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Reviewed: 09/27/10

Watered down but solid where it counts makes it worth playing.

This racer plays like a Hang On clone and that's not a bad thing. I can't say it's better than the Sega classic, but it's a fair comparison for a frame of reference.

Controls: 9
Though this game requires little more than turning, braking, and accelerating, it does it to perfection. That's something to be said as this simple game play play scheme has been done poorly by developers. The bike turns and leans the moment you hit the gamepad. The braking is also just as immediate. This makes for a fun game. The most challenging operation to perform are negotiating the really tight turns, especially if they are one after another. There's a little finesse to learn but this is very intuitive. Pretty much, if you'd played any racing game before, Moto Gp will be second nature to anyone. Learnigg curve it literally 5 minutes, maybe less.

Once you max out your MPH, there's a meter on the lower left that when fully charged, will give you a temporary boost by pressing down while popping a wheelie. This runs out quick but recharges very quickly as well. Great for making up time on straightaways and passing those currently ahead of you.

Gameplay: 7
The Good:

Straight forward fare. Pretty standard race options.
Quick Race
Time Attack
Grand Prix
None of these are very deep but it's a hand held, this is on the go gaming after all.

Options are Difficulty, Weather on / off and Music on / off

16 tracks in all ( Most need to be unlocked ) from around the world. Some more challenging than others, but outside of the nicely rendered backgrounds. Other than that, nothing that really distinguishing between them.

Some varying weather conditions are thrown in for a nice touch, but doesn't seem to affect the game play other than a visual change. Still a nice little touch. You can this option on and off, but the degree of the weather is at the games discretion.

10 different riders also from around the world. I'm guessing these are actual riders as I don't follow the sport. You start off with a choice of 3 and unlock 7 more.

The sense of speed is very good. Watching the signs on the side of the road fly by really gives you the feel of flying down the track.

Other riders, mainly in front of you will seem to try to block you, which only slows you down, but wiping out on a tight turn will eat up a few seconds while you're placed back on the track.

The Bad:
No create a player. It would have been fun to create a rider

No bike modification. You unlock better rides as you go, but nothing that let's you adjust anything. I wouldn't even gripe about visual customization, palette swaps are easy enough, but to adjust a motorcycle from scratch and upgrade engines, tires, ect. would have been nice. This doesn't kill the game, but does make me glad I only paid just under 10 dollars for it.

The game tends to just blend into the walls. It's a solid game, with little to no issues but nothing to make it stand out. For the GBA however, it's still fairly impressive.

The Ugly:
Password? Really? A PASSWORD?!
I won't go any further on this, We all know that's BS for a portable game and well within the limits of what the GBA and it's games can handle.

The Verdict: 7

Moto GP is a good game considering it's a GBA game.
Some more features would make it a great game, but if you're looking for a solid racer that does what you want it to do without fighting it, it's a fun way to waste your time. The graphics are great, no slowdown, and fluid with very responsive controls. It may be a bit watered down, but the game play is aces.

As I said before, this game is pretty much a Hang On clone. If you don't have Hang On for the GBA, this is the next best thing.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: MotoGP (US, 03/08/02)

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