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FAQ/Walkthrough by VampireHunterD

Version: 0.3 | Updated: 07/21/02

Breath of Fire GBA 

Version 0.1 (Last Updated 3/10/2002)
By VampireHunterD (elvishprep@hotmail.com)

This file is Copyright (c) 2002 VampireHunterD. All rights reserved.


Table of Contents











1) Updates

Version 0.1 - The first version of the FAQ. Includes everything I've 
done so far in the game, as well as information on all characters, 
items, secrets and tips. I will update again when I think it's a good 
time in the game.

Version 0.2 - The FAQ now reaches to underwater in Prima. Added 
RpgClassics to my list of people who can use my FAQ and added more 
characters. Note: Give me money for this FAQ.

Version 0.3 - I fixed a slight (see: major) mistake, which guided you 
off into the totally wrong direction. My bad. Now the FAQ is complete 
up to the Hidden Fort, and is as thorough as ever.

2) Introduction   

Discover the Land of the Dragon Tribe

Long ago in the days of darkness and magic, a young wanderer comes face 
to face with his destiny. You control the fate of Ryu, a young warrior 
and descendent of the Light Dragon Clan. Together, with your mystical 
friend, Nina, you must search for magic spells and mysterious secrets. 
Along the way, gain experience and skills as you battle against strange 
monsters. Uncover valuable secrets that will help you on your adventure 
and unlock the secrets of the Dragon Clan.

The classic RPG adventure that started it all...and now on the Gameboy 
Advance system

Hundreds of spells help characters transform into dragons and other 

Exchange items with your friends using the Game Link Cable

Use your combat and exploration skills on your quest...even learn to 

3) Story - Dragon War!

For thousands of years, the Dragon Tribe reigned peacefully, governing 
the world through its mighty power and decency. Despite its integrity, 
the tribe fell victim to the power of the evil goddess Milia. The 
internal strife split the tribe into two factions and war erupted 
between them. The violent clash nearly destroyed the world. Already 
lasting for centuries, it seemed the conflict would drag on forever. 

At last, a hero and his seven companions appeared and vowed to defeat 
the evil goddess. The quest was perilous. 
After many failed attempts, they managed to capture the goddess and 
seal her in a dungeon locked with six keys.
Now a fragile peace accord holds the two tribes together. The White 
Dragon Tribe, pledges to lock away its power until the world is once 
again faced with danger. But the Black Dragon Tribe is suspiciously 
reluctant in its peace efforts. Will the peace hold, or will the bloody 
history between these two sides continue for more eons to come? 
The saga of the fate of the Dragon Tribe is about to begin... 

4) Controls

Field Screen

Control Pad - Move Character
A Button - Talk/Check/Personal Action/Special Ability
B Button - Dash (With Control Pad)
R Button - Cycle character order
L Button - Cycle character order
Start - View/Hide World Map
Select - View Sub Screen   

Sub Screen

Control Pad - Move cursor
A Button - Confirm selection
B Button - Cancel selection
R Button - Not used
L Button - Not used
Start - Not used
Select - Return to Field Screen

Combat Screen

Control Pad - Move Cursor
A Button - Confirm selection
B Button - Cancel selection
R Button - View Defense commands
L Button - View Order commands
Start - Not used
Select - Not used

5) Basics

There are a few things you might not know if you're new to videogames 
or the RPG genre. This section will help you learn the 'Basics'.

When you are on the Field Screen (walking around) you can activate the 
Sub Screen by pressing the Select button. A list will appear with these 

Item (ITEM): Here you can use (USE) an item, for example use an herb to 
heal a party member. You can discard (DSCD) items, god knows why you 
would want to instead of using them, but, yeah, you can throw items 
away. You can change (CHNG) items, sort (SORT) them all neat and tidy, 
and view your vital items (VITL).

Spells (SPEL): This option lets you view your current spells, and cast 
them. For example you have run out of herbs and are about to go into 
battle; Nina's Cure spell could come in handy. Some spells can't be 
cast unless in battle, so they are faded out. 
Equip (EQIP): View currently equipped items of your party members, and 
add or remove equipment. When equipping a new item, there will be an 
arrow pointing up if it will increase stats, down if it reduces, 
nothing if it stays the same, and faded if it is not able to be 
equipped by that character.

Statistics (STAT): View your party members' stats. These include Attack 
power, Defense, Agility, Luck, Health Points (HP), also the needed 
experience points to level up. Once you get the needed experience 
points (EXP), your character will level up and gain stronger stats. You 
can also view the currently equipped items.

Switch (SWCH): Switch the positions that characters will take once 
entering a battle. People in the back row will have higher defense but 
lower attack, and vice versa for people in the front row. For example, 
the healer in your party should be kept in the back row as he/she would 
not be attacking so decreased attack power wouldn't matter.

Change (CHNG): This changes who leads your party, so if you wanted to 
Fly, Nina would be required to lead.

Options (OPTN): Change your game options. This includes text speed, 
dashing, and music.

Save (SAVE): Here you can quick save your game. Be careful with this, 
as it only saves your position once, so if you quick save, and load 
your quick save, you will have to do it again before exiting. The 
advantage of this, however, is that you can do it anywhere, as opposed 
to using the Dragon Shrines, which are located in only certain 
positions and you need to find them before saving and exiting.

Exit (EXIT): This takes you back to the Field Screen.

Status Ailments

Another basic RPG element, is the use of various ailments during 
battle. All ailments can be cured using a Panacea, and all except 
Unconsciousness can be cured using Purify, so those will not be 
mentioned as cures.

Asleep: When asleep, you can not move until combat ends.

Poison: The most common ailment is poison. This can be cured using an 
antidote, or even antlers. This ailment is most annoying, as even when 
outside of battle, it continues to hurt your party member. So make sure 
you heal quickly before you die. 

Curse: This decreases the characters luck, which gives higher 
percentage to the appearance of fatal attacks. This can be cured using 
a tablet.

Zombie: Ugh, this is also very annoying. Your attack and defense become 
1. This can be cured using the Tear of Vem.

Unconscious: This isn't necessarily an ailment, per se, but I am 
listing it here anyway. This happens once you lose all your HP, and are 
unable to do ANYTHING until cured. The other members of your party can 
cure him using a Raise Dead or Resurrect. If all your party members 
fall under this ailment, the game ends and you are forced to restart 
from your last Dragon Point save. So watch out, and keep your HP high.
6) Characters

* Instruction Booklets Description *

RYU - Warrior of the White Dragon Tribe
This is your starting character. He has average stats all around, and 
can learn a few spells later in the game, as he gains the ability to 
turn into a dragon. He also learns to fish. You can do so by equipping 
a rod and bait as a etc. item and finding a well.

* Ryu is a descendant of the White Dragon Tribe and has the ability to 
turn into a dragon. The tribe has sealed its power after almost 
destroying the world in the Goddess War of several thousand years ago. 
However, it is allowed to use it when the world is in danger in order 
to save it, Ryu lost his parents when he was young and now lives with 
his sister, a shaman who can summon powerful magic. Ryu's hobby is 
fishing. *

Starting Stats/Equipment:

Level: 1       HP: 20       AP:0             
Strength: 10 
Vigor: 10                    
Agility: 8 
Wisdom: 12 
Luck: 12 

Weapon: Dirk
Armor: Robe
Shield: Wood Shield
Helm: Straw Hat

NINA - Daughter of the Fae Tribe
This is the first person to join your party. She is best used as the 
healer of your party as her magic in that area is unparalleled, and she 
learns to fly later in the game.

* Nina is from the Fae tribe. She can turn into a gigantic bird and fly 
through the air with people on her back. The Fae tribe abhors fighting, 
and its people hid themselves in a remote mountain during the Goddess 
War. Because of their seclusion, their ancient traditions remain 
intact. Nina learned the ancient ways when she was young, and now she 
is a master in the use of healing magic. *

Starting Stats/Equipment:

Level: 5       HP: 36        AP: 45 
Strength: 10 
Vigor: 24 
Agility: 35 
Wisdom: 38 
Luck: 30 

Weapon: ShortRP
Armor: Dress
Shield: None
Helm: None

BO - Forest Hunter
A wolf that joins your party, as Zog is your common enemy. He is the 
archer of your party, but also has a few good spells, usually one level 
lower healing spells than Nina, but has powerful attack magic. He can 
hunt animals on the world screen for items by having him lead the 

* The Hunting tribe lives in the forest and reveres nature, This tribe 
is so familiar with the forests that you will never get lost when Bo is 
leading the group. Bo is cool-headed, reliable and very good at hunting 
with the bow. In battles against the Black Dragon Tribe, Bo led his 
tribe to multiple victories. However, the Hunters ere soon outnumbered 
and had to retreat to their home in the southern forest. *

Starting Stats/Equipment:

Level: 9       HP: 68       AP: 21 
Strength: 40 
Vigor: 40 
Agility: 42 
Wisdom: 33 
Luck: 9 

Weapon: BronzeBW
Armor: ArmPad  
Shield: N/A
Helm: SuedeHt

KARN - Scion of the Tribe of Thieves 
A thief, another all around character but is based more on speed than 
strength. He has no spells. 
* As a tiny child, Karn was found in the Town of Darkness by the leader 
of a guild of thieves. He knows nothing about his parents or his 
hometown. Karn is not interested in his past, however, he is dedicated 
to acquiring the best thieving techniques. Karn is always practicing 
his craft. The guild leader wonders when he should tell Karn the truth 
about his beginnings. *

Starting Stats/Equipment:

Level: 12       HP: 116       AP: 53 
Strength: 38 
Vigor: 34 
Agility: 69 
Wisdom: 42 
Luck: 51

Weapon: ThrowDR 
Armor: SuedeGN 
Shield: None
Helmet: NiceHT 

GOBI - Sea Merchant 
A travelling merchant. He joins your party after you get deserted on an 
island. He saves you (for a price) but will end up helping you many 
times, as he can swim once he gets a certain item, and turn into a 
giant fish and carry other party members across the sea.

* Gobi is from a tribe of traders who boast that they will one day 
control the world's commerce. Their trade area is any place that 
touches the sea. They are notorious for their greed, and Gobi is 
especially greedy - his own tribesmen shun him and he has been expelled 
by the tribal leader. Because of this, his ability to turn into a huge 
fish is sealed and his life o commerce is very limited. However, Gobi 
still hasn't learned his lesson. *  

Starting Stats/Equipment:

Level: 15       HP: 90       AP:48
Strength: 35
Vigor: 40
Agility: 32       
Wisdom: 49
Luck: 69

Weapon: Pole
Armor: BronzAR
SHD: None
Helmet: BronzHT

OX - Warrior of the Creation Tribe

A Weapon smith who had been forced to make a secret weapon for the Dark 
Dragons. He is very strong, and is able to break large objects that 
happen to block your path. You save him from the Ghost of Death, an in 
return he helps you on your journey.

* Warriors of the Creation Tribe are immense and powerful. They trace 
their mastery at creating weapons and armor back to ancient times. They 
are also skilled at breaking apart walls and hard rock. Despite their 
size, they are capable of delicate and subtle work. Ox once made a 
beautiful golden hair ornament for his wife. They are best at crafting 
weapons, but since the oppose war, they rarely use this talent. *
Starting Stats/Equipment:

Level: 16       HP: 168       AP:30
Strength: 73
Vigor: 71
Agility: 14       
Wisdom: 40
Luck: 21

Weapon: Club
Armor: BronzeAR
SHD: SuedeSH
Helmet: None

7) Secrets

These are taken from Gamewinners.com so credit must be given, and the 
people who originally discovered these codes/hints.

Chun-Li Cameo
When you visit Bleak, go to the boy who thinks he is a magician. He 
will say "Put a hundred coins on the table and I will make them 
disappear". Agree to his request and wait for him to say "Look behind 
you." Say "No" twice, then say "Yes". You should see Chun Li practicing 
her lightning kick. 

9999 Exp. And 9999 gold

Before battling Jade in Obelisk, he will ask you if you want to join 
him. Answer "Yes", and whenever he asks you if you want to change your 
mind, answer "No". Do not push any buttons and he will soon say, "I'm 
bored. Entertain me!". After this, there will be a battle scene. You 
will fight a D.Flea, a Crab, a Flower, a G.Slime, and finally an 
M.Slime which, when defeated, will give you 9999 experience and 9999 
gold. When Nina has fly go to Agua, go north. You will see a little 
island. Run around here and an M. Slime will eventually appear. 

Getting the Emperor sword
Check by the throne after defeating Jade to discover the Emperor Sword. 
Search the right hand pillar in the same room for the Star Hammer. Use 
this in combat to produce the Comet spell effect. 

Getting the Tri-rang
The Tri-Rang can be found behind Pagoda after Nina learns how to fly, 
and before Pagoda has been activated. Search directly behind the twin 
towers of Pagoda to find it. 
Get Nina's flying ability, then warp to Winlan and start flying. Go 
almost directly north to two strange looking towers that are alone on a 
small island offshore. Land on the island and go one space west of the 
towers. Press A with Ryu to get the Tri-rang. Do not use Nina or she 
will start flying again. Note: The Tri-rang is stronger than the Dragon 
Sword and Flame Sword.  

Getting the Rod5
With the Sphere, you can also reach Tunlan. Fall down a pit to the left 
of the vault in the princess's house, then search the box to find the 
Rod5. This is used to fish at the wells. 
Getting the Icydagger and Lifearmor
Once you obtain the thief, quickly return to Agua and go up until you 
reach the resting place of the goddess. In front of the temple on top 
of Agua are two statues. Go in front of them and press A to get the 
Icydagger, the thief's strongest weapon, and the Lifearmor, the 
strongest armor for the main character. It also has the ability to heal 
HP as you walk. 
Finding C.Fish
Go to the third Dragon Shrine and go west to a piece of land sticking 
out into the lake. Fish on the very end of it to catch a C.Fish. 

Avoid fighting Pog 
When the fake Tuntar chief tries to lead you to the guard's weapons, 
continue to say "No" to him. Eventually, Bo will appear behind him and 
stop him, so you will not fight Pog. Note: The general will be 

999,999 Gold
In Prima, go to a weapon shop and choose the "Trade" option. Select the 
IronML, Ox, then select "No". This normally makes you lose an amount of 
GP equal to the cost of the item. Instead, you can leave with 999,999 
GP. Save the game, deposit the money, then repeat. Note: You may need 
to have an amount of money that is less than what will be subtracted 
when you select "No". 

8) Walkthrough

Wake up warrior!
Disaster has struck!
We need the power of the Dragon!
You'll perish  
if you don't wake up!
The village is engulfed in flames!
Everything is burning!
We must go!

At this point, the game begins. Walk out of bed and collect the V. Ptn 
out of the chest. Make sure you do this now, as you will not be able to 
get back there later in the game. Then follow the old woman through the 
hallway, past the flames and down the stairs.  Here there will be a few 
people clumped near the exit. Talk to the lower left of them and she 
will move. Talk to the center person now and then Sara will come in. 
After a brief discussion Sara will turn you and the group into stone to 
protect you from the fire. She then exits and a battle against the 
commander named Jade is shown. The background story is then shown, and 
then the Chief offers you a gift. Go open the chest where you will find 
300 gold. As you exit the building, you will enter Drogen. 


There is a Dragon Shrine to the left of you. Here you can save your 
game if you wish. Farther left, is a weapon and item shop. There is no 
real need to buy any equipment, but you may find it useful to buy some 
Herbs and mrbl3. There is nothing else to do here as of yet, so you 
should now leave.


Now open to attacks, you should level up a bit and  then start using 
your mrbl3's. Make your way North along the easy to follow path, and 
you will find yourself upon a castle called Camlon. 


Talk to a couple people and you will learn that the Dark Dragon forces 
have invaded the land, and brought the town to ruins. There is no one 
in the village able to rid the castle of the monsters (whether it be 
from being able or the desire to) so you must take on the task. Enter 
the castle.

The Castle

Follow the corridors up to the clean spring. At these points you can 
completely recover your HP. Continue up and then right and down. To the 
left of you are 2 treasure chests containing a whopping 70 gold pieces 
each! Continue down and then right and up to the staircase. 

Down here you will find a path with doors. To open the doors press A. 
The first doored room contains an herb and a BronzeSD. The next room 
has another herb and a gauntlet. Equip the items and continue on. 

Up the stairs and down the path you go. Down another flight of stairs 
with another pair of doored rooms. Here you will find a SuedeCP, a 
Visor and yet 2 more herbs. Equip these items and go on up the stairs. 

There will be two treasure chests here containing Antdt's. MAKE SURE 
you grab the farther left chest first, as you will lose your AP, but 
the right chest will recover it and your HP. Now head up the stairs. 
You should want to be at full health when you go up, as your next 
encounter could be fatal if you aren't.

Here you will find a little frog sitting on a throne. He informs you 
that you have no reason to be in his castle and he wants you to get 
out. Now, it will transform into a huge spiky frog and the battle will 
begin. I was level 4 at the time and this battle was no trouble at all 
(with the use of Herbs, of course). You will most likely level up twice 

Now the foul air filters out and the clean air is now coming back but 
now, a short earthquake occurs. In the upper right part of the room you 
will find an Herb to add to your collection, and 150 gold. Follow your 
path back and exit the castle. There will be no more monster encounters 
so it's a safe journey.


Now the king will realize that you are not a false hero and then 
another earthquake occurs. 'What a shocker!' He tells you that the Dark 
Dragons must have -Quake Control- and there is a hidden palace in the 
Nanai dungeon. You must now put an end to the quakes. And he didn't 
even say thank-you. Ingrate. Save and exit the city.


Head up and to the left and continue to follow it up. You should cross 
a bridge and, if you're lucky, you will arrive at nighttime. If you 
enter the city during the day, guards will block your path.


Before you try to get to the Temple, go into the INN and at the top of 
the INN is a chest containing a S. Ptn. The path to the Palace is 
pretty easy to figure out, but, incase your not the brightest pumpkin 
in the drawer, I will elaborate. Along the way there are a couple stops 
that you can make to pick up a few free items. Go far left to the 
corner of the city in front of the INN. On step 3, you will see a man 
sleeping, to the building right of him, there is two treasure chests 
inside containing 300 gold. Grand Theft Auto 3 has nothing on breaking 
the law compared to the theft in this game.

1)	Go up 7 steps, 2) right 4, 3) up 5, 4) 10 right, 5) 11 down, 6) 2 
left, 7) 5 down, 8) 12 right and up into the temple.
If you want to find to more herbs, take a different path starting on 
Step 8.

9) 15 left, 10) 9 up, 11) 5 left, 12) 8 up, 13) 4 right, 14) 1 up, 15) 
3 right and in the building where you will get the herbs in chests.

Gaia Temple 

Now, to continue with my FAQ, once you're in the Palace go through the 
gates and down the steps as there is nothing to do to the left or 
right. Travel down the long flights of stairs and you will find 
yourself in a hot looking cavernous place. 

Head right across the bridge and down, finding a Antdt. Head back to 
the stairs and go down the steps and over the bridge. Turn left and 
head up, over the other bridge. You will find a treasure chest 
containing 650 gold. Head back and instead of going left go far right 
where you will get a B. Stn. in a chest. No go left a little and up the 
ramp, across two bridges and down the next flight of stairs.

To the left of you is an Arm Pad on the top, and 70 gold below it. 
Follow the path down and back below the stairs you are. Follow the path 
down across two bridges. After the second bridge turn left and you will 
find a F. Stn. Now go right and there will be a Cure. Farther right 
will be a large staircase. Go down.

Heal yourself and travel up where there will be a large soldier facing 
away from you. Walk up to him and you will over hear him talking to 
himself about taking over the world. After disturbing his privacy 
(shame on you) he begins to fight you. You should start out by using 
your B. Stn. and your F. Stn. or you can save them if you wish. I was 
level 7 when I fought him and it was a little trouble. I was forced to 
use 14 HERBS!

Walk up to the big machine and press A. Choose yes and then run to the 
black hole to the right of you. This will take you to the Overworld.


Outside just in time, the city of Nanai falls. Then a man will come and 
take you to the king in Camlon. 

The man thanks you and you are told to go to Winlan, where you will 
find a cave to another kingdom. You should now save after your long 
journey and exit the town.


Head North back to Nanai, but, now that it is destroyed you can pass 
through and continue on. Head right and up some more, you will see a 
cave and a city. Go to the city, this is Winlan.


On the second level of the city, to the right, is a small house. Inside 
is another chest, with a V. Ptn. You can also visit the Weapon Shop and 
Item Shop. I bought a nice Chain Mail, which upped my stats nicely.

At the northernmost part of the city you will find the castle, enter. 
Walk up and talk to the center person. She will then talk to Princess 
Nina, who refuses your request to see the king as she does not want 
word of his illness to spread. You will then be shown to your room  
where you will sleep. You will now take control of Princess Nina.

Below you are some stairs, head down.

Go left and you will find a doored room with four chests. Inside them 
are a SuedeSH, a SuedeHT, an Antdt and a herb. Head back to the stairs 
and go around the wall clockwise and you will find another room with 
two treasure chests filled with an herb each. Go up to the other stairs 
and go down them. 

In the lower left corner there is yet another room with two chests, 
with a Antdt and a herb. Head back upstairs. If you talk to Ryu you 
will hear him dreaming of Sara in his sleep. Exit the castle and leave 


Near the castle to the left is the cave that you need to go into.

Aura Cave

If you got into a fight on the way here, you're sure to notice Nina's 
weakness. Luckily, she won't have to go on alone. When you enter the 
cave, 2 two soldiers will offer their assistance. Head north and down 
the flight of steps.

Below you is a chest containing a Cure. Continue right from there down 
is a SuedeGN and 150 gold. Go back left and up where 70 gold and a I. 
Ore is. Go back to where you started at the steps. Head north and 
right. On your way there will be two herbs along the path. They're easy 
to see. Now continue left at the intersection and go up where there 
will be a B. Stn. waiting. Now go down and go up at the intersection to 
the stairs.

Now travel up the cave and left for the C. Stn. Go up the stairs and 

You will then exit into a forest with a town nearby. Go to the town. 


This town is Romero. You will hear talk of a wizard testing out his 
potion on a group of girls. Go to the INN where a dresser is. Open it 
to receive a L. Ptn. Right above the INN are to small huts. Go into the 
right one and fall down the hole. Push the jars out of the way and make 
your way to the barrel. Push it and there will be a map for you!! 
Congratulations! Now when you press START a map will be shown. Head 
back upstairs and outside. Right above that hut is a taller building, 
go inside and upstairs is a dresser containing a ProtnB. Nothing else 
in this town besides the weapon and item shops so visit them and then 
save. Head left and exit the town.


Travel left and go into the groove in the trees.

Ramui Woods

This part of the game is quite hard to describe, so I won't go into to 
much detail (until my next update). From the start follow the trees 
down and left to find a bandage. Two layers of trees above that (or far 
left from the start) is a chest containing an herb. Travel counter-
clockwise up around the trees to find 150 gold. Continue left from one 
level above the bandage and you will find your way out.


Walk forward into Karma tower.


Follow the wall around left to find a M. Drop. Go back and right in 
front of the entrance is a staircase leading to a pit containing 2 
chests of herbs. Following the wall right will lead you to another 
chest with a M. Drop. On your way kill Morte who is blocking the path. 
Easy battle, just keep attacking and healing with Nana. Behind him is 
the staircase that you need to go through. 

Only a couple places to go here. Go down from the start of this floor 
is a charm. Along the way head up these stairs where there's a cure. Go 
back to the start of this floor. Circling the wall above you 
counterclockwise is a long path around the room with stairs at the end. 
Up the stairs and along the wiggled path down south is a charm. North 
and right around are some stairs. Go down.

Heading up you will see two holes. Pass them by as they drop you down 
and you would have to make your way back up again. Up the stairs 
instead. Here you will find 4 holes and an herb. Fall down the top-
right hole and fall you will fall down two levels. Go up the stairs and 
follow the path. Then you will come upon a staircase down with Morte's 
sister (I assume) around the corner. Down the stairs is a Life2. Travel 
back up and fight Mortea. This battle is a bit harder than Morte's, so 
now would be a good time to use the attack items if you haven't 
already. The battle goes a lot quicker even if you use only one. If you 
don't, just attack with the soldiers and heal with Nina again. Travel 
up the stairs.

You will be on top of the tower now. Walk left and step on the switch 
to make a bridge appear. Walk across and the bridge closes behind you. 
You can bring it back by stepping on the switch in the doored room. If 
you go up the stairs you will be able to cleanse yourself, and save at 
the dragon shrine. Stepping on the switch would have also resulted in 
the girls moving so you can go downstairs. When you go down, there is a 
cure on the first level down, and YOUR DEATH on the next level.

When you walk forward the wizard will appear behind you blocking the 
exit. He releases Xeon gas, poisonous to your winged race. There is no 
point in healing, so don't waste your Herbs. This battle was meant to 
be lost. Just attack for a couple turns. At this time, Nina decides 
that one of the soldiers should go get help while she distracts the 
wizard. Attack some more, and the wizard will finish you off. It then 
shows the soldier who escaped turn into a bird and fly off with some 
dragons on his tail. The soldier dies as he tells the guards of Winlan 
what happened. At this point, you take control of Ryu again. Leave the 
castle and exit the city.


Outside you will meet up with a group of Winlans. They will tell you 
their intricate plan and then they will turn into birds. Unfortunately, 
some of the birds are countered by dragons and only you and your bird 
get by.


A soldier joins your party briefly when you land. Head down the stairs 
and drink some water and save your game. Near the entrance to where you 
encountered the wizard, the soldier leaves your party. Head down alone. 
Follow the path and keep going left at the intersection so you can 
plunder a chest of its foil and activate the trigger. Equip it then go 
up at the intersection where you will see the Wizard and Nina at the 
face of a pit filled with lava. This is a really easy battle (I was 
Level 9) with use of an attack item. He starts to use petrify once he's 
at low health, but its not that big of a bother. He only takes one hit 
after his HP is gone. After the battle Nina collapses and you carry her 
up the stairs. You fly off, and...after a little bit of either fancy 
aviation or the result of too much liquor, you arrive back at Winlan 
where Nina runs off to see her father, the King.


Travel past the group of people and up the first set of stairs. Go 
around the top-left wall and you will find the king lying in bed. At 
first the Remedy does not seem to work, but the king gets better and 
starts jumping on his bed. He offers you anything, and you ask for use 
of the tunnel.........but Nina joins your party now so it's all well. Head 
downstairs and now use the second set of stairs above you. Go down 
them. Go straight down passed one room and turn right up the tunnel. 
The doored room is locked though, so sad. So just keep going and head 
out into the Overworld.


There's a couple new enemies to encounter, so have fun while you head 
down along the path. You'll enter a clearing from the path and to the 
right is Tantar.


Here you can find a weapon shop, and a Dragon Shrine. Save your 
progress thus far. There is an INN which you can stop by with a Charm 
in a dresser. Also, below it is a building on a hill. Upstairs of it, 
there is another dresser with a W. Ptn. And below it, in the lower 
right corner, is a saw maker. He will make you a saw if you give him 
your I. Ore. Nothing else to do here, so exit and go back up along the 
path you came. Head towards the thick bushel of trees. Now equipped 
with the saw, you can clear the tree blocking your path.

Lament Woods

Another hard to describe forest, but easy to get through nonetheless. 
In this forest I found a T. Drop, a Life, a Wrist, and a T. Drop. Sorry 
I couldn't be more helpful, but if you could email me a nicer 
description please be do so and I will include you in the credits. 
Hopefully you could make your way to the Dark D. Fort in the top right 
of the forest. Congratulations.

Dark D. Fort

Upon entering, you will be forced to fight two sharp, yet weak guards. 
Just attack a few times and they'll go down. Head forward and fall down 
the trap door. Here there will be a T. Drop, two Life, and a LongSD. Go 
back up the stairs and take the non-trapped path around behind the 
trap. Going down at the fork results in you falling back into the trap, 
so go up. Going up at the fork in the road will lead you to another set 
of guards. Same fight as last time. Follow that path down passed the 
stairs to find the four chests. The herb, T. Drop, Life2, and the Acorn 
will now be yours. Head down the stairs.

There's a trap in the path next to you so fall in to get the treasure 
or just take the stairs. The lower right chest gives you 50 points of 
damage, and a WolfHt. The other ones give two herbs and a T. Drop. 
Follow the outer wall around to get to the herb chest. Then go left 
some more and down(passed the guards) to get another herb. Then go 
fight the 3 soldiers guarding the 'Chief'. This battle was just a tad 
harder then the rest. 

The chief offers to guide you to the weapons. Follow him and get the 
weapons. Oh but wait!! It's a trap!! He locks you in the room with a 
large Pog. It was an easy battle at level 11/9. Unfortunately, this was 
just a warm up. An arrow flies by opening the cage for you. Bo, a wolf 
man, loosed this arrow. It seems now that, the Chief was just General 
in disguise. So you must fight him, with Bo by your side. The real 
Chief comes and tells you about the ring and then leaves. Bo joins your 
party for good now, as Zog is also his enemy. Now exit and head south 
to get out of the forest. Head to either Tuntar or Tantar.

Upgrade Bo's equipment and save.


This town also has a INN, containing a Cure. An item shop and bank also 
inhabit this town. Now head to the Chief's house.  Upstairs is an herb. 
That's all you can do in these two villages, so exit into the 


Head North along the path that you came from. Pass the Lament Woods and 
continue on. You will come upon another forest. Se Bo to be the leader 
and pass through to Romero. 


If you visit the Chief he will tell you that he will give you 
information on Agua. If you're lucky you would have arrived at night. 
You probably didn't though, so wander around until night falls. Enter 

In the graveyard, you will come upon the old woman. Talk to her and she 
will refuse you the WtrJr. Her zombie husband then steps in, and 
decides that it is best for you to have it. He opens up the tomb for 
you to enter and get the WtrJr. Fall in. Not only will you get a WtrJr, 
but an herb also. Exit and go left along the mountains.


With Bo now leading your party, cross over the Woods and continue to 
follow the mountains below the Tower. You will now see a cave, circle 
around counter clockwise and enter it.

Ease Cave

Directly in front of you is a three way split in the road. Take the 
right way. There is an Herb there. Now take the left path. Following it 
up you will find an Herb, a NiceHT, and then the path will loop around 
back to the start, so don't follow it all the way. When it splits again 
go right and follow the long path. You'll see some stairs, before going 
up them there is a chest you need to plunder of it's F. Stn.

Now down the stairs, take the path down where there is an Herb. Going 
up the path it splits, take the right way to get the awaiting T. Drop. 
Then continue along to the stairs.

Going up takes you to some stairs leading to a BronzeHT and an Apple. 
Going down takes you to some stairs. Go down.

Wade down into the water and press A. The WtrJr will fill with water. 
Luckily, you don't have to walk all the way back as it does it on its 
own. Sprinkling the water on the soil, it becomes purified. The chief 
thanks you and offers you the tablet to enter Agua, along with 900 
gold, a Cure, an AntDt and an Herb. Rest up, save your game and enter 
the Overworld.


Right outside of Romero, to the Northwest, is a Floating island. Enter.


Walk up the pier and enter the floating island when it arrives. Walk up 
the stairs. 

The door in front of you is locked, so step onto the pad and it will 
take you across the gap. To the left is an Herb, to the left and up are 
a Life2, an Acorn and an Apple. Keep going and you will find the stairs 
along the way.

Nothing you can do besides step on the first pad. It will take you to 
the middle section where there are three pads. The lower right one will 
take you to an IronSH. Take the pad in behind the chest back to the 
start. Go back to the middle. The upper left pad will take you to a 
SunHT. Go to the middle again. Take the only remaining pad in the lower 
left and it will go to a TheifCL. Takes its pad. Now you should be by 
the stairs. Go up.

Take the Acorn and jump on the pad. Then take the left pad to the 
HairBand. Then the next pad to the Herb. Then take the right pad to the 
Bracelet. Then take the pad behind this chest to the stairs. Go up, and 
you will see some small blue lights in the wall to the right. Between 
the 4th and 5th lights, you can enter through the wall by pressing A. 
Inside you will find a SteelBW.

:Thanks to Jan Van Haudt for the information on the SteelBW:

Go down and take the pad. There is a large pole. Activate it to make 
the Boss appear. He's a pretty tough boss. Bo's Lightning2 did the most 
damage, I powered up Ryu and healed with Nina, and had Ryu attack. I 
was Level 12/11/10. After beating the Boss follow his instructions and 
check the pillar where you will receive the key.

Ride all the closest pads and head down all the stairs and exit Agua.


You can go to Romero and rest/save if you want, but your goal now is to 
make it back to Tantar. You can use your map if you have it (it's the 
city beside the river), but if you don't have it, just follow the dirt 
trail that's to the right of Romero. Now that near Romero, rest and 
save again if you want. Cross the bridge that's right above you. Head 
up the path and you'll find a cave. Go towards the cave but not in it. 
Head around it and go left and up. You'll see the giant. Go Inside.

The Giant

Travel up all the stairs. On the third level make your way right, 
you'll find a BronzeHT and an Herb. Go up these stairs. You'll now see 
three men. Talk to them and they will rudely ask for the key. A fight 

Really easy battle, I cast a few spells but there was really no reason 
to. Just attack a few times and they'll die. You might not even have to 
heal. I fought this battle at Levels 12/11/11.

After the battle, turn the robot on with the key by pressing A. The 
robot's heart(?) will start pumping, and the teleporters (black dots) 
will start to function. Take the teleporter that is left of the stairs, 
take the next portal that is at the end of the path. Then take the 
portal to the left, to get and Acorn. Then go back through it. Rinse 
and repeat until you are back where the path splits. Instead of going 
to get the Acorn take the upper portal. Take the left path at the split 
now, where you'll find a portal to a Life2, and a Mrbl1. Step back on 
and you'll be in the same as before. Keep going up this time to the 
farther away portal. Then go through the next portal. Now your at the 
main control room for the robot. Put the key in the big block and the 
robot will start to move. After a brief movie thing the rock will be 
destroyed and the water will flow back to the villages. Once you are in 
control again, go through the portal and exit the giant. Take note of 
his position, however, as you will have to return here in a little 


Go down and follow the path back to Tantar.


Go talk to the Chief. It is the building on the hill. Once you talk to 
him, he'll push his seat out of the way and a hole will be revealed. 
Jump down.

Here is an herb and...the Key! Rest and Save your game, there's nothing 
else to do so just leave.


Now outside, head back up along the path back to the robot. Go inside 
the cave he is standing by.

Lake Cave

Follow the path to the other end of the cave (pick up the W. Ptn. along 
the path. Exit the cave.


Right beside you is another cave. Enter.

Lake Shrine

Walk north up to the locked door. If you have the key (which you 
should) press A to open it. Step down the flights of stairs and head 
left along the tunnel halls. Step down the stairs and wade into the 

Walk south and float down the waterfall. Continue down and pass by the 
first island as it only leads you back on top of the waterfall. The 
next island will have a Life on it. Take it and then go to the third 
island. Follow it along until it ends. Jump back into the water to the 
fourth island. On the fourth island pass the stairs is a Life2, get it 
and go down the stairs. 

Follow the easy path left, up, left, and get up the flight of stairs. 

Above you is 2000 gold. Off the island into the water now. The second 
island has an herb. Walk the third island straight down path the left 
split to get an Acorn, then take the split that takes you off the 
island. Walk south and float down this waterfall. 

As you walk along the stream, there is a hill with a SkySH for Nina at 
the top. Continue on to the next island. Congratulations, you found the 
Ring. De-detelede-de deeee! You can equip it to Ryu for a nice bonus in 

Jump on the portal and it will take you back to the top. South is the 
exit of the cave, so go there.


SouthEast is the cave, go back through it and then go to Tantar. 


Talk to the people on the road and they will get out of the way. Inside 
the Chiefs house, a wedding will be taking place. Sit through and then 
the Chief will tell you to take the stone robot and cross the river 
with it. 


Oh, but wait. The general has stolen the robot. What a nuisance that 
guy is, that's why you should always take the keys out of your vehicle. 
The robot destroys Tuntar but then stops, giving you an opportunity to 
regain control. Go north and cross the bridge and then down to the 

The Giant

Take the same path as before up to the Giants control room. But, 
instead of the same easy battle with the General, he transforms into a 
Gremlin?! This battle is a lot tougher than before, especially after 
his HP is down, then he gets MAD! I had ALOT of trouble with this one. 
I managed to finish him off after a long battle with an attack item, 
but I was lucky I had it. He has an attack that does about 30 damage to 
all your party members, so watch out. Cast powerful spells with Bo, 
attack with Ryu, and heal and power up with Nina. I also had both Bo 
and Nina dead, so I was forced to attack, heal with herb, attack, heal 
with herb, etc. for about 10 turns. That is when I killed him with the 
attack item I found in my inventory. I was levels 13/12/12. 

The General will then explode and the Robot will start to walk. He 
arrives at a Volcano, which he then erupts, the lava hardens in the 
river allowing you to cross. You'll see a small building surrounded by 
trees. Enter.

Dragon Shrine

Good fun here. This is your very first Dragon Shrine! Here, without the 
help of Bo or Nina unfortunately, you'll be able to fight the 'Talon'. 
Before you do, a Melon can be found to the right of Talon. A really 
long battle, wouldn't even call it a battle really, just a game of 
punch for punch, ensues. Once victorious, which I'm sure you will be if 
you have enough herbs with you, you will receive your first three 
dragon transformations for battle. Snow, Thunder, and Flame Dragons. 
Heal again and exit into the Overworld.


Below you and to the left a little is the Cape Cave. Go in.

Cape Cave

Follow the easy to follow winding tunnels until there is a split. Take 
the lower path out as the other way is blocked by seemingly immovable 


Follow the shoreline to the port city.


As soon as you enter the city you will be arrested for stealing 
treasure. The guard will lock you in the cell with another person. In 
the top right corner are some PrisonCL. Talk to your sleeping inmate 
and he will unlock the gate, which is a bit odd to say the least. He'll 
go back to sleep and now it's time for you to leave. Head up the stairs 
and exit the prison.

Finding yourself in the middle of the town, go to the building to your 
left. Trade in your old equipment for new and buy some items, including 
a Pouch and a Vitamn for the man upstairs. Go upstairs and you'll find 
a man with the hic-ups. Give them to him and he'll give you 5000 gold. 

Save the money you'll be gaining soon for the G. Bar, as you need to 
buy it later, but I'm assuming you don't have nearly that much. 

Stay on the opposite side of the path from the guard and go up the 
stairs. There's a building to the right, enter here and there will be a 
Life and a V. Ptn inside, along with a Mrbl1 and 2000 gold upstairs. 
The building beside that one to the left will have another Life and a S 
Ptn. in it, followed by a Cure and W. Ant. Upstairs. Another house with 
2 chests down and 2 chests up is behind this one, with a SmartRG, Life 
and a Antdt. The next house has a Mrbl3, a Cure, and an L. Ptn. But 
don't open the chest on the first floor, because you will once again be 
thrown into jail.

Eleven chests later, it's time to actually do something. Travel up all 
way North through the city, to the end house. Talk to the man on the 
first level, his daughter is stuck in a safe and you must go save her. 
He will reward you with his ship, but there's a few things you need to 
do before you can save her, so read on. Go up the stairs that are near 
the entrance and you'll find a G.Tiara and a Cure to the left and up, 
and 2000 gold in a dresser at the top of the room. Leave the building 

Go back to the building to the right of you and go upstairs. There will 
be an old man with an aching back so have Nina lead your party and she 
will pat-a-pat it better. Oh, what's that?! 20000 gold?! Yes, that's 
right, your well on your way to buying the gold bar. Enter the building 
to the right of you, and there will be a woman sitting there by the 
table downstairs. Fairies have bewitched her son and you must go save 
him. You probable noticed this while you were near the Dragon Shrine, 
but if not, that's what I'm here for. On your way to save the boy, 
visit the item shop again and sell your G. Tiara for a pretty penny. 
Leave the city. 


Travel back up the shore back to the cave. Make your way through and 
then head to the trees with Bo leading. A few steps above the cave is a 
clearing in the forest. 

Fairy Woods

Talk to one of the Fairies and they'll free he boy. Now leave and head 
to the other Fairy Woods that's a few steps right of here. The boy will 
be free and he'll promise to be kind to nature for the rest of his 
days. Go back to Auria.


The old woman in the north west house will now give you another 20000 
to add to your pot. Buy a pouch from the item shop on your way out. 


Right beside you to the right is L&D Cave.

L&D Cave 

Some people will  be in your way and they'll warn you of thieves and 
step back. Go down the stairs. 

Go left and follow the path up to the first intersection. Take the 
right path then down to the next split. Take the left way to the two 
chests through the broken wall to get Cure, and a ShellHT. Then go back 
right and down this time. Turn up to get to the stairs at the little 

Take the only way right and then up and around counter clockwise to the 
switch to open the gate, so you don't have to walk all the way through 
again. Go back along the path and now down instead of up and leave the 


Don't go into this tower that's beside you to the right, circle over 
the water clockwise and head down and to the left where you will find 
the town of Bleak. The INN in this town in free, but the INNkeeper is a 
thief. If you have the pouch from Auria you'll have no problem though, 
as you will wake up and catch him in the act. He will give you 5000 
gold for your troubles. 

The left upper building has 2 herbs upstairs in chests. The right house 
also has 2 items, and a magician. Talk to him, say yes for the first 
two questions, and then no twice, then yes, and then you will see the 
infamous Chun-Lee executing her Bicycle Kick. 

You should have 65000 gold by now, along with the Warp spell. Leave and 
warp back to Auria. If you don't have the warp spell, walk back.


All you need to do is buy the G.Bar. Warp/Walk back to Bleak. 


Walk all the way north to the center end house, here you can trade your 
hard earned G.Bar for a Icicle. There is also 2 items upstairs. Leave 
the house and the city.


A few steps directly left will be a cave, enter.

Desert Cave

Walk down the first set of stairs and then just follow the path left. 
Walk up the next flight and then you will come upon the exit, earlier 
you couldn't have gotten past due to the hot winds, but now, with the 
Icicle, you can cool the air and pass through.


Walk straight down for a while and you'll come upon Arad.(Note: This is 
not the moving city, pass the moving city by)


You will find the dragon (of the dragon shrine) along with an INN in 
the tent to your right. Sleep/save and head up to the north tent. Talk 
to the mayor and he will offer you the Fife if you slay the SandWorm, 
once you say yes it will become dark outside. Go visit the area where 
the goat used to be (right of the mayors' house), and you'll see some 
shifting sand. Walk up and the battle will begin. 

Easy battle, but if your having trouble, don't be to happy when you get 
his HP down, he still has quite a bit after he gets up. Not much else 
to say, use the characters magic to win.

You'll be brought back to the mayor, and the man blocking the way of 
the chest will be gone, giving you full access to claim your bounty. 
Leave the village.


Close to Arad is Krypt, down a bit and to the right a bit. Stand on the 
platform in front of the entrance and press A. A bridge will appear and 
you can walk across. Go in.


From here go left and follow the spiral path counter clockwise to the 
next stairs. Go down.

On this floor there are a few treasures to find, along with a few pit 
traps to discover. You can find two herbs, an IronSH, Life, Dagger, and 
a  DreamRG. You can get most of these, along with the next room down the 
two stairs in the south, by following the outer wall, as there are no 
pit traps to hinder your way. You can also wait to get them until you 
have Karn in your party, then he will be able to disable the pit traps, 
making navigation much easier.

Here head north where there are two ledges, the right will have some 
HeadGear and the left will have a B. Rang encased in rock. There is 
nothing you can do about that so keep going up. Here a EyeSpy will 
block your path. Keep attacking him until all his eyes are gone, then 
he'll start using a powerful all character damage attack. Once he's 
gone, go down the next set of stairs.

Ooooooh, chests. Empty all the red ones before the blue, and you'll 
find a pair of SkullHt's, an IcyHT, a Cure, and an Antdt. In the blue 
chest you will discover a trap, causing the room to start flooding with 
water. But wait! It's Karn from the ground! Follow him downstairs and 
he'll join your party.

If you have Karn lead your party, you will be able to unlock the doors 
blocking the way. Do so, and make your way right and up along the path. 
At the intersection, there is three paths. Left will take you to a Herb 
and a Cure, you can also unlock the traps with Karn leading. Head back 
to the intersection and this time unlock the door and head down the 

Follow the path left and down to the next stairs. Go up.

If you go down from here there will be a HuntCL at the end of the path. 
If you take the stairs down you'll be going the right direction. Two 
flights later you'll be at the bottom in a large open room.

Have Karn lead the party, as all the caskets are trapped. In he lower 
right area of the room you will find the casket book. Karn will gain 
confidence! Now head back out to the overworld.


With Karn leading the party, you can head back to the Agua tower to 
find a LavaSH if you wish, as the door can now be unlocked. After you 
do this, warp to Bleak.

At the Dragon warp point, save your game, rest, and stock up on Mrbl3's 
and other items. Exit Bleak, and go up around the lake to the L&D 

L&D Tower

Upon entering, walk up to the locked door and open with Karn. Through 
here, there is a chest to the right containing 2000 gold. Go left up 
the stairs. 

Go down and right to the old man. He tells you he will give you his 
treasure if you meet the ghosts to prove your worth. He then backs up 
and lets you through. Pass him by and walk up the stairs. 

To the right and left there are another staircase. Take the left one up 
to find a B.Stn. and a life. Go back down and take the right stairs. 

Circle down and up around the wall to get up the next stairs. 

The staircase directly in front of you will lead you to a Life2, 
another staircase leading to a Cure, a HornHT, and an Herb. Get all 
these items and return back to the stairs you came up before. Pass them 
and follow the outer-wall right and up to the next flight of stairs. 

If you choose the right stairs from here, go up the next stairs also. 
You'll find a Turban, and 2000 gold.

If you choose the left stairs from here, go up the next stairs also. 
Here is a red Cloud that wants to fight. During this battle Ryu was Lv. 
16, Nina was 14, Bo was 15, and Karn was 13. For this battle, have Ryu 
fight as a dragon, Nina heal, Bo use Fry, and Karn use the E.Key. I 
noticed that Cloud only attacked Ryu for the duration of this battle, 
maybe I was just lucky, but have Nina keep him at full health. When 
Cloud is defeated, talk to him again and he will drop the DK key, and 
the Tower will light up.

Make your way back down the tower until you get to the old man again. 
He will move aside letting you open the chest. Inside is a Mirror that 
shows spirits.

Leave the Tower.


Warp to Auria, or you can go left to the L&D Cave. If you head up from 
hear there will be a locked door. Open it with Karn to find another 


Save at the Dragon Shrine, and rest at the INN. Make sure to avoid the 
guard =) From here head up to the northernmost house. Go to the room in 
the bottom left corner and go don the stairs. 

Open the locked door with Karn, and talk to the girl. She tells you 
that her father is going to give the LtKey to the Dark Dragons! Go have 
a talk with her father who is now in the east part of the house. Using 
the mirror to show Ross the error of his ways, go back down to the 
girl. Agree to her quest, and she will move back. Here is a bunch of 
chests containing five herbs, a B.Stn., a MetalSH, and a Dart. Equip 
all these items. Run up all the stairs to the top of the tower, get the 
F.Stn. on the way, and then put the LtKey that is in the pillar safely 
away. Talk to the Ross, and if you haven't already, take everything in 
his house. Exit.

Walk to the end of the docks and a Archer and a Knight will talk to 
you. After beating them, in this simple battle, they signal their 
friends to sink your ship, then they disappear. Gobi and the Captain 
walk up. Gobi offers you some GnPowdr for a G.Bar. You can get this in 
the L&D Cave by unlocking the locked door to the north of the cave on 
the second level. Leave town once you have the G.Bar.


Head up and left along the path and enter the Cape Cave.

Cape Cave

Walk up and take the left path. Follow it around and when you meet with 
the rocks you will set the explosives. Take cover and wait for the path 
to be cleared. After they do, run by and exit the Cave.

Secret Base

Finding yourself in the corner of the Base, dodge past the trees and 
past the building. Here, you will be confronted by two questioning 
SpearMen, unfortunately, they don't let you respond and jump into the 
battle. Dispose of them and continue on along the path, and into the 

Dark D. Ship

Take a few steps forward and you'll be forced to end an archers shift a 
little early (I wonder if they had workers compensation back then) and 
then continue up.

Walk down the stars and go by the next guards. Circle up around the 
wall and into the room. Walk up the stairs where you will see a guard.

After foolishly claiming his superiority over you, he fights. 
Apparently he's a squid though, so it's quite a bit harder than the 
rest. You'll probably want to have Ryu turn into a dragon to speed up 
the battle and have everyone attack, Bo with spells, Nina heal when 
need be. Make sure everyone is over 50Hp though, as Squid has a 
powerful hit-all attack. I was Level 16 for Ryu, 14 for Karn and 15 for 
everyone else.               

He'll warn you of his brother, so don't be shocked when a you fight the 
next one. In the next room you will find a V. Ptn. in the drawers. Walk 
down the stairs.

Ooo. Chests. Two herbs and two Acorns you will acquire in the plunder. 
Now head ALL the way back to Auria. 


Save, buy supplies, or just talk to the Captain on the docks and then 
you will appear back in the Dark D. Ship.

Dark D. Ship

Here, you will steal the ship with the Captain, Ross, and his daughter. 
Gobi will join you and your on your way!

On your voyage you'll be attacked by ships of Dark Dragons. Deciding 
that jumping overboard is your only chance, you'll run for the bottom 
deck. After fighting off wave after wave of small opponents as you make 
your way down to the gunpowder room, you'll end up fighting Octo.

Keep healing during your battles with the soldiers, to make sure you 
are at full health for Squids revenge. It was quite a bit easier than 
Squid in my opinion, as I was only attacked once. After you send him 
crying he'll attempt to take you down with him , and he'll ignite the 
gunpowder. You'll chase Karn upstairs and jump overboard with the 
awaiting Gobi. Not yet clear of the imminent explosion, you'll be blown 
to a desert island. 

Desert Island

Gobi, the businessman that he is, will tell you that the underwater 
city of Prima is located nearby, and that he will sell you Gills that 
are required for access. You do not have enough money however, so he'll 
offer his money to everything you have. Accept the offers, and you'll 
take control of Gobi. Walk south into the water.


Their will be many new enemies to encounter here, but you won't be able 
to handle them as Gobi. If you die on your way to Prima, by going, left 
and west, you will recover in Prima.


Save at the Dragon Shrine, and rest at the Inn if need be. There are 
two Inn's in Prima, one for 20 gold and one for 300, so use the cheap 
one to the right of the village. In the expensive Inn, however, you 
will find an item in the drawer upstairs. There is also a name-changing 
house above the expensive Inn. Upgrade Gobi's equipment if you wish. In 
the 3-storied building at the northernmost of town, you will learn of 
Gant, the place where you can get Gills that are not available to 
Prima. Exit the town.


Walk south and east, avoiding the rocks that will be in your way. There 
will be a small opening through the rocky cliff where you can find the 
open air.


Follow the valley to your lower-left down. When it ends go up past the 
dead trees to Gant.


Save. To the far left of the entrance to Gant, is a building. Go inside 
and walk to the end, in the dresser is an HrGlass. On the second level 
of town, in the only building to the right, is a L.Ptn. Run to the 
northern-most part of Gant, and enter the building. Inside, an old man 
will ask you to take some goods back to Prima. Accept, and behind him 
are the goods for the trip. If you push the thin dresser to the right, 
you will open an entrance to a hidden room, remember this place, as 
there is nothing you can do right now. Upstairs in the dresser is a 
A.Ptn. Leave town to the Overworld, and back to Prima the same way you 


Walk up to the three-storied building at the north end of town. Talk to 
the guild leader, and you will trade the goods for the gills. Someone 
will come in and inform the leader that the Dark Dragons have attacked 
a small boat and he is about to die, he has important information to 
pass on however, so they can't let him die. For 5000 dollars, you offer 
to get someone that knows how to shoo the ghost of death away. Once the 
deal is done, exit the Inn save, and then exit the city.


To the East, find the gap in the northern cliff and you'll be back on 
the Desert Island.

Desert Island

Walk back to the splotch in the middle of the trees and talk to Ryu. 
He'll join your party again, followed by the rest of the group. Leave 
the Island and go back down to the watery deep.


Head left to Prima.

Enter the Inn (to your left) and walk up the stairs. When you talk to 
the Ghost, a battle will commence.

Morteo, a friend of Morte and Mortea I assume, the ghost, does hell of 
a lot of damage with his Scythe. But he isn't to HP heavy though, so it 
shouldn't be to hard. My levels were: Ryu-17, Gobi-15, Nina-15, Bo-17, 
and Karn-15.

After the fight, you will learn the fighter's name is Ox, and an Ox he 
is. He, along with the rest of his kind, are good weapon smiths. 
Knowing this, the Dark Dragons forced his people to make a secret 

You will offer to help him, and he will join your party. Gobi's name is 
cleared, so all is well. Leave the Inn, upgrade equipment, save, and 
leave Prima.


Walk west from Prima, just a bit up and on to that shoreline. 


Follow the mountain range down, away from the shoreline, and enter the 
Hidden Fort.

Hidden Fort

Walk down the stairs.

With your good friend Ox leading the party, smash the rocks blocking 
your path. Continue on, past the staircase and into the not so subtly 
hidden room, by smashing the crumbling wall. You'll find a GiantHR for 
Ox, and an EchoHT for whoever you feel needs it. Now up the stairs...

You will see a crumbling wall as soon as you enter, you can go through 
their and skip the chest and the guard, or get the chest (herb) and 
fight the guard. Once past, you will have the same option again, this 
time with a chest, and a guard who has an herb also. Now, the fork in 
the road. Taking the left path through the broken wall, there is a Life 
at the end of the path. And to the right...(from the path not the wall)

There will be a chest with a MetalSH. Continue up taking the right way, 
there is a wall. Break it, and go up to the stairs. Be ready for a boss 
fight here.

Here is Toad, an average fight, not to much trouble for me at Ryu:
After the fight, Ox goes into the prison to rescue his wife and 
friends. Unfortunately, you were too late. The Dark Dragons took the 
wife, and the weapon, to the North in Nabal. It's known for it's 
security, and will be hard to get into. But, an old man in Gant might 
be willing to give you some advice.  Now, the Oxes plan on fortifying 
in Gant, so you can leave now. 


Now, some good old back tracking, some are needed, the others optional. 

1) The B. Rang (Required)
Later on, there will be a man who will not talk to you until show him 
the B.Rang, but that was sealed in a rock, so you were forced to pass 
it by. To get back here, you should Warp with Nina to Arad, leave, and 
go south to the Krypt. Find the room where you fought the Eye Spy. If 
you need help finding your way back read the indented paragraphs. If 
not, skip ahead.

--From here go left and follow the spiral path counter clockwise to the          
next stairs. Go down.

--On this floor there are a few treasures to find, along with a few pit 
traps to discover. You can find two herbs, an IronSH, Life, Dagger, and 
a  DreamRG. You can get most of these, along with the next room down the 
two stairs in the south, by following the outer wall, as there are no 
pit traps to hinder your way. You can also wait to get them until you 
have Karn in your party, then he will be able to disable the pit traps, 
making navigation much easier.

--Here head north where there are two ledges, the right will have some 
HeadGear and the left will have a B. Rang encased in rock. 

Once here, break the B. Rang free with Ox's -A- punch, and go back up 
to the fresh air.

2) 3000GP, Life, Life 2, SilverBR (Optional)
Another thing to do with Ox is in Agua Tower. Get there by Warping to 
Romero, leaving the town with leading, walk through the forest to the 
northwest, to the floating tower. Take the pad to the south, or go up 
clockwise and you'll find a room with 4 chest. 3000 GP, Life, Silver 
Bracelet, and a Life 2 are what you will find.

3)	L.Ptn, A.Ptn (Optional)
The third thing is in the Bleak Cave, where you will find a L.Ptn and a 
A.Ptn for your jouney. Teleport to Bleak, then make your way to the 
Bleak Cave.

After doing (or not doing) these things, warp to Gant.


8) Legalities

This file is Copyright (c) 2002 VampireHunterD. All rights reserved. 
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Once you gained permission, you must give me full credit and are not 
allowed to alter it any way.

Please feel free to give me money for this FAQ.

9) Credits

I need to give credit to:
-DCallander as I used his FAQ when I myself got stuck. 
-Jan Van Haudt as she gave me some extra details on how to find an 

Also, Gamewinners.com supplied the Secrets section. It has been altered 
to be more FAQ friendly though.
If you notice anything wrong with my FAQ, any constructive criticism, 
or feel that it is lacking in its description of an area, please e-mail 
me at elvishprep@hotmail.com with a more detailed description of that area 
and I will happily include you in the Credits. 

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