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Reviewed: 02/13/03 | Updated: 02/13/03

*Shakes head*... no this wont do at all...

It's with great generousity I give this incredibly horrible game from Nintendo. First of all it goes against it's own motto; Gotta capture them all, when in fact, you can't. You can only catch 202 out of 386 Pokemon. God, even in GSC you could capture more than that. Yes, I know they put alot of effort in their graphics, but that's no excuse for making it so horrible. Besides, the graphics aren't that terrific either. The storyline is just like all the other Pokemon games; Here, have a Pokemon, go become a master, and PS could you save the world from the evil Team Rocket while your at it? Oh yes, that's right, they excluded Team Rocket and replaced with some lameos named Team Aqua and Team Magma. What was the point of that? Why not keep Team Rocket, who struck fear and chaos in the Pokemon world? Okay, maybe not for all of us, but still, it's classic. And another bad thing is that you, unlike in GSC, can visit the old worlds. In GSC's case, you started off in Johto and ended up in Kanto. It was fun to revive those memories you had from RBY in antoher perspective, and I for so long hoped that you would be able to visit the old worlds and be able to visit the old charecters, like the Gym Leaders and the Proffessors. Yes, I must admit that in GSC you couldn't do anything in Kanto, it was completly dead, but it's exactly that I had wished for would change in Ru/Sa. But it didn't. Instead they just removed it completly, and some of the old Pokemon aswell, who I must say got replaced by orange blobs and balls with pins sticking out of it. Yes, that's right, you can immedeatly see that most of the new Pokemon lacks a lot of creativity. They're totally lame. Only a few Pokemon have really been created with some creativity, but they're, as mentioned, very few. I really expected much from this game and I must say that I'm very disappointed in what Nintendo has made here.

Well let's get on with it...

Gameplay: 6/10
M'eh. Okay I guess. I was hoping of rebattling Gym Leaders, but no... then again, you are able to rebattle some trainers, without them having to call you. Fishing has just become darn annoying, those darn dots just want you to smash your computer... uh... I mean GBA, yeah, GBA... >_>... <_<...

Graphics: 6/10
Good, yes, exceptional, no. I for one have seen hella better graphics on GBA. Ofcourse, some things are very detailed... as clouds and ripples, but if you like walk in the sand, and turn, the steps are completly **... uh, confusing. They're incorrect but Nintendo were probably too lazy to fix it.

Story: 2/10
Yes, yes, we all now the drill, get your Pokemon, become a master and save the world from the devilish Team Rocket... who unfourtanetly by the way has been replaced by the incredibly stupid Team Aqua and Magma... man... I really miss Team Rocket, they shouldn't really have changed this.

Music: 8/10
Good... but not not exceptional, just like the other games they become after awhile, kinda annoying.

Pokémon Availability: 0/10
I really think this sucked, I mean, that I was be able to capture more Pokemon in an earlier Pokemon game is just pathetic. Why they had the old Pokemon data, but still didn't put them in the game, is still a mystery... okay, it isn't, they're prolly gonna be released if you connect the GBA to the GC or something... once again, an ingenious plan by Nintendo to earn more money from us... they're like Zubats ^_^

Buy or Rent?
You probably want to play this game anyways, so I say, rent it and experience the horror yourself. If you still like it, you should buy it.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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