• Cheat Codes

    All codes below are entered on the title screen:

    Left, Right, Down, Right, L, L, A, L, L, B, R, A, UpAll Characters
    A, Up, A, L, R, Right, L, Right, A, Down, RightAll Ism-Plus Modes
    L, Right, A, R, Up, L, Right, B, A, Up, Right, Down, RightAll Modes (Mazi, Saikyou, etc)
    Hold A + B (when selecting a speed)Fight Shin Akuma (Final Battle)
    Hold Start when selecting BisonPlay as Master Bison
    Hold Start when selecting AkumaPlay as Shin Akuma


  • Alternate Ending

    If you play through Story Mode, you'll get the same ending involving M. Bison. However, if you play as two certain characters, you will get a different ending.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alternate EndingPlay through Story Mode as either Shin Akuma or Evil Ryu.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

  • Secret Modes/Characters

    You must use difficulty Level 2 (JP) or Level 4 (US) to unlock the characters and options below:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Air Guard (ISM)Beat Final Battle 6x with 6 different characters
    Auto Guard (ISM)Beat Final Battle 5x with 5 different characters
    Classic ModeBeat 50 Survival
    Drama ModeBeat Arcade Mode once with any character
    EagleBeat Arcade Mode 11 times with 11 different characters
    Evil RyuuBeat Arcade Mode 3 times with 3 different characters
    Final battleBeat Boss Survival
    Gauge PlusBeat Final Battle 11x with 11 different characters
    Guard Destroy (ISM)Beat Final Battle 9x with 9 different characters
    GuileBeat Arcade Mode 5 times with 5 different characters
    Infinite Guard (ISM)Beat Final Battle 10x with 10 different characters
    Limit OffBeat Final Battle 12x with 12 different characters
    MakiBeat Arcade Mode 7 times with 7 different characters
    Mazi ModeBeat 30 Survival
    Saikyou ModeBeat 10 Survival
    Super Guard (ISM)Beat Final Battle 4x with 4 different characters
    Super Zero Cancel (ISM)Beat Final Battle 3x
    Survive ModeBeat Drama Mode once
    YunBeat Arcade Mode 9 times with 9 different characters
    Zero Cancel (ISM)Beat Final Battle 2x with 2 different characters
    Zero ComboBeat Final Battle
    Zero Combo (ISM)Beat Final Battle once
    Zero Counter Plus (ISM)Beat Final Battle 7x with 7 different characters

    Contributed By: llioncourt.

  • Unlockable Characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Final BisonBeat Arcade Mode on Maximum with Shin Akuma
    Shin GoukiBeat Arcade Mode on Defauly with: Evil Ryu, Guile, Eagle, Maki, Yun

    Contributed By: AEng.


  • Alternate Costumes

    When selecting a character, press L or R instead of A or B to play as the character in their alternate costume.

    Contributed By: mink1975.

  • Original Costumes

    To play as your character in their regular outfit, select your character by pressing L+B.

    Contributed By: Spybreak001.

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