• Cheat Codes

    All codes below are entered on the title screen:

    All CharactersLeft, Right, Down, Right, L, L, A, L, L, B, R, A, Up
    All Ism-Plus ModesA, Up, A, L, R, Right, L, Right, A, Down, Right
    All Modes (Mazi, Saikyou, etc)L, Right, A, R, Up, L, Right, B, A, Up, Right, Down, Right
    Fight Shin Akuma (Final Battle)Hold A + B (when selecting a speed)
    Play as Master BisonHold Start when selecting Bison
    Play as Shin AkumaHold Start when selecting Akuma
    2    2


  • Alternate Ending

    If you play through Story Mode, you'll get the same ending involving M. Bison. However, if you play as two certain characters, you will get a different ending.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alternate EndingPlay through Story Mode as either Shin Akuma or Evil Ryu.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    1    2

  • Secret Modes/Characters

    You must use difficulty Level 2 (JP) or Level 4 (US) to unlock the characters and options below:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Air Guard (ISM)Beat Final Battle 6x with 6 different characters
    Auto Guard (ISM)Beat Final Battle 5x with 5 different characters
    Classic ModeBeat 50 Survival
    Drama ModeBeat Arcade Mode once with any character
    EagleBeat Arcade Mode 11 times with 11 different characters
    Evil RyuuBeat Arcade Mode 3 times with 3 different characters
    Final battleBeat Boss Survival
    Gauge PlusBeat Final Battle 11x with 11 different characters
    Guard Destroy (ISM)Beat Final Battle 9x with 9 different characters
    GuileBeat Arcade Mode 5 times with 5 different characters
    Infinite Guard (ISM)Beat Final Battle 10x with 10 different characters
    Limit OffBeat Final Battle 12x with 12 different characters
    MakiBeat Arcade Mode 7 times with 7 different characters
    Mazi ModeBeat 30 Survival
    Saikyou ModeBeat 10 Survival
    Super Guard (ISM)Beat Final Battle 4x with 4 different characters
    Super Zero Cancel (ISM)Beat Final Battle 3x
    Survive ModeBeat Drama Mode once
    YunBeat Arcade Mode 9 times with 9 different characters
    Zero Cancel (ISM)Beat Final Battle 2x with 2 different characters
    Zero ComboBeat Final Battle
    Zero Combo (ISM)Beat Final Battle once
    Zero Counter Plus (ISM)Beat Final Battle 7x with 7 different characters

    Contributed By: llioncourt.

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  • Unlockable Characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Final BisonBeat Arcade Mode on Maximum with Shin Akuma
    Shin GoukiBeat Arcade Mode on Defauly with: Evil Ryu, Guile, Eagle, Maki, Yun

    Contributed By: AEng.

    0    0


  • Alternate Costumes

    When selecting a character, press L or R instead of A or B to play as the character in their alternate costume.

    Contributed By: mink1975.

    1    1

  • Original Costumes

    To play as your character in their regular outfit, select your character by pressing L+B.

    Contributed By: Spybreak001.

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