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FAQ/Walkthrough by Victory

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 04/27/02

for the game Lego Bionicle on the GameBoy Advance 
Version 1.2
April 27, 2002
Written by Vengeance (cstrittyrun@hotmail.com)

Table of Contents
I.    Introduction
II.   FAQ History
III.  The Basics
IV.   The Walkthrough
V.    Special Thanks
VI.   Legal Stuff

I. Introduction

Hey! My name is Chris, known as Sweet Vengeance on the GameFAQs message 
boards! And this is a walkthrough for the game Lego Bionicle! 
Let's just be honest; I only did this for the money. Heh. This is (or 
was) on the FAQ Bounty list at GameFAQs, and I'll get $20 if I'm the 
first one to send in a walkthrough for it.
So enough of the small talk!!! Oh, by the way, these sites have 
permission to use any/all of my FAQs/guides/whatever without having to 
ask me for permission: 
GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) 
GBA Cheats (www.gbacheats.co.uk)
Remember, you must give me credit, and you also must never, ever, EVER 
edit anything in this FAQ. Also, if you want to publish this, and aren't 
shown on the list above, then you must e-mail me at 
cstrittyrun@hotmail.com before publishing it. Thank you, and enjoy the 

II. FAQ History

Version 0.1
April 19, 2002
Noticed the game was on the FAQ Bounty list.
Stopped my other FAQs and started on this one right away.
Started on "The Basics, FAQ History, Special Thanks," and "Legal Stuff".
Beat the first two towns.

Version 1.0
April 20, 2002
Beat the game.
Finished the walkthrough.

Version 1.1
April 21, 2002
Fixed an incy wincy mistake that probably would prevent this from being 

Version 1.2
April 27, 2002
Fixed some errors, did some updating, ya know, the usual.

III. The Basics

D-Pad: Move. 
A: Pick up things, read signs, talk, shake trees, confirm. 
B: Jump, cancel. 
L: Use the item equipped on the L Button. 
R: Use the item equipped on the R Button. 
Start: Pause (Inventory, Save, Quit) 
Select: Select equipment.

Fruit: Throw at enemies. 
Disc: Throw at enemies.
Launcher: Used to cling on to stuff.
Lavaboard: Surf in lava.
Drill: Go underground.
Trident: Throw water bubbles at enemies.
Hammer: Break rocks and things.
Kau Kau Staff: Get rid of trees.
Ice Pick: Create icicles; creates bridges over lava.
Firestaff: Blind all enemies in an area.

The "Mission": 
There are six towns in the game. In each of them, you must: 
A) Rescue the Toraga.
B) Collect the Toa Stone.
C) Collect both of the Vuata Maca Tree crystals.
D) Beat a boss.

You'll also find a new item in each town, and will sometimes have to do 
something else (Find the Antidote, find the Element of Melting, etc.). 
While you're trying to do these things, you'll run into enemies along 
the way who'll try to stop you. Of course, with the power of this 
Walkthrough, they're nothing!

IV. The Walkthrough

First thing's first; English or French? If you're reading this, you'll 
probably choose English. :)

Next you'll come to a screen that says "Press Start". Do so. Now, go to 
Options, and choose if you want to turn the Sound Effects and Music ON 
or OFF. Press A to toggle.

Now go to "Exit" and press A. Then highlight "Start Game" and press A. 
You'll come to another screen with two choices; "Options" and 
"Training". If this is your first time playing, I'd normally recommend 
selecting "Training". However, the first level in the game is the same 
level as the Training level...

If you've selected "New Game", select a name for your character. Your 
default name is "Takua". Now, design your character by selecting the 
color of it's head, arms, and legs. Now, you'll see an opening story...

"In a time before time, the island of Mata Nui was a tropical paradise. 
Then a shadow fell across the island-- A shadow known as Makuta. In the 
dark years that followed, the islanders put their faith in a legend... a 
legend that foresaw the arrival of six mighty heroes: the Toa. For only 
the Toa will have the strength and courage to bring peace and light back 
to the world. As Mata Nui awaits the arrival of the Toa, a lone islander 
unknowingly begins a quest... ...a quest that will change Mata Nui 

-----CHAPTER 01- Training

Enemies: None

Whoo. Once you continue, you'll see another... Thing with you on the 
beach shore.

"Good morning, ! I've heard that Turaga Whenua wants to see you. Head up 
this beach and talk to everyone you see. You'll eventually come to the 
cave entrance to our underground village, where you'll find Whenua! 
Press the A BUTTON to read signs and talk to other characters. If you 
want to exit a conversation or menu, press the B BUTTON." 
Advance through the dialogue by pressing A. Now head up and right to 
read the sign.

"Don't forget to read all the signs!" 
Wise advice indeed. Keep going to the right and you'll see another sign.

"Save your game often! To access the save game menu, press START. On the 
pause screen, highlight SAVE GAME and press the A BUTTON."

If you're in Training, you can't save your game right now, but when 
you're playing for real, you can save anytime you want. Anyway, keep 
going up, where you'll come across another sign.

"During your adventures, you'll face many obstacles that have to be 
jumped. Stand still and press the B BUTTON for a short jump. Press the B 
BUTTON while running for an even longer jump!" 
Jump over the rocks blocking your way. You'll find some more rocks; jump 
over them too. Now you'll come to an ocean. Read the sign on the coast.

"Warning: Deep water. Use your long jump to cross!" 

Get a running start toward the island, and then press B to jump over the 
water separating you and it. Do another long jump to get on the beach on 
the other side. Go left, and jump over the rocks. You'll meet another 

"You're quite the athlete -- I saw how well you jumped over those 
obstacles! To pick up medium-sized stones, walk next to them and press 
the A BUTTON. Press the A BUTTON again to throw the object in the 
direction you're facing. Hold the A BUTTON down longer to throw farther. 
Walk up the beach to see how to fling objects. Bye!"

...Whew. Practice with the stones around you if you want. When you're 
done, walk up and talk to another guy...

"Your flinger is used for throwing small objects like rocks, Madu Fruit, 
snowballs and discs. Walk over small objects to pick them up. Get fruit 
from trees by standing next to them and pressing the A BUTTON. Give it a 

Try it on the tree next to you; some blue fruits will fall out. When 
you're ready, go to the right and read the sign.

"Reading this sign begins the flinger practice. Hit as many villages 
with Madu Fruit as you can! Use your L BUTTON or R BUTTON to throw Madu 
Fruit. You only have a short time." 
Here we go. You'll be in the center of a circle of rocks, with villagers 
surrounding you. Hold down the direction in which they are, and then 
press L or R to fire a fruit at them. Pretty bad, eh? 
Once you're done, you'll be told how many villagers you've hit. Jump 
over the rocks, and head northeast. You'll meet yet another nameless 

"Excellent work, ! You've learned a great deal in a short time. Cross 
water using Hoi turtles as stepping stones. Before you can grab a Hoi 
turtle, you have to startle it. Startle a Hoi turtle by jumping on or 
throwing an object at it. Walk next to them and press the A BUTTON to 
pick one up. Now walk over to the stream and throw the Hoi turtle in by 
pressing the A BUTTON. Once the Hoi turtle is in the stream, you can 
jump on top of it. Be quick about it, though - the Hoi turtle may move 
if you're not fast enough!"

So jump on a turtle, pick it up, and throw it in the water above you. 
Then jump on it, and then jump to the other side. Do it again to get to 
the land to the left of you; this time, though, there'll already be a 
turtle in the water (At least from my experiences). Read the sign above.

"To push and pull boulders, walk next to them and press the A BUTTON. 
Place boulders on switches to unlock doors and solve puzzles!"

There's two switches around here; push both of the boulders on them to 
open the door to the left. Follow the path, and you'll find another 

"Whenua is waiting for you, little one. He has a matter of great 
importance to discuss with you. Enter the cave ahead to visit Onu-Koro, 
our underground village. Good luck!"

Keep going, and if you're playing "Training", you'll be at the "Start 
Game/Options" screen again. Congratulations! You've beaten "Training"! 
Now choose "New Game".

If you're playing "New Game", however, you'll be in a village.

CHAPTER 02- Onu-Koro

Blue Bug: Slow, slow, slow, and easy, easy, easy. One hit will take them 
Yellow Spider: Faster attack speed than the Blue Bug, and it takes two 
hits to kill, too.
Scorpion Digger: These guys ambush you from the walls. Be careful; 
they're fast! Two hits will kill them, though.

Once you enter the village, you'll see a Bula Berry to your left.
"You just found a Bula Berry! It restores some of your health."

To the right...

"You just picked up a Vuata Maca Tree Fruit! It gives back some energy."

Enter the cave to the left...

"GUARD #1: Halt! Who goes there!
GUARD #2: Yeah -- who goes there!
GUARD #1: I already said that!
GUARD #2: Said what?
GUARD #1: Who goes there!
GUARD #2: Why are you asking me?" 
There might be more, but I found it so lame that I pressed B... 
These two guards have lots of pretty useful information, so talk to them 
for a while. Then head right.

"Our village is in desperate need of your help! We fear that the Vatuka 
Beast has Whenua and he is being held captive in the passageways to the 
east! You will need Vakama's Firestaff to see your way in the dark 
tunnels. It can be found in the village." 

Go to the right side of town to find it.

"You have found Vakama's Firestaff! It will let you see in the caverns. 
Equip it by pushing SELECT and then choose Vakama's Firestaff from the 

Press Select, highlight the staff, and press either L or R. You will 
have it equipped. Push the button you assigned for it to use it. 
Now, go to the southeast corner of the area, and go deeper into the 

First off, about the Firestaff: Using it will stun all enemies in an 
area for a few seconds, but it consumes one energy circle. Refill it 
with one of the plenty energy orbs in this area.

Shoot a fruit at the blue bug below; shoot two more at yellow spider to 
kill it. You'll soon come to a fork... Either way, you'll get an energy 
thing (Which refills your Firestaff's energy), and will have to kill a 
blue bug.

The bottom path has a second energy thing to the far right; once you nab 
it, head to the top path and go right, getting another energy thing on 
the way (You can tell how hard the rest of this game is, eh?). Keep 
going right to get another energy thing.

Keep going right, and nab another energy. Go up the path, and then 
INSTANTLY HEAD BACK DOWN, as a boulder is headed your way. After it's 
safe, go up, and kill the spider to your left with two fruits. Get the 
energy near the spider, go right, and get another energy (...). Go down. 
A boulder will roll upwards toward you, so dodge it. Kill the two blue 
bugs below you, and keep on going.

You'll be at another fork. Go to the right for an energy orb, and take 
out the spider on your left. Keep going left, grabbing two energy things 
on the way. In a small alley, another boulder will roll your way, and 
you'll also come across another spider. Kill this one and a health thing 
will appear. Grab it to restore your health.

Get the energy thing, go down, kill the spider, and get another energy 
thing. Head to the right, but watch out for falling stalactites! At the 
fork, get ready to fight three blue bugs. One or two of them drop a 
health thing. Also, there's some more energy refills here.

Head up, killing a spider to your right (drops a energy thing), and one 
to the left (drops a health thing). Keep going up, until you get to a 
fork. Head left, get the energy, kill the bug, and head right. Watch out 
for the boulder.

Go farther to the right, killing the spider. Go down. You'll be at yet 
another fork. Head right first. Kill the spider, get the energy and 
health recoveries. Then head back and go down. Kill the blue bug and the 
spider and continue.

You'll see a suspicious pile of rocks... Which slowly transforms into a 
rock monster!

_______/BOSS: Vatuka Beast          

Easy, if you're good. Attack him right when he forms; or else he'll 
summon some little annoying rock critters to also attack you. If you 
attack him before he manages to make them, then he'll keep trying to 
make them until you either miss him or kill him.

The Flamestaff doesn't work on the boss, but it does on the little 
critters. Still, I wouldn't use it. The little rocks take one hit each 
to kill, while the boss takes five.
If you didn't manage to kill him before he made the little guys, then 
just run around, stopping to throw fruits every once in a while.

After killing him, you'll get an item which raises your max health and 
energy by one circle.

Now, move the boulders on the two switches, and you'll release Whenua! 

"Thank you for rescuing me! You're quite the adventurer. We had better 
get back to Onu-Koro! There is much that I must tell you. Follow me!"

And you'll be out of that part of the cave.

"It is a time of great danger, . The island of Mata Nui is under siege 
by the evil Makuta! Dangerous beasts wearing the infected masks of 
Makuta roam the land. Each of the six villages on Mata Nui are in 
danger! I have heard that some of my fellow Turaga are missing... and 
their tools, like Vakama's Firestaff, have been scattered about the 
island. Makuta has also stolen the sacred Toa Stones that used to tell 
the legends! You must seek out the Toa Onua Stone in the passageways 
north of here. If the Toa Stones are not recovered, the Legend of Mata 
Nui cannot be told. Alas, that is not the end of it. The Vuata Mace Tree 
that provides fruit to our village has been poisoned! Only by finding 
the two Vuata Maca crystals and returning them to the tree it can be 
Right above you is an item...

"Wow! You just found the Volo Lutu Launcher! This will allow you to grab 
objects from a distance." 
Now, go to the northeast section of the cave. Go deeper into the 

Go right and kill two blue bugs, and a yellow spider. Go down, and kill 
another spider. Keep going down, and read the sign...

"Use your Volo Lutu Launcher here! Remember to hold down the L BUTTON or 
R BUTTON once it has attached to something."

Equip the Launcher in place of the Flamestaff. Shoot the launcher at the 
rock on the other side of the pool. You'll fly across. Quickly kill the 
two spiders, and then slowly advance to the left... Because a weird 
looking enemy will crawl out of the wall. Kill it with two fruits. Kill 
another spider below you, and continue on.

Kill the four blue bugs, and the spider at the bottom. Now go to the 
right, and...

"You have found a Vuata Maca Tree crystal!" 
Go left and down, killing the spiders on the way. Look out for a digging 
scorpion thing in the room below. Also, there's two blue bugs that'll 
attack, and a yellow spider. Shake the tree for some fruit, and then 
head to the right.

Step on the elevator, which will take you up. Go left, killing a yellow 
spider below you, and a digger above you. Keep going left, and kill the 
spider. At the western wall, you'll find the second Vuata Maca Tree 
crystal. Head north for a new kind of fruit. I'll just call it "Solar 

Equip it and throw it at the rocky wall. Keep going up. Get the Toa 
Stone, and you'll be teleported back to the city.

"Thank you for getting our Toa Stone back! You are now free to go to the 
next village."

Go northeast, and talk to the guy so that he'll restore the Vuata Maca 
Tree. He'll then give you one of those things that give you an extra 
health and energy circles.

Now go to the northwest, and talk to the guy guarding the way, Onepu.

"You have done well, . To continue you must first race me, Onepu, the 
greatest of all the Ussal Crab racers! Collect all eight buried crystals 
to win. Each crystal will give you special abilities." 
_______/Mini-game: Ussal Crab Race  

Use the control pad to move around, and dig. The object of the game is 
to touch all of the square crystals. There's eight in all. Although 
watch out, the others are faster at digging than you are.

Now, you're free to go to the next place. By the way, if you want to 
play this game again, just talk to Onepu.

CHAPTER 03- Ga-Koro

Ambush Bug: Bugs that crawl out of the ground and charge you. They're 
pretty fast. One hit will kill them, though. 
Big Blue Beetle: Slow, and easy. Four hits will kill them.
Plant: These appear as sprouts, but then bloom as soon as you come near 
them. They take three hits to kill. Throw a Solar Fruit for some fun.
Grasshopper: One of the hardest enemies in the game. If you're far away, 
they chuck rocks at you. If you're close, they hit you, hard, knocking 
you back a bit. To make matters worse, they take six hits to kill, and 
are hard targets to hit. I recommend using Solar Fruits against these 
Crab: Jumps out of the water and comes toward you if you walk near it. 
Annoying, but not too hard. Stay back and launch three fruits at it to 
kill it.

Leave the cave, and get ready for a hard journey. Go down, killing a 
grasshopper and a beetle. Be careful; they're tough. Now, there's two 
paths you can take; you can either go down and right, or right and down. 
I recommend going right then down, as you won't have to face a bunch of 
If you take the path to the right, you'll fight a couple of ambushing 
blue bugs, but they're only one hit. You'll also fight a beetle, and 
four more blue bugs at the end. At the far right of the screen, throw 
the turtle into the water, and hop over.

Taking the path down requires you to fight a couple of grasshoppers, 
around three-four blue bugs, and two annoying crabs who jump out at you 
from the ocean. 
In either case, head to the right, and you'll eventually be at another 

You'll find another "Use your Voto Lutu Launcher" (Whatever) sign here, 
so use it to grapple on the seaweed to the right. It'll take you over to 
GET A MOUTHFUL OF DEATH!). Fight a blue bug and a beetle (and possibly a 
grasshopper), and go down.

Jump down, fight the bug and the beetles, and the annoying crabs and 
grasshoppers. Then go down and right, and make the tough jump down. 
Fight the beetle, the bug, and the plant, and jump to the left. Continue 
down, and you should be in Ga-Koro.

Talk to the guy blocking the bridge...

"Welcome to Ga-Koro! You may have access to our village by participating 
in our boat race. You'll race against me. I'm really fast! Your rowing 
team will follow the drumbeat you play with the R BUTTON and L BUTTON."

_______/Mini-game: Boat Race        

This is quite hard. You move with the L and R buttons. Using A and B 
makes you go in reverse. Try to press them at the same time. Also, press 
R repeatedly to tilt your boat to the right, and L to tip it to the 
left. It takes a while to get the hang of, but I got in first place on 
my second try.

Whether you win or not, you may enter the village.

Take the southeast bridge, and talk to the guy you see.

"Greetings, fellow islander. Our Turaga, Nokama, is missing! We think 
that she has been captured by the Makika that lives in a cave across the 
harbor. Will you help us rescue Nokama?" 
So, you have a new journey... Go northwest, and you'll find that this 
Vuata Maca Tree needs restored, too. Go northwest again, and you'll be 
in a new area.

Go to the left, and throw some fruit at the plant. Keep jumping across 
the small islands until you get to the larger island with the turtle. 
Kill the bugs that appear, and head to the right.

Go up, and you'll see some another island. Jump on it (it's kinda hard), 
and then jump to the left, killing the plant. Island hop up, killing the 
bugs. And on this island, you'll find the first Vuata Maca Tree crystal.

Now go far to the right, throwing fruit at the plant and the beetle. 
Then continue to the right, and refill on ammo by shaking the tree, if 
you need it. Read the sign next to the cave.

"The Makika that lives in this cave is immune to Madu Fruit! Be 
Get ready... 

_______/BOSS: Makika                
Now THIS is a hard battle, especially if you don't know what you're 
doing. You can't harm it with fruit. So what do you do? 
Save right when you enter the cave. Then pick up a rock to the left, and 
chuck it at Makika. Now, IMMEDIATELY run over to Nokama and pick her up 
(With A), and run out of the cave before Makika recovers. If you're too 
slow, Makika will pick YOU up, and throw YOU out of the cave. You just 
have to be quick.

After leaving the cave, you'll automatically be teleported to Ga-Koro.
"Thank you for rescuing me, little one. The island of Mata Nui needs 
your help! As I have learned, some of the sacred Toa Stones are still 
missing. Our own Toa Gali Stone was taken by a creature that lives in 
the cliffs across the harbor. The harbor is to the southwest."

Get the gem that raises your Health and Energy, and go southwest. You'll 
see a sign.

"WARNING! Daikau plants don't just try to eat you. You can throw a Madu 
Cabolo (Solar Fruit) into one, and it will make an even larger 
explosion! Make sure to stand far enough away when you try it!"

Go down and use the Launcher to pull yourself to the other side. Go 
down, killing a plant and a bunch of bugs. Keep following the 
straightforward path until you get to a fork; go up for energies, and 
down to continue. Keep going down, squashing bugs along the way, and 
you'll come across another fork; go left to replenish your fruits.
Now, go to the right. You'll see yet ANOTHER fork. Keep going right, 
despite what the sign above you says. You'll get the second Vuata Maca 
Tree crystal. YaY. Now go left a little bit, and blow up the weird-
lookin' wall above you with a Solar Fruit. Your health and energy will 
increase by another circle.

Now go up. You'll soon run into another fork. Go right, and go up the 
elevator. Go up, and you'll find the second Toa Stone! You'll 
automatically be warped back.

"Thank you for getting our Toa Stone back! You are now free to go to the 
next village."

Go northeast, and jump to the island above you.

CHAPTER 04- Po-koro

Ammo Beetle: Now THESE guys are annoying! They repeatedly shoot things 
at you, and they do it quickly. I don't really have any strategy to be 
them other than stay close and fire.
Scorpion: Can't be hurt with fruits. Use the Drill to go underground, 
and while it's busy hitting a rock, pop up under it to kill it.
Bird: These are very annoying, too. They circle around you, attacking 
you at random. I think two or three hits causes them to fly away.

Go northeast to the next area. Keep going right until you see a guy 
above you. Talk to him.

"You can use the drill to dig under some enemies and knock them over or 
to dig under walls like this one. Giant scorpions can be distracted with 
a boulder."

Go to the right, and down, and pick up the item...

"You have found Whenua's Drill!" 
Go back up to the guy, and drill underneath the wall with the hole in 
it. Watch out for that annoying spider on the other side! Go left, and 
you'll come across a cliff. Long jump over it. Kill any bugs you see, 
and continue.

Now, use the drill, and run past any enemies you see until you come to a 
cliff with a bird. Just run around and hit it, and it'll eventually fly 
away. Jump over the cliff, and head to the left. Switch to the Voto Lutu 
Launcher or whatever it's called. You'll see a stone or a tree or 
something to the far left. Grapple on to it, and time it right so that 
you'll get to the other side (It takes a LOT of practice). Go left to 
get to the town.

"GUARD #1: Stop! Who are you! 
GUARD #2: What do you want! 
GUARD #1: Why are you here! 
GUARD #2: How do we know you aren't an ally of Makuta? 
GUARD #1: What's the password?
GUARD #2: There isn't a password!
GUARD #1: That's right. Ok, you can pass.
GUARD #2: I already live here!" 

Blargh. Anyway.

Go west. Get the hammer, and jump over the cliff. Go to the left, and 
use the Launcher to grab on to one of the tree/rock things sticking out 
of the cliff. Now, walk far backwards, and hold L or R (whichever you 
equipped the Launcher to). You'll get to the other side.

Go left, and cross the bridge. Kill the bird and the bugs. Equip the 
hammer, and smash the rocks. Kill those annoying bugs, and get the Vuata 
Maca Tree crystal in the upper left corner. Use the Launcher to get 
across the chasm, and you'll be in a new area.

Go to the right, and walk up. Talk to the guy.

"Help, my Moa Bird is trapped behind those two boulders and neither of 
them will move!"

Smash the boulders with the hammer. 
"Thanks for helping me get my Moa Bird out." 
You'll get a thing which raises your health and energy. Now go to the 
left wall, and get the second Vuata Maca Tree crystal. Now, see those 
circles with the dots in the center? Use the Drill to touch them from 
underground. The pillars to the north will disappear, allowing you to 

Slowly advance up, taking out one green bug at a time. But be careful; 
there's a lot of them, and they're fast. Once they're all gone, drill 
underground and touch the dots. You'll open up the cage.

"If was so hot in that cage! Let's go back to the village, it's much 
cooler there." 
And so you'll be there.

"You're the best, ! The desert just won't be the same when you're gone."

Grab the extra energy/health thing. Talk to the shaman above you, and if 
you have both tree crystals, he'll give you another one.

Then go south. The path isn't really difficult... You'll get a Disc on 
the way.
At the end, you'll fight a boss.

_______/BOSS: Giant Scorpion        
Once again, a rather difficult boss fight. Like the little scorpions, 
the big one can't be hurt by fruit. Use the drill to go underground, and 
then step beside a boulder, so that it separates you from the scorpion 
(Remember what that one guy said?". It'll start to attack the boulder. 
Now, go underneath the scorpion and pop up. It'll damage it. Do this one 
more time, and you'll win, getting the third Toa Stone.

You'll be back in the village after this.

"Thank you for getting our Toa Stone back! You are now free to go to the 
next village."

Now go northwest, and you'll play a mini-game.

_______/Mini-game: Koli Football    

Somewhat easy. Go next to a stone, press A, and aim it at another 
person's goal. You have to break the pillars before you can score, 
though. Also, you can shoot stones at other players to stun them for a 
while. The B Button will allow you to "attack" other players, which also 
stuns them temporarily.

After this, the guy will move, and you'll be allowed to pass.

CHAPTER 05- Le-Koro

Use the Launcher to pull yourself to the other side, and continue left. 
Talk to the guy you see.

Go up. Now, equip the Launcher and stand behind the stone. A bird will 
come toward you. Shoot the Launcher, and grab on. The other rider will 
fall off, and you'll be allowed to go on. Get ready for another mini-

_______/Mini-game: Kewa Bird Riding 

I thought it was kind of fun, but it was also very hard. No, it wasn't 
surviving that was hard; it was winning. It doesn't matter if you're the 
last one to live; it all depends on how many kills you have.
Press A to fly up, and B to fire. L shoots the Launcher.

Talk to the guy next to the pole. 
"Your skill at riding the Kewa Bird is impressive! I must ask for your 
help. Matau, the Turaga of our village, has been kidnapped. Only Matau 
knows the secrets of the Toa Lewa Stone! You must rescue him if you 

Go up the elevator, and go left. You'll get Nuju's Ice Pick. It can be 
used to cool lava, or use it with the Volo Lutu Launcher.

Now there's two places you can go: Southwest or southeast. I went 

Don't worry if you're running out of fruits; switch to the Disc if you 

Taking the southeast elevator: 
Go east, and north. Keep going north, and then west. Then go south until 
you get to a bridge. There's a Vuata Maca Tree crystal on the other 
side. Then go north. 
Get the Vuata Maca Tree crystal on the right, and then go left and read 
the sign.

"DANGER: Eagles are known to carry objects as big as medium-sized 
Go left, and an eagle will pick you up, and carry you left. You'll see a 
nest with baby eagles and Matua in it! The eagle will attempt to drop 
you in the nest, but he'll miss. Time for some more ingenuity...

_______/BOSS: Eagle                 
This is another boss that can't be beaten by sheer strength. All it 
takes is a little intelligence. Walk far to the right, picking up a 
boulder. Now, walk to the left of the platform, and the eagle will pick 
up the boulder instead of you! Then he'll go back and drop it on one of 
his babies. 
Repeat this three more times, and then it gets tough. There's one more 
baby left. But where's the last boulder? Go southwest of the sign, onto 
the little isle. Then jump left again, and there should be a hidden 
boulder there. Throw it back onto the big platform, pick it up, and walk 
towards the eagle. Now all the babies are dead! YaY!

Now, let the Eagle pick you up and take you to the nest. DO NOT GO DOWN 
AND LEFT AND USE THE LAUNCHER!!! That's what I did the first time, and I 
was stuck. If you DO do that, then use the Launcher to run into the dead 
babies until you die. That's the only way out of it.

After the Eagle drops you in the nest...

"Oh,  -- you saved me! Time to go back to the village." 
"Once again you have proven that a small stature does not prevent great 
deeds! As a reward for rescuing me, here is Matau's Kau Kau Staff. With 
it you can clear trees from your path. Use it wisely! On the foolish use 
the Kau Kau Staff without good purpose. Once you find the Toa Lewa 
Stone, you must go to the ice lands to the northeast. I've heard that a 
strange tree nearby may provide the answer to the location of the Toa 
Lewa Stone. Search wisely, and may Lewa look out for you!"

Give the Tree crystals to the guy near you to get an energy/health 
increaser. Now go southwest.

Taking the southwest elevator: Go left, and take the bottom path. You 
should see a gear at the end. Now jump north, and go northeast, using 
the Kau Kau Staff on the small tree at the very edge. Cross the tree to 
get a second gear. Then go down, and to the right, jumping to a hidden 
platform above you. Get the gear. Now go down a little bit, using the 
Kau Kau Staff on the tree, forming a bridge. Get the final gear. Then go 
far to the left, crossing the bridge to the next area. 
Press A at the tree, and you'll put all four gears on the tree. Then 
you'll get the fourth Toa Stone! You'll go back to the village.

CHAPTER 06- Ko-koro

Now go northeast. You'll play another mini-game.

_______/Mini-game: Snowball Fight   

Just keep smashing A, while aiming with the directional buttons. This 
game is mostly based on luck.

Go northeast some more.
"GUARD #1: Go back, or you'll be frozen in ice! 
GUARD #2: No, you'll be buried in snow.
GUARD #1: Frozen in ice is better.
GUARD #2: I like buried in snow! 
GUARD #1: Let's compromise: go back or you'll be really-really cold!" 
Ha. Ha. Ha. Equip the Ice Pick, and keep going northeast.

Look out for those big birds! If one flies up into the air, use the Ice 
Pick to create a icicle. If you do it right, the birds will land on the 
icicle and die. Keep jumping across the snow islands, until you get to 
the top.

You'll be in a village. Go northwest (the northeast is blocked).

In the northwest area, near the beginning, equip the Ice Pick in one 
hand, and the Launcher in the other. See that island below you? Make a 
icicle near the edge, and grab onto it with the Launcher. Then step far 
back, and launch yourself to the island, to get another Disc. Then do 
the same thing to get back over to the other side. Keep going to the 
left, jumping on the isles. At the top, you'll get the first Tree 
crystal. Go to the right to find Nuju. You'll be back at the village.
"As a reward for rescuing me, I have a gift for you... Nokama's Trident! 
With this staff you'll be able to launch water bells at your enemies. 
Now that you have proven your ability, I must ask for your aid. The 
sacred Toa Kopaka Stone has been stolen from Kini-Nui. It must be found 
and returned so the Legend of Mata Nui can be told. In addition, 
Makuta's henchmen have stolen the Element of Melting from our village. 
This artifact helps us melt the ice that covers Mt. Ihu and lets some 
water flow freely around our village." 
Get the Trident. Go southeast.

Go up, and jump to the other place. Get the Tree crystal to the left. 
Now jump back down, and go right, taking a narrow path going east. 
You'll get the Element of Melting.

Now, this part is quite hard. Equip both the Ice Pick and the Launcher. 
Now, go to the clear area to the left of where you got the Element of 
Melting. Make an icicle on the very edge of the cliff. The stand far 
away and use the Launcher. You should be pulled to the other side. If 
you aren't, keep trying!

Now, equip the hammer and a weapon (preferably a Disc). Get ready for a 
boss fight...

_______/BOSS: Snow Birds            
Quite easy, if you ask me. Smash open an ice box with a hammer, and 
stand back. A bird will come out and fire rocks at random directions. 
Once it's fury is over, launch fruits/discs/whatever at it. Do the same 
with the two other ice boxes, and the Toa Stone is yours.

You'll get sent back to the village, with permission to go to the next 
town. Go through the northeast exit.

CHAPTER 07- Ta-koro

Equip the Ice Pick in one hand, and Discs in the other. Use the Ice Pick 
to go through lava. Keep going to the right.

"GUARD #1: There he is! Let's get him! 
GUARD #2: We can't let him get away! 
GUARD #1: Stop where you are! 
GUARD #2: Ok!" 
I pressed B as fast as I could...

Weirdly, you can go inside the house to the right. Although it's not 
really a house...

Talk to the guy above with the red staff.
"I've heard about you, . You're just a villager! You've come very far 
for one so small. I've heard about how skilled you are, but I am not 
convinced. Are you strong enough to recover the lost Toa Tahu Stone? I 
don't think you're up to the task! But I am willing to give you a 
chance. Before you can help us find our Toa Tahu Stone, you must help us 
purify the only source of water to our village. Makuta's henchmen have 
poisoned our wells, and we need to find them! If you can find an 
antidote, I'll give you the help you need to find the Toa Tahu Stone." 
Go to the right, and get the Lavaboard. Then go down, and read the sign.

"Ignalu Lava Surfing: Push the A BUTTON to go as fast as your Lava Board 
will carry you. Good luck!" 
Go ahead and race.

_______/Mini-game: Lava Surfing     

Like the last one, keep pressing A, but also maneuver your board around 
with the directional buttons. It's pretty tough.

NOTE: If you've beaten all six of these games, you get a Copper Mask! To 
see it, just press Select. It'll appear at the top. I don't think it 
really does anything...

Once you're done surfing, go back and talk to the guy you talked to 
earlier. It seems a different guy is in his place...

"It's about time! Where have you been? Vakama has been taken by a band 
of hot-headed Fire Maha! Only you can save Vakama, as I must stay here 
and guard the village."

Now go south, back to where the two guards were. Then go up. Go 
northwest, and grab the antidote. Despite what it says, go northwest, 
and you'll be in a new area.

Equip the Discs. Hopefully, you have at least two. Now, go up.

"Help me! Those Maha over there have the key to this cage. You must 
knock them all out to get the key!"

_______/BOSS: Fire Maha             
Keep chucking Discs at them until they die. If you don't kill them all, 
you can try again. They're about two hits each.

Get the key, and open the cage by pressing A. You'll be warped back to 
the village.

"Well, I guess you've passed the test, but I think you were lucky! There 
is little time remaining to find the Toa Tahu Stone! You must find it 
quickly before it is lost in the depths of Mt. Ihu forever. Now get 
Get the energy/health increaser. Go far to the right.

Use the Lavaboard, and throw discs to go forward. There's a Tree crystal 
in the southeast corner. Get the Toa Stone at the end of the lava maze. 
There's also another Tree crystal in that room. If I were you, I'd go 
back to get the last health/energy increaser in the game.

Now, back in the Toa Stone room, equip the Ice Pick. Go over to one of 
the big boulders, and make a bridge across the lava using the pick. Drag 
the boulder over and put it on a switch. Do the same thing for the other 
two. A crystal will appear, but you can't break it with your hammer. So 
what do you do? Put a small boulder in the geyser above you, and it will 
crush the crystal.

This causes a cave-in to occur, dragging you underground. Use the 
Launcher to grab onto one of the animals. Then you get to play a mini-
mini-game, where you just dodge rocks, stalagtities, and exploding lava. 
Eventually, you'll get to the end. Enjoy the ending!

V. Special Thanks

I'd like to thank...

~CJayC, for starting and maintaining GameFAQs, the best video game 
resource site on the net! 
~CJayC, for giving me $20! Wa ha ha, you own, man!
~CJayC yet again, for putting this up on GameFAQs.
~The guys over at www.gbacheats.co.uk, for putting this up, and for 
running the largest GBA site I've laid eyes upon.
VI. Legal Stuff

This is under copyright laws, so NYAH. You cannot give this out to 
anyone. You can not sell this, use it as your own guide, or in any way 
profit from this FAQ. If you want to use this on your site, e-mail me at 
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You must have my permission to use it as your own. If I let you (which I 
usually will), you must COPY and PASTE the entire thing on your site, 
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worked on this. =) (You may print this, but you can't give it to your 
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Lego Bionicle is copyrighted 2001 by The Lego Group. I am in no way 
affiliated with this company.

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