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Game Script by Engineer Cid

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 04/20/2003

--------------------------------------- TM
|                                     |
|  Z O N E  O F  T H E  E N D E R S   |
|                                     |
|    -----------      ----------      |
|    |         |      |        |      |
|    |         |      |        |      | 
|    |         |      |        |      |
|    |         |      |        |      |
------         --------        --------

T  H  E   F  I  S  T   O  F   M  A  R  S

          Game Script ver. 1.2
        transcribed by engr. cid
No part of this script must be used for 
profitable purposes. Distribute as long 
as everything remains intact.

The transcriber is in no way related to
the producers of Zone of the Enders:
The Fist of Mars.

Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars, its 
logos, characters, etc. is copyrighted to
Konami Japan.


[1] You are reading a Game Script, so expect Spoilers all throughout!

[2] The script is following the good ending path with Nadia as
    the pilot of Vjaya. 
[3] I do not recommend that you read this if you haven't played the 
    game, rather read it for _recall_. Really, this is an excellent 
    game, so play it!

           Version History           
           I. Mech Reference
           II. Chara Reference
           III. Terminology File
           IV. Scenes Script (SCENE## included to mark pre-scenes)
               Scene 01: On the Battle God's Palm
               SCENE01 CLEARED
               Scene 02: Perpetual Motion
               SCENE02 CLEARED
               SCENE06 CLEARED
               Scene 07: Opposing Tracks
               SCENE07 CLEARED
               Scene 08: Darkness Dyed by Darkness
               SCENE08 CLEARED
               Scene 09: Sincerity
               SCENE09 CLEARED
               Scene 10: A Pure Heart... And the Price It Pays
               SCENE10 CLEARED
               Scene 11: Double Deal
               SCENE11 CLEARED
               Scene 12: Between Good and Evil
               SCENE12 CLEARED
               Scene 13: The Gift
               SCENE 13 CLEARED
               Scene 14: The Card Turned Down
               SCENE14 CLEARED
               Scene 15: The Darkness That Came From Light
               SCENE15 CLEARED
               Scene 16: Uncertain Future
               SCENE16 CLEARED
               Scene 17: Rebirth
               SCENE17 CLEARED
               Scene 18: Dark Half
               SCENE18 CLEARED
               Scene 19: Clawing the Red Earth
               SCENE19 CLEARED
               Scene 20: Missing Line
               SCENE20 CLEARED
               Scene 21: A Faint Light from the Depths
               SCENE21 CLEARED
               Scene 22: Heaven-Bound Wings
               SCENE22 CLEARED
               Scene 23: Fulfillment of a Promise
               SCENE23 CLEARED
               Scene 24: Pharsti
               SCENE24 CLEARED
               Scene 25: Reunion
               SCENE25 CLEARED
          V. Credits

Version History:

April 10, 2003 (0.1): Mech Reference, Chara Reference, and Scenes 07-11

		I was able to write scripts from Scene 01 upto 
		Scene 06 but they got deleted from my computer! 
		Since I am playing Scene 07, I re-started the
		script from that scene. Once I finish the game, 
		I'll play again to write the script for them.

April 11, 2003 (0.2): Scene 12

April 12, 2003 (0.3): Scene 13-Scene 17

April 13, 2003 (0.4): Added notes, Scene 18

April 14, 2003 (0.5): Scene 19-22

April 15, 2003 (0.6): Scene 23-24

April 16, 2003 (0.7): Scene 25

April 17, 2003 (1.0): Ending [ SCENE25 CLEARED ]

April 18, 2003:  Scene 01

April 20, 2003 (1.2): Scene 02

| Mech Reference                    |

Cage's LEV

	Category: LEV
	The LEV used by Cage in his
	escape from Bonaparte III.
	Higher-grade than the
	average LEV, it is equipped
	with Pharsti, the A.I. who is
	a source of support to the
	inexperienced Cage.


	Category: OF
	The true identity of Cage's
	LEV. Secretly tested and
	built by Zephyrs, Bolozof
	should have been its frame
	runner. Limitless capacity.
	Named "Testament" by
	Pharsti, which may refer to
	the covenant between Pharsti
	and Cage... But there seems
	to be a deeoper underlying
	meaning to its nomenclature.
	Zephyrs and his crew call it
	the "New Model Animus."


	Category: OF
	OF used by BIS, whose
	composition allows for
	ninja-like agility and speed.
	Comparatively lower in
	offensive ability, but can
	perform two types of burst 
	attacks. Rare model.


	Category: OF
	First-ever OF used by BIS,
	designed as mid- to
	long-range backup support.
	Lacking in durability.

Durandal II

	Category: OF
	OF used by BIS, designed 
	specifically for close-range
	combat. Durable, and 
	reserved for the best frame
	runners in the galaxy.
	Durandal I (LEV) was
	destroyed by Warren.


	Category: LEV
	Lev used by BIS. Much more
	agile than the average LEV,
	and excels in combat
	involving the "leg" area.
	"Justeen," along with
	"Dreizehn," was the nickname 
	given these machines by 
	Yukito; the official name of
	this LEV is "Francesca."


	Category: LEV
	LEV used by BIS. Better at
	long-range sniper-style
	shooting than the average
	LEV. "Dreizehn" is a 
	nickname, meaning "thirteen"
	in German. Official name:


	Category: LEV
	LEV used by BIS. Contains
	stronger defense structures
	than the average LEV, but a
	bit sluggish. Ability to attack
	and/or serve as a backup
	support unit. Name means
	"steel" in Latin.


	Category: AFV
	Tanker used by BIS, designed
	as a means of transporting
	humans. Since defense 
	mechanisms and other
	devices are kept to a bare
	minimum, it is unfit for
	battle. Replenishment system
	on board.


	Category: AFV
	Tanker used by BIS, designed
	as a means of transporting
	various goods. Maintenance
	resources on board.
	Moderate defensive
	capacities, but inadequate 
	for combat.

Category: AFV

Tanker used by BIS with 
replenishment system, the
base of which is the Blade
model. Robin's customization
of replenishment utilities and
weapons has made its
operation complicated, but
these changes are necessary
in the complexities of warfare.

Security Force LEV A

	Category: LEV
	Slightly older-model LEV for
	Security Force use. Features
	handgun for close combat.

Security Force LEV B

	Category: LEV
	Slightly older-model LEV for
	Security Force use. Features
	machine gun for mid-range

Regular Force LEV A

	Category: LEV
	New-model LEV for UNSF use.
	Not that unfit for battle.
	Features machine gun.
Regular Force LEV A

	Category: LEV
	New-model LEV used by the
	UNSF. Able to attack at great
	distances by missile.

Reinforced LEV A

	Category: LEV
	New-model LEV with 
	modifications further
	fortifying its defensive and
	offensive features. Equipped
	with machine gun.

Reinforced LEV B

	Category: LEV
	New-model LEV with 
	modifications further
	fortifying its defensive and
	offensive features. Equipped
	with missiles.

Reinforced LEV C

	Category: LEV
	New-model LEV with 
	modifications further
	fortifying its defensive and
	offensive features. Equipped
	with beam bullets.


	Category: LEV
	New-model LEV customized by
	Ned. Features include the
	terrifying Death Masquerade, 
	a maneuver in which a 
	laserblade continually slices
	everything with which it
	makes contact.

Bizac S

	Category: LEV
	Modified LEV used by Special
	Task Force Acemos. Bolozof's 
	pride and joy, it uses 
	technology developed by
	Zephyrs. Thick outer shell
	equiped with blades.


	Category: LEV
	Modified LEV used by Special
	Task Force Acemos. Basically
	identical to the Bizac S, but
	with a thinner outer shell
	and reinforced thruster unit.
	Category: Large
	Large LEV utilizing metatron
	advocated by Zephyrs; used
	mostly in riot control.
	Roughly 2-3 times the size
	of the average LEV,
	assistance intelligence
	installed enables complex
	maneuvers to be handled
	with ease, even by just one
	pilot. Looks like an octopus,
	jellyfish, or other similar
	deep-sea creature. (Interior
	is a direct plagiarism of

Category: Large

The HarutMarut after
reconstruction following
damage; also known as
"Number 2." Unlike previous
models, the inner mechanisms
are based on Zephyrs'
research of the Tempest.

Unmanned Fighter A

	Category: Fighter
	Unmanned fighter machine
	widely used by UNSF.
	Effectiveness moderate.

Unmanned Fighter B

	Category: Fighter
	Unmanned fighter machine
	widely used by UNSF.
	Effectiveness moderate.
	Equipped with missiles for
	long-range attack.

Black Frame

	Category: ???
	The mystery machine that 
	destroyed Bonaparte, the
	spine of which is a bony
	structure reminiscent of a
	bird's wing. Completely black,
	conjures up images of the 


	Category: OF
	The true identity of the 
	Black Frame. An older model 
	of the Animus series, it os 
	equipped with Version a of
	the I.D.O. Mindflow System,
	making it an imposing enemy
	even for Testament; it is
	possible, however, for the
	pulse to flow backwards and
	kill the frame runner inside.
	Category: OF
	Unmanned OF devised by
	BAHRAM. Endless variations in
	programs, outer shell, and
	other options.

Mummy Head A
	Category: OF
	Unmanned OF devised by
	BAHRAM with tremendous
	attack potential. Equipped
	with phalanx, a shooting

Mummy Head B
	Category: OF
	Unmanned OF devised by
	BAHRAM with tremendous
	attack potential. Equipped
	with halberd, a shooting

	Category: OF
	Unmanned OF devised by
	BAHRAM. Lacking in durability,
	but has the ability to
	approach its target quickly
	and undetected.

	Category: OF
	OF used by BAHRAM, and
	Ned's latest machine.
	Metatron in interior enables
	automatic self-repair.
	Unmanned combat mode also
	available. Has distinctive
	hands with knives at the

	Category: OF
	OF used by BAHRAM which
	resembles a large praying
	mantis. Both hands equipped
	with gillius, razor-like clamps
	with which it seizes enemies
	and slices them in half.

	Category: OF
	OF used by BAHRAM, same
	base as Grafficane. Beautiful
	red exterior, features cat's
	claw-like weapon, beatrice,
	for close-range combat.

	Category: OF
	OF used by BAHRAM. Same
	class machine as the
	"Tyrant," but features the
	addition of the Mindflow
	System as well as extensive
	interior renovation to
	counteract the Marlblanke
	Effect. Equipped with gigantic 
	bullet barrels on either
	hand, it excels in both long-
	and close-range combat. The
	two weapons compatible with
	this model are called "crime"
	and punishment."

Construction LEV

	Category: LEV
	Widely used by civilians for
	construction purposes, the
	Construction LEV has no 
	battle features but is the
	only means of fighter unit
	for most.

Mars Angels LEV
	Category: LEV
	LEV driven by the Mars 
	Angesl. Exterior identical to
	the average LEV, but all the
	Angels have customized
	various parts to suit their
	tastes. Easily discernible by
	pink stripe on wing.

| Chara Reference                   |

Cage Midwell
17 years old
Blood type O

A kindhearted, gentle youth.
Began working on bord the
Bonapart III along with
Ares, whom he met a year
earlier. Born 17 years ago
to an unknown mother on the
cargo deck of the Midwell,
which was smuggling illegal 
immigrants, Cage was raised
on the ship by the Captain,
who took the boy under his 
wing. Though he was treated 
well by fellow Midwell staff,
Cage always harbored a
feeling of loneliness and
isolation in hiss heart which 
translated into low
self-esteem and overly
passive behavior. When the
Captain died and Midwell was
deemed unfit for flight, Cage
boarded Bonapart III, where
he met Ares. His new
friendship with this boy, who
was the same age as him
and yet seemed so mature,
had a profound effect on
Cage, and helped him recover 
from his psychological
wounds. However, the
knowledge that he owes his 
rebirth to Ares has proven
problematic in itself, as Cage
depends on Ares entirely,
and suspects that he will
never be able to exist
independently of him.

Ares Enduwa
17 years old
Blood type AB

A co-worker of Cage aboard
the Bonaparte III, a colonist
spacecraft linking Earth and
Mars. Having already worked
on Bonaparte III for 4
months when Cage first 
boarded a year earlier, Ares
showed Cage the ropes.
Something of a genius, the
normally taciturn Ares met
Cage late one night after
work, when he was playing a
"piano" that he had conjured
by altering a program on a 
PC in the ship's lobby. cage
happened upon his impromptu
concert and was so moved
that he began talking to him.
At first, Ares was irked by
the intrusion, but he
eventually gave in to Cage's 
perseverance and found 
himself, much to his own 
surprise, becoming Cage's 
friend and looking after him.
Fellow Bonaparte staff
dubbed the unlikely pair "The
Eight Wonder of Bonaparte."

Myona Alderan
17 years old
Blood type A

A mysterious girl found
hiding in a storage room on
board the Bonaparte III.
Since the accident involving 
the unidentified object, she
sticks with Cage and his
group. Having suffered
retrograde amnesia since the
incident, what little personal
information that is known of
Myona has been pieced
together based on occasional
hints about her past. Though
she sometimes hints at a 
determined and headstrong
personality hidden deep
inside, she is shy and rarely 
acts aggressively. Serious
yet somehow flighty, she also
seems slightly imbalanced,
which may have something to 
do with her loss of

The "Navigation Program"
installed in the vehicle
boarded by Cage and Myona
immediately following the
Bonaparte III's collision with
the unidentified object. In
these days, when
voice-activated OSs are a 
dime a dozen, he (she?) is
special, incorporating highly
advanced technology not
found in other programs
found on LEVs. WHat secrets
could possibly lie hidden in
its creation?

Semyl Shambrow
16 years old
Blood type O

A robust girl who, for some
reason, speaks in street
slang. Constantly aware of
the fact that she is short.
Has a love-hate relationship
with Razma. Although she
grew up in an orphanage, 
she displays the healthy
outgoingness of someone who
had a very happy childhoo.d
In reality, her childhood was
difficult, having been subject
to Ender prejudice by
humans from Earth. Joined
the Resistance early to
regain self respect for herself,
and also to help ensure a 
happier future for her
"siblings" at the institution
Lost a friend recently to
some trouble associated with 
a romantic relationship with 
an Earthling human. A 
responsible big sister at the
orphanage, underneath it all,
she's just a sensitive 

Mebius K. Lylekraft
26 years old
Blood type B

A mature lady whose soft,
kind demeanor belies her
skilled, sharp strategic
abilities. Mebius moved to
Mars with her husband, who
died in an accident while on
his way to buy a toy for the
couple's unborn baby; she
then lost her baby (who was
to be named Tia) due to a
micarriage. It was then that
Mebius, despondent over the
loss of her loved once and
waiting for death's embrace,
met Deckson, who was
conducting research into the
very accident which killed
her husband, in an attempt 
to prove that an Earthling
General was responsible for
the tragedy. Hurt and angry,
she joined BIS, where she
works alongside Deckson. It
seems that Mebius has
deeper feelings for Deckson
than just trust, but she
either does not realize this,
or she is in denial as they
work together and as she
remains loyal to her dead

Razma Cascade Jr.
19 years old
Blood type A

The skirt-chasing
troublemaker of BIS, he is
surprisingly reliable where it 
counts. Somewhat childish, 
but also remarkably
preceptive sometimes. A 
gifted sharpshooter with
excellent hearing and
eyesight. Seems to have a
thing for Semyl, but nothing
has materialized as of yet.
His only family is his sick
mother, who tells him that
his father was a
"high-profile Earthling";
howver, they have never
spoken with one another.
Obsessed with the idea of
the father he never met, he
may have found a paternal
figure in Deckson...

Tadamichi E. Yukito
24 years old
Blood type AB

Ardent fan of and expert in
old-school, sci-fi, low-budget 
movie stars, and 20th-21st
century Japanimation. Deeply
involved in his own world, he
is fiercely individual and
mature in his self-assurance.
Raised in a very proper,
traditional family consisting 
of his father and his
siblings, he ignored his
family's wishes for him to
join the corporate pack,
stating, "Suits don't become
me," and left home. The res
is history.

Warren Lumeniux
33 years old
Blood type A

Prudent and overly cautious,
he is often the butt of
jokes; regardless, he is
trusted for his knowledge
and experience. A former
mercenary, he always wears
black sunglasses and does
not speak much, giving him
the aura of the "consummate
professional." Once an expert
gunman, he gave up his
profession after an accident
in which he mistakenly shot
a young female hostage.
Following the event, he
wandered from place to 
place, eventually ending up in
BIS on Mars. Has romantic
feelings for a certain BIS 
member, but, not being very
suave, has not yet
succeeded in winning her

17 years old
Blood type AB

Full name "Philbright 
Westriverside Warehouserock
XXVI." Excels in household 
chores such as cooking, 
cleaning, and laundry. Easily
frazzled. Because of his
long, beribboned blond hair
and his high-pitched voice, 
he is often mistaken for a
girl. Phil owes his long name
to his "father," who believed
an old superstition that luck
comes to people with long 
names. He grew up in a 
happy family among many
unrelated siblings, but
tragedy struck one day when
his "father" sampled a 
medication which induced a
sudden fit of insane violence.
Confused and horrified, Phil
was able to defend himself
from the savage attack, but
when he came back to his
senses, his entire family,
including his father, was 
dead. The manufacturer of 
the medicine attempted to 
cover up the incident and
lay the blame on Phil, at
which time Deckson rescued
the unfortunate youth and
took him under his wing. Now
a BIS member support 
officer, he has a crush on

Deckson Geyse
42 years old
Blood type O

Founder and father figure of 
BIS. Believing that he merely
lent a hand to the Mars
Resistance movement, he
does not realize the full
extent of his influence in
Martian politics, although he
would gladly give his life to
support the cause. A family
man, he used to be an
officer in the UNSF, where
he enjoyed moderate
success, but was divorced 
by his wife due to long work
hours. Having lost his main
motivation in life and
besieged with guilt over his
participation in the Enders,
he left the UNSF and began 
to research the strange
goings-on brought on by 
Earthlings, earning him both
friends and foes along the
way. His support base
continued to grow, and
eventually formed BIS.

Robin O'Connell
33 eyars old
Blood type O

BIS's main sponsor. Roughly 
90% of BIS capital comes 
from the Robin Foundation,
an udnerground group run
by Robin herself. Boasting a
wide network of connections
and tremendous resources,
the group does whatever it
can to assist BIS, from
procuring power source
units and other parts for
army machine prototypes to
findign maintenance experts
and catching fugitives. A 
beautiful but tough
businesswoman-type, she is
nurturing and motherly
toward BIS members.

Twede Grey
Blood type unknown

Robin's secretary. Cloaked
head-to toe in black witg
dark glasses and black 
gloves, ge rarely speaks and
almost never reveals any of
his emotions. Keen and
observant, he is almost 
psychic in his understanding
of people; he is precise and
swift in his work, often
getting the job done before 
others even think of asking 
him to take care of it.

Lance Jimmer
Blood type unknown

Man of mystery. Has
razor-thin slits for eyes,
and is somewhat reptilian.
Although he gives the
impression that he is always
smiling, his eyes are eerily
expressionless. In fact, his
face is like a creepy mask.
Nobody really knows of his 
origins nor his motivations,
but it is clear that he does
not champion the Martians'

Dezeele Zephyrs
49 years old
Blood type B

High-ranking officer from
Earth. has a tendency to
look down on others, but will
not tolerate others oding the
same to him. Convinced that
he is better than anyone, he
is self-centered and feels no 
guilt for all the suffering he
has caused in his career.
Born to a poverty-stricken
household as the youngest
child, he harbors a 
resentment toward all people
who are rewarded with 
money and opportunity
despite a profound lack of
talent. This resentment 
caused him to turn his
talents toward getting ahead
at all costs. After gaining
success as a scientist, he
quickly moved up the
hierarchy to his current
position as Lab Supervisor. 
While he is disliked, nobody
dares cross him because he
is as influential as he is

Ned Noachim
27 years old
Blood type O

Zephyr's assistant.
Completely lacks any sort of
leadership skills, but thanks
to Zephyrs, has achieved a 
degree of status in the
army. Views Martians as
subhuman and repeatedly
commits racist crimes
against them. Also prejudiced
against women, who find him
loathsome. He attributes his
complex to past experience
without realizing that it's no
excuse to be a pig. Used to
be called "Scarface."

Bolozof Velasgo
29 years old
Blood type A

Silver-haired and lithe, with
glittering eyes that hint at a
soul full of malice. Cold and
robotic, he escaped to Mars
to avoid trouble he spawned
when he permanently injured
some colleagues in training. 
Views Martians as nothing
more than slaves to be bent
to his will. he follows the
orders of Zephyrs, but...

Nadia Candido
19 years old
Blood type A

One of Bolozof's assistants,
as well as his mistress. The 
fact that the Martian-hating
Bolozof keeps her at his 
side leads her to believe
mistakenly that Bolozof 
recognizes her talent and 
loves her. A hard-working
and earnest military 

Amante Furlair
16 years old
Blood type unknown

Like Nadia, an assistant of
Bolozof. under her youthful
and innocent appearance
lurks the heart of a cruel,
vicious demon. The wicked
look in her eyes betrays 
something of her true
nature. Numerous men have
approached her, judging her
wrongly by her harmless
looks, only to find 
themselves used and dumped
in the end. Looks to be 
about 16, but her actual age
is unknown.

Tim Frazer
38 years old
Blood type A

Mars Army officer. Looks
older thanhis years due to
endless problems with the
Resistance, which may have
something to do with his
being forever signle. No star
qualities, but a nice guy
nonetheless. Has caught the
BIS leader Deckson on a
number of occasions, but has
never been able to keep him.
Has one half-brother.

Cubick Noyce
29 years old
Blood type B

The eldest of the "Mars 
Angels," she zips around
space in her custom-built
LEV in pursuit of eligible
bachelors. She is naturally
beautiful, but her looks are 
also a product of unthinkable
effort and an arsenal of
makeup. Complains a lot. Not 
too fond of Palme, and calls
her "Ms. Plame." Height: 5'9".
Weight: secret. 38-25-33.
Favorite stone:
champagne-colored fancy
diamond. Dislikes: sweat.
(source: Mars Angels Fan 
Club Newsletter)

Palme Winston
24 years old
Blood type AB

Introverted middle "sister" 
of the Mars Angels. (The
Mars Angels are not related
by blood.) Good-looking, but
can't seem to land a
boyfriend due to personality
issues. Well-trained in hexes
and divination, she
remembers every person who
has done her wrong, what
they did, and when.
Mysterious, but with a unique
charm about her. Height:
5'6". Weight: ?? 36-27-38
Ideal Man: Aleister Crowley.
Dislikes: direct sunlight.
(source: Mars Angels Fan 
Club Newsletter)

Digit Carlyle
19 years old
Blood type O

The yongest of the Mars
Angels. High-pitched voice,
loudmouthed, talkative.
Idolizes Cubick. Not afraid to
speak her mind, even mouths
off to Palme. Height: 5'4".
Weight: not telling!. 34-25-30.
Likes: anything you can eat
with your hands. Dislikes:
being hungry. (source: Mars 
Angels Fan Club Newsletter)

Ryan Stewart
65 years old
Blood type AB

CEO of the Ryan Corporation,
which comes (a distant)
secodn after NUT. Gives off
a personable first
impression, but has no
qualms about committing
heinous acts against his

Takahiro E. Yukito
53 years old
Blood type B

Father of Yukito and CEO of
the Tide Company, a holding 
company with many
subsidiaries. Wears glasses.

Johnny Irving
43 years old
Blood type O

High-ranking officer in the
Mars Army. He is a pushover
who was bullied into
cooperating by Zephyrs.
Emotionally weak, scrawny,
and always has a look of
consternation on his face. He
and Zephyrs call each other
by name, but there doesn't 
seem to be a real friendship
between them

Patrick Jaeger
55 years old
Blood type A

High-ranking officer from
Earth. Lets nothing escape
unnoticed. He has escaped
death on numerous
occasions, and seems kind
but is actually not as soft
as he looks. His age is
starting to show.

Jordy Jones
11 years old
Blood type O

Nickname "Jojo." A simple and
innocent young girl from the
same orphanage that Semyl
grew up in. In stark
contrast to her dark past,
she is outgoign and free of
issues. Wants to marry Cage
when she grows up.

Gilbert Kelly
12 years old
Blood type B

Playful yet shy boy from the
same orphanage that Semyl
grew up in. Going through an
awkward almost-teenager 
stage, he has a little crush
on Semyl and dislikes all
males that make passes at 

Pauly McLaud
10 years old
Blood type A

Well-behaved child from the
same orphanage that Semyl
grew up in. Polite and
religious, he is always
carrying a crucifix.

38 years old
Blood type unknown

The self-styled "#1 Broker
on Mars." Rumor has it he
moved to Mars due to some
trouble at home. Overly
sensitive about the topic of
his blond-haired, well-built,
family man father for some 

31 years old
Blood type B

A.k.a. "Logistic Lewy."
Surprisingly well-known as a 
mover and shaker, he
specialized in petty crime,
even trying to score some
Cage off of Cage on one 
occasion. Perished with the
rst of the staff and
passengers on board
Bonaparte III. Oh well.

| Terminology File                  |

Urenbeck Catapult

     Derived from metatron
     technology, the Urenbeck
     catapult utilizes the
     distortion and potential
     energy of space to enable
     travel at great speeds
     through space. Because
     tremendous amounts of 
     electricity and power are 
     necessary yo activate this
     device, it is not used for
     regular commercial purposes.
     Currently, the Catapult can
     be found at L2 on Earth and
     Deimos near Mars. There is
     also a catapult at the L2 on
     Europa near Jupiter, which
     is used as the gateway to
     the Anterior.


     Laborious Extra-Orbital
     Vehicle. Developed to
     facilitate the building of
     space stations and colonies.
     Manned vehicle used for
     transportation in space.

     Refers to an inhabitant of
     space in the area between 
     Mars and Jupiter, the "end
     of the world"- the term
     connotes a country bumpkin.
     For Earthlings, the word is
     used to describe inhabitants
     of Mars; for Martians, it
     points to those living in
     Jupiter territory.

Orbital Frame

     Known as an OF. Battle unit
     invented and used by
     BAHRAM. Because it runs on
     the precious resource
     metatron, it is much faster
     and stronger than an LEV.

SSA (Self-Supporting Armor)

     Found on the outer shell of
     Orbital Frames. Derived from
     metatron technology, the
     metatron alloy coating on the
     exterior simultaneously gives
     it pliability, strength, and
     hardness exceeding that of
     ceramic components. Also
     able to self-repair using its
     own energy and metatron

Deimos Incident

     Terrorist attack by
     anti-Earth officials of
     BAHRAM. The Orbital Frame, 
     which was being tested by
     BAHRAM, was seized, the UNSF
     was assaulted, and Deimos
     Station was engulfed in a
     terrible tragedy. Since then,
     the Orbital Frame has 
     become public property, and
     tensions between Earth and
     Mars have been on the rise.


     Refers to the act of
     "downloading" on a metatron
     computer. On a von
     Neumann-type computer it
     would correspond to "file
     transfer," but in this case
     the actual circuits
     comprisign the file are
     physically transported to a
     new location and the old
     circuits expunged.


     Nereidum Universal
     Technology. Major
     conglomerate which began a
     space development program
     in the early 21st century.
     The largest manufacturer of
     LEVs, as well as the inventor
     of the Orbital Frame.
     Headquarters located in
     Nereidum County, Mars.


     Refers to those born in
     Martian territory.


     Considered one of the two
     greatest discoveries in
     space development, along
     with the LEV, this mineral
     ore was found on Callisto, a
     moon of Jupiter, in the early
     21st century. Widely
     researched and applied in a
     number of different fields.

Metatron Computer

     An enormous improvement 
     upon the previously popular
     von Neumann digital
     computer, this quantum
     computer, which incorporates
     metatron-based integrated 
     circuits, is both compact and
     exceedingly quick. Memory
     and programs are managed 
     on a single, constantly
     changing set of circuits, so
     that both of these 
     operations take place 
     simultaneously and
     constantly. In terms of
     quantum physics, it operates
     in a different dimension.

Cage's button

     An outdated model of
     wearable player containing
     the recording of Ares' 
     impromptu performance. Can
     be clipped onto one's
     garments for easy mobility,
     and includes basic features
     such as playing, recording, 
     and voice memo.

Handy PC

     Mobile device given to Cage
     by Lewy. Although small, it
     has the largest memory
     allocation in its class and
     can even play movies.


     Floating space garbage
     comprised of satellites and
     other flotsam. Very
     dangerous, as it can move at
     speeds of up to several
     kilometers per second.

Burst Attack

     Highly effective type of
     attack in which the output of
     the fighter unit is increased

UCM (United Colonies of Mars)

     Congregation of county
     representatives on Mars.
     There are a total of 16
     counties, each corresponding
     to a country on Earth and
     each with its own governing
     body. The board of
     politicians makes decisions
     concerning the counties as a
     whole, such as the use of UC
     Dollars as currency.

Peacekeeping Force

     The army of the United
     Colonies of Mars, which is 
     actually under the direct
     command of the UNSF. Most
     members are Martians, but 
     the force is controlled by

Hellenspont County

     One of the 16 counties on
     Mars. Nestled between the
     Hellespontos Mountain Range
     to the north and south and
     a desert tot he west, the
     county does not play a
     major role in Martian
     affairs, but the bulk of
     Mars' population is
     concentrated there due to
     its proximity to the Hellas
     Ocean to the east.


     Semi-autonomous political
     division on Mars. There are
     16 counties in total.


     United Nations Space Force.
     Military unit composed mainly
     of troops from Security
     Council member countries. 
     Includes the Martian
     Peacekeeping Force under its

Special Task Force Acemos

     Unit of the UNSF under the
     direct leadership of Zephyrs.
     Composed chiefly of
     Earthlings who are especially

Anti-Terrestial League BIS

     Official name "Born In
     Space." Resistance group
     founded by Deckson Geyse.
     Uses a complex network of 
     underground tunnels as its 
     secret headquarters.
     Supported by the Robin

Arkjet Engine

     Electric power source. Used
     as propulsion system in

Anti-Proton Reactor

     Technology which uses
     metatron to considerably
     reduce fuel consumption. The
     Orbital Frame owes its 
     smallness, lightness, and
     power to this concept.

Pandora Frettum

     A region in Hellespontos; the
     location of the Sphere which 
     housed Semyl's orphanage.


     Psychology term. Refers to 
     deeply repressed masculine
     traits in females. Zephyrs 
     uses this term as a code
     name for his new invention.

Ryan Corporation

     Ranking a distant second 
     after NUT in the tech
     manufacturing industry.

Local Server

     Computer memory terminal.
     During the game, it is
     possible to obtain new
     weapons or abilities by
     accessing the local server.

     Refers to "Artificial
     Intelligence," or any
     computer in whih a
     human-like intellect has been
     installed. Pharsti is an
     example of an A.I.


     Hellespont Broadcasting. THe
     largest broadcast network in
     Hellespontos. Owned by
     Yukito's father.


    Military unit composed of
    Martians living in Vacilia
    County. The Orbital Frame 
    was developed as an
    anti-Earth weapon in Vacilia
    County, where anti-Earth 
    sentiment is stronger than
    anywhere else on Mars.

Anti-stealth sonar

     Mechanism which counteracts
     stealth, weakening it or
     negating it entirely. In this 
     game, it will activate within a
     set distance from the enemy.

Robin Foundation

     Patron of BIS, having
     donated 90% of BIS capital.
     The "Foundation" is actually
     just a front for an elusive
     underground group - which,
     whil not an official 
     corporation, boasts
     impressive financial 
     connections and influence.
     Also supports other groups
     besides BIS.

Vacilia County

     Home county of BAHRAM.


     Refers to Malgalityfel County,
     the central county on Mars.

West Hellas

     Largest Nest of Hellespontos,
     located near the shores of 
     the Hellas Ocean.


     A gathering of Spheres.


     Dome-encapsulated city on

Oxygen Plant

     Terraforming facility that
     supplies oxygen to Spheres
     and Nests.


     A type of life-sustaining
     structure found on Mars.
     Rendered obsolete due to the
     widespread construction of

| SCENES SCRIPT                     |

Most of Earth's natural resources had finally been exhausted,
and the tiny planet was unable to support the soaring population
of humans. In 2045 mankind began to look beyond Earth for 
solutions and built the first Earth-space track orbital elevator.
The "Space Age" had officially begun, and countries all over the
world dove into countless research projects and space development 
plans. It was then that the human race created and discovered 
several new tools that would change life forever; the LEV, a
pilot-controlled interspace robot; the resource Metatron, 
excavated from the Jupiter moon, Callisto; and the Urenbeck
Catapult, a device which, by manipulating space, enabled 
hyper-speed travel. The discovery and invention of these so-
called "tools" expedited the progress of the space development 
project resulting in an exodus into space; in the span of a 
single century, more than 20 million people took up residencesin 
colonies on the moon, Mars, and as far as Jupiter terrirory. The 
transition from Earth to space seemed to be going smoothly - 
however, new conflicts were just beginning to matrialize.
Human beings left on Earth began to refer to these colonists as 
"Enders", a derogatory term for those "living at the end of 
civilization", expressing their prejudiced attitudes toward 
non-Earth inhabitants. In response, these immigrants, who were 
subject to discrimination on top of living in harsh environments, 
bonded together in their bitterness against Earth... and tensions
between the two groups would only be magnified as time passed. In 
2158, anger on the immigrant side culminated in the founding of 
BAHRAM, an  anti-Earth military unit based in Vacilia County,
Mars - and its subsequent clandestine invention of the Metatron 
"Orbital Frame",  an entirely new type of LEV-like machine. From
there, it was one tragedy after another. The Deimos Incident.
Anterior Intervention. The threat of orbital elevator destruction.
Since the advent of BAHRAM and the Orbital Frame, the already
precarious equilibrium keeping the peace between Earth and space
was rapidly falling apart. And in 2173, amidst the political 
turmoil, another ship filled with immigrants left Earth for the 
Zone of The Enders...

Aboard the "Bonaparte III," a
Mars-bound commercial 

Flight PA System:
Ladies and Gentlemen, we will
be landing at Deimos Airport,
Mars, 50 minutes later than

In Bonaparte

Cage:		<<sigh>> Almost there...
		Guess I'll get the luggage
		ready so the Captain doesn't
		get mad at me again....

Someone bumps into Cage

Cage:		Ow! What the...?!??!

Scary Guy:	Heh heh... Busted. You're not
		getting away now.

Cage:		I'm sorry, sir, I'm not sure I
		know what you're....

Cage:		Ouch! Please let me go!

Scary Guy:	Can't do that. See, someone
		took my money.

Cage:		Oh, no, a burglary? that's
		terrible! No, wait. You
		know what? They'll be able to find
		it because at the Departure
		Gate they have....

Scary Guy:	Wha?!? Are you mocking me?

Cage:		Huh?

Scary Guy:	...There's no reason to tell
		anyone or look for the
		culprit. You know why, don't

Cage:		Well... Um....

Scary Guy:	That's because....

Cage:		Because...??

Scary Guy:	You're the thief!

Cage:		Ohhh... I'm the... Wait! You
		can't just... I-I'm going to
		call the police...?

Scary Guy:	Fineby me. If you do that,
		you're the one who'll suffer
		for it. I've got proof to back
		up my story right here.

Cage:		Whoa! A Handy PC... And it's
		the newest model! Wasn't it

Scary Guy:	...Yeah, I went through a lot
		to get it.

Cage:		Wow, that's great. Be careful
		so you don't get that stolen.
		Well, I should really get
		going.... See ya!

Scary Guy:	Ok, see you... Hey! You're not
		getting off that easy. This
		here contains Class A
		information from the National
		Space Force. I've downloaded
		all the security tapes onto

Cage:		What does this haev to do
		with me? I just cleaned your
		room and left.

Scary Guy:	That's right. You left, and my
		wallet was gone.

Cage:		Hmph. So...?

Scary Guy:	You're still going to play
		dumb, eh?!? You took my

Cage:		No... I didn't steal anything....

Scary Guy:	Why you little...!?!?!?

????:		Sir, would this be the wallet
		you are looking for?

Scary Guy:	How... Oh, I get it. You're in
		on this too, aren't you.

????:		I think that's enough, sir. I
		would stop right there if I
		were you.

Scary Guy:	What?! Who do you think...?!?!

????:		I'm telling you to cut it out.
		If you want to make some
		spare change, find a better
		way to do it.

Scary Guy:	You want some of this!?

????:		Thought you'd never ask, Mr.

Cage:		Don't, Ares. I'm fine. I can
		handle this.

Lewy:		How did you know my... Ares?
		Ohhh... Heh heh. Sorry about
		the hassle--I was just having
		some fun. H-here, you can
		keep this.

Cage:		Really? Gee, thanks!

Lewy:		Yeah, so let's keep this a 
		secret. OK?

Cage:		I got this Handy PC!

Ares:		Are you okay, Cage?

Cage:		Yeah. You know that guy?

Ares:		...Nah. More importantly, why
		is it that you're always in
		some sort of trouble?

Cage:		Heh heh. Sorry. But it's all
		good--you save me every
		time, so I'm not worried at

Ares:		<<sigh>> Well, we should get
		ready for landing. We'll be at
		Deimos soon.

Cage:		I almost forgot. Come on,
		Ares, let's go!

Ares:		(The worst is over.... After I
		land, it's home base....)

Awww.... NO. Not again!

What? Have you lost

Yes, sir. It was working fine
just a minute ago.

Dammit. It has to happen on
the flight that the higher-ups 
told me to be extra-careful

Oh, is it that 'mystery
cargo'? It's gigantic this
time... I wonder what's in it.

What is that??! Look, it's at 2

Sir, there's nothing coming
through on the radar.

You can't depend on
computers.... In my day, we
maneuvered manually through
debris-filled magnetic 

Captain! Something's headed
this way! It's... so fast! It's
still not showing up on the
radar.... WHat the...?!

Move out of the way! Dammit,
we won't make it...

In Bonaparte

Cage:		(Wow, the new models are
		really something... Hm. Clear
		display. Was that a girl over
		there? Nobody's supposed to
		be in here.)

Hangar B

Cage:		(I thought I saw her in

		Excuse me, Miss, this is a 
		restricted area. Please
		return to your room; we will
		be landing shortly.


Cage:		Um... You're in there, right?
		Come on out.


Cage:		I guess I missed her...

Girl:		...

Cage:		Oh! He-hello! WHat are you

Bonaparte crashes

Cage:		What's going on?!

Security System: Emergency Alert. Contact with
		unidentified object. Fire in
		combustion tank on upper
		central deck. Security
		Compartmentalizing System
		Malfunction. Emergency state
		in First, Second, Third
		Residence Blocks, Cockpit. All
		systems lost. Lifesaving
		System stalled at Phase 3.

Cage:		What should we do...? I'll call
		Ares. He should be on Deck

Cage:		Ares?? Ares!!


Cage:		(I can't get through... What's
		going on?!)

Bonaparte crashes again

Cage:		W-wait a minute... THe 

		No! Why won't they open?

		Hello!?! Somebody help!

Cage bangs his fist on the door

Cage:		Heh. Uhh, it looks like we're
		locked in.

Girl:		...

Cage:		Don't worry, though. I'm sure
		Ares will help us. Um...

Girl:		...

Cage:		I'm Cage. What's your name?

Girl:		...

Cage:		Uhh... DO - YOU - UN - DER -
		STAND? Comprende? Capisce?

Girl:		...pffttt....

Cage:		???

Girl:		M... mmm... Myona. Myona

Cage:		Well, it's nice to meet you,
		Myona. Let's get some help.
Myona:		...

Cage:		...

		(Hmm... Myona. She's kind of 
		strange; wonder what she's
		doing on Bonaparte....)
Myona:		... Time....

Cage:		Huh?

Myona:		...there's no... time....

Bonaparte crashes again

Cage:		Watch out!! Aaaaaah!!!

Myona:		(!??! ...What!?)

They see a robot

Cage:		This is... THis is... Oh my God,
		it's the LEV. What's it doing
		here? Who...? Someone tried
		to save us....

Myona:		...

Myona climbs in the LEV

Cage:		Wait... Where..?

Cage:		(There's nobody on board....
		Has it been traveling without
		a pilot?? What is going ON!?!?)

Myona:		...board....

Cage:		I'm going to get on that too?

Myona:		No... still... enough time...

Cage:		Are you okay? You're really

Myona:		Must... hurry... Won't make it...
		like this...

Cage:		Wait... What am I supposed to

Myona:		Take this... person....

Bonaparte shakes again

Cage:		OK... It's probably safer in
		there anyway.

Myona:		...

Cage:		Oops. Sorry, I guess this is a 
		one-man vehicle...

Myona:		...Launch.

Cage:		Whoooaaaaaaa!!!

##### Scene 01: On the Battle God's Palm #####

Cage:		? We're outside?!? Are you

Myona (unconscious): ...

Cage:		Good, she's breathing. So...
		Next step, separate from the 
		main vestibule...

Bonaparte explodes

Cage:		What? The ship... exploded?!?

???????:	Self-Destruct Initiated. First
		To Twelfth, Sequence

Cage:		It can't be... Hah hah... It's a
		joke, right? I mean, it's the

???????:	All Sequences Complete.
		Register Pilot, Please.

Cage:		...But everyone... Ares... It 
		can't be! It can't be!!!!!

???????:	Automatic Organic Breakdown
		Acquired. DNA Analysis
		Initiated. DNA ANalysis
		Complete. All Regular.
		Registration Complete.

Cage:		It can't be... They can't all
		be... dead....

???:		They Are Not All Dead. 42
		Living Recorded.

Cage:		What?! Who are you??

???????:	I Am The Vessel Navigation

Cage:		Oh... You're just different
		from other Navigation Systems
		I know... Come on, we need to
		go and save them!

A red robot appears

???????:	Warning. Unidentified Object
		Headed This Way. 92.24%
		Chance Of Attack. Recommend

Cage:		W-wait! We have to fight?!?

???????:	Affirmative. Object Believed To
		Be Same That Attacked

Cage:		The same that attacked

Cage:		What is that? An LEV? No...
		those wings... It's almost like
		a... a....

???????:	Will You Commence Attack?

Cage:		Yes... What do I do?

???????:	Acknowledged. Tactical AI

After weakening the Black Frame

????:		Who the... you...? You think
		you.... Pharsti?

Cage:		What? You're breaking up.

???????:	Comm Disabled. possible Due
		To Resonant Interference.
		Origin Unknown.

????:		...I see... means that... I ddin't
		want... destroy... my own

???????:	Enemy Object Approaching,
		High Energy Levels Confirmed.
		Danger. Take Evasive Action.

Cage:		Evasive Action?! How??

Cage's LEV avoids the attack of the Black Frame
Cage:		Whew! That was close! But if
		that happens again....

???????:	Identitcal Enemy sensed
		Reroute Impossible.

Cage:		I never could save myself. If
		Ares were here...

?????:		...Failure is not an option... at
		least... no suffering....

Myona:		...Imp... Impossible... Help...
		Ve... i...

Cage:		Are you crying...??

???????:	Recording Complete. Evasion

Cage:		(This is it....)

		No! I can't give up - not just
		to save myself. Her life
		depends on me too.

????:		Farewell, Pharsti.... Ca...?!?

Cage:		Noooooo!

Cage's LEV makes a critical attack on the Black Frame

????:		Burst attack?!?... I can't 
		believe that... it wasn't

???????:	Unidentified Object Losing

Cage:		We did it?!?

????:		Heh. Looks like we're out of

The Black Frame retreats

Cage:		What's happening??

???????:	We Have Entered The
		Gravitational Field of Mars.
		Approaching Atmosphere.

Cage:		Can't... Can't anything be

???????:	No.

Cage:		Are you always so direct?

???????:	Would You Prefer A Vague
		Answer To Your Inquiry? It
		Won't Change The Facts,

Cage:		Aaaaaah! We're falling!!!

The LEV falls into Mars

Cage:		(And this is how the
		Bonaparte, on which I was
		working, came to its end...
		Looking back, I know that
		this was destiny just
		beginning to unfold. And it all
		stems from "Pharsti.")


?????:		...Um... Are you....

Cage:		Uh.... Uhhhh....

?????:		Are you okay?

Cage:		Wh... Where am I?

Myona:		Phew... You're alive... I
		thought you were dead. How
		are you feeling?

Cage:		I've been better.

		Where's the lev?!?!

Myona:		The lev? Oh... The L.E.V.?

Cage:		Quick! We have to get

Myona:		Um, could you explain to me
		what's going on?

Cage:		What's going on?! You're the
		one who told me to get on
		this thing - wait... you don't
		remember, do you?
Myona:		No... I don't know my name,
		or even what I'm doing here.

Cage:		So... What's that? I guess

Myona:		Amnesia?

Cage:		Yeah. That.

Myona:		What am I going to do??

Cage:		Well, I do know one thing.
		Your name is Myona Alderan.

Myona:		Myona... That's my name?

Cage:		Uh-huh. That's all I know too,
		because we just met.

Myona:		Oh... Well, thank you. Having a
		name is a start.

Cage:		Did you always talk like that?
		I had a completely different
		impression of you before.

Myona:		...I'd be able to tell you if I
		remembered 'before'....

???????:	Sorry To Interrupt....

Myona:		Is that an interface 

???????:	I Am Pharsti, Navigation
		System. Pleased To Meet You.

Myona:		H-hello.

Cage:		Nice to meet you, Pharsti.

Pharsti:	Likewise.

Myona:		This system is more advanced
		than usual.

Pharsti:	I'm Sorry, Last Command Not

Cage:		I know, technology these
		days... Wait. Does that mean
		you remember something?
MYona: 		Ah... You're right. This is an
		LEV, Pharsti is a program,
		the knife goes on the right
		and the fork goes on the

		OK, this is good, I haven't
		forgottent he basics. Let's
		see, maybe I can remember
		some stuff about myself too...
		Ummm... Uh....

Cage:		Hey, there's no need to rush.
		Just take your time, and I'm 
		sure the problem will take
		care of itself. I'll help out in
		whatever way I can too.

Myona:		Thanks... It's weird not
		knowing anything about

Pharsti:	Brain Activity Levels Recorded
		At Normal. Would You Like A
		Full Analysis? Analysis On
		Cellular Level Also Available,
		Genetic Testing.......

Myona:		No thanks, I'm fine for now.

Cage:		We need to figure out where
		we are now.
Myona:		Where we are?

Cage:		Here, Mars... Wow, this LEV
		can land itself on autopilot all
		the way from the

Voice from radio: Bingo!

Myona:		<<gasp>> What was that?

They are surrounded by enemy LEVs

Cage:		That LEV....

Voice from radio: This is UCM Security Keeping
		Force Hellespontos County 3rd
		Division, do you copy?

Cage:		Oh, good. Help's on the way.
		Now all we have to do....
Security Soldier: This is a warning to the pilot
		in the unregistered LEV. You
		have destroyed public
		property and have
		endangered the the safety
		and well-being of the

		Therefore, you will be
		arrested in accordance to 
		our statute on vandalism and
		destruction of property!

Cage:		This is NOT happening!

Myona:		(I wonder if I was a bad

|Some Room                \____________________

???????(1st):	...well, I was expecting to
		meet again, but then again I
		was never much for
		entertaining people anyway...

???????(2nd):	At ay rate, I am hardly the
		type to be accomodating
		toward the practices found in
		other countries. If you are
		not willing to help out, there
		will be problems.

???????(1st):	<<snicker>> But I guess
		there's no choice. I'm not so
		desperate that I would steal
		from others.

???????(2nd):	Fear not. That special
		someone of yours is safe - 
		one must be careful with
		such precious collateral.
		Those in the immediate
		surroundings are not so
		lucky, of course...

???????(3rd):	......

???????(1st):	I see. So it's been done.

???????(2nd):	Plan 261 has been executed.

???????(1st):	Maintain confidentiallity, eh?

???????(2nd):	A bigger web catches more
		prey. It's their own fault for
		being so stupid as to get

?????(3rd):	...self-serving action by an
		official. Instead of taking
		responsibility for one's own
		mistakes, covering it up with
		yet another fiasco...

???????(2nd):	That's just the way things
		work. More importantly, you
		haven't had so much as a
		bite of the Natural Beef. you
		didn't like it? It's better
		while it's still warm...

?????(3rd):	...I guess it would make sense
		that, as a Martian, I wouldn't
		care for Earthling food. We've
		been conditioned to become
		this way for so many years,
		to not be human...

???????(2nd):	...Well, that sounds a little
		bitter. But isn't the one most
		precious to you an Earthling
		also? Didn't you ever learn
		that hypocrisy is something
		to be ashamed of?

?????(3rd):	You intolerable...

???????(1st)	OK, that's enough. We're not
		getting any more done by
		being here. Go home and get
		some rest.

?????(3rd):	Yes, sir!

???????(1st):	Well, you just watch your
		step there. You can never be
		too careful... See you later.

Fade Screen

still at Some Room

???????(2nd):	<<sigh...>> What a rude
		bunch. Like beasts who only
		know how to fight... They
		should enjoy it while it lasts.
		Once the system is
		completed... heh heh... They'll
		be sorry they ever 
		disrespected me.

|Interrogation Rm         \____________________

Security Force:	Cage Midwell, age 17... Hmm...

Cage:		So I've been telling you, if
		you'd just listen to my side
		of the story...

Security Force:	Ah, yes, the one about how
		you were attacked by the
		devil and made an emergency
		landing on Mars?

Cage:		Not the devil, an LEV that
		LOOKED LIKE the devil. I was
		working on the Bonaparte III
		as a...

Security Force:	Silence! You terrorists!

Cage:		Terrorist?!?

Myona:		(Am I a... terrorist? It does
		have a familiar ring to it...)

Cage:		I know! I can prove it--just
		look at the security satellite
		record, and you'll see that
		we landed in that LEV--we
		came through the atmosphere,

Security Officer: If you're going to lie anyway,
		make it more believable!
		Besides, there's no such
		satellite record. Which means
		you were on the surface to
		begin with. There's no doubt
		that you attacked the UNSF
		facilities a few hours ago. I
		don't know yet where you hid
		that new LEV, but finding it is
		just a matter of time.
		Because of you, countless
		civilians have suffered....

The Security Officer bangs his hands on the table angrily

Security Officer: And even then you persist
		with this fantasy?! Yo'll pay
		for this, I'll see to it that
		you do!

Cage:		Why? I didn't do anything

		I escaped only to find myself
		in the middle of a battle, and
		I've only been trying to save

		So don't accuse me of all
		these things when you haven't
		even looked into them!

Myona:		(Is he... crying? He's telling
		the truth--he's no

Security Officer: OK, now you're trying to earn
		my sympathy. You'll be feeling
		real sorry for yourself once
		I catch you. Bonaparte III
		went down, and so did 
		everyone it it. You really
		thought you could fool me like
		that, son?

Cage:		Wh... What do you mean?

Security Officer: THIS is what I mean.

News Anchor:	... suffered great damage, and
		the cause of the accident is
		still unknown. According to
		Lieutenant Noachim, who 
		surveyed the crash site, the
		tragedy looks to be
		associated with engine trouble
		or some sort of misjudgment
		by the pilot; there are no
		survivors. Among those listed
		as passengers are Earth
		inhabitants Adam Twize, Alman

Security Officer: Understand? Everyone is
		dead. The investigation is

News Anchor:	The remaining passenger list
		is as follows....

Cage:		No....

Myona:		...Wha??...

Security Office: You'll have time to repent in
		your cell. Interrogation
		begins tomorros.... Arrest

Cage:		...

|Cell                     \____________________

Cage:		...Dead? ...Everyone? How can
		that be, where some people
		escaped... But why? Why???

Myona:		Calm down.

Cage:		Calm down? How am I 
		supposed to calm down?! I
		didn't do anything!

Myona:		I don't know what's going on
		either, but I know you're no
		criminal. Besides, the Cage
		Midwell who was on the news
		as a deceased passenger
		wasn't you.

Cage:		What?

Myona:		Someone must have checked
		in with your name, which is
		why they don't believe you...
		Tell me everything that
		happened up until now.

Cage:		Ok...

Cage:		....................

Myona:		For instance, how about this?
		Someone steals a new,
		top-secret weapon and rises
		up directly to the upper
		strata where the Bonaparte
		is... Then he approaches and

Cage:		Wait a minute! How did he get
		up to the upper strata? And 
		how in the world is it my
		fault now?

Myona:		Well... I'd say there are two
		different ways of looking at
		it. First, perhaps it was
		someone high-profile, who
		wanted to avoid a scandal - 
		like a politician, or a relative
		of a politician. Or it's also
		possible that there was
		nobody on board - an
		unmanned fighter.

Cage:		But... It was talking...

Myona:		If it had some degree of
		auto-pilot capability, and
		wasn't remote-controlled... it's
		possible. Even the LEV that
		we were on could talk.

Cage:		That's true... You remember 

Myona:		Strange... I wonder why.
		Hmm... no, I can't remember
		anything else. Anyway, that
		black LEV that you fought
		against is a new model, and
		they're probably trying to
		cover up its activity.

Cage:		Right... ANd that's why they
		want to put the blame on us,
		so they can keep the

Myona:		They're going to say that
		there are no witnesses, and
		that the LEV thta attacked 
		Bonaparte was the LEV we
		were on. What do you think?

Cage:		W-what are we going to do?
		If we don't do something,

Cage's button plays a music

Myona:		Where's that music coming 
		from? It's not coming from 
		your button, is it?

Cage:		Oh... Yeah...

Myona:		It's very pretty... and very...

Cage:		That's Ares playing.

Myona:		Ares...?

Cage:		What's wrong?

Myona:		Oh, nothing. You two were
		close, then.

Cage:		Actually, this song marks the
		beginning of our our
		friendship. It was a very
		important momemnt in my life.

Myona:		...

Cage:		I have to live throught his.
		For Ares, and for everyone

Myona:		You're right, you can't give
		up now.

Cage:		Yeah. I have to become
		independent, and learn to live
		without Ares...

???? (hmmm, a very familiar silhouette):
		Aw, that's cruel. ARe you
		saying you don't want me
		around anymore?

Myona(shocked):	?!

Cage:		Whuh?! Huh??!?!? It can't be!
		But that voice... no. I must be

Ares:		...Cage. Come over here and
		let me see your face. I'm
		opening up the peephole now.

Cage:		A... res? It's got to... be a 
		dream... But....

Ares:		OK. Just another step

Cage:		OWWW!

Ares:		See? It's not a dream, is it?

Cage:		Ares? It's you!! Ares! It
		really is you!!

Ares:		All right, let's save the
		touching reunion for later,
		and figure out how to undo
		this lock and get me out of 

???????:	Here's the combination.

Ares:		Huh?!

???????:	Don't be scared--I'm on your
		side. I've been listening to
		what you've beens saying, so I
		understand the situation. NOw
		punch in the combination I'm
		about to give you. First
		number is....

The lock opens

Cage:		It worked!

Ares:		OK. Let's go!

Cage:		OK!

???????:	Wait! Aren't you going to let
		me out?

##### Scene 02: Perpetual Motion #######

Cage:		So... How did you get here?
		First of all, how did you
		escape? And second of all,
		how did you know where to
		find us?

Ares:		I actually escaped in a pod. I
		was watching the local news,
		and it said that all the people
		who escaped had died in the
		accident. And then I found 
		out that you were under
		arrest as the culprit... So I
		came to your rescue.

Cage:		Oh... I didn't think I was ever
		going to see you again! I'm
		really glad that wasn't the
Ares:		Well, I'm... I guess I'm glad

Cage:		Oops, almost forgot. This here
		is Myona. We escaped

Myona:		Pleased to meet you, Mr...
		Ares. My name is Myona.

Ares:		Huh?!

Cage:		She can't remember anything
		pre-accident... Do you
		remember seeing her on the

Ares:		She can't remember?... Oh...
		no, I'm srry - I don't think 
		we know each other.

???????:	...Here we are....

Cage:		That's the LEV we came in

Ares:		And you are...??

???????:	Me? I am Deckson. And this - 
		this is like my backyard. But
		more importantly...

Enemy LEVs appear

Deckson:	On second thought, it's too
		early for that. Never mind.
		You arrived in that LEV, did 
		you say? If you could just
		hold on for a little while... my
		friend has no concept of

Cage:		Certainly!

Cage:		There we go. Long time no
		see, Pharsti.

Pharsti:	It Has Been Exactly 8 Hours
		And 37 Minutes. Passenger
		Check... All Systems Go.

Cage:		Thank God everything's up
		and running.

Pharsti:	I'm Sorry, Last Command NOt
		Recognized. Please Repeat.

Cage:		Oh... Don't worry about it. We
		need to buy time...

Pharsti:	...So We Are To Be A Decoy?

Cage:		Yeah, I suppose you could
		look at it like that. Oh, and
		don't aim at the cockpit... and
		even if I do, don't let me,

Pharsti:	Disable But Do Not Destroy...


After defeating a LEV

Pharsti:	Attacking Enemy... Pilot

Cage:		Way to go! Keep it up!

Pharsti:	I'm Sorry, Last Command Not
		Recognized. Current Strategy
		Very Ineffective. Why Do You
		Save The Pilot? You Endanger 

Cage:		Well, that's because...

-> I don't know:
	Cage:		I cant explain it... But that's
			just the way it is!
	Pharsti: 	...Roger. I Am Programmed To
			Do As I Am Commanded. I
			Apologize If I Angered You.

-> You can't hurt each other.

	Cage:		People shouldn't hurt each
			other. Especially in my case,
			because there's no reason to
			fight - it's just a 
	Pharsti:	I Understand... Your Thinking
			Analysis Has Been Completed.
			Data Saved.
	Cage:		(Do you really understand?)
After defeating the two LEVs

Deckson:	Hey... not bad. I wouldn't mind
		having one of these around

Ares:		...

More Enemy LEVs appear

Security Force: You again, Deckson. Why do
		you always need to make

Deckson,:	Well, Tim... oops, I guess I'm
		supposed to call you Frazer
		now... I haven't done anything,
		as a matter of fact. Earth 
		has been antagonizing Mars
		for a while now, and as they
		say, what comes around goes
		around. I'm just helping out a
		little bit with the natural
		progression of things.

Frazer:		You haven't changed a bit,
		Deckson. Unfortunately for
		you, this is the last chance
		you'll have to spout off your
		self-serving speeches. You
		will all be charged the
		heaviest charge available for
		escaping incarceration. Capital
		punishment for you all!

More Enemy LEVs...

Frazer:		Now cut it out and take
		responsibility for your own

Deckson:	Well... no thanks.

An enemy LEV explodes and an ally LEV appears from afar

Frazer:		WHAT?!

????? (redhaired boy):
		Hey! Sorry I'm late! I'll make
		it up to you. Guess what
		Planet Airhead girl did...

Frazer:		That's not possible... You're
		saying they hit it at that

?????(auburn-haired girl):
		Boy, who you callin' Planet
		Airhead girl? You wanna take
		this outside?

????? (boy):	Stoppp, you're s-scaring me!

Semyl (the girl): (He's gonna get it later on...)

a blue vehicle appears

???? (some yellow haired guy):
		Here I am!

Deckson:	Phil... We've grown roots
		waiting for you. Come on,
		climb aboard, all. Don't worry,
		they're all trustworthy.

Myona:		Um.... But...

Phil(blushing):	Uhh...

Ares:		Come on, we don't have a 
		choice. If we don't go with
		them, we'll be executed for

Phil:		That is correct! Please, come
		this way!

Myona:		Hm?... Okay...

Deckson:	OK... Cage, do you copy?

Cage:		Yes, I hear you.

Deckson:	We're going to have to
		separate. Visibility on this
		end is very bad, and it's
		dangerous. you'll have to

Cage:		Where should I go?

Deckson:	Guide us to that point over
		there. Good luck. Semyl!
		Razma! He's my guest, and
		he's coming with me.

Semyl:		Got it, boss. We'll take good
		care of him. Let's go!

Razma (redhaired): What's with the new lingo?

Semyl:		Razma, you like missiles?

Razma:		OK, let's get going! Nice to
		meet you, new guy!

Cage:		Uh-huh.... Uh...

After defeating Frazer:

Frazer:		Deckson! I'll catch you if it
		means I have to go to the
		edge of the universe to find
		you! You remember that!!
After defeating all enemies:

Phil:		Goody! Now we can escape!

Deckson:	Hm. Good job, Cage.

Myona:		Wow! You didn't strike me as
		being that reliable... I'm so

Cage:		Er... Yeah, thanks.

Phil:		...

Security Facility

????? (blue-haired girl):
		...It never ends.

Security Soldier: 
		Who the hell are you? Where 
		is your identification?

?????:		UNSF Special Task Force
		Acemos. Nadia Candido.

Security Soldier:
		<<gulp>> Acemos?... The army
		elite force?

Nadia:		Who the hell are you, and
		where is YOUR identification?

Frazer:		...I'm very sorry. As his
		superior, I am raedy to take
		responsibility for his

Nadia:		<<snicker>> Things haven't
		changed a bit, have they?
		Which is why you're still a
		security supervisor.

Frazer:		I only aim to fulfill my post
		as I am instructed.

Nadia:		Anyway, I will let the heads
		know about this. You take it
		from there.

Frazer:		Yes, ma'am.

Security Soldier:
		She is an acquaintance of

Frazer:		Yeah. I was her instructor
		for a while... just a little
		while. It was a very long time

Security Soldier:
		I see...

|BIS Hideout              \____________________

Cage:		...Whoa... I never knew this
		place existed.

Deckson:	...Did you sleep well?

Cage:		Oh! Good morning! I just
		realized I hadn't introduced
		myself yet. I'm...

Deckson:	Cage, right? The girl is
		Myona, and the one who
		saved you both was Ares.

Cage:		Huh?! ...That's right, you
		heard us talking.

Deckson:	I've told everyone here about
		you, so there's nothing to
		fear. This is the
		Headquarters of the
		Anti-Terrestrial League BIS.
		As long as you're here, the
		UNSF can't get to you.

Cage:		Ahhh... Is that so? S-so I
		guess that would make you a

Deckson:	Hm... I don't much enjoy being
		labeled like that, but I
		suppose from an Earthling's
		perspective, that's the way it

Cage:		Oh my God... What do I do?
		They don't seem like bad
		people... But Ares always says
		not to judge a book by its

Razma:		Um... Cage, right? That's not
		the kind thing you should

Cage:		Hunh? Was I talking aloud
		just now??

Razma:		Yep. Loud and clear.

Cage:		Oh. Heh, heh. Er....

Myona enters

Myona:		Good morning. Everyone's up
		so early.

Razma:		Well, hello there, Princess.
		Sleep well?

Myona:		...Yes, I did.

Semyl enters


Razma:		You're late. You sleep too

SEmyl:		You always so grouchy in the
		morning? Want me to knock
		you back to sleep?

Razma:		Unfortunately, my grandma
		taught me never to hit a

Semyl:		Oh, so now I'm a girl. I get
		it. In that case...

Semyl hits Razma

Razma:		Ow!! Wha?! What was that 

Semyl:		Hmmm... What's with the raised
		fist? Your beliefs are pretty
		shaky, huh?

Razma hits Semyl

Semyl:		YOW! Whatcha doin'?!??!

Razma:		I amended my policy just now,
		and decided that those who 
		are female only by anatomy
		do not qualify as female.

Semyl:		OOOOO! I'm gonna show you -

Ares enters

Ares:		Good morning, Cage.

Semyl (blush):	- some nice things, but shall
		we call it a day, Mr. Razma?

Cage:		...

Semyl:		Hello, Ares... may I call you
		Ares? I'm Semyl, Semyl
		Shambrow. Enchanted. Did you
		sleep well last night?

Ares:		Mr. Deckson, I took the
		liberty of giving myself a 
		tour of the facilities - it's
		very impressive indeed.

Semyl:		(Dang... boy just ignored me
		completely! WhatEVER, never
		expected nothing anyway...)
Deckson:	Well, thank you. I'm flattered.

Myona:		Where is the blonde gentleman
		from yesterday?

Deckson:	Hm? Oh, Mr. Philbright, eh?
		He's out running some
		errands right now, but you'll
		have a chance to get
		acquainted later. Now that
		our three guests are all
		here, I'd like to have a little

Phil enters

Phil:		Oh my God, oh my God, oh my
		God.... Boss! It's an
Deckson:	Speak of the devil... Back so
		soon? How was Yukito?

Phil:		Well, he was doing very well,
		and... that's not what I was
		trying to tell you! There's
		been an emergency! The UNSF
		is raiding the hospital!

Razma:		D-Did they find ouit that he's
		staying there?

Semyl:		That don't sound too good...
		Nah, that's real bad.

Phil:		That's not a real concern, as
		they completely overlooked
		two men: Mr. Yukito and

Cage:		(Men?! He's a... he?? I was
		convinced he was a girl...
		Oops, gotta pay attention...)

Phil:		Their interest in the hospital
		seems to have something to
		do with a new pharmaceutical
		they are using on patients in
		critical condition.

Deckson:	...Hmm... So they're planning
		on stealing it and selling it at
		a higher price.

Razma:		There's only one person I
		can think of who would do
		something like that.
Deckson:	Mm-hmm. Ned Noachim... that
		filthy cretin with the powerful
		friend. There's no time to
		waste. Come on, we have to
		get movign. Cage, I'd like you
		to come with me for

Cage:		Me? Umm... O-OK.

|BIS Hideout              \____________________

BIS Heads to Sphere/Hospital

|Sphere/Hospital          \____________________

#####  Scene 03: A Hopeless Hope  #####

#####  Scene 04: Double Edged Sword  #####

#####  Scene 05: A Voice From Far, Far Away  #####

#####  Scene 06: One Wing's Promise  #####


|BIS Hangar               \____________________

Robin:  	...Good work, everyone. Let's 
		call it 
y. We'll run more 
		tests on Testant next

Cage: 		OK. See ya, Pharsti.

Pharsti: 	yes. Good-bye, Cage.

Myona: 		Good work. here.

Cage: 		What's this?

Myona:  	It's my special vitamin drink.
		I thought you'd be tired from
		all the testing, so...

Cage: 		Oh. Thanks! I'll have some
		now... <<gulp>>...<<choke>>...

Myona: 		Are you okay?

Cage: 		(Gross!... How could anything 
		possibly taste so bad??...)

Myona:		Oh... You didn't like it?

Cage: 		N-no! It's really good!

Myona: 		I'm glad. I'll make some 
		more for next time!

Cage: 		Uh.. Great!...?

Robin: 		Cage. 

Cage: 		Oh, Robin. How's it going?
		Have you had any new

Robin: 		Yes, thank to you. But there 
		are still a number of 
		unresolved issues... We're so

Cage: 		If there's anything at all that
		I can do, please tell me.

Robin: 		Thank you, I appreciate that. 
		Pharsti still hasn't shown her
		full potential. There's so much
		we still don't know... That is 
		an incredible specimen.

Myona: 		You're very knowledgeable
		about machines. And skilled.

Robin: 		Well, I've been around them 
		for a while. Thank you for 
		your help today.

Cage: 		Not at all. Let's go, Myona.


Robin: 		... Why don't you come out

Twede: 		I don't think it is a good idea
		to become too close with

Robin: 		Don't worry. Work is work,
		and I'm getting what I have
		to get done, done. Or are you
		going to report this?
		Well, report me if you like; I
		know you could.

Twede: 		It's fine if you understand. I
		agree, the rate of progress
		is on schedule....if we can
		continue at this pace.

|BIS Hideout               \____________________

Myona: 		.....? Why is everyone
		gathered around, did
		something happen?

Deckson: 	Ah, perfect timing. The other
		day there was an anti-tax
		increase demonstration, and
		there was a skirmish between
		civilians and the UNSF. There 
		were a few casualties.

Cage: 		Casualties at a protest?

Ares: 		Yeah. Apparently some 
		civilians fired at UNSF troops.
		Well, that's according to a
		report from Earth. They say
		that it started out as a fight
		between the parties involving
Razma: 		That's just the dumbest thing 
		I've ever heard. What kind of
		protester starts shooting? =
		It'd just give Earthlings a 
		reason to wipe out everyone
		opposing the taxes. This has
		to be some kind of 

Mebius: 	But i hear that the shooting 
		really happened - they even 
		have it on tape....

Deckson: 	It's unnatural that they have 
		all this evidence, isn't it? And 
		take a close look at this 
		picture; there's the UNSF LEV 
		that was acting as riot 

Cage: 		?! That looks like the 
		LEV that we fought at the 

Mebius: 	Bolozof's frame...He's Earth's 
		worst export, a military man.
		It's highly possible... He 
		doesn't thing of Martians as 
		being human, so he would do 
		something like that.

Deckson: 	Regardless of the instigator,
		this cannot happen ever
		again. There is another 
		demonstration scheduled
		today, so we will stand by at 
		the scene.

Warren: 	That may do more harm than
		good. It would give the UNSF 
		a reason to attack.

Deckson: 	Of course. We'll wait in 
		ambush. If nothing happens,
		we will do nothing... But if by
		chance something does
		happen, we are the only ones 
		who can stop it.

Yukito: 	Where's John's team? Aren't 
		they supported by Ms. 
		O'Connell also?
Myona: 		Er... We have more friends?

Mebius: 	Yes. There are a few groups
		like ours, but not too many.
		Recently, a number of them
		lost resources to remain active.

Yukito: 	What? You don't mean...

Mebius: 	...They're gone. It happened 
		two days ago. it wasn't 
		picked up by the media.

Yukito: 	Oh...

Razma: 		Let's go, Boss. If nothing 
		happens we just come home.
		If something does, we try to
		stop it. Right?
Deckson: 	That's right.

Phil: 		Well, in that case I'll make a 
		picnic basket! Can't fight 
		when you're hungry! Oh, but
		don't expect anything too
		fancy, we only have 
		ingredients for sandwiches...

Semyl: 		Phil, this ain't no school trip.

Mebius: 	I think it's a good idea. You
		should eat when you can; it's
		very important.

Semyl: 		Why...

Warren:		Food also has a relaxing
		effect, which is a good thing.
		Especially when everyone is
		really nervous, like we are

Semyl: 		Oh... Phil, you...

Phil: 		Er... This is the least I can 
		do for everyone.

Deckson: 	We don't have much time until
		we depart. Start making
		preparations. And Phil...
		No cucumbers in my sandwich.

###### Scene 07: Opposing Tracks ######

Sec. Officer A: We really got the short end 
		of the stick. Why do we have
		to do security at a protest?
Sec. Officer B: Stop whining. Work is work...
		Besides, we have to make 
		sure that it's not a replay of
		last time.

Sec. Officer A: I know. If we let the 
		Earthling UNSF in on this,
		they'll do whatever they want
		and call it 'riot control'. Oh,
		here comes the protest 

Middle-aged man: Earth exploits its position and 
		forces its tyranny upon us.
		Are we going to allow this to
		continue? No, we cannot! All
		we ask for are basic rights 
		that we deserve! What is
		wrong with that? Are they 
		trying to tell us that we are
		not worth our human rights?
		Friends and neighbors. It is 
		time for us to come together 
		as one. One by one, we may
		not have enough power to
		make a difference. That is 
		why we want you to lend a
		hand, and support the cause.
		Please don't let our sad 
		history repeat itself. Justice
		on Mars!! Let us fight for a 
		bright future for our

Local: 		Yeahhhh!!

Local [woman]: 	The government doesn't care
		about us! We have to look out 
		for ourselves!!

Razma: 		...They're really riled up. They 
		could start a war right

Cage: 		Is it safe to be away from 
		the frames?

Razma: 		No worries. There are things 
		you don't see unless you're 
		on the ground... Probably.

Cage: 		Probably?!... Hmm. Wonder
		what happened...?

Razma: 		Hey, Cage! Wait!

Nadia: 		Why now.... Tsk....

Little girl: 	<<pant>>...<<pant>>...

Cage: 		? What happened?

Nadia: 		Oh, er, I was walking and this
		child collapsed suddenly.

Razma: 		...?

Nadia: 		...What?

Razma: 		Nothing. It looks like a slight
		case of amnesia to me. Some
		rest in the shade should fix it,

Nadia: 		How did you know my name?!

Razma: 		It was engraved on the 
		backside of that pendant. I
		have great eyesight. You got
		that from your boyfriend.
		Recently... Am I right?

Nadia: 		...heh heh. It was a gift, but 
		it was a long time ago.

Razma: 		Ah... So, you've been very
		careful with it. Which means I
		have no chance? You can
		bring your little sister along

Nadia: 		Ha, ha.... You're quite amusing. 
		I make it a point not to 
		associate with little boys. And
		also, we're not sisters. I was
		just passing through.

Razma: 		I'm sorry to hear that. Well,
		you must be very kind. I 
		could see the worry in your
		eyes when you brought her

Nadia: 		Wha... That's.... Anyway, take
		this child to a safe place
		soon! Good day!
Cage: 		Aw...there she goes. You got

Razma: 		...

Cage: 		Razma?

Razma: 		...er...excuse me?

Local [woman]: 	Hm? Yes?

Razma: 		Would you look after her for
		a second? I'm sure her 
		parents will come for her
		soon. Thanks!

Local: 		What?!? He...hey!

Razma: 		Come, Cage!

Cage: 		Huh? Oh, OK..

Nadia: 		...

Bolozof: 	(Heh heh heh... Here we go...)

Nadia: 		(It's time, I guess we'll begin.)

Semyl: 		Whah?!?

Phil: 		Gunshots!

Sec. Officer A: Hey.... My LEV just got shot!

Sec. Officer B: Stop overreacting. It's just a
		gun. Handle it calmly.

Nadia: 		Task completed...we will now 
		join the main group.

Bolozof: 	(heh heh ...perfect...)

Sp. Task Soldier: Gunshots confirmed. In the
		interest of public safety, we
		will begin riot control.

Sec. Officer B: An UNSF LEV? We are 
		conducting an investigation

Sp. Task Soldier: If you get in our waym we'll
		have to control you too. If
		you don't want anything bad
		to happen to you, stay out of 

Sec. Officer A: What?! This is under the 
		jurisdiction of the UCM
		Security Keeping Force!

	Sp Task Soldier attacks Sec. Officer A

Sec. Officer A: Aaaarrgh.... Why?!

Sec. Officer B: You... Dirtbags!! This is
		clearly a breach of protocol...

Sp. task Soldier: What protocol? Acemos has no
		obligation to act in
		accordance with any

Sec. Officer B: Acemos?! Special Task Force 
		Acemos? I get it... So the 
		whole thing was a setup!

Sp. Task Solder: Precisely.

	Sp. Task Soldier obliterates Sec. Officer B

Sec. Officer B: Aaaaaarrrggghhhh!

Deckson: 	(Even if they are Martians...
		It's unbelievable that they 
		would act against the
		Security Officers, who are on
		their side... They're acting as
		though they've gone insane.)

Sp. Task Soldier: Lieutenant. The obstacle has 
		been removed.

Bolozof: 	OK. Now rub out those 
		dangerous rioters.

Sp. Task Solder: Yes sir!
		You are all under arrest!
		Don't move! You don't want tp
		move another step!

Local: 		Huh? Oh yeah? What will
		happen if we do, eh?

	Local mecha moves a step forward

Deckson: 	Don't do it! Stop!

	Sp Task Force obliterates Local Mecha

Local: 		Eeeeeeeeek!!

Sp. Task Soldier: I instructed you specifically
		not to move, but you
		displayed blatant rebellious
		spirit. We will have to end 
		this riot by force!

Deckson: 	Damn! How could they...!
		They're planning to use the 
		firing of the demonstrators
		as an excuse to act against
		them, while offering them no
		protection! Prepare
		yourselves! We're going to
		protect the demonstrators!

	BIS shows up in the battlefield

Mebius: 	What a dirty plan... We can't 
		let it happen!

Semyl: 		Whew... It was pretty boring
		just sitting there...

Warren: 	Where is Bolozof?.... I don't 
		see that machine of his 

Bolozof: 	(The Animus! ...Well, it's a good
		opportunity to study BIS and
		see just how good they really

Deckson: 	Demonstrators on your LEVs
		I am on your side! We will 
		act as your shield! Flee to
		the south!

Local (woman): 	What? WHat is going on?....

Local: 		Let's get out of here!!

Local: 		I have no idea what's
		happening... But let's do as 
		they say while we still can!

Deckson: 	OK, everyone, we are going to 
		protect them as they head 
		down south. Good luck!

Yukito: 	Got it.

Cage: 		Yes sir!

Razma: 		(The person who fired the 
		first shot looked an awful lot
		like Nadia... Nah, it can't be...)


*  At the second turn of BIS, Pharsti talks about 
*  the local server
*  Pharsti: 	Cage, look at that.
*  Cage: 	What?
*  Pharsti: 	The local server is there.
*  Cage: 	Local... Server?
*  Pharsti: 	I believe that it is affiliated 
*  		with NUT. If it is possible,
*  		please transport the OF to
*  		that point and stand by. It
*  		may be possible to procure
*  		various weapons and other
*  		specialized modules by doing 
*  		so.
*  Cage: 	What do you mean?
*  Pharsti: 	If everyone's OF, myself 
*  		included, there is a capability 
*  		to access secret data within
*  		the server. Frowm now on, if
*  		you see a server and the 
*  		situation allows, please move
*  		the OF above the server and
*  		wait until the data is 
*  		transferred... Once the data
*  		is obtained, it is possible to
*  		build new features into the 
*  		OF.
*  Cage: 	This is a bit complicated for
*  		me... But you're saying that if 
*  		the OF is placed on top of
*  		that thing, you can get new 
*  		functions?
*  Pharsti: 	Precisely.
*  Cage:	I understand, but at times 
*  		like this I need to help 
*  		people instead... I'll keep it in
*  		mind.
*  Pharsti: 	Yes, the decision is entirely
*  		up to you.

In case a citizen is killed by enemy LEVs, 
these are the dialogues:

Cage:	 	Oh god! I was too late... I am
 		so sorry...!
Pharsti: 	Cage, now is not the time to

Cage:	 	I know that... But....


Cage:	 	Oh no!! How could this

Pharsti: 	Cage, it is not your fault.
Cage: 	...

Cage:		Again...? I'm sorry there's
 		nothing I can do


Cage:		...no... Not again!!?


Cage: 		All down... How can that be?

Pharsti: 	...

When the locals succesfully escape,
here are their dialogues:

Local: 		I... I made it?!
Local: 		Go! Run away!!
Local:		We might be able to get out
 		in time... Thanks to the BIS 
 		folk, I guess...

After saving (or failing to save) all the locals):

Bolozof: 	...OK, I think I've seen
		enough. Now it's my turn to
		do what I want to do.

Cage: 		It's that frame!

Zephyrs: 	Did you get rid of the
		demonstrators? Then there's 
		nothing more for you to do.
		Come back!

Bolozof: 	If you want to live out the 
		rest of your years in peace,
		don't order me around. You've
		got your own problems to
		take care of.

Zephyrs: 	...you...

Bolozof: 	...Relax, I've got proof that
		the demonstrators fired right
		here... You want to get the
		Animus back too, don't you?

Zephyrs: 	....

Bolozof: 	Nadia! Where are you?

Nadia: 		Sir! I'm on Bizac. May I
		have permission to leave?

Bolozof: 	Ah. This is how you differ 
		from the average Martian 
		trash. My expectations of you
		are high.

Nadia: 		Thank you sir. Oh, and 
		Lieutenant, this pendant...

Bolozof: 	...Yes, what about it?

Nadia: 		...Nothing, sir... I am
 (to Cage)	You shall return that frame.
		It is wasted on you.

Cage: 		A-aren't you...

Nadia: 		...this voice... Are you the
		young boy from earlier? I
		see... You're the frame
		runner of the Animus.... I
		should have known...

Cage: 		Why are you doing this...?
		Aren't you a Martian 

Nadia: 		So what? I am different from
		you! I have no interest in
		wallowing in pity with
		weaklings! I am Nadia Candido, 
		Special Task Force Acemos! If 
		you do not return the
		machine, I will take it from
		you by force!

Bolozof: 	...Now, shall we take care of
		the unfinished business from
		our last meeting?


When Nadia loses:

Nadia: 		I've lost...?? Add made a fool
		of myself in from of Mr.

Bolozof: 	Nadia, you're tired. Retreat
		now, you understand?

Nadia: 		I'm sorry... I am leaving now!

When Cage starts to attack Bolozof:

Bolozof: 	Heh heh heh... You Martians
		are fun to play with. You've
		been allowed to live until this
		day just for me, so I expect 
		to be entertained a little bit
		more. Come on, let's see it.
		Give me your best shot! I'll 
		destroy all of you!

Cage: 		Fun to play with? People are
		dying!! What are you talking

When Bolozof is weakened:

Bolozof: 	Hah! What's wrong? I'm still

Cage: 		What is wrong with this guy?

Deckson: 	Cage, any further engagement
		with them is pointless.
		Retreat! Close your eyes!

Cage: 		Huh? Uh, yes sir!

Bolozof: 	What are they doing?!

Deckson throws a smokescreen (?) and BIS escapes

Bolozof: 	They ran away? ...
		Heh heh ....
		Heh heh heh...
		Haaahahahahah!!! They think 
		that... That they've spared
		me? ...Ha ha ha ha......

		(...I'll make you regret

|BIS Hideout               \____________________

Deckson: 	...So it is the Earthlings 
		behind all this. This Nadia 
		lady from Acemos, she's the
		one who fired and posed as a

Razma: 		Yes, I'm sure of it.

Warren: 	UNSF Special Task Force
		Acemos... I've heard of them.
		They're an elitist group of
		racists... This could be

Cage: 		The general guy that we 
		fought before... He seems 

Mebius: 	...You mean Bolozof Velasgo.
		He probably joined the armed
		forces so he could be violent
		legally. He's the most 
		dangerous man on Earth. I 
		had no idea he'd joined

Warren: 	It seems Zephyrs is the 
		power behind Acemos... That's 
		quite obvious. Their erratic,
		careless actions today... He 
		must be quite confident in his
		information sources.

Deckson: 	It may be time for us to take
		action before they act 
		against us.

Ares: 		But how? Do you have any
		ideas as to what we can do?

Deckson: 	Well, I've been speaking with
		Ms. O'Connell about this...

Razma: 		Boss. I may be on to 
		something. Let me pursue it.

Deckson: 	Of course, look into it.

Razma: 		Great, I'll be back in a little

Razma walks out of the room

Cage: 		Today was tough, wasn't it,

Myona: 		Yes... How can those
		Earthlings do such terrible 
		things to the Martians?

Cage: 		...I don't understand it 

Ares: 		Humankind succeeded in
		colonizing the vast territory 
		of space... But like the 
		vacancy they've claimed as
		territory, their hearts have
		become empty too.

Cage: 		But Ares... That's just so...

Ares: 		I know, it's wrong.... But the
		fact of the matter is that 
		those living on Mars and on
		Jupiter are called 'Enders'
		and are looked down upon....
		You'll understand eventually.

Cage: 		Ares...

Ares: 		Well, I'm really tired today...
		I'm going back to my room.
		See you later, Cage.

Ares walks out of the room.

Cage: 		... The fact of the matter...

Myona: 		(.......)

Phil: 		Oh.....Miss Myona! If you would 
		like, I was thinking that
		perhaps you and I could...

Myona: 		Cage, we should get back

Cage: 		Yeah... You're right.

Phil: 		Er.....

Cage and Myona walks out of the room, leaving Phil behind.

Phil: 		(Miss Myona...)


|BIS Hideout               \____________________

Razma: 		Phew... I'm back.

Semyl: 		You back already?!? Jeez, 
		that was quick.

Razma: 		Never mind that, look at this 
		photograph. It's pretty
		low-resolution, but...

In the picture, a building is marked in the middle.

Warren: 	...Where did you get this?
		There seems to be something
		there... is this what you were
		talking about earlier?
Razma: 		Well, how about this picture?

Another picture of the building with a LEV

Warren: 	...This is.... Bolozof's new machine!

Ares: 		Wasn't it called... Bizac?

Razma: 		And look at this one.

Phil: 		The frame in production...
		This is not an LEV! Can it
		be.... An OF?!?

Razma: 		Bingo. I think this is Zephyrs'
		secret factory.

Mebius: 	That Bizac-frame, it did look 
		different from an LEV. If it's
		been built with OF technology
		- that is, if it includes
		metatron - that explains

Cage: 		Meta...tron. That's the 
		precious material that they
		use in the catapults at the
		spaceports, right?

Razma: 		I figure the Martian
		government is probably doing 
		all it can to keep it all a
		secret, but they wouldn't 
		have them together with the
		LEVs. I think that they would
		have to have a special place
		where they dealt with all the
		OF-related matters.

Deckson: 	That's true. If they're hiding 
		their OF research, it would 
		make sense that they would
		have their own private

Mebius: 	Then it's possible that the 
		Black Frame that sank the 
		Bonaparte was constructed
		there too?

Myona: 		And... perhaps there was
		some sort of unexpected
		accident during testing, and
		they lost control... And it hit 

Cage: 		That would mean that Zephyrs
		and his men were behind that

Ares: 		It's possible.

Semyl: 		And? How'd you find this

Razma: 		I regret to inform you that's
		an industry secret.

Semyl: 		Right, an industry secret...
		Like slappin' a tracer on a
		girl, stalkin' her, and plannin'
		on inviting her out to 

Razma: 		Yeah, yeah... You know how
		women are, you convince them
		it's destiny and..
		How...how did you know about

Semyl: 		I knew it!

Razma: 		Dang... That was a trick?

Semyl: 		<<sigh>> You know, you are
		so transparent. Myona, what
		do you think of guys who do
		things like this?

Myona: 		......

Razma: 		(Uh-oh... Don't look at me like

Myona: 		......

Razma: 		(Uh-oh... Don't look at me like

Myona: 		... I think it sucks.

Razma: 		(Ouch!)

Razma: 		No! It's not like that! ...Er...

Mebius: 	OK. Enough of that. So, is
		that how you came across
		the information

Razma: 		Yeah. She was suspiciously
		alert for a civilian. She told 
		us to 'take the child to a
		safe place' ...as if she knew 
		what was going to happen.

Cage: 		Wow... I didn't notice that at

Myona: 		Oh... I understand now.... I'm 
		sorry, Razma...

Razma: 		Heh, heh... It's no big deal.

Cage: 		But.... She said that as she
		was leaving. You didn't have
		time to put the tracer on her
		after she said that...

Myona: 		Um, Razma...

Razma: 		Oh... Ha haha hah!!..... Hey, 
		don't sweat the small stuff!!

Mebius: 	That's so typical of you,
		Razma... But in this case, you 
		were able to obtain
		information because you did
		that, so we can't complain....
		So what are we going to do?
		Should we wait until they 
		make a move?

Yukito: 	You sound as though you
		want to move on it

Mebius: 	Well, are you against that?

Yukito: 	That depends on our 
		strategy. This facility belongs
		to the Ryan Corporation. I'm
		sure their security system 
		exceeds that of most military
		facilities... And I'm sure their
		LEVs do also.

Myona: 		Ryan Corporation? What's

Phil: 		It comes next to NUT, 
		Nereidum Universal 
		Technology, a manufacturer.

		Of course, even though 
		they're second in the
		industry, they're nowhere
		close to NUT - NUT has the
		power to build its own colony
		with no help from anyone.

Myona: 		Wow.

Deckson: 	...Hmmm... Ryan, eh? I can see
		how OF manufacturing would 
		be attractive to him, to beat
		their competition. It would
		make sense if they had 
		helped with the construction
		of the Bizac too.

Ares: 		I think we should sneak in.

Warren: 	Why?

Ares: 		Well... the secret production 
		of military weapons has been
		proven by the information
		supplied by Razma. All we 
		need to prove now is the 
		existence of Earthlings within
		the facility, and there will be
		enough to indict Zephjyrs for
		his involvement. If all goes
		well, we may also be able to 
		obtain data from the local 
		server, and that is the most
		definitive evidence that we  
		can lay our hands on.

Warren: 	...I agree completely with
		your plan. But what's the 

Ares: 		Never put off until tomorrow
		what can be done today. Is it
		such a bad thing?

Warren: 	......

Deckson: 	It's true, this may be a good
		opportunity to take action.
		Warren, if we don't move now,
		we may end up having to wait
		until they make their next
		move, in which case we'll
		allow something to happen.

Warren: 	...You're right. I understand. 
		We must build our strategy 
		very carefully.

Robin enters the room

Robin: 		<<sigh>> So now you're going 
		to go after Zephyrs. 
		Why didn't I know about

Deckson: 	Ms. O'Connell... I am about to
		discuss this with you. I
		had no intention of keeping
		this a secret from you...

Robin:		He's a very powerful man. Do
		you understand that this 
		could be risky for me too?

Deckson: 	Well....

Robin: 		....<<giggle>> I'm only joking.
		But it wouldn't hurt you to
		worry about me sometimes
		too, you know? I work hard

Deckson: 	Yes... Thank you.

Twede: 		...I have prepared a blueprint
		of the area with possible
		invasion routes, for your

Razma: 		No way! When?!? We just
		started talking ahout it right

Twede: 		...I will take care of the 
		security problem. Pelase, just
		look out for the Security

Razma: 		Um, heLLO-? Do you copy??

Twede: 		...Good luck. I will pray for
		your safety.

Robin: 		I'm, sorry... Please don't take
		it personally.

Semyl: 		You got no presence, is why.

A crash sound (Razma probably kicked Semyl)

Semyl: 		OW! Boy, I'm gonna make you

Razma: 		You need to learn to shut it!

Semyl: 		<<gasp>> That's it!

Razma: 		Hah! Show me what you got!!

Mebius: 	Well, shall we get going?

Cage: 		Yes..

##### SCENE 08: Darkness Dyed by Darkness #####

Deckson: 	...Listen. Twede said that he
		would take care of the
		security system, so we don't
		need to worry about cameras
		or sensors - but even he 
		can't control human eyes.
		Beware of the Security LEVs 
		while you go about your

Razma: 		Well, if Twede is going to 
		hack into the system so that
		Security ad the facility can't
		communicate, why don't we
		just take them all down at

Mebius: 	ANd make a big commotion so
		Security does show up?

Warren: 	...Not a good move. It's best
		if nobody finds out about
		this. Security trusts its
		sensors, so I don't think 
		there will be too many 
		Security LEVs on site. We
		should think of it as a 
		clandestine operation.

Razma: 		Tsk. Fine.

Yukito: 	Get within 3 squares of an
		enemy LEV and it's war on
		the spot. Be careful. If a
		Security LEV finds you, you
		may be able to get out of it
		if you beat it immediately....

Cage: 		3 squares?

Yukito: 	Don't worry about it. Anyway,
		we'll have to find an entrance 
		first. Then Phil and Ares will
		go in on the Blade. Is that 
		okay with everyone?

Deckson: 	That's fine. There are 5 
		routes. You need to figure 
		out which one will lead to the
		inside of the facility.

Cage: 		So there's a way in out of 
		those choices, and we go and
		check each one?

Deckson: 	Correct. Don't get caught, 

Cage: 		Yes sir!

Razma: 		...Why is it Phil and Ares?

Mebius: 	...In this group, those two
		are best with that kind of

Cage: 		What kind of stuff?

Mebius: 	Well, computer stuff...

Ares: 		It's almost time.

Myona: 		Ares, Phil - be careful!

Ares: 		Yeah.

Phil: 		Yes... I-I will! You can leave
		it to me!

Deckson: 	OK, is everybody ready? I will 
		stay here and give you 
		instructions... Let me know
		once you are inside.
Nadia: 		...strange...

Sp. Task Soldier: Is something the matter?

Nadia: 		Are the sensors functioning
		normally? Something feels
		off... Is it just me?

Sp. Task Soldier: All functions are normal.
		Perhaps you are tired. May I
		suggest that you take a

Nadia: 		Why are you bothered by my
		being here?

Sp. Task Soldier: No. Far from it, I'm honored!
		If it were up to me, I would
		be with you like this for all
Nadia: 		...What a strange man - not 
		that I dislike you.

Sp. Task Soldier: Thank you. Normally, I would
		take that as a cue to flirt, 
		but I shall refrain from such
		action for now. So that you
		might rest, I will continue
		with this Security post,
		although I will be very
Nadia: 		Heh... OK, fine. I'm going to
		take a break, you take care
		of everything whyile I'm away.

Sp. Task Soldier: Phew... That was close. Now, 
		where were we?

The Sp. Task Soldier was actually Twede!

Twede: 		I've sent false data to the
		remaining cameras and
		sensors, communication has
		been cut off, and the 
		arrangements are complete.

		(Everything's done on time. 
		I've done my part, now please
		do yours and do it well...)

Semyl: 		...You best behave yourself
		today! Don't you go lookin'
		for that Nadia chick!

Razma: 		Not an issue. I'm very
		reliable when need be... Heh 

Semyl: 		Unconvincing, at best.

Warren: 	...it's time. Let's go.

Sp. Task Soldier: Terrorists?! Security!
		Invasion!! HEY! Respond!....
		Tsk.... Communication's been
		cut off. They'll pay for this...

Deckson: Get him!

Deckson: 	I don't think that's the one.
		Check the others!

Deckson: 	That's it, Phil!

Phil: 		Ares! I think that's it over 

Ares: 		OK. Let's proceed carefully so
		they don't see us.

Phil: 		Yessss!

Ares: 		OK... We're going in!

Deckson: 	The first stage of the plan
		has been completed. Everyone, 

Cage: 		Yes sir!

|Hidden Factory            \____________________

Cage: 		We succeeded somehow.

Deckson: 	Yes... I hope the rest goes
		as smoothly.

Razma: 		Since there's time until our
		next move, I'd like to take a 
		short nap.
Semyl: 		What?!? What are you 

Razma: 		ZZZZZZZZ......

Myona: 		...He really fell asleep.

Mebius: 	I can't quite figure out if
		he's headed for greatness, or 
		if he's just stupid.

Yukito: 	Well, that's Razma. We should
		all take turns and get some
		rest too.

Cage: 		(Ares...Phil... Good luck!)


|Bolozof's Room            \____________________

Nadia: 		...Excuse me, sir.

Bolozof: 	Nadia. What happened?

Nadia: 		You were resting. I'm very
		sorry, I will come again
		another time.

Bolozof: 	I don't mind. What do you need?

Nadia: 		Noth... well, er... How are you

Bolozof: 	You want to know? Why don't 
		you examine me for

Nadia: 		N-no! I, er...

Bolozof: 	What? You don't like me 
		anymore? Come here.

Nadia: 		.....

Bolozof: 	Nadia. Don't look at me like

Nadia: 		...Are we doing the right
		thing? Mars has reached its
		limits. If things continue in
		this way, a full-fledged war
		may break out any day now.

Bolozof: 	So what? That would make it 
		easier to solve territorial 
		problems anyway. There is no
		need for weeds on this
		land.... Are you worried about
		your fellow Martians?

Nadia: 		N-no. I rid myself of such 
		sentiment the day I pledged 
		my life to you... However, I
		think that the progression of 
		these battles...

Bolozof: 	There's no such thing as a
		bloodless revolution. Besides, 
		don't you think that it's time
		to bear the hardships... For 
		our future?

Nadia: 		Our...future?

Bolozof: 	Oh... Speaking of which, I 
		have something for you.

Nadia: 		...An Earth-bound ticket?! You
		remembered our promise!

Bolozof: 	Once things settle down a 
		little bit, let's go together.
		You'll be reborn as a true
		Earthling worthy of me.

Nadia: 		Thank you! I don't know what
		to say... I...

Bolozof: 	Are you going to stand there
		forever? Come over here.

Nadia: 		Y-yes.

Bolozof: 	...Heh heh heh...
		(What is wrong with her...?!?)

Nadia: 		Er.... Is something the
		matter? What is...?

Bolozof: 	...It's a tracer... Dammit! How 
		long have you had this on
		you?! Go to full alert! All
		units in position!!

Nadia: 		Y-yes Sir! Excuse me!

Bolozof: 	(Damn Martians...)

|Hidden Factory            \____________________

Deckson: 	Oh no... They've caught on?!?

Cage: 		Is that a security alarm?!

Pharsti: 	Affirmative. I suggest a quick

Cage: 		What?! I can't do that. Ares 
		is in there!

Pharsti: 	...I thought you'd say that. We
		can leave whenever you would 
		like to.

Cage: 		Good job Pharsti! Let's go!

Semyl: 		Razma! Get up, we're goin'!

Razma: 		I'm already up, you're the 
		one holding us up.

Warren: 	We don't have time for 
		chit-chat. Come on!

##### SCENE 09: SINCERITY #####

Sp. Task Soldier: Sombeody's hacked into the
		server. They should be
		around! Do whatever it takes,
		just find them!
		(Hm? What was that??)

BIS reappears in the factory grounds

Sp. Task Soldier: B-BIS! It's them!! Those
		idiots.... snooping around
		where tehy don't belong.
		Catch them!!

Deckson: 	The two of them haven't been 
		caught yet... But I suppose
		we have no choice. We're
		going in to get them!

Razma: 		We'll have to distract them
		until the two of them can
		make their escape.

Myona: 		I hope they're okay...

Cage: 		...I'm sure they are. After all, 
		Ares is there!

Mebius: 	Ahhh... You trust him that
		much, do you? Anyway, let's 
		get going!

Cage: 		OK!

Blade appears

Cage: 		Ares!! Are you okay?

Ares: 		Yeah. We got the data, too.

Cage: 		Thank goodness...

Ares: 		Aren't you worried about Phil

Cage:  		Oh! I'm sorry... How are you holding up?

Phil:  		...I'm okay. We'll do our best
 		to get out of here, so please
 		help us out.

Cage:  		Okay.

more enemies appear

Nadia: 		Why does everybody try to 
 		bring me down?! Don't you 
 		see that your existence
 		makes these tensions

Cage:  		You're... Nadia!

Bizac S appears

Bolozof: 	Nadia, can you hear me?

Nadia: 		Yes, I hear you.

Bolozof: 	I am getting out of here. You
 		take care of them. You can 
 		do that much, can't you?

Nadia: 		...Yes. I understand. If it 
		costs me my life, I will see
		to it that we triumph over

Bolozof: 	Heh heh... Good girl.
		(You see to that.)

Bizac S disappears


-after a few turns-

Pharsti: 	...Cage. There is abnormal
		energy emanating from the
		basement ahead. It is heat

Cage: 		Does that mean... This facility
		is going to explode?

Pharsti: 	Affirmative. 10 minutes.
		Considering the Blade's speed,
		we will have reached the
		safety limit on time.

Cage: 		What happens if we exceed 
		the limit?

Pharsti: 	Every person here will be 
		burned alive by the ehat from
		the explosion. In other

Cage: 		OK, that's all I needed to 
		hear. Thank you... So what
		you're saying is that we have
		to leave before the limit is

Pharsti: 	Correct.

Nadia: 		(...What was that! Can it be...
		That Bolozof is abandoning
		me? ...No... No, he wouldn't do

		So... It's them!! How far are
		they planning to push me? I
		will not let them get away
		with this! Never!!

-After a few more turns-

Pharsti: 	Cage, 5 minutes and counting
		until the explosion at the

Cage: 		Already?!? We have to hurry!

Pharsti: 	Damage to the frame has
		exceeded 50%.

Cage: 		What?! Already?!

Pharsti: 	Your maneuvering capabilities
		leave much to be desired.

Cage: 		...

Pharsti: 	But lately, you have developed
		a sharp instinct. it's as if
		you have eyes in the back of
		your head....

Cage: 		Huh? Oh, well actually... I was 
		told once after a physical
		that I have above-average
		spatial skills because I was
		born in space.

Pharsti: 	Born in space... In a 

Cage: 		Yeah... But now is not the 
		time to talk about it. I'll tell
		you all about it some other

-when Blade reaches the bottom-

Ares: 		Phew... Lucky us.

Phil: 		We are evacuating!

Cage: 		Good! Let's go!

Pharsti: 	Cage, would you like to warn
		the enemy?

Cage: 		Oh... Yea, that's a good idea.
		Will you make the 

Pharsti: 	...Complete. Go ahead.

Cage: 		Members of Acemos! Can you 
		hear me? This facility will
		explode very soon. Please
		evacuate the compound!

Nadia: 		.....

Cage: 		Nadia! You must get out of 

Nadia: 		...Go. I've lost. Go wherever
		you are going, I don't care!

Cage: 		Are you going to stay here?
		This whole place is going to

Nadia: 		This is something I brought
		upon myself... Leave me alone, 
		and worry about yourself.

Cage: 		...Pharsti.

Pharsti: 	Roger.

Nadia: 		Wha-what are you doing?!

Cage: 		I'm takking you out with me!

Nadia: 		Stop... it. Leave me alone!

Nadia: 		Let... go of me!!

Cage: 		Pharsti!

Pharsti: 	Evacuating...

The factory explodes

Factory Site

Razma: 		Holy moley! That was CLOSE!
Cage: 		That was really dangerous!

Semyl:		Wait... Who was that woman
		you saved, Cage? There are
		things that need to be taken
		care of, and we need to 
		capture her...
Cage:		Hunh?!

Semyl:		No, not 'hunh?!'. I'm saying,
		where is the hostage?
Cage: 		Well, we said good-bye a
		while ago...
Yukito:		You're KIDDING, right?

Cage:		Well, now that you mention it,
		she was looking at me real
Razma:		Hah! That's funny! Vintage
Semyl: 		Hey! It's not funny!

Deckson:	What's done is done. Besides,
		we've got the data. We can
		call today a success, I think.
Warren:		...Ares. How did it go?

Ares:		Heh. Perfectly. It was almost 
		too perfect...
Warren:		.....

Deckson: 	At any rate, there's no point
		in sticking around here. Let's 
		go home.
Phil:		Ms. Myona! I tried really
Myona: 		Cage... You let her go?

Cage:		Yeah... Was that really bad?

Myona: 		No, I think it was good. I',
		sure she's changed her mind
		about a lot of things now.
Cage: 		You think so? That would be
Phil:		.......

Ares:		Phil... Don't make that face. At
		the very least, I need you
Phil:		Ares... Thank you.

Ares:		(heh heh...)

BIS heads to their hideout

Meanwhile, at the factory site

Nadia: 		You... This humiliation...
		(...Why... Why am I still alive?
		I promised that I would die
		before I let them go!
		...Bolozof.... What am I.... What
		am I supposed to do...?)

|BIS Hideout               \____________________

Razma:		<<yawn>> I am so bored...

Cage enters

Cage:		Razma? Are you alone? Where
		is everybody else?
Razma: 		Warren and Yukito went to go
		work out at the gym. Semyl
		said she was going to buy
		Myona some clothes, so the
		two of them and Mebius went
		shopping for girlie stuff.
Cage: 		Hm. Where's Ares?

Razma:		Probably the hangar. He said
		something about analyzing the
		data he got at the facility.
Cage: 		But I thought the only
		equipment they had there was
		maintenance tools for LEVs
		and OFs.
Razma:		Nope. I hear Ms. O'Connell got
		her hands on a new metatron
Cage:		Hmmm....

Razma:		OK, I'm bored anyway. I'm
		going to go and be a 
		nuisance. I can look at the
		frames while I'm there too.
Razma exits

Cage:		No! Razma! You shouldn't!
|BIS Hangar                \____________________

Ares: 		...And you came to be a 
		nuisance also?
Cage:		Ha ha, ha ha ha....

Robin:		Oh, you two! Did you come to
		help out?
Razma:		No, we're here to be a
Robin:		Oh. I see.

Ares:		...For Pete's sake....

Cage:		So, Ares, what did you find?

Ares:		Absolutely nothing... But it's
		not because of the computer
		that Robin brought for me. In
		fact, it's not easy to have
		resources like this. I'd love
		to know where to find these
Robin:		Ares. Women have lots of
Ares:		Aha. Secrets. It must be
		difficult to have so many of
Robin:		...

Ares:		But since you were so kind
		as to prepare all these tools,
		I will do what I can, even
		though it may take a while...
Pharsti:	I'm very sorry to interrupt,
		but may I give it a try?
Ares:		(What?!?!)

Cage:		What?!? You know how??

Pharsti: 	Affirmative.

Ares:		...This is interesting. She may
		be able to get better results
		than any of us.
Robin: 		I like that. Please do.

Pharsti:	Would that be okay with you,
Cage:		Of course. Please!

Pharsti:	Understood.

Ares:		(...Actually, it's not such a bad
		idea... Heh heh... heh heh
|Zephyrs' Room             \____________________

Zephyrs:	...I will get it back. It's 
		important to me too. How 
		many times must I explain
		this to you?
Ryan:		Please. I have made my
		meager contribution also. 'It 
		was taken' is simply not
Zephyrs:	Stop worrying. If you work
		with us, there's nothign that
		NUT can do to stop you. I will
		find it soon.
Ryan:		...Will you actually 'get it
		back,' or 'find it'? I hate to
		say it, but... there are those
		who doubt you. They say that
		it was in fact no 'accident,'
		and that you're trying to sell
		the Animus elsewhere...
Zephyrs:	Who are you talking to? It
		would be all too easy to make
		your company disappear.
Ryan:		Before, that threat may have
		worked... Face the facts. I 
		don't mind cooperating. But I
		don't owe you anything. I can
		tolerate your unpleasant
		experiments only because it
		can make me profit.... At least
		for the time being.
Zephyrs:	...Are you threatening me?

Ryan:		Threatening? Hardly. I'm
		warning you.
Zephyrs:	.....

Ryan:		We will take care of the
		incident at the factory. Is
		that okay with you?
Zephyrs: 	...Yes... please.

Ryan: 		Smart business. One would
		want to keep it that way until
		the very end. Excuse me.
Ryan exits

Zephyrs:	...
		(I have no choice... It's risky,
		but it must be done. I'll have 
		to give Bolozof permission to
		carry out his plan....
		It's me. Give me Lieutenant 
|BIS Hangar                \____________________

Cage: 		...And??

Pharsti:	Hee, hee, the data is very
Cage:		The data... Cute?!

Pharsti:	Yes. It was all wrapped up in
		a pretty package so as to
		conceal its contents.
Robin:		Interesting metaphor....

Ares: 		And what did you find?

Pharsti:	Well, I undid the ribbon... and
		removed the wrapping
		carefully so as not to rip
		anything. I'll transfer the 
		files now.
Phil:		Oh...

Ares:		This is really something. It's
		not everything, but it's
		completely deciphered.
Robin:		In this short amount of 
Deckson:	...Hm? What is everybody 
		doing here?
Razma:		Breaking the code.

Phil:		This here...

Deckson:	Metatron linkage I... D0?
		Subject 1179 F-15...?
Razma:		Hey, there's more over here.
		Impulse transmitter F-6x,
		M-12.... I don't get it!
Ares:		I think 'Subject' refers to a 
		person. So F and M would be
		the sex, and the numbers	
		would be the age. M-12 would
		be a 12-year-old male...
Robin:		...It looks like some sort of 
		experiment. X probably means
		that the subject died...
Cage:		But... How... They're mostly
Ares:		...According to this, the data
		goes back 10 years. The
		compatibility of the human
		brain and metatron... There's 
		a plan to implant a human
		brain directly into the
Decson: 	What's this?? An I.D.O. System
		record of accidents and
		deaths?! And this OF is the
Cage:		Ares....

Ares:		Yes, I'm sure of it. That's the
		one that attacked the
		Bonaparte. I guess that
		wasn't the only accident it's 
Deckson:	Things are starting to make
		sense. But we still need proof 
		that this frame is somehow
		affiliated with Zephyrs.
		We are so close...
Cage:		The truth is about to be
		revealed... ALl their evil
		deeds... Our innocence...
		Pharsti! Is there any more?
Pharsti:	This is all the data I have
		been able to decode. The rest
		of the data turns into a
		'suicide virus' and will delete 
		itself when opened without
		the proper password. I would
		not recommend attempting to
		analyze the rest of the data
		without the password.
Robin:		...I see... So we have to find
		a way to find that password.
Twede:		...Excuse me.

Razma:		<<gasp>> Again?!

Twede:		...Ms. O'Connell. Please take a 
		look at this.
Anchor:		...And now, a news update. 
		The violent terrorist group
		that has been on a rampage
		as of late bombed a 
		civilian-owned factory last
		night. UNSF Lieutenant
		Bolozof Velasgo was able to
		capture some members from
		this group, known as BIS, a
		little while ago.
Deckson:	What?!?

Anchor:		I repeat. Just now... what?
		Live feed? Excuse me. There
		has been a last-minute 
		change. We have a live 
		broadcast from the scene.

Bolozof:	...A word to the terrorists. 
		We have reached the limits of
		our tolerance for you. From
		now on, your immoral
		activities will be met with
		weapons. This is not a threat.
		We will do whatever it takes 
		to prevent tragedies like this
		from happening again. Today
		at noon, we will hold a public
		hearing for the terrorists
		who have been captured!
Ares:		...I've never seen any of 
		those people who were
Robin:		...They have nothing to do
		with us. They have 
		abducted random people to
		lure us to them.
Cage: 		Oh, no!!

Twede:		...That isn't the only problem.
		Please continue watching.
Razma:		There's Sis = and Myona!
		Even Semyl!!
Deckson:	They... They found out?!

Ares:		If they knew that they were
		BIS members, I doubt they
		would do it like this. I think
		it must have been a 
		coincidence... but I guess we
		don't really know. I can't
		imagine that they would
		actually hold a 'hearing.' It's
		probably more like immediate
Razma:		Those dirtbags....

Cage:		Oh! Ra-Razma! This person
		here... is Nadia!!
Razma:		They're even using their own
		people.... Are they insane?
Deckson:	Ms. O'Connell, we are going to
		go and do something about 
		this. Do you mind?
Twede:		Ms. O'Connell, I would strongly
		advise against taking such
		action. It is impossible to
		save them, and they would
		most certainly be captured.
Deckson:	Twede....

Robin:		...So.... What do you suggest
		we do?
Twede:		If we do that, they are not
		going to let it go.... At the
		very least, the humans on
		Mars are going to be
		angered, and the politics on
		Earth will encounter serious
		problems as well... Even if we 
		don't go out of our way to
		expose ourselves to danger,
		the situation should improve
		for us. Not doing anything is
		the best strategy - it yields
		the fewest victims.
Robin:		The fewest victims... I see
		your point, and I think that
		is a sound judgement...
Cage:		Ms. Robin?!?!

Razma:		How is abandoning you own
		friends 'the best strategy'?
		I'm going, even if I have to
		do it alone. And don't stop
Robin:		But, Twede, we don't want ANY
		victims. Peace earned at the
		price of any victim will only
		breed more victims in the 
Cage:		So...

Robin:		Go ahead.

Twede:		Ms. O'Connell!!

Deckson:	Ms. O'Connell... Thank you!

Ares:		Thank you! We're going.

Robin:		But I'm only going to let you
		go under one condition. All of
		you must come back safely.
		Can you promise me that?
Cage:		...Yes! We promise!!

Razma:		Of course! You just watch!!

Deckson:	Come on, everyone... Let's 
Robin: 		(Good luck, everybody... Be
Twede:		You know that what I said
		reflected the wishes of the
		higher-ups.... Do you realize
		what a big responsibility you
		are taking on?
Robin:		I'm aware of it.

Twede:		...
		...Well, then. In that case. I
		have nothing to add....
##### SCENE 10: A Pure Heart... And the Price It Pays #####

Mebius: 	I can't belive I coudn't save
		these children... I owe
		Deckson an apology.
Semyl:		Myona! Can you hear me?
		Don't you give up on me! I
		know that idiot is gonna come
		get us!

Myona:		Semmy.... I'm so sorry. If I 
		hadn't gotten caught, this
		wouldn't have happened...
Semyl:		That's just dumb! Come on,
		grumpy, they're gonna come
		get us! You can't trust him
		as far as you can throw him, 
		usually, but in crisis
		situations, that idiot is pretty
		reliable. So I'm tellin' ya,
		don't sweat it.
Nadia:		<<snicker>> ...It's not that
		simple. In military, if
		someone were to command his
		troops to save their men in
		this situation... he would lose
		his position.
Mebius:		Is that...?

Semyl:		Say that again, you little
		punk! When help arrives, we'll
		leave you here!
Nadia:		I don't care... I plan to die
		here. I coudn't look at him
Bizac S appears

Bolozof:	How righteous.

Nadia:		Lieutenant...  I apologize
		deeply for what has
		happened. It is my
Mebius:		That was Bolozof! I knew it...
		So she's Nadia?
Myona:		Oh!

Semyl:		Wha?

MebiusL		...I guess they don't know 
		who we are...
Bolozof:	...That pendant... I remember
		now. You still have it.
Nadia:		Yes! I am so glad that you
		remembered... I... I was...
		very happy.
red-haired girl:Ew! That is so ugly! Hey,
		please don't every give me
		something like that.
Nadia:		Who the...! What are you
		doing?! Get away from
		Lieutenant Bolozof

red-haired:	Oh please! My job is to stay
		with Mr. Bolozof and take
		good care of him.
		I had to take the place of
		some stupid, useless
		assistant... Oops, I guess that
		would be you!
Bolozof:	Nadia... Don't ever even utter
		my name with that filthy
		mouth of yours again.
Nadia:		...What?! I'll happily agree to
		execution. I am not afraid of
		So... so... Look at me until the
		very end... Don't dislike...
Bolozof:	...I'm tired of you. I also 
		have no use for failures.
Nadia:		How...

red-haired:	Hey, you're a MARTIAN, right?
		I mean, gross! I can't believe
		that Mr. Bolozof even let you
		work next to him!
Semyl:		(What?!?!)

red-haired:	Oh, well, that's over. He'll
		forget about you soon--my
		technique is that good. Even
		last night....
Nadia:		Sh-shut up!! That's a lie!!!
		Please, please say it's all a

Bolozof:	...Amante, here, have this. It's
		a ticket to Earth... Do what 
		you like with it:
Nadia:		That's...!!

red-haired girl's name was revealed by Bolozof, Amante

Amante:		But I hate traveling. Can I
		tear it up?
Bolozof:	Do as you like.

Nadia:		No!!!

Bolozof:	...You were more fun that I'd 
		expected. A word of advice:
		next time, don't come into the
		world as an Ender.
Nadia:		...Mr... Bolozof....

Myona:		(...I don't know what happened
		there... But I feel really bad
		for her....)
Zephyrs:	Nadia... I'm disappointed that
		you were collaborating with
		the terrorists. I... I can't
		believe it!
Nadia:		...Heh... I'm just glad that I 
		won't have to look at your
		face anymore.
Semyl:		...I can't believe these cats...
		They're gonna dump it all on

Mebius:		Do you really think that's
		going to solve your problems?
		Because if you do, that's
		awfully simplistic of you.
Zephyrs:	You won't be able to make
		any more of your precocious
		remarks in a little while. I
		feel bad for you... But the
		only ones to blame are the

Myona:		(That voice.... I've heard it 
		somewhere before.... But
		where? What is this I'm
Zephyrs:	I am reluctant to do this...
		But consider yourselves
		unlucky and just give up.
Myona:		(Consider yourselves unlucky
		and just give up... Hmmm...
		Con... si... deryour... sel...
		Doctor... Zephyrs?
Zephyrs:	What?!

Semyl:		Myona... This is Zephyrs?!

Myona:		Huh? Did I... say something
		just now?
Zephyrs:	You!... You aren't....

Sp. Task Soldier: Mr. Zephyrs, we have decided
		upon the execution of the
		terrorists! It will be
		underway shortly. Please step
Zephyrs:	(Heh... how could that be?
		...Should've turned into ashes
		along with everything else at
		the lab.)
		...Very good.
		(I'll leave the rest to Bolozof
		and go now....)
Sp. Task Soldier:All units prepare to shoot....
		Weapons in ready position!
Local:		Please don't! If you'd just
		check one more time, you'll 
		find that I'm innocent!
Local:		Hey! Wait!! I didn't do 
		anything bad!! I've been
Sp. Task Soldier:Well, you're out of luck,
		aren't you. All units aim -
		and aim so you don't miss!
Semyl:		Is he... not planning to
Mebius:		(Deckson, you did the right
		thing. This is a trap. I won't
		think poorly of you. Darling...
		Tia... I'll be with you both
		very soon...)
Myona:		Cage...

Nadia:		...

Frazer:		...Nadia....

Sp. Task Soldier:OK... Firrrrrre!!!

An Sp. Task Soldier 's mech is suddenly on fire

Sp. Task Soldier:What?! What is going on?!?

Frazer:		(Oh!)

Bolozof:	(Heh, heh... I was getting tired
		of waiting.)
Razma:		Heya! You still alive?

Semyl:		You idiot! What took you so
Razma:		You sound like you're doing
		okay. Give me a minute--I'll
		get you out of there.
Semyl:		...OK!!

Cage:		I'm sorry we're late, Myona!
		We couldn't get a hold of
		Warren and Yukito!
Myona:		Cage...!

Phil:		I'm here too!

Deckson:	We're clearly outnumbered...
		But we knew this to be a
		dangerous situation from the
		very beginning. Mebius, are
		you all right?
Mebius:		Heh heh... I gues I won't be
		seeing those two today... It's 
		your fault, you know!
Ares:		So... How do we handle 
Pharsti:	Cage, there are explosives by
		the feet of the people who
		are tied up. There also seems
		to be a time bomb. I am not
		certain how much time we
		have, but we should hurry.
Cage:		Deckson!

Deckson:	I heard that. So they've got
		it covered from both angles...
		They're determined not to let
		any of the hostages go...
		There's no time to debate on
		what we should do!
		First priority: get the
		hostages! Free the people
		who are fixed to the blocks,
		one by one
Caeg:		So I should hover above the
		blocks? Got it!
Phil:		We don't know how much time
		we have before the bomb
		goes off!! Let's hurry!
Bolozof:	(Heh heh... It's showtime... I 
		think I'll just watch for a
		little while.)
Bizac S disappears in the field


When saving hostages:

Local:		Noooo! Wait!!! Helppppp!! ...Huh?
		Somebody already came to
		help? NOW you tell me?

Local:		Coudn't you have come any
		sooner? That is so
		inconsiderate! I... I can't stop
Local:		Phew! I've been saved! They
		just grabbed me out of the
		blue--I have no idea what
Local:		You... you came to help us?
		Hurry, take these off for
More reinforcements arrive

Cage:		Oh!
Warren:		Sorry I'm late.

Cage:		How did you know we were...

Yukito:		That Twede appeared out of 
		nowhere. Anyway, we heard
		the whole story. I know we're
		late, but we still wanted to 
Saving the last group of hostages:

Mebius:		Phew... We made it.

Myona:		Come on, Nadia. Come with 
Nadia:		Do as you like.

Semyl:		We're OK - you've got four
		delicate ladies up in here.
		Drive safely!
Cage:		OK!

Nadia:		Why do you want to help me?
		I have nothing now....
Mebius:		...That just makes me laugh!
		You want to die because a
		guy dumped you? You know,
		they say that 'The best
		revenge is to become happy.'
		Give life another try as a
Nadia:		...I... I don't need any more
		of your help, or your
		lecturing! Let me off!!
Frazer:		...Miss Nadia. I have come to
		your rescue.
Nadia:		...Why?

Frazer:		I do not know. But....

Nadia:		I am no longer your 
Frazer:		That's true... OK, Nadia. You
		are still my student. It's only
		natural for a teacher to save
		his pupil, is it not? Does this
		satisfy you?
Nadia:		Frazer... You are stupid. If 
		you save me, you are putting
		yourself into a very bad
		situation. Don't you even 
		understand that?!
Frazer:		That's why I'm still stuck in
		middle management. Oh, I 
		suppose I should say 'was
Nadia:		...Heh. You want the password
		to view the coded files, don't
Cage:		Huh?

Nadia:		I'll only say it once. The
		password is ARIEL!
Frazer:		(Deckson... Heh heh, now 
		they're after me too.... But I
		feel pretty good, suprisingly.
		You owe me one for today...
		Ahh, yes. In that Handy PC
		that I seized from that boy...
		I guess I'll have to believe
Frazer disappears

Cage:		<<gasp>>

More enemy LEVs appear headed by Bolozof

Bolozof:	...I didn't care for the ending
		of that little scene, but that's
		okay. I shall take back the
		Animus today!
Cage:		You didn't care for it, eh
		Mr. Bolozof, was it? Do you
		really think that you're going
		to get away with all these crazy 
		things you're doing?
Bolozof:	Hmm? I'm not the one with
		the problem. Those who hang
		desperately onto their titles
		and have no skill--those are
		the ones who need to worry!
Cage: 		What?! Don't you worry about
		your teammates?
Bolozof:	I don't care, as long as I am
		having fun. I don't trust
		anyone...least of all a spoiled
		brat like you!
Cage:		What did you say...?

Amante:		Hey, is that the 'Animus'? Can
		I kill it? Pleasssse. Can I?
Bolozof:	(Heh heh... She acts so dizzy,
		but she scored well when she
		enlisted... wouldn't think it
		just by looking at her - 
		she's my little golden egg.)
		Do as you like. If you can
		beat it, there's no reason for
		us to take it back.
Amante:		Gotcha!

Cage:		Come on, Pharsti.

Pharsti:	I'm ready, Cage!

When Bizac is defeated:

Amante:		No, no, no, no! How come they
		get to win? No fair!! I'm 

When Bizac S is weakened:

Bolozof:	Tsk! My Animus... again! One
		of these days... one of these
		days it shall be mine once
		more!... It's only a matter of
BIS Hallway

Semyl:		Man, that scared me half to
		death! I thought they got it
		figured out!

Razma:		Well, I don't really care about
		you, but I'm really glad the 
		other two were okay. Are you
		okay, Sis? Did they treat you
		roughly? Myona, that must've
		hurt, being tied up like that.
		If you like, I'll rub it until...
Semyl:		...Idiot. We trusted you and
		we were waiting for you.
Razma:		Did you just say something?

Semyl:		No! Hmph!!

Semyl exits

Razma:		Aw, come on, Semyl!

Mebius:		Uh-oh. This is trouble.

Razma:		Hey! Where are you going?
Razma follows Semyl

Yukito:		It never ends....

Warren:		Mebius, are you sure you're 
Mebius:		Yes, thanks to you!

Deckson:	Myona... Are you feeling all
Myona:		Excuse me... I'm going back to
		the room... I have a slight 
Deckson:	Everyone's had quite a day
		today. Get some rest, and
		we'll talk about everything
Phil:		Oh! We-well, in that case, I...

Cage:		Are you okay, Myona? I'll 
		walk you to your room.
Myona:		Thanks....

Phil:		..........

|BIS Hangar                \____________________

Pharsti:	Is anything the matter?

Robin:		No, it's nothing. Good job
Pharsti:	No, all I did was assist Cage.

Robin:		That's very modest of you.

Pharsti:	That is the truth. Please
		excuse me. I am going to run
		a self-check now.
Robin:		Bye, Pharsti.

		(Metatron.... champion of
		civilization...? Or another one
		of human's mistakes?
		Or.... Dr. Hardiman... What was
		it that you saw??)

|BIS Hallway               \____________________

????:		Ah, good, one less thing to
		worry about. It's going almost 
		too well... there's nothing to
		worry about. They can read 
		our information and act on it.
		The device? It's not
		necessary right now...
		actually, it is necessary. Yes, 
		take care of that for me...

|BIS Hideout               \____________________

Cage:		...Good morning. 
		Oh! Ms. Robin.
Robin:		Good morning. You're up so
Cage:		Oh... yes.... Um, you haven't
		been up all this time, have
Ares:		Yeah. I don't know what the
		big hurry is, but somehow I
		got sucked into it also.
Robin:		<<giggle>> I'm sorry. But
		thanks to you, we've made a 
		lot of progress. We were able
		to decipher the data from
		Zephyr's factory with that
		password, Cage.
Cage:		Really?!

Robin:		Yes... Would you get everyone
		out here, please?
Cage:		Sure!

Fade Screen

Razma: 		Lots of new material here...
		hmm. Boss, what do you think
		these numbers and dates
Deckson:	Looks like a backup ledger.

Yukito:		That's kind of strange. It 
		seems somewhat 
Ares:		They probably put a lot of
		trust in the coding. Even
		after we got the password, it
		took this much time to make 
		any sense of it; it would be
		virtually imposible for even
		the average expert to decode
		these files. The actual
		program itself is a mishmash
		of symbolic letters and
		numbers, so it's possible that
		even after the file was
		thought to be deciphered, one 
		would not be able to discern
		which part was correct and
		which wasn't. You could
		analyze for all eternity and
		never break the code.
Cage:		Wow, Ares. How do you know
		all this stuff?
Ares:		I'm a self-improvement guru.
		That's all.
Mebius:		So all we know is that we 
		may be wrong?
Robin:		That's not the important part.
		Look at this: it's the data
		corresponding to the
		metatron LEV... or rather,
Mebius:		Advanced... Animus? This OF
		blueprint! It looks just like
Yukito:		It IS Testament. So Zephyrs
		did construct the Black Frame
		and Testament.

Ares:		Animus... It's a German word,
		whose roots come from the
		Latin for 'soul.' Jung, the
		psychologist, used the term
		to mean 'an inner self with 
		interests conflicting with the
		ego of the person'... the 
		gender of the word is male.
		It must be pointing to the
		existence of the OF for the
Yukito:		An autonomous soul... Is that 
		a joke?
Warreb:		That's what they call a
		system that claimed the lives
		of so many children?
		Fools.... Playing God....
Ares:		Zephyrs' rampant megalomania
		aside, the system onboard
		that frame is impressive, to
		say the least. It's called the
		I.D.O. Mindflow System.
Razma:		Hey... Wasn't that the cause
		of that accident that was
		included in the data?
Ares:		Yes. A very sensitive type of
		electricity is passed through 
		the runner's body, and an
		interactive channel is created
		between the runner's mind
		and the machine. After that,
		those impulses are received 
		by the neuron circuit in the
		interior walls composed of
		metatron... There is no way 
		that a system such as this
		could come out of ethical
		research. Surely there were
		countless diabolical
		experiments that took place
		behind its completion...
Yukito:		Ah. AN OF that would function
		according to the thoughts of 
		the runner. Hey, Cage. Be
		careful. Most people who ride
		machines like this are headed
		for a really miserable
Cage:		Hunh? Huh....

Semyl:		Yeah, that's cool, but in the
		end it ain't nothin' but a
		control device, right? I mean,
		they got stuff that comes
		close already. Why they gotta
		do all these sketchy
		experiments to come up with
		this stuff?
Robin:		It occurs to me that this may
		not be their main goal. By
		reversing the flow of the
		neuron circuit we were 
		talking about earliers, you
		come up with what's called
		the 'Self-binder system,' with
		which it's possible to forcibly
		enter into the communication
		route. In other words, it is
		possible to invade the
		runner's mind and control his
Warren:		...And in order to control the
		system, they started installing
		advanced A.I.s like Pharsti...
Yukito:		A battle weapon that will do
		exactly as commanded at all
		costs... even when it is
		damaged, it can be fixed, and
		there is no costly runner
		training program. It will be
		more effective than the
		unmanned fighters of the 
		past, and, of course, there is
		no fear of death to stand in
		the way of victory.
Razma:		...As a batlle strategist, this
		gets a '10' - but on the
		humanity scale, it's as low as
		it gets.
Cage:		So... so there's a possibility
		that someone can get into my
		mind, too!?!?
Robin:		Don't worry. I ran some tests
		just in case, but Testament
		doesn't include that system.
		Right now all it can do is
		sense brain waves and
		navigate accordingly. Nobody
		can control it externally.
Yukito:		Hmm, kind of like being
		genetically engineered to be a
		killing machine, but escaping
		before your military training.

Cage:		But... if it started moving on
		its own...
Ares:		That Black Frame had a 
		different version of Mindflow
		System. There's nothing to
		worry about with Testament.
Deckson:	At any rate... It's now clear
		that he was responsible for
		the demise of the Bonaparte.
		Now if we just had one last
		piece of concrete evidence...
Ares:		...I have an idea.

Myona:		...Mr. Deckson. Please let me
		help too.
Semyl:		Myona! Who let ya outta 
Phil:		See, I told you! Let's go back
		to the room.
Myona:		Thank you, but I am all right.
		I can't be sleeping at a time
		like this...
Cage:		Myona...

Deckson:	Fine... Have a seat, Ares, and
		tell us what you have in
##### SCENE 11: Double Deal #####

Deckson:	Now we're going to acces
		Zephyrs' server at the
		military facility, as explained
		in Ares' plan. Is everyone 
Razma:		Good to go. I've connected
		the network directly to the
		cable, so we won't get
		charged for it, either! Which
		means no bills - and we can't
		be traced. Connect away!
Semyl:		That's really somethin'! You
		could make a living outta
Razma:		Yeah? This is an everyday
		skill, isn't it?
Semyl:		(...Maybe YOU do this every
Phil:		The infiltrator program is all
		set and ready to go!
Yukito:		Good, all ready on this end

Mebius:		From here, even if they do
		find us, we'll be safe as long
		as we get rid of the evidence
		and evacuate.
Yukito:		Hey, Pops, what do you think
		of Ares' plan?
Warren: 	At the moment, I'd give it a 
		6. I hope the password is
		still valid, but they're not
		that stupid, either. I hope I'm
		overcautious, but there are
		too many unknown variables.
Yukito:		Warren, the voice of reason.
		Well, if everything goes as
Amante:		Ha, ha. Gotcha!!

Deckson:	Damn! We've been found out

Amante: 	Too bad!! Sneaking around
		someone else's files is so
		naughty. Welcome to the real
		world! You Martians really
		are the lowest!
Razma:		What?! Say what you want
		about Martians, but what's 
		wrong with sneaking around?
Semyl:		You idiot! What kind of
		comment is that?!
Phil:		Uh, that Bolozof person
		doesn't seem to be here...
Amante: 	Lieutenant Bolozof and I are
		doing separate things today.
		SO be nice, okay?
Semyl:		Why's she so relaxed?... Did 
		she figure out our plan??
Razma:		We gotta do what we gotta
		do. They can pull this off. We
		have tgo have faith in them!
Semyl:		That's true... OK!

Mebius: 	Oh, no, they saw through us
		already? How much longer
		until we can get into the
Deckson:	Phil's program is already
		running... I'd say 10 minutes.
		Can you hold them off?
Warren:		...We'll have to. So I just
		defend the Edge for the next
		10 minutes, right?
Amante:		Hee, hee. Those boys aren't
		here today? I'm sorry, but
		this is going to be too easy!


After six turns

Deckson:	Darn... The new addition on
		the other side...
Amante:		<<giggle>> Youre pretty
		cute when you're panicking.
		So what do you think? I'm not
		just a pretty face, you 
When Amante is defeated

Amante:		Stoppp it! That sucks!! You
		smeared my makeup.... That's
		it, I'm going home. Home!!
After obliterating every enemy

Deckson:	No! The password has been 
		changed! It's a failure...
		Everyone evacuate!
|Sphere City               \____________________

Deckson:	...Everything's on track so
		far. It's all up to Cage and
		them now.

Razma:		But pretending to hack and
		using that as a decoy for the
		LEV team... and using that
		opportunity to enter the main
		facility to find evidence
		pertaining to the Bonaparte
		accident... Ares thinks of
		some pretty aggressive 
Phil:		It is so awe-inspiring that
		Myona requested to come
		also... when she is so ill!

Razma:		I KNOW! Myona is not just 
		cute, she has the courage! Unlike
		other people I know...

Semyl:		...Like who?!

Razma:		Now, we have to go and
		support Cage.... I'll race you!
Semyl:		Hey! Wait!!! Heyyyyy!!!!

Mebius:		<<giggle>> Warren, are you
		still worried that we're being
Warren:		For now, I think we're safe.

Deckson:	To be on the safe side, let's 
		provide some distracting
		maneuvers. I hope they can
		find the activity data for
Mebius:		But how do we know it
Deckson:	According to Ares, he is the
		cautious type who would have
		backupdata for everything.
Warren:		.....

Deckson:	What?

Warren:		...I don't mean to be rude, 
		but there is something about
		Ares that bothers me.

Mebius:		What don't you like? Or do
		you have some sort of
		reason for feeling that way?
Warren:		No... I guess it's a hunch.

Deckson:	Warren, I don't doubt you
		intuition, but let's avoid
		making statements without
		logic to back it up. Right now,
		we should be praying for his
Warren:		...I'm sorry. Forget I said
Yukito:		Boss. I's Ms. O'Connell.

|Robin's Room              \____________________

Robin:		Yes, I understand. Don't
		worry, I will take care of it...
		Yes. Good-bye.
Twede:		...Dana. If we do any more
		than this, it will involve
		Internal Affairs.
Robin:		I know. As an agent, I can't
		give in to my emotions... But I
		just can't abandon them.
		They're my...
Twede:		...They overcame their
		obstacles on their own. You
		must do your own job, Dana.
		You should know...
Robin:		My name is no longer Dana
		Robin O'Connell... that's me.
		That is my only identity.
Twede:		If things change, that name
		will simply be erased from

Robin:		You're saying that I have no
		place to go.
Twede:		......

Robin:		Fine... You win, Twede.


UNSF Facility

Ares:		...OK, the coast is clear. This
		way, Cage.
Cage:		This is the inside of the 
		facility? There really isn't 
		anyone here.
Ares:		It's proof that Deckson is
		doing his part within the
Myona:		Who knew that there were all
		these underground 
Ares:		It's the legacy of the
		colonists. The earlier
		immigrants were all
		specialists of their respective
		fields. Even these so-called 
		temporary routes can still be
		used today. It's rather
		amazing, actually.
Myona:		How did you know about it?
		It's not even on maps
		anymore, is it?
Ares:		Past experience. Shall we?

Myona:		(...What is it? ...I feel like I've
		met him before...)
Ares:		Hm? What happened?

Myona:		Um, nothing. Let's go.


Cage:		...Hey, is there any other way
		in besides the vents?
Ares:		Would you prefer to knock on
		the front door and be let
Cage:		But with the size of these 
		things, neither you nor I will
		be able to get through.
Myona:		Don't worry. I'll go.

Cage:		Myona... Are you going to be
		all right?
Myona:		I wouldn't run from danger 
		when I was the one who said
		I wanted to come with you to
		begin with. Besides, I want to
		help out, too. I'll be fine. I
		won't do anything stupid.
Ares:		...Let's leave this to her. It's 
		not too bad to wait sometimes
		and hope for the best.
Cage:		Um. OK.

Myona:		Thank you. Uh, Cage. Um...your
		button... Can I borrow it?
Cage:		Wha?

Myona:		Oh, er, if you don't want to
		lend it to me, it's fine! It's 
		just... I just wanted a lucky
		charm. It's a pretty song,
Ares:		...You still have that thing?

Cage:		Well, it commemorates our 
		friendship.... It's my prize
		possession. But if this is
		going to help you, Myona, by
		all means, please take it!
Myona:		Thanks. I'll be very careful
		with it. And Ares... This
		song... what is it called? I
		know I've heard it before,
		and I've been meaning to ask
Ares:		...It doesn't have a title, and
		the composer was an old 
		friend of mine. I'm sure you
		haven't really heard it 
Myona:		Oh... I see... I thought that
		maybe it had something to do
		with my past....

Ares:		(...if you can't remember, it's 
		probably best to keep it that
Myona:		Well, here I go.

Ares:		...Myona?

Myona:		Yes?

Ares:		Be careful.

Myona:		I will!

Cage:		Good luck, Myona.

Myona:		Thank you!

Cage:		(Myona... Are you going to be
		okay? ...I'm so worried about
Ares:		Cage, are you worried about 
Cage:		Huh? How... how did you
Ares:		Heh heh... you are so simple!
		You can read your face like
		a book...
SFX: Sirens

Cage:		Did Myona get caught? Oh no!
		We have to go and help 
Ares:		Wait, I don't think that's it. It
		doesn't seem like the alarm is
		going off because they found
Cage:		Ares! There's something going 
		on outside! I'm going to go
		and check it out!
Ares:		Wait, Cage! Come back!!

		(Tsk... Why doesn't anything
		ever go as planned...)

##### Scene 12:  Between Good and Evil #####

Cubick, a blond gal

Cubick:		...As our information
		suggested, security was light
		and it was easy to get our
		prize this time, wasn't it?
Digit, a young girl with short brown hair

Digit:		This kind of thing is so easy
		for us Mars Angels.
Cubick:		Shall we, ladies?

Palme, a quiet girl with long green hair

Palm:		...Well, I think I will excuse
		myself now...
Cubick:		Oh? And where to? We have
		plans to celebrate at Madame
Palm:		Wel....

Digit:		Ohhh, I know. That older man
		with the moustache??
Cubick:		The gentleman we happened
		across last night at the bar?
		Miss Palme? Would you like to
		explain what is going on?
Palme:		....

Digit:		Did you forget our vow? Our
		triple wedding? How could you
		push Cubie to the limits like
		that and get yourself a 
Cubick:		A, anyway!! If that is what
		you are going to do, we 
		cannot allow you to act
Palme:		...We are doing nothing but
		experiencing what has already
		been decided previously. He
		and I were destined to meet 
		each other on the "Crimson
		Sphere". You did things to
		ignore the great prophecies,
		which is why you have still
Cubick:		I believe you said the same
		thing before? Your fate lacks
Palme:		Ah, a poor lamb who is afraid
		even to enjoy the provisions
		of life... Meandering; lost for
		all eternity... aging all the 
		while... <<snicker>>.
Cubick:		Oh! Ha, ha, ha, ha...

Digit:		(Oh no... Not again....)

Cubick:		YOu seem to think that if he
		knew that head of yours
		emits nothing but spaced-out
		ideas, the relationship could
		continue - and THAT is simply
Cubick attacks Palme, but Palme avoids it

Palme:		That is not a good strategy.
		If you're jealous, you should
		just admit it!
Palme returns the attack, but Cubick also avoids it

Cubick:		And what might you be
Palme:		...You started it.

Digit:		...Okay you two, now is not
		the time to be bickering...
UNSF LEVs appear

UNSF Soldier A:	You three pilots of the
		unregistered LEVs there! We 
		know that you unlawfully
		entered the facility! Stop 
		where you are, and disembark
		immediately! Otherwise...
Cubick:		Well, then I would like to say
		that I know you drank my
		tea. Did you really think that
		I wouldn't find out?
Palme:		...Nature's gifts are for all to
		share. Gluttony is a sin!
Cubick:		Then I have the right to go
		along with you too.
Palme:		Now that is a different 
		matter altogether.
UNSF Soldier B:	Hey! Are you listening?! Get
		out now, or we'll....
Palme:		...Ok, you're really starting to
		bug me...
Palme attacks UNSF Soldier A

UNSF Soldier A:	Aaaaaaaaarrrrghhhhhhhhh!

UNSF Soldier B:	You're going to... rebel?!

Cubick:		Really, please stop fussing!

Cubick attacks UNSF Soldier B

UNSF Soldier B:	Uggghghggh...!

Digit		Cubie, Palme, you are so

UNSF Soldier C:	You... You've displayed
		disrespectful behaviour within
		the UNSF compound! You... you
		hear me?! Get them out of 
Numerous UNSF unmanned mechs arrive

Digit:		~Oh yay! There's so many of

Cubick:		Miss Palme, would you look at
		this? I suggest we continue
		this later.
Palme:		...Gladly...

UNSF Soldier C:	Heh heh heh.... It's the
		newest unmanned
		anti-terrorist machine, fresh
		from the factory!
		(There's enough of 'em; they'll
		take care of it from here...
		I'm leaving)
Cage:		Pharsti, you've been waiting 
		for me?
Pharsti:	Yes... Cage? You are very
		early... Are you already going 
		to escape?
Cage:		No. Things feel weird, so I
		just came back alone... Hey, 
		what is going on?
Pharsti:	I do not know. THe LEV with
		the pink line arrived 
		suddenly... It does not seem
		to belong to the UNSF.
Palme:		I don't feel animosity from
		that frame, so I don't think 
		it's with the UNSF.
Digit:		If they're in the facility, and
		they're not UNSF, thy must
		be... in our industry???
Cubick:		My, what lovely form!

Cage:		Oh, er, thank you. Who are
Cubick:		If you are going to ask
		somebody's name, you really
		should state yours first.
Cage:		Huh! Oh! Excuse me! My name
		is Cage... Cage Midwell!!
Cubick:		(...Not bad... a few more years
Palme:		...This is not the kind of
		situation where we can afford
		leisurely chatter. Hurry, let's
		take care of business.
Digit: 		OK. That's right - you don't
		want to be late for your
Cubick:		That's true... To begin with,
		we shall destroy them... then
		we'll think about what to do
		next! Cage, is that all right 
		with you?
Cage:		Wha? Oh, yes.

Pharsti:	Cage... Are you sure?

Cage:		I... I don't really know what's 
		happening, but they seem liek
		they need help... and if we
		make a racket outside, it
		might make it easier for Ares
		and Myona to get in!
Pharsti:	...Roger. In this situation, we
		do not have much choice...
		Let us procceed!
Cage:		Got it!

Ares:		...An LEV with a pink line. So
		those are the 'Mars Angels'...
		What are a bunch of
		nouveau-riche thrillseekers
		doing here?

??????:		How am I supposed to know?
		We can just get rid of their
		sponsor and get rid of them.
Ares:		Don't bother with the little
		people. More importantly, you
		got rid of all those people
		for me. I'll go ahead and 
		finish my business.
??????:		The old man's here, though.

Ares:		...It's not a problem. Actually,
		it's exactly what I wanted.

??????:		Hmm. OK. Well, you go ahead
		and do your thing. Ending
Ares:		.....


After a turn

UNSF General:	Hey! What are you doing? Are
		you in contact with the team
		that went after the

UNSF Soldier:	Uh, Sir, there seems to be
		some jamming surrounding the
		compound, and I cannot
		establish contact!
UNSF General:	What?!? Find out what 
		happened!! Prepare the attack
		system!! Don't forget that
		Mr. Zephyrs is here! You
		mess up and it's not only
		your job that's on the line!
UNSF Soldie:	Y-yes sir!

UNSF General:	That female... took that LEV...

Before Cage's next turn

Myona: 		...There. This must be the
Mebius:		Hmm, Cage? What are you
		doing? That's pretty bold of
Cage:		Ms. Mebius!

Warren:		We finished our part early,
		so we rushed over here to 
		help out... Aren't you
		supposed to be invading with
		the others?
Cage:		Mr. Warren! Um, well, it's a
		long story...
Warren:		It doesn't matter... Are the
		two inside? Let's provide a
		distraction outside... But make
		sure to get out before the
		support team arrives!
Cage:		Yes sir! Oh, the LEVs with the
		pink line aren't enemies!
		Please be careful!
Mebius:		I don't really understand, but
Cubick:		(I had suspected, but... that IS
		an Orbital Frame. Which 
		means... they're BIS??)
Digit: 		They're your friends? We'll 
		never lose!!
Palme:		Oh!!

		(<<gasp>> ...That gentleman
		with the black glasses... how
		wonderful he is...)
Before Cage's next turn again

Myona:		.... Now for the data log.....

???????:	Who's there? What are you
		doing in here?
Myona:		What?!

Before Cage's turn again

Pharsti:	Cage, may I ask a question?
		A question?
CHOICES: (1)Yeah sure.
	 (2)Right now... Can this wait?

| Cage:		-> Right now... Can this wait?
| Cage: 	Right now....? Let's do it 
| 		later, I'm worried about the
| 		two of them inside.
| Pharsti:	That is true. Please forget I 
| 		asked.
Cage:		-> Yeah sure

Cage:		Sure, what's the question?

Pharsti:	Did Ares play the song 
		recorded on the wearable 

Cage:		Wearable...? Oh, my button?
		Yes, he did.
Pharsti:	If it would be okay with you,
		I would like to hear it.

CHOICES:  (1) Of course I don't mind...
          (2) Can we do this later?

| Cage:		-> Can we do this later?
| Cage:		Right now....? Let's do it 
| 		later, I'm worried about the
| 		two of them inside.
| Pharsti:	That is true. Please forget I 
| 		asked.

Cage:		->Of course I don't mind...

Cage:		What? I don't mind, but...
Pharsti:	I don't know, but that music
		has some effect on me that I 
		cannot quite discern. Perhaps
		it is being plaued in a special way??
Cage:		...I was... born on an
		emigration spacecraft, and 
		spent my entire life on

Pharsti:	What?

Cage:		The captain raised me, and 
		passed away when I was 13.
		After that, I went from ship
		to ship... Then last year, I
		boarded the Bonaparte III. By
		then I had become really
		quiet, and all I did was work
		and sleep. But one night, I
		heard that song from the
		lobby... I've had it every 

Pharsti:	Ares... was playing?

Cage:		It's a very pretty song. It
		feels familiar, even when you
		hear it for the first time... It
		would make me feel happy. I 
		couldn't control myself, and I
		started talking to Ares. He
		taught me how to play...
		although I never got to be as
		good as him.
		(He also showed me that a
		person of the same age is
		capable of being so much
Pharsti:	...And that is how you met? I
		understand... So the song is
		very memorable for the both
		of you?
Cage:		Yeah.... His emotions are
		expressed in his playing. That 
		must be why you feel
		something when you hear it
Pharsti:	Is... that why?

Cage:		Yeah, I think so.

Pharsti:	I see....

After obliterating all the Unmanned mechs

UNSF General:	All gone...?! Those monsters?!

Digit:		Aaaawhh! We lost!!

Cubick:		Digi, when were we 
Palme:		...My channeling abilities are
		telling us that we have
		overstayed our visit.
Cubick:		I guess we best get going.
		Digi, would that be all right
		with you?
Digit:		Sure.

Palme drives her Mars Angel LEV next to Cage

Palme:		...You have more use for this
		than anyone. I'm sending it
Pharsti:	Data received... This... This is
		the data log for the 
Cage:		?

Pharsti:	Now we will be able to prove
		all aspects of the Bonaparte
Cage:		But... why?

Palme:		You changed the course of
		your own dsitiny with you
		own strength... I merely
		obeyed the natural order...
		Heh heh.... Hehheh.
Digit:		I think this is the original.
		Our information is always 
Cubick:		We were able to get the
		information we were after.
		That is something that came
		up in the process. Here is 
		another record of something;
		you're welcome to it if you
		are interested.
Cage:		What could this be?!

Cubick:		We are the Heavenly Bodies
		of the Crimson Sphere - the
		'Mars Angels'... We look
		forward to seeing you again
		somewhere. Until then...
Cage:		...And off they go...

		(the 'Mars Angels'... Hmm....)
Pharsti:	Cage, should we not help the
		two inside to evacuate?
Cage:		Oh, you're right. Can you
		locate them?
Pharsti:	Just a moment... Scan
		complete. 4 responses

Cage:		4? Myona, Ares, ...and who
Pharsti:	One of whome is apparently
		battling with someone. Site
		located. This is the room that
		we will be entering.
Cage:		What?!? So, Myona...?

|Evidence Safe             \____________________

Zephyrs:	Ah...

Myona:		Stop it! Let go of me!!

Zephyrs:	To think that we would meet
Myona:		You're over!

Zephyrs:	Heh heh heh... And why did
		you come in here? Is this
		what you were looking for?
Myona:		What?

Zephyrs:	The data log from the
		Bonaparte. I should have
		gotten rid of it along with all
		the survivors, but the
		motherland wanted a report.
		A formality.
Myona:		The survivors...? You didn't....

Zephyrs:	It took me until now to
		realize, but I know that you
		are one of them.
Myona:		Answer my question!

Zephyrs:	Yes. All those aboard the
		Bonaparte were cleaned up.
		Ned enjoyed that immensely.
Myona:		...You... Monster....

Zephyrs:	Hah.... Little girl like you
		shouldn't be waling around
		with a gun. It doesn't become
Myona:		...Don't move! Hand that over!

Zephyrs:	And if I don't... will you shoot
		me? I don't mind. But you
		won't be able to pull the
Myona:		...This is not an idle threat!

Zephyrs:	Then shoot me. Can a child
		really shoot its parent?
		...Fa... or I guess I should
		call you Subject #479...?
Myona:		What are you talking about?
		Stop!! Don't come any closer!!
Zephyrs:	...Put that down.

Myona:		(I can't... disobey him!!?
Zephyrs:	Strange goings-on around
		here... First the Iblis, then
		you. I never expected that
		you and your brother would
		take the Animus...
Myona:		My... brother...? What?

Zephyrs:	Ah well. What's the hurry? I'll
		take my time with you. Come
		along.... There's too much
		going on right here to have a
		conversation... Heh heh...
Myona:		(...I... can't do anything.... I'm
		an extra load that everyone
		has to carry... Cage....)

BGM: Cage's button 
Zephyrs:	What's the matter?

Myona:		(Cage's button.... It... It's
		moving! My body is moving!)
Zephyrs:	Hm? That song... That 
SFX: Gunshot
Myona seemed to have pulled the trigger

Zephyrs:	What!?

Myona:		Don't move! This time I will
		shoot you... The disk is mine!
Zephyrs:	...Don't do it. Come back. This
		is your home...
Myona:		Sorry to break it to you, but
		I'm Myona. Nobody else!!
UNSF Soldier enters the room

UNSF Soldier:	That's enough, you little brat!
		Come here!
Oother UNSF Sdr:It makes no sense to
UNSF Soldier:	Hurry along now!

Myona:		<<gasp>> What are you
UNSF Soldier:	Heh heh heh... We have to 
		make sure you're not
		carrying any weapons...
The other UNSF Soldier kicks the soldier	

UNSF Soldier:	Yikes!

Other UNSF Sdr:	Whatcha doin'?! We gotta get
		outta here quick! You okay?
		you gonna make it?
UNSF Soldier:	Stupidhead! I was just trying to
		make things realistic...
Myona:		Semmy! Is that you? And...
Zephyrs:	You... terrorists?!?

Semyl:		Sure took you long enough.
		Oh, don't do THAT.
Razma:		Here's a little token of our
		appreciation... Sleeping gas.
Sleeping gas fills the room

Zephyrs:	<<cough>> <<hack>> I 
		won't... Eggghegehe... You....

|UNSF Facility             \____________________

Deckson:	It worked! ...Now, hurry! Get

Cage:		Myona! Are you okay?!

Myona:		Cage!

Myona seems to fall crying towards Cage

Cage:		Hey! Myona?

Myona:		Cage... I'm... Myona... right?
		That's who I am, right?
Cage:		I, I don't really know.... But
		you're you. You're not anyone
Myona:		...You're right.... Thank you.

Semyl:		(WHOA!)

Phil:		(.......)

Razma:		Instead of PDA, could you
		hurry things up? There are
		people back here waiting to
		get in.
Myona:		Oh, I'm sorry!

Ares:		And how did it all go?

Myona:		Y-yes... Here... It's the data
		log for the Bonaparte.
Warren:		Somehow the plan worked,
Mebius:		That's great!

Cage:		That data has been saved on
		Testament's memory. One of
		the ladies who we fought with
		gave it to me...
Pharsti:	She said she was a
		'Mars Angel'.
Yukito:		You met the 'Mars Angels'?!

Cage:		Um, yes.

Yukito:		Dang! You are so lucky!!
		They're so hot!!! And they're
		really popular these days.
Decksin:	We'll talk about this later.
		We've gotten what we went in
		for. Now let's get out of
Phil:		We're heading home!


BIS Hideout

Phil:		What?! You're going to tell
		the press?!
Deckson:	Mm-hm. Using Yukito's
		connections. Apparently
		there's a director over at
		HBC that we can trust.
Cage:		HBC... what's that?

Semyl:		It's a television network,
		'Hellespontos Broadcasting.'
		It's the big dog around these
		here parts.
Phil:		Oh, that's right! Mr. Yukito's
		father is...
Yukito:		It's almost time...

Deckson:	Yeah, we should get ready.

Ares:		Media coverage... heh heh, 
		this is getting fun.
Warren:		...It's not funny. There are
		lives at stake.
Ares:		Of course. But he did not
		come here for corruption or
		bribery. He takes innocent
		lives, and thinks nothing of
		it.... Besides, if he involved
		civilians in the development of
		warheads, that is a serious
		misdemeanor charge. Our
		chances of success are
		better than good.
		Which means all we have to
		do is to see to it that he
		loses autonomy. And always
		be on the lookout for
Deckson:	Exactly... the broadcast itself
		is more to discourage
		Zephyrs' supporters than
		Zephyrs himself, and lessen
		his power.... But nothing is
		ever that easy. Today we'll
		have them look at the 
		information we put together,
		and get them to believe it. All
		the while being very careful
		so that we will be able to
		effectively prove the
		innocence of all his victims.
Myona:		Well, then we will...

Deckson:	No. Today it will be just
		myself and Mebius. Since the
		last incident, security has
		tightened up considerably. You
		all stay here and stand by,
		just in case something
Razma:		But isn't it dangerous... with
		just the two of you?
Mebius:		Oh? You don't trust me? Or
		are you just jealous that you
		can't come along?
Razma:		Sis!! I'm serious....

Mebius:		...I know. If we want them to
		trust us, we need to trust
		them a bit too. Especially
		given our position in the
Deckson:	On top of that, Twede will be
		helping us, and if things start
		to feel risky, we'll leave
		before anything happens. May
		I point out that I used to....
Razma:		OK! We'll have time later for
		stories of your glory days.
Deckson:	Oh, er... hm. Well, Mebius, are
		you ready?
Mebius:		Hee, hee... It's been so long
		since we went out, just the
		two of us. I'm kind of
Razma:		Are you for real?!?

Mebius:		Bye now!

Zephyrs' Room

Zephyrs:	...What do you want? I'm 
Irving:		Zephyrs... Open your eyes.
		It's more than just your 
		problem. Even I...
Zephyrs:	Hm. You worry too much. If
		you are that worried, you
		should do your part. Our
		destinies run parallel. You
		understand, don't you, 
Irving:		Dezeele, we've reached the 
		limit. The higher-ups...
Zephyrs:	What can they do?! They're
		small-time concession-hunters
		who deal with one particular
		enterprise. Who do you think
		I am? It will work out. Now
		stop worrying. Bye.
		(Ryan may not like it, but I've
		given up on the Animus... best
		to have "Harut" passed and
		speed up the legalization
A phone rings

Zephyrs:	...It is I...? Who are you??!
		...Classified information, eh?
		That's not very funny. Heh
		heh heh... sory, but that's 
		completely unbelievable. Why
		would HBC put itself in such a
		risky position, after all? I'm
		How did you know about...?!?!
		You... are you one of the 
		terrorists?! ...Fine. I'll
BIS Hideout

Razma:		I wonder if they're safe....

Semyl:		We've gone over this 
Razma:		No, that's not it. My intuition
		at times like this is really
		accurate! I feel like...
		something's not right....
Phil:		Mr. Razma!

Razma:		Phil, what is it?

Phil:		There was no word at the
		set time, so I tried to
		contact Mr. Deckson... No
		matter how many times I do
		it, he won't answer!
Cage:		No.... Did something happen to
		them? Perhaps it was... a
Yukito:		My contact would never do
		such a thing!
Ares:		...What if Zephyrs and his men
		had it all figured out?
Phil:		That would mean that they 
		knew what we are doing,	
		right? But who would...?
Yukito:		It's not possible... nobody
		knew about this. We didn't
		even tell you all until right
		before they left.

Ares:		The important thing right now
		is their safety. What do you
		think, Warren?
Warren:		...No objection. Why are you
		asking me?
Ares:		Because you don't trust me.

Myona:		What? Is that true?

Warren:		...I trust you...

Ares:		Ah. Well, that is good to
Yukito:		We don't have time for this.
		We need a backup plan to
		rescue them from inside the
		building, just in case. Pops,
		help me with a strategy.
Warren:		Yukito... are you sure? It
		could spawn a battle right
Yukito:		...I don't care.

Myona:		Would that affect you
Yukito:		...HBC... is one of the
		companies run by my
Cage:		...Your father...?

Yukito:		That's not important now...
		Each LEV now has a new 
		feature. Unfortunately, there's
		no time to explain, but try it
		and figure it out for
		yourselves. OK, let's go!
Cage:		Yes, sir!

##### Scene 13:  The Gift #####

Sp. Task Soldier: Reporting, sir! The male has
		not been seen since. he
		continues to flee!
Bolozof:	He still hasn't been found?
		...That's fine, the girl has
		enough value on her own.
		Give her the usual 
Sp. Task Soldier: Sir!

Yukito, CEO:	Ah... so this is th disk that
		the rebels were holding?
Amante:		Mm-hm. Chock full of deceit
		and pain! It's pretty
		well-made, though...
Yukito, CEO:	Would you mind if I took a 
		look at it?
Amante:		And 'whyyy,' may I ask?

Yukito, CEO:	I took time out of my
		schedule specifically to help
		you out. If it's a bunch of
		nonsense, what's the problem?
		Or is there something you
		don't want me to see?
Bolozof:	Nonsense it is, but there are
		still parts of it that have to
		do with national security. I'm
		very sorry, but you cannot
		look at it.... Mr. Chairman, you
		need to understand. We
		appreciate your help. But we
		also expect it. We can 
		command you to do it, but we
		have gone out of our way not
Yukito, CEO:	And for that, I am grateful. I
		was just curious as to what
		these rogue BIS people had
		fabricated as 'evidence.' I
		apologize if I have made you
		uncomfortable in any way.
Bolozof:	Curiosity.... <<snicker>>. If
		you want to live long, you
		should mind your own
Amante:		Mr. Bolozofff! Some-one's
Bolozof:	...Good, we didn't need to find
		them. Did you find the man?
Sp. Task Soldier: No, sir. We are still
		searching! We have added
		more people to the search
		team, and...
Bolozof:	Call the search off. We can
		have enough fun with the
Yukito, CEO:	(...So this is the Special Task
		Force Acemos. They could
		definitely be trouble.... I'll
		have to do something about
BIS Troops arrive

Warren:		An ambush! The information
		had leaked out somehow!
Yukito:		Shoot, I hope those two are
An AFV appears

Myona:		...It's...!

Deckson:	...Everyone....

Phil:		Mr. Deckson! We're going!

Deckson:	...I'm perfectly all right. The
		problem is Mebius....
Razma:		Sis?!? No!!

Deckson:	...I'm sorry. I take
		responsibility. She tried to
		free me, and was captured...
		Pathetic... Uggghghghgghhh!!
Semyl:		Boss! Are you hurt? ...Oh
Ares:		...Let's go back.

Vjaya takes Edge 

Yukito:		Mebius is still inside....

Myona:		Y-yes!!

Yukito: 	I have an idea. Hear me out.

Myona:		An idea? Of course!

Bizac S, Bizac, and an enemy LEV appears

Bolozof:	...That was a good hinding
Cage:		...Bolozof... You again! Where 
		is she!!
Bolozof:	Calm down. She's inside. If
		you can defeat us, you can
		have her, free of harm.
Razma:		Didn't it occur to you to
		disarm your hostages? You
		must be very confident in
		your power... but I guarantee
		you'll be crying later!
Bolozof:	That's not a concern; you will
		have no 'later.' I am going to
		stop you all from breathing!
Ares:		Is that right...

Bolozof:	My wish is to make you
		surrender to my power.... Let
		the show begin!
Cage:		All this stupidity... it's coming
		to an end!
Bolozof:	Heh, heh, heh....

Myona:		...I am going.

Yukito:		Good luck. You have the map
		and the staff ID?
Myona:		Yes.

Cage:		Myona? What are you doing??

Myona:		Cage, I'm... going to help Ms. 
		Mebius to get out of there!
Phil:		What?!? That is too
Myona:		It's okay. Mr. Yukito told me
		where the hostages would
		probably be located, and he
		also showed me the safe
Warren:		But it's still risky.... I will go
		with you.
Deckson:	You're not alone. I will go
Yukito:		Boss?!?

Deckson:	I am the only one who can
		afford to move freely right
		now. There's no time to argue
		about it.
Warren:		But... you're injured.

Deckson:	It's a scratch.

Yukito:		Overexertion is never a good
		thing. If something happens to
		you, it may put her in
Deckson:	Heh heh heh... I know that. I 
		won't do anything stupid....
		Let's go.
Myona:		Er, yes....

Cage:		Are you sure you're okay?

Myona:		Mm-hmm, I have the button....
		Oh, I'm sorry, I wasgoing to
		give it back...
Cage:		I don't mind. Do you, Ares?

Ares:		No. It's up to you, anyway.

Myona:		...I have another favor to ask
		of you.
Cage:		What?

Myona:		Will you say my name?

Cage:		Huh? Uh, sure.... Um, good
		luck, Myona. If anything
		happens, just come right
		back, okay?
Myona:		...Thank you. Well, here
Semyl:		A-ight! Let's bounce!


After a turn

Deckson:	Not here either....

Myona:		Getting in was easy... But
		searching the entire building
		is going to be quite difficult.
Deckson:	Ok, we'll have to separate. I'll
		take the top floors; Myona, 
		you take the bottom half.
Myona:		Okay.

After a few more turns

Myona:		(Not here.... I wonder where
		they put Ms. Mebius...? I hope
		Mr. Deckson can find her...)
????????:	Who is it? What are you doing
Myona:		Oh no!!

When Amante is weakened

Amante:		Owwie! ...Heyyyy! That hurts!
		Mr. Bolozof! I'm going to take
		a little rest!
When Bolozof is weakened

Cage:		Whether or not you like it,
		the battle has already been
		won! Release Ms. Mebius!
Bolozof:	It's a little early to be so
		smug.... Look at this!
Pharsti:	An image is being sent from
		the enemy frame. It appears 
		to be the top of a building.
Cage:		(It... it's Ms. Mebius!!)

Mebius:		Darling... Tia... Where are
		you? It's so dark... Don't 
		leave me here....
Cage:		What did you do?! This wasw
		not the agreement!
Bolozof:	I have no desire to enter
		agreements with those who 
		cannot even negotiate lives
		correctly... The woman was
		hypnotized for interrogation
		purposes. Right about now,
		she is probably racked with
		guilt... so much that all she
		wants now is to escape.
		Which is why she is on top of
		that building, I suppose...
Cage:		How could you...

		(Myona... you didn't get there
		on time?)
Bolozof:	Power down your machine.
		Your irresponsible actions
		have caused all this... You
		keep that in mind!
Cage:		.............

Sphere/TV Station

Acemos Soldier:	The terrorist frame has been
Bolozof:	Heh heh heh... excellent. Now
		watch after them.
Acemos Soldier:	Sir!

Razma:		Release Sis, you big jerk!!

Cage:		Myona.... I hope you haven't 
		been caught....
Ares:		Don't worry. They haven't 
		even noticed.
Cage:		I hope that's the case... Ares,
		I really respect you. I'm so
Ares:		I'm worried too. But I can
		tell these things about her...
Cage:		Huh?

Yukito, CEO:	Ah... And these are the
		infamous BIS? May I?
Yukito:		Fa... Father!... Why are
Yukito, CEO:	...You foolish boy. Tadamichi,
		your mother is probably
		crying in heaven right now.
Bolozof:	Hm... your son... this is
		special. We may have to place
		you under arrest also!
Yukito, CEO:	He says he's a revolutionary,
		but it's all just childish
		games. He has no idea that
		he is being sed as a pawn,
		and goes around with his
		affected air and hurts
		innocent people... Anyone who
		does this is no son of mine....
		I cut him off a long time
Bolozof:	Hmph! It makes no difference;
		you'll be saying your
		farewells soon enough. You
		stay and watch!
Amante:		Mr. Bolozof! Poor little Bizac
		was badly damaged, so I made
		arrangements to get her
		fixed at the TV station!
Bolozof: 	You act quickly... I'll let
		Zephyrs know that too. Come,
		we'll go into the building.
Amante:		Cominggg!

Yukito, CEO:	Tadamichi.... Had you worked
		for me, you could have had a
		good life...
Yukito:		You're always like that. you
		know nothing about me, and
		you force your set of beliefs
		on me... I have my own 
		beliefs! Regardless of whether
		other people agree with me,
		or understand me, I am going
		my own way! Leave me
Yukito, CEO:	Now shut up! How many
		victims are burried under your
		beliefs?! If you're going to go
		your own way, don't involve
		others!! Take some
Yukito:		...

Yukito, CEO:	You even ran away from
		home, and that's all you've 
		learned?... This is useless...
		but your plan isn't bad; look
		at this.
Yukito:		What? It's just a mini TV.
		What about it?
Yukito, CEO:	Be grateful for your
Semyl:		You mean Ms. Robin?

Yukito, CEO:	Yes, and the young lady who
		trusted me enough to listen
		to my suggestions at our
		first meeting.
Cage:		The young lady... you don't 
Anchor:		...And now, we have an
		unscheduled break in the
		program. BIS has taken
		control of our studio. They
		have an announcement that
		they would like to make.

Ares:		...Heh.

?????:		Uh? Oh, am I already on?!
Cage:		This voice... Myona?!

Myona:		...Hello, everyone. Can you hear
		me? I am a member of the
		Anti-Terrestrial League, BIS.
		My name is Myona Alderan.
		I have a very important
		announcement for you today.
		What I am I about to tell you
		is the truth; please believe
Yukito, CEO:	Here, I'll remove your 
		handcuffs. You're on you
		own from there.
Yukito:		Dad... you didn't....

Yukito, CEO:	Don't call me Dad!... And you
		have to promise me that
		you'll help me come up with
		an excuse to report to your

Conf. Room

Zephyrs:	...What do you think, General
		Jaeger? Even now, the rebels
		on Mars show no signs of
		stopping. All things 
		considered, a metatron-fuelled
		riot control LEV such as
Jaeger:		'HarutMarut,' eh? The specs 
		are impressive... there's no 
		denying the existence of the
		BAHRAM and other such
		meddlesome groups, so I
		suppose we do need these
		kinds of weapons.
Zephyrs:	Heh heh heh... A prototype
		has already been completed. 
		Would you like to take a look
		at the real thing?
Jaeger:		A prototype...? But you just
		received permission to pursue
		this project.
Zephyrs:	I did it for the benefit of
		our homeland. I would like to
		be recognized for my
		patriotism also.
Jaeger:		Hmph. At any rate, I did not
		come allt his way to Mars to
		make caustic comments.... The
		truth of the matter is,
		Zephyrs, that I commend your
		administrative abilities as
		pertains to this project.
		However, it has also come to
		my attentiont that you are
		abusing your status to do as
		you like.
Zephyrs:  	But... who would say such a
Jaeger:		I personally do not find it
		necessary to doubt you on
		these grounds; you are highly
		talented, and I would like to
		keep you around. A watchdog
		should guard its territory
		and do nothing more, and its
		collar should never be 
		removed. A dog without a
		collar is nothing but a stray.
		And a stray that is willful - 
		well, that is a beast. One
		would never want that to 
Zephyrs:	...

A knocking sound

UNSF Supervisor: Excuse me, sir! The
		terrorists have occupied the
		TV station. We are heading
		there now, sir!
Zephyrs:	Bolozof.... What is he doing?

Jaeger:		Occupation? That's a bit
		archaic... but it can be very
		effective.... Let's see what
		they have to say. Sho that
		broadcast on the screen.
Zephyrs:	General! THat is not worth
		watching! It is only a matter 
		of time until we....
Jaeger:		That is not for you to decide.
		Be quiet and sit over there.
		This is an order.
Myona:		...We would have preferred to
		talk to you in accordance
		with normal broadcast
		procedures, but because
		there are people who want to
		conceal the truth, we had no
		choice but to do it in this 
		way. We apologize. The 
		validity of my words is up to
		you, the viewers, to decide;
		however, I would like you to
		know that we have no
		intention of presenting lies. I
		hope that you will believe us.
		Firstly, I would like to say
		that the person who is
		concealing everything is the
		UNSF Internal Inspection
		Chief, Dezeele Zephyrs... he is
		the origin of the lies. The
		ship that I was on was
		destroyed by him.... The name
		of the ship was Bonaparte 
		III. I am sure you all
		remember the accident, since
		it took place recently, but 
		the official announcement
		declared all passengers dead.
		That is a lie... andI am sure
		of it, because I myself am a
##### SCENE 14: The Card Turned Down #####
Mebius:		...I-I've hurt a lot of
		people--him, Tia... If it
		weren't for me, nobody would
		have become unhappy... Even
		that day... if I hadn't asked 
		him to go out and find a
		stuffed animal for our child,
		who hadn't even been born
Deckson:	Mebius, it's me! Do you know
		who I am?

Mebius:		Deck... son?

Deckson:	That's right. You were blaming
		yourself, just as you are
		doing now, when we first
		met.... You think too much.
		You're totally different from
		someone like me, who escapes
		from reality by convincing
		himself that what he's doing 
		now is destiny...
Mebius:		No.... Stay away!

Deckson:	'Stay away....' I suppose I can
		understand if you dislike me.
		I am a coward! Because of
		me, you had to go through 
		this all alone.... But we've
		come a long way together. I
		still need your help from now
		on... Mebius... Come here!
Mebius:		...Deckson... I can't... I... The
		truth is that you...
UNSF Soldier:	You! What are you doing 
		there! It's... YOU!... How did
		you get inside?!
Mebius:		Deckson!!

Deckson:	What?!

Cage:		Myona's on TV... What's going
Yukito, CEO:	Ms. O'Connell told me
		everything. I saw all of the 
		evidence that you and your
		friends have been putting 
		together to incriminate
		Zephyrs.... If it's all true, it's
		unforgivable! Tadamichi.... I
		was wrong about you.
Yukito:		Dad...

Yukito, CEO:	Regardless, I couldn't
		broadcast it so irresponsibly.
		After all, there is no
		guarantee that Zephyrs will
		not retaliate somehow. I have
		my employees' safety to
		worry about, so it was
		impossible for me to give
		permission to broadcast that
		information... My meeting with
		that young girl was a true
Phil:		You met Miss Myona inside?
		But... how did you know that
		she was one of us?
Yukito, CEO:	She was carrying Tadamichi's 
		ID. She deserves all the
		credit; she's the one who
		understood what I was saying
Cage:		Myona...

Yukito, CEO:	...I would never have taken
		part in something like this
		before. i guess I have grown
Yukito:		Dad...

Yukito, CEO:	Tadamichi. Do what you
		believe to be right. And take
		responsibility for all you do.
Yukito:		Yes... I will. Thank you.

Yukito, CEO:	All I did was make a few
		arrangements to air the
		segment. If you want to thank
		anyone, thank Ms. O'Connell
		and the girl.
a ringing sound

Mebius:		Everyone! Can you hear me?

Warren:		Mebius!

Razma:		Sis!

Semyl:		Ms. Mebius! It's Semyl! Are 
		you okay?
Mebius:		I'm fine, and sane. But
		Deckson's hurt... I'm coming
		down now!
		(Deckson... I'm so sorry... It's
		all my fault...)
Bolozof:	...They've done it.

Cage:		The truth about Zephyrs is
		finally out! It's over!
Bolozof:	...I don't care what happens
		to Zephyrs. I will not let you
		move your frame. I'll stay out
		of sight for a while until
		things boil over.
Cage:		Rrrgh...

a ringing sound again

Pharsti:	Cage. There is a 
		communication on the direct
		circuit. The regular circuit
		will be cut off temporarily.
Cage:		What?

Twede:		...I have undone the 
		restraints. You should be able
		to move now.
Cage:		Mr. Twede?! How...

Twede:		...I've done the same witht he
Cage:		Pharsti, can you move?

Pharsti:	Yes, there is no problem.

Twede:		...That is all.

Cage:		Thank you so much, Mr.
		Twede! Let's go, Oharsti!

After a turn:

Bolozof:	What?! Their restraints were
		unfastened?... Why? Amante!
Amante:		I'm here. What do you need?

Bolozof:	I'm taking the Bizac! As long
		as it moves, I don't care!
Amante:		I had it all fixed up. What do
		you think? I'm good, aren't 
Bolozof:	Yes, good job. Well, in that
		case, there's no need to
		choose. Come!
Amante:		Okayyy, let's go!

		(...This will be the last
After obliterating the LEVs on 1st battle, Bizac S appears

Bolozof:	Useless trash... can't even
		stop them! That's fine--I shall
		end it once and for all!
Cage:		Finally!

Bolozof:	...Amante? Where are you?
		Amante, what are you doing?

Amante:		Zephyrs is over, and so is
		my job. I have to go and
		report all this, so good luck
		from now on...
Bolozof:	What does that mean?!

Amante:		You STILL don't get it? I'm
		done with you people.
Bolozof:	I was used...? You little brat,
		who are you?
Amante:		<<giggle>>... Not telling... At
		the very least, though, I'm 
		not supporting Earth.
Bolozof:	No...

Amante:		Besides, I don't really like
		guys who are mean to girls.
		So, later!
Bolozof:	Rrrgh... This is classic... a
		Martian rat was able to get
		in. Damn BAHRAM!
Commence 2nd Battle

When Cage approaches Bolozof to attack

Bolozof:	We're both sick of seeing
		each other, I'm sure. Shall we
		get this over with?
Cage:		Get this over with...

Bolozof:	That's right, you and me...to
		the death!
Cage:		...Fine. I will take you down!

Bolzof:		Heh heh heh... that's what I 
		like to hear.
After beating Bolozof:

Bolozof:	Ugghgh!... This is it... But I
		won't sink at your hands! I
		won't crawl along the Martian
		dirt! I live free and die free!
		After I die, nobody will even
		touch my body! Look at me! I
		am Bolozof! You'll be hearing
		it in the next world! Ha, ha,
		ha!! HAA HA HA HA HAH!
Bizac S explodes

Pharsti:	...It appears he did not use 
		the evacuation device....
Cage:		...I never got to understand
		Bolozof, even at the very
Conf. Room

Myona (TV):	...He conducted these
		unethical experiments in
		order to perfect this
		technology, and that lies at
		the heart of the accident of
		Bonaparte III, which I
		mentioned earlier. This
		concerns not only Mars, but
		also Earth...
Jaeger:		...Is there anything that you
		would like to tell me now?
Zephyrs:	Th-That's clearly a plot to
		frame me! A bunch of
		falsehoods! If it were true,
		they would have some sort of
Myona (TV):	I don't expect you to 
		believe what I said without
		evidence... This is the data
		log of the Bonaparte III...
Zephyrs:	...<<snicker>>

A phone rings

Jaeger:		...It is I.... I don't care. put
		him on.
Irving:		...Dezeele, it's too...

Zephyrs:	Don't worry. All of the data
		has been destroyed. There is
		no evidence anywhere.

Irving:		...

Jaeger:		...Of course. Zephyrs - it's 
		for you.
Zephyrs:	...Yes... Zephyrs speaking...

Yukito, CEO:	Did you have a chance to
		watch the broadcast? That
		was quite a spectacle!
Zephyrs:	You...

Yukito, CEO:	This is troublesome for us
		also - having them storm our
		studios like this. So I have
		an idea. The only thing not
		under their control right now
		is the direct emergency
		phone line to the studio. I
		will connect you now, and you
		can have your chance to
		prove your innocence to the
		young lady directly. What do 
		you say?
Zephyrs:	Heh, that is insipid....

Jaeger:		That may be interesting. Do
Zephyrs:	But...!

Jaeger:		.....

Zephyrs:	...Yes, sir...

Yukito, CEO:	Myona, I'm connecting you
		with Zephyrs. Good luck!
Myona:		Thank you!

Zephyrs:	...We meet again, Myona. Or
		what name do you go by
Myona:		It's nice to meet you, Mr.
		Zephyrs. I don't know who
		you are confusing me with,
		but I am Myona Alderan.
		Nobody else.
Zephyrs:	Well, excuse me. And what
		kind of evidence are you
		going to show me today? Did
		you find something within
		those records?
Myona:		The Bonaparte III collided
		with a mysterious Black
		Frame and went through an
		unscheduled crash landing
		onto Mars. There were
		survivors from this accident.
		But you got rid of them and
		hid the very cause of the
		crash. That is because the
		Black Frame was the result 
		of your demented
		experimentation... am I right?
Zephyrs:	You have a very vivd
		imagination, young lady. It is
		not that simple an affair to
		experiment and invent 
		weapons. Surely you have
		evidence to support such an
Myona:		...Unfortunately, the data
		taken during the span of the
		accident have been deleted by
		use of a special technology.
Zephyrs:	And what would that be? This
		is ridiculous. A special 
		technology? It's all in the
		presentation, isn't it? Why
		don't you just admit that
		there is no such evidence,
		and that you are making all
		of this up?
An explosion sound

Zephyrs:	This noise...?

Myona:		Do you know where this
		sound is coming from?
Zephyrs:	...I would say an anti-proton
Myona:		This is the sound that the
		Black Frame was emitting
		before the accident.... It has
		been recorded under 52 
		separate headings in the
		element log... This is our
Zephyrs:	Ah.... That is a little bit
		interesting. But it goes
		without saying that an Orbital
		Frame is equipped with an
		anti-proton reactor. Even if
		the cause of the accident
		was a collision with an OF,
		there's really no evidence to
		link it directly with me.
Myona:		Were you involved in the
		research and production of
		the Orbital Frame?
Zephyrs:	...Why would I be involved 
		with a thing like that?!
Myona:		OK, then you were
		researching the topic on your
		own, were you not?
Zephyrs:	This is getting tedious! I
		don't sanction the OF! ANd
		that is the general consensus
		within the UNSF!
Myona:		...I understand. But then how
		did you know that noise came
		from an anti-proton reactor?
		If you have never done any
		reasearch, how would you be 
		able to recognize it the way
		you did?
Zephyrs:	That's... That's common
Myona:		I said, 'Black Frame.' But I
		never said anything about an
		Orbital Frame. I never said
		anti-proton reactor, either. It
		could easily have been an
		LEV, or a fighter... in fact,
		that would be more probable.
		I played the sound for you,
		but I know nothing else.
		Would you mind explaining the
		terms 'anti-proton reactor'
		and 'Orbital Frame' to the
		viewers, as well as to
Zephyrs:	We... ll....

Myona:		How about admitting the
		truth? As in, 'Yes, I made the
		Orbital Frame and caused an
		accident. I killed the
		survivors and blamed it on
		the terrorists'?
Conf. Room

Zephyrs:	How dare you! Hey! You listen
		to me!!
Jaeger:		...We've cut off the circuit.
		You've shown enough
		disgraceful behavior today.
		Zephyrs, you are dismissed
		from your post.
Zephyrs:	But, General! You can't 
		possibly take what that child
		said at face value! That proof
Jaeger:		This came in the mail.

Zephyrs:	A Handy... PC...?

Jaeger:		It's a record of the interior
		of Bonaparte III right before
		the accident.
Zephyrs:	It's a hoax! Footage no
		longer is considered as
Jaeger:		It's not just footage, it's
		'Grade A Evidence Class'
Zephyrs:	How... No!

Jaeger:		This clip was made by putting
		together two sources of
		footage with special digital
		standards... It is easier to
		fake a flight recorder than
		to retouch this material.
		Would you like to ask the
		court-martial if this can be
		used against you as
		evidence? I don't think it's 
Zephyrs:	...It's only... an ingeious 
		imitation for the purpose of
		framing me!
Jaeger:		Mr. Irving got this in the
		mail. It's data that contains
		the real location of the
		Bonaparte at the time of the
		accident, as observed by a 
		military base on Mars. The
		interior visuals match its
		external location at the time.
		The only incongruous thing is
		your side of the story.... I'm 
		disappointed, Zephyrs. I
		expected much more of you...
		it's unfortunate.
Zephyrs:	...

Irving:		Dezeele... I, too, am ready to
		be judged. At this point...
Zephyrs:	...Judged? I'll gladly give you
		your punishment!
Zephyrs shoots Irving

Irving:		Aaaaagggghhhhhh!

Jaeger:		Irving!

Zephyrs shoots Jaeger

Jaeger:		Ugghgh! Ze-Zephyrs... I'll get
Zephyrs:	Heh heh... heh heh heh! Those
		darn terrorirsts...
		(I'll show them! They'll cower
		at the extent of my
Sphere/TV Station

Myona:		This is the least we could do
		for the many people who have
		passed away. Thank you for
		your time.
Razma:		Woo-hoo! THat was great!! You
		really pulled it off!
Cage:		(Myona... good job!)

Yukito, CEO:	I told you how to release the
		studio. Go and take care of 
		that, Mr. Terrorist.
Yukito:		Yeah. Leave it to me!

Phil:		There's a gigantic thing
		headed in this direction! It's
		huge... It's n-not a
		re-regular LEV!
Ares:		It's Zephrys.

Cage:		First off, let's get out of
Ares:		Are we really going to do
		battle? Isn't it better to get
		Myona and escape?
Yukito:		It's not a bad idea to have
		an escape route to use
		whenever the time is right...
Ares:		I'll go get Myona.

		Vjaya is the fastest one. 
		Please leave it to me.
Yukito:		Yeah, OK. Be careful!

Zephyrs:	Heh heh heh!! Everything I
		have worked so hard for
		has.. It's all your fault!
Cage:		This is the end! You are
Zephyrs:	...I'll erase you from
		existence.... Then my life can
		be good again....
Cage:		...Words are lost on him...

Zephyrs:	Heh heh! Pharsti! You should
		have gone to the underworld
		with your siblings and all the
		others then! I'll destroy you
		so badly that you'll never
		have the hope of living
Cage:		What is this guy saying?

Pharsti:	Beyond comprehension. He is
		in a state of excitement, and
		has lost all ability to follow
Zephyrs:	I'll erase... everything....

Cage:		Oh, no... he's not going for
		the TV station?! We have to
		stop him!!
After beating HarutMarut, Zephyrs reappears twice
his previous power

Zephyrs:	Don't take the HarutMarut
		lightly! I'll roast you alive!!
After the 3rd battle

Zephyrs:	Me, lose? Hah! Impossible!
		That's right. The Animus... MY
		Animus is invincible! Isn't that
		right, Vale?
Cage:		Vale?... Who is that?!

Pharsti:	There is nobody who fits the
Zephyrs:	You! You are not Vale?! How
		is that possible? Then... how
		are you moving? No... I get it.
		You took his place? Never
		mind, it's all going to be over
		very soon. But you! I will
		never forgive you. NEVER!!!!
HarutMarut goes near the TV Station

Pharsti:	There is abnormal energy
		emanating from the interior
		generator! It is running on
		its own!
Cage:		He's going to self-destruct?
		Oh, no! Myona!
Zephyrs:	Go away! All the things that
		get in my way, up in flames!
		Everything!! Ha ha ha ha
Myona:		Up... in flames....
Vjaya destroys HarutMarut before it can even self-destruct

Cage:		Oh!

Pharsti:	The TV station is safe. All 
		organic matter within the
		building is regular. But...
Cage:		Ares saved them! Ares!

Ares:		Everything's fine...

Cage maneuvers his Testament before the TV Station

Cage:		Myona! Myona, are you all
Myona:		Cage, is that you? It's over?
		It's all over now, isn't it?
Cage:		Yeah, it is! We got through it!
		We made it!!
Myona:		...Yes.

Ares:		Let's get out of here; it's 
Cage:		Thank you, Ares.

Ares:		For what?

Cage:		If I hadn't met you, I'd still
		be a child who couldn't do
		anything by himself. Thank
		you so much...
Ares:		...I'm just living my life the
		way I want to live it. I don't
		deserve any gratitude.
Cage:		Heh heh... hey, we're going to
		be friends for a long time,
		aren't we?
Ares:		...Yeah. I hope we're friends 
An OF approaches Ares

Ares:		Iblis?!? Why?!?

Cage:		Ares!!

Ares:		Cage!! Take Myona and run!
Cage:		Okay!!

Ares:		(This feeling... damn!! They
		planned to do this from the
Iblis, the BLACK FRAME! attacks Vjaya

Cage:		Ares!!!!

????:		....

Mhona:		Ares!

????:		Pharsti... don't come... you, at
		the very least... not you
Iblis leaves

Cage:		Ares? Say something! Ares!
		Ares!!! ARESSSSSSSS!!!!


BIS Hideout

Warren:		...How is Deckson doing?

Mebius:		He's still unconscious, but
		he's stable.
Warren:		OK. How are things going on
		your end?
Yukito:		No information on the Black
		Frame. But we do know
		Zephyrs is still alive. That
		scum is just bad luck.
Warren:		I'm sure that other counties
		will begin looking into the
		matter. That Black Frame will
		be found soon.
Razma:		...And, er... what about Ares?

Phil:		...It is unfortunate.

Semyl:		...How can? ...We just 
		started.... We've just made
		the first step!
Robin enters

Robin:		...There's no time to be sad.

Phil:		Oh! Ms. Robin!

Fade Screen

Someone knocks

Myona:		It's me, Myona. Are you in
		there, Cage?

Myona opens the door and switches the lights on
BIS Room

Myona:		Cage... Hello?

Cage:		...

Myona:		Come on, say something... I
		though you weren't here,
		with your lights off and
Cage:		...

Myona:		Hey, aren't you hungry? It 
		just so happens that I have
		some of my special
		multi-vitamin soup...
Cage:		...Thanks... but can I just be
		alone for a little while?

Myona:		Cage... About Ares...

Cage:		...The good-luck charm I lent
		you... Can I have it back
Myona:		Huh? Oh, of course... Here.

The button plays its music

Cage:		...You know, my plan was to
		defeat Zephyrs... and, after
		everyone had been avenged, I
		was going to follow ares. I
		don't have anything I want to
		do. I can't even think of
		anything I might want to do. I
		was born in space, on a ship.
		I don't really feel like
		settling down on the ground
		But... Ares.... I feel totally
		lost right now.... I'm all alone
		again.... Ares... What am I
		supposed to do? Tell me
Myona:		Come on, Cage. You're not
		alone! You have all of us,
		well, er....
Cage:		...I know. I have Pharsti
Myona:		Pharsti? Um, yeah, her too.
		But Cage.... Listen to me.
		Whether or not Ares is here,
		nothing can change the fact
		that you protected lots of
		innocent people.
		This place is sure to be more
		peaceful. That's because of 
		you. You should have more
Cage:		...Confidence... I guess so.

Myona:		Absolutely. What's the hurry?
		Let's find our goals together.
		I'll help.... Oh!!
Cage:		What?

Myona:		Wait, stop that!

Cage:		Stop what? Calm down!

Myona:		Just... give me that button!

Cage:		Hey.... heyyyyy!

Myona:		Ow... ach! The switch.

Myona seems to have fallen on top of Cage, 
a different music plays

Cage:		...
Myona:		Phew... That was close.
		Wasn't... er....
Cage:		...

Myona:		...Ahem.... Um, er, heh heh.
		Sorry. Pretty heavy, huh? I'll 
		be going....
Cage:		Myona, you have really pretty
Myona:		...Wha?

Phil enters the room

Phil:		Mr. Cage.... Oh! Oh!! M-M-Miss
		Myona!? Whah, what are you
		two doing?!
Myona:		No. No, no, no, it's not like
		that. We weren't doing
		anything, were we, Cage?
Phil: 		...

Cage:		What happened? You came
		here for a reason, right?
Phil:		...Please, just come to the
		strategy room!
Mebius:		So what does that mean? I
		don't understand it in the
Robin:		You couldn't hear? I said
		'fight together with them.
Myona:		What happened? Is everything
		all right?
Warren:		There are riots going on all
		over Mars right now.
Cage: 		Riots...?

Yukito:		In a manner of speaking, we
		defeated Earth in our actions.
		It gave people courage and
		hope - but at the same time,
		it unleashed the anger
		they've been accumulating all
		these years...
Razma:		The other problem is that the
		Earthlings also blame Zephyrs
		for everything, and are not
Myona:		I understand how they must 
		feel. But... riots...
Warren:		Anyway, casualties have been
		reported among the civilians.
		We have to stop them...
Robin:		That won't be necessary.

Razma:		Hunh? Hey, we're having a
		serious discussion here...
Robin:		Thanks to all of you, these
		anti-Earth sentiments have
		spread past the confines of
		this county, and have
		infiltrated the whole of Mars.
		There is no way to reverse
		this now. You will fight
		together with them. If you
		join them, it will add more 
		fuel to the fire. It is our
Warren:		...And the fire will turn into a
		major catastrophe which will
		burn the entire planet to
		ashes... Robin, are you 
Robin:		Yes.

Mebius:		What happened to you? This 
		is so unlike you!?
Robin:		Unlike me? What do you know?
		I'm... I'm.......!?
Razma:		Let's go.

Warren:		Razma!

Razma:		Sticking around here arguing
		is pointless. There's nothing
		to debate about. We're going
		to stop them, right?
Yukito:		I agree. We're the only ones
		who CAN stop them. I 
		understand how they feel, but
		doing that is not going to
		help matters at all.
Robin:		...No. I will not allow it!

Mebius:		Robin, I'm sorry, but I know
		that Deckson would have said
		the same. So I can't obey
Robin:		Deckson... that's true. He
		would have said so...
Warren:		We are indebted to you. If it
		weren't for you, we wouldn't 
		be here right now.
		But individual strength never
		wins against the strength of
		an organization. If we let this
		go, the flower will be picked
		before it has a chance to 
		bloom. The same thing almost
		happened to us before.... You
		were the one who taught us
Robin:		.......

Razma:		Let's go, Cage!

Cage:		...Okay....

BIS Hideout

Twede:		Are you crying, Dana?

Robin:		...That'll be the end of them.
		Are you satisfied?
Twede:		...This is work. To me, it's 
		nothing more, and nothing
Robin:		That's a lie. They why did you
		tell Zephyrs about what they
		were doing?
		There is no reason to get in
		their way. In fact, that was a 
		complete misappropriation.
Twede:		...I knew I should have just
		left then and there...
Robin:		What do you mean?

Twede:		...

Robin:		Twede!

Twede:		...Then you wouldn't have to
		blame yourself like this. You
		could hate me...
Robin:		Twede, you...

Twede:		...I am in a state of shock
		myself. Until now, I would
		never question any command.
		But I could not abandon you.
		Even if it meant that I had to
		disobey orders...
Robin:		Then... why?

Twede:		Tying up loose ends. With the
Robin:		What are you.... You

A sound, something that fell
		Egh! ...T-Twede... I... can't...
Twede:		Good-bye, Dana.

##### Scene 15: The Darkness That Came From Light #####

Armed Civilian:	What happened? You're the
		last one.
Security Force:	...We had come to stop
Armed Civilian:	Now you shall see our anger
		that has been building during
		all these years of exploitation
		and tyranny! Freedom for
Security Force:	Stop! There has been
		casualties! Wake up! Stop this
		at once!
Armed Civilian:	Stay out of this! You
		Earthling dog! We will never
		rely on you for anything
		again! Take this!
The Armed Civilian attacks the Security Force

Security Force:	Ughggghhh!

Armed Civilian:	Haaaahahahahah! That's what
Citizen A:	P-please stop! Our city is
		going to be destroyed!
Armed Civilian:	Shut your mouth! Are you
		siding with the Earthlings
Citizen A:	Uh, n-no, I... I-I just came to
Armed Civilian:	Hmph! If you're going to say
		thigs to dampen our
Citizen A:	Whah?! WHat are you doing?!

The Armed Civilian attacks Citizen A

Citizen A:	Aaaarrrghhhhhhhh!

Citizen B:	How... how could you...?!

Armed Civilian:	Ha ha ha! Another piece of
		trash gone from Mars!! Haaa
		ha ha ha!!
UNSF Soldiers arrive
A UNSF Soldier attacks the Armed Civilian

Armed Civilian:	Hunh?! It's not possible!!
UNSF Soldier:	<<snicker>> ...We're doing
		you Enders a favor by
		running this place! What a
		laugh... It's not your place to
		pretend you have power! Hah!
		Who's next?
Citizen B:	<<gasp>> Run!

UNSF Soldier:	If we let them go, it'll just
		lead to an increase in 
		Enders.... Make an example of
		them. I want each and every
		one of them shot!
BIS troops arrives

UNSF Soldier:	Hm?? Is that...

Citizen B:	It's B-BIS!

Yukito:		Damn! There have already
		been casualties!
Armed Civilian B:Perfect timing! You guys are
		on our side, right? Hurry up,
		fight with us!
Warren:		Unfortunately for you, it's the
		opposite. We came to stop 
Armed Civilan B:What? I get it... BIS is
		wussing out just like those
		Earth-folk. Pathetic! We'll
		clean both of you out!
Cage:		...Why? Why are you doing
		this? Why do you have to
		fight? Ares didn't die for
		And I didn't struggle every
		day until today so that I
		could....see THIS! But still....
Pharsti:	Cage... your mental condition
		is in a state of disarray.
		Please calm down. I am sure
		that if you would talk with
Cage:		...

Mebius:		Cage, you need to
		concentrate on fighting right
Citizen B:	He-Helppp! Somebody stop
		them before everyone.... The
Warren:		The first thing is to get
		people out of here! We'll take
		the construction LEVs and
		approach the civilians, and
		lead the way out of danger....
		As for the other LEVs, well, 
		never mind. Just destroy 
		them! Let's get going!
Cage:		...

Warren:		Cage, can you hear me?

Cage:		Yeah, yeah, yeah, I heard you
		the first time.... I got it.
Myona:		Cage....


After the battle

Citizen:	...Look at our town.... How
		could this happen to s....
Cage:		...

Pharsti:	...There is no response from
		the surroundings. Switching
		over to cautionary mode.
Cage:		...

Pharsti:	Much of the city has burned,
		hasn't it?
Cage:		...Heh....

Pharsti:	Cage...?!

Cage:		<<snicker>> Ha ha ha!

Pharsti:	What happened, Cage?!

Cage:		I should've left Zephyrs 
		alone! I did my best to
		protect everyone, and
		stubbornly stuck to waht I
		thought was right - and this
		is the result? What a joke!
		It's hilarious! I could never
		do anything right... I messed
		up everything I touched. But
		then I met Ares, and I
		started to understand that
		there are things I want to
		do, and that is possible for
		a person to make them
		happen... I was able to
		believe that! And then it 
		turns out that it's not
		possible after all... Ares is
		gone. I can't do anything
		right! Ares, can you see me
		right now? Pretty funny, huh?
		This sucks... I've never felt 
		like such crap! Come on,
		Pharsti, laugh. You know how,
		don't you? Or were you not
		programmed to laugh?
		It's an order!! Laugh! Now!
Pharsti:	...

Cage:		Laugh.... Please.... Pharsti....

BIS Hideout

Mebius:		Well, it's taken care of, but...
		it doesn't feel very good.
Razma:		Hey, everything's fine! We
		can't sit and watch if there's
		a group of people who think
		standing up for Mars means
		making a random ruckus! They
		need to be educated!
Semyl:		Ditto. Even if it's comin' from
		you, I gotta agree witht hat
Phil:		But... Mr. Cage didn't seem to
		think so today.
Warren:		There are self-serving
		groups of people who do as
		they like and cannot be
		controlled. Of course that's
		not everyone, but Cage can't 
		see it that way yet.
Yukito:		It must be a tough situation
		for him... He lost his best
		friend, and no longer has a
		clear idea of what he wants 
		to protect.
Phil:		Hm. Where's Miss Myona?

Mebius:		She went to check on Cage at
		the hangar.
Phil:		...Oh, I see.

		(Heh heh... Heh heh heh...)
BIS Hangar

Myona:		Cage! You know....

Cage:		I don't want to talk right
		now. See you....

Myona:		Cage!!

Cage:		I want to be alone... I'm going
		back to my room. Don't come
		after me!
Myona:		...Sorry.

Cage: 		...

Cage leaves

Myona:		...Cage....

Pharsti:	Is Anything The Matter?

Myona:		Ph... Pharsti?!

Pharsti:	Would You Like To Talk For A
		Short While? Please Sit Down.
Myona:		Wow, this is the first time I'm
		talking to you. Can I sit
Pharsti:	Please. Though Provisions Are
		Perfunctory... Heh heh...
Myona:		What?

Pharsti:	...Heh heh.... Heh heh heh!

Myona:		Um? What?

Pharsti:	You Fell For It. Now We'll Use
		This to Move That...
Myona:		What?!

????:		...Pharsti... We're almost
		there.... Almost...
Myona:		That voice.... You're not
		Pharsti, are you?
????:		Look in front of you.

Myona:		Are you... alive?

????:		I'll change you back, Pharsti.
		To what you were before....
Myona:		Eeeeeekkk!!

[ SCENE15 Cleared ]
BIS Room

Myona:		Whether or not Ares is here,
		nothing can change the fact
		that you saved so many
		innocent lives.
		This place is sure to be more
		peaceful. That's because of 
		you. You should have more
Cage:		...Confidence... I guess so.

Myona:		Absolutely. What's the hurry?
		Let's find our goals together.
		I'll help....

Cage:		...Confidence.... Goals.... Hmmm.

The surrounding shakes, sirens alerts

Cage:		...The security system? ...An
		enemy attack...?
BIS Hideout

Yukito:		Wh-what?!

Phil:		Our radar has been damaged!

Razma:		Just a coincidence, maybe? If
		it is, they have some serious
		good luck....
Warren:		...Luck is a prerequisite for
		military personnel.
The hideout shakes

Mebius:		Could this be a coincidence?

Warren:		On the battlefield, there is no
		such thing as two
		coincidences. What is going
Something rings...

Armed Civilian:	On behalf of those who truly
		care about Mars' future, we
		have come to protest your
		actions of a few days ago.
		We command that you take
		responsibility for your
		position in the situation! You
		have two choices: fight and
		be defeated, or go to your
		graves quietly!
end of message

Yukito:		...Do they really think they're
		a match for Earth...? ...This is
		so Wells.
Warren:		...H.G. Wells? Or Orson Welles?
		Either way, this is ridiculous.
The hideout shakes again

Mebius:		...It doesn't seem as though
		they're patient enough to
		await our response. Why now,
		when we can't get in touch
		with Robin...?
Cage:		...What is all this about? Why
		do we have to be attacked by
		these people?
Razma:		Cage...

Cage:		I'm sick of it! Why does this
		always happen?! What did I do
		to deserve this!
Warren:		We don't have time for that
		right now! Grow up and stop
		that whining! They're serious
		- we have to think of what
		we are going to do!
Cage:		...And since when did you
		become the leader of this
Yukito:		Cage...

Mebius:		Deckson's still unconscious.
		Warren is taking his place
		until his return.
Cage:		Nobody told me that!

Warren:		...That's true. That's because
		you were in your room,
		trying to escape reality. It
		doesn't concern me whether 
		you like it or not. But you
		are a member of BIS. What
		good will it do for you to 
		complain about this now? We
		are going to think of the
		best way to handle the
		situation, and act accordingly.
		That's the....
Cage:		Hmph.... I'm not given a 
		choice, am I? After all,
		Pharsti will only follow my
Warren:		Testament... is gone.

Cage:		What.... What do you... mean??

Yukito:		It disappeared. From the
		hangar, along with Myona.
Cage:		What?! How?? Myona can't 
		make it move! Phil! You're in
		charge of security. What
		happened? How could this
Phil:		.........

Cage:		I get it! You're in on it!

Razma:		Cut it out!!

Razma punches Cage

Cage:		<<gasp>> You... you HIT
Razma:		Yeah, that's right! I needed 
		to wake you up and get you
		out of la-la land! ...We
		understand that this comes
		as a shock to you. I'm tired
		of all this, too.
		But we got this far because
		we put trust in each other.
		Now don't go betraying that
Cage:		...

Semyl:		Hey, enough already. What we
		really gotta do's figure out
		what we're gonna do 'bout
		them peeps outside.
Mebius:		Semyl's right. Come on!

##### SCENE 16: Uncertain Future #####

Mebius:		You can drive, right?

Cage is in Edge

Cage:		...Yes.

Mebius:		OK. Don't do anything foolish.

Cage:		...Yes.

Mebius:		(Poor thing... He's in bad
Razma:		Hey... Where are they?
		Nobody's out here!
Warren:		...Stealth warfare! This can be
Razma:		Stealth... We can't see 
		anything! What are we
		supposed to do? There's
		nothing we can do!!
Yukito:		Don't worry, Razma. Finally
		the day has come! I though
		this might happen, and
		installed an anti-stealth sonar
		onto everybody's frame.
Warren:		It's already installed?

Yukito:		In the OFs. It's built into the
		options module, so it's ready 
		to go.
Mebius:		Oh, okay. So, how does it
Yukito:		Unfortunately, it's impossible
		to render the stealth
		completely powerless. You
		can, howver, find its origin
		if you get close enoug. Here, 
		I'll show you... I would say
		they're somewhere... around
Justeen forwards and reveals Armed Civilians

Armed Civilian A: Imposible... The stealth has
		been cancelled?
Armed Civilian B: Who cares! Let's get 'em!

Yukito:		Like so.

Armed Leader:	Rrrgh... Anti-stealth, eh? Rats!
		All units waiting in ambush! Do
		not make the first move! I
		repeat, wait for them to come
		to you, then surround and
		attack! Don't move an inch
		until then!
Warren:		(So that's the leader...)

		OK everyone, the last one 
		looks to be the leader.
		They're armed, but they're
		complete amateurs; if we get 
		the leader, I'm sure the rest
		of them will flee. Their plan
		is to wait for us to 
		approach, so proceed with
		caution and destroy them.
		Let's go!
Semyl:		You ready, Cage?

Cage:		...Sure.

When Cage destroys an Armed Civilia

Cage:		Phew... Finally, one down. It
		usually doesn't take this 
Warren:		Have you remembered yet how
		taxing it is to fight while
		worrying about saving lives?
Cage:		I know.... I don't need to 
		hear it from you!
After destroying Armed Leader

Armed Leader:	Rats! This is it for this time...
		But you won't be this lucky
		next time! He has already
		started to move... Freedom to
Armed Civilian:	Argo? Down?

Cage:		There are more?!

An Armed Civilian is shot by someone

?????:		<<snicker>> Grown men
		playing hide and seek.... If
		this isn't humor at its
Cage:		V-Vjaya?!

Nadia:		...It's been a long time.

Cage:		Why do you...

Nadia:		I don't particularly enjoy
		being indebted to anybody. I
		am joining this battle!
Armed Civilian:	Who do you think you are?!

?????:		...I'm borrowing this.

Armed Civilian:	Yiiiii! S-s-stop it! I'm going to
		fall! Aaaaarrrgghhhhh!
Twede takes over the Armed Civilian's mech

Twede:		...Now that you have asked
		for help, I cannot stand by
		and watch...
Cage:		Mr. Twede?! You're a pilot?!

Twede:		...Allow me to lend a hand. I
		await your command.
Armed Civilian:	Darn... They have more
		support coming in... This is
		bad... Come. We'll retreat for
BIS Hideout

Mebius:		Thank goodness. By the way,
		where's Robin? I haven't been
		able to get in touch with
Twde:		...I cannot disclose that 
		information. All I can tell you
		is that this will be our last
		show of support as the Robin
Yukito:		What?!

Twede:		As I said, I cannot disclose 
		any further. But please do
		not worry. I will see to it
		personally that you can make
		a safe escape.
Cage:		...Escape....?

Mebius:		...Well, our hideout here has
		been found out. I guess we 
		have no choice but to get
		away... and fast.
Razma:		...True. There's no guarantee
		that we'll win next time,
		especially with the one extra
		load we're carrying now.
Cage:		Are you... talking about... me?

Razma:		So you do know. Without
		Testament, you can't do 
Cage:		What?!

Mebius:		Razma! There's no need for 

(that's the first time I've seen Mebius' eyes open -_-;)

Nadia:		...It's true. Objectively
		speaking, your skils are
		clearly lower than average.
		That frame you were riding 
		must have been constructed 
		very well.
Twede:		...I agree.

Mebius:		Twede, even you...

Twede:		I have been watching you
		since the first riot. At this
		point, even I have more skill
		than you do.
Cage:		...Fine! ...I've had it!!

Mebius:		Cage...

Cage:		Ares died... and Myona
		probably left because she
		was sick of me. And even
		I'll leave this time. I can't do
		anything here anyway... I
		don't even like to fight! I
		only stayed because Mr. 
		Deckson asked me for my
Razma:		...Yeah. Hurry up and get out
		of here.
Semyl:		Razma!

Cage:		...I don't mind. Good-bye. I'm 
		going to get my stuff... It
		was a short while, but thank
		you for everything.
Mebius:		...You can just do that?

Cage:		Yes.

Yukito:		What are you going to do
		from now on? Do you even
		have a place to go? There's
		no reason to...
Twede:		I have already spoken to
		some people about this.
		Arrangements are being made
Yukito:		...Good thinking.

Twede:		All I did was entertain the
		possibility, and make the
		necessary adjustments.
Warren:		Cage.

Cage:		...Yes?

Warren:		I don't know how you plan on
		spending the rest of your
		life, but whatever happens,
		don't blame it on anyone else.
		Think for yourself, and act 
		for yourself. If you take
		responsibility for your own
		life, you'll become stronger.
		It's the most important thing.
		Do it for yourself
Cage:		I can't do that. Nobody needs
		me anymore. I won't do it.
		There is no reason I should
		become stronger..... So
Warren:		.........


|Airport                   \____________________

Cage:		.....

An old man approaches Cage

?????:		You Cage?

Cage:		...Yes, I am...?

?????:		Hm. OK. I'm Raiah. They've told
		me to getyou out of here.
Raiah:		We're heading for Deimos
		Spaceport.... You need to do
		something about the way you
		look.... Here.
Cage:		...A bag?

Raiah:		Duh. Now don't lose it. It has
		your fake ID and other 
		papers in it. Go put on the
		clothes that are in there. I 
		got it from the luggage of
		the Vacilia people, so I'm
		sure it's the wrong size.
Cage:		...Okay...

Raiah:		(...Tsk, why am I doing this??
		...It's all Dad's fault. He
		should've acted responsibly
		as an adult, but he had to go
		and make a scene like that...
		Well, this is only a temporary
		arrangement.... But.... Ach!!)
Fade Screen

Cage:		(...So it's good-bye Mars.... It's
		all going to be over...)

The button plays its music

Cage:		...This button... It used to be
		a good-luck charm, but now
		it's a keepsake... Heh....
		Nobody cares about me. There
		isn't a single soul who needs
		This is how it was meant to 
		be.... I should... I should
		never have been born...

The button stops playing

Cage:		...Hm?

?????:		Ahem.... Testing, testing.

Cage:		Myona?!

Myona's Voice:	I hope it's recording... Um....
		Cage. I don't know when you
		are going to hear this, but I
		think that when you want to
		listen to this it's because
		you're going through a tough
		time. So in the space that's
		left on this, I've decided to
		record a message. I hope you
		don't mind, I know this is
		your prized possession.
Cage:		...

Myona's Voice:	...Cage. A lot has happened
		since we first met. Other
		people may say it hasn't
		been that long, but for 
		someone like me who has no
		memory, the days I spent
		with you are my entire life.
		heh... Maybe that's a little
		cheesy, but I mean it. I know
		that things are hard for you
		right now... But one thing
		won't change. I'm always on
		your side, Cage. From now on, 
		too. So don't ever give up!
Cage:		Myona...

Myona's Voice:	...And there's something else 
		I've been meaning to say. I
		hope you'll give me an answer
		once you hear this...
Cage:		Myona... I....

Myona's Voice:	...To me, you are....

Cage:		How could I have been so
Myona's Voice:	...So there you have it. Heh,
		heh... That was a little 
		embarasing. Um.... This is
		Myona, signing off. Bye.
Cage:		I've only been thinking of
		myself... I'm not alone at
Fade Screen

Raiah:		Hey! You ready yet? How long
		do you take to get dressed?
		You're not dressed yet... Tsk.
		Get on with it. Don't you care
		that all your old friends are
		buying time for you? Hurry
		up, we haven't got....
Cage:		...What did you say just now?
		...Buying time...?
Raiah:		Hunh? You don't know about 
		it? Ah, so it's like a surprise
		party! Hah!
Cage:		What are you talking about?
		Tell me!
Raiah:		He, hey!! Let go! Okay, okay.
		Those rioters... somehow 
		they're better organized than
		anyone imagined. They've 
		vowed to level you guys at
		any cost. So, if you were all
		to escape, where would be
		the best place to go?
Cage:		Huh?

Raiah:		Here! The spaceport... If you
		leave Mars, it'll be harder
		for them to get to you. Well,
		at least for a little while. So
		that's why we're in a 
Cage:		(...Oh no.... I'm so sorry,
		everyone.... I was... I was
		...Mr. Raiah! I... I don't really
		know yet, but... I figured out
		what I should do for the time
Raiah:		<<sigh>> Good for you. Okay,
		shall we get...
Cage:		Yes! Let's go!

Raiah:		Er... Em, where are you
		going?! Hey! Wait! If you don't
		do as you're told, it's going
		to get me in trouble! ...Hey!
		Shoot! Why am I so unlucky?!
##### Scene 17: Rebirth #####	

Cage is in an AFV	

Cage:		The hideout! ...I was too late!

Raiah:		...Look, it's already been
		(...Tsk.... What did I do to
		deserve this... What's wrong
		with swindling people out of
		some petty cash once in a
		while... I'm Raiah, Mars' #1
		Well, that was a waste of 
		time.... So what's the plan?
		Where do I get to chauffeur
		you next?
Cage:		Thank you. This is fine right

Raiah:		Huh? Right HERE...?

Cage:		I'll be fine. They're alive, I
		know it! I will go and look 
		for them myself.
Raiah:		...So you're saying this is
		good? So the contract has
		been fulfilled?
Cage:		Yes.

Raiah:		Oh, okay. Great. By the way,
		those clothes look great on
		you. It's a little farewell gift
		from me...Good luck!
Cage, now wearing a helmet

Cage:		Thank you! Bye!

Raiah leaves riding the AFV

Cage:		...Where are you.....

		(No, there's no way that they
		would lose to them that
		easily.... After all, we've been
		through much harder
		situations in the past! They
		can't be ended like this!)
Armed Civilians show themselves from stealth mode.

Armed Civilian A: ...There was something moving 
		over there!
Cage:		(Oh no!)

Armed Civilian B: Hey, look! It's a human!

Armed Civilian A: Hm? It's just a kid. ...Who
Cage:		(...These people did this?!)

Armed Civilian B: In that case, I'll take him.
		It'll serve as a good example
		for them, since they're not
		coming out. heh heh heh...
		Happy hunting....!
Cage:		(Uh-oh. I'm done....)

Someone shoots Armed Civilian B

Armed Civilian B: What!? Ugghghgh!

Cage:		Huh...?!

Mebius:		<<sigh>> Who's next? I can't 
		just leave the cockpit like
		that whenver I feel like it.
Cage:		Ms. Mebius!!

Armed Civilian A: Finally, you show yourself! I'd
		be happy to fight you!
Mebius:		...Really, sometimes I just
		don't know what to do with
		all these troublemakers!
Someone attacks Armed Civilian A

Armed Civilian A: Whah!
Razma:		You idiot! Why did you come
Cage:		Razma... I... I was wrong! I
		want to fight with you!
Razma:		...

Someone shoots another Armed Civilian

Warren:		...So that is your decision?

Cage:		Mr. Warren! ...I'm sorry about 
Another Armed Civilian down, Semyl shows up

Semyl:		Oh, no. Look who's back...

Razma:		Why... If you had just left,
		you never would have had to
		fight again!
Cage:		Myona...recorded a message
		for me. And also....
Warren:		Myona? And what?

Cage:		I realized that Razma had
		said all that stuff just so I 
		would run away and be safe...
		It made me think. I was only
		thinking about myself, while
		everyone was worried about
		me. I'm... I'm embarrassed! 
		Please... Let me join BIS
		again. I promise I won't get
		in the way any more!!
Warren: 	...Heh. I see.

Semyl:		You lose.

Razma:		Hmph, d-do as you please!

Mebius:		Hee, hee... Welcome home,
Cage:		I... I'm back!

???:		Okay! Just like a low-budget
		soap opera... eh?!
Mebius:		This voice! How could it be?
		Why... You're supposed to
Ned:		Dead? We meet again.... Heh
		heh heh heh!!
Semyl:		Why you still alive...?

Ned:		I am immortal!!!!!!

??????:		...He who shamelessly comes
		forth after having been
		defeated time and time again
		does not deserve the relief 
		of death.
Ned:		Wh-who are you?!

Justeen appears

Yukito:		That is of no import to scum 
		like you!
Cage:		Mr. Yukito!!

Yukito:		Thanks, Cage! I was going for
		the mysterious feel, but he
		may as well know!
Mebius:		Okay, okay, okay. This isn't
		an audition for a sitcom!
Ned:		Rrrgh... Are you MOCKING
Ned drives his Ravana next to Cage

Ned:		Heh heh heh... You no longer
		have the Animus, eh? ...You're
		over, I'll squash you like a
Cage:		(Darn... If only Pharsti were
		here now... Whenever I called
		her, she would always come
		to my rescue!)
		...Pharsti.... Pharstiiiiii!!!

Someone attacks Ned
Ned:		Ow, Ouch! Wh, whaaa!?

Pharsti:	...Just in time.

Cage:		Pharsti! It's really you! Heh...
		Ha ha ha!! Is this a dream?
Pharsti:	Negative. This is reality. Cage,
		it is I.
Cage:		And Myona? She's with you
		too, right?
Pharsti:	...Unfortunately, she is not
		with me. When I rebooted,
		there was nobody in the
Cage:		Oh....

Ned:		Ach! Animus...! It's just as
		well. I'll have my revenge!
		You'll see....
Ned's troops, the Armed Men (Martians!), surround the base

Pharsti:	Shall we take care of the 
		mess in front of us first?
Cage:		O-Okay!

Vjaya appears

Nadia:		...I will help also.

Cage:		Ms. Nadia!

Ned:		What's this?! You get dumped
		by a man and you become
		this desperate?
Nadia:		...I choose not to waste
		words on the unworthy.
Ned:		Rrrrgghhh! I'll shut you up in
		no time!!

Before Cage attacks Ned

Cage:		What is that machine... I've
		never seen it before.
Ned:		Heh heh... Look at her!
		BAHRAM's the real deal. With
		this, we'll be able to put
		Earth down for good!
Cage:		BAHRAM...? What?! Put Earth
		down... Don't you work for
		Earth yourself?!
Ned:		In this world, the stronger
		one is the right one. You
		should learn it ain't easy
		fighting for a cause just
		because you like it.
Cage:		You... betrayed Earth?

Ned:		They betrayed ME! They tried
		to destroy me!! When I was in
		a bad spot, those other guys
		picked me up.... With this new
		body, I...I'm going to have
		my revenge! Heh heh!!
Cage:		Your new... body...?

After defeating Ned

Ned:		Ow! HEY! My entire body...
		Owwww! Dang!! My... my new 
Cage:		What's that?!

Ned's icon shows a brain with tubes as support

Ned:		<<gurgle>> Don't look!

Cage:		Is that... Ned? What is 
Pharsti:	It seems that the visuals that
		were being communicated until
		now were CGs... This is his
		true physical state.
Cage:		What... This can...! This can be
Ned:		Quiet! Quiet, quiet, quietttt!!!
		You ruined my new body...
		That's IT!!
Ned restores health and increases in spirit

Ned:		<<growl>> Take this!!

Cage:		He's recuperated already?!
		...Is he invincible?
Twede appears

Twede:		...Perfect. I shall take it from
		here. please evacuate.
Cage:		Mr. Twede?! What do you
		mean... With that frame?!
		That's impossible!
Twede:		I did not expect your return,
		but that is fine. At any rate,
		please go now.
Cage:		Then, you should come with
Twede:		...I've said this before. I will 
		support your escape to the
		best of my ability.
Pharsti:	Cage, massive quantities of
		explosive have been detected
		in Mr. Twede's frame. I posit
		that he is going to delay the
		actions of the enemy with the
Cage:		What! He's going to
		self-destruct? Is it true?
Twede:		What is wrong? I will be fine.
		I have already taken care of 
		all of your needs from this
		point forth. You no longer 
		have a hideout to which you
		can retreat. There is no
		reason for you to be here
		any longer. So please - leave
Cage:		No. How can I be happy being
		saved at someone else's 
Twede:		My expense? No, you have
		gotten it all wrong. This is
		the way I do things.
Cage:		But... I can't let it happen!

The level from the hideout crumbles, creating
an opening. A ship appears

Cage:		Wha! What?!

Robin is riding the ship

Robin:		Cage is right.... Didn't I tell
		you that I don't want any
		victims? I will not allow this
		kind of selfish behavior!
Cage:		Ms.... Ms. Robin!

Robin:		How have you been, Cage?

		(The right hand of Testament
		has changed... Is that what 
		they mean about OFs and
		their 'maturation'?)
Twede:		Dana! How did you... And what
		is that ship.....?
Phil is with Ms. Robin

Phil:		Cage... You're back!

Cage:		Phil! ...Everyone's okay! What...
		What is that you're riding?
Pharsti:	That would be a
		transportation spacecraft. It
		looks to be an old cargo
Robin:		Hee, hee... Even you didn't
		forsee this happening, did
		you? When we got buried
		after the attack, I was 
		worried... But I got it to
		move somehow. Not a second
		too soon...
		Because a person, who shall
		remain unnamed, locked me
		up....I almost didn't make it on
Twede:		...

Robin:		...Twede. You said that you 
		could never leave me, right?
		But it looks like you were
		about to leave me and go off
		on your own. Who is going to
		be my secretary when you're
		gone? Are you telling me to
		organize my own files? That
		prospect doesn't make me 
		happy at all.
Twede:		...

Robin:		Just like Cage, I found my
		own path. I'm completely
		confident that I'm doing the
		right thing. But I can't go
		down that path by myself. It
		has to be together with all of
		them...and you. So...
Twede:		....I agree. The only person
		who can handle being your
		secretary in this entire
		galaxy is myself.
Robin:		Hey, I'm not that bad.

Twede:		...Well...

Robin:		<<giggle>>

Ned:		Heeeeeyyyyyyyy!! I'm still
Twede:		...

Twede maneuvers towards Ned

Robin:		Twede!? Don't do it!

Cage:		Mr. Twede!!

Twede's mech explodes, explosion surrounds
Ned's Ravana

Ned:		...Whoa... WHOA! Whaddaya think
		you're doing?! You got luck
		this time... But I swear I'll
		get you next time! Choose
		your coffins before you see
		me again!!
Ravana disappears

Cage:		Mr. Twede! Why... Why did you
		have to die!
Twede (no LEV) is right next to Cage's Testament

Twede:		...Sorry to ruin your moment,
		but as you can see, I am 
		very much alive.
Cage:		Hunh? How... good!

Twede:		I escaped immediately before
		the explosion.... In fact, this
		was my plan from the very
Cage:		Ohhh....

Robin:		...You've never been a good
Twede:		I can say the same about
Robin:		<<giggle>>

Twede:		...There are still more
		opponents. Good luck with the
		rest of them.
Cage:		Thank you!

RobinL		The Saoshyant is not made
		for battle, so I'll stand back
		also. Good luck!

|BIS Hideout               \____________________

Cage:		This is the interior of the
		ship? It kinda reminds me of
		our hideout....
Robin:		I wonder why. This IS the
		hideout, Cage.
Semyl:		Wha! How's that?

Robin:		As our hideout, we were
		using a fourth generation
		model freight ship buried
Razma:		Whoa! No way! Our hideout
		was a ship?!
Warren:		But it was buried
		underground for so long.
		When was it maintained
		enough for it to actually be
		capable of flight?
Robin:		It was our plan from the
		very beginning. Deckson and I
		had kept it a secret. I'm just
		glad that we made it on time.
Deckson:	It's called 'Saoshyant'.

Yukito:		'Reincarnated Savior', eh?

Cage:		Mr. Deckson! You're up!

Deckson:	Yes... Right after you left.
		Sorry I worried you.
Cage:		No, not at all. I....

Deckson:	I heard all about it. Forgive
		Razma,will you? He was
		thinking of you when he said
		all those mean things. He
		meant no...
Cage:		No, I was in the wrong. I was 
		only thinking of myself, and
		being selfish... I'm really
Twede:		I do hate to interrupt, but...
		There will be no point in this 
		escape if we do not hurry to
		one of the hiding points I
		outlined earlier.
Robin:		OK. Go Saoshyant!


|BIS Hideaway              \____________________
|Bridge                    \____________________

Robin:		So? Twede?

TwedeL		...It looks as though the
		camouflage is effective 
		against the surveillance
		satellite... But to be on the
		safe side, I would suggest
		laying low for another five
		hours or so.
Cage:		I never thought there were
		ways to get around
		surveillance units...
Robin:		<<giggle>> Don't tell anyone.
		It's an insider secret.
Cage:		Of course no! Besides, I
		don't think that anybody else
		could do this if they tried.
		(But... What do we do if Myona
		is looking for us... I hope she
		can find us...
		Where is she...?)
Semyl enters

Semyl:		C-C-C-Cage!

Cage:		What, Semyl? Why are you so
		flustered... You looked like
		Phil just now.
Semyl:		Never mind that! Look! Ares...
		Ares is on TV!!
Cage:		WHAT?!

Robin:		What did you just say?! Is it
Cage:		O-Okay! I'll be right there!

		(Ares... Ares is alive!!)
|Strategy Room             \____________________

Cage:		No... That's... What...?

Vale, who looks very much like Ares is on TV

Vale:		Fellow Martians! Now is the
		time to unite! Earthlings like
		Zephyrs have been ignoring
		our blood, sweat, and tears...
		and they find the nerve to
		snatch away our rights and
		violate us! We cannot let this
		go any further! Pick up your
		guns! Fight with us! Freedom
		to Mars!!
Citizen A:	Freedom to Mars!

Citizen B:	Freedom to Mars!

Cage:		...It can't be... I don't believe 
Semyl:		Right? I just don't get it!

Robin:		...His name is Vale Shatner.
		He's the leader of the armed
		civilian group fighting for
		Mars' independence.
Semyl:		Vale Shatner? I don't know,
		man, he looks just like Ares
		to me!
Cage:		There's no mistake... That's 
		Ares! But... Ares being behind
		the riots...? Why...?
Twede:		Which would mean that it was
		he who organized the attack
		on the hideout. It would also
		make sense that they would
		know about the placement of 
		the radar.
Yukito:		Stop! We can't be sure just
Phil enters

Phil:		Oh my...! I can't make contact 
		with Mr. Razma and Mr. 
		Warren, who went out to
		patrol the area!
Deckson:	They're still not back?! They
		left a while ago, didn't they?
Semyl:		That idiot... Why now?

Robin:		Ares or Vale... I wonder
		which one is his true
Cage:		........

Deckson:	It's routine for Razma to	
		meander, but if Warren if 
		with him...
Mebius:		So Phil, Warren went with him
		because he was worried...
Phil:		Yes, that is the case.

Semyl:		...That idiot... Even got the ole
		man involved...
Deckson:	Phil, Razma went to check out
		the 'abnormal radar reaction'
		that you detected, right?
Phil:		Yes, since there is a
		possibility that it was coming
		from the stealth frame...
Deckson:	Okay, something may have 
		happened. Let's go and find
Mebius:		Deckson, you're in no shape 
		to go out and fight. You stay
Deckson:	But...No, you're right. I may
		do more harm than good.....
		OK. Iwill stay here, and find
		out as much as I can about
Mebius:		Sounds like a plan.

		(If something happens to him
		again, who'll listen to all my
Robin:		I'll take the Edge.

Twede:		What are you saying! That is
		too dangerous...!
Mebius:		Oh? I never took you to be a
		chauvinist. Ifyou tie her
		down too much, she'll dump
		you, you know.
Twede:		Whah! What are you talking
Robin:		<<giggle>> It'll be fine. I'm 
		hardly the type to act 
		impulsively, unlike someone
		else I know, I'm worried
		about those two, let's go!
Twede:		.......

##### Scene 18: Dark Half #####

Nadia:		It seems that those two had
		headed toward this area.
Yukito:		Nobody's here... Let's search
		the entire area!
Cage:		......

Yukito:		Cage, I have no idea what
		Ares is trying to do. But... If, 
		hypothetically, you're placed
		on a position which you 
		need to fight him.... In that
		case, can you do it?
Cage:		I don't know.... I'd like to
		revel in the fact that he is
		alive for now.
Yukito:		Okay. Well, don't worry about
		it all alone. You're not the
		only one who believes in him.
Cage:		Yes. Thank you.

Mebius:		Now, we have to find those
Semyl:		Razmaaaa! How about
		responding, idiottttt!!!
Phil:		I'm going to look over there.

Mebius:		What?! Oh, Phil!

Phil goes off

Mebius:		(There he goes... I hope he's 
		going to be okay.)
Armed Civilian Frames appear

Mebius:		That's... a stealth frame!

Armed Civilian: Tsk! Caught by the sonar...
		Guess we got too close...
Cage:		You... you must be one of
		them who took our hideout
		away from us!
Armed Civilian:	Get them, just like the other
		two... Prepare it! We've got
		permission from Him!
Cage:		The other two... So you have
		Mr. Warren and Razma? Where
		did you put them?
		(And who is 'Him'? ...Could it
Floating Frames arrive

Cage:		?!

		(What is that frame?! It's 
Armed Civilian:	If you want to know about
		your friends, you'll have to
		destroy us first! Go!
Cage:		Oh yeah?... Well, I guess I'll
		just have to take you up on
		your suggestion!
Pharsti:	Cage, please be careful. I
		sense that there are unseen 
		enemies lurking!
Cage:		I can only see them... so
		there must be a lot of them 
Yukito:		No worries. We have the
		'anti-stealth sonar.' Do the
		same thing as last time. Are
		you ready?


After a turn

Cage: 		Where are those two...? I
		hope Phil has found some hint 
		as to their whereabouts...
a beeping sound, or something else

Cage:		(...What's that sound?!)

????:		Heh heh... You've gotten much
		stronger... You're totally
		different from the Cage I
Cage:		Wh-Who's there!

The Black Frame, Iblis, appears

Cage:		(That's... I've seen it before!
		No, please, don't let it be...!
		It's the Black Frame!)
????:		<<cackle>> Long time no
Cage:		Oh no... That voice...

Ares:		Cage, if you had just left
		Mars you wouldn't have had 
		to get hurt... But you wanted
		this, didn't you?
Cage:		A... res...! Is it... you?!

Ares:		Testament... You have no use
		for that frame. Hand it over.
Cage:		Ares, I saw you on TV... It's
		not true, is it? ...I believe in
		you! This is... some awful
		mistake, isn't it?
Ares:		Believe in me? <<cackle>>
		You say some funny things
		sometimes. All of you did
		exactly as I wanted... I 
		should probably thank you
		before I crush all of you.
		'Thank you...' There. THanks
		to all of you, my job was
		made infinitely easier...
Cage:		S-So the Ares on TV... That's
		the real Ares?!
Ares:		It's so typical of you to
		realize now, when it no
		longer makes any difference.
Cage:		...Ares is my friend. You said
		that you were my friend! That
		was all a lie?! All of it... It
		was all an act?!
Ares:		Yeah. Did you figure it out
		yet? I was the one who
		directed Iblis and sank
		Bonaparte III!
Cage:		No...!

Ares:		That ship had accepted money
		from Zephyrs to smuggle
		secret items between Earth
		and Mars. When I found out, I
		changed my name to Ares,
		and jumped at the chance to
		expose Zephyrs' crimes... and
		to exact my revenge upon
Cage:		Revenge...?

Ares:		Yeah. It would be too merciful
		to simply kill Zephyrs. He
		needed to suffer...
		In exchange for robbing my
		innocent parents of their
		lives, I will see to it that he
		regrets being born! If he
		hadn't initiated those
		experiments, neither father
		nor mother would have had to 
		Pharsti and I wouldn't be
		trapped in these bodies
Cage:		These... bodies...? Pharsti?
		Ares, what are you saying?
Ares:		...My name is Vale Shatner....
		That's one of them, anyway.
		The other is Subject 478 -
		that's the name Zephyrs gave
Cage:		Subject?! So Zephyrs used
		you as a subject in his
		experiments too?
Ares:		Heh. Exactly.

Cage:		Ares... Your revenge cost the
		lives of innocent passengers...
		How many hundred lives are
		you responsible for?! I don't 
		know what kind of hardships
		you've been through... but
		that's the wrong thing to do!
Ares:		The wrong thing to do, is it?
		As if you would understand
		the feelings that led me to do
		it... Besides, the one who
		added the final touches on
		the Bonaparte deal was
		Zephyrs, wasn't it?
		Anyway, it makes no 
		difference to me who died on
		that ship. Heh heh! You should
		died along with the rest
		of them. It's too bad.... A real
Cage:		How can you say that...?

Ares:		Heh, there he goes again. You
		know, that's what disgusts me 
		about you. 'I don't want to
		hurt anyone...' 'I want
		everyone to like me...'
		...Meanwhile, you can't do
		anything on your own. You
		make others take
		responsibility for you...
		You're burried so deep in your
		own hypocrisy that you can't
		even muster the courage to
		do anything on your own.
		Pure cowardice. Don't you
		agree... Philbright?
Phil appears in Grafficane, an OF

Phil:		...By all means. I couldn't 
		agree more, Ares.
Cage:		Phil! What are you doing! And
		that frame... What...?!
Phil:		I've quit BIS... From today,
		I'm working with Ares!
Cage:		Why! How come you... Why?!

Phil:		Why?! I got sick and tired of
		being with you! Always making
		others take responsibility for
		you, but still getting all the
		attention and all the praise.
		And you were eating it right
Cage:		Why... are you saying this?!

Phil:		Ares listened to me. He was
		interested in what I had to
		say. And he understands me!
Ares:		Cage... That's all there is to
		it. Give the Animus to Phil.
Cage:		Ares, wait! I still can't
		believe it! You can't be my
Ares:		Heh heh... I guess I'll just
		have to make it painfully
		obvious, then. How's this?
Dreizehn and Durandal II appear on both sides of Grafficane

Razma:		...Uygg... Sorry.... I messed...
Warren:		.....

Ares:		Go ahead, Phil.

Phil:		...As you wish.

Cage:		Phil! Don't do it! You're not
		actually... Stop!!
Phil:		I have power now... The weal
		can't say anything to the 
		strong. Did you know that?
Phil attacks Dreizehn

Razma:		Ugggghhhhhhhh!!

Then Phil goes for Durandal II

Warren:		Eghghg! Aaaarrrggghhhhh!

Cage:		Stop! Phil, please stop!

Phil:		Why don't you make me?!
		Prove to me that you're 
		stronger than me!
Cage:		...

Ares:		I like that expression. Wish
		Myona were here to see it.
Cage:		Myona? You know where she 
		is? Is Myona okay?!
Ares:		If you want to see her, you 
		should follow me. That is, if
		you can. So long, Cage.....
Ares leaves		

Cage:		Ares!

Pharsti:	...Cage.

Caeg:		I know... We can't go after
		Ares now.... We have to get
		those two first...
		(Phil... I guess there's no
Phil:		Come on, Cage.... Get over
		here!... If you don't hurry, I'll
		get rid of these guys first.
Cage:		Let's go, Pharsti...

Pharsti:	The unseen enemies have 
		been quiet. It seems they are
		planning to wait in ambush
		until somebody arrives.
Cage:		But... We have to save those
		two. Proceed cautiously,
When Phil is about to attack Cage

Cage:		Phil! Let those two go! We 
		were all a team!
Phil:		A team? You want to hear
		something funny? Ares is not
		the only one who was using
		you. Robin was using BIS for
		her own purposes also.
Cage:		What are you talking about?!

Phil:		Robin is actually from NUT...
		In other words, she is an
		industry spy. We were
		fighting for Mars, but that
		was not the case for her!
		She was only using us so
		that the rich could collect 
		more money!

Cage:		That's....

Robin:		Phil... How could...

Cage:		Is it true? Ms. Robin!

Robin:		.......

Cage:		Ms. Robin! Why don't you say
Phil:		...You and I have both been
		used for different purposes
		all our lives!
Cage:		No....

Phil:		<<giggle>> ...A TEAM....
		There's no such thing!
Phil attacks Razma and Warren with full power

Cage:		Phil!

Phil:		I no longer want any
		superficial trust or
		friendships... All I want to
		see is skill... Show me.... Show 
		me what you can do!
After beating Phil:

Phil:		Rgh... That's nothing!

Cage:		Phil, haven't we done wenoug?
		Why do we have to fight?
Phil:		Quiet! I thought at first that
		I could be friends with you!
		But I was wrong!
		Why? You didn't do anything!
		The only thing was that you
		had a good frame... that's all!
		But everyone liked you and
		praised you.... Why!?
		(glaring at Cage)
		I worked much harder than
		you did! But nobody noticed
		my efforts. Why!
Cage:		Phil...

Phil:		So I'm going to prove it once
		and for all! I am going to
		prove my worth, on an OF,
		just like you!
		I know I'm stronger...!
		Because I'm capable of taking
		a life!

		(Because I even... took
		Father's... with these two
Deckson's Voice: Phil! What are you thinking!?
		Stop that at once!
Cage:		The radio? Mr. Deckson!

Phil:		Mr.... Deckson...

Deckson's Voice: Phil, have you forgotten? I
		am always watching you! I will
		be looking over you from now
		on too! Stop this stupidity!
		Now... get out of that frame!
Phil:		Deckson... I... I can't. It's too
Deckson's Voice: It's never too late... Once
		you've decided to do
		something, that's when it
		starts! Come on! Come over
Phil:		...Cage. I'll stop for today....
		But next time I'll crush you!
Deckson's Voice: Phil!

Phil:		Good-bye, Deckson.

Phil leaves

Caeg:		...Phil.

		(Ares... Myona... What is going
		to become of us...)
Pharsti:	Cage, vital signs have been
		recorded at the site where
		Razma's and Warren's frames
		were located! They should be
		injured... We must hurry!
Cage:		Really?! Okay!

|Hideout/Med Room          \____________________

Razma:		...

Warren:		...
Semyl enters

Semyl:		Razma! Razma?! Hey, Ms.
		Mebius! Is Razma OK?
Mebius:		He just came in now... I don't
Cage:		...Razma.

Semyl:		...Razma.

		(I'm so, sooo stupid.... Now I
		realize? Nah, I knew it all
		along. I always knew who was
		important to me...)
Mebius:		Semyl...

		(...?! Er!)
Semyl:		Razma... Don't die on me! You
		die and you won't be able to
		feel up Sis anymore!
Mebius:		...He is.

Semyl:		Hunh?

Mebius:		This hand that's on my butt...
		That's Razma, isn't it?
Razma:		(Heh... It's good to be alive.)

Semyl:		...Ms. Mebius, would you be so
		kind as to hand me that 
Mebius:		Of course... Do it for me too.

Semyl:		One... Two...

Semyl hits Razma with a hammer

Razma:		Yiiiiiiiiii!!

Warren:		...It never ends.

Yukito:		Pops! What, you were playing
		dead too?
Warren:		I just wasn't talking.

Yukito:		...It's not funny...

Warren:		...Anyway, we made it. Even
		though we walked right into
		the trap... I can't believe I
		fell for it.
Semyl:		You idiot! I was all worried...

Razma:		Come on, calm down.
		Everyone's fine, and...
Semyl kicks Razma

Razma:		Ou... ch.... Semyl...

Semyl:		You got any idea what you
		done did?! It ain't only you.
		The ole man, and everyone
		else was placed in danger!
		And then you... You idiot!
Razma:		.....

Semyl:		You got nothin' to say?!

Razma:		.....

Semyl:		Why you all quiet?!

Razma:		...So are you over Ares now?

Semyl:		Huh? ...What you talkin'
Razma:		Don't pretend you don't 
		know... What, you think I don't
		know that you have a crush
		on him?

Semyl:		Wh, Huh?!?

Mebius:		...I guess it's because he's
		the atypically sensitive male
		that he has all these
		misunderstandings, and that
		he's prone to run after
		anything in a skirt.
Razma:		Misunderstandings...?

Semyl:		You thought I had a thing for
Razma:		W-well, didn't you...?

Semyl:		Well, he's good lookin', good
		eye candy, but I never
		wanted him as a boyfriend or

Razma:		...Oh. Well then.

Semyl:		...Hm. And? Why you askin' me
		'bout these things, hmmm?
Razma:		...Just 'cause.

Semyl:		Hey, why? Hey. HEY!

Razma:		...You know why I'm asking.

Semyl:		Nope. I don't get it. Tell
Razma:		...Oh yeah! Where's the Boss?
Cage:		He's talking to Ms. Robin and
		the others right now...
Mebius:		...That's right. We need an
		explanation as to what Phil
		was talking about earlier....
		But... I never thought that he
		felt that way about you.... I'm
		partly responsible for that.
Cage:		Ares... and Phil... I never
		expected it to be like this.
Razma: 		........

Semyl:		Cage, don't sweat it too much.
		You left once too, but ya
		came back, you know what I'm
		sayin'? Maybe Phil and Ares'll
		change their minds too. You
		never know 'bout these
Cage:		I guess...

Semyl:		(Man... I hope that happens...)

Deckson enters (weird, it says Deckson's voice, but
the door opened)

Deckson's Voice: Sorry to keep you all waiting.
		I'm glad you two are okay....
		Now, onto Ms. O'Connell.
Robin:		...Wait. I'd rather explain
Yukito:		Ms. O'Connell. I though you
		were the sole investor of the
		Robin Foundation. As it turns
		out, NUT was behind this...
		were you really tryingto
		trick us?
Mebius:		Were we your guinea pigs, so
		you could collect data? Or
		were you planning on owning
		us like pets, and manipulating
		us for the company's profit?
Robin:		....

Twede:		Perhaps I should explain....

Warren:		...Why aren't you saying
		anything? So it's true... You 

Robin:		Aaaaaargh! Quiettttt!

Mebius:		R-Robin?

Robin:		What do you expect from me!
		Jeez! I do all this for you...
		The higher-ups caution me,
		and Mr. Black Frame here
		gives me attitude.... But even
		then, I did my best! You don't
		know what I went through!
		Manipulate you?! How have 
		you been manipulated? You
		won't listen to a word I have
		to say anyway! The NUT?? I
		left them!
Deckson:	...R... Robin?!

Robin:		(Uh-oh... Now I've done it. This
		is not my strong suit.)
		<<sigh>>.... Yes, it's true... I
		was a NUT agent... until a few 
		days ago.
Warren:		...Tell us everything from the
Robin:		It's not too far from what
		Mebius said. NUT, or 'Neredum
		Universal Technolgoy,' as you
		all probably already know, is
		the largest manufacturer of
		LEVs on Mars - a huge
		conglomerate. You would not
		believe the number of
		different sections they have
		there. I was in the
		'Information Department,
		Section 8.'

Razma:		Hey, cool.

Robin:		It may sound that way, but
		Section 8 was the shabbiest
		part of the entire
		organization. I was sent
		there initially because I
		caused some trouble within
		the company.

Warren:		For the shabbiest part of the
		organization, they sure gave
		us a lot of money.
Robin:		Expenses for information
		research don't need to be
		documented. Besides.
Cage:		Besides?

Robin:		There's the fruits of my
		personal labor.
Yukito:		So, what made you want to
		help us out?
Robin:		Danger Aversion/Prevention
		Program J-38.
Razma:		What is THAT?

Robin: 		If NUT were a person, it
		would be a giant. WHen a
		body gets that big, as a
		corporation, its defenses
		against accidents are
		compromised. In a manner of
		explanation: once the
		brain receives the message, you
		have to wait for the command
		to be given... And in that
		span of time, a scratch could
		deteriorate so badly as to
		become a life-threatening
Deckson:	So you need people near the
		site of the problem to take
		care of things immediately,
		kind of like white blood cells.
Robin:		...Exactly. J-38 was to NUT
		what leukocytes or platelets
		are to the human body...
		Whenever there was an
		episode, they would clean
		things up immediately, and
		cover the wound if
		necessary. The Robin
		Foundation, as well as many
		other similar groups that
		have been set up all over
		Mars, acted as an 'immune
		system' for the company.
Warren:		Ah... So people like you would
		extend their influence like so,
		and direct the masses to act
		in a way profitable to NUT.
		Even if one of the units made
		an error, the responisbility
		would not even reach NUT,
		and there would be no risk
		of corporate secrets leaking
		out into the open. If 
		something happened, they
		could easily cut that unit off.
		But until then, anything goes.
Robin:		That's not all. You had
		another role on top of that.
Razma:		As monitors for new parts on
		OFs and LEVs?
Robin:		Precisely. You see the full
		picture now, don't you? I did
		collect some data on
		Testament... but in the end, I
		didn't get very much. I
		couldn't get to the point
		where you would do what I
		told you to do, and in the
		end, they ended up spending
		money on you and didn't get
		much in return.
Mebius:		So at that riot the other
		day... That was why you were
		acting strange...
Robin:		As a Martian company, it is
		favorable for NUT when
		anti-terrestrial sentiments
		are high.... That, and also....
		I was curious to see if all of
		you, who I had already begun
		to take a personal interest
		in, would listen to me in that
		kind of situation.... And the
		result was dismal...
Deckson:	Everyone, Ms. O'Connell has...
		faced off with NUT a number
		of times on our behalf, not
		as J-38, but as one unit of 
		the Resistance, so she could
		help our cause.
Twede:		But of course, there is no 
		way that these actions would
		be taken positively. She had
		failed her duty as an agent,
		and was being watched. I was
		enlisted as her chaperone,
		and I was to look over her
		actions... but I failed also.
Razma:		You too?

Twede:		...Yes. The contract that once
		existed between myself and 
		NUT has been eradicated.
Robin:		...I've been deceiving you all.
		My name, my personal 
		history.... It's all lies. But I
		do want you to believe this: I
		thoroughly enjoyed being with
		you... One day, I realized that
		I felt as if I were one of 
		you. It felt more natural to
		be 'Robin' than 'Dana,' which
		is my real name...
		<<giggle>>... It's silly, I
		know. So I left NUT. I was
		able somehow to get this ship
		to move, but the Robin
		Foundation has been erased,
		and I can no longer sponsor 
		you or help in any way. But
		it's not luck for a woman to
		make it in the world on her
		own... I can at least
		guarantee your safety. So
		please let me work with all of
		you... Please.
Deckson:	We understand your position,
		and that you are not a liar.
		It costs us nothing to believe
		in you for a little longer. All
		here feel that way.

Warren:		...Although we'd rather not
		have any more surprises like
		thhis in the future.

Yukito:		Well, if we were used we
		were being used by the
		bigwigs over at NUT, and in
		reality, these two helped us
		out on a number of

Semyl:		True dat. If it weren't for
		them, we wouldn't be standin'
		here now!

Razma:		We owe them before 
Robin:		...Thank you, Razma. Thank 
		you everyone....

Deckson:	Welcome to BIS... Robin.

Robin:		<<giggle>>

Semyl:		...So now that that's settled...
		Razma, you gonna answer my
		question, or what? Hey! Come
		on, spill it!!

Razma:		You STILL remembered that?
		S-stop it! Cut it out!!

Mebius:		Aah... youth!

Warren:		(..........)		

		...Robin. About the battle
		today... That first OF... Does
		Ares have BAHRAM backing?

Mebius:		BAHRAM? You mean that Vacilia
		County is behind this whole
		Martian movement?

Robin:		Yes. Even NUT didn't know
		about BAHRAM's involvement
		until just recently. BAHRAM is
		denying any affiliation... so
		that's been causing some
		tension within NUT too. I'll
		look into it... The Foundation
		is gone, but I still have my
		connections. I think I can
		make it work out!

Deckson:	OK, things are getting
		complicated... But we'll disband
		for now.... Get some rest.
Cage:		(Ares... Phil... Until just a little
		while ago, everyone was here
		together.... How did this
		And Myona... I have to thank
		you, but... Where are you
		right now?)


|Bridge                    \____________________

Razma:		And, what are we going to do
		from now on?

Warren:		I hear Ares and company
		have been terrorizing
		inhabitants everywhere with
		their violent riots - we'll
		have to do something about
		that first.

Deckson:	Things are going to get
		complicated if BAHRAM really
		is behind them... But why
		would they want to use Ares?
		He seems too independent for
Robin:		I though so too. Riots
		are usually more emotional
		outburst than strategy, and I
		don't think for a second that
		it can be so effective as to
		better the situation on Mars.
		I think we're still missing
		something here... We need to
		consider the existence of a
		completely different motive.
Cage:		Do you mean that BAHRAM is
		using Ares and his retaliatory
		spirit for their own benefit?

Robin:		It's possible... but he would
		be able to see through that.
		Perhaps he is in some sort
		of a situation in which he
		cannot avoid being used in
		whatever way they desire.
Yukito:		...Ares himself said that he 
		caused the Bonaparte
		accident to get back at
		Zephyrs, who had killed his
		parents and had experimented
		on him. It was the wrong
		thing to do, but I can 
		understand why he would be
		driven to do such a thing....
		However, I still find it hard
		to believe that he meant to 
		instigate war on Martian soil
		from the very beginning.

Razma:		What's the point in sitting
		around hypothesizing about
		something we don't even
		know? The problem is still
		going on. If we're going to
		stop them, let's get on with

Mebius:		That's true. It is a bit risky,
		but if we make a move, it's
		possible to put BAHRAM or
		NUT or whomever else in a 
		position in which they have to
		act. That may shed some light
		on all these questions we
		have right now.
Warren:		It's dangerous to move when
		we have no idea what they
		are planning to do... but I
		suppose we can't just sit
		around and watch.
TwedeL		Neither BAHRAM nor the UNSF
		are thinking about the
		citizens of Mars. If something
		is not done, there is no
		doubt that the entire city will
		be transformed into a
Deckson:	Their actions cannot be
		described as being at all
		systematic, or well-planned. I
		expect that they will trip up
		at some point, but if we wait 
		for that to happen there will
		be much damage to the people
		of Mars... We must do

Warren:		It's my understanding that
		the UNSF is sending an LEV
		troop from Malgalityfel to
		here, Hellespontos. Apparently
		they have already arrived via
		land route to Hellespontos...
		If things progress, there is
		no doubt that there will be a 
		battle between the Armed
		Civilians and the UNSF.

Cage:		Malgalityfel... Isn't that the
		county where the capital is
		located? The troops are
		coming all the way from

Razma:		They're just support troops.
		After all. we've pretty much
		cleared out the military
		forces in Hellespontos!

Deckson:	There' no doubt in my mind
		that Ares and company are
		planning to fight. We need to
		come up with a likely 
		battleground before it
		happens, and warn the
		residents so they can escape
		in time.

		We have to do everything and
		anything within our power to
		prevent casualties!

the phone rings

Twede:		We have some new 
		information... The Armed
		Civilians are beginning to
		gather at a point on the
		military's procession route.
Deckson:	Good, we'll start there! We'll 
		give them a warning, and
		depending upon the
		circumstances, we'll have to 
		put an end to any violence

Semyl:		Got it!

Robin:		Oh, Deckson... before I forget.
		In celebration of you
		convalescence, I've done some
		work on Blade. It's now called
		'Calibur.' Don't forget to read
		the user's manual.
Deckson:	Cal - ? ...Er, okay.

##### Scene 19: Clawing the Red Earth #####

Deckson:	So this is my new machine.
		Maintenance utilities 
		augmented, defense
		mechanisms fortified... which 
		is all fine and dandy, but it
		may make maneuvering
		somewhat complicated.

Mebius:		Hee, hee... what are you
		whining about? The old-timer
		can't handle all the new

Deckson:	I admit that, unlike you, I am
		only growing older and older.
		But I don't know about being
		called an old-timer, and
Armed Civilians appear

Mebius:		The Armed Civilians! It's Ares
		and his group!
Deckson:	...I knew it. We won't be able
		to go into hiding for a little
		while longer, the way things
		look now.

Armed Civilian:	Glad you could make it, BIS!
		You affected bunch of
		no-good softies! You'd be
		better off minding your own
		business and watching the
		action at home! Whose side
		are you on!

Deckson:	Comrades. You are only
		causing strife, and harming
		Mars. If you shower the
		seeds of betterment with
		destructive deeds, they will
		not bloom. Timing is crucial,
		and this is not the...

Armed Civilian:	As if you would know!! We
		have an important obligation 
		to fulfill. If you get in our
		way, we will get rid of you!

Yukito:		We can't be doing this when
		the UNSF will be here any

Deckson:	We have no choice. We'll have
		to stop them forcibly. Let's
		disable their frames, and
		hope that they retreat.

Cage:		Yes, sir! Ready, Pharsti?

Pharsti:	Roger.


After obliterating the enemy

Cage:		<<sigh>> It's over.

Pharsti:	Numerous heat sources have
		been detected five thousand
		meters from here. It is my
		opinion that these are UNSF
		LEVs from Malgalityfel.
Cage:		We were somehow able to
		avoid combat...
?????:		...age.... Cage....

Cage:		What? Could it be?

?????:		Can... ear... me, Cage?

Cage:		Myona?? Pharsti! Is that
		really her?
Pharsti:	99.86% voice match. According
		to my analysis it is
		certain it is an authentic human

Myona's Voice:	Cage! Oh... good. She's safe?

Cage:		How are you? Where are you?
		Come on out, let's go home.
Myona's Voice:	No, Cage. I... I can't see you

Cage:		You can't...? Why?!

Myona's Voice:	I won't be me for too much
		longer... I... wanted that for

Cage:		What do you mean? Where are 
		you? There's something I 
		need to tell you... Please
		come out here...!

Myona's Voice: 	(.......)

Cage:		Myona... You don't likeme

An enemy OF appears in the field, in it is Myona!

Myona:		Don't like you? ...That's not it.
		That's not it at all...!

Cage:		Uh.... Myona.... You're riding in
		that? Isn't that... an...
		Orbital... Frame?

Myona:		Myona... It would be so much
		better if that were really my
Cage:		Your real name...? Did you...
		Were you able to remember
		your past?!

Myona:		My brother reminded me...

Cage:		Your brother??

Myona:		When I met you for the first
		time on the day of the
		accident, I was supposed to
		escape from the Bonaparte on
		the Animus... on your machine.
		But then you came and you
		almost got hurt... and I
		unconsciously gave a part of
		me to her.

		I wanted to move her... and
		save you... <<giggle>> ..Do
		you understand what I'm
		saying? Of course you don't....
		I'm not like you... I'm... I'm a 
CageL		What are you talking about?
		Anyway, hurry up and come
		here! A huge troop from the
		UNSF is headed this way!

Myona:		Cage, I had a really good 
		time with you. I was... really
		fortunate to have met you.
		That machine... That's me,
		Cage. I wanted you to have
		her back... as a sign that I,
		Myona Alderan, once existed
		in this world...
Another OF appears behind Myona's

Amante:		Okayyyyy. Time's up.

Pharsti:	Cage! Who is she?!

Cage:		I've seen her with Bolozof...
		Her name was... Amante, or
		something like that. What is
		she doing here?!

Myona:		Yes... I... know that....

Cage:		What are you doing to
Amante:		Heh, heh, heh...! Switch on!
		Just a push of a button...
Some swirling aura surround Myona

Myona:		Ugg.... Uggggghhhghghhggg!!

Cage:		Myona?!

Myona (in tears): Good... bye... C... age....

Cage:		Myona, hang on, I'll be right
Cage drives Pharsti next to Myona, but Phil's Grafficane

Cage:		Phil! What are you doing?!

Phil:		I can't let you go there.
		Cage, she's no longer the
		Myona you know.

Myona:		Acting On Strategy, Location
		Confirmed, All Security
		Systems Will Be Disengaged

Cage:		Phil! What did you do to
		Myona! Get out of... Move!!
Phil:		Heh heh heh... Look at you.
		Fear not, I will take very
		good care of Myona.

Cage:		Phil!

Myona:		All Systems Go. Beginning
		Countdown. 10.... 9.... 8.....

Pharsti:	Rapidly rising energy levels
		have been measure within
		Miss Myona's body. There may
		be a high-energy projectile
		being readied for ejection.
		Cage, this can be very
		dangerous. Please, retreat!

Cage:		I don't care! I... I have to go
		and save Myona!!

Pharsti:	No! Cage, I cannot let you
		die! Whether or not you
		permit it, we are going to

Cage:		Please don't do it, Pharsti!
		Myona... Myona!

Myona:		0.... Fire....

Pharsti:	We can't go!

Cage:		Nooooo! Myonaaaaaaa!!

Myona's OF begins emitting explosion opposite direction
of where Cage is

|LEV Division              \____________________

UNSF Soldier:	Lieutenant! The rebellion
		lepton has been making 
		announcements and causing a
UNSF Lieutenant: Hah, that's special. We'll hear
		what they're moaning about
		before we tear them to
		shreds. Let the heads of the 
		Security Keeping Force know

UNSF Soldier:	Yes, sir!

Ares:		...Innumerable counties exist
		on Mars, and each and every
		line that makes up the
		boundaries that divide this
		land is the direct result of
		Earth's territory squabbles.
		Human green has found its
		way even to this red planet.
		However, what one finds here
		is not a progressive, modern
		society. It's nothing but a
		moldy board game with its
		archaic rules; discrimination,
		tyranny, oppression, and
		violence hidden by the cloak
		of national interest abound.
		We, the inhabitants of Mars,
		have been tolerating this
		reality until today..... Why?
		'Unchecked population,' 'food
		'Earth can no longer support
		all these people!' ...This is
		what Earth people say,
		'Even if they came back to
		Earth, they woouldn't have a 
		chance at life because
		they're so weak.' ...Who made
		us that way to begin with?
		None other than the 
		Earthlings! They call anyone
		at all different from them
		'Enders,' and sit in their
		comfortable homes under the
		sun, complacent, their noses
		in the air, thinking that they
		can dominate us.... They
		couldn't be more wrong!
		We are going to prove them
		wrong. They'll see. Let them
		hear our cries! Comrades,
		fellow fighters for justice,
		unite! Freedom to Mars!
UNSF Lieutenant: Hmph... They should go ahead
		and do it if they think they
		can. A good half of our
		forces is made up of those
		Martians too. If they attack
		us, they'll be attacking their
		own kind!
UNSF Soldier:	L-Lieutenant! Abnormally high
		energy fields have been
		detected up ahead!
UNSF Lieutenant: It can't be! Those...!
LEV Division explodes

Cage:		Uggg... WHere did that flash 
		of light come frome? Where's
		Myona?! What happened to
Pharsti: 	Miss Myona can no longer be
		located. Cage, I retreated of
		my own accord. I am very
		sorry that I disobeyed you.
Cage:		(Myona...)

		It's okay.... I'm sorry too.
Pharsti:	The LEV troops can no longer
		be located either, as of...
Cage:		What?! After... that light?

Robin's Voice:	Cage! Are you alive?

Cage:		Ms. Robin...

Robin's Voice:	Oh good. You're safe!
		Everyone else was able to
		escape also! The situation has
		changed again... Please come
		back immediately.
Cage:		But...

Pharsti:	The electrical parts have
		been severely damaged. I
		would recommend that we
		retreat temporarily. With my
		current condition, I could not
		withstand an attack of the
		same caliber again, nor is 
		there any guarantee that I
		would be able to make an
Cage:		(...Myona....)

Pharsti:	Cage....

Cage:		Fine.... Let's head back,

|Bridge                    \____________________

Cage:		Is that... Ares is making
		another speech?
Ares:		What you refer to as 'Earth'
		is nothing more than a speck
		in a vast universe, which is
		filled with specks. If Earth
		wants to call all humans living
		outside the terrestrial region
		'Enders,' that is their
		It is their choice if they
		want to play the almighty king 
		of the entire universe.
		However, I will not stand for
		it, and I officially hereby
		declare Mars independent
		from Earth's grasp! Whether
		or not that light will continue
		to burn this ground we walk
		on is entirely up to the UCM.
		My request is easy: join us
		in our fight against Earth.
		Even you should be able to
		understand a request that 
Razma:		That guy has gone completely
		nuts! He really is trying to
		wage a war against Earth!
Warren:		It's not as crazy as you
		think. At this point, it's

Yukito:		Pops! What's that supposed to 
Mebius:		He has given the'means' and
		the 'end.' Nobody dreams of
		something that is impossible.
		But once they understand
		that it can occur in reality,
		humans will stop at nothing to
		get it.
Ares:		I will grant you three hours.
		If your response is not the
		one we want, we will not hold
		back. A simple 'yes' or 'no'
		will do. We will not tolerate
		any indecision when the time
		period is up.
		Come with us, or get burned.
		Two options.... See you again
		very soon.

		Good day. 'Freedom to Mars.'

|Bridge                    \____________________

Cage:		Ares.....

Warren:		He's proved it. That he has
		enough power to fight against
		Earth. Earth's military has
		been demolished.
Razma:		And that's the strategy? That
		platoon was filled with
		Security Keeping Force
		officers!? They victimized
		their fellow Martians...
Deckson:	If they succeed, he'll 
		probably say the incident was
		a foundation of Martian
		independence. Either way, I
		can't imagine that anybody
		would not cooperate with him
		because of it.

		In any day and age, and in
		every location, the ones who
		are always the victims are
		the civilians. The problem is
		that they don't realize

Mebius:		Deckson....

Twede:		...Everyone, Vale has
		established contact with us. I
		will connect you.

Ares:		...Hey, I'm sure you saw the
		broadcast, but there was
		something I wanted to say to
		yuo personally... You will
		return Testament. I need

Cage:		Ares... WHere is she? What 
		happened to Myona?!
Ares:		You never change. Nothing
		happened to her. This person,
		'Myona,' never existed in this

Cage:		That's a lie!

Ares:		It's not a lie, Myona is not
		here. She is Pharsti. My little

Yukito:		Phar... sti? Little sister? What
		are you talking about?

Ares:		She was Subject 479. All
		Subjects in the 470s were
		used in the experimental
		research of the 'Organic
		Implant Model Metatron

Mebius:		Organic Implant model?

Ares:		Testament - the one you've
		been riding - never had a
		system program installed.
		Using the 'Communicator,'
		people who are able to send
		their brain waves directly
		into the  Mindflow System...
		like us... can maneuver it.
		Other humans cannot make it
Cage:		So... That day, when the LEV
		turned itself on...

Ares:		We sank the Bonaparte,
		seized the Animus, and were
		planning our escape. Instead,
		she met you, and in order to
		escape from the danger
		unfolding in front of her very
		eyes, she subconsciously
		wished to help you... and the 
		Communicator in her body
		'transplanted' this desire into
		the machine... In return, she
		lost her memory.

Cage:		So... Pharsti is a part of

Ares:		I wouldn't say she is a part 
		of her. They're one and the
		same. I gave her back her
		memory, and rebooted her so
		that she could go back to
		being 'Pharsti' instead of

Razma:		What did you do to her?!

Ares:		Heh heh... She wanted it. By
		the way, did you happen to
		see that light earlier? Some
		powerful stuff, wouldn't you
		say? That's something that
		can be done only by those
		with hyperalignment to the

Robin:		Hyper... alignment? What could
		that be?

Ares:		Right now it's just us, but we
		want to expand our team. If
		we have Testament, we can
		procure more hyperaligned
		allies. I doubt that they will
		just quietly surrender to us;
		not until we do a little more
		than we did today... There is 
		a need to stregthen our
		side further.

		Mars will be illuminated by
		that light.... and to that end,
		I need to have that

Cage:		Ares! Do you really feel that 

Ares:		Of course... This is the real
		me. I extend the same choice
		to you. Decide whether you
		will fight with me, or against
		me. At any rate, you should
		hurry. In three hours, we will
		be heading to West Hellas to
		level it.

Deckson:	That's the largest nest in 
		Hellespontos! How many tens
		of thousands of innocent lives
		are you trying to claim?!

Ares:		If you don't want it to 
		happen, I would suggest you
		come out and try to stop me.
		I'll find some time for you.
Warren:		...

Ares:		Heh heh heh.... I look forward
		to a positive reply...

end of communication

Razma:		Shoot! What are we going to
		do, Boss?

Deckson:	...Cage.

Cage:		Huh...?

Deckson:	Up until now, I have always
		thought of myself as an agent
		acting on behalf of Mars. As
		irresponsible as it may sound,
		I believed that I am here
		because of Mars' will, not my
		But in terms of this decision, 
		I cannot make the choice.... It
		goes without saying that life
		should be respected, and that
		it shouldn't be destroyed on
		a whim. But Ares - or should
		I say Vale? - If what he is
		attempting mirrors the true
		wishes of the Martian people,
		I am in no position to refute
		that. I leave this deciison to

Cage:		What!?

Mebius:		Deckson!

Razma:		Boss! What's gotten into
Deckson:	He has been involved in this 
		incident from the very
		beginning - both as a victim,
		and for bringing this
		responsibility to us. Besides,
		he is the only one who has
		the power to menuever 
		Testament. It would be easy
		for me to make the call, and
		command him to do my
		bidding. But that would be
		wrong. He has both the right
		and the responsibility to put
		an end to this issue once and
		for all. Discuss your options
		with everyone, and make your
		decision carefully. Is that
		okay with everyone?

Warren:		Deckson...

Yukito:		Heh... I guess that works.

Semyl:		...

Cage:		(Me?! ...What am I supposed to

|BIS Hallway               \____________________

Deckson:	...Are you disappointed in me?
		I can't even make a decision
		like this....

Mebius:		No, I understand just how
		you feel. But are you okay
		with it?

Deckson:	Perhaps I am growing old.
		Just like you said.

Mebius:		Oh please! You're still thinking
		about what I said? It was a

Deckson:	Heh. I had accepted it as 
		fact... You don't think that's 
		the case... Mebius?

Mebius:		What?

Deckson:	...I had a dream last night...

Mebius:		A dream...?

Deckson:	Yes, of all those I've hurt in
		the past... They all taunt me...
		Do you think you're doing the
		right thing? Are yuo sure
		you've made the right 
		decision this time? ...All I've
		done is got all of you 
		involved, and placed you in 
		the midst of danger every
		day. That's it. And I used to
		think that was the right thing
		to do. I thought that we
		could save the Martian people
		by doing that. But what is the
		reality? Our friends... I
		couldn't even save Phil. I...
		failed. I thought I was doing
		good, but it wasn't enough.

Mebius:		Deckson... it's not like that...

Deckson:	I may have just been trying
		to escape from sadness and
		loneliness. I am confused. I
		don't know what I should do
Mebius: 	Deckson, you're wrong... If it
		weren't for you, I wouldn't be
		here today.
Deckson:	Heh. That's an exaggeration.

Mebius:		That's the truth. Do you
		remember what you told me a
		long time ago?
Deckson:	...Refresh my memory. I've 
		been spouting off too many
		lies to know which one you're
		talking about.

Mebius:		'Even when you think you've 
		lost everything... you can
		never lose your future.'


		If you have been wrong all 
		these years, so what? Will it
		be solved if you worry about
		it now? And what happens to 
		me, who believed what you
		said to me?
		If that was nonsense... I feel
		completely stupid!
Deckson:	.......

Mebius:		You may have nothing, you
		may have your worries...
		regardless, tomorrow will
		come. We're not god. Even if 
		we're not perfect, we have to
		move forward. Were you
		right, or wrong?

		You have plenty of time to
		find out from now on! Come
		on, I'm always here for you.
Deckson:	...Yes, you're right.... I'm
Mebius:		What? That's so unlike you.

Deckson:	...Mebius. If... if something
		were to happen to me....
Mebius:		Huh?

Deckson:	(No, don't go there...)

		...I'm sorry. Never mind.

Mebius:		Tell me. I'm curious.

Deckson:	We'll talk about it some other
		time. Cage should be ready by
		now. Let's go.

Mebius:		O-Okay.

Deckson:	(Knowing all of you, I'm sure
		you'll be fine. You won't get
		lost anymore....)

Deckson:	...So? Have you reached a
Cage:		Yes.

Deckson:	Good. Let's hear it.

Cage:		I am not a Martian. But
		having fought together with
		all of you until today, I've
		had a lot of experiences, and
		I've seen many things. I've 
		changed my attitude toward
		Mars from 'a person who
		doesn't know much about
		Mars' to 'a friend who cares
		about Mars.' I think that we
		should stop him.... We should
		stop Ares.
Deckson:	I understand how you feel.
		Nobody sees you as an 
		outsider. But the fighting will
		only get worse. I want to
		hear the raeson behind your
		decision, which will put you in
Cage:		Just as he said, humans on
		Mars are going through a lot
		of suffering right now.... and
		I think that something needs
		to be done about it, just like
		everyone else. Ares
		suggested a revolution as a
		solution. I can't think of a
		better way to go about
		things, so I may be in no
		position to go against him.
		But I feel a real emptiness
		when he mentions Mars'
		future. Somethig's very
		unnatural about the whole
		thing - Ares' eyes; the
		progression of events up to
		today. I will stop Ares. And
		one day I want to hear how
		Ares really feels, with his
		own words. It may be my
		selfishness, but I can't hand
		Pharsti over so that hordes 
		of people will be burned,
		especially when nothing has
		been cleared up.... This is the
		reason for my decision.

Deckson:	I see. You do have your
		personal reasons, but that is
		not all. We will support your
		decision. Any problems?
Warren:		No.

Yukito:		Sounds fine to me.

Razma:		Boss, I need to say one

Semyl:		True. Cage. You're forgetting
		something real important!
Cage:		Huh...?

Semyl:		How about Myona? Who do ya 
		think is gonna save her if
		you don't? Boy, don't ya know
		this is what boyfriends DO?!

Cage:		Bo-boyfriend?! I... I'm... It's!

Razma:		Hey now, you're going to put
		on an act in a serious 
		situation like this? Tell the
		truth, now.

Cage:		W-Wait a minute!!

Semyl:		Spill it! Spill it!!

Cage:		W-well... Er.....

Razma:		Admit it! Just say it!!

Semyl:		There ain't no reason to be
		shy, ya know? Was it like,
		'...And their eyes met across
		the crowded room...?'

Razma:		If you don't say it, I will!

Semyl:		(What? No way! Is he

Razma:		...Mebius. I don't want to go
		home tonight.

Mebius:		Hunh? Me? Where is your

Another hammer for Razma

Razma:		Yiiiiiii!!

Semyl:		You idiot! Whaddaya think
		you're doing, expecting a
		novice to play along. Look,
		you made her all

Razma:		Owww! But that kind of honest
		response is the new
		movement in humor!

Yukito:		Well, well. Things will be out
		of control for a while. I'll
		miss seeing the old married
		couple standup routine.

Warren:		...Cage.

Cage:		Yes.

Warren:		This may not be pleasant for
		you to hear, but Myona may
		not be the Myona we knew
		before. We may have to take
		her life in order to save that
		of a great many people. Are
		you prepared for that?

Cage:		I will save Myona, no matter
		what. I don't care if people 
		think that's idealistic.

Warren:		...I see.

		(Definitely idealistic. But not a
		bad answer all the same.)

Robin enters

Robin:		The verdict is out? Is that
		all okay with you too,

Deckson:	Yes. A load has been lifted
		off my shoulders.

Mebius:		(Deckson.... Good for you.)

Deckson:	Now, as Ares said over the
		broadcast, if his request is
		not met, he is planning on
		attacking West Hellas with
		that giant beam. If we don't
		do something. that threat will
		become a tragic reality... We
		must avoid it at all costs! We
		must find a way to stop him

Cage:		But... we can't stop them until
		we find out where they are.

Robin:		<<giggle>> Don't worry,

Twede:		...If the enemy plans to utilize
		the beam in question, they
		will most probably want to
		take advantage of the 
		locations where the effects
		would be greatest. Here is a
		list of points for your

Razma:		No way! Again?! How does he 
		do that?

Warren:		Judging from this data... the 
		figures look authentic. It
		would make sense to go

Deckson:	OK, we have no time to waste!
		We'll head there immediately!

Semyl:		Got it!

Deckson:	No, the only problem is fuel
		and the funds for

Razma:		Hunh? What's that mean?

Mebius:		See, fuel and maintenance
		don't come free in this world.
		Before, we had financial
		backing, but now we are an
		independent entity. We'll reach
		the bottom of our assets
		very soon.

Semyl:		What?! Don't even tell me we
		only got batteries one-way!
Deckson:	I'd like for it to be a joke,
		but that could happen.
Razma:		For real...?

Robin:		You won't need to worry
		about that. After all, I've
		found us a new sponsor!

Yukito:		Really?! I would never expect
		such a crazy thing to....

Robin:		Yes, there is... It's Nereidum
		Universal Technology, a.k.a.

Cage:		What?! NUT!?!

Deckson:	But Ms. O'Connell!

Warren:		How could that be? You sold
		us out to NUT again? You
		betrayed us, after all...!

Robin:		No, no. I coerced NUT into
		allowing a comeback of the
		Robin Foundation, backing us
		up, and above all, giving me
		autonomy in my operation!

Razma:		What the...?! Nothing ever
		goes that well. Besides, it
		may be indirect, but we ARE
		going to be fighting against
		BAHRAM. NUT and BAHRAM have 
		been collaborating! How could
		that possibly work out?

Semyl:		Yeah. They got no use for us
		no more anyway. Why'd they
		do that now?

Robin:		Hey. Don't I get any credit
		for all the flirting I did with
		the anti-BAHRAM older
		gentlemen within NUT? I'm
		starting to wish I hadn't
		wasted all that energy.

Yukito:		...THAT'S what you were doing
		in that span when you went

Deckson:	Hmmm... WHat you're saying is
		that even within NUT, there
		are those who were using us
		for the J-38 project, and
		there are those anti-BAHRAM
		people who do not care for
		what Ares and company are
		doing? ...Even so, it's still
		NUT. However did you
		convince them?

Robin:		Aside from the LEVs that
		civilians have access to, NUT
		is not really concerned with
		its products - its OFs and
		weapons. If Mars did win its
		independence, there's still a
		possibility that BAHRAM would
		become a very dangerous
		opponent to NUT... At least
		that's what I told them, and
		then it was easy.

Deckson:	But it is common knowledge
		that BAHRAM and NUT are
		working in tandem. If news of
		our involvement is made
		public, the relationship would
		surely sour. There is no way
		that BAHRAM wouldn't be able
		to find out where its money
		is going? ...Are you absolutely
		certain that this is safe?

Warren:		Exactly, and don't you

Robin:		ACH! Shush! SHHHHH! Are you
		going to fight Ares? Or not?
		Make up your minds!?

Cage:		Thank you very much, Ms. 
		Robin. I'm going!
Robin:		That's more like it! You go!
		You go and do whatever you
		have to do!

Yukito:		(She's... really changed.)

Semyl:		Aight! It's ON!

Razma:		Semyl, be careful okay? The
		enemy is gaining strength... If
		things get bad, don't leave my
		side. Got it?

Semyl: 		Whuh.... Oh! Okay!

Mebius:		Well, well! I think we've got
		something here! When did this

Semyl:		Whah! No! Wh-what are you
		talking about?!
Mebius:		Are you blushing...? It was
		just a joke... <<giggle>>

Warren:		...Hm? Yukito? What's with the

Yukito:		Here. For you.

Mebius:		What. You want me to drink 

Yukito:		Come on, everyone. Drink up.
		It's our ritual farewell toast.

Mebius:		<<gulp>> ...Hey! Don't make
		me do unlucky things! I drank

Yukito:		Heh heh heh! You've got it all
		wrong! It's an oath that you
		will come back here again...

Warren:		I don't know what this is all
		about... but it seems
		important to this guy.... Sorry
		everyone, please indulge him.

Twede:		Dana, I must apologize to you.
		You are much better at this
		than I.

Robin:		You're right, I was able to
		use my womanly prowess,
		which you will never

Twede:		Whah! N-no....

Robin:		Why men love to have women
		pour their drinks is beyond
		me.... My shoulders are all

Twede:		...

Robin:		<<giggle>> Are you angry?

Twede:		...N-no.

		(Ah well, this is more
		rewarding than the last job,
		but it'll be hard on the

		...I will maneuver Saoshyant
		to head toward the location
		which we discussed earlier.
		Would that be all right?

Deckson:	Yes, please do.

		(Phil... Are you there also...?)
|BIS Hideaway              \____________________

Twede maneuvers Saoshyant towards their destination,
but midway sirens are heard.

Deckson:	What happened?

Twede:		The sphere along the route is
		sending off SOS signals! It
		seems they have been
		attacked by the Armed 

Warren:		What should we do?
Deckson:	We can't let it continue...
		Come, everyone! We're going!
Cage:		OK!

Instead of heading to Hellas, they
stop by at the Sphere along their way

|Sphere/City               \____________________

##### Scene 20: Missing Line #####

BIS Arrives at a burned city

Warren:		...This is bad.

Yukito:		They've come quite close to
		Hellas.... The darned Armed
		Civilians... They really did a
		number on this place.

Semyl:		...How could they do this...

Armed Civilians appear

Amante:		The group has arrived! We've
		been waiting for you! You
		guys are sooo predictable!

Mebius:		You did this? Unforgivable....
		Utterly unforgivable!

Amante:		Ooooh! Look at all those 
		wrinkles! You can't afford to
		get mad any more, lady.

Mebius:		...Semyl, will you take this?

Semyl:		Be glad to.... Excusez moi...
		Ahem! <<deep breath>>
		Shut yo trap you giant cow!
		Whaddaya think you're doin',
		parading yourself in front of
		us all the time? Where's 

Amante:		Ohhhh myyy! Here's the
		loudmouth again... If you want
		to see him, hand over
		Testament! Then I'll take you
		to him.

Cage:		I can't do that. Take me to
		Ares! I need to ask him
		something very important!

Amante:		Like, heLLO? Parlas ingles?
		Gosh! It's so useless trying
		to talk to you!

Phil appears

Phil:		It's no use, Amante. With him,
		it's always Ares this, Ares
		that. Isn't it pathetic?

Cage:		Phil! You're here!

Phil:		If you're here, it must mean
		that you've figured out where
		we are. Just as Ares

Cage:		Myona... Is she safe?

Phil:		She doesn't want to see you
		anymore. Why don't you just
		go home?

Cage:		I... don't think so.

Phil:		You can't meet her. It's
		almost time for the next

Deckson:	Phil! Open your eyes! Do you
		see what they're making you

Phil:		Deckson, Ares needs me. He
		told me so himself!

Dcekson:	Phil!

Phil:		There's nothing more to it!
		It's between Cage and me
		now! Come on, Cage!

Cage:		Phil....


When Phil attacks Deckson

Deckson:	Phil! It's me!

Phil:		Deckson... I... I suffered for
		a long time.... Ever since I
		took my father with these
Deckson:	That wasn't your fault! He 
		was under the influence of
		experimental drugs and was
		hallucinating - he attacked
		his own son. You were only
		protecting yourself!

Phil:		I'm not a good person like all
		of you.... I'm just a terrible
		person you happened to pick
		up, and I joined BIS for

		I couldn't save Harry or Ilya
		or Lou or Elk or Lirat...
		Just so I myself could
		survive... My own father.....
		With these hands!

Cage:		Phil!

Phil:		...Cage... I thought you and I
		were the same.... I was 
		lonely. Nobody would look at
		the real me. Whenever you
		would talk about how not to
		hurt people, I felt like I was
		under attack each and every
		But Ares... Vale was different.
		He gave me my dues. 'There
		are people in this world who
		don't deserve to exist!' When
		he said that to me, I was
Deckson:	Phil....

Phil:		That's all I have to say! If 
		you get in my way, I'll
		destroy you.... Even you!

When Amante is defeated

Amante:		Uh-ohhhh! My Scarmiglione....
		Awwwwwh! Strategic retreat!
When Cage is about to finish Phil with one blow

Cage:		Phil! Can you hear me? If I
		hurt you, I apologize. So...
Phil:		You don't understand
		anything. Your nice guy
		streak makes  me feel even
Cage:		(Is it... Me...?)

After defeating Phil

Phil:		...I guess this is the end....
		Huh? The escape pod is....
Ares' Voice:	You're done, huh.

Phil:		A... res?

Cage:		What? They're all leaving....
		What are they doing?
Pharsti:	Cage! An abnormal reaction
		has been detected within Mr.
		Phil's frame! It seems that
		the OF reactor is being
		allowed to run rampant, and
		eventually it will explode!
Cage:		What? Here? We have to get
		all the people out of the
Pharsti:	The reaction is growing
		stronger very rapidly. There
		is not enough time to do so!
Cage:		Then we have to get Phil and
		take him to a safe place...!

Pharsti:	The explosion will reach a
		one kilometer radius in each
		direction. We must move him

Cage:		What do I do! Phil! Can you
		hear me? Phil!

Phil:		No... Ares planned on this
		from the beginning?

Ares' Voice:	Precisely.... Your frame was
		built so that the reactor
		would run out of control as
		soon as it reached its limit. I
		figured I'd get rid of you and
		all your friends who are
		fumbling around trying to help
		you out of your dilemma, and
		clean up the entire city and
		Mars all at once. This is your
		last job.

Phil:		What! You... You said you
		needed me!?

Ares' Voice:	Phil, that's enoug. You
		already know where I stand
		on this. Heh, heh, heh...

Phil:		N... No!

Ares' Voice:	Farewell, Philbright.... I'll be
		watching you burn brightly
		from afar.....

Phil:		...Oh.... Hah ha! I knew it! I', 
		nothing but a....

		(I am... so stupid!)
Cage:		Mr. Deckson! His frame is 
		going to explode any minute

Deckson:	Yeah, I've confirmed that too.
		I'll take care of it! Phil...
		Come over here!
Phil:		Deckson... I can't do it... I
		betrayed all of you.... I don't 
		deserve to be with all of 

Deckson:	...That's not true.

Phil:		I don't want your pity! What
		would you know? You used to 
		be one of the UNSF elite!

Deckson:	Phil. Do you know what made
		me form BIS to begin with? A
		girl dumped me. How's that
		for virtue?

Phil:		Mr.... Deckson?

Deckson:	Make up for your mistakes;
		become deserving again. You
		can't erase the past, but you
		need to face it.
Phil:		I....

Deckson:	Phil! Get on! Hurry!

Phil:		Mr. Deckson.... Okay.

Deckson gets inside Grafficane, while Phil 
gets inside Calibur

Deckson:	Good, I think we're going to
		make it.
Phil:		...Mr. Deckson? What are you
		doing?! Hurry, you need to 
		get over here!

Deckson is still inside Grafficane

Deckson:	...Well, everyone, it looks like
Cage:		Mr. Deckson? What do you 
		think you're doing?!

Deckson:	It's not possible to maneuver
		at this point, but I can make
		this baby fly... I'm going to
		take this away full-speed.

Cage:		No! Leave it to me and
		Pharsti! We'll autopilot it!

Deckson:	Unfortunately, there's not
		enough time. If this explodes
		here, it will destroy this
		sphere and there are still
		plenty of people around. I
		can't let that happen. I have
		no choice!

Cage:		You can't.... You'll die!

Deckson:	Cage... What is human life,
		anyway? In the scope of the
		universe, a life is nothing but
		the tiniest glimmer of light, a
		split second. But within us
		lies the anger, the despair,
		that can set the entire
		universe ablaze.... I could
		never quite figure it out. If
		you have it figured out when
		we meet next, you'll have to 
		share your findings with me.

Cage:		Mr.... Deck... son....

Deckson:	Phil, everyone, I have to
		leave a little early. I'll be
		watching from far away, to
		see if what I've been doing
		has been right or wrong...
Deckson maneuvers Grafficane towards the exit of the 

Phil:		Mr. Deckson!

Deckson:	...Goodbye, everyone.

Pharsti:	...Time's up....

Deckson:	(Phil, Warren, Yukito, Razma,
		Semyl, and of course 
		Mebius.... Thank you all for
		sticking with me through all
		of this)

Deckson leaves, after that an explosion is heard

Cage:		Mr.... Deckson?


Cage:		Please... say something! Mr.
		Deckson? Mr. Deckson? How
		can... how can?!? Noooooooo!
Pharsti:	...........

|Bridge                    \____________________

Cage:		..........

Razma:		...........

Mebius:		...........

Yukito enters

Yukito:		...Calibur was abandoned.
		Phil... was nowhere to be 
Warren:		...Really?

Twede:		...The team that retreated
		early, I believe, is readying
		the direct attack. We will be
		able to arrive at a precise
		point if we combine our
		information on their retreat
		route and the projected
		location we came up with

Cage:		...Myona is there also...

Mebius:		...Hurry.... Let's head over

Warren:		Mebius... Are you okay? ...Er,
		about Deckson, that is.

Mebius:		I've been prepared from the
		start. Well, we have been....
		And it's not the time to
		mourn right now.

Cage:		...I couldn't give anything
		back to Mr. Deckson... He did
		so much for me...

Razma:		Dammit...!

Semyl:		...Razma.

Robin enters

Robin:		...Everyone's doing so much
		better than I thought!...
		Auntie's impressed.

Mebius:		Robin, we....

Robin:		I know, I feel the same way.
		But... we don't have time for
		that now, do we? If something
		goes wrong now... he would
		be angry...

Mebius:		Maybe he knew what was
		going to happen. Right before
		he heard Cage's decision... It
		was really unlike him. He was
		worried that he wouldn't be
		able to play his part
		responsibly until the very

Yukito:		That's typical of the ole

Razma:		...Let's go!

Semyl:		Yeah, yeah...! We gotta...!

Warren:		You guys...

Razma:		It's what the Boss wanted! We
		have to find out whether he
		was right or wrong,
		remember? If we don't hurry,
		they're going to make that
		discover for us!

Cage:		Let's go.

Robin:		...I'll get on Calibur.

Twede:		Dana!

Robin:		Stay out of this! If I don't do
		something, the sadness will
		ruin me! We can't have that.
		Whoever can, does. And when
		we get back... When we get
		back, we're going to tell
		Deckson how we solved all
		these problems while he was
		taking his little vacation!

Warren:		...Okay, let's get going. No
		crying until we get back....

Twede:		(...Deckson... You have some
		very good friends..... And
		even though you are no
		longer here, your reign over
		BIS continues. All these
		people that you have

Mebius:		(Deckson.... I'm going. Darling,
		please guide Deckson to
		where he needs to go....)


|Sphere/City               \____________________

From a sphere, Saoshyant heads to Ghost Town

|Bridge                    \____________________

Robin:		Is everybody ready? We're
		right above the target. The
		OF with the high-tech
		armaments should be around
		here somewhere... This one's
		for Deckson! I want you to
		get out there and do what
		you need to do!

Cage:		There's nothing on the

Mebius:		Stealth, huh. We don't have
		time for this right now.....

Twede:		At first glance, it dodes not
		look as if there is anything
		there; in actuality, there is a
		very large field of energy. I
		assume that this entire area
		is hiding the OF in question.
		Somewhere within this region
		is the person who possesses
		the control device.

Razma:		So what you're saying is that
		if we find that person, we
		can make everything visible?

Semyl:		But it's too dangerous to just
		fly in there. We don't have
		much time, but we still gotta
		be careful.

Robin:		Although we can't see
		anything, the sensors have
		detected an increase in
		energy levels in the area.
		That OF must be charging
		energy to fire... There is no
		doubt that the caliber of this
		next explosion will be far
		more powerful than the one
		that wiped out the entire LEV

Yukito:		The numbers don't look good...
		Razma, which would you wager
		on? Can we stop them, or is
		it impossible?

		'We can stop them' is a 
		pretty ambitious statement...

Razma:		Of course we can stop them!!
		Boss would have said the
		same, and if we don't stop
		them, we won't be able to
		save Myona! Right, Cage?

Cage:		Yeah, of course!

Semyl:		Y'alls need to be a little more 
		serious about this stuff! You 
		mess up and we all go down!

Razma:		What, that's what you're 
		worried about? I don't want
		to die either, but it's already
		clear what we have to do.
		there's nothing to fear any

Mebius:		Being prepared for the worst
		isn't enough - it needs to go
		a step further, and become

Warren:		Deckson never told us that
		we had to win. I think that
		maybe what was most
		important to him wasw that
		each and every one of us
		strive to achieve what we
		truly believe in.

Mebius:		He always used to say, 'Life
		has many choices, but no
		answers...' We make up our
		own answers. That's how we
		go on living.

Cage:		Maybe it isn't 'correct' to do
		what we are about to do. But
		regardless, the answer that
		we came up with this time is
		to stop them.

Semyl:		That's our answer...! Okay!
		Let's get this show on the
		road, then!

		(Boss.... I really miss having 
		you around.... But I'll do my
		best, you watch!)

Razma:		(.....Semyl...)

##### Scene 21: A Faint Light from the Depths #####

Yukito:		'The unseen enemy...' It's 
		pretty symbolic to us, isn't 

Warren:		Well, that's for us to expose,
		to make visible. Is it not?
Yukito:		...I suppose so. Shall we go
		ahead and show them what
		we're made of...

Twede, inside Calibur with Robin

Twede:		The 3 hour time limit made by
		Ares has not fulfilled its
		term, but judging from the
		rate of increase of energy
		level, my calculations show
		that they will be ready to
		fire in approximately 15 

Razma:		We have no obligation to be
		on time.

Semyl:		At any rate, what we're doing 
		is finding them out here, 

Robin:		Yes. We must ddestroy them
		all! Come on!

Cage:		It's dangerous. You shouldn't 
		be out in front.

Robin:		It doesn't work that way,
		Cage. Deckson gave up his
		life for the people of Mars....
		I can't be the only one hiding
		for safety!

Ned (still bodiless and a brain) in Ravana appears

Ned:		<<cackle>> Finally!

Razma:		Ned! You again!

Ned:		That's my line! Always
		appearing before me to ruin
		my game! Heh heh! But
		Deckson finally went down,
		eh? What a moron! He threw
		away his one and only life
		for those people who live on
		this planet!?

Mebius:		...Well, I wouldn't expect you
		to begin to understand what
		it was that he felt he needed
		to protect.

Ned:		Hah! I don't give a hoot!

Semyl:		Stop while you're still ahead...
		We're trying to keep our
		cool, but inside we're just
		about ready to go off!

Cage:		The control device for the 
		stealth in the area is
		installed in that frame...
		Sorry, but I can't let Myona
		be subjected to that process
		again! But before I find her
		and stop it from happening....
		I'll have to break your
		brand-new frame into little

Ned:		Hey, go for it! Heh, heh! Come
		on, give it your best shot!

Warren:		...Once we destroy Ned's 
		frame, we should be able to
		locate the OF. After that,
		we'll render it ineffective
		thereby preventing the attack
		on West Hellas...! But don't
		forget, there are invisible
		enemies out here. Proceeed
		with caution!

Cage:		OK!

Warren:		(Here we go.... Deckson!)


Once the enemies on stealth appear:

Cage:		There they are! Come on,

Pharsti:	Roger that; I am ready!

When Cage attacks Ned

Ned:		Heh! Not bad!

Ned increases spirit

After defeating Ned

Ned:		Owch! OW! Hey!
		OWWWWWWWWWW! Dammit! I'll....
		I'll SUE you!!

Cage:		Sorry - that won't work, I
		don't even legally exist on

Pharsti:	The stealth operating system 
		on the enemy machine is
		losing power. The field will be
		eradicated shortly.

Ned::		Rrrghh!! Shush! Don't you use
		that tone of voice withm e!!!
		...I'll get you for

Ned leaves

Cage:		(Up, up, and away....)

Pharsti:	The field has been eradicated.
		The enemy frame in hiding
		should appear.
Myona's OF appears

Cage:		That's... Myona! Myonaaaaa!
		Can you hear me?

Myona:		.......

Cage:		You can, can't you? Please,
		say something - anything!

more Unmanned Raptors appear

Amante:		Hee, hee!! It's no use! She's
		just a puppet now, you know.
		She can't even hear what her
		boyfriend has to say!

Cage:		Amante! What did you.... Why!?

Amante:		What do you think? The
		prototype OF Nerokerubina,
		and the masive* canon
		Marlblanke... complete with
		Zephyrs' Mindflow system. It's
		not just another OF with a
		big bullet shooter, you know.
		(Nobody needs to know that
		it's an old model with a few
		new additions...)
		Your little girlfrriend has
		already gone through the full
		compatibility program, so at
		this point she's nothing more
		than a single component of
		the Marlblanke!
* - that's how it was spelled -_-;

Cage:		Shoot! It was you! You took
		Myona by force and...

Amante:		Hmmmmm? It's always someone
		else's fault, isn't it Cage? You
		know who drove her to this
		point...? The answer is: Y-O-U.
		Cage, you did it to her.

Cage:		...That's a lie...

Amante:		Brother and Sister, who have
		nobody else in this entire
		world. Sister understands how
		Brother feels, though he has
		gone to extremes and is
		involved in criminal acts.... 'If
		I can't stop him, I must at
		least continue to suffer for
		all the sins.... This is the
		least I can do...' Isn't the
		love between siblings so
		beautiful? It just makes me
		want to cry.

		...Only because it's so 

Pharsti:	Energy accumulation at the
		base of the reactor is almost
		complete! It's dangerous! If
		things continue this way, we
		will be blown away before all
		of West Hellas!

Cage:		No... Myona wanted this?

Amante:		Can you not say 'base of the
		reactor?' It has a cool name, 
		you know. 'Marlblanke!'

Cage:		No! I refuse to believe that!
		Myona, wait there...I'm going
		to rescue you.....! Okay. First
		I have to destroy that
		reactor thingie....

Amante:		(Do they EVER listen to what
		I'm saying...?)
		It's totally useless. Ares calls
		it 'hyperalignment,' but her
		brain and the Metatron
		computer on the OF are
		completely linked by the
		Communicator. By doing that,
		it's possible to reach
		unimaginably high levels of
		effectiveness, and that's
		what's called the Marlblanke 
		Effect. The collaboration of
		those two things makes it
		really strong, and it
		transcends even physics. The
		shield becomes super strong.
		For instance....
Amante attacks Myona, but is seemed uneffected

Amante:		...see?

Cage:		S-stop it! Please stop that!

Amante:		Hee, hee! Aww... You're so
		cute. That's such a turn-on....
		Okay, maybe I'll just give you
		a little hint because you're
		so cute. Do you want to know
		how to cut off the link
		between them?

Cage:		How!!

Amante:		It's actually really easy
		<<giggle>>. All you have to
		do is get rid of the central
		defense unit.

Cage:		The central defense...? Is
		that.... You mean...!
Amante:		Exactamundo! All you have to 
		do is destroy the cockpit on
		this frame! See, wasn't that
		simple? Will the hero save the
		futures of thousands of
		people... Or his girlfriend's
		life?? Heh heh.... Have fun
		deciding! ...But I'm supposed
		to be defending us too, so if
		you take too long, I might
		just kill you.

Cage:		(Er.... I have to do
		something.... If I give up now,
		Deckson would never forgive

		I have to get Myona sane


After defeating Amante

Amante:		No wayyyy! They got us
		again? Awww! I hate when
		that happens! Oh, but it's 
		more fun with just that one
		anyway. <<giggle>> I'm going
		to go and see what
Amante retreats

When Cage tries to attack Myona:

Pharsti:	Cage?!

Cage:		...If I can get to the ractor,
		I can stop it....
Pharsti:	It is too dangerous!

Cage:		Don't worry! Trust me!

Pharsti:	...I trust you.

Myona:		Damages Inconsequential....
		Able To Continue Battle....

Pharsti:	The enemy shield is
		preventing us from making
		any effective attack.
		Cage...The only way is to
		attack the cockpit... If you
		would give me the command, I
Cage:		No! There is another way!
		There's gotta be! There's 
		gotta be......

Pharsti:	......

then it would continue to the rest of the lines:

OR When Cage is a block away from Myona, the dialogues
will begin here:

Myona:		...Who...? You... Are An
		Obstacle To Myself And My
		Brother.... You... Must Be...

Cage:		Myona! Can't you tell?! We're
		on the same side, now stop

Pharsti:	.........

Cage:		Pharsti? What happened?!

Pharsti:	...Cage, I am attacking the
		cockpit now!
Cage:		No! I won't allow it!

Pharsti:	...Cage, I myself am a part of 
		her so... I understand....

Cage:		Pharsti... You....

Pharsti:	I would rather do this to
		myself... than let you see me
		like this... and hurt

Cage:		No! Pharsti, wait. Please listen
		to me!!

Pharsti:	Cage... I am sorry. There is 
		no other way.... It's too
		late.... You, and the whole
		city, are going to be burned

Pharsti is about to attack Myona, but someone appears

????:		Stop! It's not too late! It's 
		never too late!

Pharsti:	That sounds like....

Cage:		Phil? Is that you, Phil?

Phil:		We don't have time to chat, I
		got it... It's not just you! If 
		you attack, both the frame
		and Myona will go too... It 
		can't take much more!!

Cage:		Wh! What?!

Phil:		I might have an idea as to 
		how to get rid of the link.
		Let me give it a shot! Hold on
		Myona... I'll help you out!

Cage:		(That's right... Phil was good
		with computers... Maybe he
		will be able to do something!)

Phil cuts of energy flow from Myona's Nerokerubina

Myona:		The Energy...?! External Force
		Cutting Off Energy Flow...?

Phil:		Great! I was able to purge
		the energy flow system! It's
		useless now!

Pharsti:	Miss Myona's OF is
		demonstrating a rapid energy
		decrease! It worked! The
		energy burst cannot be

Cage:		Phil!! You did it!!!

Phil:		Myona! Come with me! Come

Myona:		Ugggg... gg... uhhhhhh!

Cage:		Myona...!

Pharsti:	When Mr. Phil intervened in
		the activity of Miss Myona's
		OF, it upset the balance of
		the alignment. We may be able
		to help Miss Myona regain
		her sanity, if we work

Cage:		Really?!

Amante reappears and maneuvers towards Phil

Amante:		...You can't run away from
		home and then repay us with
		trouble! Bad boy! Hee, hee...
		Somebody needs to discipline

Amante attacks Phil

Phil:		Ugghhhh! M-Myona...!

Cage:		Phil!

Amante:		Hee, hee... Bye!

Phil:		Cage... take care of Myona....

		(...Deckson... I'm sorry...
		Father... Everybody... I'll be
		with all of you... soon....)

Phil's LEV explodes along with him

Cage:		Phillllll!!!

Myona:		(Was that...?)

		Ca... ge? Cage, is that you?
Cage:		M-Myona!? Is it really you?

Amante:		(AWH! Bo - ring!! Ah well. It
		happens. She can go and have
		a little talk to Mr. Silly for a
		little while. But if they don't 
		hurry, she's going to turn
		back into her old self... Heh,
		heh, heh....)

Cage:		Myona! You remember me? Phil
		was... well, first let's get out
		of here!
Myona:		Cage... Don't come here.... If
		you do... they'll get you...

Cage:		Myona!

Myona's OF is surrounded by that swirling aura again

Myona:		Eeeeeeeek!

Cage:		Myonaaaaaa!

Amante:		Time's up!

Myona:		C... a... ge....

Amante's communication thingie rings

Amante:		Hello? Amante here... Huh?
		Yup. Strategy Alpha has been
		completed. I'll be there in a
		jiffy! Nero's broken.... What
		should I do? ...OK, so I'll just
		retrieve Myona and the

end of communication

Amante:		We're done here, so I guess
		this is goodbye.

Myona:		.......

Amante retrieves Myona, leaving Nerokerubina

Amante:		Gotcha!!

Cage:		W-wait!

Amante:		So long, everyone!!

Amante leaves

Pharsti:	Cage! The OF that Miss Myona
		was on is about to
		self-destruct! Everybody,
		please retreat!

Cage:		...OK!

BIS troops retreats

Nerokerubina explodes

|Bridge                    \____________________

Twede:		I have confirmed that the OF
		with the high energy beam in
		question, otherwise known as
		'Marlblanke,' has been 
		destroyed. Our goal has been

Semyl:		All right!

Razma:		Heh.... We did it, Boss!

Mebius:		Phil... came back to help us
		out in the end.... We couldn't
		have done it without

Yukito:		Phil... he was a good kid.

Semyl:		...Yeah.

Robin:		Hey. We succeeded in stopping
		Ares and his group... We did
		suffer some major losses, but
		we were also able to save 
		countless valuable human
		lives! Everyone did a great
		job, and.... I'm sure that
		Deckson would have been

Cage:		(Phil.... It was my fault that I
		wasn't able to understand
		what you were going
		through... If things had gone
		a little differently for me, I
		would have been in the same
		spot.... I'm so sorry.... Thank
		you Phil....)
Warren:		In the end, Phil saved all of
		us. We... owe him gratitude.

Razma:		I don't think that Phil
		betrayed us.... He was just
		desperate. Other people
		probably thin he's an idiot,
		but he put his own life on
		the line, looking for his ideal
		- somebody who would always
		love him for who he was.
Semyl:		First Boss, now Phil.... Man.
		this is real sad.

Robin:		Yes.... It is very tragic.

Mebius:		We have to remember them
		always. It won't do anything,
		and it may have no meaning...
		but it's all we can do, as the
		people who knew them.
Yukito:		Because of them, many lives
		were saved. Even those who
		have been working with Ares
		will grow disgruntled and
		leave his team when they see
		that they cannot succeed.

Twede:		........

Robin:		Is something wrong?

Twede:		...No.

		(Their actions are so
		unthinkable... I hope I am just
		being overly cautious, but I
		am worried....)
		Let us go back at once.

Robin:		Yes, please do that.

|BIS Hangar                \____________________

Pharsti:	What is wrong, Cage?

Cage:		Thank you, Pharsti. Without
		you, we wouldn't have been
		able to stop Ares, and save
		all those innocent people.

Pharsti:	Not at all.... You are

Cage:		............

Pharsti:	...........

Cage:		...Pharsti. Are you Myona?

Pharsti:	At this point in time,
		technically speaking, we are
		not the same entity. I may be
		more similar to her offspring
		or perhaps a clone.

Cage:		So 'Myona' is still alive inside

Pharsti:	Do you want to meet 'Myona'

Cage:		Yes.

Pharsti:	When I came into contact with
		the frame, it seemed that the
		entity 'Myona' was beginning
		to fade.

Cage:		O-Oh........

Pharsti:	...That is due to the fact that
		the Metatron device implanted
		in her body was rearranged
		when a part of her was given
		to me. If both of us continue
		to exist simultaneously,
		eventually 'Myona' will be
		erased from existence.

Cage:		.........

Pharsti:	Amante said that was her
		wish, and her decision. Do
		you still want to see Miss
		Myona again?

Cage:		There's something... There's 
		something I need to tell her.
		If I still have a chance.... I
		want to see her again!

Pharsti:	I understand. I will help.

Cage:		Really...? But it may place you
		in danger.

Pharsti:	Cage... if that is what you 


|BIS Hallway               \____________________

Cage:		(I have to find Myona
		somehow.... But where do I

Yukito:		Cage, get over here!

Cage:		What is it? Why are you so
Yukito:		Ares is on TV again!

Cage:		What?! Ok, I'll be right there!

|Bridge                    \____________________

Ares:		...Time is running short. I
		believe that you are smart
		and able, so do not prove me
		wrong. I pray that the fire
		that burns
		West Hellas will not cause all
		of Mars to go up in flames.

Robin:		The OF with the high energy
		beam was already destroyed!
		What is this about?

Ares:		People of Mars. This is a
		choice that is entirely up to
		you. Those who represent you
		have become nothing but
		selfish cowards. The future is
		in your hands. I do not act
		for the government. I act
		only for those who care
		about Mars. I will say it
		again: people of Mars. This is
		a choice that is entirely up 
		to you!

A bright light

Razma: 		Hunh!? What IS that?

Saoshyant shakes

Mebius:		...In the sky.... A beam of

Warren:		Is that... a Marlblanke

Cage:		That's not possible! ...That
		exploded and it's gone!
		(...How can...!)
Razma:		I guess they had more than

Ares:		...Even you peacefully
		oblivious people should have
		realized by now that this is
		really happening. Time is
		running short. I look forward
		to a positive response. Good
		day.... Freedom to Mars.

Warren:		...Darn. Who would've thought
		they had another one.

Yukito:		The one that they used with
		the stealth was just a
		sample.... This is the real

Twede:		That beam of light was likely
		a high-density projection in
		which the radius of the beam
		was pressurized to be as
		minute as physics would allow.
		If its ability to attack
		targets in high orbit is
		proven then the UCM will want
		it now.

Robin:		Proven... This is all part of
		the plan. But it couldn't
		destroy a ship in high orbit...
		Could it?

Twede:		This time 'accuracy' was
		demonstrated - by
		obliterating a surveillance

Razma:		They shot one satellite from
		the ground? Precise aiming
		capability too, eh. That
		machine is just insane.

Robin:		Twede, please hurry to locate
		the origin of the beam.

Twede:		Certainly. It is the oxygen
		plant on the Hellas Sea.

Semyl:		...I gotta ask. How is it that
		you always got the 411
		before anyone else?

Twede:		Magician's Rule #1: Never
		reveal your trade secrets.

Semyl:		Hunh??

Razma:		So there IS a trick.

Warren:		Never mind that, the 
		Earthlings are going to start
		acting soon. Do you think the
		UNSF will begin attacking the

Robin:		The chances of that are...

Twede:		They would surely avoid
		running the risk of damaging
		the oxygen plant, although I
		do not imagine that it would
		be out of concern for the
		well-being of the Martians. I
		would think that they would
		attack first, then attempt to
		control the situation. That
		also gives them a reason to
		send in a large military

Mebius:		Either way, I can already see
		that a poor scenario would
		arise for the Mars side...

Warren:		I'm sure those over in
		West Hellas are busy trying
		to escape themselves, rather
		than working on trying to 
		stop them.

Yukito:		If they could get away in
		time, that's fine... But I don't
		think all of them are going to
		make it.

Warren:		(Is it just me... or is their
		strategy too overt? Why
		would they advertise what
		they are goingto do? It
		could be a threat... Or
		perhaps Ares is just getting
		over excited...?)

Cage:		We're going to stop them,
		aren't we? There isn't enough

Robin:		This used to be a cargo ship.
		There won't be any problem
		zipping over that short

Razma:		You mean we're going to fly
		there? Are we going to make
		it in time?

Robin:		<<giggle>> You have no faith
		in me! I knew this would
		happen sooner or later, so I
		made sure to add some extra
		features to this ship.

Semyl:		Speeding across Mars.... It's 
		real dangerous, but I knew
		Robin would be prepared!

Robin:		What, no 'Ms.?' I like that,
		Semyl. That's the way it
		should be.

Twede:		Still, it is virtually an antique
		and such action would
		consume all its energy -
		there is no denying that the 
		plan is risky. Even if we did
		arrive at the desired
		location, it would not be able
		to move for at least a while.

Warren:		(At any rate, this needs to
		stop now...)

		A one-way ticket to the final
		showdown. It's not much of a 

Yukito:		Hey, hey. We're not going
		there just to die, you know?
		Deckson's already gone, and
		if you go too, who's gonna
		look after all these guys?

Warren:		...Heh. I am not going to die.
		Deckson, Phil... That's more
		than enough. Nobody else is
		going to die.

Yukito:		Yeah. I think so too.

		But Pops, keep your eye on
		Mebius, will you.

Warren:		Whah...!

Yukito:		How long have we known each
		other? You didn't think I
		wouldn't notice.

Warren:		...I don't expect anything to
		happen between us. I trust
		her as a colleague, and I am
		concerned for her safety.
		That's all.

Yukito:		Mr. Cool as usual... You like it
		that way, don't you?

Warren: 	...Yeah.

Cage:		What are you two whispering

Razma:		You see, Cage, in this world
		there are things we will
		never understand, like
		forbidden love. We should 
		support them in their

Mebius:		Forbidden... love...?! Oh my!!
		You two.... Is that true...? I
		had no idea....

Warren:		W-w-w-w-wait! No! It's not
		like......Yukito! You tell them!

Yukito:		Razma, behave yourself. I've
		been keeping it a secret all
		this time... I'm so
		embarrassed... Am I blushing?

Warren:		Just.... Ach! Never mind!!!
Razma:		Y-yes!!

Warren:		Come with me... We are going 
		to have a little pre-battle
		warm-up session. You rely on
		your guns too much... I'll
		rough you up a bit, show you
		what you need! Yukito! You
		too! There's no time! Hurry!

Razma:		Aw, man. Do I have to...?

Warren and Razma leaves the bridge

Yukito:		Mebius, isn't Pops a fun guy
		to hang out with? ...I think
		you two would really hit it
		off. He's actually not a bad
		guy either.

Mebius:		<<giggle>> I know. Don't 
		make fun of him too much.
		He'll implode.

Yukito:		Just my strategy to get
		everyone riled up. See ya.
Yukito exits

Cage:		Such a fun bunch of people.

Mebius:		Yes, but they're all hurting
		inside. But we can't stop and
		think about that until all the
		tragedies on Mars have been
		averted. For the people we
		owe our 'today' to.

Cage:		Yes... You're right.

Semyl:		(Dang! ...Don't cry, Semyl....
		Don't do it... Dang! Dang!!)

		W-What are you talking
		about? You can't be thinking
		about them. You're always
		saying 'Myona...' in your 

Cage:		What? No! You're lying! You're
		lying, right?

Semyl:		<<laughing>> Just jivin'!
		Playin' with ya! ...But you're 
		supposed to be thinking of

		That's your job.... You gotta
		think of her enough for both
		you and Phil...

Cage:		(Phil....)

		Yeah... I agree. But there are
		lots of other lives on the line
		too. We have to save all of

Semyl:		Oh? So forceful all of a 
		sudden. Keep it up, I'll be
		watchin' you!

		(Now hat Boss isn't here no
		more... we gotta give it our
Twede:		Main engines and sub engines
		are functioning optimally;
		terrestrial defense thruster
		has been confirmed. Radars
		and sensors all normal. Due
		to the energy situation, it is
		unknown how many of these
		devices will be functioning
		normally. They will also surely
		attack, and Saoshyant has no
		defense mechanisms.... It's
		very risky, Dana.

Robin:		No problem. The important
		thing is that everybody gets
		there in time. And... Twede?

Twede:		Yes? 

Robin:		I am not 'Dana' anymore; I am
		'Captain Robin,' understand?

Twede:		.........

Robin:		What? You got a problem with

Twede:		...Ppppffffttt...! CAPTAIN....
		Robin? Er, certainly, Captain.
		...And I shall be happy just
		being 'Mister Twede.'

Robin:		(Are you making fun of me?!
		You just watch!!)

Mebius:		It's almost time.

Semyl:		OK Cap'n Robin! What's the
		good word?

Robin:		(Deckson... You should have
		been here, doing this.... But
		I'll take care of it. Don't

Captain Robin:	OK! Listen up! Destination:
		Oxygen plant on the Hellas
		Sea! I order the BIS mobile
		headquarters Saoshyant to.....


From Ghost Town, Saoshyant heads towards Oxygen plant

|Some Room                 \____________________

Amante:		I'm baaaack! Just as I was
		instructed, I came back

Amante was talking to a guy with glasses, 
light blue hair wearing a cap

??????:		Good work, Miss Amante.
		Please get some rest.
Amante:		OK! Um, Jimmer, how is the
		plan coming along, anyway?

Jummer:		Vale's television appearance
		proved extremely effective.
		Both he and his sister are
		wonderful, and there is no
		greater happiness for me
		than to have them entrusted
		to my care. I would enjoy 
		nothing more than to see the
		plan to its conclusion.... I am
		very disappointed that it's
		not possible for me to do

Amante:		Hm.... You're kinda weird,
		Jimmer. Or should I say that
		you are just a sicko?

Jimmer:		Heh heh.... I'll take that as a 
		compliment. You don't mind, do

Amante:		Go ahead... Well, I'm all
		sweaty, so I'm going to hop
		in the shower. See ya.

Jimmer:		....Freedom to Mars... Heh
		(So... Time to get ready to get
		out of here.)

##### Scene 22: Heaven-Bound Wings #####

Cage:		The sea! Wow.... I've never 
		seen it this close up!

Semyl:		Whoa! We're there already...?
		What's with this long road
		that goes all the way over
		that way...?

Mebius:		That would be the connecting
		bridge to the Plant area.
		There should be thick cables
		and pipes running under it.

Robin:		This is as much as the 
		stealth device on Saoshyant 
		can do. From this point forth,
		we just have to charge
		ahead. Twede, please go
		full-speed from here!

Twede:		Roger, Da.... Ahem! ...Captain.

Saoshyant goes forward, midway Unmanned Raptors surround

Cage:		We've been ambushed??!

Mebius:		Not at all surprising. We
		never expected that they
		would let us through that

Durandal II, Justeen, and Dreizehn goes out in 
Saoshyant's defense

Razma:		Dang!! That's quite a 
		reception, bro!

Warren:		Don't let your guard down.
		Saoshyant has no defense
		mechanisms. Once they get in,
		it's over.

Yukito:		We have to fight while
		protecting Saoshyant and
		making sure that nobody gets
		too close.

Testament, Orcrist, Caliburnus, Calibur, and Vjaya
goes out as well surrounding Saoshyant in circle

Semyl:		We can't go into the sea, can

Mebius:		It is waterproofed, but we
		don't know how its tolerance 
		is to seawater.

Semyl:		Yeah, yeah, it's a bit 
		low-budget that way.

Robin:		...Hey, sorry. Luxuries can
		spoil a person, you know.
		Instead of complaining, how
		about coming up with a
		decision based on what we do

Twede:		Robin, how many times must I
		tell you this? Please, stay

Robin:		Absolutely not. How many
		times do I have to tell YOU?

Twede:		Please do not act like a

Robins:		There aren't any weapons
		inside anyway. I might as well
		protect it from outside.

Twede:		<<sigh>>

Cage:		Look! It's...

Myona appears in Nerokerubina

Myona:		...We Will Eradicate All Who
		Stand In Our Way.

Cage:		Myona!

Myona:		Myona? I Am Pharsti. What
		Are You Talking About?

Cage:		Fine, maybe your name is
		Pharsti. But if that's true,
		you don't need that OF!
		You're here only to let that
		machine take advantage of
		your mind, and control it to
		make you obey them! If that's
		'Pharsti,' then 'Pharsti' is not
		even a person! Pharsti
		doesn't exist!

		Myona! Can you hear me?
		Your name doesn't matter. 
		Either way, I'm coming to get
		you... The real you!

Myona:		The Re... al..... Me...?
		Uggghghh! Pa... in.... My
		Head.... My He... ad....

Cage:		Pharsti! Come on!

Pharsti:	(Is there a real Pharsti...?)

Cage:		What's wrong?

Pharsti:	...No, it's nothing.

Cage:		Are you sure? Please help me
		rescue Myona. I'm counting on

Pharsti:	Cage.

Cage:		Mm-hmm?

Pharsti:	(I want to protect you. That
		is all I want. That is all I will
		ever want.)

		There is no need to request
		my assistance. Your wish is
		my command.

Cage:		Thanks, Pharsti! Ready?


When Cage attacks or moves beside Myona

Cage:		Myona! Can you hear me?

Myona:		...Ggggh.... Stop Calling Me By 
		That Name!

Pharsti:	Cage! Something very massive
		is heading in this direction!
		How do we respond?!

Cage:		That's the HarutMarut that we 
		fought against at the TV 

Zephyrs:	Heh heh... We meet again!

Cage:		Zephyrs! How did you get
		here? I thought you shot an
		official and then were
		injured... I heard that you
		were in the hospital.

Zephyrs:	I wanted to see all of you
		again so badly that I escaped
		together with this beauty. And
		that beam of light that was
		on TV.... Who knew that it had
		that kind of use.... Metatron
		is absolutely a wonderful
		discovery! I... If I could
		analyze that, it would pave
		the way for further
		developments in weapons 
		technology! Once that
		happens, the cretins over on
		Earth will not be able to deny
		my accomplishments.... My

Cage:		(He seems off somehow...
		Perhaps he's not well yet?)
		No offense, but I don't have
		time to be dealing with you.
		Please get out of my way!

Myona:		...New Enemy Sighted,
		Beginning Attack.

Zephyrs:	(Is that #479 on that OF? Ah...
		That's the frame housing the
		Mindflow component.........

		Heh heh heh....Hey, don't be
		that way. This is a happy
		reunion for us; let me show
		you something very

Swirling aura surrounds HarutMarut, then it goes
the same for Nerokerubina

Myona:		EEEEEEeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk!!

Cage:		Myonaaaaa!

Zephyrs:	I'll show you what
		the 'Self Binder' really is.
		Now, #479, can you hear me?
Myona:		D-Doctor Zephyrs?

Zephyrs:	Heh heh.... Yes, #479. This is
		my first command to you in a 
		long time. Burn it... Burn

Cage:		Myona! Zephyrs! What did you
		do to her?!

Zephyrs:	What did I do to her? Who do
		you think you are... I'll make
		you pay for entrapping me!

Myona maneuvers Nerokerubina beside HarutMarut

Myona:		...Command... Confirmed. All
		Frames Not Registered As Ally
		Within Battle Area Will Be
		Destroyed. Action Finalized.

More Unmanned Raptors and Cyclops appear

Cage:		Darn, it's the brainwashing
		system.... What am I supposed
		to do?!

Pharsti:	There are interference waves
		emanating from HarutMarut. If
		they can be intercepted or
		stopped, Miss Myona may
		emerge from her trance.

Cage:		Really??

Pharsti:	Yes. either the origin or the
		receiving end must be
		rendered inoperable.

Cage:		Myona or Zephyrs... Which
		machine should we attack...? I
		have to be really careful
		about this...


After defeating Zephyrs

Zephyrs:	Heh heh heh... Animus... To
		think it would respond this
		well to a human beside Vale.
		Brilliant! Utilizing Metatron,
		humans can be elevated to a
		whole new level of being. This
		is exactly what I have been
		searching for... Angel's wings
		that will take me to

Cage:		What you've been searching
		for? And you made Myona and
		Ares suffer for that?! No,
		that's not all. Nameless
		children too, just for your
		whim.... That's not what angel
		wings will do! That is pure

Zephyrs:	Not much difference really,
		between angels and evil

Cage:		There's a big difference!

Zephyrs:	Ah, you are so simple. To me,
		god is cruel and
		unsympathetic being.... Death
		began to take many forms
		once humans were given
		tools. So? Even now, the
		solar system is teeming with
		useless people. And now, with
		the advent of Metatron, a
		new battle is about to 
		unfold..... But even this
		struggle is paving the way
		for human advancement and

Cage:		Are you saying that it's God's
		will? And that He created
		Metatron for that purpose?

Zephyrs:	Once you get past all the
		personal feelings, it becomes
		clear that the things that are
		useful to the general
		populace as a whole
		survive.... And those that
		aren't, don't. If that is not
		how nature works, how is it
		that humans have survived
		until now? Why is it that evil
		happens? Because it is God's

Cage:		That's not true!

Zephyrs:	Time will tell. Regardless of
		what you say, the one who is
		left standing in the end is
		the one who is correct.
		That's just the way it is,

Cage:		The one left standing...?

Zephyrs:	I, I wanted to... be a genius.
		I wanted only to... be better
		than every... one else.... That
		any... one... Hardiman.... I
		wanted to ...be.... be... tter...
HarutMarut suddenly explodes

Cage:		<<gasp!>>

Pharsti:	His life as a human was
		already over. The entity with
		whom we conversed was a
		soulless prisoner of

Cage:		What do you mean? He was...
		a ghost??

Pharsti:	No. I imagine that it may be
		something that not even he
		understands, a side effect of
		Metatron on the human form.

Cage:		(Will that... happen to me too,
		if I sped too much time in
		here? ...Nah.... No, that
		couldn't be. Never.)

Myona:		Ugggg.... What... did I...

Cage:		Myona! Great! You're back!

Myona:		Uhhh.... I don't know... who?
		Who... am I? Gghhhh!
Cage:		Myona?!

Myona:		R-Retreat!

Myona retreats

Cage:		M, Myona! ...It didn't work....

Pharsti:	Cage...

Cage:		...Is the real Myona inside of
		her really beginning to
		fade...? Pharsti... Do you think
		I can really do it? Do I have
		what it takes to save Myona
		in time...?

Pharsti:	Affirmative. Your feelings will
		get through to her. I
		guarantee it.

Cage:		...Thanks.

After the battle

Cage:		It's all ov.....

Pharsti:	Come on, Cage.

Cage:		Yeah... all right.... We have to


Robin:		Zephyrs... You're alive.

Twede:		It appears that he had
		directly linked his own body
		to the OF in order to
		maneuver it.

Robin:		He linked himself...? Is that

Mebius:		He was consumed by
		Metatron.... He could no
		longer see beyond it.

Robin:		That's frightening. Twede, how
		are we on time?

Twede:		We are just about out of
		time. Still, we should be able 
		to make it.

Semyl:		You sure?

Twede:		It is my job to be sure.

Semyl:		The man with the plan! Mmmm,
		I like that.

Robin:		He's taken.

Twede:		D-Dana?!

Mebius:		I knew it!! I just knew it. So
		how long has this been going
Robin:		<<giggle>> Emotional matters
		are always changing.
		Yesterday to today, today to

Semyl:		We gotta hurry! Stop Ares 
		and get Myona outta there!
Cage:		Yeah.... This is probably our
		last chance.

Razma:		The final round....

Yukito:		We should make sure to run
		a thorough check of all the
		frames. It's not like I'm
		getting scaredm but for better
		or worse, this is the last

Mebius:		Agreed. You can never have
		too much concentration at a
		time like this. We have to do
		it for Deckson and Phil, too.

Cage:		(Myona.... wait for me....)


Marine Overpass

Saoshyant heads to Oxygen Plant


Mebius:		Are you done with the
		maintenance check?

Yukito:		Yeah, I think so. Immediately
		preceding the final showdown,
		he concentrates his entire
		being to this one task..... Man,
		I am a true Maintenance

Semyl:		Always talking dumb crap, but
		he can get it together wherer
		it counts. Respect. Compared
		to other peeps I know...

Razma:		Whuh! Why are you looking at
		me like that!? I helped out

Semyl:		(<<sigh>>... Whatever. He WAS
		tryin'. Chill, Semyl.)

Razma:		What? Why are you smiling

Semyl:		I! I'm not! It's nothing!

Mebius:		Hee, hee....Oh, I see it now. Is
		that it?

Warren:		.... Yeah. Now that is what I
		would call the 'Tenno Mountain
		which divides ground and

Cage:		Tenno Mountain?

Yukito:		It's the name of a mountain
		in a place called Japan, found
		on Earth. It means a point
		where outcomes and destiny
		are decided.

Cage:		Destiny...hmm...

Yukito kicks Cage to his senses

Cage:		Whoa!

Yukito:		You are facing a conflict! I
		sense it!!

Cage:		Well, yes..... I really would
		much rather not fight. To
		fight against Ares... But then

Yukito:		Hey, Cage. Define 'friendship.'

Cage:		Hunh?.... I don't know,
		someone who cares?

Yukito:		Not a bad answer. But this is
		how I see it. Anyone who's
		only around in happy times is
		not a friend. When you're
		really suffering, or
		struggling, just giving you a
		pep talk isn't enough either.
		A friend is someone who can
		tell you honestly all that's
		not good about you...don't you

Cage:		What's not good about you...a 

Yukito:		Between true friends, there
		is no need to watch how you
		act; see how they respond. A
		person who can't criticize
		you honestly doesn't deserve
		to be called a friend. That's
		just an aquaintance. What do 
		you think?

Cage:		I don't know... But I do want 
		to tell Ares that what he;s 
		doing is wrong. Even if it
		makes him dislike me...

Yukito:		Here's a tip. There are no
		definites in this world. If
		anyone says that he is
		definitely right, he's already
		wrong. Isn't that a pretty
		simple rule of thumb?

Cage:		You and Warren are friends?

Yukito:		Heh heh... Well, he does tell
		me I suck all the time.

Warren:		Twede, maintain this pace and
		pass over it.

Twede:		....Understood. After it has
		passed that point, I will make
		Saoshyant retreat to outside
		the immediate battle area on

Mebius:		I would think that there is a 
		lot of oxygen, won't it affect
		the flight?

Twede:		I had been concerned about
		the volume of oxygen in the
		vicinity, but they themselves
		have limited plant function, to
		the point that fire hazard
		has been eliminated. It is
		highly likely that they did this
		in preparation for

Mebius:		All right then. Come on,

Razma:		Hunh? We're going right
		through, right? How is that
		going to work?

Warren:		At the closest point, we'll
		jump on.

Semyl:		OK, wait just a minute there.
		What! Maybe with an OF, but
		there ain't no way "Cali' can
		swing those acrobatics!

Mebius:		You're aware that Saoshyant
		has no defense mechanisms,
		right? Down there is the sea,
		and we don't have time to
		board the normal way

Semyl:		Yeah, I guess...but....

Cage:		That's true.... If we are
		surrounded by enemies like
		what happened a little while
		ago, it would be trouble.

Warren:		We'll pair off LEVs with OFs.
		It should be adequate if they
		move in tandem. Let's put two
		OFs on Caliburnus.

Razma:		Uno, dos, tres.....Hm? We're
		missing a frame? What about
		Calibur? Wait. Where is

Twede:		............

A bashing sound

Cage:		No way... in there?

Razma:		Good one....but I just don't
		know about locking her up in
		the storage room....

Twede:		Please, do not let it bother
Cage:		Er? But...

Robin:		TwEDe!! TWEDE!! You're not
		going to get away with doing
		this to me!

Twede:		Please remain quiet until this
		battle is over.

Mebius:		You're right, we can't trouble
		her any more than we already have.

Robin:		Traitorrrrrr!!!!!

Semyl:		.....Don't get me wrong, I knew
		it from the get-go, but you're
		not half as aloof as you come

Twede:		No, it is my -

Semy/Raz:	This is NOT your job!!

Twede:		Er.......

Warren:		Regardless, she will stay
		here. All we cand o is fight,
		but Ms. O'Connell is different.
		Take care of everything 

Robin:		.........

Razma:		Besides, no guy wants his girl
		dead. Come on you people, we
		should all support his love

Twede:		Hmph!

Robin:		..........

nadia:		What? Why is it so quiet
		around here?

Mebius:		So, shouldn't we get going

Warren:		...... Yeah. Let's. We'll make
		this the last.

Cage:		Definitely!

Twede:		Dana, we'll talk about this
		later, forgive me...

Robin:		..........

Fade Screen


Robin:		(If you think you can stop me
		with this antic you're headed
		for a surprise.... Hee, hee)
##### Scene 23: Fulfillment of a Promise

Saoshyant heads midway the plant before dispatching BIS

Vjaya and Testament carry Caliburnus

Semyl:		HOLY.....! Phew....I thought I
		was gonna die! Got out of it

Nadia:		That frame has too much
		armoring... Bullets should be
		DODGED. The design is

Orcrist carries Justeen down

Mebius:		It's time. Yukito, are yuo
		warmed up?

Yukito:		Yeah, as much as humanly
		possible. Maybe it was that
		embrace I got from that
		lovely lady.

Mebius:		Oh? I thought you had no
		interest in women. I'm not
		within the parameters of
		eligibility for you.

Yukito:		How rude of you. I am an
		equal opportunity kind of guy.
		As long as the cuteness
		factor is there, what's the
		difference between a guy or
		an animal?

Mebius:		....You're....kidding, right.......?

Yukito:		I'm kidding.

Yukito:		..... Well, kinda.

Mebius:		(K-Kinda?!)

Durandal II carries Dreizehn down

Warren:		We don't have time for
		stand-up! Get all your
		preparations under way!

Razma:		<<mumble>>... Why do I have
		to be together with the ole
		man, when I could have been
		having passionate liaison
		with an older woman....

Warren:		.......What did you say?

Razma:		Yeah yeah. Why are you so
		grumpy, anyway? Jealous of 

Warren:		.....Wh! What's that supposed
		to mean?!
Mebius:		Ohh...so you really do.... I
		don't feel that way toward
		Yukito at all......

Warren:		Huh? N-No, wait!

Semyl:		You guys... Will you stop doing
		your routine during crisis

Cage:		Ha ha ha.....

Pharsti:	Cage, something is coming 
		from above us!

Cage:		The enemy?!

Calibur arrives

Robin:		Phew!! What do you think?
		This is my special reserve
		parachute. I made sure to
		install it just in case
		something like this should

Semyl:		R-Robin.... How?

Robin:		With this 'Miniature Lipstic
		Laser Saw,' something I made
		wayyyyy back when. The
		board didn't like it, but...see!
		It's actually very practical!

Twede:		There you go again.... Why do
		you always, ALWAYS.......

Robin:		Hee, hee....you underestimate

Twede:		Fine, I will no longer stop 
		you, so please go and seek

Robin:		..... You ARE stopping me.

Twede:		...........

Yukito:		Aah, she got you on that one,

Pharsti:	Numerous enemy shadows are
		heading this way!

Saoshyant leaves the plant

Ravana appears along with unmanned OFs

Ned:		Knew you'd show up
		eventually. Like moths to a

Semyl:		You gotta work on your

Ned:		Shush!! I heard that you took
		ole Zephyrs down, eh?

Razma:		Hm. Are you saying that even
		losers like you will avenge 
		your friends?

Ned:		Heh heh! That's pretty funny.
		That was no loss. You came
		all this way and you're going
		already? No wonder! You're
		not close to winning over me,
		I'm immortal!

Cage:		Ares is in back? I'm going

Ned:		You have no intention of
		handing it over, do you?
		That's perfect. I'll just tear
		you all to shreds, then.
		raptors! Pound all of them
		down, and don't stop until
		they've turned into dust!
		<<cackle>> Let the party 


After defeating Ned

Ned:		Shoot! My body....won't move
		as it should! Time to change
		bodies....Hey! You people
		Gimme my frame, I need to
		make me a new body!

		What the....There's nobody
		here? What are we 
		gonna.....Yikes! They're gonna
		get us if something isn't
		done! Rats!!

A raptor appears

Raptor:		.........

Raptor moves towards Ravana

Ned:		Ah! My friend! You like me,
		don't you? Hmm? Yes, you
		do....yes, you dooo-oooo!

Raptor locks target on Ravana!

Ned:		Whuh! Wh-what!! Stop! It's me!!
		Ned, the one and only! Can't 
		you tell?!

Raptor:		Unable To Confirm Ally Code.
		Will Destroy In Compliance To

Ned:		Don't! It's only a 
		communication device failure!
		C'mon... Good boy! Please! Be
		a goo........sto-stop!

Unfortunately for Ned, the Raptor finishes him off completely!

Ned:		Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhh!!!

Ravana explodes

Cage:		Is he...gone?

Pharsti:	....Yes.

Cage:		He was really persistent.

Pharsti:	All humans are fixated on
		'life,' and do whatever they
		can do to foil 'death'... I can
		appreciate this concept now.

Cage:		Even if it means to take
		someone else's life? You think
		about these things?

Pharsti:	....Yes.

Cage:		What's that?

Amante appears with Unmanned Cyclops

Amante:		Bada-bada-bada bing! Enter

Cage:		...Bada-bada-bada?

Pharsti:	B...Bing....?

Amante:		Aw come on. You didn't like
		my drum roll? Or are you
		holding the thingie about
		Phil-Phil and the old man
		against me?

Cage:		.....What ARE you? What are
		you trying to do? And, where
		are Myona and Ares?

Amanet:		Go-lly, you are so MEAN! I
		like strong, kind, mature men.
		I, like, totally get grossed
		when people get all emotional
		like that. I mean, I can't even
		talk to people like that!
		...Did you people not see that
		light? The 'Razor-thin beam
		that slit the heavens'.... I was
		totally mesmerized.... Just 
		remembering it has such an
		effect on me, see, I'm
		already... Cage, you big 
		pervert! I can't believe you
		tried to make me say all

Pharsti:	...She shows no indication of
		wanting to communicate

Cage:		......

Testament increases in spirit

Pharsti:	Cage....

Cage:		I know. You're telling me not
		to lose my temper, right?

Pharsti:	Battle mode has been set up.
		Let us begin quickly. Please
		give me a command at once!

Cage:		Huh? Pharsti......? Are you
		feeling anger too?

Pharsti:	I do not know. However, I 
		cannot rule out that

Amante:		Hmph! You wanna play that
		way? Fine! Come, my little

More Unmanned OFs appear

Cage:		What is this.....?

Amante:		These are 'unmanned
		Grafficanes.' Features had to
		be compromised, but it's still
		better than the one Phil was
		riding. Ares is out back...
		<<giggle>> If you can get
		past me, you're welcome to
		go and see him.

Pharsti:	If we can get her out of the
		way, the rest of the frames
		are all unmanned. They hardly
		pose a threat.

Cage:		Okay, got it. We're going to
		make yuo get out of the 

Amante:		Hee, hee.... Be my guest!


After defeating Amante

Amante:		He really did it..... You've
		gotten a lot stronger.

Cage:		That's because we're not
		alone. Everyone is working as

Amante:		As one... I guess I am a little

Cage:		What?

Amante:		I was always alone...I always
		had a lot of boyfriends, but
		they were only interested in
		how I look.... I didn't choose
		to look this good....... In all
		honesty, I.....

Cage:		You're.....lonely? And you were
		looking for someone to accept 

Cage:		To tell yuo the truth, I kind
		of liked you. So I didn't
		really want to fight. I wish
		we could have met under
		different circumstances...

Pharsti:	Cage, don't be swayed. She

Amante:		Cage, will you come here....I'm
		so scared.... If I have to die,
		at least let me die in your
		arms. It's my last wish, as a 

Cage:		You want to escape? Fine! I'm 
		opening the hatch, so get
		over here!

Pharsti:	Cage! It's dangerous!!

Cage:		She's the same as all of us.
		Nobody would help her, that's

Amante:		.......

Pharsti:	No, she is.....

Amante:		Ohhhh, shut up!! You talk too
		much. Cage, I'm going to let
		you in on a little secret. A
		truly desirable man will at
		times pretend to be fooled
		when a girl is lying to him.
		Hope you can become a more
		attractive guy someday...

Scarmiglione explodes

Cage:		Whoa!

Pharsti:	Are you all right?

Cage:		Yeah, kind of.......O-Okay, now
		we have to look for Ares and

Pharsti:	Yes, let us hurry.

BIS arrives in the next area of the plant

Cage:		Pharsti! Any new

Pharsti:	The energy levels in the area
		are surging to abnormally
		high levels. In other words, it
		may be more accurate to say
		that we have been lured into
		a massive energy field.

Cage:		So, Ares is close by?

Pharsti:	I wouold expect....right before
		our very eyes.

Iblis appears

Cage:		.....Ares.

		(Hm? I don't see Myona's OF
		anywhere.... I thought that
		was the origin of the
		Marlblanke beam....?)

		Ares! Where is the 
		'Marlblanke Beam? we came 
		to destroy it!
Ares:		Good to see you again....heh
		heh.... There's no need to 
		look so angry. You're looking
		right at it, this is the frame.

Cage:		What?

Iblis is surrounded by sparks or some energy field,
but the sparks disappear after a while

Ares:		Whoops, I can't use this on
		you right now! It takes some
		time the gather enough
		energy to make it work.

Cage:		I understand now, that is the
		Animus.... And you are the
		origin of Marlblanke this
		time.... I'm going to stop it!

Ares:		That's cold...I thought we
		were friends, and that you
		would hand over the new
		Animus and go home.... But I
		guess you just don't care 
		enough about our friendship
		to do that.

Cage:		Ares... Why are you doing 
		this? What Zephyrs did can't
		be avenged. But you're doing
		the same thing as him! How
		am I supposed to cooperate
		with you!

Ares:		Heh heh....you just don't get
		it, do you. Vale's revenge is
		just beginning! His wrath shall
		expand, and envelop the
		entirety of Mars with a great
		ball of fire!

Cage:		(Vale's revenge? His wrath?
		Something is really off......)

		Pharsti, is it really Ares

Pharsti:	There is something very 
		unnatural about his
		communication, but there is
		no doubt that the voice is
		coming from Ares' physical

Cage:		Oh......thanks.

		Ares, tell me. If I were to
		give you Testament, what
		would you do with it?

Ares:		You saw the light of
		Marlblanke. Not all OFs can do
		that. It requires the 'Mindflow
		System,' as well as a human
		who can be aligned with the
		system and operate it.

Cage:		......

Ares:		That light is the result of the
		mind accepting the frame as
		its body, and fully utilizing
		the entire reserve of
		Metatron that is found
		throughout the OF; this,
		however, is a great burden 
		on both the frame and its
		runner, Iblis and
		Nerokerubina will reach their
		limits at some point. And for
		the time being, there are only
		two of us who can run the
		system to 100% of its
		capacity... we need more
		people who can do the same.
		You understand?

Cage:		What does that have to do
		with Testament?
Ares:		The version of the 'Mindflow
		System' installed on Iblis,
		Pharsti, and Nerokerubina,
		Ver. a*, proved too dificult
		for people to handle. It holds
		great potential, through the
		built-in communicator module
		that links it to the runner. 
		The new Animus, on the other
		hand, runs on 'Mindflow
		System Ver. ß,' which can be
		easily operated by anybody,
		even without any special

* - alpha

Cage:		Do you mean to say that if
		you were to analyze the 
		system on Testament and
		mass-produce it, that anybody
		could create that 'light?'

Ares:		Exactly. The blueprints for
		that black box, unfortunately,
		have been lost. What you are
		riding is the only Ver. ß in
		existence. Come and join me,
		Cage. Let's illuminate the
		world with light.... If we can
		do that, there is no reason
		to ever be afraid again!

Cage:		Okay....Ares, I'll give you
		testament. I'll join your

Pharsti:	Cage?!

Ares:		Ahh. Finally I've been able to
		talk some sense into you. If
		you will join me, we will be
		invincible! Hurry, hand it 

Cage:		Before I do that, let's catch
		up. Ares, do you remember

Cage shows the button on screen

Ares:		.....Of course. It wasn't that
		long ago that we were on
		Bonaparte, although it feels
		like ages.

Cage:		.......

Ares:		What happened? Now, hand it

Cage:		Who ARE you?

Ares:		What?!

Cage:		This is not just an ordinary
		button. you might think that
		you had me fooled, but the
		real Ares wouldn't have
		reacted that way! Ares would
		have become a little shy, and
		said, 'You still have that old
		thing?' You're not Ares. 
		You're controlling him with
		the Selfbinder, just like you
		did to Myona!

Ares:		....What are you talking about?
		Cage, just give...

Cage:		You're using his body... and
		his voice... You don't deserve
		to speak to me!

The button plays

Ares:		....What's this? This song...?

Cage:		Of course you don't know
		what it is. This is a memorial
		of the friendship between me
		and Ares! And now, it's also
		become proof of the fact that
		you aren't Ares! Ares! Can
		you hear this?! No matter
		what, I am always going to be
		your friend! Even if the whole
		world turns against you, I'll
		always be on your side! All of

Ares:		What nonsense are you
		spouting.....?! Uhhg! Wh, what
		is.....Damn! What is happening!
		The controls...can't be
		You.....gghhh....what did you
		do......? What is

Cage:		..... Remember how you were
		just talking about friendship?
		I'll show you what friendship
		is..... I'm stopping you
		because you're my friend,
		Ares! This is my definition of
		friendship. Come on, Ares!

Ares:		You........!!

More unmanned enemy troops (
Nerokerubinas, Grafficanes, and Raptors) appear alongside Ares

Cage:		I'm sorry, Pharsti. It must be
		hard on you with the
		non-stop fighting, but work
		with me a little more!

Pharsti:	Okay, Cage! I am ready!

After weakening Iblis

Ares:		Ib...lis....you've.......da.....maged
		it.....so bad....ly....
		You....because of ......you.......my

Pharsti:	The catapult has ceased
		function. It is no longer
		capable of firing.

Cage:		OK. Now....

Ares:		.......

Pharsti:	Cage, we have succeeded in
		damaging the enmy computer,
		and stoped the interference

Cage:		Huh? Does that mean that
		Ares is back to normal now?

Pharsti:	If he had been controlled
		before, it is highly possible
		that he is not now.

Cage:		Pharsti, you are the best!

Ares:		...uh....

Cage:		Ares? Is it you? Say

Ares:		Ca....ge?

Cage:		Ares! I am so glad you're
		back to normal! Are....

Ares:		Don't come.

Cage:		What? What are you saying!
		There's nothing to worry
		about now!

Ares:		Cage....you don't understand 
		at all. I.... I don't want to
		see you....

Cage:		......A, Ares.....?

Myona appears

Myona:		.....Cage

Cage:		Myona?!

Myona drives towards Ares

Ares:		......There you are........

Myona:		Cage, please stop bothering
		us. Please....

Cage:		Myona! You've gone back to
		normal too!? Thank god......

Myona:		Cage, stop there.

Cage:		Myona?

Ares:		....Marlblanke was destroyed.
		But it's not yet over.

Cage:		What does that mean? You've 
		become yourselves again, so
		why do you still have to
		fight? Why, Ares.....Myona!

Myona:		.....

Ares:		Stop us if you think you

Myona:		.... If and when you do that,
		it'll really be goodbye.... So
		please don't, Cage. Please....

Myona and Ares leave

Cage:		Myona! Ares!! Damn! Pharsti!

Pharsti:	In practice, an attack at this
		time is very risky. The frame
		has been weakened by the
		constant battle. Saoshyant
		should retreat.

Cage:		But!

Pharsti:	Cage, please. You must

Cage:		.....Pharsti..... Fine.....

Pharsti:	.......


Robin:		Good work, everyone. We
		were able to hold them off

Razma:		......

Yukito:		What's wrong? Why are you 
		so blue?

Razma:		I don't know, bro. I just feel 
		like we're missing something/
		We did help them, but isn't
		there something else we
		should have done?

Yukito:		Are you talking about Ares?
		But actually going after him
		is dangerous. We overexerted
		ourselves attacking
		'Marlblanke.' The most
		Saoshyant can do at the
		moment is to fly from one
		point to another. We won't be
		able to catch up with them

Warren:		I'm sure the UNSF will be
		coming soon . Look at all
		that's been done.

Razma:		Are we going to just let them
		be taken?!

Warren:		Well, what do you suggest we
		do? Shelter them? That small
		group of people has been
		controlling the events on
		Mars. We've just been
		puppets. I'm not saying that's
		a crime. But... when they
		decide something - how can
		we possibly go against it?

		The last battle was our last

Cage:		........

Warren:		Cage, you did everything you
		could, as a friend. But he
		made his decision, and nothing
		can change that. Humans have 
		the right to choose their own

Cage:		Yes.....

BIS Hangar

Pharsti:	.....Cage? What are you
		thinking right now?

Cage:		Sorry, Pharsti. I'm going to

Pharsti:	Cage......

Cage:		I won't cause you any
		trouble...I'll even go alone.

Pharsti:	....You have not changed your

Cage:		Yeah, I've already decided
		that two very important
		people to me are still
		suffering. I can't leave them.

Pharsti:	Suffer....ing?

Cage:		Their eyes.... They had the
		same look in their eyes. They
		were kind.... And sad eyes.

Pharsti:	.....I do not quite understand,
		but if you say so, that must
		be correct. What will you tell

Cage:		This is my personal issue. I
		can't drag everyone into this.
		And I also want to find out
		what Ares meant when he
		said that 'It's not over

Pharsti:	I understand.... The minimum
		amout of recuperation has
		been completed just now. Let
		us leave immediately.

Cage:		What? So....

Pharsti:	Cage, I have already said this
		to you. If you wish it, I will
		do whatever I can to help. I
		stopped you earlier because I 
		needed to load up sufficiently.
		I will always go wherever you

Cage:		Pharst....you are the best!!

Pharsti:	Hee, hee... You are the only
		person to say that to a 

Cage:		You're more than just a

Pharsti:	Then, what am I?

Cage:		That's a secret.

Pharsti:	......

Cage:		Are you mad at me?...I'm
		kidding.... You're a friend, I

Pharsti:	...That is enough. Let us go.

Cage:		Yeah.

Warren:		....I knew it. Cage, where do
		you think you're going?

Cage:		Mr. Warren.... I'm sorry. But I
		have to go!
Warren:		Wait! Come back! Do you want
		to die?!

Cage:		You said it yourself earlier.
		Humans have a right to
		choose their own destinies.

		Before that, you advised me
		once to 'think for myself,
		and make my own decisions, and
		take responsibility for them.'
		There are things that I must
		do. Thank you for everything
		up until now.

Warren:		Cage......

Cage:		Please tell everyone that I
		am so glad I got to meet
		them. Goodbye...Pharsti!
Pharsti:	Understood. Taking off.


Twede:		He is really going. Is that
		okay with you?

Robin:		Let's let him go. I'm sure it
		won't end badly.

Semyl:		Razma, he's gone.

Razma:		.......

Mebius:		(Hurry, Cage...... Don't allow
		yourself to have any


Oxygen Plant

From Oxygen Plant, Cage drives Pharsti to Mountain Division

Mountain Division

Cage:		We've come a long way.

Pharsti:	Yes, we have gone quite far
		north of the Hellespontos
		mountain range. There are no
		nests or modules in a 100
		kilometer radius.

Cage:		What a lonely place. Even
		more than it looks from

Pharsti:	Vistas such as these are not
		rare on Mars. Although it is
		still within the county, it is
		outside of the life sustaining

Cage:		Outside, huh..... For me, the
		inside of the ship was 'home'
		and Mars and Earth were
		'outside.' I would always look
		at Mars from afar. Who
		would've thought I would
		actually be on this planet, and
		involved in all this?

Pharsti:	I feel that way sometimes
		also. I do not have this
		frame, so this Testament is
		like my home. My entire
		existence revolves around it.

Cage: 		So I guess we're really alike,

Pharsti:	Yes. We are an analytical 
		programmed device and
		organic matter who have been
		exposed to similar
		surroundings and have
		therefore obtained

Cage:		<<laughing>> What was 
Pharsti:	Was it humorous?

Cage:		More than most jokes I've

Pharsti:	<<sigh......>>

Cage:		...Thanks.

Pharsti:	For what, may I ask?

Cage:		For everything.

Pharsti:	...Everything?

Cage:		Yeah, everything.

Pharsti:	.......

Cage:		Is something wrong? Oh, you
		think I'm making fun of you,
		don't you. That's not it!
Pharsti:	Cage. That sounds to me like
		a farewell. If it is......

Cage:		No, it's not. You, Ares, Myona
		- everyone is going to go
		home alive. We have a home,
		where our friends are. I'm
		just saying, let's be positive
		about things.

Pharsti:	Cage, how about you? If you
		don't go home safely too,
		there is no point.

Cage:		Heh heh.... That's right. You
		can't live without me.

Pharsti:	Cage!

Cage:		Ha, ha, ha....

		It's the last one; let's do our

Pharsti:	Yes.

Fade Screen

Cage:		How is it going? Can you find

Pharsti:	Yes. Testament and Iblis run 
		on different system versions
		but the basic internal
		structure of both frames i 
		almost identitcal. Even at this
		point, the vibrations of the
		other frame, while distant, 
		can be detected. But even
		without this detection, it
		would not have been difficult
		to track them down.

Cage:		What?

Pharsti:	Just as you said, he...Mr.
		Ares wants to be stopped. By

Cage:		He does?

Pharsti:	A trail has been left. A signal
		that only we would notice...

Pharsti's communication thingie open

??????:		.....How did you get here...
		Were you utilizing the noises
		of the Animus?

Cage:		Wh-Who...?!

##### Scene 26: Pharsti #####

Jimmer:		Pleased to meet you, Cage. I
		am Jimmer, Lance Jimmer. I
		suppose we will not become
		close friends.....

		Death will come too soon...
		But until then...

Cage:		What! Who are...?

Jimmer:		Your destruction of Zephrys
		was perfect. We are all very
		relieved by the turn of
		events. The only one
		unexpected accident was that
		Ms. Pharsti returned the new
		model Animus, but now that it 
		is in front of my eyes, I
		shall not complain.

Cage:		I get it! You're with the 
		BAHRAM!? The group that
		brainwashed Myona and is
		controlling Ares!

Jimmer:		What a terrible thing to say
		about somebody. Please, call
		us sponsors. We provide the
		OFs and the LEVs... A
		thankless job, really.

Cage:		Listen to yourself! Thankless
		job?! Have you given any
		thought as to how many
		people have been victimized
		because of you?!

Jimmer:		That does not concern me.
		Business is business. Mixing
		business with emotion is
		complete nonsense. Perhaps
		you need to elarn a bit about
		business yourself.

Cage:		Y-You........

Myona appears alongside Jimmer

Myona:		You just won't be swayed, will

Cage:		Myona!

Myona:		Stop! My name is Pharsti!
		Nobody else!

Cage:		That's not true. To me, you
		are Myona.

Myona:		Cage.... Please..... Please don't
		hurt me anymore.....

Jimmer:		That's right. It's not proper
		to be the cause behind the
		lady's grief. One big facet of
		business is how you treat
		ladies. You must be more
		chivalrous. Now, Miss Pharst.
		Please do it perfectly this

Myona:		.....Yes sir.

Jimmer is about to leave

Cage:		Wait!! What are you trying to
Jimmer:		Freedom on Mars, of course.
Cage:		Freedom? You think it's
		acceptable to hurt people for
		that purpose?

Jimmer:		Heh heh... Yes, as a matter of
		fact, I do. Freedom must be
		won. Why don't you try to win
		you own also? Well, I must
		get going....

Jimmer leaves

Cage:		Darn!!

Myona:		Cage... I'm sorry, but you
		really have to stop getting in
		my brother's way.

Cage:		Myona...what's gotten into
		you? What is Ares trying to 

Myona:		Farther that way is Zephyrs'
		lab... The land that bore this
		tragedy, as well as the
		genetic makeup of the

Cage:		What......?

Pharsti:	There is no such record.

Myona:		That's right. It no longer
		exists in this world. That's
		where he is...along with
		Marlblanke Dite.

Cage:		Marlblanke Dite?

Myona:		The Metatron mining grounds...
		And the Marlblanke beam,
		using that enormous cave as
		a shell...

Pharsti:	I cannot imagine that
		something that large can be
		managed, regardless of the
		alterations that may be 

Myona:		....True. There is no way to
		do it safely, at least.

Cage:		What?!

Myona:		He won't last until the very
		end. But he will be able to
		fire it. There is no worry of
		defending ourselves.... It will
		go off and all the energy will
		spread throughout the planet,
		attacking all 12 spheres and
		its surroundings. Destroying
		all the domes in its wake......

Cage:		Why.....Myona! That is wrong!
		Why would you want to do

Myona:		You were the ones who drove
		him to do this...although I do
		think that it would have
		happened to him eventually

Cage:		What are you.....trying to

Myona:		We will never be able to
		forgive Mars or Earth. I	
		remembered....everything... THe
		Martians are to blame also,
		for never acting for 
		themselves. There is a need
		for a show of force.

Cage:		You...you would never be able
		to do something so evil!
		Myona! You're...

Myona:		I'll say it one more time. I
		am not Myona... In fact, she
		is only a hated facet of me.
		If you keep reminding me of
		her this way, I will destroy
		you so that she will cease to

Pharsti:	Cage, I have detected very
		weak interference. Her mind
		control is not complete. You
		may still have success in
		talking some sense into her. I
		fully believe that your
		feelings will get through to 

Cage:		Thanks....Okay. I'll try!

Pharsti:	Please be careful. I have
		sensed numerous frames
		coming in this direction!

Cage:		What?!

Numerous enemies appear

Cage:		Th-there are so many.....

Pharsti:	They are approaching!

Cage:		This is the end......

A Mummy is about to go to Cage, but Caliburnus appears in Cage's rescue

Semyl:		Hah! You are such a wuss!
		Suck it up and be a man!
Cage:		H-How did you know where I

Semyl:		WELL! That would be

Mummy targets Semyl

Semyl:		H-Hey! What was THAT for
		huh, punk?

Before it can even attack, someone fires the Mummy. Dreizehn appears

Razma:		Moron! If you're going to be
		meandering around, at least
		keep your ears open for
		enemies! You'd think that at
		least your BRAIN would 

Cage:		Razma......

Razma:		Heh heh, why are you always
		running away from us? That's 
		so cold. We're friends, aren't

Cage:		Sorry, but....

Semyl:		Whuut!? You're part of my
		crew, aren't you, Ace? You
		gotta watch out for that cat,
		ain't no way you'll get
		anywhere hangin' with him! If
		he even touches you, scrub
		yourself down with soap! I'll
		betcha he's got loser germs
		or somethin'...

Razma:		Well, well. Quite the expert,
		aren't we? I guess I'm a 
		little too big and important to
		be spending too much time
		with microscopic organisms.

Semyl:		Oh yeah?! Perfect, why don't
		you show me what you're
		made of, then!

Razma:		Fine! Exactly what I've been
		wanting to do! Just with this
		one finger, I could....

Mummies go beside Razma and Semyl and targets them

Razma: 		Huh? Aw, man!

Semyl:		Dang!

But someone (again) shoots the Mummies to their rescue

Durandal II and Justeen appears

Yukito:		That's enough, folks. Marital
		problems aren't pretty.

Cage:		Mr. Yukito! And Mr. Warren!

Warren:		Oh my. WHat are we to do
		when our team is about to
		fall apart before we even go
		into battle? That calls for 
		200 solid hours of training
		for you two as soon as we
		get back. That should deter
		you from bickering, no?

Semy/Raz:	That's messed up!

Orcrist, Calibur, and Vjaya also appear

Mebius:		Listen to you two; you're
		perfect for each other! Hee,

Nadia:		I, too threw away my life
		once. But because you people
		saved me, I stand here now.
		If you want to persuade her,
		you must do so quickly. While
		you still have a chance.

Cage:		Ms. Nadia...

Robin:		Oh, I'm late. I was going for
		the dramatic entrance.

Cage:		Everyone!

Robin:		Not now, Cage. We are not in
		the best situation right now.
		Let's get out of here.

Razma:		Heh, heh! YOu just want to
		take all these guys out and
		save Myona, right?

Yukito:		If they're on the ground,
		there's no place for them to
		hide. Time to give them a
		little attitude adjustment.

Mebius:		Cage, we'll take care of this 
		business here. Please go and
		save Myona.

Cage:		Everyone, I...

Semyl:		Yadda yadda... Will ya just go
		already? You already know
		what you gotta do, dontcha?
Warren:		I did tell you to take
		responsibility for your own
		actions. You have to
		understand that all of us are
		here of our own will, too.
		That means we'll take care of
		our part. Your job is to take
		care of yours.

Cage:		Thank you....all of you......

Robin:		Go on.

Cage:		....I'm on my way!


When Cage approaches Myona

Pharsti:	Now, Cage!

Cage:		O-Okay!

		Myona! Can you hear me! You
		can't do this! Come here!
Myona:		Uuuuhh...stop...my name isn't
		Myona! I'm..... I'm.....!!
Myona disappears

Cage:		Myona?!

Three Myonas reappear

Cage:		Th-three Myonas?! What is
		going on here?

Pharsti:	I would expect that the 
		human who calls himself
		Jimmer prepared these fakes
		to give him more time...
		Scanning is impossible, as
		there is jamming due to the
		frame materials. In this case,
		I am unable to discern the 
		A.I.s from Miss Myona..... I am
		sorry, Cage.

Cage:		Nothing to be sorry about. I'll
		just get closer and talk to

Approach the fake Myona

Cage:		Myona! It's me!

Computer:	<Bzzzz> Target, Captyure,

Cage:		This is not it either....!

Pharsti:	Stay calm!

Approach the real Myona

Cage:		Myona?.... It's you, isn't it?

Myona:		....Cage....

Pharsti:	There is no mistake. It is
Myona:		I told you, I will destroy

Cage:		......Myona, you are not being 
		controlled right now, are
		you? Or have you become
		'Pharsti' completely? Does
		'Myona' no longer exist?

Myona:		Cage... Right now I am neither
		Myona nor Pharsti.... I
		remember everything about
		the experiments and the 
		incidents at the lab.

		About Father and Mother, who
		were... subjected to endless
		experimentation day after
		day... My friends who went
		through those doors and
		never came back out... I can't
		allow myself to be the only 
		one who escapes! I can't
		allow myself to have feelings
		for you!!
Cage:		.....

Myona:		Always... It was your 
		voice I heard... Why? Why do
		you call my name? As long as
		I was being controlled, I
		didn't suffer. I didn't have a
		single thought... Why do you
		make me suffer? Why?!
Cage:		...That's your answer?

Myona:		Phil and Mr. Deckson, and all
		those Martian people....
		They're all dead....and it's all
		my fault. It's too late now.....

Myona targets Testament

Pharsti:	Lock on detected!

Cage:		......

Myona:		Cage.....

Cage:		Hey, Myona.... We've been 
		through a lot, huh.

Myona:		........

Cage:		The reason why I am here
		right now is because you
		saved me that day on the
		ship. You gave me this life.

Myona:		......

Cage:		But if you regret what you
		did that day..... And all that
		you did every day since,

Myona:		.....Stop......

Cage:		I'm here, Myona. You led me
		here from Bonaparte. Now you
		can take back my life with
		your own hands. That will end 

Myona:		....D-Don't flatter yourself.
		You think that's being heroic?
		A martyr? How much do you
		think your life is worth,

Cage:		Yeah, and what about yours?

Myona:		....What?

Cage:		Mr. Deckson's last words.
		What is life? What is one
		small human life?
		Is your life to be lived being
		controlled by someone else?
		Is that what you want? I find
		that hard to believe.... Myona.
		I used to think that way. I
		used to think that I couldn't
		make a difference no matter
		how hard I tried.... But Ares
		was the first one to show me
		how wrong I was. And you
		were the one who saved my
		life and kept me on track.

Myona:		.......

Cage:		That's why I'll do anything if
		it'll save you. Even if it
		means losing my own life!

Myona:		....Why......How can you say

Cage:		I came to fulfill a promise.

Myona:		A promise?

Cage:		One was with Phil. He asked
		me to look after you. The
		other is........this.

Myona:		That's......

Cage switches on the button

Myona's Voice:	......In the space that's left on
		this, I've decided to record a 
Cage:		Yeah. The message you left 
		for me.

Myona:		Th....that thing.....I forgot all
		about it..... It's just a 
		remnant of the past....for

Cage:		.....I was really happy. It
		made me think that I wasn't

Myona:		........

Myona's Voice:	...And there's something else
		I've been meaning to say. I
		hope you'll give me an answer
		once you hear this...

Myona:		......

Myona's Voice:	Um, if you don't have any
		concrete plans, would you like
		to travel around space with
		me? Maybe you don't really
		want to do it together with
		me, but I think that of you go
		to different places, and meet
		lots of different people,
		maybe you'll be able to figure
		out what you want to do. It
		sounds like a good idea to
		me, you are going to love it.
		A nice, relaxing vacation. so,
		keep your chin up, Cage! Be a
		happy camper!... That was a
		joke. Ha ha ha.... So
		er....anyway, I'm looking
		forward to your response. I'll
		wait as long as you need to
		decide, until you feel good
		enough to think about it.....
		Something may happen, and
		maybe I won't be me anymore,
		but if that does happen........

Myona:		.......

Myona's Voice:	If that does happen, please
		come and get me..... Promise

Myona:		...I no longer deserve to be
		saved by you......
Cage:		Myona, if what you are doing
		right now is truly what you
		want, you should go ahead
		and make me fall at your
		hands. But, if that's not what 
		you want... If you are
		suffering... Myona, let's go
		together to find our lives.
		This time I'll support
		you....and I'll continue to
		support you until you tell me
		to stop!

Myona:		Ca.....ge......

Cage:		I came to save you. You're
		my savior..... You're so
Myona:		Uuuuhh......

Cage:		You're everything to me!

Myona:		Uuuuuhhhh......Cage.......

Myona's clones disappear (and on the map, her Nerokerubina is colored 
blue, meaning an ally already)

Pharsti:	The enemy frame has halted

Myona(crying):	Cage......thank you....... You're
		everything to me too......

Cage:		Sorry it took me a while to
		get back to you.

Myona:		....It's okay. I... Myona.....? 
		Yes, I am Myona. I'm Myona,

Cage:		Yup. You're Myona.

Myona:		Heh....thank you. Thank you so
		much. Now, the last problem 

Cage:		Myona.....?

Myona:		My hands are forever stained
		with blood..... I don't deserve
		to have somebody care about

Cage goes out of Testament

Cage (smiling):	......

Pharsti:	C-Cage..... What are

Myona:		?!

Cage:		......

Myona:		S-Stop it! Are you trying to
		kill yourself?!

Cage:		.....

Myona:		No!!

Myona jumps to Cage

Cage:		......

Myona embraces Cage

Cage:		Owwww.....

Myona:		Tsk! Why would you do
		something like that?!

Cage:		Well......

Myona:		No, not well! We're not in a
		dome, all you have to do is
		try to breathe, and you die!

Cage:		But we're safe. Both of us.

Myona:		<<sigh>> You're

Cage:		That's right. You should really
		keep an eye on me, who
		knows what I'll do next.

Myona:		......

Cage:		Please don't say that nobody
		needs you..... Myona, I need
		you. I can't be without you.
		It can't be anybody else.

Myona:		....You need....me?

Cage:		Yeah. It's really good to see
		you again.

Myona:		....Cage....Sorry......I'm so

Cage:		Welcome back.

Myona:		Thanks....it's good to be 

|Bridge                    \____________________

Semyl:		....Myona.

Myona:		Semyl, I.... I'm sorry....

Semyl slaps Myona

Myona:		Ow!

Semyl:		Jerk! If you gonna come back
		sane and all, at least have
		the decency to look psyched!

Myona:		Semy......

Semyl:		You are such a spoiled little
		princess!.... But I'm happy
		you're okay. Super happy.....

Myona (tears):	....All I did was cause 
		trouble..... I don't even
		deserve to be welcomed back
		like this.....

Yukito:		Myona, in this world, beings
		don't have worth. For a lot
		of people, being deserving of
		something is often only about
		whether that person is handy
		to have around, or not. Stop
		giving yourself a hard time.
		If you still feel bad, make up
		for it by living hard.

Myona:		Living.....hard?

Yukito:		Both the Boss and Phil found
		something more important to
		them than themselves. You're
		one of those things. There's
		no need to feel any pressure
		to impress. It means much
		more for you to continue to
		live, and be true to yourself. 
		That was what they fought to
		protect. That is what they 
		wanted, more than anything

Myona:		..... To live life.......

Warren:		Those who fight in battles for
		themselves do live longer
		than others who fight for
		something else. But once they
		die, there will be nothing left
		of them. They never gave
		themselves to anyone is why.

Mebius:		They saved you. And they
		saved many more people too.
		I know that they are happy,
		and don't regret anything.

Semyl:		Yeah, so stop beatin' yourself
		up over it. Alls you gotta do
		is remember all this and keep

Myona (tears):	......Thank you...... Thank you
		so much, all of you......

Razma:		OK! Now it's Ares' turn! Come
		on, let's get to it!

Robin:		Yes, we should hurry if the
		information is in fact

Cage:		What information?

Twede:		..... The existence of Zephyrs'
		secret laboratory, which is
		located father up that way,
		and intelligence concerning
		the large-scale beam have
		become known. In less than
		an hour, I do not doubt that
		the UNSF will have bombed the

Yukito:		They must be planning on 
		shooting a missile into that
		thing. The entire thing will be

Warren:		They're planning to make an
		artificial crater right in that

Cage:		Oh no!

Myona:		My brother......


|Mountain Division         \____________________

Saoshyant heads to Zephyrs' Lab

|Zephyr's Lab              \____________________

Robin:		....There it is.

Cage:		That is.....Zephyrs' secret

Semyl:		What a dismal spot.

Myona:		This is where we lived, after
		we somehow survived the

Yukito:		All the way out here? How did
		you survive?

Myona:		There was just enough food
		for the two of us to make it

Warren:		You remember all about that
		time of your life?

Myona:		Yes. But at the time I was
		barely conscious, which was a
		side effect from the
		experiments, so my memories
		are hazy... But I remember
		that my brother would cut
		down his own portions of
		food to make more for me... I
		remember his face - it
		became withered and tight -
		but never ceased smiling at 

Mebius:		Can you stop him? It may
		mean taking his life.

Myona:		Until now, I believed that if I
		couldn't stop him, it was my
		obligation to support him.
		But...thanks to Cage, I've
		changed my mind. My
		obligation is to right the
		wrong. If it means I may
		have to do that.......I am

Cage:		Myona.... It'll be all right. I
		promise. Your brother... Ares
		will understand. He's just a
		little stubborn, is all.

Myona:		.....I guess so.

Razma:		Spoken by the undisputed king
		of stubbornness.

Cage:		Hey!

Myona:		<<giggle>>... Thank you, Cage.
		Thank you, everyone.

Semyl:		Well, we made it this far. No
		more backin' out, yuo dig?

Myona:		Okay!

Mebius:		By the way, who is that
		'Jimmer' character who was
		there until right before we
		landed? I got the sense that
		he is the mastermind behind
		all this, but is he one of the

Cage:		He didn't deny that he was
		from the BAHRAM, and he told
		me that he supplied the
		people of Mars with weapons.

Robin:		An involved sponsor. But I've
		never heard of 'Jimmer.'

Twede:		It must be an alias. There
		were no records under his
		name, nor was that name
		listed as a code name in the
		confidential agent roster.

Myona:		I'm not exactly sure either....
		But whenever he appeared,
		my brother's demeanor would
		change completely. He wouldn't
		even talk to me. That was
		when he stopped laughing

Warren:		Perhaps he's a BAHRAM
		liaison? But I can't imagine
		that he fully represents their
		sentiments. They are proud of
		the fact that their territory
		was the first to be touched
		by humans. Deckson said that
		if they were to fight for the
		independence of Mars, he
		would definitely wish to be on
		the frontline to fight -- even
		if there was some other
		objective. But that not being
		the case, those who think
		differently are the ones doing
		the fighting.

Yukito:		Well, when you have three
		people, you'll always have 
		factions. I guess not
		everyone has clear-cut

Twede:		It is relatively simple to
		narrow down all free agents
		who have that much power...

Robin:		I'll leave that to you. As for
		now, we need to stop Ares.

Razma:		Yeah, exactly. He's inside that
		big hole, right?

Myona:		Yes. That is Marlblanke Dite,
		'Lord of Demons and
		Venomous Claw'....

Razma:		All right! Let's go beat some
		sense into that guy! Ready,

Cage:		Mm-hm. Is everyone ready?

##### Scene 25:  Reunion #####

Mebius:		There's a strong torrent of

Cage:		Myona, are you all right?

Myona:		I'm fine, Cage. Thanks. Don't
		do anything I wouldn't do.

Cage:		You too.

Myona:		I know.

Razma:		Aw, look at those lovebirds...

Semyl:		What, you jealous?! We can do
		that too, you know....

Razma:		Hunh? Are you feeling okay?

Semyl:		...<<sigh>> Never mind. I was
		just tryin' to....

Razma:		....Don't worry. We'll take our 

Semyl:		Wha.........?

Razma:		Um, er....so, yeah.

Semyl:		...Right on!

Jimmer appears

Jimmer:		How distressing.... To think I
		get no support for trying to
		ensure a brighter future for
		Mars. Nonetheless, my plan is
		foolproof. You couldn't stop
		me if you wanted to.

Warren:		I just hope you're not
		planning on turning in fear
		with your tail between your
		legs, like last time.

Jimmer:		Heh heh heh....

Robin:		Do you even realize what 
		would happen if the dome
		were to be destroyed? And
		you talk about a brighter
		future for Mars? Please!

Jimmer:		Well, welll.....if it isn't Miss
		Dana the NUT.

Robin:		...I am Robin of BIS. Who are

Jimmer:		'Lance Jimmer' is the name
		I'm known by now. Surely you
		of all people, will appreciate
		the significance in a person's
		real name?

Robin:		....Agreed. But whatever you
		are doing is not for the 
		benefit of Mars.

Jimmer:		Perhaps not, but it is to the
		benefit of the true 'Mars.' It
		is not enough to merely rid it
		of Earth's influence. What is
		truly the heart of our
		dilemma are the people who
		adopt the Earth's ways. Those
		people have no pride in Mars,
		and should be singled out and
		eliminated. This is a test
		which will result in a
		population of Martians who
		truly love Mars.

Robin:		That's very simplistic.

Jimmer:		.....But are we not exactly the
		same? You call yourself BIS
		and assume this superior
		attitude, but in actuality, you
		are only a terrorist group
		relying on brute force to
		materialize your ideals, are
		you not? Your actions thus
		far have only given the
		fossils in the government
		false hopes, and have caused
		all of this to happen.
		Long-standing issues such as
		ours will not change unless
		they are uprooted entirely.
		WHat your group has been
		doing has been for
		self-glorification only - 
		waste of time,and
		exceedingly poor judgement.

Robin:		....You're right that our ways
		take time. But our mission is
		to plant the seeds which will
		sprout at some time unknown
		to us.... Seeds that will serve
		as the base of betterment
		whether or not people or
		situations change. Our name
		may not survive for
		posterity, but the ideas we
		have sown will. Don't you
		dare say that we are the
		same as you, when you are
		attempting to justify your

		Hah! Foolproof, is it? It's
		juvenile! You.... You cowardly,
		hypocritical, sniveling snake!

Jimmer:		....Well, I think that is just
		about enough of that. You are
		giving me no choice but to
		end things in this manner.....

Unmanned OFs appear

Warren:		When the going gets rough,
		you try to make up for it
		with sheer numbers. Your
		plan is a disorganized mess.
		How can you even think that
		it is 'foolproof?'

Jimmer:		.... All your endless chatter....
		It is undoubtedly not the
		most elegant thing to solve
		disputes by means of 
		violence, but in this case
		there is no alternative.

Mebius:		Make sure you watch for
		your ammunition supply,

Razma:		Yeah, but this is going to be
		the last one. Let's pump all
		we've got into them!

Semyl:		Aight y'alls. I'll act as a 
		shield, so everyone save your
		energy, got it?

Yukito:		I don't need any engravings
		on my tombstone... I'll etch
		my name in pain on each and
		every one of your bodies.....

		Hey, that came out pretty 

Nadia:		It is undeniable that war is
		won with numbers, but what
		affects the final result of the
		battle is morale and
		momentum. Do you think you
		have that?.... Unfortunately
		for you, I have a feeling you
		will lose.

Cage:		Myona....Let's go.

Myona:		Okay.

Pharsti:	(......)


After defeating Jimmer

Jimmer:		....Not bad....... But need less to
		say, I will not allow any more
		to happen.....

Iblis appears

Cage:		Ares!

Jimmer:		Vale, I leave the rest to you.
		Please make sure you do a
		thorough job.

Ares:		...I know.

Cage:		W, wait!

Jimmer:		Ladies and gentlemen, I do
		hate to leave you, but I must
		get going. Farewell...

Jimmer retreats

Cage:		Damn.....

Ares:		......

Myona:		Ares....

Ares:		Even you are abandoning
		me......? That is your decision?

Myona:		....That's right. Please, stop

Ares:		.....Thanks to Jimmer, the 
		energy has been restored 
		completely. ALl that's left to
		do now is to is to get rid of
		obstacles like you and
		hyperalign again. That will
		erase all the fools from
		existence... Heh heh heh....
		Isn't it grand?

Myona:		Stop! It won't bring Father or
		Mother back!?

Ares:		Pharsti. I'm not like you. I
		would never forget Father 
		and Mother.....

Myona:		I haven't forgotten about
		them! I would never forget
		Mother and Father!!

Ares:		Then prove it.

Myona:		.....Huh?

Ares:		Prove to me once and for all
		that you are right, by winning
		this battle!

Myona:		No..... You can't be serious.

Ares:		.......

Myona:		Ares....

Ares:		Now, let's get started. There
		isn't that much time left.

When Ares is about to attack Cage

Cage:		This location has been set as
		a target for a military missile
		attack! We need to get away!

Ares:		.....I know.

Cage:		You....what?

ARes:		It's no problem. Marlblanke
		Dite has the power to
		destroy the entire city,
		including the missile.

Cage:		You're still talking nonsense....
		You're going to let Myona be
		saved and kill yourself?!

ARes:		.....I don't understand what
		you are getting at.

Cage:		You're the one who got me
		this far!

Ares:		That's so we can have our
		battle now.

Cage:		That's a lie!

Ares:		My Father and Mother were
		so kind...and one who 
		took them from me is dead.
		But my revenge is not
		finished. All the humans that
		didn't publicize the facts of
		the accident are equally
		abominable.... THose Martians
		abandoned us too!

Cage:		B-But....

Ares:		That's not all. The children
		who were used for
		experimentation...they were
		victimized too. They were
		abandoned by their own
		parents, who gave up their
		own flesh and blood to feed

Cage:		......

Ares:		They would blame it on
		poverty, I'm sure. People on
		this planet are always blaming
		someone else - always
		protecting only t hemselves
		and directing their
		unhappiness at the rest of
		the world! What are those
		people worth? The children
		here wereunloved, and wiped 
		out...for the sake of their
		restless souls, I have an
		obligation to avenge their
		suffering. I can't afford to
		quit now. I alone have the
		responsibility of proving their
		existence once on this 
		planet...and letting their anger
		be known!

Cage:		Ares....

After defeating Ares

Ares:		Uggggg...

Pharsti:	The enemy frame has been 

Ares:		Heh...Heh, heh....Cage, you
		really have grown stronger.

Cage:		Ares.....?

Ares:		I am just a weak person
		after all. I needed somebody
		to correct me and tell me
		what to do....

Cage:		I knew it was a lie..... I knew
		that you are really the Ares
		I know!

Ares:		Pretty good acting for a 
		last-ditch, last-minute effort,
		eh? But it was not a lie...
		Inside me, there exists a 
		feeling of utter disgust
		toward the people of this
		planet. Jimmer saw that and
		manipulated me to his
		advantage. It's pathetic....

		That's why I had to do this...
		But if you can end it all, I
		couldn't wish for anything

Cage:		All right, that's enough. Don't
		say any more!

Ares:		....Cage, do you still have
		your button?

Cage:		Y-Yeah, I have it. But more

Ares:		Can you play that song for
		me? ..... Please.....
Cage:		.......

The button plays the song

Ares:		...This song used to be sung
		here..... 'Promise of
		It would be sung in memory
		of all of our friends who we
		knew would never return....It
		was sung hundreds of times,
		but nobody ever
		returned....But that wasn't the
		point. This wasn't about hate
		or revenge. It was about the
		happiness they never had,
		and the futures they never
		lived... And getting another
		chance at them.... Heh heh....
		Thank you.....

Cage:		Ares.....?

Ares:		....I'm more relaxed now.... It
		makes a big difference not
		being hyperaligned...

Pharsti:	Marlblanke Dite is letting out
		large amounts of energy. If 
		this continues, the heat may
		cause an explosion.

Cage:		Ares, were you planning

Ares:		In just one move, the world
		is rid of this hideous weapon
		and the hideous man..... It is
		the best way.

Pharsti:	Marlblanke Dite has begun to
		deteriorate. It will implode.

The lab's different parts implodes

Ares:		Lastly....

Pharsti:	The missiles are coming!

Semyl:		Shoot! Here already? What're
		we gonna do...!?

Ares:		.....There is nothing to worry
		about. Just retreat into

Yukito:		Saoshyant's shield is totally
		inadequate! Besides, we don't
		have the time to retreat

Myona:		Ares, you're not saying.....

Cage:		Ares..... What are you doing?

ARes:		....I will shield you from the
		missiles with Iblis. It won't
		stop all of them, but the rest
		should be stopped by
		Saoshyant's shield.

Cage:		No, wait!

Ares maneuvers Iblis

Pharsti:	Cage, it is not possible with
		his frame alone. We must
		follow him!

Cage:		Uh.... Yeah! Ok, let's go after

Myona:		I'm coming too!

Cage and Myona follows Ares

Semyl:		We gotta do something too!

Razma:		All right!

Yukito:		Stop, you two.

Razma:		Why! We can't just sit back
		and watch!
Warren:		...We'd only get in the way.

Semyl:		Well.... Maybe that's true....

Robin:		In the end, we have to end
		up depending completely on
		the youths....

Mebius:		If they can't do it, nobody
		can. We owe them some faith.

Razma:		......

		(Cage, everyone.... We're 
		counting on you!)

Jimmer:		Heh heh heh.... Exactly as I'd
		thought... Now everything hs
		been sorted out... Perfect
		execution, as always.

communication device rings

Jimmer:		Now is not the time...

Amante:		Hiiii! I thought you'd be done
		soon, so I thought I'd touch 

Jimmer:		....Where were you? Because 
		of that, I had to physically
		participate myself...

Amante:		Awh, I'm sorry.... I just went 
		to say hi to Mr. Mathers.

Jimmer:		Why would you do that? That
		is my job.

Amante:		Well, you can't really report
		the information anymore......

Jimmer:		....Ah, trying to monopolize
		your contacts?

Amante:		Oh, come ON! Don't look at me
		like that! This is not only my 
		choice, you know. The old
		man, and the other old people
		who are much, much more
		powerful - they all wanted it
		that way. See? It's not my
		fault, so don't blame me!

Jimmer:		(The escape pod doesn't work!
		Was that initial......Ah.... I

Amante:		See, I really think it's only 
		fair that people get a taste
		of their own medicine, don't 
		you agree? So how does it 
		feel to be viciously

Jimmer:		<<cackle>>

Amante:		Hmmm? You're really cracking
		up. Oh well. It doesn't make a
		difference, you'll die here
		regardless. Okay, see you!

Jimmer:		This? Happening to
		me...?.....Heh.....heh heh
		heh......Haaa ha haaah!

Ares:		....Why are you here.....?
		You....... Go home....
Cage:		What? Things are just
		starting to get good! We can
		finally start over, as

Ares:		....Friends.....Heh heh, that's
		true. If I had seen it that
		way earlier....uggg!

Cage:		Ares?!

Ares:		I...I'm all right.... Still
		okay...Cage, will you play....it
		for me one more time? The
		proof of our friendship....

Cage:		Of course!

The song plays

Ares:		...This song brought you to
		me...I had finally gotten over
		my feelings of hate toward
		the world, my aggression
		toward all people, and had
		sworn to avenge my parents...
		Heh heh...Cage, you always
		had a pure heart...so honest
		and simple it surprised me. I
		think maybe I envied you for 
		that...you had everything I
		had lost. I just didn't have
		the courage to admit it to
		myself, because it would have
		discredited my entire past,
		and how I had felt. I was
		trying to escape myself.

Cage:		That's not true! You could do
		things that I couldn't do, and
		you knew things that I didn't
		know. I looked up to you.
		Even now, you are what I
		aspire to be... Don't talk
		about the past!

Ares:		...Thanks. But you know now,
		Don't you? Now that you've
		found your own path, there
		are things you have to do.
		People you have to protect. I
		shouldn't be one of them.

Cage:		Ares....

Ares:		Stay kind, just the way you
		are now. Don't turn into me.
		You are free....

Cage:		No! Everyone...everyone here
		is going home alive! There's
		got to be a way! You can't
		give up!

Ares:		....I told you. The world will
		be rid of a hideous man. This
		body has reached its limits.
		Medication has begun to be

Cage:		No....no, you're wrong....

Myona:		Cage.....

Pharsti:	Cage, may I inform you that
		the situation is not promising.
		There needs to be a
		well-formed plan in order to
		avoid placing everyone on the
		ground in danger.

Cage:		I know, but.......what am I 
		supposed to do?

Ares:		...I have an idea.

Myona:		Really?

Pharsti:	We are thinking of the same
		thing, it seems....
		Self-evacuation has begun.
		Cockpit block is being

Cage:		Wha........? Hey, what.....

A crashing sound, Cage was ejected from the cockpit

Cage:		Aaah!!

Myona:		Watch out!!

Cage:		N-Nice catch..... Thank you
		Myona. You just saved me.

Ares:		Pharsti...no, Myona. Take care
		of Cage, okay?

Myona:		.....Ares....

Cage:		Pharsti! What are you doing?!

Pharsti:	I have been doing your
		bidding all this time. At least
		let me have my way once.

Cage:		Pharsti..... What are you.....

Pharsti:	I will manipulate the
		structure of Marlblanke to
		our advantage. If one frame
		manages amplification, another
		frame may use that
		amplification to form a
		barrier. It would be
		impossible to shield the entire
		facility area, but I can
		become a pinpoint barrier for 
		at least the people on the 

Cage:		But Ares and you are not in
		top form! You'll never survive
		through something like that!

Pharsti:	Stop worrying. I'll show you
		what Orbital Frames are truly
		capable of.

Cage:		Pharsti.....

Pharsti:	Miss Myona... I promise you
		that I will take over all of 
		your worries. Please
		concentrate on taking care of

Myona:		That is not your 
		responsibility! I know you
		don't really want to do it....
		You want to be with Cage,
		don't yo? Don't do it! I will
		go, and you....

Pharsti:	There is nobody else I can
		ask to take care of him. I am
		you, you are me.... You
		understand how I feel, don't 

Myona:		....Y-Yes......

Pharsti:	Myona, Cage is impossible,
		impulsive, and he is a child,
		so he is a lot of work. Now
		it's your turn to put up with
		him. Don't say I did not warn

Myona:		Pharsti....you are so silly. I
		can tell that you're crying.

Pharsti:	You are the one who is silly...
		Computers do not....cry.
		Besides, this is not goodbye...
		I will return and take Cage

Myona:		.... That is such nonsense....
		You've been lying all this
Pharsti:	Take care of Cage. Myona...
		my other self.....

Myona:		I will.

Ares:		Cage. I'll come get you if you
		ever make my little sister
		cry. I can't give my sister to
		any guy unless he is at least
		better than me. You

Cage:		...Harsh as usual, Ares...but I
		promise. One of these days,
		I'll be as good as you... And
		soon, I'll be better!

Ares:		Heh heh.... Good answer.

Myona:		Ares.....

Ares:		You take care of my good
Ares and Pharsti takes off

Cage:		Ares.....Pharsti....

exploding sounds

Pharsti:	(Cage.... I enjoyed every
		second with you... I am so
		happy that I can be of use
		to you, until...the very end.....)

exploding sounds

Cage:		The sky....It's lit up....

Myona:		It's almost like a halo.....

Cage:		Metatron...They call it the
		angel at the heart of heaven.
		It's a cruel angel....

Myona:		But it has protected us. ANd
		I am sure it will continue to
		do so....

Cage:		....Yeah.. I guess so.

Myona:		Cage....Are you crying?

Cage:		... That light....It's pretty,
		isn't it.

Myona:		Yes....very.....

Cage:		(Ares.....harsti.....thank you....
		I'll never forget either of 

According to an announcement
by the UNSF, the missile
attack has critically damaged
the terrorist group claiming
to fight for Martian
Independence. The group,
which has lost its mastermind
in the attack, is expected to
lose power completely over
time, and recent events lend
hope to achieving peace in
previously riot-torn
territories on Mars....The
Hellespontos government has
evaluated the state of these
areas gravely, and has stated
that they will reconsider
postponing the tax increase
to a later time.... In other

|Deimos Station            \____________________


...<<huff>> O,
overslept.....<<huff>> Uhhh
it's too early.

I can't believe you! They're 
taking off today!

Heh....sorry......Um, where's
Razma at? He's not here

Hm? You're not together?

Weird.... He left before me...
And what's with the guests of
honor? They didn't jet
already, right?

They are going through 
pre-boarding procedures. I
think they will be returning

....I have an important errand
to run. Make sure those two 
get this.

What is it?

It is a multi-purpose
superlight survival tool. It
has been constructed to be
useful to someone of Cage's

What kind of wild place are
those two going to?!

Shh! Excuse me, Ibelieve the
appropriate response in this
case is to take the gift and

Huh. I guess. I still don't get 
it, but anyway.

This does appear very useful.
I will see to it that it
reaches their hands.

Please do. And let them know
that I am glad to ahve met

They'll be back soon... Why
don't you wait?

Actually, I don't enjoy this
type of thing. So long.

That man waiting over

Isn't he....a general from the

Strictly speaking, he would be
an 'ex-' army general. But
taht would make sense....

What's the story here?

Heh heh....And thus the
tangled web is woven.....


We're back.

Phew....Hey, where's Ms. 

She had something to do. She
asked me to give this to

Hey! A survival tool! It's a
Zoria custom model! Gosh, I
always wanted one of these

.... He likes it.

W-Well, to each his own.

....Ah! Here they come!


You're late! What were you

Hey, sorry. I'm a busy guy.

Oh, are you here to take
care of it? That's pretty
manly of you... oh, it's still
going on, isn't it?

Go easy on me, OK?

... You still didn't do it?!

No! I'll DO it! But today...! This
is killing me!

What!? I'M going to kill you!


J-Jojo! Pauly! And Gilbert...!

Violence is bad.

Yeah, Semyl!! Do it!

Were you late because you
were rounding up these

....<<cough>>!! I think I
deserve a little more trust.


Are you going away? I'll still
be able to see you, right?

Of couse. I'm just going to
go somewhere to find

To find something?

Yeah. I promised a very
important person that I
would. Once I find it, I'll be

Really? Promise? You have to,
because I'm going to marry
you when I grow up.

Ha ha ha ha ha.... That's
right. I'm looking forward.....



....It sure is going to be
lonely around here.

I'm really glad that I met all
of you. A lot has happened,
but that is why I am here
like this. I am forever
indebted to you. Thank you
for taking me in the way you

Well, nobody's focin' you to
go, ya know? You could just
stick around.....

Thank you. But I didn't 
choose to come here
consciously. I can't take the
easy way out and stay.


That and the fact that I
promised Ares that I would
someday be as good as him. I
don't know when that is going
to be, but I want to go to
different places and meet
different people, feel 
different things, and then
figure out what I am
supposed to do. I want to
give myself another
opportunity to come back
here because I want to.


Semyl. You've done so much
for me... I'm really sad to be
apart from you again. But
we're friends no matter how
far away we are, aren't we?
We'll always be friends.

O-Of course! Myona, be good.
You two better stay

N-No! Don't cry. Come on,


Come on, Pops, say

I can't deal with this stuff.

I know, that's why I said 

You little......

Mr. Yukito, Mr. Warren.

Mm? Oh! Cage! um, er, what
can I say....

Thank you for everything. I 
will never forget everything
you have taught me.

Uh, right! Pops, too.....

There's no need for that.
From now on, you are going
to have your experiences and
teach yourself, right? That is
much better than learning
through waht you hear from
someone else. It would make
me happy if you rememberred
us. But you need to paint
over what you think you know
now with your own 

Yes, sir!

You don't have to think too
hard about what he just said,
cage. Even if you lie around
like a bump on a log, you're
still going to gain more rings.
Otherwise you're going to be
old and crusty in your early
30s, like him.

Heh heh....I think I know what
you mean.

Hey! WHat are you whispering

That I can't tell you.


Cage. Don't you think they're
a funny mix of people?

Heh heh. They joke around on
the surface, but they've been
through a lot together. Their
friendship is based on a deep
sense of trust.

....They've been through a 
lot...trust... Do you think you
and I have that too?

Of course. It's been that way
for a long time now.



What was that?

It sounded like a...baby.

...Razma. The sound's coming
from that basket.


Semyl, he got that basket
from some lady a little

Gilbert. You're not supposed 
to tell anybody about that
kind of stuff.

Ohhhhhh!! Cuuuuute!

Y...You!! I can't believe it! I
thought you would do it
eventually, but..... You moron!
Who is the mother, and where 
is she?!

Wait! You've got it all wrong!
No! I wouldn't do something
like that! Cage, help!

.... ANd how would I do that?

....That's IT! Say your 

I'm telling you, it wasn't like
that! A person saying she 
was a big fan of ours gave it
to me telling me it was food 
for all of us! I never thought
there would be baby

....That's all you gotta say for

Y-You're not getting it.....


She won't sto[ crying. Maybe
she's hungry? Just a inute,
okay, I'll go find you some
milk......Warren, will you hold
on to her for a while? I
can't trust them with her!

Hey, wait! Why do I.... It's 
just going to make her cry

Should I ask Yukito, then?

Oh look, it's a little girl. All
living things are most
adorable when they are this
small. Heh heh.....


F-Fine! I'll hold it, give it to 


She stopped crying!
Perfect.....just....don't move.....


She's asleep? ...Children are
cute whatever they do.....

<<giggle>>...I agree....
Perhaps we should....

Hm? There is a letter.... I 
see, the girl who brought this
child is not her mother. She
was protecting her because
she is an orphan, and decided 
that giving her to us would
be the most sound decision.
She apologizes for the
inconvenience repreatedly.

It's terrible, but it's not
unusual. Poor little thing......

She has nobody else; perhaps
we should raise her.

Good idea. All of us can......

That won't work! She needs
parents, don't you think?

...You two take her.

Hunh? What are you saying?!
That could never be good for
her! Besides, that's rude to

But...I don't think there's
anyone else who can do it.
Right, Twede?

....I must agree.

M, Mebius! Say something!

<<giggle>>....She is so cute
when she's sleeping.... It's
okay, little one. Everything's
going to be okay.... Did you
say something?

.....N-No, I didn't say


Look! She's laughing! You're
awake? She's laughing!

...Even in the most terrible of
eras... No, especially in a time
like this, we need to see
innocent smiles. For that
purpose, people will procreate
and leave a part of
themselves for the future....
It's a very strange thing.

W-Well in that case, you and
Robin could take it....

Regrettably, I plan on having
my own so I would have to
refuse that offer.



... I repeat. All passengers
traveling on Flight #226
departing at 1300...


Yeah. I'm sorry to bother you
at an important time, but we
should get going soon...

Oh yeah. Come back soon!

You'd better come back
before she starts talking. It'll
be gppd training for you.

Um, er, take care.

If you get in trouble, just go
to the closest NUT, okay?

....We'll be able to eliminate
most problems from here.

Heh heh....Thank you very

Good luck! Send me an

O..kay. Um, Semyl.... How about
forgiving him now?

...The end is near.....

Ain't no way! He is over!

Ha ha ha.....

Thank you, everyone. I am
sorry that we are leaving,
jus when things are
beginning for Mars.....

Leave the rest to us. You 
two have done more than
enough. Until you come back,
I'll make everyone work twice
as hard. It's going to get
busy, folks!

<<sigh>> No vacationf or us?
But we can't complain - our
actions made a difference.
That gives me the energy to
do just a little more.

Of COURSE! BIS is forever!!

...G...Good luck.... Um, she
might kill me before I see
you again.....

Heh heh. Well, we're going

The ship has been stabilized
Takeoff sequence will begin in
3 minutes time, but please
fasten your belts until our
departure. Our onboard
monitors are showing a
real-time picture of Mars......

(Mars.... There are people
living on that red planet, just
as there are on Earth.... But
why can't people jst get
along? Is there no choice but
to keep fighting? No, there
must be a better solution
than that. Everyone is human.
Everyone is striving for the
same thing, to survive.....)

Cage.... What is a human life?
In the scope of the vast
universe, a life is but a
minute light, a split second.
In the smallness of ourselves,
we house enough anger,
desperation, and
destructiveness to set the
entire universe ablaze.... I
wasn't able to figure it out,
sadly. The next time we meet,
if you've figured it
out....please tell me.

(Mr. Deckson....I may never
find the answer to your
question. But even so, I know
that you can't stop looking
for it. If you don't continue
looking, you definitely won't
find it... Do you think that
things will be okay? Do you
think that this hatred will
pass, and become something
more constructive? I believe
that will happen. Everyone in
the world......has the power to
change the future......)

Cage, what are you looking

Just looking at Mars.....

...So much has happened. The
complex relationship between
Earth and Mars, Mr. Deckson
and Phil......


And Ares and Pharsti.....

...I wonder if that baby is
going to be all right.


I wonder if she'll grow up

I wouldn't worry. Ms. Mebius
and Mr. Warren are taking
care of her. And everybody
else will support them too.

Yeah, that's true. She's going 
to be a real character, being
raised by that crew.

<<giggle>> I know. But I'm
sure she'll be kind and

A lot of lives have been lost,
but for the sake of those
lost lives, we have to protect
the new lives.

All of us need to keep moving
forward. Let's always
remember to move forward,

Is that the right thing? How
about everyone...

They say human souls are
invited to heaven, and wll
descend again.... I'm sure that
holds true for Pharsti, too.

Yes...That day, if the two of
them were given an invitation,
I am sure they are together
in the same place.

....Hey, maybe they'll even be
reborn together.

If they can be born again
with their souls united, I
hope that they grow to be
old and happy.

Yeah, I hope that they will 
have no restraints int heir
next life. Free, at last.

Free....Yes, that would be

The process of space
distortion is about to begin.
Once the space has been
pressurized, please note that
all communication devices will
be temporarily unavailable....

We're really going, Cage.

I know.


Heh. You must be tired. Get
some sleep.

Mm-hmm. I'm sorry, I'm going
to take a nap.

Go ahead.



Can we hold hands?


(Ares, you said I was free.
I'm going to go and see for 

(First, I have to
change......right, Ares? I'm on
my way.....and I'm going to
find what I'm looking for. My
future..... Ares, I am no 
longer confused. After all.....)

(I'm not alone. I have Myona



(And I am going to become
good enough for your sister.
No matter what happens!)

-One of the background pictures in the credits is
a hospitalized Ares! (interesting)

something rings

Um, heLLO? It's moi! Are you
sure you wanted them to go?

If you would have just left it
to yours truly, I could have 
passed it off as an accident
and...What? Mm-hm......Aha.
Aaaw! What's the fun in that?
I mean, like who CARES, you
know? We were able to use
Jimmer and Ares to raise
awareness about anti-Earth
activity, and in the process
we got rid of a wole bunch
of troublemakers - including
that Zephyrs, with his totally
retatrded experiments.

Everything went as planned,
and everyone's totally looking
forward to what BAHRAM is
going to do next. Now it's
time to congratulate
ourselves on a job well

Huh? Yes, yes. Absolutely! 
Even though the perpetrator
of the next strategy is an
outsider, he's nonetheles a 
hero of BAHRAM. But that's
exactly why....Was it Leo?
Well, anyway. Why waste time
on a kid? .....What? Uh-huh...
Well, I guess so, but....
Atcherservice! I'm coming
over right now...... Yes. Who?
Mathers? Ohh that guy... He's
no match for me. Too easy.

Hm? Hee, hee....I know. It's
happening soon...I'm super
excited.......Soon, EVERYTHING is
going to be perfect....

Oh, and Ridley....

              ZONE OF THE ENDERS
               THE FIST OF MARS

               T H E     E N D

Special thanks to the ff:

CJayC (ww.gamefaqs.com)
Daniel Engel's Walkthrough
Mech Gouki's Information Guide
to my friend who wants to remain anonymous for lending me ZOE:FOM

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