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A decent RPG that doesn't live up to Golden Sun. 05/08/02 Admodieus
This is a spectacular re-done version, with a few minor flaws 01/06/02 Aragorn Of Gondor
Foray into the Dragon 11/15/02 Arek
A good RPG, but it's not perfect. 01/23/02 Ashton300
Much better than the SNES version. 07/18/01 At the Drive In Kid
A perfect remake of the Super NES masterpiece 05/02/02 Bryan Fury
A good but standard RPG 04/05/10 buruburu1
A decent old-school RPG gets the GBA treatment 03/11/02 chandlerbing
A must have for any Rpg fan with a GBA 12/28/01 Crystal Knight Mog
GBA RPG's get back to their traditional SNES roots.... 09/15/02 Dark Angel
The power of the dragon is awaken again! 12/14/01 evax01
Brilliant!!! 01/07/02 GreAsyG
One of the best games for Game Boy Advance. 06/29/02 Link19
A great, but underrated rpg. 03/27/03 n fan
Breath of Fire from SNES with a few minor improvements. 03/18/02 Omnear
The second best Gameboy Advance RPG. 02/20/02 Paulos
Flames are burning bright for Breath of Fire! 12/18/01 Ruby Sapphire
Great Re-Release for a Great System 08/13/01 Rufus Shinra
What started (what should be) the Best RPG series! 10/06/02 Ryu Killer Dragon
A legend comes to the small screen, Breath of Fire 02/25/02 ssj3atrix
Does it stand the test of time? 12/28/01 The Logan
Breathes fiery life into your day! 03/05/02 VampireHunterD
An excellent remake of a wonderful RPG 12/28/01 Veralix
The SNES RPG classic turned up a notch 11/03/02 Xenon
lol wut - hardcore Breath of Fire fans only! 07/09/07 Zenax

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Breath Of Fire,BREATH OF FIRE Review For Game Boy Advance from tra rast

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