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Reviewed: 05/01/02 | Updated: 05/01/02

My dream of playing as ninja in a kart has finally come true!

Konami Krazy Racers is a fun kart-racing game which was one of the launch titles for the Game Boy Advance and yet is still something worth checking out. It may be rather similar to Mario Kart, but even if you have that game, this is still worth a look.

Story 2/10
The game's story is pretty 'simple', to say the least, and it basically involves an e-mail being received from the ever-vigilant and extremely famous 'Konami Man' (who...?) asking if you'd like to take part in a race, of all things. Yeah, it may be a racing game, so I guess this is somewhat an extent.

Graphics 7/10
The graphics are pretty clear and yet remain visually impressive. Though perhaps not as good as Mario Kart: Maximum Velocity, the graphical effects are still more then acceptable for a fun time (and the artwork in the ending is pretty good).

Sound 10/10
The sound effects are all clear, and each racer has a few voice clips which come all out as very easy to hear.

Music 8/10
The music is nothing fantastic, though you might recognize a few tunes(but not many, unless you import a lot). Some songs are pretty catchy, such as the remix of the Castlevania tune, though some are a bit forgettable.

Controls 10/10
Easy to get the hang of and used to pretty soon, it doesn't take much skill to pick this title up and have fun with.

Challenge 8/10
This game shouldn't prove too much of a challenge, the computer players aren't too particularly annoying(except when they shoot at you with a missile when you're going over a pit, the ******s). The only irritating part would probably come with the licenses, as some of the later ones could get rather difficult.

Gameplay 8/10
Similar to Mario Kart, this game allows you to earn tournament cups as well as licenses for more advanced tracks. As you progress through the game, you'll be able to test for more difficult licenses. There are a ton of characters to choose in this game, way more then Mario Kart has to offer, and is a fun title to try out, even if you're unfamiliar to famous titles such as 'Jikkyou Baseball' or 'Rakuda Kids'.

Replay 10/10
After you beat the game, which I guess would be when you beat championship cup, you'll still find stuff to do. Try to get the next license or some of the secret characters, you'll be impressed by what you find.

Overall 9/10
This is worth a look to anyone who's ever played a Konami game and been satisfied, racing fans of all kinds should try it out.

Rating: 9

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