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Reviewed: 11/25/02 | Updated: 11/25/02

It Feels Like Pokemon! but Remixed...

*Appears in a puff of smoke*
(what? that's my trademark!)

Well this is my review about the new Pokemon game for Gameboy Advance. I got the Japanese version of Ruby and let me tell you that this game is fun, but in a weird way. First when you start off, It feels like pokemon but the thing that does not feel like it is the trainers... Anyway here is the important part of the review, the rating:

OK, the graphics are way better improvement than the gold and sliver versions. Every town is colorful and bright and matches with the area. Even when you walk around the grassy areas, the bushes move. The people and trainers that you go see in the game look good and move around a lot to make it have that ''lifelike'' feeling. Sometimes you see the pokemon sprites outside the battle and you can tell what pokemon is which. When you start you see how big a manchoke really is compare to your character. When you go into a battle, they still have the same animation when your pokemon tackles another pokemon, but they added more animation for the pokemon's special moves (It really looks like they can do Water gun) and the trainer also has the animation frames to throw the pokeball too which is a good added effect.

All the pokemon still have the same classic sounds form the other pokemon games but for some strange reason it sounds louder (maybe my GBA speakers are special). The music matches on where you are and what's happening. Other than that nothing special.

Since the game is new and the added more stuff and it's in Japanese, I though that the menu will change, but it is still the same from the other pokemon games. They added more options in the item menu which separates pokeballs, TM/HM, berries and other stuff. Now you can Run by pressing A and B at the same time which is more faster and easer to move than the bike from the other versions (running is replacing the bike).

There are a lot of things to do in every pokemon game, but the 2 main things are to go and beat the champion and to catch them all. 350 (maybe 351?) pokemon have to be captured and that's a lot of work. Also you can try to raise your pokemon to win some contests (like beauty contents) to make them more happier and awards. Also you can battle with friends in a 2 vs. 2 match for some action.

My rating (not average):8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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