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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Estoy Loco

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    Broken Sword:
    The Shadow of the Templars
    Platform:   Gameboy Advance
    Year Ported:   2002 (Original Game Created 1996)
    Game Developed By:   Revolution
    Game Published By:   Bam!
    FAQ By:   Alex Pawlenty
    GameFAQs Username:   Apocalypse7777
    GameFAQs Contributor Name:    Estoy Loco
    Date Started:   7/15/03
    Last Update:   3/04/04
    Current Size:   82K
    Current Version:   1.22
    E-Mail:   estoy_muy_loco@yahoo.com
    ICQ:   125403151
    AIM Instant Messenger:  ApocaIypse7777
    Some of this FAQ may contain spoilers.
    Try to only read what you really need to know. You have been warned..
    What we'll be discussing in this FAQ:
    Sec. 1: FAQ Version Information
    Sec. 2: Back Story and Information
    2.1: Back Story
    2.2: General Information
    2.3: Controls
    Sec. 3: Character List and Bio's
    Sec. 4: Advice on Playing
    Sec. 5: Bugs and Glitches (READ THIS FIRST!!!)
    5.1: The Syria/Spain Glitch
    5.2: The Lochmare Plaster Glitch
    Sec. 6: Walkthrough
    6.1: Paris 1
    6.2: Lochmare, Ireland
    6.3: Paris 2
    6.4: Marib, Syria
    6.5: Paris 3
    6.6: de Vasconcellos residence, Spain
    6.7: Paris 4
    6.8: de Vasconcellos residence, Spain 2
    6.9: Train
    6.10: Bannockburn Church, Britain
    Sec. 7: Item List
    Sec. 8: Thank You's and Copyright Information
    SECTION 1: FAQ Version Information
    -> VERSION 0.3
      7/15/03: Version 0.3 of this FAQ. I'm hoping to get the full
    FAQ/Item List/Character List and Bios sections completely done
    before this thing is submitted. :-) Even though a lot of the characters
    in the Character List and Bios sections are only seen for a brief period
    of time, I feel the need to at least give you a small description of them.
     7/18/03: Okay, I lied. I submitted it before it was done. v_v I do promise
    that I'll update it at half-way, though.
    -> VERSION 0.5
     7/18/03: Yes, two updates in one day. :P I just finished a huge
    conversation guide and I feel the need to celebrate. *pops open a bottle
    of $2 wine* I'm half-way through the guide now.
    -> VERSION 0.85
     7/19/03: Just did a spell check. Only 675 questionable words. ;-) Not as
    bad as it sounds, considerint all the names and French words. Almost
    done with this whole thing!
    -> VERSION 1.0
     7/20/03: Walkthrough: Done. Character List and Bio's: Done. Item List: Done.
    Well, looks like this things just about wrapped up. I'm suprised it only took me
    5 days.
    -> VERSION 1.1
     7/23/03: Fixed some errors in the returns and a few glitches.
    -> VERSION 1.2
    10/03/03: Got some great new bugs(oxymoron, I know) from some nice people through
    -> VERSION 1.22
    3/04/04: JustAdventure.com may use this guide if they wish.
    SECTION 2: Back Story and Information
    2.1: Back story
    George Stobbart was just another American tourist taking a vacation in
    lovely Paris, France. One day, he decided to partake in one of Parises
    many exotic cafes. As he was sipping his.. whatever he was drinking..
    he saw a man with a briefcase enter the cafe with the waitress. Shortly
    after, a clown wielding an accordion blaring funeral-esque music quickly
    entered the cafe. Seconds later, the clown runs out of the cafe,
    briefcase in hand.
    The cafe explodes, leaving the man who once owned the briefcase dead
    and the cafe itself in shambles. This is the beginning of George's adventure.
    2.2: General Information
    In case you hadn't figured it out yet, Broken Sword: The Shadow of the
    Templars is an adventure game. Unlike it's PSOne and PC counterparts,
    the point and click aspects have been eliminated for this Gameboy Advance
    version. In my opinion, it was a very good move because I think that point
    and click adventures are just easier and simply more fun on non-portable
    consoles and computers.
    The original Broken Sword came out in 1996. It was released for Playstation,
    PC and Mac. When it first came out it was known as "Circle of Blood" on the
    PC, probably because the producers thought that it was cooler sounding, but
    I don't think it is. I've seen a few copies that had the name
    Broken Sword, though. It was later ported to the Playstation and Mac, and of
    course, the Gameboy Advance as you probably know, since you're reading this
    guide. :-)
    Broken Sword follows the adventures of two fresh, different characters
    named George Stobbart and Nico Collard. Their adventures in the first
    game take them all around Paris. The original Broken Sword was in
    development for 2 years. I do not know how long they took to make this
    version, but I do know that they had to change a lot of things,
    noticeably the change from point and click to free-roaming and the
    removing of the voices for all the characters.
    Supposedly, the cart run for this game is still not done, so there might
    still be a chance that you could find this game at a Wal-Mart or Target.
    I got it at eBay, however.
    2.3: Controls
    A Button = Your main button. Use this button for selecting things.
    B Button = The cancel button. Also used to identify people/objects.
    Start    = Used to pause the game.
    D-Pad    = Used to move George around.
    R Button = Used to cycle through the hot-spots on the map.
    L Button = Brings up your inventory. Can also cycle through hot spots.
    Select   = No use.
    SECTION 3: Character List and Bios
    -> George Stobbart
    George is the main character in Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars.
    The always witty and intelligent George sometimes comes off as a little less
    smart than he really is. While vacationing in Paris and enjoying a drink at
    one of the many Parisian cafes, George is hurled into an adventure that
    would leave anyone green with envy. George has blond hair and is fairly tall.
    -> Nico Collard
    Nice is a freelance photo-journalist for a trashy gossip magazine in
    Paris. While going to get the story and a few shots of the explosion in
    the cafe, she meets George and agrees to let him help with the story.
    What she doesn't realize is that she will be getting involved in something
    much bigger and more important than she had ever anticipated. Nico has
    black hair and a slim build.
    -> The Clown
    After bombing the cafe, the clown made a hasty escape. No one knows who
    he is or what his motives were..
    -> Plantard
    The only time we see Plantard alive is when he's walking into the cafe
    at the beginning of the game. He was carrying something extremely important
    in a briefcase which was important enough for someone to kill for.
    -> Chantelle
    The waitress of the doomed cafe, she seemed to go unscathed except for
    being knocked unconscious. She also seems to have a taste for Brandy.
    After the explosion, Rosso gives her the run around.
    -> Inspector Rosso
    Rosso is an inspector for the Parisian police and is handling the cafe
    explosion case. He doesn't seem to be taking it too seriously though.
    He also believes in some sort of psychic power that he can use to get
    to the bottom of a case.
    -> Moue
    Always taking his job way too seriously, Sergeant Moue acts as a
    sidekick to Rosso. Both of them are put on the cafe explosion
    assignment. Moue always says good things about Rosso and think
    that his revolutionary methods might change the face of law
    enforcement forever.
    -> Flobbage
    Flobbage is the construction worker who is working right up from
    where the explosion occurred. He appears to enjoy gambling and
    works very hard.
    -> Albert
    An ex-army man who is now a concierge, Albert seems to know a
    thing or two about apprehending suspects and memorizing long
    numbers. Although he can be a little gullible..
    -> Fleur
    A fortune teller and a flower saleswoman, Fleur operates her business
    on the opposite side of the apartment building where she lives.
    Fleur is a kind old business lady who will answer any questions you have.
    -> Claude
    Claude is the owner of the costume shop where the killer rented his
    clown costume. He seems to be somewhat of a practical joker and obviously
    likes to dress up in costumes(he does own a shop for them after all).
    -> Todryk
    The owner of a tailor shop somewhere in Paris. He doesn't have the best
    grammar in the world but will let you know what you need to know with
    no actual hassle.
    -> Flap
    Gangster #1. Flap is short and fat and seems fairly uneducated. He
    also likes slapstick comedy.
    -> Guido
    Gangster #2. Guido is noticeably more intelligent than his partner
    in crime, Guido, and much more convincing. He also seems to know how
    to keep healthy, unlike Guido.
    -> Piermont
    Piermont is a blue-blooded Englishwoman in Paris but refreshingly
    unstuffy and friendly. She's staying in Paris because her husband had
    passed away and she needed to get away. She will be more than willing
    to help you with whatever you need.
    -> Ostvald
    Ostvald is a Nobel Peace Prize winner from some unpronounceable
    European country who's picture you saw in that magazine you found
    at the beginning of the game. he's staying at the Hotel Ubu. Khan
    is apparently an enemy of his people.
    -> Hotel Ubu Clerk
    The clerk at the Hotel Ubu is very strict and refuses to do anything
    for you. He seems to stick to the rules a lot and makes some pretty
    obvious lies as well.
    -> Thomas Moerlin
    Piermonts boyfriend.
    -> Khan
    A killer who likes to dress up in costumes as to not give away his
    identity. Not afraid to kill anyone and make himself known. Plays a
    fairly large role in the game.
    -> Goinfre
    The head custodian of the Crone Museum, Goinfre always wanted to be
    a professor of history but never got the chance to get the right
    education for the job. He seems to take pride in people mistaking him
    for Andre Lobineau, though.
    -> Maguire
    This young boy hangs out outside of the pub next to Lochmare Castle.
    Obviously suffering from teen angst, Maguire tries his best to look
    like a punk. His whole image seems to be shattered once he sees
    something during the game and acts like a hysteric, though.
    (No, I'm not talking about that)
    -> Sean Fitzgerald
    Seen in the pub in Lochmare, Fitzy(as he is known by some) seems
    to be trying to hide something important.
    -> O'Brien
    Probably the most intelligent person to ever be in Lochmare besides
    Professor Peagram, O'Brien seems to know what he's talking about
    and is chock full of information. He also helps out Doyle once in
    a while by telling him things he should know.
    -> Doyle
    Found in the pub next to O'Brien, Doyle is the kind of person whom
    you wouldn't expect to see at an archaeological dig, for obvious
    reasons. Chances are he simply lives in Lochmare.
    -> Ron
    The demented man who sit's in the corner of the pub in Lochmare
    making snares for his lovelies. The only good thing about this
    guy is that you can steal the snare he made from right under his
     nose without him noticing. Idiot.
    -> Mr. Leary
    The owner of the pub in Lochmare, Mr. Leary seems like a nice enough
    guy and is willing to give you a free pint of ale or two(I'm guessing
    it's free since it seems George never has any money on him).
    -> Farmer
    This is Sean Fitzgeralds uncle. He doesn't seem to care much about
    Sean though. I guess building a faulty hay stack is enough to crush
    family bonds for this guy.
    -> Felix
    A doctor who works in the Hagenmeyer Clinic. Seems to be very strict
    and by the rules.
    -> Elsa
    The receptionist at the Hagenmeyer Clinic. Despises Nurse Grendel
    because she doesn't get as much as her.
    -> Nurse Grendel
    Works at ward J-2. Nurse Grendel is a kind woman who runs her section
    of the clinic efficiently and nicely. She doesn't seem to notice that
    George isn't a doctor though, which is a little strange.
    -> Sam
    Sam is the janitor in the Hagenmeyer Clinic. Despite being extremely
    friendly, he gets a little emotional when someone calls his best friend
    Mr. Shiny an it. The rest of the staff thinks he's twisted but he doesn't
    -> Mr. Shiny
    Sams best friend. Can always be seen cleaning the floors of the
    Hagenmeyer Clinic.
    -> Eric
    This annoying man has been at the hospital for over 3 months with some
    debilitating disease that doesn't seem to be affecting him at all.
    -> Jacques Marquet
    No one really knows who he was or what he was about..
    -> Benoir / Bunny
    A newbie in the medical field, Bunny as he is affectionately called,
    seems to be more experienced than he is made out to be.
    -> Clown
    He's a clown that performs in front of the church in Paris.  Seems
    to take pride in his profession.
    -> The crowd
    They're a crowd.
    -> Grand Master
    He's the leader of the new wave of Templars. He takes his role very
    seriously and doesn't like anyone doing anything that gets in the
    -> Eklund
    Member of the new group of Templars. Very critical of a certain members
    handling of the groups budget.
    -> Klausner
    A man that the new group of Templars sent to Marib.
    -> Nejo
    An extremely intelligent boy you meet in Marib. He knows four languages but
    hasn't had a day of formal education at a school. Speaks just as good
    of english as you.
    -> Duane Henderson
    A tourist from Akron, Ohio in Marib, Syria. Both him and his wife are trying
    to see ancient ruins and buy rare antiquities. Isn't the most mentally
    stable person in the world.
    -> Pearl Henderson
    Duane's wife, her husband and her run a greeting card company out of Akron,
    Ohio. Is more intelligent than you'd think from talking to her.
    -> Arto
    The depressed-looking man selling kebabs at the kebab stand in Marib.
    Knows very limited english and apparently hasn't learned what the word
    'no' means yet.
    -> Owner of Club Alamut (anyone know what his name is?)
    The owner of the Club Alamut can't talk because of a bet that he.. won.
    He had to have his tounge cut out. Because of this, he really doesn't
    talk at all, but somehow Ultar can read his body language really well.
    -> Lopez
    The Countess's gardener. He tries to shut her out from everything in
    the outside world and does a good job of it.
    -> The Countess
    The last in the line of the de Vasconcellos line, she's determined to not
    let anyone in to see her ever. Right now she seems tucked away and doesn't
    seem like the nicest person around, but that will change with time.
    -> Priest
    The priest of the church above Montfaucon. Has a knack for polishing old
    tarnished valuables.
    -> Gendarme outside church
    A huge slacker who never wants to do his job. Simply sits at the patio
    of a cafe all day and sips drinks.
    -> Painter
    On an eternal break, the Painter doesn't seem to mind what's going on
    beneath him as long as he's getting paid.
    -> Guard
    Guards the door under the Institut. Not very good at being evasive.
    -> Old Rich Woman
    She's old, she's rich, and she's a woman. I think.
    -> Vail
    The conductor. He takes your ticket.
    -> Basher
    A drunk referee is probably the best way to describe this guy. He's riding with
    nameless friend to some nameless place.
    -> Basher's passed-out friend
    He's passed out.
    SECTION 4: Advice on Playing
    Here are a few tips on playing Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars:
    1. Always use the R button to cycle through the different hot-spots on the
    screen, in case you cant find one.
    2. If you cant seem to figure out what to do and don't want to look at the
    walkthrough, try combining items. There are at least 2 instances in the game
    where you have to do this.
    3. If you're stuck and you've tried combining things, simply look to see if
    there's an item that seems to have a logical use somewhere on the screen.
    Sometimes, though, the item that has to be used might not be the first
    thing that comes to your mind, so you should always try to use all of
    your items on whichever important hot spot(s) you might find.
    SECTION 5: Bugs and Glitches
    In case you didn't know already, there are a few really devastating
    glitches found in this game. Devastating as in restarting your game
    devastating. One of them happened to me and I want to make sure they don't
    happen to you. Ill list them here and in the walkthrough so you make sure
    you don't have to start your game over.
    I think I may of discovered why there were so many of these horrible
    glitches in the game. As I was watching the credit, I looked at the
    names of the testers. It turns out that Charles Cecil (the creator of
    the game) had 2 family members and two other people test the game.
    If Cecil would have had 4 professional game testers, we might not have
    these glitches. But, who knows. For all I know, his family members
    could be professional testers themselves. I doubt it though.
    5.1: The Syria/Spain Glitch
    The Syria/Spain glitch occurs when you go to Spain before Syria. This is
    the glitch that happened to me. Because I hadn't gone through the events
    for Syria to pop up on the Europe map but I had done what was necessary
    for Spain to, I simply decided to go to Spain first. Big mistake. After
    you get the chalice from the Countess the priest will NOT be in the
    church to clean it off for you. Because he isn't here, you will have
    to either restart your game or load a save where you hadn't gone to Spain
    5.2: The Lochmare Plaster Glitch.
    This glitch occurs in the Lochmare Castle. It is possible to not use the
    plaster in the finger indentations in the ground to make the mold.
    All you have to do is use the water in the towel on the holes and viola!
    A perfect mold. Of course, since you need the plaster later, this will
    make you need to restart your game from scratch. Sorry.
    5.3: The Lochmare Castle Bug (Thanks to Natasha at tomiko@t-online.de for 
    this one!)
    This bug occurs after the goat gets caught. You simply can't go down into
    the archaeoligical area. It's a very random bug that you can't really
    5.4: The Syrian Cat Bug (Thanks to Matt Donnelley at mdonnelley@yahoo.com 
    for this one!)
    This bug is similar to the Lochmare Castle bug in the fact that it's very
    random and can't really be prevented. It happens when you're supposed to
    make the cat jump onto the shelf and knoock down the statue. There isn't
    an option to ring the bell.
    Know any more glitches? Feel free to e-mail me at estoy_muy_loco@yahoo.com
    SECTION 6: Walkthrough
    Paris in the Fall.
    The city holds many memories for me: of cafes, of music, of love...
    and of death.
    6.1: PARIS 1
    You will first be treated to a few stills of the high-quality animation found
    in the Playstation and PC originals. Ouch! Hope you didn't get hurt, George.
    And who was that clown? And what was in that briefcase?
    Life went on around me, but the explosion was to change my life forever.
    As soon as you have control of George, pick up the newspaper by the street
    light. You can inspect the table and the broken window if you want. As soon
     as you're done, head into the wreckage of the cafe.
    Search the dead mans pockets (Oh George you sick, sick man.. stealing
    from the dead..) but you'll find nothing. Talk to the shaken up waitress,
    Chantelle. Chantelle will ask you if you're a doctor, but it doesn't
    matter if you say yes or no. Shell also as you for a shot of brandy.
    Once again, do what you wish. Chantelle sure is the inquisitive one,
    because shell also ask you if the man is dead or not. You should probably
    tell her the truth on this one. Finally, you get to ask her a few questions.
    You can ask her about what the dead man was doing when he came in, about
    the clown, about the scribbled note on the newspaper, and finally,
    if Chantelle saw what was in the old mans briefcase that the clown stole.
    George will now have to look for evidence. Leave the cafe and go up the
    street to where you can see a construction worker working. Moue, a
    police officer, will stop you dead in your tracks and pull a gun on you!
    There's a pretty funny joke here. Here it is, in case you missed it.
    George: Don't shoot! I'm innocent! I'm American!
    Moue: Can't make up your mind, huh?
    Hey, I'm American, and I think it's funny. Rosso, the head inspector, will
    come up and tell Sergeant Moue to put his gun away. Now Rosso will ask you
    a few questions. Rosso will ask you if you saw the deceased enter the cafe.
    It doesn't matter what you say, because George will suddenly remember
    seeing a clown come in. Being the lazy bastard he is, Rosso will simply
    give you his card and tell you that you're in no real danger.
    You'll find yourself outside the cafe again, and look who it is! it's Nico!
    Go up to her and get acquainted. Nico will make note that you're an
    American, and wont bother to ask you if you're okay after the bomb blast.
    Nico tells you that she's from La Liberte, a newspaper and that she is a
    freelance photo-journalist.
    Now you can start asking her some questions. Turns out she knows a little
    something about the clown, but doesn't want to bother telling George right
    now because it's a long story. She also tells us the name of the dead
    man in the cafe, Plantard. Plantard wanted to meet Nico at the cafe because
    he had a really good story for her, but I guess well never know now. After
    a little more talking, Nico gives you her phone number so you can keep in
    touch with her about the case. Just keep in mind that it's
    strictly business. ;-) Nico will leave to develop some pictures, leaving
    you to go do some stuff on your own.
    You can now talk to Moue again who is standing in the cafes doorway,
    but it isn't necessary. After you've talked to him, go up and talk to
    the construction worker, Flobbage. Give him your newspaper and he'll
    leave to go put a bet on a racing horse. He'll give you exclusive rights
    to use whatevers in his tool-box. Just what you need! A tool for lifting
    man-hole covers(not as ridiculous as you might imagine)! You can also use
    the heavy telephone to call up Nico, but since you haven't exactly found
    anything of importance yet, the phone call isn't necessary. You can try
    and get into the huge door next to the construction site, but it's
    securely locked.
    Now that you have the manhole cover remover, lets go remove a
    manhole cover! Go back to where the explosion was and take a right. You
    should find an alley. You can try to climb the drainpipe, but it wont
    work. Taking off the lid on the first trash can will result in a foul
    odor filling your nostrils. If you take off the second trash cans lid,
    you might get spooked by the black cat that comes flying out of it(I did).
    Okay, enough fooling around. Get next to the manhole and use the manhole
    cover remover.
    ()x[{:::> Parisian Sewers
    Now you're in those smelly Parisian sewers(where are all those rats
    you hear about, anyway? And shouldn't George be making a joke about
    them right about now?). You should see a small red dot up ahead. Pick
    it up, and lo and behold, it's the clowns nose! Now you know how he
    made his escape.
    Head up to the next screen to find yet another item the clown left
    behind, a soggy tissue. There is a piece of material snagged on the..
    whatever that is.. After you have the material, climb up the ladder.
    ()x[{:::> Alberts House
    Turns out there's a manhole inside that building that you couldn't
    get into earlier. Albert, obviously the man who lives there, is
    unfortunately standing right next to the manhole and sees you coming
    up it. He'll ask you what you were looking for, and go ahead and
    choose whichever you want. A little white lie never hurt anyone,
    so show him your police card. Albert will be more than happy to
    believe that you are an inspector. Now he will start telling you
    what you wanted to know in the first place.
    Show him the piece of cloth that you found in the sewers. He has
    the jacket, but he sent it to a tailor named Todryk. Even though
    you don't expect him to remember the mans number, just your luck,
    it turns out that Albert learned a little mind-trick when he was
    in the desert that allows him to remember many numbers at once.
    After you've talked about the important things, George will
    automatically leave. Use Flobbages telephone to call up Todryk,
    which will result in a rather confusing conversation.. Turns out
    Todryk knows nothing. Yeah, right.  Now walk to the right and
    leave that way. Now you're on the Paris city-map.
    Go to the dot to the south. it's the police station. You can
    talk to Grendamere, the officer standing at the front desk, but
    the conversation wont yield anything of real importance.
    Now go over to the telephone and call up Nico. After a little bit
    of chat, she'll suggest you come over to her apartment. Do that
    next, of course.
    Exit the police station and return to the city map. Nicos
    apartment is right next to the station.
    ()x[{:::> Apartment Complex
    Now you're at the apartment building where Nico lives. Go up to
    the door. Huh? it's locked! Well, might as well go talk to the
    nice lady selling flowers across the street. Turns out Fleur
    is also a fortune teller and a good one at that. Talk to her
    about Nico and she will tell you how to get in.
    ()x[{:::> Nicos Apartment
    Now you're in Nicos apartment. Not too shabby. From the way
    Fleur was talking, you would think that it was going to be a dump!
    you'll be coming back here many times in the game, so get used to it.
    Hmm.. Nico thinks that the killings are a conspiracy and that
    multiple murders around the world are all linked together to one
    demented man who likes to play dress-up. Sounds pretty good to me.
    There will be yet another new dot on the city map for you to go
    to. This time, it's up in the north of the city.
    ()x[{:::> Costume Shop
    It's the costume shop where you suspect the killer got his clown
    outfit. Surprisingly Claude, the stores owner, recognizes the man
    in the photograph. He also tells you that the substance on that
    tissue you got in the sewers is actually Bestheimers number seven,
    white pancake. A flavor of greasepaint. Claude also tells you that
    the man in the photo was there this morning and checked out two
    costumes, one of which just happens to be a clown costume. He gave
    his name as Khan.
    Claude has a trick up his sleeve before you go. He asks to shake your
    hand and gets you with one of those buzzers that shocks you. Since it
    upset George so much, he decides to give it to you. Just make sure
    you turn it off before visiting the toilet. Next to the counter
    there's a phonograph that you can crank to make some music if you're
    bored. When you're done talking to him, leave and the dot will turn
    gray on the city map, meaning you can't go back.
    ()x[{:::> Police Station
    Head back to the police station. Sergeant Moue will be at the counter
    now instead of the other gendarme. Inspector Rosso is also in, so
    ask to talk to him. After a bit of idle chit-chat, Rosso informs you
    that investigations on the cafe bombing have been closed and that
    he has been taken off the case. When you tell him that you're going
    to investigate the case yourself, he seems to get a little excited
    and yells at you to forget the business of the clown, oddly. As soon
    as you're done gabbing with Rosso, you can talk to Moue again.
    Now that all of that is over and done with, go to the phone and call
    up Todryk again. Since you know about the man named Khan now, Todryk
    seems to remember delivering his suit to his hotel, Hotel Ubu.
    Now you finally have some solid information on this Khan character.
    Head back to the city map and go to the new dot found in the
    southeast of the city.
    ()x[{:::> Hotel Ubu
    The first thing you'll notice is that there are two shady looking
    characters standing outside the hotel. Their names are Flap and Guido
    and they're gangsters. When you ask them about Khan and the clown,
    they answer your questions rather unconvincingly. After you're done
    talking to them, enter the hotel.
    you'll notice some rather nice piano music playing. Go talk to the
    pianist, Piermont. For a second she'll take something you say out of
    context. Turns out Ms. Piermont is a real life aristocrat with a
    family tree that goes back to the Normans. Poor Piermont. The only
    reason she's stayed in Paris is because a man named Moerlin has
    wooed her into love. Turns out, though, that Moerlin is actually
    Khan. This will make Piermont more than happy to help you catch Khan.
    Talk to the clerk. He will blatantly lie to you about Khan being
    in the vicinity and wont be much help for now.
    If you try and take the key to one of the rooms upstairs,
    the clerk will, of course, catch you and stop you. Now you need
    to go upstairs and try to get into either of the rooms. One of
    them is Khans and the other is currently vacant.
    Go back downstairs and talk to the clerk again and ask about the
    key. Turns out that room 21 is vacant, but you can't check in
    because some other guests have reserved it already.
    So, of course, go talk to your new best friend Piermont and ask
    her for her help in getting the key to room 21. She agrees to
    distract the clerk while you snatch the key. Yay! Watch the
    scene and make sure you pick up the key before he comes back.
    Go upstairs and use the key on room 21. You can open the wardrobe
    but all you'll get is a small whiff of camphor. There's a phone
    by the bed but Nico isn't home. Finally, there's a small cabinet
    next to the bed which, while also being empty, smells like onions..
    When you're done checking out the room, open up the window and
    climb out onto the (very small) ledge.
    Thankfully, Khan left the window in his room open. Go in and check
    the cabinet by his bed. Nothing. Guess he was too smart to simply
    leave stuff laying around. If you check the bed you'll find the beat
    up briefcase that Plantard once owned. Sadly, it's empty as well
    (are we ever going to find something?). Finally, check Khans wardrobe.
    you'll search his pants, but yet again, find nothing. Now, try to leave.
    it's Khan, and he looks.. unsuspecting! George will automatically
    hide in the wardrobe. Of course, the first place Khan goes is the
    wardrobe. Khan will make a quick change of outfit(giving George a
    really strange expression on his face. Not sure if he liked it or
    not! ;)) Thankfully, Khan wont notice you hiding. Now there's
    another pair of pants on the bed, joy! Search the pants. Finally,
    items! The first item is a matchbook and the second item is a
    pass card for an electrician named Thomas Moerlin(one of his
    aliases in case you forgot). Head back downstairs to the main room.
    Now that you have proof that you are, indeed, Thomas Moerlin,
    you can check out what Khan left in the hotels safe.. or not.
    The clerk will still not agree to show you what Khan has. So, of
    course, go back to your best friend Piermont and ask her for a
    little help again. She'll be more than happy to oblige. She takes
    charge and pretty much owns the clerk. Piermont makes it clear
    that she really enjoys herself when she does things like this. The
    clerk will come back with what Khan was willing to kill for.
    Before you leave, talk to Ostvald and show him the manuscript. He
    seems to know what it is and tells you that you're in great danger.
    Being the know it all he literally is, he tells you to put it back
    and leave here. This would be good advice, but you really need this
    manuscript. Okay, you're ready to leave, right? WRONG.
    If you leave the hotel, the gangsters will frisk you and find the
    manuscript on you. If they find it on you, you'll be taking a dirt
    nap instead of continuing on the adventure. So, go back upstairs
    and into the vacant room once again. Climb back out onto the
    ledge and drop the manuscript onto the ground from there. Go
    back outside and after you get frisked, go into the ally and
    pick it up. you'll automatically go back to Nicos.
    ()x[{:::> Nicos Apartment
    Now you're back at Nicos. Immediately show her the manuscript.
    you'll want to take the time to inspect each of the six sections
    of it. Also, you can talk to Nico about her most recent relationship.
    After you've exhausted all of the talk subjects, Nico and George will
    admit that they don't have much to go on. So, she suggests you go see
    a professor of history Nico knows, Andre Lobineau. He works at the
    Crune Museum and thats where you'll be going next.
    ()x[{:::> Crune Museum
    Wheres Andre? Who cares! Talk to the deputy custodian Goinfre
    about the templars and the manuscript to reveal how much this
    guy knows about anything. Inspect the tripod in the center of
    the museum (look familiar?) to discover where the tripod was really found.
    You can try and move the curtain on the window but Goinfre will
    immediately go over and shut it. You can also try to go into the
    sarcophagus in the corner but he'll stop you from doing that too. Finally,
    you can get a little amusement out of pushing the totem pole back and
    forth if you want. When you're done fooling around, head back to the
    city map.
    Hopefully you've noticed the arrow that has popped up in the top-right
    corner of the map. This arrow allows you to leave Paris to go wherever
    else in Europe you need to go. Go to it and walk to Ireland.
    6.2: Lochmare, Ireland
    The first thing you'll notice in Ireland is the small boy sitting to the
    next of the pub. Go ahead and talk to him for some less than insightful
    information. Tugging at the plastic cover and trying to open the grate
    both result in less than desired results, so go ahead and enter the
    pub before checking out the castle.
    There are five people here for you to talk to. Go ahead and talk to
    them in no particular order. Sean Fitzgerald is sitting at the small
    table by himself. You can ask him about the castle but he really
    doesn't seem to know much about it.
    Next, there's the two gentlemen sitting at the bar obviously enjoying
    a few beers. The one on the left is named O'Brien and will give you
    some useful information about Professor Peagram. Doyle is the name
    of the man next to him. it's immediately obvious that he isn't as
    knowledgeable as his friend and wont give you as good of information
    as O'Brien.
    Behind the bar is the owner of said establishment, Mr. Leary. He says
    a pretty funny thing to George when you first talk to him, so make
    sure you don't miss it. Go ahead and ask for a pint o ale, it wont
    do anything to you.
    Finally, in the right corner is a man named Ron. At first, he comes
    off as extremely deranged but that changes later.. slightly. When
    you're done talking to this weirdo, take his necklace. Then, take
    the towel that sitting on the end of the bar.
    Now, talk to Fitzgerald again. He'll find the fact that you thought
    he worked on Peagram's dig to be funny. Go outside and talk to Maguire.
    He'll tell you that he saw Sean working on the dig.
    Talk to Fitzy yet again. He'll call Maguire a little liar and
    stick to his story that he never did anything there. Go talk to
    Doyle now. Guess he needs a little bribing before he'll talk, so
    buy him a beer. NOW he can remember. Now that we know the truth,
    talk to Sean once again.
    After Sean spills his guts on Peagram, the package, and Jacques Marquet,
    he'll run out the door. Screeeeeeeech....
    Looks like the driver was dressed like a leprechaun. Can we guess who
    it was?
    Well look what we have here. The car knocked the cover off of
    the switch outside the pub! George will push the button in the down
    position, but at the same time the switch will bust off into his hand.
    Go inside and ask Mr. Leary for a bit o ale. Turns out you switch the
    beer pumps off and the dish washer. Good thing you're an electrician
    named Thomas Moerlin! Use the rabbit snare you got from that psycho Ron
    and replace the fuse with it. Now you'll need to work on the beer pumps
    Man, it's dark down here! If you can't find the lever, use the R button.
    it's right at the edge of the small bit of light in the room.
    Go back upstairs and out of the pub. Try opening the trap door. Yep, thats
    what the lever was for.
    Uh-oh.. Who's that? ... eek! it's Khan! Of course, George being the smooth
    talker he is, is able to convince Khan that he didn't see anything. Which
    just happens to be the truth. But he's also able to convince him that Maguire
    didn't see anything.
    Go back in the pub and go downstairs again. Ahh, much better! Hey, what's that
    sparkling thing on the ground right under the trap door? Could it be the
    contents of the package that flung out of Seans hands as he was hit
    by the Ferrari? Yes, it is! Peagram's gem! Maguire will stick his head down in
    the hole and talk to you a bit. George tells him to keep his big mouth shut
    about this, just in case Khan decides to talk to him a bit himself.
    Turn on the faucet and put the towel you got upstairs under it to make... a wet
    towel! Amazing! Leave the faucet on for Leary to turn off. No reason bothering
    to help that old coot.
    Now, go outside and go to Lochmare Castle(the path is to the right of the pub)
    and talk to the man sitting on the giant stack of hay barrels. Tell him you'll
    guard his hay stack for him and he'll leave for MacDevitts pub. You can now
    climb the hay stack. Go ahead and do that.
    At the top of the hay stack you'll have a bit of a problem getting over the
    wall. So, use your trusty manhole cover remover you got in Paris to carve out
    the space between two mortars. You can now climb over the wall!
    Err.. why is there a goat in here? If you get too close, he'll ram you, so
    you'll have to find a way to get around him. Go over to the old broken piece
    of plow and move it. The goat will ram you again, but this time his rope will
    get tangled up in the old plow. Now you can climb down the stairs into the
    archaeological dig.
    Make SURE you take the plaster of Paris! If you don't you'll
    have to restart your game! After you have it, push over the statue on
    the ground. Pick it up again and put the plaster in the finger-holes
    that it made. Now sprinkle some water from the soaked towel into
    the plaster-filled holes. The plaster will absorb the water
    quickly. Pick up the mold and put it in the five hole socket
    on the wall. The door will open. you'll be back at Nicos after
    a tiny cinematic.
    6.3: Paris 2
    After chatting it up a bit with Nico again, head out to the police
    station. don't bother going to the museum, Andre isn't there yet.
    Go to the police station and talk to Moue who's standing at the counter.
    He'll tell you that Jacques Marquet is hospitalized at the Hagenmeyer Clinic.
    You know where to go.
    ()x[{:::> Hagenmeyer Clinic
    Try opening the door to the ambulance. Looks like George has
    Enter the clinic. Talk to Felix, the doctor standing right in
    front of the door.He wont have much to talk about, so speak
    to Elsa the receptionist sitting behind the desk. Show her
    Khans old electrician card and she'll tell you that Marquet has
    been asking for you! What are the odds. Turns out Marquet is
    on J-2, which happens to be the ward occupied by the evil
    Nurse Grendel! What are the odds. (:-P) She's really not a mean
    woman, Elsa is just jealous because she isn't getting as much
    of the good stuff as her.
    Go down the hall to the north. you'll come across a janitor polishing
    the floors of the hallway. His name is Sam and the polishing machine is named
    Mr. Shiny. You can ask him some questions about Jacques Marquet and Mr.
    Shiny. As soon as you're done, go down into ward J-2. Grendel will
    immediately recognize you and tell you that visitors hours are over.
    George will plead saying that he's come all the way from California, but she
    wont care and will tell you to speak to the doctor.
    Go back to where Sam and Mr. Shiny are. Try to open the closet
    next to them. Sam will stop you and says that the contents of that
    cupboard are his responsibility. The only way to make him forget
    about one responsibility is to mess with another, so go down the
    other hallway and un-plug Mr. Shiny. Quickly go and take the doctors
    robe out of the closet. Viola! Instant doctor!
    Head back to J-2. Nurse Grendel will somehow not recognize you
    from before and will tell you that the patients are ready for
    their inspection. She'll give you a device for measuring the
    patients blood pressure. You can also ask her about Marquet.
    Turns out he's in the exclusive room at the end of the hall. Try to go
    over there but a noisy patient named Eric will stop you, begging
    to get his blood pressure checked.
    Being the fake doctor that George is, he wont do it
    correctly and you can't get past Eric until you successfully check his
    blood pressure. Go back to the main entrance and talk to Felix again.
    It just happens that Felixs nephew Bunny (thats a nick-name, thank God)
    recently graduated from medical school and needs to get a look around.
    Now Bunny will start fooling around.
    (Note: On my third way through this game, I discovered a
    glitch I hadn't seen the first two times. It seems that Bunny doesn't
    want to follow me around at all now. Even though he doesn't follow me
    around though, he does appear behind you after a while as soon as you've
    entered a different place. It shouldn't be too big of a problem if you
    experience it though.)
    Go back to J-2. Give Bunny the blood pressure gauge and then tell him
    to use it on Eric. While he's doing that go over to the room that
    Jacques Marquet is staying in.
    Talk to the guard. Turns out Marquet has anthrax. Ironic, eh? As soon as you
    enter Marquets room George will automatically start talking to Marquet.
    Marquet says some weird things, and then tells you that he has mistaken
    you for a Hashshashin.  Plus, he wants you to deliver Peagram's gem to
    the grand master and tell him that he's found the tripod right here
    in Paris! After talking about a man named Klausner who's gone on a
    wild goose chase to Syria, another doctor named Braille will enter
    the room and tell George that Marquet has had enough excitement for
    the day. He then makes you leave because you're not supposed to be there(duh).
    When you leave the room, Bunny will return your blood pressure gauge. He will
    then hear a noise coming from the room that Marquet was staying in.
    you'll watch Marquets heartbeat on a machine. Guess what happens? Yep.
    The doors locked too! The Gendarme blasts the door opens but it's too
    late. you'll be back at Nicos now.
    ()x[{:::> Nicos Apartment
    you'll talk with Nico about Marquets assassination and will come to the
    conclusion that it wasn't Khan who was playing dress-up this time(although
    I bet he wishes it could of been). Leave for the city map.
    ()x[{:::> Crune Museum
    Finally, Andre Lobineau will be in the museum. When you arrive, Goinfre
    will inform you that you've come at a very late time and the museum will
    be closing soon(don't worry, the museum wont close no matter how long you
    wander around). Of course, the first thing you should do is talk to Andre.
    Andre is a really smart guy and answers all of your questions in excruciating
    detail. He'll tell you about the Hashshashin, Montfaucon, The Knights Templar,
    and your manuscript. you'll tell him about how you heard some goons
    planning to steal the tripod, but he'll shrug it off because he thinks
    the security system on the thing is so great.
    Since you know what's going to happen to the tripod, you'd better find a way
    to stay in the museum after it's closed. The sarcophagus in the corner seems
    like a good hiding place, don't you think?
    Go over to the left corner of the museum. There should be a hot-spot
    that moves the shade covering one of the top windows. You need to wait for
    Goinfre to be looking the other way on the opposite side of the room to do
    it or he'll notice what you're doing and stop you. you'll have to go to
    the sarcophagus quickly or else you won be able to get in it in time.
    Once you're in it, Goinfre will alert Lobineau that it's closing time
    and they'll both leave.
    it's the middle of the night and look who showed up! Flap and Guido are
    here to take the tripod. If you don't immediately push A on the hot-spot,
    you're dead. So, George will immediately hide behind the totem-pole and
    attempt to push it on the gangsters. If you tried to open the doors to
    the Lochmare Castle, you'll know why he couldn't. After someone else
    drops down from the ceiling and gets the tripod, pretty much everyone
    ends up being the loser.. or do they? you'll be back at Nicos apartment.
    ()x[{:::> Nicos Apartment
    Wow! Nico sure is cool. Too bad nothing happened when you put them together..
    Head to the city map and go to the newest dot on the map. The gendarme
    sitting at the cafe patio says some funny stuff, so you should talk
    to him. As soon as you're done, talk to the clown and try to juggle.
    Harder than it looks, eh?
    Talk to the gendarme sitting at the patio. He'll tell you that your act
    could of still been funny if you were an actual clown(I guess a clown that
    doesn't know how to juggle can still be funny!) Try to juggle a second
    time, except this time put on the clown nose. The crowd will go wild and
    the clown will go storming off, forgetting one of his balls. Of course,
    George being the klepto he is, decides to take it instead of running up
    to the clown to give it back.
    After the show, the gendarme will decide to actually do some policing
    for a change, giving you an opportunity to pry off that man-hole and
    go sewer diving. I wonder what the crowd thinks of that?
    ()x[{:::> Catacombs (Montfaucon)
    Not quite what you expected, huh? Cross the crude bridge. Up north is
    something I can't quite identify. You can definitely beat the game without
    entering the door... If you press the B button on it a few times, George
    will admire the door, then discover a keyhole in the middle of the skull.
    If I could only find the key... It is interesting, nonetheless.
    When you're done trying to open that mysterious door, go back to where you
    came from and inspect the boat, the wire connected to the boat, and the
    three arches. One of the arches is in much worse condition than the other
    two.. I wonder why?
    Use your ever-useful manhole cover remover for a little destruction on
    that beat-up door thingy. Hmm... there's a mechanism inside the door..
    Press it, and the door will open ever so slightly.
    Pick up the hook from the pile of wire. George will automatically put it
    on the jammed door and use the wheel on the boat.
    ()x[{:::> Hidden Room
    What's this? Go up ahead and click on the magnifying glass icon that pops
    up on the small piece of light coming out of the hole in the wall.
    What the hell is this?! A bunch of people you've never seen before, talking
    about something you were never meant to hear. Coolies! Wait.. there is ONE
    person you've seen before.. Bet you weren't expecting that.
    George will take a brief second to realize what he's seeing, and then go
    back to eavesdropping on them.
    Whoops. Looks like there's 2 people here you know. Eek.
    After everything is said, the group goes off in a small boat down a
    canal. Go down to where they were and inspect what they were standing on,
    the stump in the center, and the canal they went down. Looks like George
    isn't up for a dip, so place the tripod on the stump and place Peagram's
    gem on the tripod. Pretty.
    ()x[{:::> Nico's Apartment
    George will excitingly tell Nico about how he actually saw the Templars.
    You'll tell her about the startling discover of the Neo-Templars who
    are out to stop those Templars that were in that room in the catacombs.
    Nico will tell you that Marib is a village in Syria. Guess where your next
    destination is? Syria should be on the world map now.
    6.4: Marib, Syria
    When you first arrive at Syria, talk to Nejo(the boy standing at the shop
    where you first arrived), Duane and his wife and the kebab seller. Then,
    head to the right of the marketplace and enter the next area. There will
    be a man selling some really beautiful rugs. Show him that old pack
    of matches that you got out of Khan's pockets and he'll move one of
    his rugs, revealing an entrance to the place described on said matchbook.
    Welcome to Club Alamut, the most exclusive club in all of Marib(snicker).
    Talk to Ultar, the taxi driver. Turns out you need fifty bucks to go
    see the Bull's Head. Darn. Go to the door to the right of the room.
    The manager won't let you in there and will tell you to read the sign,
    which just happens to be in Arabic. Ask Ultar what the sign says and he
    will tell you. Hmm. I guess the toilet brush was stolen..
    Go back out to the main marketplace and check out Arto's kebab stand.
    Go talk to Nejo again. Turns out he might be willing to help you get
    Arto's 'basting brush' back, but he needs a bit of convincing.
    Remember what you had in your possession that Nejo wanted so badly?
    Yep, you're going to have to give him the ball you got from the
    juggler for him to help you get the brush back. A pretty fair
    deal, right? Nejo will tell you a little phrase in Arabic to
    tell to Arto that will convince him to give you the brush.
    Go over to Arto and say the phrase to him. AAAAHHH!!!
    That rat Nejo! Go over to him and ask him why he would do a thing
    like that, especially after you gave him something that he so
    dearly wanted. Hmm, looks like Nejo is even smarter than we thought.
    Now that you have your brush, go show it to the owner of Club Alamut.
    He'll give you the key to the bathroom and storm off to fix his brush.
    Enter the bathroom with the key. Open the towel dispenser with the key
    and 'borrow' the towel. After you have the towel, go over to the toilet
    and take the short length of chain hanging above the john. As soon as
    you have these two things, exit the bathroom and the club and go back
    to the main marketplace again.
    Now it's time to get those fifty dollars you need. Go over to Nejo's
    stand and pet the cat. Immediately after the cat has sat on the shelf,
    ding the bell to call Nejo's father out. If done correctly, the cat should
    get spooked and jump on the table, knocking off a small statuette.
    Think you can get fifty bucks with a broken statuette? Probably not. That's
    why were going to fix it up a bit. Dip the broken statuette into your
    Now that your broken statuette looks like an old antique statuette, show
    it to Duane. Usually you shouldn't try to fool a friend, but we'll make
    an exception this time.
    With your fifty dollars in hand, pay a visit to Ultar. He'll be more
    than happy to give you a ride in his 'taxi' now. George will put the
    keys to the toilet on the counter. Maybe he's beginning to recover from
    his kleptomania?
    Go talk to Ultar who's standing near the taxi. Hmm.. Seems the
    fan belt isn't working. Give him the towel and he'll fix it, giving you
    half of it back.
    ()x[{:::> Bull's Head Hill
    Now you'll be at Bull's Head Hill. Sounds kind of like something's going
    to happen, with that spooky music and all.
    Go over to the half-dead tree on the edge of that cliff and break off
    one of the branches. See that crack at the front of the cliff? Combine
    the stick you just got with the half of the towel that's still in your
    Use the Stobbart Stick-Towel with the crack and descend to the lower
    cliff. There will be a small niche in the wall up ahead slightly. Put
    your hand in the hole twice. George will pull the metal ring the second
    time, revealing a secret passageway.
    Enter the passageway. You'll find someone you never had the chance to meet.
    Feel free to make yourself acquainted now, though.
    After a little while, the door mechanism will start up again and the door
    will shut behind you.
    Examine the statue by Klausner. Remind you of anything you saw on the
    manuscript? Search Klausner to find a lens. At the end of the room is a
    plaque of sorts that has an inscription on it. Since George doesn't
    have a camera, note-pad or anything, he has to look at it for a while
    and try to memorize it.
    Crap! The mouth's opening! George will run to stop Ultar from coming in,
    This next part is very complex with a lot of different ways to die. I'll
    try to lay them all out here.
    ()x[{:::> Conversation with Khan.
    Code: S = Starting Question from Khan.
    1 = Option 1.
    2 = Option 2
    3 = Option 3
    S: Khan will ask you where Klausner is. The angel George and devil George
    pictures, of course, represent telling the truth and lieing.
    S-1: If you tell the truth for the first question, he'll take your word for
    it. The next question will be if he was carrying anything of importance.
    S-1-1: Telling the truth will result in George convincing Khan to not kill
    him.. for now. Khan will now ask you if there was anything else in the room.
    S-1-1-1: Telling the truth once again will result in Khan finding out where
    the Sword of Baphomet is. Your only choice is to die like a dog or man.
    S-1-1-1-1: Dieing like a dog results in you dieing like a dog.
    S-1-1-1-2: Dieing like a man results in Khan wanting to shake your hand.
    S-1-1-1-2-1: Simply shaking Khans hand results in your demise.
    S-1-1-1-2-2: If you choose to shake Khan's hand with the buzzer you received
    from Claude earlier in the game, you will get the chance to punch Khan.
    George will then jump for the truck and escape.
    S-1-1-1-2-3: Giving Khan the lens while shaking his hand will result in your
    demise as well.
    S-1-1-2: Telling a lie will result in George telling Khan about the plaque
    anyway. Die like a man or like a dog?
    S-1-1-2-1: Dieing like a dog means your demise.
    S-1-1-2-2: Dieing like a man will result in Khan shaking your hand.
    S-1-1-2-2-1: Simply shaking Khans hand will result in Khan shooting you.
    S-1-1-2-2-2: If you choose to shake Khan's hand with the buzzer you received
    from Claude earlier in the game, you will get the chance to punch Khan.
    George will then jump for the truck and escape.
    S-1-1-2-2-3: Shaking Khan's hand with the lens won't do any good. You are
    S-1-2: Lieing will result in him believing you. The next question will be if
    there was anything inside that room that was important.
    S-1-2-1: If you tell the truth, he will tell you that the plaque says where
    the Sword of Baphomet is. Now that he knows this, you are no
    longer needed. You may now choose to die like a man or a dog.
    S-1-2-1-1: If you choose to die like a dog, George will plead with him and
    tell him that he will give him money if he doesn't kill him. This will
    disgust the man and you will be shot.
    S-1-2-1-2: If you choose to die like a man he will ask to shake your hand.
    S-1-2-1-2-1: If you choose to simply shake Khan's hand, you will die.
    S-1-2-1-2-2: If you choose to shake Khan's hand with the buzzer you received
    from Claude earlier in the game, you will get the chance to punch Khan.
    George will then jump for the truck and escape.
    S-1-2-1-2-3: Giving Khan the lens won't help. You = dead.
    S-1-2-2: George will try to tell Khan that there's a treasure map in there.
    Khan won't fall for it and George will tell him about the plaque.
    You now have the choice of dieing like a dog or a man.
    S-1-2-2-1: George dies like a dog.
    S-1-2-2-2: Khan wants to shake your hand for being so honorable.
    S-1-2-2-2-1: George will shake Khan's hand and will be shot.
    S-1-2-2-2-2: If you choose to shake Khan's hand with the buzzer you received
    from Claude earlier in the game, you will get the chance to punch Khan.
    George will then jump for the truck and escape.
    S-1-2-2-2-3: Giving Khan the lens won't help.
    S-2: If you lie to this first question, he will remind you that he's been
    following your every move since you arrived in Marib.
    S-2-1: You've decided to tell the truth about Klausner. Now Khan will ask you
    if he was carrying anything important.
    S-2-1-1: Telling the truth will convince Khan to not kill you for now. He
    will ask you if there was anything else in the room
    S-2-1-1-1: You will tell Khan about the plaque. He will no longer need you,
    and will let you choose to die like a man or a dog.
    S-2-1-1-1-1: Dieing like a dog.. You'd think he'd have some euthanasia
    at least.
    S-2-1-1-1-2: Dieing like a man. Khan will respect that and want to shake
    your hand.
    S-2-1-1-1-2-1: Simply shaking his hand won't do any good. You're dead,
    S-2-1-1-1-2-2: If you choose to shake Khan's hand with the buzzer you received
    from Claude earlier in the game, you will get the chance to punch Khan.
    George will then jump for the truck and escape.
    S-2-1-1-1-2-3: Shaking his hand with the lens in it won't do anything.
    You're fresh meat for the buzzards.
    S-2-1-1-2: You will try to tell Khan that there's a treasure map in the
    room. Nice try. You tell him about the plaque anyway. You're
    no longer needed. Choose how you will die.
    S-2-1-1-2-1: Dieing like a dog will leave you dead.
    S-2-1-1-2-2: Dieing like a man will make Khan respect you and want
    to shake your hand.
    S-2-1-1-2-2-1: Simply shaking his hand isn't very smart. You're dead.
    S-2-1-1-2-2-2: If you choose to shake Khan's hand with the buzzer you received
    from Claude earlier in the game, you will get the chance to punch Khan.
    George will then jump for the truck and escape.
    S-2-1-1-2-2-3: Shaking Khan's hand with the lens won't do any good.
    Say bye-bye.
    S-2-1-2: You convinced Khan that Klausner wasn't carrying anything. Coolies.
    Too bad you have to die now.
    S-2-1-2-1: You die like the sad person you are!
    S-2-1-2-2: Khan will respect you. He wants to shake your hand.
    S-2-1-2-2-1: Shaking Khan's hand. Gee, think you were gonna die?
    S-2-1-2-2-2: If you choose to shake Khan's hand with the buzzer you received
    from Claude earlier in the game, you will get the chance to punch Khan.
    George will then jump for the truck and escape.
    S-2-1-2-2-3: Shaking Khan's hand with the lens you found on Klausner
    will sadly not do anything.
    S-2-2: He'll ask you again if you know who Klausner is. If you lie to this
    question as well, you're dead.
    WHEW! I hope that was all of the possible combinations. I might not have
    had to go into THAT much detail, but I wanted to, so nyah. You'll be
    back at Nico's Apartment.
    6.5: Paris 3
    You'll be talking to Nico about your recent life-and-death situation in
    Marib. A hilarious option will come up where you can give Nico the chain
    you got in the bathroom of Club Alamut as a necklace. She'll gladly
    accept it even though she comments on it being a little bit heavy. Leave
    Nico's apartment and head for Crune Museum to talk to Andre.
    ()x[{:::> Crune Museum
    Talk to Andre about your manuscript. He tells you that some of it has
    to do with a Spanish family. You can now go to Spain. George never gets
    a break!
    6.6: de Vasconcellos Residence, Spain
    You'll arrive at the de Vasconcellos residence via bus. Talk to the man
    watering the lawn, Lopez. He'll forbid you from entering the house and
    talking to the woman who owns it, the Countess. If you try to enter
    the house he'll stop you.
    Walk all the way to the left of the screen where you'll find a section of
    the hose. Use the blood pressure gauge on it to stop the flow of water.
    Lopez will throw the hose down in a fit of anger and go inside to find
    out what's going on. He'll tell you to not enter the house, but of course
    you should do the opposite of what he says.
    Once you're inside, you'll see Lopez sitting in the entrance to a room. Go
    down the hallway to the left of the staircase to make a few dogs bark.
    Immediately go and hide behind the suit of armor to avoid detection from
    Lopez. Once he's left the building, go up the stairs to see the Countess.
    Of course, The Countess is startled to see a complete stranger walk in
    on her, but you'll convince her to hear you out. Talk to her about
    the Templars. She'll have a chess set that dates back to them with
    a missing piece.
    After a bit of talking, Lopez finally comes up to talk to The Countess
    about you. Obviously he's going to be shocked that you're up here
    talking to her. He'll want to feed you to the dogs, but The Countess
    still wants to hear what you have to say so she decides to put
    that part on hold..for now.
    You'll go up to the de Vasconcellos family mausoleum. Inside you'll see
    about five sarcophaguses, a statue of the Virgin Mary, a suspicious
    looking section of a wall and a large candle hanging about it all.
    There is also an open window to avoid stuffiness. Go over to the
    Virgin Mary statue and remove the cover that's over it's base.
    You'll find a checker board, strangely. Talk to The Countess some more
    about the Templars, the Virgin Mary statue, and finally the glass
    checkerboard which you uncovered. George will suggest that some of the
    missing pieces of the board were deliberately taken out as chess pieces.
    The Countess will show a rare state of actual excitement and scream
    at Lopez to get the chess set from the house.
    While you're waiting, ask her about the Templars some more. She'll
    say that Don Carlos was a family Templar who went missing. He went missing
    because during the inquisition the man who was put in charge of taking care
    of his children was killed and the children were taken away. He
    swore that he would go to the ends of the Earth to get them back and was
    never heard from again.
    By now Lopez will be back with the chess set. The Countess will like you
    enough now to give you the honor of setting the chess pieces into the
    checkerboard. You'll have to figure out where three chess pieces go
    on the checkerboard. This is a little tricky, so here's the answer.
    First, put the bishop(circular piece) at the top. Then, put the
    knight(guy with shield) in the middle. Finally, put the last piece under
    the knight.
    Remember that suspicious piece of wall I was talking about? Well, it was
    actually a hidden compartment containing the HOLY GRAIL!!! ... actually,
    it's just a chalice. It's still cool, though. You'll be back at Nico's.
    6.7: Paris 4
    Okay, you got the chalice but you still haven't found the missing knight.
    Even though it's not necessary to find him in order to move along the
    quest, George still feels it in his heart to try and find Don Carlos
    for The Countess. Leave Nico's and head for the church.
    ()x[{:::> The Church (Montfaucon)
    The gendarme will have some more funny thing to say. Congratulations,
    George! Not everyone can say that they're an urban legend. Go up to
    the church and talk to the priest. Have him polish your chalice since
    he seems 'so good at it'.
    While he's polishing the chalice(That sounds like yet another slang term
    for..) inspect the statue and look through the scroll to see a section
    of the stained glass window. Place the lens you found on Klausner on
    the statue to see a very different picture.
    The priest will be done polishing you chalice now. Turns out that there's
    actually a coat of arms on the chalice, not a simple engraving. Also,
    it seems that other people have seen a man burning at the stake in
    the stained glass. Maybe the lighting has to be just right.. maybe...
    See those two tombs that are on the walls? Go to the one that's on the
    right side. Guess who you found?
    Turns out there are a bunch of biblical references on the tomb as well.
    Since George has an almost photo graphical memory, he'll be able to
    remember them quite easily. Leave the church and go to the Crune Museum
    for a chat with Andre.
    ()x[{:::> Crune Museum
    Gee, ya think Andre will ever get done studying whatever it is over there?
    Go over and talk to him about the three-headed statue you saw in Syria.
    Andre says that it could possibly be Baphomet, the idol described by
    the Templars. Turns out one of the statues of Baphomet just turned up
    right here in Paris about a month ago! Word! You have all the information
    you need, so head to the new dot on the map.
    ()x[{:::> Institut Hermetique de Nerval
    Talk to the painty painter at the entrance to get a bit of information
    about the dig going on downstairs. Make sure you don't inspect the
    dumpster. The painter's very attached to it. He also won't let you
    near his bucket of paint, so getting some of that is out of the
    question as well.
    Go downstairs where you'll find a guard doing what he does best, guarding
    a door. Try to get into the bathroom, but you find that it's locked(what's
    up with locking a bathroom, anyway).
    Ask the guard for the key, which we will surprisingly give you without
    any hassle. Enter the bathroom. Damn. This place makes the Club Alamut's
    bathroom look like something made for royalty. Steal the bar of soap
    off of the faucet. Time to make a counterfeit!
    Start by combining the soap bar with the key. Then combine the soap
    bar key with the plaster and fill it up with water from the rusty old sink.
    Then use the hand-dryer on the wall to dry up the mold
    (I wonder why the mold in Lochmare Castle didn't need to dry? What a
    paradox!). You can only imagine what the guard is expecting to smell
    after George opens the door after being in there for so long.
    After you've left the bathroom, give the guard the key-ring back.
    Go upstairs and try to put the fake key in the pot of paint. The nasty
    looking painter won't let you of course, so you're going to need a bit
    of help. Call up Nico on the phone. She'll know how to keep him busy.
    Go back upstairs and tell the painter that he has a phone call. He'll
    leave giving you enough time to get that key painted. Okay, now
    the key doesn't LOOK like plaster, but it still feels like it. Hmm...
    Go back downstairs and ask the guard to go into the bathroom again.
    Inside the bathroom, switch the excavation key on the ring with the
    fake key you made.
    Now go back to where the guard and excavation door are. There's still
    that problem about the key still feeling like plaster... Okay. There should be
    a hot spot on the wall. It's actually a thermostat. Talk to the guard about it
    and he'll tell you that he has to keep it warm. So, go turn it down without
    him noticing and he'll put on a pair of white....surgical gloves? Anyway, now
    he won't notice that the excavation key doesn't feel right, so you can give
    him the key-ring without any worries.
    Okay, so you have the key. But there's still the issue of the guard guarding
    the door.. Call up Nico again. She'll call back soon to talk to the painter
    Watch the short scene and enter the excavation site.
    ()x[{:::> Excavation Site
    Creepy, huh? Check out everything and when you're done place your
    shiny chalice on what looks like an engraving of a fancy fan. It's
    down the ladder, in front of the idol. You'll see the image and it's off
    to Nico's Apartment.
    ()x[{:::> Nico's Apartment
    You'll talk to Nico about the picture on the chalice and then it's back to
    Spain to give The Countess back her chalice.
    6.8: de Vasconcellos Residence, Spain 2
    When you arrive at Spain for the second time, talk to Lopez for a  heartfelt
    apology to the way he acted towards you. After you've talked to him, go up
    and see The Countess who is sitting in her usual chair. You'll give her back her
    chalice and you'll talk some more about Don Carlos and the missing children.
    As soon as you're done, head back downstairs and take Lopez's mirror.
    It's hanging in the utility room.
    Since neither of you know your bible verses, head out to the mausoleum
    and get the bible that's sitting on the checkerboard. With bible in hand, return
    to The Countess to see what those verses say. But before you do that,
    put the greasepaint tissue you've had for so long on the end of that rod
    sitting  by the checkerboard. George will light the large candle hanging above
    him but the air from the open window will blow it out. Move around a little
    until you get the two gears turning symbol on the window. George will
    close it, leaving you with the ability to burn down a priceless candle to the
    bare wick! YES! Put the now red greasepaint tissue on the end of the rod
    and light the candle again. You'll see a very short clip of the candle burning
    and you'll get something. Now go and see The Countess.
    You and The Countess will read the verses. The well is deep? Save me
    from the lions? Huh? It's all very confusing... The Countess doesn't know of
    any wells, but figures that there had to of been one around here at one point
    or another. You can also talk to her about the key you found. At first she'll be
    pretty mad that you lit her irreplaceable candle, but then she will forgive you
    that sentiment shouldn't stand in the way of this great mystery. Go see Lopez
    ask him about that well.
    Turns out there IS a well, but it was covered over at least a century ago.
    How do we find it? Lopez doesn't know either. If you keep pestering him, though,
    he'll eventually think of a way. So, the Spanish people have a secret way
    of getting water, huh? Well, not really. It's more like the people of Earth have
    a secret way of getting water, but we're getting off track here.
    Lopez will point you in the direction of some hazel trees to get the correct
    type of stick. So, go over there and try to find one. Darn! There aren't any.
    Go to the far left of the screen where Lopez's hose kind of disappears into
    the wall. There should be a tree here with a suitable branch.
    Go show the stick to Lopez. He'll tell you to simply hold the stick at the upper
    ends of the Y and walk around until you notice a slight twitch in the stick.
    Sounds easy,
    right? Riiiight...
    After hours of searching, George finally finds something! A... tin can. Even
    though it MIGHT be really old, George orders Lopez to simply toss it away.
    When Lopez tosses it over his shoulder though, it falls for a loong way and
    makes a 'splash'...
    Yep, guess what you found? The well. Are you expecting me to believe
    that Lopez NEVER noticed that? Not once, even though he's been
    working as the gardener all his life? Grrr....
    ()x[{:::> Hidden Well
    Okay, you're down the well. Now what? You'll see a lion-shaped door,
    kind of reminiscent of one of those bible verses, eh? Inspect it, and you'll
    find out that one of the fangs is a seperate piece. Press it, and be ready
    to press that A button again immediately unless you find George becoming
    flat as a pancake FUNNY! .... which I do.
    Okay, the Templars old trap didn't get you. But how do you get in if
    that wasn't the door? Place Lopez's mirror on the wall of the well near the
    rope that you came down on. See something in the reflection? There's some
    kind of socket there.
    Take out the strange key you found in the large candle in the mausoleum and
    use it in the socket to open up the door and see what's inside....
    Right about now was when I really realized how gripping the story in this
    game was. I was actually sad at what I'd found.
    After your discovery, you'll give The Countess her chess piece back and
    you'll be back at Nico's.
    6.8: Paris 4
    ()x[{:::> Nico's Apartment...AGAIN.
    Andre will be here with Nico this time. You'll talk about all of the things
    has found so far and George will brag a bit about how he was almost killed so
    many times.
    Andre will also note that one of the phrases was said by Julius Caesar. This
    will lead you to the Island of Britain, at Bannockburn, in a church. Guess what?
    Nico's actually coming along this time! Sweet! But Andre can't come. Eh, who
    cares! You'll find yourself on a train headed for Britain.
    6.9: The Train
    The only thing you can do right now is leave for the hallway. Nico's stops you
    though, just in time for a guy to come in and take your tickets. Hmm.. familiar,
    eh George? Anyway, try to leave again. Nico will let you go and she'll
    tell you to get her some food.
    Pop in the room that's to the left of yours. You should see a guy in a
    referee shirt and hat combo and another guy who looks like he's had too much
    to drink. Talk to both of them (George won't bother to wake the one guy) and go
    back out to the main hallway.
    Go all the way to the left and proceed to the next area of the train. You'll
    recognize someone.. George will also recognize the conductor.
    Go back to your section of the train and back to your room. Crap.
    Finally, Brasher will actually be of some use. Talk to him and then use the
    Brasher will think you're trying to commit suicide but after you tell him you're
    to get on top of the train he'll help you.
    If you do, it will shock George and he'll go flying off the side of the train.
    Walk to the right to the next screen. Climb down the ladder and enter the room.
    You'll walk in on the old lady fighting Flap. Damn! That ***** got it goin' on!
    bad Eklund has to ruin it all. As soon as the 2 cogs turning symbol pops up,
    it to avoid being shot.
    The 'old lady' and George will get into a conversation. Bet you weren't
    Go over to *ahem* 'untie' Nico. After that's done, exit through the left door.
    6.10: Bannockburn Church, Britain
    George and Nico will make their way to the church. George will note his feeling
    insecurity without a gun but Nico will try to comfort him by telling him
    what was inside Khan's purse. Enter the church.
    Examine the pile of rubble four times. Prepare for a laugh the fourth
    inspect the square thing to the left of the demonic statue. George will turn the
    but it will bust off. With the handle off, you can now easily remove the cog
    and spindle.
    Place both cogs on the demonic statue. You can also put the pipe in it's mouth.
    Now put the handle in the statue and George will turn it, raising the door.
    Enter the room.
    Lit torches can only mean one thing. Try to pick one up to get chewed out by
    Nico. Go to the right of the screen to start hearing some chanting. Now you'll
    sneak up on them.
    You'll never guess who the first person George and Nico see is. Go on. Guess.
    After a short scene, they'll notice you and a conversation will ensue.
    You'll try to get away, but Guido is blocking the exit, great. Quickly pick up
    the torch on the wall and throw it on the gunpowder. When all hope finally
    seems lost, Nico remembers what she's had all along.
    The End.
    SECTION 7: Item List
    IN = Item Name
    D= Description
    L= Location
    ()x[{:::> IN: Newspaper
    D: "It was a Paris daily tabloid newspaper full of sex, scandal and sports
    L: Paris 1: cafe Bombing Scene.
    ()x[{:::> IN: Inspector Rossos Card
    D: "The card read: Augustin Rosso, Inspecteur de police, and gave an address
    to the south of the Montparnasse Cemetery."
    L: Paris 1: Inside Destroyed cafe
    ()x[{:::> IN: Manhole Cover Remover
    D: "It was a metal rod with a handle at one end and a short cross piece
    at the other."
    L: Paris 1: Flobbages Tool-Box.
    ()x[{:::> IN: Clowns Nose
    D: "The nose was hollow. Printed on the inside were the words: La Risee du
    Monde, Paris. It was a bright red plastic nose, part of a clowns costume."
    L: Paris 1: Sewers
    ()x[{:::> IN: Soggy Tissue
    D: "It was the soggy tissue Id found in the sewers." The soggy tissue has
    theatrical greasepaint on it.
    L: Paris 1: Sewers
    ()x[{:::> IN: Piece of Material
    D: "It was the scrap of material Id found in the sewer."
    L: Paris 1: Sewers
    ()x[{:::> IN: Killers Snapshot
    D: "It was Nicos photograph of the man we suspected of killing Plantard."
    L: Paris 1: Nicos Apartment
    ()x[{:::> IN: Hand Buzzer
    D: "It was the Shake n Shock Company of Utah buzzer Id been given by the
    man in the costume shop."
    L: Paris 1: Costume Shop
    ()x[{:::> IN: Key to Room 21
    D: "It was a key ring bearing one large brass key and a tag which read
    Hotel Ubu."
    L: Paris 1: Hotel Ubu
    ()x[{:::> IN: Thomas Moerlins Passcard
    D: "It was the card Id found in the hotel bedroom. It read Thomas Moerlin,
    Gruber Electronics Corporation.
    L: Paris 1: Khans Room in Hotel Ubu
    ()x[{:::> IN: Matchbook
    D: "The matchbook bore a pattern of swirling color and the words: Club
    L: Paris 1: Khans Room in Hotel Ubu
    ()x[{:::> IN: Ancient Manuscript
    D: "It was the ancient manuscript which Khan had stolen from Plantard."
    L: Paris 1: Hotel Ubu
    ()x[{:::> IN: Rabbit Snare
    D: "It was a short piece of wire, twisted into a rough circle."
    L: Lochmare: Pub
    ()x[{:::> IN: Towel
    D: "It was a rectangle of toweling, printed with the words: Gopaleens
    stout builds body!"
    L: Lochmare: Pub
    ()x[{:::> IN: Flashlight
    D: "It was the barmans flashlight."
    L: Lochmare: Pub Basement
    ()x[{:::> IN: Peagram's Gem
    D: "It was a large blue gemstone."
    L: Lochmare: Pub Basement
    ()x[{:::> IN: Plaster of Paris
    D: "It was a handful of plaster left in the castle by Peagram's team."
    L: Lochmare: Peagram's Archaeological Dig inside Lochmare Castle
    ()x[{:::> IN: Mold
    D: None
    L: Lochmare: Peagram's Archaeological Dig inside Lochmare Castle
    ()x[{:::> IN: Blood Pressure Gauge
    D: "It was a device used for measuring peoples blood pressure."
    L: Hagenmeyer Clinic: Given to by Nurse Grendel
    ()x[{:::> IN: Tripod
    D: "It was a simple yet elegant tripod made of metal with traces of
    colored enamel still visible in some places."
    L: Nico's Apartment: Given to by Nico
    ()x[{:::> IN: Ball
    D: "It was the bright red ball I'd got from the juggler."
    L: Paris: Outside Church
    ()x[{:::> IN: Toilet Brush
    D: "It was a short handled brush with worn and matted bristles."
    L: Syria: Given to by Nejo
    ()x[{:::> IN: Bathroom Key
    D: "It was the key to the club toilet."
    L: Syria: Given to by Club Alamut owner
    ()x[{:::> IN: Towel
    D: "It was a length of course gray toweling from the toilet of the
    Club Alamut."
    L: Syria: Club Alamut Bathroom
    ()x[{:::> IN: Short Chain
    D: "It was the short length of chain I'd taken from the toilet of the
    Club Alamut."
    L: Syria: Club Alamut Bathroom
    ()x[{:::> IN: Statuette
    D: "The statuette looked pretty sorry for itself after its fall; chipped
    with both arms broken off."
    L: Syria: Nejo's Stand
    ()x[{:::> IN: "Marble" Statuette
    D: "The greasepaint had worked magic. Now it looked like aged marble
    instead of cheap plaster."
    L: Syria: Made by George
    ()x[{:::> IN: Fifty Bucks
    D: "Fifty bucks! In the States I'd have thought of it as a good night
    out. Here in Marib it represented hard currency."
    L: Syria: Given to by Duane
    ()x[{:::> IN: Piece of Towel
    D: "It was half of the towel that I once had."
    L: Syria: Given to by Ultar
    ()x[{:::> IN: Stick
    D: "The stick I'd broken off was surprisingly hard and flexible."
    L: Bull's Head Hill
    ()x[{:::> IN: Stobbart Stick Towel
    D: "I was now in possession of the Patented Stobbart Stick-Towel! If I
    could only think of a use for it..."
    L: Bull's Head Hill: Made by George
    ()x[{:::> IN: Lens
    D: "It was the lens that I'd found on Klausner's body."
    L: Bull's Head Hill: Taken from Klausner
    ()x[{:::> IN: Chalice
    D: "It was hard to believe it was the same chalice. Now the light gleamed
    off its perfect surface."
    L: Spain: Templar Mausoleum: Polished by Priest in Parisian Church
    ()x[{:::> IN: Key Ring
    D: "On the key ring was a big, old key that looked like it might fit the
    excavation door."
    L: Institut Hermetique de Nerval: Given to by Guard
    ()x[{:::> IN: Bar of Soap
    D: "It was the bar of soap I'd stolen from the washroom of the Institut
    Hermetique de Nerval."
    L: Institut Hermetique de Nerval: Bathroom
    ()x[{:::> IN: Key Mold
    D: "The bar of soap had the imprint of a key in it."
    L: Institut Hermetique de Nerval: Made in Bathroom
    ()x[{:::> IN: Filled Key Mold
    D: "I had filled the key's imprint in the soap with dry plaster."
    L: Institut Hermetique de Nerval: Made in Bathroom
    ()x[{:::> IN: Phony Excavation Key
    D: "It was my plaster copy of the excavation key. Trouble was, it looked like
    plaster and it felt like plaster."
    L: Institut Hermetique de Nerval: Made in Bathroom
    ()x[{:::> IN: Real Excavation Key
    D: "It was the key to the excavation I'd purloined."
    L: Institut Hermetique de Nerval: Gotten from Guard (sorta)
    ()x[{:::> IN: Mirror
    D: "The mirror from Lopez's utility room. Yup, I was still looking fine."
    L: de Vasconcellos Residence, Spain 2: Lopez's Utility Room
    ()x[{:::> IN: Spanish Bible
    D: "It was the Spanish Bible I'd borrowed from the mausoleum."
    L: de Vasconcellos Residence, Spain 2: Mausoleum
    ()x[{:::> IN: Red Soggy Tissue
    D: None
    L: N/A. The original soggy tissue turns red after being on fire.
    ()x[{:::> IN: Strange Key
    D: "It was a smooth, intricately carved piece of stone that had been
    concealed inside the great candle."
    L: de Vasconcellos Residence, Spain 2: Mausoleum
    ()x[{:::> IN: Y-Stick
    D: "It was a thin, supple twig of hazel."
    L: de Vasconcellos Residence, Spain 2: Front Yard
    ()x[{:::> IN: Old Pipe
    D: "The pipe could have been anything from fifty to several hundred years
    L: Bannockburn Church, Britain
    ()x[{:::> IN: Old Coin
    D: "It was an old coin."
    L: Bannockburn Church, Britain
    ()x[{:::> IN: Metal Cog
    D: "The cog was one of those objects I wished I hadn't carried in my pocket."
    L: Bannockburn Church, Britain
    ()x[{:::> IN: Pen Cap
    D: "It was a black plastic pen top."
    L: Bannockburn Church, Britain
    ()x[{:::> IN: Cog and Spindle
    D: "The cog was mounted on a short, slim spindle."
    L: Bannockburn Church, Britain
    ()x[{:::> IN: Handle
    D: "It was the handle from the church tower's winding mechanism. It had cog
    mounted near it's base."
    L: Bannockburn Church, Britain
    SECTION 8: Thank You's and Copyrights
    1. Thank You's.
    I just want to say thank you to www.gamefaqs.com for hosting this walkthrough.
    I've been coming here for over 3 years and this is my first one, so I hope
    it's good. Thanks to Revolution for making a version of this game for GBA.
    I've tried to track down an original Playstation copy but I haven't been able
    to find one yet. Thanks to Bam! for publishing this great game! Hopefully, if
    Broken Sword 2 or 3 ever get ported, Bam! will be there to publish either of
    them. And, of course, thanks to you for reading this! I always want feedback,
    so if you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me!
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    Thank you all for reading this!
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