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Item List by JM A

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/18/03

Breath of Fire
Item List
Gameboy Advance
November 18, 2003
Version 1.1

 Version History
v1.1  -  Minor changes
v1.0  -  First Version


This FAQ is only for private and personal use only. Copying, Ripping,
Distributing etc. of this FAQ is strictly prohibited.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Breath of Fire, and characters are copyright © 1993,2001 Capcom.
FAQ Copyright © 2003 Griffin Knight

I.    Introduction       [NTR]
II.   Items              [ITM]
III.  Weapons            [WPN]
IV.   Armors             [RMR]
V.    Helmets            [LMT]
VI.   Shields            [SLD]
VII.  Accessories        [ACC]
VIII. Dungeon Items      [DNG]
IX.   Credits            [CRD]

I.    Introduction                                                        [NTR]

   Breath of Fire was first released by Capcom in 1993 for the SNES console and
after a year, Squaresoft licensed it for North America release. Capcom
re-released Breath of Fire in Gameboy Advance in 2001 with upgrades like
character portraits, cutscene images, added level difficulty and other
adjustments. You can also swap items from your inventory via gameboy advance
link cable.

   This FAQ will help you about different items you acquire in the game. This
document will list down the item's description, price (when sold) and the
location of items in dungeons. The list of equipments can give you ideas on
which to equip or sell according to their different attributes.

II.   Items                                                               [ITM]

Items     Description                     Price
=====     ===========                     =====

A.Ptn     Your Agility will increase.      10GP
Acorn     This item will recover AP.       15GP
Antdt     Works as an antidote.             7GP
Antler    Works as an antidote.            50GP
Apple     This item recovers some HP.      50GP
B.Part    It broken.                        ---
B.Rang    A broken rare weapon.             ---
B.Stn     Can be used in battle.           10GP
C.Fsh     You become fully healthy.       375GP
C.Nut     An ingredient for a tonic.        5GP
C.Stn     Can be used in battle.           10GP
Charm     You'll return to normal.         75GP
ClmWtr    Just what the name suggest.       ---
Clog      Ups your agility.                 ---
Cure      This item recovers some HP.    1000GP
Cure2     Recovers all party HP.         1625GP
D.Hrt     This is a legendary weapon.       ---
DkKey     Related to the goddess Tyr.       ---
DkKiss    Can be used in battle.          100GP
DrSoul    Just what the name suggest.       ---
DrWarp    Just what the name suggest.       ---
E.Key     Related to the goddess Tyr.       ---
Egg       An egg of a GrimFowl.             ---
ExpBug    Just what the name suggest.       5GP
F.Stn     Can be used in battle.           10GP
Fruit     This is a strange fruit.          ---
G.Bar     This is pure gold.            25000GP
G.Fly     Just what the name suggest.       ---
GnPwdr    Used to blast the rocks.          ---
Goods     Goods from Gant in crates.        ---
Herb      This item recovers some HP.       5GP
HrGlas    Switches night and day.           ---
I.Claw    Can dig into hard surfaces.       ---
I.Ore     An ore.                           ---
Key       This Key will open the cave.      ---
KngKey    Used to operate Stone Robot.      ---
L.Ptn     Your Luck will increase.          5GP
Life      Cures "Stun" state.             250GP
Life2     Cures any abnormal state.       500GP
Lifter    This is a mysterious item.        0GP
List      Many weapons are listed.          ---
LtKey     Related to the goddess Tyr.       ---
M. Drop   Party becomes fully healthy.   5000GP
M.Cura    This is medicine.                 ---
Mackrl    Works as an antidote.            50GP
Meat      Recovers all party HP.           50GP
Melon     This item recovers some HP.      50GP
Mirror    See the spirit world.             ---
Mrbl1     Produces one fatal attack.      500GP
Mrbl2     Produces one fatal attack.     5000GP
Mrbl3     Can travel avoiding enemies.      5GP
Nails     Just what the name suggest.       ---
Note1     Letter from a weapon man.         ---
Note2     Letter from an island lady.       ---
Oath      Just what the name suggest.       ---
Oil       An ingredient for a tonic.        ---
OldEgg    This is an ancient egg.           ---
P.Fish    An ingredient for a tonic.        5GP
Paper     Just what the name suggest.       ---
Parts     To be used in Scande Tower.       ---
Plcebo    Just what the name suggest.       ---
Pouch     It is secured by a string.      500GP
ProtnA    Ups attack power briefly.       150GP
ProtnB    Can be used in battle.          150GP
Puffer    This is a delicious fish.      2500GP
Remedy    Just what the name suggest.       ---
Rod1      *hero* can equip this item.     500GP
Rod2      *hero* can equip this item.    1000GP
Rod3      *hero* can equip this item.    2500GP
Rod4      *hero* can equip this item.    5000GP
Rod5      Fish anything with this rod.      ---
Root      An ingredient for a tonic.        ---
S.Ptn     Your Strength will increase.      5GP
Sash      This is a mysterious item.        5GP
Saw       Just what the name suggest.       ---
Shell     This is fishing bait.           250GP
Shrimp    This is fishing bait.           100GP
SkyKey    Related to the goddess Tyr.       ---
Smoke     Can be used in battle.           50GP
Snapr     You become fully healthy.       500GP
Sole      This item recovers some HP.     125GP
Srdine    This item recovers some HP.      25GP
Statue    Enter Wisdon with this.           ---
T. Drop   Cures "Zombie" State.            10GP
TmKey     Related to the goddess Tyr.       ---
Tonic     This is medicine.                 ---
Trout     Cures poison & recovers HP.     250GP
Tuna      You become fully healthy.      1000GP
Urchin    This is fishing bait.           150GP
V.Ptn     Your Vigor will increae.          5GP
Vitamn    Just what the name suggest.     250GP
W.Ant     This item will recover AP.     1500GP
W.Ptn     Your Wisdom will increase.        5GP
Whskrs    Just what the name suggest.       ---
Wmeat     Recovers all party HP.          400GP
Worm      This is fishing bait.            25GP
Worm2     This is fishing bait.            50GP
WtrJr     Can lade lots of water.           ---
WtrJr'    It contains Cleansing Water.      ---
Wtzit     This is a mysterious item.        ---

III.  Weapons                                                             [WPN]

Weapons   Description                     Price
=======   ===========                     =====

B.Rang    ATTK  60 WT.  2 One handed.       ---
BoneCN    ATTK  14 WT.  4 One handed.    1340GP
BroadSD   ATTK  34 WT.  5 One handed.    2500GP
BrokenSD  ATTK  42 WT. 15 One handed.      50GP
BronzBW   ATTK  14 WT.  2 Two handed.     250GP
BronzRP   ATTK   7 WT.  2 One handed.     400GP
BronzSD   ATTK  12 WT.  3 One handed.     350GP
Cane      ATTK   8 WT.  2 One handed.    3000GP
Club      ATTK  30 WT.  6 One handed.    1250GP
Dagger    ATTK  32 WT.  2 One handed.    1000GP
DarkDR    ATTK 140 WT.  1 One handed.   20000GP
Dart      ATTK  46 WT.  2 One handed.    1500GP
DigCW     ATTK  42 WT.  2 One handed.    2500GP
Dirk      ATTK   5 WT.  1 One handed.      25GP
DragonSD  ATTK 110 WT. 20 One handed.       ---
DwarfBW   ATTK 150 WT.  1 One handed.   10000GP
EmporSD   ATTK 255 WT.  1 One handed.   32500GP
EvilCN    ATTK  20 WT.  6 One handed.    2000GP
EvilRP    ATTK  55 WT.  7 One handed.   10000GP
FlameDR   ATTK  74 WT.  7 One handed.    3500GP
FlameHR   ATTK 120 WT.  8 Two handed.   20000GP
FlameRP   ATTK  28 WT.  5 One handed.    2500GP
FlameSD   ATTK 122 WT. 10 One handed.   10000GP
Foil      ATTK  18 WT.  2 One handed.       ---
GiantHR   ATTK  60 WT. 12 Two handed.    2250GP
GlowCN    ATTK 100 WT.  8 One handed.   30000GP
HeroBW    ATTK 220 WT.  8 Two handed.   15000GP
HeroSP    ATTK  56 WT.  4 One handed.    3750GP
IcyCN     ATTK  30 WT. 10 One handed.    4150GP
IcyCW     ATTK  88 WT.  3 Two handed.    7500GP
IcyHR     ATTK  75 WT.  9 One handed.    3500GP
IronCW    ATTK  74 WT.  3 Two handed.    5000GP
IronHR    ATTK  45 WT.  8 One handed.    1750GP
IronRP    ATTK  14 WT.  5 One handed.    1000GP
JadeBW    ATTK  80 WT.  8 Two handed.    5000GP
Javelin   ATTK  34 WT.  3 One handed.    2000GP
LightRP   ATTK  10 WT.  2 One handed.      40GP
LongBW    ATTK  28 WT.  5 Two handed.    1300GP
LongSD    ATTK  26 WT.  4 One handed.    1250GP
LoyalRP   ATTK  64 WT.  6 One handed.   12500GP
Mallet    ATTK 255 WT.  1 One handed.   15000GP
MoonBW    ATTK  66 WT.  1 Two handed.    4000GP
MystCW    ATTK 120 WT.  1 One handed.   15000GP
MystSD    ATTK 100 WT.  3 One handed.   20000GP
OldSP     ATTK  42 WT.  5 One handed.    3000GP
Pike      ATTK  24 WT.  4 One handed.    1250GP
PoisonBW  ATTK  42 WT.  6 Two handed.    2500GP
PoisonRP  ATTK  20 WT.  5 One handed.    1500GP
Pole      ATTK  12 WT.  2 One handed.      40GP
PowerDR   ATTK  66 WT.  7 One handed.    2750GP
PowerRP   ATTK  82 WT.  0 One handed.   15000GP
PowerSD   ATTK  62 WT.  8 One handed.    4000GP
RageHR    ATTK  75 WT.  8 One handed.    4000GP
Rapier    ATTK  10 WT.  4 One handed.     750GP
RustCW    ATTK  60 WT.  4 One handed.    3500GP
S.Arms    ATTK 255 WT.  1 One handed.      54GP
Sabre     ATTK   8 WT.  2 One handed.     200GP
Scythe    ATTK  20 WT.  3 One handed.     600GP
SharpBW   ATTK  54 WT.  7 Two handed.    3500GP
ShortBW   ATTK  20 WT.  4 Two handed.     500GP
ShortRP   ATTK   5 WT.  1 One handed.     200GP
Sickle    ATTK  50 WT.  6 One handed.    3250GP
SilverDR  ATTK  10 WT.  6 One handed.    5000GP
Sleeper   ATTK 100 WT.  8 One handed.    2000GP
SpineHR   ATTK 120 WT. 15 One handed.   15000GP
StarHR    ATTK 210 WT.  8 One handed.    2000GP
SteelBW   ATTK  35 WT.  5 Two handed.    2000GP
Stick     ATTK   5 WT.  1 One handed.      75GP
ThrowDR   ATTK  20 WT.  1 One handed.     500GP
ThundrRP  ATTK  46 WT.  6 One handed.    4500GP
Tri-BW    ATTK  96 WT. 12 Two handed.    6000GP
Trident   ATTK  74 WT.  6 One handed.    5000GP
Tri-DR    ATTK  54 WT.  6 One handed.    2000GP
Tri-Rang  ATTK 150 WT.  2 One handed.       ---
WingSD    ATTK  96 WT.  8 One handed.    5000GP

IV.   Armors                                                              [RMR]

Armors    Description                     Price
======    ===========                     =====

AgileAR   DFND  92 WT.  0 ARM.           5000GP
AngleAR   DFND  76 WT.  3 ARM.          15000GP
ArmPad    DFND   8 WT.  2 ARM.            150GP
BronzAR   DFND  25 WT.  9 ARM.           1800GP
ChainML   DFND  20 WT.  2 ARM.           1000GP
ClearCL   DFND 100 WT.  0 ARM.           5000GP
Cloth     DFND   1 WT.  1 ARM.              5GP
DragonAR  DFND 110 WT.  0 ARM.              ---
Dress     DFND   8 WT. 25 ARM.            500GP
EarthRB   DFND  88 WT.  8 ARM.            500GP
EvilRB    DFND  90 WT.  1 ARM.           4995GP
FlameAR   DFND  82 WT. 10 ARM.          14000GP
Gown      DFND  18 WT.  1 ARM.           1000GP
GuruCT    DFND  70 WT.  0 ARM.          10000GP
HuntCL    DFND  16 WT.  4 ARM.            750GP
IcyAR     DFND  80 WT. 10 ARM.          13000GP
IronML    DFND  27 WT.  9 ARM.           2500GP
LifeAR    DFND 115 WT.  8 ARM.          15000GP
LightCL   DFND  68 WT.  1 ARM.          15000GP
MetalAR   DFND  39 WT. 10 ARM.           4500GP
MystRB    DFND  60 WT.  8 ARM.           3000GP
PlateAR   DFND  24 WT.  4 ARM.           1700GP
PowerAR   DFND  84 WT.  8 ARM.           1000GP
PrisnCL   DFND  10 WT.  2 ARM.              5GP
QuartzAR  DFND  50 WT.  9 ARM.           5000GP
RangerVT  DFND  40 WT.  8 ARM.           2500GP
Robe      DFND   2 WT.  1 ARM.              5GP
S.Armor   DFND  90 WT.  0 ARM.             54GP
SageML    DFND  25 WT. 14 ARM.           1500GP
SilkGN    DFND  15 WT.  4 ARM.           1400GP
SpineCL   DFND  60 WT. 10 ARM.           4000GP
SuedeAR   DFND  14 WT.  7 ARM.            375GP
SuedeCP   DFND   5 WT.  4 ARM.            120GP
SuedeGN   DFND  10 WT.  6 ARM.            250GP
SuedeRB   DFND  35 WT.  2 ARM.           3000GP
ThiefCL   DFND  30 WT.  4 ARM.           1250GP
WolfSkin  DFND  80 WT. 11 ARM.          25000GP
WoolRB    DFND  25 WT.  2 ARM.           2500GP
WorldAR   DFND  80 WT.  9 ARM.           6000GP
WorldML   DFND  75 WT. 11 ARM.          11000GP

V.    Helmets                                                             [LMT]

Helmets   Description                     Price
=======   ===========                     =====

AgileHT   DFND  42 WT.  1 HLM.           2750GP
Bandana   DFND   5 WT.  1 HLM.            200GP
BronzHT   DFND  10 WT.  4 HLM.            600GP
ChainHT   DFND  25 WT.  8 HLM.           1250GP
CursedHT  DFND  62 WT. 20 HLM.             50GP
DivingHT  DFND  32 WT.  6 HLM.           2000GP
Domino    DFND  42 WT.  7 HLM.          15000GP
DragonHT  DFND  80 WT.  1 HLM.              ---
EchoHT    DFND  28 WT.  3 HLM.           1000GP
FaceMask  DFND  35 WT.  5 HLM.           3000GP
G.Tiara   DFND   2 WT.  5 HLM.          10000GP
Gaiamask  DFND  36 WT.  4 HLM.           4000GP
GoldHT    DFND  14 WT.  6 HLM.          10000GP
HairBand  DFND   8 WT.  2 HLM.            500GP
HeadGear  DFND  16 WT.  5 HLM.           1400GP
HornHT    DFND  37 WT.  6 HLM.           2500GP
IcyHT     DFND  16 WT.  6 HLM.            710GP
IronHT    DFND  32 WT.  6 HLM.           3500GP
IronMask  DFND  30 WT.  7 HLM.           2000GP
LoveHT    DFND  64 WT. 10 HLM.             50GP
NiceHT    DFND   6 WT.  3 HLM.            300GP
PowerHT   DFND  44 WT.  3 HLM.          10000GP
S.Helm    DFND  64 WT.  0 HLM.             54GP
ShellHT   DFND  25 WT.  1 HLM.           1000GP
SkullHT   DFND  25 WT. 10 HLM.            500GP
StoneHT   DFND  48 WT. 16 HLM.           3000GP
StrawHT   DFND   2 WT.  1 HLM.            100GP
SuedeHT   DFND   3 WT.  6 HLM.            100GP
SunHT     DFND  12 WT.  8 HLM.           1250GP
Tiara     DFND  10 WT.  2 HLM.            750GP
TideHT    DFND   0 WT.  0 HLM.            555GP
Turban    DFND  11 WT.  1 HLM.           1000GP
Visor     DFND   6 WT.  2 HLM.            400GP
WolfHT    DFND  12 WT.  4 HLM.            666GP

VI.   Shields                                                             [SLD]

Shields   Description                     Price
=======   ===========                     =====

Bandage   DFND   5 WT.  1 SHD.            250GP
Bracelet  DFND  12 WT.  3 SHD.            600GP
BronzSH   DFND   8 WT.  3 SHD.            250GP
ColdSH    DFND  50 WT. 15 SHD.           5000GP
DragonSH  DFND 158 WT.  5 SHD.              ---
FlameSH   DFND  38 WT.  8 SHD.           6000GP
Gauntlet  DFND   8 WT.  1 SHD.            400GP
Glove     DFND  20 WT.  6 SHD.           1500GP
GuardSH   DFND  32 WT. 10 SHD.           5000GP
HuntGL    DFND  30 WT.  8 SHD.           2250GP
IcySH     DFND  30 WT.  5 SHD.           2000GP
IronSH    DFND  12 WT.  4 SHD.            500GP
IronSL    DFND  22 WT.  5 SHD.           1000GP
LavaSH    DFND  52 WT.  5 SHD.          25000GP
LightSH   DFND  36 WT. 10 SHD.           2000GP
MaskSH    DFND  65 WT.  8 SHD.          10000GP
MetalSH   DFND  16 WT.  5 SHD.            700GP
MetalSL   DFND  25 WT.  5 SHD.           1500GP
MystSH    DFND  48 WT.  5 SHD.          10000GP
ProSH     DFND  32 WT.  5 SHD.           2500GP
S.Shld    DFND  70 WT.  0 SHD.             54GP
SkySH     DFND  15 WT.  1 SHD.            150GP
StarSH    DFND  70 WT.  2 SHD.          14500GP
SuedeSH   DFND   2 WT.  1 SHD.             75GP
TrapGrd   DFND  40 WT.  4 SHD.           5000GP
WoodSH    DFND   5 WT.  2 SHD.            150GP
Wrist     DFND  10 WT.  2 SHD.            350GP

VII.  Accessories                                                         [ACC]

Items     Description                     Price
=======   ===========                     =====

DarkBR    DFND   0 WT.  0 ETC.             50GP
DreamRG   DFND   0 WT.  0 ETC.            500GP
LoveBR    DFND   0 WT.  0 ETC.           6000GP
MagicRG   DFND   0 WT.  0 ETC.           1250GP
MystSF    DFND   0 WT.  0 ETC.             50GP
Ring      Symbol of power & courage.        ---
RubyRG    DFND   0 WT.  0 ETC.          15000GP
SilverBR  DFND   0 WT.  0 ETC.           5000GP
SkullRG   DFND  10 WT.  0 ETC.             50GP
SmartRG   DFND   0 WT.  0 ETC.            555GP
WindBR    DFND   0 WT.  0 ETC.           2000GP

VIII. Dungeon Items                                                       [DNG]

All items listed here can be acquired in chests, events, locked rooms,
underground caves, islands & through fishing.

Agua Tower:        2 Herbs, 2 Acorns, Life2, Apple, SunHT, IronSH, ThiefCL,
                   HairBand, Bracelet, LavaSH, Life, Life2, SilverBR, KngKey.
Arad:              Fife.
Aura Cave:         2 Herbs, Cure, SuedeGN, I.Ore, B.Stn, C.Stn.
Auria:             5 Herbs, PrisonCL, Cure, G.Tiara, Icicle, Dart, MetalSH,
                   B.Stn, F.Stn, LtKey.
Bleak:             ClearCl.
Bleak Cave:        A.Ptn, L.Ptn.
Bridge:            Fish near Cel's Castle: P.Fish.
Camlon Castle:     5 Herbs, 2 Antdt, BronzSD, Gauntlet, SuedeCP, Visor.
Carmen:            W.Ant, Tonic.
Cerl's Castle:     TmKey, 
Crypt:             3 Herbs, IronSH, Dagger, Life, DreamRG, HeadGear, 2 SkullHT,
                   IcyHT, 2 Cures, Antdt, HuntCL.
Dark Dragon Fort:  5 Herbs, 3 T.Drops, 2 Lifes, LongSD, Acorn, Life2, WolfHT.
Dark Dragon Ship:  2 Herbs, 2 Acorns.
Dream Forest:      LightSH, Life, HeadGear.
Ease Cave:         3 Herbs, NiceHT, F.Stn, T.Drop, Apple, BronzeHT.
Frog Cave:         Oil.
Gaia Temple:       Antdt, ArmPad, Cure, B.Stn, F.Stn.
Gant:              Goods.
Gramor             (South West): Root.
Gray Walls:        (north of Auria): DarkBR.
                   (southwest of gust): LoveBR.
                   (east of Carmen): WindBR.
GrimFowl Woods:    Egg.
Gust:              Maestro, EarthRB.
Hidden Fort:       2 Herbs, GiantHR, EchoHT, Life, MetalSH, 
Karma Tower:       3 Herbs, 2 Cures, Life2, Charm, M.Drop, Foil Remedy.
Laboratory:        Herb, Cure2, L.Ptn, Rod4.
Lake Cave:         W.Ptn.
Lake Shrine:       Herb, Life, Life2, Acorn, SkySH, Ring.
Lament Woods:      2 T.Drop, Herb, Life, Wrist.
Map\Island\Well:   (east of Gamour): DragonSH.
                   (north of Winlan): V.Ptn, S.Ptn, Sash.
                   (northeast of Gust): DragonSD.
                   (northeast of Tantar): L.Ptn, Clog, A.Ptn, V.Ptn.
                   (northeast of Tock): HeroBW.
                   (northwest of Tantar): Slab.
                   (south of Crypt): B.Rang.
                   (southeast of Scande): LoveHT, StarSH, AgileHT, Life2,
                   MystCW, S.Ptn, A.Ptn, L.Ptn.
                   (far southwest of Tantar): I.Claw.
                   (west of Tantar): Wtzit.
Mountainside Cave: HeroBW.
Mare Tower:        Cure, L.Ptn, JadeBW, Trident, Smoke, FaceMask, CursedHT.
Obelisk:           FlameHR, EmporSD, StarHR.
Pagoda:            Domino, PowerAR, AgileAR, TrapGrd, FlameDR, StoneHT.
Prima:             MystSF, Sphere.
Ramui Woods:       2 Herbs, Bandage.
Romero:            2 Herbs, Antdt, Cure, Map, Tablet, WtrJr.
Scande Tower:      IcyCN, Mrbl1, PowerHT, Glove, Cure, 
Sea Volcano:       Herb, SharpBW, M.Drop, PowerDR.
Small Lab Hole:    Herb, Cure, M.Cura.
Small Shrine:      Melon.
Spring Town:       DragonAR, B.Part.
Spyre Tower:       Cure2, A.Ptn, Shell, WorldAR, FlameAR, SkyKey.
Stone Robot:       Herb, BronzHM, Acorn, Life2, Mrbl1.
Tantar:            Herb, Key.
Tock:              Life, EvilCN, IcyAR, Cure, G.Tiara, Life2, GuardSH, AgileHT,
Tunlan:            Herb, 3 Melons, Rod5, TmKey, M.Drop, C.Nut, Bolster, D.Hrt.
Thief (L&D) Cave:  G.Bar.
Thief (L&D) Tower: 2 Cures, Herb, ShellHT, B.Stn, Life, Life2, HornHT,
                   Turban, DkKey, Mirror.
Winlan Castle:     4 Herbs, 2 Antdt, SuedeSH, SuedeHT, BrokenSD, Turban,
                   FlameRP, Cure, Life2, Life.
Wisdon:            4 Herbs, 2 ProSH, 2 Life, Life2, OldSP, SilverBR, RageHR,

IX.   Credits                                                             [CRD]


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