"Tiny Toon Adventures: Wacky Stackers" - Gameplay FAQ
				 by Merit Celaire


1. Introduction
2. Game Objective/Basics/Controls
3. 'Helper' Maneuvers & 'Attack' Maneuvers
   (featuring the "Tiny Toon Adventures" characters!)
4. Game Modes
5. Puzzle Mode
6. Acknowledgements
7. Credits & Other Information


Hi there, Tiny Toon Adventures TV series and game fanatics! Your fellow TTA
fanatic Merit Celaire here ready to share with you gameplay tips and tricks
to gain the best fun factor of the Tiny Toons' official GBA game debut. I
personally love playing the TTA games that I have in my game library at home,
and this game is no exception to that rule. Okay, enough talk; let's get
this guide rolling!


As you all can probably attest, "Tiny Toon Adventures: Wacky Stackers" is
a fast paced puzzle game with the Tiny Toons twist. In each available mode
your objective is to match falling eggs with their corresponding colors.
The eggs fall from the top (two at a time) to the bottom of playfield. It
is your job to stack them up accordingly so that you can match four of the
same colored eggs in a short amount of time. Why, you ask? Because, if you
match four of the same color eggs, they disappear from the playfield.
However, try your best to position some of those falling eggs to create a
chain reaction (i.e., if your current falling colored eggs are red and
green, and a part of the playfield has three colored eggs to match, and
three red eggs to match below, you would position your falling eggs to
match the red batch first, THEN the remaining green egg would fall to
match the three remaining green eggs. The other opportunity would be if
you matched a specified colored egg with three more eggs of the game color
in the middle of the playfield, the playfield stack will drop, and when it
does... if there are matches of any same specified color detected, they
THEY will also disappear). If you have nailed AT LEAST 2 chain reactions,
then you'll earn coins for each successful chain initiated. Coins can
be used to help you out on your side or hurt your opponent placing him or
her in danger when timed right. The coin system will be explained later,
but this thing must be stressed out immediately: make sure that you
properly maintain your 'stack' and position your falling eggs accordingly,
because if you or your opponent's stack gets completely full... 
it's game over! Also, you or your opponent(s) will know when you ARE in
'danger' when the music changes; this occurs when one of your vertical 
columns is at least four lines from the top of the playfield itself (where
the eggs make their descent).

The other neat thing about the falling eggs in this game is that if you
position two eggs of the same color horizontally, then put two more of the
same color over those two eggs previously placed, then it turns into one
big egg of that specified color. This is also an opportunity to gain some
coins for the coin system as well. All you have to do is match four eggs
of the same color (it doesn't HAVE to match the color of the 'big egg'.
But they HAVE to be alongside the big egg so that it can disappear as
well. Those same colored eggs can be around the 'big egg' as well, but in
that case, at least FOUR or FIVE eggs are required to get the job done) 
to get a coin. Remember, that in order to get a 'big egg' of a 
specified color, the way to achieve this is as follows:

---------------------------------------            =======================
-                  -                  -            =                     = 
- Same Colored Egg - Same Colored Egg -            =   ONE 'BIG EGG'     =
-                  -                  -            =                     =
--------------------------------------- = EQUALS = =  (from the four     =
-                  -                  -            = eggs of the same    =
- Same Colored Egg - Same Colored Egg -            =       color)        =
-                  -                  -            =                     =
---------------------------------------            =======================

As you can see, it HAS to be like this in order for the operation to work.
If there are any other extra eggs of that same color alongside where
you're trying to create that 'big egg', it will not work; they will
disappear as usual.

Finally, the main controls for this game are as follows (during gameplay):

CONTROL PAD <- = Move falling eggs left
CONTROL PAD -> = Move falling eggs right
CONTROL PAD DOWN = Speed descent of falling eggs
A BUTTON = Rotate falling eggs right
B BUTTON = Rotate falling eggs left
* (Note that rotating the eggs will also cause the eggs to change from
   horizontal to vertical or from vertical to horizontal).
L BUTTON = Use all the total coins collected and initiate an 'attack' 
	   maneuver or a 'helper' maneuver
R BUTTON = Only used in multiplayer mode - cycle through opponents'
           screens (seen as a 'smaller gameplay screen' on the SE corner
           of your GBA screen during gameplay) to track their progress.

Okay, with all the basics now explained, now it's time to bring our
favorite "Tiny Toon Adventures" characters onto the scene and have some

   (featuring the "Tiny Toon Adventures" characters!)

All right! Now it's time for the "Tiny Toon Adventures" characters to
join us! The Tiny Toon Adventures gang wishes us all luck in our
"Wacky Stackers" game sessions, and so do I. Also, they're even
willing to assist us too to add in some major fun! In fact, Babs Bunny
(one of my first favorite characters; yay!) and I were talking with
each other about this game saying about how extremely great it is and
we even high-fived each other knowing that with help on my side,
victory is sealed and assured (of course, this wouldn't mean that I
would gain it in EVERY gameplay session, but it's great to know that
there are some 'friends' who are cheering me on). "But, I still must
forewarn you of this, Merit," Babs told me, "that 'help' is going to
come at a price!" And believe it or not, everyone, Babs is absolutely
correct! Remember that 'coin system' that I was referring to in the 
"Game Basics" section? Well, THIS is what that coin system is used 
for -- in order to use a 'helper' maneuver character or an 'attack' 
maneuver character, it requires a specified amount of coins in order 
to summon that 'help' on your end or that 'attack' for your opponent's 
end. As mentioned in the last section, in order to use the coins 
accumulated to initiate a specified 'maneuver', press the L Button.

Now, here are the list of characters that are available to call
upon should the need arise to get out of a jam on your end or cause
trouble on your opponent's end. I have placed them in two categories:
the "Helper Maneuver Characters" and the "Attack Maneuver Characters".
I will also list which game modes these characters will be
participating in. And of course, I will also list the total amount
of coins required to call on him/her, as well as his/her assigned
'maneuver'. Also, I will list any recommended strategies if possible
so that the 'maneuver' will not go to waste. I have also given a name
for each 'maneuver' as well. So, here we go!


Here are the characters who will be on your defense:

     AVAILABLE IN: All Game Modes
     REQUIRED COINS: 1 (All Game Modes)
     MANEUVER: "Dizzy Spin Attack"
               When Dizzy is called, he'll clear the bottom two rows
               of the playfield. Not much, but it's still helpful
               in order to keep the pile down.

     AVAILABLE IN: All Game Modes
     REQUIRED COINS: 3 (1P Vs. Computer, Multiplayer)
                     2 (Puzzle & Survival)
     MANEUVER: "Plucky Hose Attack"
               Plucky comes to the rescue with his hose, attempting
               to clear the bottom half of the gameplay screen.
     RECOMMENDED STRATEGY: If you are in 'crisis' and are in a 
			   desperate need to bring down your pile 
		           fast, Plucky is the better person to take 
			   care of the situation.

     AVAILABLE IN: 1P Vs. Computer, Multiplayer
     MANEUVER: "Babs Defense Shield"
               Opponents had better beware --- when Babs gets called
               onto the scene, she'll place a defense shield on your
               gameplay screen. Any opponent who dares to try and
               do an 'attack maneuver' on you will find it returned
               (or 'bounced') back to them... and then THEY are the
	       ones who will be in EXTREME trouble! Isn't Babs the
               sweetest helper maneuver character or what?
     RECOMMENDED STRATEGY: If you get the feeling that your opponent
                           is preparing to attack your playfield,
                           use Babs to assure that your stack will
                           be protected from any sneaky attack your
                           opponents will send your way. Also, keep
                           in mind that the defense shield maneuver
                           (when activated) only lasts for a brief
                           period of time, so use it very wisely.

     AVAILABLE IN: All Game Modes
     REQUIRED COINS: 5 (1P Vs. Computer, Multiplayer)
                     3 (Puzzle & Survival)
     MANEUVER: "Column Clearance"
               When called, Gogo appears on the playfield in his
               spaceship to clear the middle two vertical columns 
	       of eggs.
     RECOMMENDED STRATEGY: Since the eggs make their descent in the
                           middle two columns of the playfield, if
                           those two columns are in danger of
                           getting 'blocked', use Gogo to clear that
                           portion of the playfield. Still, do not
			   use this maneuver unless it is really
                           necessary to do so.

     AVAILABLE IN: All Game Modes
     REQUIRED COINS: 7 (1P Vs. Computer, Multiplayer)
                     4 (Puzzle & Survival)
     MANEUVER: "TNT Attack"
               Furrball uses TNT to clear the top half of the
               playfield. Extremely helpful if you have accumulated
               the said amount of coins to call on him when you are
               in 'danger'.
     RECOMMENDED STRATEGY: Same as Plucky, but as specified, Furrball
                           takes care of the top half of the playfield
                           instead of the bottom half. Once again, if
                           your pile is on the brink of getting full
                           and if you have the specified amount of
                           coins to call on Furrball, make sure to
                           press L immediately to let him help you
                           get out of the jam.


Only three attack maneuver characters? Yep. These are the characters
who will make sure to place your opponents in extreme panic:

     AVAILABLE IN: 1P Vs. Computer, Multiplayer
     MANEUVER: "Secret Letter"
               Okay, what's a "secret letter" you ask? Oh, wait,
               Elmyra wants to explain what this 'maneuver' is
               all about.
               ELMYRA: Sure do, Merit! You see, when I am called,
                       I take the eggs on your playfield and copy
                       them. Then I place them in an envelope and
                       seal it with a kiss (mwah!). Then, any
                       unsuspecting opponent(s) will be in for a 
		       real shock when they find that their
                       playfield has been changed with the eggs
                       that I copied from you!
     RECOMMENDED STRATEGY: And wouldn't you know, Elmyra and I
			   both thought of the same recommended
			   strategy: Use this 'attack maneuver' when
			   your playfield is on the brink of getting
			   full. In most cases, you will be able to
			   prevail because of this move... you'll
			   find out why!

     AVAILABLE IN: 1P Vs. Computer, Multiplayer
     MANEUVER: "Montana Max Blackout"
               As always, Max is the master of sneak attacks. In
               this case, when called, he'll black out your
               opponent's playfield and use his flashlight to try 
	       and trip him or her up even more.
     RECOMMEND STRATEGY: Check your opponent's screen(s)
                         periodically; if you find that one of
			 your opponents is in danger, use Max
			 to seal and assure your opponent's 

     AVAILABLE IN: 1P Vs. Computer, Multiplayer
     MANEUVER: "Freeze Ray Attack"
               The most feared attack maneuver in the 1P Vs. Computer
               & Multiplayer games is this one right here. My friend
               Babs (no relation!) and I wrap around each other in 
	       fear because of happens when this attack is initiated.
	       Oh, what's that, Babs? Oh, she wants to explain what
               this attack does.
               BABS: Yep, I'll take care of this explanation. Merit
		     and I not only wrap around each other in fear,
		     but we also scream in PANIC! (nooo!!!) for what 
                     this attack does to the eggs on the playfield.
		     You see, this is considered to be one of the
		     sneakiest attacks in the game; when Buster gets
		     called in, he puts the hurt on the opponents...
		     LITERALLY!!! He uses his "freeze ray" to turn
		     all of the eggs on the playfield INTO ICE
		     CUBES!!! The only way the 'victims' can get out
		     of this jam and break the ice is by matching at
                     least four incoming eggs of the same color
		     (alongside the ice cubes) until ALL of the ice 
		     cubes are broken. In order to overcome this
		     attack, you've got to be very fast, and you've 
		     got to be very good!
     RECOMMENDED STRATEGY: Babs and I thought of this same strategy
			   as well! Oh, Babs also wants to say that
			   strategy this time as well.
                           BABS: That's right, M.C.! We've found this
				 attack to be very effective when the
				 opponent's playfield(s) are on the
				 brink of getting full. When Buster
				 is called to commence the attack,
				 this will make it MUCH more difficult
				 for the opponents to get out of the 

Just remember that in the case of the "Attack Maneuver" characters...
whatever attacks you unleash upon your opponents, they may unleash the
same attacks upon you; so be ready for anything!


Here, I will list the game modes that are featured in "Tiny Toon
Adventures: Wacky Stackers":

1P Vs. Computer: This game challenges your "Wacky Stackers" gameplay
                 skills against other "Tiny Toon Adventures"
		 characters. Do you have what it takes to outsmart
		 them and gain victory?

Survival: 1-Player Game; like Tetris, this is to achieve the highest
	  score possible while keeping the pile at a maintainable

Puzzle: The "Tiny Toon Adventures" characters have placed for a
	challenge for you... are you able to solve the puzzles they've
	created? (Details for this are in the next section).

Multiplayer: Same as 1P Vs. Computer, but with 2 or more linked GBA
	     systems using the GBA Game Link cable. Also, each GBA
	     system must have the "Tiny Toon Adventures: Wacky
	     Stackers" game inserted in the system.


Are you ready to take on the Tiny Toons' Wacky Stackers puzzle
challenges? If you are able to solve the puzzles that each "Tiny
Toon Adventures" character has created, then you win. Here is
how this mode is laid out.

Starting from the Main Menu of the game, select "Puzzle". Then
the next menu that appears will ask you how many challenges would
you like to attempt (up to eight challenges; your options are 2,
5, or 8 challenges). After a brief intro, then the puzzle solving
mania begins. Here's the layout on how the gameplay here is done:

One featured Tiny Toons character for the current challenge gives
you five puzzles to solve. The thing is, for each puzzle, you have
to solve it within a set number of 'moves'. If you solve the
puzzle with the available amount of moves, then you have officially
completed it and are able to move on to the next one. However,
should you run out of moves, then you lose on that current puzzle
and have to use one of your 'continues' to try again (you get a
total of 5 'continues'; to use them, press the A Button when the
continue screen appears. Make sure to do this before the continue
timer bomb hits zero, or the game is over). If all the continues
are used up, the current toon providing the challenge claims
victory and the game is over.

If you manage to complete all the five puzzles provided by the
current Tiny Toons character, then you win the challenge and he or
she will permit you to proceed on to the next challenge.

The number of challenges you chose will determine the toons you
will face overall. But be forwarned: the higher up you go in terms
of the set of puzzles for the challenge, the harder it will be for
you to solve the puzzles prepared for it! The Tiny Toon characters
who will be testing your skills are the following (one for each
challenge/set of puzzles):

(1) Calamity Coyote - easiest batch of puzzles
(2) Bookworm
(3) Fifi
(4) Concord Condor
(5) Shirley the Loon
(6) Hamton
(7) Little Beeper
(8) The King of the Dodos (the host of the Wacky Stackers puzzle
                           challenge tournament; it's a mystery
                           why he's one of the 'challengers' as

If you managed to get through The King of the Dodo's set of
puzzles, the ordeal is not over. Sweetie appears to give you her
set of puzzles to solve. If you manage to win these puzzles, then
congratulate yourself because you can call yourself a true puzzle
solver. Sweetie only appears if you have selected "8 Challenges"
from the puzzle menu upon start of the game.


This concludes the "Tiny Toon Adventures: Wacky Stackers"
Gameplay FAQ by yours truly. There are a lot of things to do
in this game, so the Tiny Toon Adventures characters and I
are cheering you guys on to victory and to explore everything
the game has to offer using strategy and cunning to gain the
upper hand whether it is in puzzle challenges in this game or
the 1P Vs. Computer/Multiplayer games to gain victory. Babs,
Elmyra, myself, and the rest of the Tiny Toons crew high five
each other show our team spirit as we end this FAQ. Keep on
"Wacky Stacking" with us, everyone! Merit Celaire out.


* Shy Ranger (for providing me the list of characters 
	      for the "Puzzle Challenge" mode)


"Tiny Toon Adventures: Wacky Stackers" Game
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Developed by Warthog. (C) 2002 Warthog

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FAQ completed on 6/16/2003; last updated on 5/30/2004