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Reviewed: 06/06/01 | Updated: 06/06/01

It's on so many systems, it has to be good!

With Mr. Driller growing in popularity on all systems (Dreamcast, Playstation, GBC, WSC and GBA) it’s no wonder they decided to bring the sequel to the classic game to the Gameboy Advance. I mean, how much drilling fun can you have? The answer: A LOT!

The story - 5

It is takes place right after the original game. You arrive home and are happy as Larry. One day though, the news appears on TV saying that “The puzzle blocks have started to appear again! The blocks began to appear in India, America, Egypt and many other places of the world.

Susumu, (the main character) gets very disturbed about this and is about to go out and stop the blocks when suddenly another character, by the name of Anne appears. Together, you must drill to the bottom and stop the block from taking over the world.

Gameplay – 9

Possibly one of the most addicting launch games of the GBA. You’ll sit there for hours on end trying out all the different modes with this strategy/puzzle game. Modes include:

Story Mode: The actual game. You go through the varying depths trying to get to the end and stop the source the source of the blocks. Very fun.

Endless Drilling: A mode where you try to drill as far down as possible with a limited number of lives. Good fun but gets very difficult when you reach great depths.

Time Attack: My personal favorite. In this mode you have to race down to the bottom of a small pit within a certain time limit. There are 20 of these levels and each one is challenging because you have to take certain paths in order to beat the time limit.

Multiplayer: Obviously in this mode you compete with a fellow friend. Before you race, you can choose which level of difficulty you would like and how many lives you would like to have. You have to race down and the first person to loose all their lives looses. The only bad thing about this is you need two game paks. (Which is all right but it would be better with a single pak)

Driller Card: This is a challenge mode where they tell you to beat certain challenges in all the modes and if you beat one of the many challenges, you get a Driller card. This is a card that displays information about the characters.

Graphics – 7

The graphics for Mr. Driller 2 are not the greatest graphics but they do there job well. The colors are nice and bright, the animation is superb and there is no slowdown whatsoever. The cut-scenes are really great. They cartoony animation scenes that really put you in the mood and make you want to laugh. The in-game graphics are simple but there as detailed as they need to be.

Sound – 7

The music in the game is really good and really does hit the spot. It puts you in the “Drilling” mood and without it, the game would not be complete. The sound effects are simple but the voices get a little bit annoying. The cut-scene sound is awesome and instead of having text to display the words, they actually talk and it sounds great coming through the GBA’s speakers.

Replayability – 8

The replayability factor for the game is great. All the playing modes and the Driller cards make the game a true gaming experience. Even though it is an arcade port and seems short, the game is long and gets pretty difficult in the later levels.

Buy or Rent?

I’ll go with but any day. This game is great and is worth every penny. If you’re not much of a puzzle guy (or gal) don’t buy it, but if you’re into puzzle games kinda like tetris, but it. You’ll like it a lot.

The Scoring
Sounds - 9
Difficulty - 8
Game Control - 10
Music - 7
Story - 5
Graphics - 7

Pros: A real fun tetris like game for the GBA. Need I say more?

Cons: Voices are a little annoying and the game gets a tad hard at times.

Final Score: 9

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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