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Reviewed: 04/14/02 | Updated: 04/14/02

One small dorky kid has one big geeky adventure...

Dexter’s Laboratory is an animated television show that can be found on various kid’s television channels, and is what this game is based on. The game starts off with you as the character Dexter, the geeky kid genius that has his own laboratory in a secret underground warehouse, right under his very own house. His sister Dee Dee is always bothering him, and ruining all of his experiments. That’s the very way this game starts off, with you having to clean up a mess after Dee Dee has fooled around with one of your experiments.

Dexter had just built a new machine that he planned to use for some experiments. Dee Dee managed to sneak into the basement and accidentally stumbled into the machine. As soon as Dexter realized what was happening, his usual feelings of outrage swelled up inside of him. Miniature Dee Dee’s started coming out of the machine, and there were tons of them! Your job is to now run through the various levels and collect the miniature Dee Dee’s, and return them to the machine. Once you return all of them, then you can return your sister to her normal form. Now, start collecting miniature versions of your sister!

Actually, that’s all you’ll be doing. Search for them, deposit them in the machine. Back and forth, back and forth. I never encountered even one boss throughout the whole timed I played. Even though that’s all your doing, the game tries to make it seem like there are other objectives. This is the type of game that forces you to go back through levels and pick up objects, and open up new areas that help you find more of the Dee Dees.

You’ll encounter different things in levels. Switches that must be held down by a box you push on them. Finding a wrench you must use on a box in another part of the same level, usually on the other side. You’ll practically know the levels off by heart by the time you’re done the game, because the game so consistently forces you to go back and forth. All of the gameplay elements that are found here, are nothing new. There’s hardly anything innovative about this game that gives it an edge over other games in the same genre.

Dexter can do a variety of things. He can punch with his fist, against mobile enemies. He can do a sort of jump kick, that can be extremely hard to land on the enemies. Sometimes, if you can find power-ups, there is a gun that has a limited amount of ammo that can be used on enemies. Your health is measured in a green bar at the top of the screen. After falling down a hole, or getting hit by an enemy, you’ll lose some of that green bar. You also have lives, and once your green bar diminishes to nothing, it is refilled and a life is taken away. To capture a miniature Dee Dee that you can see running around the level, you have to switch from equipping your hand to equipping a robotic arm. This arm stretches out fairly far, and you have to get it close to Dee Dee for it to latch on. Then, once your holding her you have to look throughout the level for a pipe that will suck up the Dee Dee and deposit her in the machine. This then displays your percentage completed, as well as a Dee Dee body picture that gets filled with colour from bottom to top, as you collect more Dee Dees.

The game features thirty-two levels, spanning eight areas. That’s nothing to laugh at, even though they’re basically the same things over and over. There are 124 Dee Dee’s in total to collect and this will take a long time to gather. This replayability slightly makes up for the repetitive gameplay, but doesn’t even the score.

Overall, this is just another sub-par game that tries to make some extra cash from unsuspecting fans of the TV show. If you really want to play this game, rent it first. Don’t expect anything big from this game though. Set your expectations low. This way, you won’t be disappointed when you discover and see its an average game.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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