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FAQ/Walkthrough by krim058

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/23/05

         __  __             _             ___              _            
        |  \/  |___ _ _  __| |_ ___ _ _  | _ \__ _ _ _  __| |_  ___ _ _ 
        | |\/| / _ \ ' \(_-<  _/ -_) '_| |   / _` | ' \/ _| ' \/ -_) '_|
        |_|  |_\___/_||_/__/\__\___|_|   |_|_\__,_|_||_\__|_||_\___|_|  
                          _      _                      
                         /_\  __| |_ ____ _ _ _  __ ___ 
                        / _ \/ _` \ V / _` | ' \/ _/ -_)
                       /_/ \_\__,_|\_/\__,_|_||_\__\___|

Game: Monster Rancher Advance
Platform: Gameboy Advance
Writer: Stephen McVicker
Email: Krim058@yahoo.com
Copyright (c)2005 Stephen McVicker
Version 1.0

Table of Contents: (Ctrl+F Friendly)

01. Introduction
02. Menus
03. Walkthrough
04. Training
05. Battling
06. Making the Ultimate Monster
07. Event Calendar
09. Month Types
09. Monster Condition List
10. Monster information
11. Food
12. FAQs
13. Submitting, Copyright and legal statement


01. Introduction

     If you have already played a Monster Rancher game, then you know how 
enjoyable and fun it is to play. If you haven't then get ready for one of the 
most addictive games ever! 
     Monster Rancher Advance offers you a total of 440 different monsters to 
choose from. Although it is not as big a selection as Monster Rancher 2 on PS1,
you will still have too many options that you know what to do with. In this 
game, you create monsters using Tablets and entering a code. The better your 
rank becomes, the more letters you can use for the code, and the better the 
monsters you can regenerate! After you train a monster you can retire him, make
him coach your other monsters, freeze him, or combine him with another monster
for stronger starting stats. The walkthrough in this guide only gets you 
started with your FIRST monster. After that, you are on your own. It is quite 
impossible to give you a step-by-step game finishing walkthrough because 
different things happen randomly, and sometimes something will go one way and 
sometimes it'll go the other. I tried my best to give you a good 25-month guide
for your first monster.
     Well, since you are probably aching to start playing this game, turn on 
the power and prepare yourself for a week of nonstop Monster Rancher!


02. Menus

Shrine: You can regenerate monsters
AGIMA: You can let your monster retire or be a coach
Studio: You can Freeze, Revive, Combine, or Delete a Monster
Ranch: Brings you back tothe Ranch

Training: Allows you to train your monster; More on that in Training Section
Rest: Lets your monster go to sleep to regain stamina.
Special: Allows your monster to go through 1-month training to learn a new tech
Battles: You can sign your monster up to battle: more on that in Battle section
Item: You can use, buy, sell, or trade an item
Town: Brings you back to town


03. Walkthrough

When you first start the game, you will have to go through a lot of talking.
Finally, you will be in town. Your first priority is to get a monster, so go to
the Shrine. After the guy is done with his lecture, select tablet and you will
be able to regenerate a monster using a 4-Letter code. I chose Pabs as it gives
you a rare monster, White Moch, which I will use throughout this walkthrough.

You will be given the option to name him, but I never do. When you are done, he
ad to the ranch where you will begin raising him.

MONTH ONE: April Year 1
First of all, you should look at your monsters information. See his stats, 
likes and dislikes, etc. Looking at his stats you can tell that it is a really
balanced type of monster, so thats how your going to raise it.

Now, after you did that, your priority is to raise its Loyalty up. You can do 
this by giving it the food it likes, letting it rest when its "Kinda Sleepy" 
and below, and being nice to it. It's really easy. 
First thing you should do is train it. I chose to do Accuracy. Mine didn't 
fail, but sometimes it does when its in its Youth period. If it fails don't 
scold it or it will lessen its Loyalty. Train again and your monster will be 
kinda sleepy. Let it rest and then train again. That was a normal training 
month. Usually there will be special events such as a Battle, Special training
discount, mail, or an invitation. For the types of months, go to the Month 
Types section.

MONTH TWO: May Year 1
Now it's time to feed your monster. Aroma will give you a brief lecture on 
Feeding, and you will then be able to select the food to feed it. For more 
information on the food, go to that section of the guide. My White Moch had a
(3) Liking on Meat and Orange. Being that my budget is low since I just started
the game, I gave him an orange and he was happy. A battle is next week, but my
monsters loyalty is only 4. So, I'm gonna skip this one. Treat this month as 
a "Normal Month." 

MONTH THREE: June Year 1
Give it the food he likes again. This week is an "Agima Official" week. This 
means that an official tournament for higher rank is being held at the 4th week
of the month. I wouldn't recommend entering it because your monster Loyalty 
should be about 9, which is very little. Also, your monster only has 2 
techniques, which may enduce vommiting because they are so bad. Wait till you
get a discount from the mailwoman and learn a technique before entering an 
Agima Official. So in conclusion, I would treat this month as yet another 
"Normal Month".

MONTH FOUR: July Year 1
Again, feed it the food he likes. There are no battles today, so its YET 
ANOTHER Normal Month. Don't get bored yet though, because there is WAY more to
this game than what you are witnessing now. 

MONTH FIVE: August Year 1
"Battle Month" Feed it the food it likes. This week you will fight in your 
first battle. In week 2 there is the Rookie Cup. Make sure your monster is 
rested week 2 so you can be in good condition. On week 2 my monster was "pretty
lively" and my loyalty is at 18. This battle isn't an official one, just a nice
800G Prize for first and 400G for second. To learn about battling, go to that 
section. STRATEGY FOR ROOKIE CUP: Since it's low-class, the other monsters
will miss just as much as you d, and since you have a White Moch, your monster
will be stronger than all the other monsters too. Make sure you have LICK in 
your near slot, as it will be your only offense. The problem with lick is low 
accuracy, so only attack when the other monster is ???? and when you have 99 
Guts. If you do this throughout the battle, you should win. If you can't manage
to place 1st or 2nd, reset the game and don't fight in  the battle and just 
train that week if you want, but you will miss a lot of experience. After the 
battle, you will recieve 800/400/0G and if you win, a Wood Box. Most 
importantly, your stats increase big time.(+18DEF, +6 LIFE)After the battle 
rest up and train next week. NOTE: SAVE ON WK 4 BEFORE YOU BEGIN NEXT MONTH!

MONTH SIX: September Year 1
"Discount Month" This month you should get a visit from Ayase, who shoows you 
the Advertisement. If you dont, then reset the game to the previous month and 
try again. Sorry, it's the only way since it is random. So, Save and then go to 
Special. I chose power, which I recommend you do too, and learned "Headbutt" 
tecnique. Now that you a decent move, you can enter the Agima Official next 

MONTH SEVEN: October Year 1
"Agima Official Month" When you come back, your monster will be tired, so 
rest it. Now, week 2 do Heavy training, and week 3 rest fo you will be prepared
for the battle. The Agima Official should be easy because all you need to do is
land one Headbutt to win each match just about. If you don't get first place, 
too bad, you have to. Try again until you do. :) I found myself knocking many 
of my opponents out.. it really is an easy win. remember, your chance to strike
is when they are ????. Everytime that happens, knock em wit somethin that'll 
really get them confused. After the battle, you will get some good stat points.
When it asks you to praise your monster, do so. You should be proud of the fat
lard bucket for winning his first official tournament. 

MONTH EIGHT: November Year 1
"+Rank Month" These weeks, you will be praised and rewarded for winning an 
Agima Official. You will get mail from Ayase that you have exceeded in rank. 
In week 1 let it rest. If you won the first battle and received the Wood Box, 
give it the Honey Candy and it will raise its Loyalty, which mine is now at 39.
You are now in the month of November. Your next bout will not come until week
3 of January, which means you have another long stretch of training. So, train!
Work at each stat at a time and get each one to level 5. Some stats should 
already be there, so ignore them for now. DO NOT train in INTELLIGENCE until 
everything else is to level 5. You will use a future discount month to boost 
your intelligence and get a new tech. 

MONTH NINE: December Year 1
"Normal Month" Keep Training!!!

MONTH TEN: January Year 1
"Battle Month" Make sure you are rested and in good shape in week 3 of january
for the January Cup. This is your first C Class Tournament. Use the same 
strategy with Headbutt and strike everytime they are ????. You should be able 
to win without much trouble. The tournament is Elimination, so if you lost 
once... you lose. So in conclusion, don't lose.

MONTH ELEVEN: February Year 1
"Agima Official Month" The Agima Official is this month, and you should have 
all of your stats other than INT over 200. On week 1 and 2 train. rest on Week 
3. On week 4, enter the Agima Official. Make sure you save because you have to
win first place. Use the same strategy as the previous battle. You should win 
easily. Loyalty should no longer be a problem.

MONTH TWELVE: March Year 1
"Discount Month" After Zest and Aroma praise you and your monster, rest as it 
will be tired. On week 2, so to Special and do the Toughone for the skill 
Press and +defense, since the Sense one will not likely give you a skill. When
you've done it, set press to your Mid Skill. Your Skill bar should be like this
Near:   Headbutt         Mid: Press         Far: Press

"Normal Month" If you remember back in the Rank C Agima Cup, many monsters had 
better stats than you. So if you play in B tournaments you will most likely get
 crushed unless you get lucky. my point is that you are nto gonna be battling 
in an Agima Official for a good 6-7 months. Which means you will be doing 
nonstop training and the occasional Special. For training you need to get your
INT up to 185 (Mine is at 165)
POW up to 250 (if it isn't already, mine is at 262)
LIF up to 250 (Mine is at 240)
DEF up to 250 (if it isn't already, mine is at 250)
ACC up to 250 (Mine is at 202)
SPD up to 250 (Mine is at 216)
**These are in order of PRIORITY

"Misc. Event Month" On week 2 it is Mother's Day and I got a Silver Cup, which 
removes mior fatigue when owned. Anyways, back on track. TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN!

"Normal Month" Train and then train. After that is done, train. After training,
train again. Finally, keep training. (The Agima Official is this week, but 
skip it)

"Normal Month" Train some more. 

"Normal Month" There is a battle on Week 3 but it would be futile to enter it. 
Keep up the training. The Discount is next month.

MONTH EIGHTEEN: September Year 2
"Discount Month" You know what to do so I won't bother to say it. But I still 
will. Go to Special! Since Sense is still hard to learn, do Speed. After that 
you will learn Mocchi Ray, which should go to your FAR attack.

MONTH NINETEEN: October Year 2
"Normal Month" This month is another Agima Official month we must skip. Train 
your INT to 250.

MONTH TWENTY: November Year 2
"Normal Month" Wow, how time does fly. This is your 20-Month Anniversery. Aww, 
remember when the fat bastard was just a little guy... :sob: Anyway, back on 
track! Get that INT to 250!

MONTH TWENTY-ONE: December Year 2
"Normal Month" By the end of the Month all of your stats should be Level 5. If
not, OK. I got there in Week 2. On Week 3 I did Defense and 4 I rested.

MONTH TWENTY-TWO: January Year 2
"Special Month" This month, do a Special even though there is no discount. I 
know your damn tired of training training training, so do the Sense training. 
If you dont learn MocchiBeam, reset and try again until you do. I lost the 
battle my first try and got it.

"Battle Month" "Discount Month"
Ready for your first battle in almost half a year? 
I know you are. Enter the Blossom Cup! Here you can test out your new move, 
MocchiBeam. I'm gonna let you be surprised about how good it is. But I'm not 
really. It's a very powerful attack with low accuracy. If it hits, it deals 
about 150 Damage with 192 INT. Use it smartly, like if he is ???? or you have 
99 Guts. I used it to win most of my battles. This is my favorite tournament 
because I like how it is 8 person elimination. This battle is quite easy... 
all you need to do is land ONE Mocchibeam each match. Claim your Silver Box, 
which gave me a Golem Frag, and experience. After the battle, rest. Then, go 
to Special where there is a discount. Do the Power training amd learn 
PetalStorm, a nice INT technique. Now you are ready for the Agima Official in 
a couple months, but first let's add some final touches. Rest to regain your 
strength and be ready for some training next month.

"Battle Month"
Train your INT to 300. I did it with one more training. On week 2, train Speed.
On week three, enter the Goldor Cup. Test out your new ability, PetalStorm, 
and observe as it shreds your foes to pieces. You will find you are better than
a lot of the opponents now. From here on out, you do what you want. I just got 
you through the beginning. Enter the Agima Official that is coming up and get 
to A Class. After that, keep training to get all your stats are high enough to 
compete in S rank. It may be hard to win since it's only your first monster. 
Using this Mocchi, you are one step closer to making the ultimate monster, 
which is explained in another section.


04. Training

Training is the main part of Monster Rancher. You have to train your monster if
you want it to be good. 

You can train by selecting "Training" in the ranch. Everytime you train, your 
monsters gets more tired. So you have to rest every once in a while. 

There are two types of training: Normal and Heavy
I tend to stick to mostly Normal Training because it brings down one stat and 
it is more tiring. Heavy Training make one stat go up A LOT, another stat go 
up A LITTLE, and another stat go DOWN a little. Normal Training just makes one
stat go up regularly. In Heavy Training, you can retire your monster to become
a coach and create a new training slot, which is pretty cool because you can 
make it however you want.

The default trainings/trainer are:

Training:      Stat 1 up:     Stat 2 up:     Stat 3 Down      Trainer:

Armstrong      POW            none           none             Golem
Josefine       INT            none           none             Suezo
Rudger         ACC            none           none             Mew
Northwind      SPD            none           none             Tiger
Bosh           DEF            none           none             Arrowhead
Marle          LIF            none           none             Mocchi
Gotfleet       POW            DEF            INT              Tyrant
Doris          INT            ACC            DEF              Pixie
Tobby          SPD            INT            DEF              Ducken
Chembers       DEF            POW            SPD              Arrowhead?? 

That's about all there is to training.


05. Battling

Battling on Monster Rancher can be very fun and very annoying. Basically, you 
have a NEAR attack, a MID attack, and a FAR attack.
NEAR attacks hit close-range.
MID attacks hit mid-range.
FAR attacks hit from a distance.

You can move your character between these three positions and when you are in 
one stage, it does a certain technique, and when you are in another postion, 
you can use another. NEAR techniques usually have high accuracy and decent 
damage and take up a small amount of guts. MID techniques usually have high 
damage and low accuracy and take up a medium amount of guts. FAR techniques 
usually have very high damage and low accuracy and use a lot of guts.

The above is not always the case. 

Guts: Guts are a very important aspect of the battle. Some monster types regain 
Guts really fast. Some monster do it slower. But both monsters start with 50 
Guts every match. 

It is a bad idea to begin the game using lots of techniques or else you will 
miss a lot and make it easy for you to be hit. Soem techniques can attack guts
and make them go down while they still do damage. 

During battle, you will see a percent by your name. This is where battling gets
annoying. Sometimes it says you have... say 65% chance of hitting the target.
It misses. Then a Golem with 25% Accuracy hits you dead on, dealing a TON of 
damage. This is how battling is annoying. This doesn't happen all the time, 
but when it does it's really frustrating. During battle, you may notice the 
words ????, Stagger, Addled, Wince, or Stunned above yours or your opponents' 
????: You lose accuracy, you are easy to hit. Affet of low Loyalty
Stagger: You are easier to hit, your attacks become inaccurate
Addled: You are easier to hit
Wince: Your attacks are innacurate
Stunned: You cannot move

Different attacks can cause these ailments, such as Smoke Bomb, Lightning, and 
Fire Punch. Try to avoid this if you can.

Pushback: When you and your opponent draw close to eachother and are face to 
face, you can press the L button to knock back to Far of Mid range. This is 
helpful when you are stuck in the NEAR position.

That's about it. There is a lot of stuff to it so if I missed anything please 
tell me.


06. Making the Ultimate Monster

Each letter represents a Monster
A= Train to -->999 INT+acc<--All remaining training goes into this stat
B= Train to -->999 ACC+int<--All remaining training goes into this stat
C= Train to -->999 POW+def<--All remaining training goes into this stat
D= Train to -->999 DEF+pow<--All remaining training goes into this stat
E= Train to -->999 SPD+lif<--All remaining training goes into this stat
F= Train to -->999 LIF+spd<--All remaining training goes into this stat

Combining Chart

B---'   |
C---.   |   |
    J---'   |
D---'       |
            O = Ultimate Monster
E---.       |
    K---.   |
F---'   |   |
G---.   |

SHORT Q and A-

Q: What monster is the best to make ultimate?
A: Your favorite.


07. Event Calendar


MONTH:  WEEK1:            WEEK2:            WEEK3:            WEEK4:
JAN                       Agima Prem. W     January Cup        
FEB     Youth Cup                                             Agima Official 
MAR                       Blossum Cup       Agima Prem. S                 
APR     Mission Cup       Lake Ira Cup                           
MAY                       Spring Cub        Goldor Cup
JUN                                                           Agima Official
JLY                                         Aspia Cup         Vizlee Cup
AUG                       Rookie Cup        Ocean Cup
SEP                                         Carota Cup
OCT                                                           Agima Official
NOV                                         Harvest Fest.     Sprout Cup

Misscelaneous Events:

Birthday- Happens once every year on the day your monster was born.

Lake Ira Monster- One time in the game, Ayase will come to you saying that 
there is a 20000 prize to anyone who defeats a monster in Lake Ira. You get a 
chance to fight it, but it isn't that hard.

IMA Amity- Once you reach A Class, you get to fight Colt in a 1vs1. She is 
quite easy and uses a type of Mocchi.(if you played MR2, you know who Colt is)

Special Monster Invitation Matches- There are 4 of these and each one you are 
able to unlock a different monster. The battle is always a month after the 

Monster:       Invitation:
Dragon         Week 3 APR 
Joker          Week 1 JAN 
Zan            Week 3 JLY
Durahan        Week 2 NOV

Great 4- Once you beat the S Class Agima Official, you will be able to play in 
the Great 4 tournaments. 

Tournament:      Invitation:
Greatest 3       Week 3 FEB
Age Monster Cup  Week 2 APR
E-1 Grand Prix   Week 2 SEP
Winners Cup      Week 3 NOV

Emperor Cup- After you win the Great 4 Tournaments, you will be able to fight 
in the Emperor Cup- the last battle. You get the invitation on July week 1 and 
the battle is on June week 1.


08. Month Types

I used these in the Walkthrough after about every month. Each month in the game
falls in one of these catagories.

"Normal Month" - No happenings

"Agima Official Month" - An Agima Official is being held this month

"Battle Month" - An unofficial battle is being held this month

"Discount Month" - There is a discount at the Agima training center

"Misc. Event Month" - One of the events listed above happen this month


09. Monster Condition List

  9 Really Energetic
  8 Pretty Lively
  7 In good shape  
  ------------------ Always Rest your monster below here
  6 Kinda Sleepy
  5 Tired
  4 Really Worn out
  3 Exhausted                                   
  2 Exhausted. If we don't do something soon...  
  1 About to collapse    


10. Monster Information

Type:        Information:
Pixie        Pixies are fairies that excell in intelligence
Golem        Golem are large rock monsters with brutal power
Mew          These are small little catlike things with high speed
Mocchi       These are fat puffy things that have high Life and well-balanced
Dragon       These are big beasts with winds that excel in POW and INT
Arrowhead    Arrowheads look like big crabs and have high defense
Suezo        These are big eyeballs that have high intelligence
Ducken       These are like colorful snowman birds with high INT and speed
Zuum         Dinosaurs that are well-balanced except for INT
Tiger        Tigers are speed-demons that look like... tigers
Naga         Nagas are very powerful and have great speed
Octopee      These look like an Octopus and are pretty balanced
Mogi         These look like heagehogs with big hands, have good POW and ACC
Psiroller    Psirollers look like a hippo on a wheel and have good POW
Lesione      These are pretty balanced and look like a seel
Zan          These are like Hangars from MR2 and are well balanced
Durahan      These are Knights equipped with Sword and shield
Joker        Jokers are floating phantoms with a HUGE sword
Antlan       These are small little warriors with high POW and DEF


11. Food

At the beginning of every month, you have to feed your monster. Here is a list 
of the food:

Potatoes: Not very tasty, but cheap and plentiful.
Fish: Popular food in Isle Age. A little fishy, but tastes good.
Meat: A feast for monsters, beware of overfeeding.
Orange: Juicy and tasty fruit. Full of vitamin.
Nuts: Small in amount, but crunchy and nutritious
Jelly: Dessert rather than food. Taste good but not nutritious
Banana: Sweet and soft. Rich diet.
Milk: Very nutritous drink. Recommended for children.
Nutrient: Very nutritous medicine. But, the taste is poor.

When feeding your monster, you will see that its Liking and Nutri for each food
change. Make sure you give him a variety of foods and do't keep giving it the 
same thing.


12. FAQs

Q: Why can't I make a monster with more than 4 digits?

A: You need to get better rank first. If you beat the Agima Officials, you get 
to use more letters.

Q: Whenever my monster trains it gets 0 when it's successful!

A: That's because the monster is at its limit and needs to be frozen/retired

Q: Why did you choose a White Mocchi in your Walkthru?

A: Because the are the best monster you can get with 4 digits

Q: How do I unlock a Dragon?

A: You have to be A Class and win the Invitation Match. When you do so, you 
will be able to use the code given to you. Same thing for Zan, Durahan, and 

Q: How do you go on expeditions?

A: As much as I wish you could, you can't on Monster Rancher Advance.

Q: Where is Phoenix? Worm? Hangar? Kato? Monol? Jell?

A: Sadly, they could not put ALL of the monsters into this game. I guess we'll 
have to stick with ONLY 440. Darn.

Q: How do I make my monster not dislike me?

A: Give it items/food it likes, praise it a lot after battles and when it does 
great, and just treat it extra well.

Q: How do you feed it Jelly, Milk, Nutrient and all that? I only see Potatoes, 
Fish, Meat, Orange, and Nuts!

A: Step 1: Firmly grasp your Gameboy. 
   Step 2: Carefully place your thumb onto the control pad
   Step 3: Put pressure to the right or left

Q: It skipped my monsters birthday!!

A: No, you were just too good for your monster and decided to make it endure 
special training instead of celebrating its birthday. Shame on you. Unlike MR2 
though, you cannot play games with your monster on its birthday.

Q: If it is "Hard to learn a technique" is it still possible?

A: Yes, but there is a catch. It is "hard" to learn it.



13. Submitting, Copyright and legal statement

I would gladly accept the following:

I would gladly decline the following:
-hate mail

E-Mail me at krim058@yahoo.com

This guide is Copyright (c)2005 Stephen McVicker. This may be not be reproduced
 under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed 
on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written 
permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

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