your choice

  Head left from the platform and go down the path, ignoring the path 
to the right for now, and continue down, then at the fork, go down the 
left one.  Follow the path to a chest with a Noe'sRB, then head back to 
the first junction and head right and up into the door.  Here, the wise 
men of the Dragon reside.  They all look the same except for one elder 
in the middle, clothed in red.  Talk to him, and when he asks you the 
question, select yes.  Don't ask why, just say yes.  They will 
transport to an undisclosed area, and your party members are gone, 
leaving only you and the elder in red alone.  7 doors appear where the 
other wise men were, and the lead elder asks you to go into each one 
and talk to the party member at the end of the hallway.  They will 
disappear after you talk to them.  Once you've finished that, the elder 
will move from the door that he was blocking.  Enter it to find 
yourself at the end of the hallway.  'He' tells you that one of your 
party members must sacrifice themselves for you so you can attain the 
power of Anfini.  Go back and talk to the elder to make the decision.  
He will tell you to go into the room of the friend you wish to 
sacrifice.  Head back into the room where yourself is located and talk 
to him.  He will offer you a choice, select no to all of his queries, 
and you'll reappear outside of the rooms, to the right of the fountain 
in the middle of the main chamber.  The wise man of the dragon is 
there, and he awards Hero with the power of Anfini.  Notice that your 
fusions have gone now.

  If you wish, you can head back to Township to re-enact your fusions, 
but if you don't want to, then exit the wise men's chamber and head 
down the path. At the fork this time, head right and go down the 

  From the stairs, head left and up through the door.  Then head left 
from the door and down to get a chest with a RiotST, then head back to 
the right, and continue past the door that you entered from.  Head in 
the first door you see and down the ladder.  There are two ways you can 
go here, left and down.  Go down, and enter the door you see. Open the 
chest for a HolyRP, then go back to the junction and head left.  Follow 
it all the way and go down the ladder.  

  From the ladder, head right, then up the path, ignoring the path to 
the south, and the door to the upper-left of the flashing thingie in 
the middle of the room.  Enter the door and grab the chest for a 
DragonSH, then go back to the room with the flashing dohickie, and go 
in the door to the upper-left of it, and down the ladder.

  From the ladder now, head up the path into the larger room with 
another glowing thing in the middle of the room.  Ignore it and head up 
from it, grabbing the chest for a DragonAR.  Head back down, again 
ignoring the flashing thing and go past it.  There is a ladder here, a 
dragon statue beyond it, and a door beyond that.  Ignore the door, and 
save if you want, then head down the ladder.

  Head left from the ladder, and ignoring the flashing thing here, head 
into the door and grab the chest in the adjoining room for a DragonSD, 
then head back up the ladder.  Go back to the glowing thing and step 
into the middle of it to transport to another area.  There is a door 
just up from where you reappear, but don't enter it.  In it contains 
the sub boss Baubary, the monster you fought in the Prologue.  Head up 
though, and up the ladder.  

  Head right from where you appear and up the ladder you see.  Head up 
the path, and in the door you see contains a pure water fountain, where 
you can regain your strength.  You can gain levels here if you want, 
but when you're finished, continue up the path and go up the ladder.  

  Go left from the ladder, and down the first path for a chest with a 
HolySH in it. Go back up, and left, then down the second path.  Go up 
the ladder.  From the ladder, head down a bit, and then right all the 
way, grabbing the chest for a DragonHT.  Don't bother going down, it 
leads to a dead end.  Instead, head back left, then down to another 
ladder to go up.

  Go down from where you appear, and right through the door.  Head 
right from the door, and up.  Notice something?  You went in a complete 
circle, and are now near the door you first entered.  Now before you 
throw something at me, you had to do this to get all the chests in the 
final area.  Re-enter the door you first entered in this room, and 
retracing your steps, down the ladder, then head left all the way and 
continuing on.  In the first room with the flashing thingie, head in 
the door to the upper-left of it and down the ladder.  

  Again, ignore the flashing teleport thing, and head left, then down 
the path, past the ladder to the dragon statue to save your game.  If 
you're of good level and feel really confident about your status, head 
back to the teleporter in the middle of that room and enter it.  Now, 
enter the door just up from where you exit.  Notice that the room is 
totally black?  We're about to face Baubary, the strongest monster in 
the game.  Walk up from where you are to meet him.

Baubary:  He is the strongest fight, and a good challenge.  Keep your 
health over half to keep your fusions intact and attack with all you 
got, but hold on the dragon attacks for now.  After a bit of damage, 
Baubary offers you a choice, facek him one on one with just Hero, or 
face him with all your party.  You can do either, but his stats and HP 
are weakened when you fight him alone.  Make your decision and re-enter 
the fight.  Use your most powerful attacks now, and use your W.fruits 
and other MP replenishing items, and re-use G.dragon.  Baubary attacks 
with a slashing attack that deals 50 damage to your party, BoltX, 
Firebreath, and Coldbreath.  He deals a lot of damage, but you can beat 

  After you beat him, he congratulates you on your bravery and 
strength.  He tells you to turn right and proceed forward to receive 
your treasure.  Continue forward to exit.  Right outside is a save 
point for you to save at.  There is a water fountain just up from the 
save point as well.  Step on the warp pad to the southeast of the water 
to proceed.  You appear in a large room.  Head up from where you end 
up, and enter the door.  

  You appear on a narrow walkway.  Head up, and you'll see a guy appear 
before you.  His name is Evan.  After the scene (note: This is where 
the spoilers end.  I want you to experience this yourself), jam on the 
D pad to free yourself, then run up the walkway.  You will enter into a 
battle scene.  Watch it with interest.  Once the other scene happens, 
you enter into the final battle with Deathevn.  Use Anfini now, and 
your friends will rejoin you.  Deathevn whines a bit, then you enter 
into the battle one last time.

Deathevn: Do not hold anything back.  Use G.dragon and your other most 
powerful attacks.  Use W.fruit on Hero to replenish his MP and keep 
using G.Dragon.  Shamanized Rand, Bleu, and shamanized Katt make a good 
party here.  Have Katt use her charge attack, and heal with items when 
needed, as she's the fastest party member here.  Bleu can use boltX, 
and use items to replenish hero's MP.  Have her use Shed if her HP gets 
low.  Rand can just kick ass with attacking, healing with magic every 
so often.  Deathevn attacks with an electric prode from his chest on 
one party member, Coldbreath, Death, and Bonelzr, an attack that can do 
up to 120 damage on all party.  Keep pelting him, and he'll die.

CONGRATULATIONS, YOU BEAT THE GAME.  Depending on what you did, you get 
one of two endings.  See my endings guide to see what you do to get.  
I'll leave this to you.  

A: Carpenters

  There are three carpenters that you can choose from when you get 
Granny in Capitan.  Each one of the carpenters will bring something 
unique to the town, as well as different houses.  There are a few 
factors to put into the equation of who you pick.  First, there's the 
design of the houses, then the overall usefulness that the carpenter 
brings.  Of these, you can make your decision.

Carpenter 1: He's the guy that builds the regular houses.  You get him 
by default if you only saved the minimum amount of people.  He opens a 
bakery where you can cook items to get new items, or items you couldn't 
get anywhere else.  He's great for stat raising items, or the money 

Carpenter 2: He's the one that builds the houses on the poles, much 
like the gondolas in Tagwood.  You can get him if you save 3-4 people 
in the Capitan well.  What he does is he opens an othello-like game, in 
which you use the Tolen you find to get rare and unique items, like the 
TigerSD.  He's rather useful, but his items eventually get phased out 
by more powerful items you find.  Plus, you can't choose which spaces 
to drop the Tolen, making aquiring certain items a pain in the rear.

Carpenter 3: He builds the fancy Arabian golden houses you see in 
Capitan, and can be aquired by saving all the villagers in the well.  
He opens up a bar, where the patrons of the bar do certain things for 
you.  One guy tells you how long you've been playig, another tells you 
how many battles you've fought, how many times you've ran away and 
fallen in battle.  The bartender, which is the carpenter, offers to 
raise your condition to super for a monetary amount.  He's rather 
useless, but his houses are rather nice.

B: Tenant Locations :Coming soon:

Shamans and Fusing
  Fusion is the art of joining outside forces with your own to highten 
your abilities, or create a whole new being altogether.  Of course, you 
can't join with Shaman of opposing forces, like fire/water, air/earth, 
holy/dark, but Hero and Bleu can't join with Shaman, as they are 
powerful enough already.

A: Shaman Locations
  There are a total of 6 shamans in this game, and I'll tell you where 
to get them all.

Fire Shaman: She's part of the storyline, thus impossible to miss.  
She's between the inn and the house in Capitan.  Just talk to her with 

Water Shaman: She's located in Nimufu's tower.  After defeat Nimufu, 
head back down to the room with the 5 platforms on chains, then ride 
the furthest right one over to the top left corner, and go through the 
door, and up the stairs in the next room.  She'll be in that room.

Sky Shaman: She's in Sky Tower.  She's also impossible to miss, as 
she's the cause of some geological disturbances north of Farmtown.

Earth Shaman: Located in the backyard of Rand's mother's place in 
Farmtown.  First, donate 20 times to the shrine at Namanda before you 
venture to Evrai the first time, then after the St. Evrai chruch falls, 
come back here to get the Earth Shaman.

Holy Shaman: Located in the first room of the Bando underground 
passage, where the arrow tiles are.  Get her after Evrai crumbles.

Devil Shaman: Located in the left gate to infinity, after the guardian 
dragon gets bombed.

B: Shaman Combinations

Note: Bleu and Hero don't get shamanized, as they're powerful enough 
without it.

Shaman Combinations:

---- = fail
|||| = no change but new power
OOOO = great success
++++ = great success plus big change in appearence


	Fire	Water	Wind	Earth	Holy	Devil
Fire	----	----	----	----	----	----
Water	----	----	----	----	----	----
Wind	----	----	----	----	----	----
Earth	----	----	----	----	----	----
Holy	----	----	----	----	----	----
Devil	----	----	----	----	----	----


	Fire	Water	Wind	Earth	Holy	Devil
Fire	----	----	----	----	----	----
Water	----	----	----	----	----	----
Wind	----	----	----	----	----	----
Earth	----	----	----	----	----	----
Holy	----	----	----	----	----	++++
Devil	----	----	----	----	++++	----

	Fire	Water	Wind	Earth	Holy	Devil
Fire	----	----	----	----	----	++++
Water	----	----	----	----	----	++++
Wind	----	----	----	----	----	++++
Earth	----	----	----	----	----	----
Holy	----	----	----	----	----	----
Devil	++++	++++	++++	----	----	----


	Fire	Water	Wind	Earth	Holy	Devil
Fire	----	----	OOOO	||||	||||	||||
Water	----	----	OOOO	||||	OOOO	||||
Wind	OOOO	OOOO	----	----	++++	----
Earth	||||	||||	----	----	||||	||||
Holy	||||	OOOO	++++	||||	----	----
Devil	||||	||||	----	||||	----	----


	Fire	Water	Wind	Earth	Holy	Devil
Fire	----	----	++++	OOOO	OOOO	----
Water	----	----	||||	||||	||||	----
Wind	++++	||||	----	----	||||	----
Earth	OOOO	||||	----	----	||||	----
Holy	OOOO	||||	||||	||||	----	----
Devil	----	----	----	----	----	----


	Fire	Water	Wind	Earth	Holy	Devil
Fire	----	----	||||	++++	||||	----
Water	----	----	||||	++++	||||	----
Wind	||||	||||	----	----	||||	----
Earth	++++	++++	----	----	++++	----
Holy	||||	||||	||||	++++	----	----
Devil	----	----	----	----	----	----


	Fire	Water	Wind	Earth	Holy	Devil
Fire	----	----	----	----	----	++++
Water	----	----	++++	++++	++++	++++
Wind	----	++++	----	----	----	OOOO
Earth	----	++++	----	----	++++	----
Holy	----	++++	----	++++	----	----
Devil	++++	++++	OOOO	----	----	----


	Fire	Water	Wind	Earth	Holy	Devil
Fire	----	----	----	----	----	----
Water	----	----	||||	----	++++	----
Wind	----	||||	----	----	++++	----
Earth	----	----	----	----	----	----
Holy	----	++++	++++	----	----	----
Devil	----	----	----	----	----	----


	Fire	Water	Wind	Earth	Holy	Devil
Fire	----	----	----	----	----	----
Water	----	----	----	----	----	----
Wind	----	----	----	----	----	----
Earth	----	----	----	----	----	----
Holy	----	----	----	----	----	----
Devil	----	----	----	----	----	----

New Power after fusion:

Chge: Duel extra damage in next round (approx 4 times I suspect)

Bnsh: Causing enemies to flee from battle (random)

Swch: switch monster to fight in battle

Wake: wake a downed character

Spar(Girly Look)
Spor: unknown, please inform me the use of it

Spar(Onion Look)
Bud: Unstoppable attack(similar to Berserker in FF serious)

Spar(Dragon Plant Look)
Ntre: Same as original Spar

Jean(Great Frog Look)
Chop: Save strength up for 1 turn then slash with mighty strength that 
deal 999 damage to all enemies, might fail

Hunting And Fishing 

A: Hunting Overview

B: Fishing Overview

C: Fishing for 
Here, I'll document the locations of some treasure chests that you can 
aquire while fishing. First, make sure you have the Charm Rod.

EmpireSD ~ Fishing area just east of Township.  With the great bird, 
follow the coast line east, and just after the curve down, you should 
see a piece of land on the left of the mountain range, that looks like 
a paralelogram tilted on it's edge, like this..


*note* Asterik (*) denotes the area

This is more or less, a faithful ascii art of the area.  To the left of 
the area, you should make out the faint edge of a beach, while 
mountains are to the right of the designated area.  The fishing spot 
will appear on the point of the rectangle.

LifeAR ~ Fishing spot to the right of the exit of the cave to Gate, the 
one you entered in during the prologue with chibi Bow.  The exit is on 
the Gate side of the cave.

IronBR ~ 
D: Manillo

Secrets & Sidequests

A: Getting Chop Chop

WildCat Restaurant
Items: None
Level: 16
Requirements: To aquire this, you must go before the Witch Reunion.  
Preferably before you even go to Nimufu's tower.

  If you go to the WildCat Restaurant, located to the west of Simafort, 
a good party to take is Rand, Nina, and Sten.  Head along the west 
bank, and you'll see a cave on the left side of the waterfall.  This is 
the Wild Cat Restaurant.  Go in, and read the plaque on the wall by the 
door to learn that proper ettiquette is strictly enforced.  Talk to the 
guard and he'll ask that you leave all your items at the door!!  Agree, 
and enter.  In the first room, there's a plaque on the wall by what 
looks like a holding place for things.  In every room there's the same 
plaque, but asks a different thing.  In this one, it asks you to remove 
your helmets.  The next one asks you to remove your armor, and put on a 
napkin.  The one after that asks you to exchange your weapons and 
shields for forks and plates.  The next one asks for you to rub salt 
and pepper on your body.  The last one asks 'how do you want your 
meat'.  There are three choices, rare, medium, and well done.  Pick 
rare.  If you don't obey the plaques, at each exit of a room, you'll 
face a bouncer.  These guys'll wear you out, so it's best to obey the 

  Now, entering the next room, you notice that you're standing on a 
giant grill.  Flames shoot out, and you lose HP depending on what you 

Rare~1/4 of your total HP
Medium~ Half of your HP
Well Done~ Reduced to 1 HP

  After the flame barrage, someone comes out of the other door, and 
yells at you still not cooked.  He then tells you that he'll dice you, 
then attacks.


Wild Cat: This guy's tough, especially since you don't have any healing 
items or your armor or weapons.  Do the best you can.  He uses Chop 
chop, dealing roughly 70HP damage to a party member, and dice, which 
deals over 100Dmg to a party member.  He also attacks for 30Dmg.  Use 
Hero's dragon transformation, then have him attack.  Rand can attack, 
or cure with either Cure or Cure2, if he has Cure2 already.  Nina, use 
S.Boom, and Sten can use Flame, and then attack when his MP runs low.  
One or two of your characters might fall to his chop chop and dice, but 
you'll beat him.

  After the fight, the guy'll zip into the restaurant.  Enter the 
restaurant, and talk to the guy behind the counter.  He'll appologize, 
and ask if you forgive him.  Say he's forgiven, and he gets happy.  
He'll comment that you have a big heart.  Say yes, and he'll be so 
glad, that he'll teach you chop chop.  Put the person you want to learn 
this ability in front, and he'll show it to you.  It might be a good 
idea to give this to Nina, as her regular attacks won't do over 70 dmg, 
but you should give it to someone who'll be in your party lots.  I 
would recommend that you give this to Sten though, as he'll need it 
later. *note* If you don't follow the signs' orders, he'll only give 
your party a small HP boost.

B: Boombada 

Ok, I'm not even going to attempt this thing, but luckily someone e-
mailed me the correct sequence to do this.  You can get Boombada after 
the fall of Evrai.  Go back to Namanda and head up to the room with the 
bells in it, played by the two guys.  The one guy is there, and he's 
crying that his partner isn't there.  This is where you come in.  Press 
the buttons in unison (the asteriks are the other guy's tunes, A and B 
are your buttons, the - is a pause) 
(beat of 4) *A*B**-A*B*A**-B***B**AB****A-A  
As an added note, the AB combination must be quick, but the A-A has a 
pause in between. The Boombada spell (if you didn't get it yet) takes a 
large black ball and drops it on the enemies, giving adequate damage to 

C: Bleu 

  Bleu is the game's secret character, and can be obtained anytime 
after you get Grandpa the Whale.  Once you get Grandpa, trace the coast 
line of _all_ the land so you can complete the map.  It makes things 
easier.  Now that the map's completed, head to Township, and from 
there, swim along the coast line to the south and east..all the way 
down the continent, until you come around the southern bend and begin 
to come up again.  At the very first beach you see there, disembark.  
You should be in a desert area.  Take 6 steps up from the beach, and 
one step right.  This is Bleu's home, but she's not there right now.  
Chat with the ghosts in the main room, and a third one in Bleu's room.  
Open the chest for a Tolen, then check the only unopened dresser for a 
Cond. Up, then leave and head for Hometown.

  Once in Hometown, head for the second floor of the Magic School.  Go 
in the left classroom, and talk to the first girl on the left.  The 
girl will speak a bit, then change to Bleu.  Then she'll force her way 
into your party.

D: Flying Township
  Once your 1st level town is completed (three houses, carpenter's 
house) you can do the first step in getting Flying Township.  Head back 
to Township, and to the right of the Carpenter's house, there's a well 
there.  Enter the well, and you'll be in some sort of underground room, 
with a door leading up.  Head through the door to see a strange device 

  Now, when you get Grandpa, head south from W.Cape to a pennisula, 
then head right, past a small island, and you'll see a larger island.  
Tunlan's directly above this, but you don't want to go there right now.  
Instead, circle the island until you come to it's beach, and disembark.  
Head left, and you'll see a town there, nestled in a hilltop.  This is 
Guntz, a machinery and weapons town.  You can buy the powerful BrassSD 
for a pretty penny here.  But as well, head up to the last house there.  
Enter it, and there's an old man there, named Karashinikofu.  Talk to 
him if you want, then head to the back wall, between the two bookcases.  
Walk right, behind the bookcases to proceed to a hidden room.  
Eichichi's in this room, but she may be hidden in the south wall of her 
room.  She gets all orgasmic about machines, and when you mention the 
machine underneath Township, she gets all giddy and heads there right 

  The last part comes into play when you get to the Evrai Church.  In 
the basement of the church, you fight an old man, hooked up to a 
machine, and with enemies attacking you.  Defeat the enemies, but do 
not hit the old man.  This guy turns out to be Ganer, Hero's Father.  
Ganer joins up with Township, to be the power source for Township.  Now 
you have your own flying Township.

  The controls are simple.  Just talk to Eichichi to start it.

E: Monster Island

  In the game, like most RPGs, there's a special place, where the 
monsters yield insane ammounts of exp.  This such place is just north 
east from Capitan.  From the beach south of Capitan, board grandpa the 
whale, and sail west, following the coastline.  At the top of the land 
mass, where you can see where Granny's forest was, make for straight 
east.  You should see a bit of land at the top of the screen, with a 
beach there.  This is monster Island.  There are 4 monsters available 
to fight here.  They have lots of hp, and do lots of damage, but aren't 
unbeatable.  I'll tell you how to beat them.

A.Sludge~ Use Bow's shot or death

Chorking~ Chopchop, an attack spell item(i.e. frizbee), or a spell from 
a weapon, like the fireRG.

Gonghead- Bow's shot

G.Sludge~ Watch it, they are immensely powerful.  Usually come in packs 
of 2 or three.  They're shaped like normal sludges, but are gold in 
colour.  Use G.Dragon against them if you have it.  If not, then use 
your T.Dragon, and heal up Hero with Wfruits.

F: The endings

  There are a total of 3 endings for BoF 2, graded bad, good, and best.  
Here's how to get them.

Bad ending:  After defeating Habaruku at Gate, the dragon asks if you 
want to go in and defeat Detheven now, or wait.  Choose wait.

Good ending: Accessable if you didn't save Ganer in Evrai, or didn't 
complete the other requirements for the flying township.

Best ending: You can aquire this ending by saving Ganer and completing 
the flying township.

G: The church that gives?!

  Simple really, just go to a church with no money in your pockets, and 
ask to give a donation.  The father will see that you have no money, 
and will give you 10Z instead.  Deposit and repeat as necessary.

Character Spells
This is the section where I'll list the spells that each character gets

L:2 - Timewarp
L:7 - Cure1
L:16- Cure2
L:19- Smoke
L:**- Puppy Transformations (FirPuppy, IcePuppy, T.Puppy)
L:**- Dragon Transformations (FireDrgn, IceDrgn, T.Drgn)
L:**- G.Drgn
L:**- Anfini


L:2 - Cure1
L:3 - CurePsn
L:6 - Def-Up
L:16- Cure2
L:20- Renew
L:23- Heal
L:26- Def-UpX
L:30- Cure4
L:33- Cure3
L:36- RenewX
L:40- CureX


L:11- Fireball
L:13- Hail
L:15- BoltX


L:**- Cure1
L:**- CurePsn
L:9 - Thunder
L:17- Cure2
L:24- 8.0
L:27- Renew
L:31- Heal
L:35- Cure3
L:37- Cure4


L:**- Tornado
L:**- Cold 
L:**- Thunder
L:**- Spark
L:9 - Ag-Down
L:10- Pwr.Down
L:12- Exit
L:13- S.Boom
L:15- Def-Down
L:17- Drain
L:20- Flame
L:22- Typhoon
L:24- Freeze
L:26- Angel
L:28- Death
L:31- Hail
L:36- BoltX
L:55- Fireball
L:56- Bomb
L:57- Missile


L:**- Spark
L:10- Bomb
L:15- Flame
L:33- Fireball
L:38- Missile


L:**- Ag-Up
L:12- Hush
L:14- Warp
L:16- Pwr.Down
L:18- Cold
L:20- Idle
L:30- Angel
L:32- Death
L:34- Renew


L:**- Cold 
L:**- Cure1 
L:**- Ag-Down 
L:**- Pwr.Down 
L:**- Def-Down 
L:**- Hush 
L:**- Ag-Up
L:14- Def-Up
L:16- Idle
L:18- Exit
L:19- Warp
L:21- Sap
L:22- Drain
L:26- Cure2
L:28- Freeze
L:30- Shield
L:32- Def-UpX
L:36- Atk-Up


L:**- S.Boom 
L:**- Bomb 
L:**- Flame 
L:**- Freeze 
L:**- Death 
L:**- Ag-Down 
L:**- Pwr.Down 
L:**- Def-Down 
L:**- Ag-Up 
L:**- Def-Up 
L:**- Atk-Up 
L:**- Sap 
L:**- Drain 
L:**- Exit 
L:**- Warp
L:36- Fireball
L:37- Hail
L:38- Missile
L:39- BoltX

Weapon, Armor, Item, and 
Spell lists

Town Shop Lists


Weapon Shop

BronzeSD   250Z
FalseBW    300Z
SuedeAR    300Z
SaladBwl    60Z
SteelAR    120Z

Item Shop

Herb         8Z
Antdt       12Z
LifePl     500Z
Smoke      100Z
Worm         4Z
Shrimp      20Z
Urchin      10Z
StickRod   300Z


Weapon Shop

HexadST    250Z
BronzeSD   250Z
LeotrdCL   320Z
SuedeAR    300Z
RangerCL   510Z
SaladBwl    60Z
BronzeHT   390Z
SteelAR    120Z

Item Shop

Herb         8Z
HelpBL      50Z
WFruit     200Z
Antdt       12Z
Vtmn       200Z
TearDr     100Z
LifePl     500Z
Smoke      100Z


Weapon Shop

MagicRG    530Z
LongSD     620Z
RevetKN    460Z
WoodenDR   290Z
ChainML    720Z
HolyRB     530Z
GlassRG    380Z
BronzeSH   510Z

Item Shop

Herb         8Z
HelpBL      50Z
WFruit     200Z
Antdt       12Z
Vtmn       200Z
TearDr     100Z
LifePl     500Z
Smoke      100Z


Item Shop

Herb         8Z
HelpBL      50Z
WFruit     200Z
Antdt       12Z
Vtmn       200Z
TearDr     100Z
LifePl     500Z
Smoke      100Z


Weapon Shop

LongRP    1200Z
BronzeST   940Z
IronKN    1000Z
CrossBW    780Z
IronAR    1350Z
IronML    1400Z
KnightHT   790Z
Backlaw    990Z

Item Shop

HelpBL      50Z
WFruit     200Z
CureAl     400Z
LifePl     500Z
Smoke      100Z
Worm         4Z
Shrimp      20Z
Urchin      10Z


Weapon Shop

MothDR    1900Z
IvyWP     1300Z
TwinBW    3000Z
StockRP   2400Z
QuickCL   1600Z
BreathAR  2500Z
CrmsnRB    950Z
CharmSH   1350Z

Item Shop

HelpBL      50Z
WFruit     200Z
CureAl     400Z
LifePl     500Z
Smoke      100Z
Worm         4Z
Shrimp      20Z
Urchin      10Z


*coming later*


Weapon Shop

BrassSD   8500Z
BlndedAR 12000Z
BlndedML  8000Z
BlndedML  6800Z

Item Shop

HelpBL      50Z
WFruit     200Z
CureAl     400Z
LifePl     500Z
Smoke      100Z
F.Spice    100Z
ShaveIce   100Z
Frizbee    100Z

Gandaroof Town 1

Weapon Shop

BronzeSD   250Z
LongRP    1200Z
DoubleWP  8000Z
ChuckDR   5800Z
SuedeAR    300Z
SilverAR  5800Z
RistBand    10Z
WhiteSH   4300Z

Gandaroof Town 3

Item Shop

HelpBL      50Z
WFruit     200Z
CureAl     400Z
LifePl     500Z
Smoke      100Z
F.Spice    100Z
ShaveIce   100Z
Frizbee    100Z


Weapon Shop

IceBW     9800Z
ThndrRP   8400Z
EarthAR   6100Z
SokletAR  3600Z
GuardSH   5300Z


Item Shop

HelpBL      50Z
WFruit     200Z
CureAl     400Z
LifePl     500Z
Smoke      100Z
Worm         4Z
Shrimp      20Z
Urchin      10Z


First of all, I'd like to thank you for reading my walkthrough thus 
far.  I hate having to send in unfinished work, but I know that If I 
work on it too much, I lose interest.  I don't want this to happen, as 
I see too many people on the board asking for help on a certain part of 
the game.  I'd like to thank CJayC for making a wonderful forum for our 
interpersonal matters, gaming and social alike, as well as a host for 
all the FAQs, walkthroughs, codes, secrets, and the like.  I'd also 
like to thank the following people for various reasons.

~ ShiRyu87 (ivan_vg87@hotmail.com) for pointing out the true purpose of 
Rand's Wake ability, and a few errors.

~ Seth Huber (drgnseth10@aol.com) for pointing out the damage factor 
indetermining how much damage Jean's jab does.

~ Mike82819@aol.com for giving me Bleu's age

~ Sweetjebus (No e-mail provided) for giving me info on the CharmSH 
rumor in the Upa cave

~ DrgnSeth10@aol.com for the info on Spar's nature ability.

~ Kenneth Djuwidja (djuwidja@hotmail.com) for providing me with the 
shaman combinations and added attacks

~ countless others for confirming the CharmSH thing in Upacave

~ Kung Fu Rider (kungfu_rider@hotmail.com) for the Japanese Character 

~ Chris (farsight37@hotmail.com) for his complete Magic list for each 

~Kory McCullough (snoutsc@hotmail.com) for the Boombada information

You can find authorized versions of my FAQ/Walkthrough at these places

~ www.gamefaqs.com
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