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  • Fujiwara: Name's Fujiwara. I study Karabons. I moved here to further research Pommy, who lives in this forest. I know a lot about Karabons. Would you like to know more?
    Bomberman: Yes.
    Fujiwara: This planet is home to Karabons. What sets Karabons apart from other creatures are attributes. All Karabons have attributes. You wanna know more?
    Bomberman: Yes.
    Fujiwara: There are 4 kinds of attributes: Fire, aka Dragon; Water, aka Fish; Electric, aka Pommy; and Earth, aka Beast. Each has different power relations. Water beats Fire; Fire beats Earth; Earth beats Electricity; Electricity beats Water... Special attacks don't work in battles of Water vs. Earth, or Fire vs. Electricity! Wanna know about Karabon Fusion?
    Bomberman: Yes.
    Fujiwara: Certain Karabons can be fused into a Karabon with 2 attributes! Want to know about abilities?
    Bomberman: Yes.
    Fujiwara: Karabons have special abilities and special attacks! Special attacks are for battles. Make good use of their special abilities! Every Karabon has different abilities. Pommy can, for example, teleport to almost every town he's been to. Some Karabon need to be set to use their abilities, others don't! Come back if you have any questions!

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