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Specialty/Finisher List by PuroGeek

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/06/01

Specialty & Finisher List
v1.0 by PuroGeek (jacquismo@hotmail.com)
(Best viewed in MS-EDIT)


This guide will give you each character's specialties (usually four), along
with their finishing move. Now you can finish your opponents in style, just
like the real wrestlers!

Note that this FAQ is based on the Japanese version of Fire Pro A, but is 
also influenced by the U.S. version of the game. For instance, I may change
some move names to be more like the American version. Nonetheless, this guide
will work for both versions of the game.

Quick Key:
u - Up on Control Pad
f - Forward/Back on Control Pad
d - Down on Control Pad
A - Button A
B - Button B
AB - Buttons A & B Together

(r) - while Running
(c) - as a Counter (as the opponent is running towards you)
(rc) - while Running to the Corner
(ro) - while Running to the Outside of the ring
(so) - Springboard Outside the ring from the inside
(si) - Springboard Inside the ring from the apron
(td) - on the top Turnbuckle while the opponent is Downed
(tu) - on the top Turnbuckle while the opponent is standing Up
(g) - while Grabbing the opponent
(bg) - while Grabbing the opponent from behind
(bd) - Back Defense (as the opponent grabs you from behind)
(duh) - while the opponent is Downed, face Up, positioned at their Head
(dul) - while the opponent is Downed, face Up, positioned at their Legs
(ddh) - while the opponent is Downed, face Down, positioned at their Head
(ddl) - while the opponent is Downed, face Down, positioned at their Legs
(rd) - while Running towards a Downed opponent
(cg) - while Grabbing an opponent dazed in the Corner


Name of Specialty Move: How to Perform Name of Specialty Move: How to Perform
"                                    " "                                    "
"                                    " "                                    "
"                                    " "                                    "
*Name of Finisher: How to Perform      *Name of Finisher: How to Perform

-Promotions are listed by the order of the Japanese version, which starts
 with View/New Japan, rather than AFW/WFW/WWF.
-Wrestlers are listed by order in which they appear on the list of their
 promotion from top to bottom.
-Some move names have been changed to the specialty name given to them by the
 wrestler that performs it. Others are just due to personal preference.

-I'm not perfect. If you find any mistakes or additions (especially specialty
 names that I missed) that need to be made, or if you have any questions 
 about something, e-mail me. Any questions about locating roms or emulators
 will be ignored. Thanks!

---------------------------------CLIP HERE-----------------------------------


=ANTONIO INOKI=                        =RIKI CHOSHU=
Enzui Giri: AB                         Riki Lariat: (r)A
Knuckle Arrow: (g)B                    Uproot Brainbuster: (g)u+A
Octopus Hold: (g)AB                    Oklahoma Stampede: (g)f+AB
Stepover Armbreaker: (ddh)AB           Uproot Backdrop: (bg)f+AB
*Mysterious Sleeper: (bg)u+AB          *Scorpion Deathlock: (dul)AB

=MASA SAITO=                           TATSUMI FUJINAMI
Sleeper Hold: (c)A                     Dragon Screw: (g)d+B
Bulldogging Headlock: (g)f+AB          Ground Cobra Twist: (g)f+AB
Kneeling Figure Four: (dul)AB          Dragon Suplex: (bg)f+AB
Scorpion Hold: (dul)A                  Dragon Sleeper: (duh)AB
*Uproot Back Drop: (bg)u+AB            *Dragon Sleeper Hold: (c)A

KEIJI MUTOH                            KENSUKE SASAKI
Original Frankenstiner: (c)A           Pounding Lariat: (r)A
High Speed Dragon Screw: (g)d+A        Reverse Ipponsei: (c)B
Face Crusher: (bg)A                    Front Neck Lock: (g)AB
Figure Four Leg Lock: (duh)AB          Strangle Hold Gamma: (duh)AB
*Rounding Body Press: (td)AB           *Northern Lights Bomb: (g)u+AB

MANABU NAKANISHI                       YUJI NAGATA
Spear: (r)A                            Front Suplex: (c)A
Water Wheel Drop: (g)d+A               Exploder: (g)f+AB
Argentine Backbreaker Drop: (g)f+AB    Backdrop Hold: (g)f+AB
Stretch Muffler: (dul)AB               Nagata Lock II: (ddh)AB
*Argentine Backbreaker: (g)u+AB        *Nagata Lock: (dul)AB

SHIRO KOSHINAKA                        =KAZUO YAMAZAKI=
Jumping Hip Attack: (r)A               Kneel Kick: (r)A
Jumping Hip Attack: (rc)B              Double German Suplex: (bg)f+AB
Diving Hip Attack: (tu)AB              Knee Hold: (dul)AB
Knee Kick: (g)d+B                      Achilles Tendon Hold: (ddl)AB
*Samurai Powerbomb: (g)d+AB            *High Kick Rush: (g)d+AB

Uranage: (c)A                          Dropkick: AB
Exploder: (g)f+AB                      Missile Kick: (tu)A
Blizzard Suplex: (g)d+AB               Cobra Twist: (g)AB
Body Scissors Sleeper Hold: (bg)AB     German Suplex: (bg)f+AB
*Choke Sleeper: (ddh)AB                *Northern Lights Suplex: (g)u+AB

YUTAKA YOSHIE                          TADAO YASUDA
Spine Buster: (c)A                     Running Neckbreaker Drop: (r)A
Jumping Bomb: (g)d+AB                  Body Splash: (rc)B
Reverse Crucifix Knee Hold: (ddl)AB    Double Arm Suplex: (g)d+A
Katahajime: (ddh)A                     Boston Crab: (ddl)AB
*Canadian Backbreaker Drop: (g)f+AB    *Tiger Driver: (g)d+AB

JUNJI HIRATA                           KENGO KIMURA
Lariat: (r)A                           Body Punch Barrage: (g)A
Powerslam: (c)A                        Powerbomb: (g)f+AB
Diving Headbutt: (td)AB                Jumping Piledriver: (g)d+AB
Jumping Bomb: (g)d+AB                  Triangle Scorpion: (dul)AB
*Devil Windmill Suplex: (g)AB          *Inazuma Leg Lariat: (r)A

OSAMU KIDO                             JUSHIN LYGER
Wakigatame: (c)A                       Stepping Shotay: (r)A
Kido Clutch: (g)AB                     Shotay Upper: (g)f+AB
Wakigatame: (g)f+AB                    High Angle Lyger Bomb: (g)d+AB
Crooked Head Scissors: (duh)AB         Sheer Drop Brainbuster: (cg)u+AB
*Kido Clutch: (bd)A                    *Sheer Drop Brainbuster: (g)u+AB

BRIAN JOHNSTON                         =KOTETSU YAMAMOTO=
Flying Kneel Kick: (r)A                Diving Body Press: (td)B
Grappling Kick Barrage: (g)f+AB        Headbutt: (g)A
Cyber Machine Gun Kick: (g)d+AB        Canadian Backbreaker: (g)u+AB
Body Scissors Sleeper Hold: (bg)AB     German Suplex: (bg)f+AB
*Standing Heel Hold: (dul)AB           *Diving Headbutt: (td)AB

=TIGER MASK=                           =DYNAMITE KID=
Rolling Solebutt: AB                   Razor Suplex: (g)u+A
Space Flying Tiger Attack: (ro)AB      Chin Crusher: (g)d+A
Side Roll Body Press: (td)AB           Gotch Tombstone Piledriver: (g)d+AB
High Angle German Suplex: (bg)u+AB     Head Drop: (duh)A
*Tiger Suplex: (bg)f+AB                *Super Diving Headbutt: (td)AB

Flying Kneel Kick: AB                  Front Suplex: (c)B
Thrust Kick: (c)B                      Rolling Senton: (td)B
Spin Kick: (c)A                        Moonsault Press: (td)AB
Body Scissors Sleeper Hold: (bg)AB     Standing Heel Hold: (dul)AB
*Fisherman Suplex: (g)u+AB             *Tiger Suplex: (bg)f+AB

SHINJIRO OHTANI                        KENDO KASHIN
Swan Dive Kneel Kick: (si)AB           Flying Crucifix Armbar: AB
Spiral Bomb: (g)f+AB                   Victor Crucifix Armbar: (bg)u+AB
Cobra Clutch: (bg)AB                   Crucifix Armbar: (ddh)AB
Face Wash: (cg)d+AB                    Avalanche Crucifix Armbar: (cg)u+AB
*Dragon Suplex: (bg)u+AB               *Flying Crucifix Armbar: (g)AB

EL SAMURAI                             TATSUHITO TAKAIWA
Samurai Bomb: (g)d+AB                  Lariat: AB
Reverse DDT: (bg)A                     Pounding Lariat: (r)A
Swing Reverse DDT: (cg)f+AB            Fire Thunder: (g)u+AB
Avalanche Reverse DDT: (bg)d+AB        Endless Powerbomb: (g)d+AB
*Sheer Drop Reverse DDT: (bg)u+AB      *Death Valley Bomb: (g)f+AB

Diving Body Press: (td)AB
Mexican Stretch: (g)f+AB
La Majistral: (ddh)AB
Avalanche Black Tiger Bomb: (g)d+AB
*Michinoku Driver II: (g)d+AB


[-TEAM 2000-]

Yakuza Kick: (r)A                      Mountain Bomb: (c)A
Diving Shoulder Attack: (tu)A          Moonsault Press: (td)AB
STF: (dul)AB                           Mongolian Chop: (g)A
Double Arm and Neck Lock: (ddh)AB      Buffalo Sleeper: (duh)AB
*Cross STF: (ddl)AB                    *Diving Headbutt: (td)B

SATOSHI KOJIMA                         TATSUTOSHI GOTO
Diving Elbow Drop: (td)B               Flying Lariat: (r)A
Diamond Cutter: (g)u+AB                Twisted Backdrop: (g)f+AB
Stepover Armbreaker: (ddh)AB           Twisted Backdrop: (bg)A
Avalanche Diamond Cutter: (cg)u+AB     German Suplex: (bg)f+AB
*Pounding Lariat: (r)A                 *Hell Backdrop: (bg)u+AB

MICHIYOSHI OHARA                       HIRO SAITO
Jumping Neck Breaker Drop: (r)A        Skewer DDT: (g)f+AB
Chokeslam: (c)A                        High Speed German Suplex: (bg)f+AB
Diving Elbow Drop: (td)B               Senton: (duh)A
Elbow Drop: (rd)AB                     Senton: (rd)AB
*Chokeslam: (g)u+AB                    *Diving Senton: (td)AB

AKIRA                                  SCOTT NORTON
Dropkick: AB                           Powerslam: (c)A
Fisherman Suplex: (g)u+AB              Short Range Lariat: (g)f+A
Dragon Suplex: (bg)u+AB                Shoulder Buster: (g)d+A
Double German Suplex: (bg)f+AB         Jackhammer: (g)u+AB
*Musasabi Press: (td)AB                *Wild Bomb Whip: (g)d+AB

DON FRYE                               SUPER J
Dangerous Punch: AB                    Powerslam: (c)A
Body Punch Barrage: (g)d+A             Body Splash: (rc)B
Body Scissors Sleeper Hold: (bg)AB     Wild Bomb Whip: (g)d+AB
Mounted Knuckle Arrow: (duh)A          Reverse DDT: (bg)u+AB
*Dynamite Punch Rush: (g)f+AB          *Diving Lariat: (tu)AB



=GIANT BABA=                           =JUMBO TSURUTA=
Backhand Chop: (c)B                    Jumping Knee Pat: (r)B
Giant Kick: (c)A                       Double Arm Suplex: (g)u+A
Jumping Head Chop: (g)u+AB             Original Backdrop: (g)f+AB 
Russian Leg Sweep: (g)f+AB             Backdrop Hold: (bg)u+AB
*Running Neckbreaker: (r)A             *Original Backdrop: (bg)f+AB

Guh Punch: B                           Step Kick: (g)A
Diving Back Elbowdrop: (td)B           Soul Powerbomb: (g)d+AB
Shoulder Lock Enzui Giri: (g)d+A       Sheer Drop Backdrop: (bg)u+AB
Machine Gun Backhand Chop: (g)AB       Stretch Plum: (duh)AB
*Powerbomb: (g)d+AB                    *Jumping High Kick: AB

HIROSHI HASE                           =HIRO MATSUDA=
Uranage: (c)A                          Shoulder Tackle: (r)B
Uranage: (g)f+AB                       Toe Kick: (g)d+B
Uranage: (bg)u+AB                      Cobra Twist: (g)AB
Giant Swing: (dul)AB                   Leg Lift Backdrop: (bg)f+AB
*Northern Lights Suplex: (g)d+AB       *Matsuda Special: (c)A

NOBUTAKA ARAYA                         MASANOBU FUCHI
Flying Kneel Kick: AB                  Low Dropkick: (g)A
Lariat: (r)A                           Backslide: (bg)AB
High Angle Powerbomb: (g)d+AB          Backdrop Hold: (bg)f+AB
STF: (ddl)AB                           Step-Over Face Lock: (duh)AB
*Moonsault Press: (td)AB               *Backdrop: (bg)u+AB

STAN HANSEN                            STEVE WILLIAMS
Football Tackle: AB                    Powerslam: (c)A
Standing Lariat: (g)f+AB               Avalanche Hold: (g)f+AB
Powerbomb Whip: (g)d+AB                Doctor Bomb: (g)d+AB
Elbow Drop: (duh)A                     Oklahoma Stampede: (cg)d+AB
*Western Lariat: (r)A                  *Backdrop Driver: (bg)u+AB

=TERRY GORDY=                          =JOHNNY ACE=
Lariat: (r)A                           Diving Lariat: (tu)A
Lariat: (rc)B                          Ace Crusher: (g)u+AB
DDT: (g)f+A                            Guillotine Ace Crusher: (g)f+AB
Short Range Lariat: (g)u+AB            Cobra Clutch Suplex: (bg)u+AB
*Wild Bomb: (g)d+AB                    *Johnny Spike: (g)d+AB

=DORY FUNK JR.=                        MIKE BARTON
European Uppercut: (g)B                Hook: AB
Headlock: (g)A                         Suspended Brainbuster: (g)u+A
Texas Suplex: (g)d+A                   Diamond Cutter: (g)u+AB
Reverse Indian Deathlock: (ddl)AB      Desert Drop: (g)d+AB
*Spinning Toe Hold: (dul)AB            *Step Body Punch: (g)AB

TAIYO KEA                              JOHNNY SMITH
Flying Kneel Kick: AB                  Missile Kick: (tu)A
Flying DDT: (r)A                       Arm Bend Combination: (g)A
Dynamite Middle Kick: (g)f+A           Thunder Fire Jumping Bomb: (g)f+AB
Big Body Bomb: (g)d+AB                 Chickenwing Facelock: (bg)AB
*Hawaiian Smasher: (g)f+AB             *British Fall: (g)u+AB



Rolling Elbow: AB                      Rolling Chop: AB
Tiger Driver '91: (g)f+AB              Moonsault Press: (td)AB
Tiger Driver: (g)d+AB                  Standing Lariat: (g)f+AB
Tiger Suplex: (bg)AB                   Half Nelson Suplex: (bg)u+AB
*Emerald Frosion: (g)u+AB              *Pounding Lariat: (r)A

AKIRA TAUE                             JUN AKIYAMA
Jumping Front High Kick: (r)B          Jumping Knee Pat: (r)A
Diving Front High Kick: (tu)AB         Exploder: (c)A
Dynamic Bomb: (g)d+AB                  Body Scissors Neck Lock: (g)AB
High Pressure Choke Slam: (cg)u+AB     Exploder '98: (g)u+AB
*Original Chokeslam: (g)f+AB           *Exploder: (g)f+AB

TAKAO OMORI                            YOSHIHIRO TAKAYAMA
Diving Double Knee Drop: (td)AB        Dynamite Knee Lift: (r)A
European Uppercut: (g)B                Dynamite Knee Lift: (g)d+AB
Dragon Suplex: (bg)f+AB                Armbar Facelock: (ddh)AB
Jumping Fist Drop: (rd)AB              Guillotine Drop: (rd)AB
*Ax Bomber: (r)A                       *High Angle German Suplex: (bg)f+AB

YOSHINARI OGAWA                        TAMON HONDA
Chin Crusher: (g)A                     Diving Headbutt: (td)B
Leg Feed Enzui Giri: (g)u+AB           Headbutt Rush: (g)AB
High Angle Leg Lift Backdrop: (bg)u+AB Back Roll Neck Lock: (g)d+AB
Figure Four Jackknife Hold: (dul)AB    STF: (ddl)AB
*Leg Lift Backdrop Hold: (bg)f+AB      *Dead End: (bg)f+AB

JUN IZIMUDA                            MASAO INOUE
Flying Body Scissors: (r)A             Flying Lariat: (r)A
Headbutt Rush: (g)AB                   High Angle Body Slam: (g)u+B
Arm Lock: (duh)AB                      Blockbuster Hold: (g)f+AB
Head Drop: (dul)A                      Cobra Clutch: (bg)u+AB
*Diving Headbutt: (td)B                *Argentine Backbreaker: (g)u+AB

KENTARO SHIGA                          DAISUKE IKEDA
Wakigatame: (c)A                       Leg Lariat: (r)B
Flying Crucifix Armbar: (g)AB          Lariat: (r)A
Triangle Hold: (duh)AB                 Octopus Hold: (g)AB
Swing DDT: (cg)f+AB                    Death Valley Bomb: (g)f+AB
*Crucifix Armbar: (ddh)AB              *Muscle Buster: (g)f+AB

TAKESHI RIKIO                          VADER
Shoulder Tackle: (r)B                  Vader Attack: (r)A
Pounding Lariat: (r)A                  Vader Hammer Rush: (g)d+A
Tsuppari: (g)A                         Muscle Bomb Press: (rd)AB
Stretch Buster: (g)f+AB                Reverse Splash: (cg)u+AB
*High Angle Chokeslam: (g)u+AB         *Wild Bomb Whip: (g)d+AB

Zero-Sen Kick: (r)A                    Kido Clutch: (g)AB
Super Diving Headbutt: (td)AB          German Suplex: (bg)f+AB
Fisherman Suplex: (g)f+AB              Groin Kick: (bd)B
Double German Suplex: (bg)f+AB         Slingshot Press: (cg)f+AB
*Fireball Bomb: (g)d+AB                *Moonsault Press: (td)B



HIROMICHI FUYUKI                       HAYABUSA
Lariat: (rc)A                          Flying Kneel Kick: (r)B
Fuyuki Special: (bg)AB                 Firebird Splash: (td)B
Samson Clutch: (bd)A                   Falcon Arrow: (g)f+AB
Stretch Plum: (duh)AB                  Sheer Drop Falcon Arrow: (g)d+AB
*Lariat: (r)A                          *Phoenix Splash: (td)AB

MASATO TANAKA                          MR. GANNOSUKE
Rolling Elbow: AB                      Gannosuke Clutch: (g)AB
Flying Swing DDT: (tu)AB               Northern Lights Suplex: f+AB
Death Valley Bomb: (g)u+AB             Gannosuke Clutch: (bd)A
Swing DDT: (cg)f+AB                    Seated Full Nelson: (ddh)AB
*Diamond Dust: (cg)u+AB                *Fire Thunder: (g)u+AB

Diving Elbow Drop: (td)B               Enzui Giri: AB
Tetsu-chan Cutter: (g)u+AB             Twisted Backdrop: (bg)f+AB
Tetsu-chan Buster: (g)d+AB             Ground Cobra Twist: (g)d+AB
Avalanche Tetsu-chan Cutter: (cg)u+AB  Octopus Hold: (bg)u+AB
*Lariat: (r)A                          *High Speed Backdrop: (bg)f+AB

Groin Punch: (g)A                      Poison Fog: AB
Thunder Fire Powerbomb: (g)u+AB        Small Package: (g)u+AB
Human Torch: (g)d+AB                   Exploder: (g)f+AB
Groin Punch: (bg)B                     Torture Camel Clutch: (ddh)AB
*Diving Senton: (td)AB                 *Double Arm Facebuster: (g)d+AB

JADO                                   GEDO
Lariat: (r)A                           Thrust Kick: AB
Sheer Drop Brainbuster: (g)u+AB        Superfly Splash: (td)B
Wild Bomb Whip: (g)d+AB                American Punch Rush: AB
Avalanche Powerbomb: (cg)f+AB          Groin Kick: (bd)A
*Armbar Facelock: (ddh)AB              *Gedo Clutch: (ddl)AB

=H=                                    RICKY FUJI
Shotay: (r)A                           Thrust Kick: AB
Original Frankensteiner: (c)A          Tombstone Piledriver: (g)d+A
Firebird Splash: (td)B                 Samoan Drop: (g)AB
H Thunder: (g)d+AB                     Skewer DDT: (g)f+AB
*H Edge: (g)f+AB                       *Sheer Drop Brainbuster: (g)u+AB

Lariat: (r)A
Short Range Lariat: (g)f+A
Crotch Claw: (g)AB
Kabel Naria: (ddl)AB
*Niagara Driver: (g)d+AB



JINSEI SHINZAKI                        =MIL MASCARAS=
Dragon Screw: (g)d+B                   Flying Body Scissors: (r)B
Backflip Kick: (g)AB                   Monkey Flip: (rc)B
Desert Drop: (g)f+AB                   Diving Body Attack: (tu)AB
Prayer Powerbomb: (g)d+AB              Romero Special: (ddl)AB
*Nirvana Strangle: (duh)AB             *Flying Cross Chop: (r)A

=DOS CARAS=                            THE GREAT SASUKE
Flying Cross Chop: (r)B                La Quebrada: (so)AB
High Angle Powerbomb: (g)u+AB          Somersault Drop: (td)AB
Jumping Bomb: (g)d+AB                  Octopus Hold: (g)AB
Triangle Scorpion: (dul)AB             Huracan Rana: (g)u+AB
*Diving Body Attack: (tu)AB            *Kamikaze Bomb: (g)d+AB

GRAN HAMADA                            SUPER DELFIN
Huracan Rana: (c)A                     Shotay: AB
Flying Swing DDT: (tu)AB               Delfin Elbow Drop: (td)B
Huracan Rana: (g)u+AB                  Delfin Special 3: (bg)f+AB
Avalanche Frankensteiner: (cg)d+AB     Delfin Clutch: (duh)AB
*Hama-chan Cutter: (cg)u+AB            *Original Swing DDT: (cg)f+AB

DICK TOGO                              TIGER MASK IV
Frankensteiner: (c)A                   Russian Hook: AB
Double Arm Facebuster: (g)d+AB         Chickenwing Facelock: (bg)AB
STF: (dul)AB                           Millenium Suplex: (bg)u+AB
Senton: (duh)A                         Avalanche Double Arm Suplex: (cg)u+AB
*Senton Bomb: (td)AB                   *High Angle Tiger Suplex: (bg)f+AB

GRAN NANIWA                            MINORU FUJITA
Lariat: (r)B                           Diving Body Press: (td)B
Diving Elbow Drop: (td)AB              Northern Lights Suplex: (g)d+AB
Michinoku Driver II: (g)f+AB           Reverse DDT: (bg)A
Avalanche Frankensteiner: (cg)u+AB     STF: (ddl)AB
*Spinning Doctor Bomb: (g)d+AB         *Dragon Suplex: (bg)u+AB

Moonsault Press: (td)AB
Kido Clutch: (g)AB
Reverse DDT: (bg)u+AB
Slingshot Press: (cg)f+AB
*Spicy Drop: (g)f+AB



=ULTIMO DRAGON=                        MAGNUM TOKYO
La Quebrada: (so)AB                    Viagra Driver: (g)d+AB
Cancun Tornado: (td)AB                 La Majistral: (ddh)AB
Azteca Suplex: (bg)u+AB                STF: (ddl)AB
La Majistral: (ddh)AB                  Avalanche Frankensteiner: (cg)f+AB
*Dragon Sleeper: (duh)AB               *AV Star Press: (td)AB

DRAGON KID                             CIMA
Swandive Huracan Rana: (si)AB          Thrust Kick: AB
Huracan Rana: (g)AB                    Cartwheel Plancha: (ro)AB
Ace Crusher: d+AB                      Jumping Piledriver: (g)d+AB
Misterio Rana: (bg)f+AB                Iconoclasm: (g)u+AB
*Dragon Rana: (tu)AB                   *Mad Splash: (td)AB

Diving Elbow Drop: (td)B
Diving Lariat: (tu)AB
Jumping Bomb: (g)d+AB
Shoulder-mounted Facebuster: (bg)u+AB
*FFF: (g)f+AB



Flying Body Scissors: (r)A             American Hook: AB
Swinging Neckbreaker Drop: (g)d+A      Flying DDT: (r)A
American Punch Rush: (g)u+AB           Spinebuster: (c)A
Mounted Knuckle Arrow: (duh)A          The People's Elbow: (rd)AB
*Stone Cold Stunner: (g)f+AB           *Rock Bottom: (g)d+AB

THE UNDERTAKER                         TRIPLE H
Flying Lariat: (r)B                    Jumping Knee Pat: (r)B
Chokeslam: (g)u+AB                     Coconut Crush: (g)f+A
Cobra Claw: (duh)AB                    Shoulder Neckbreaker Drop: (g)d+A
Rope Walk: (cg)u+AB                    Knee Drop: (duh)A
*Tombstone: (g)d+AB                    *Pedigree: (g)d+AB

=MANKIND=                              KANE
Diving Back Elbow Drop: (td)B          Flying Lariat: (r)A
Double-Arm DDT: (g)d+AB                Diving Lariat: (tu)AB
Face Crusher: (bg)u+AB                 Hell Thrust: (g)B
Cobra Claw: (duh)A                     Tombstone: (g)d+AB
*Mandible Claw: (g)f+AB                *Chokeslam: (g)u+AB

=SHAWN MICHAELS=                       THE BIG SHOW
Diving Lariat: (tu)AB                  Chest Slap: B
Small Package: (g)AB                   Giant Kick: AB
Rolling Prawn Hold: (bg)u+AB           Powerslam: (c)A
Avalanche Backdrop: (cg)d+AB           High Pressure Chokeslam: (cg)u+AB
*Sweet Chin Music: AB                  *Chokeslam: (g)u+AB

KEN SHAMROCK                           CHRIS BENOIT
Hook: AB                               Diving Headbutt: (td)B
Belly-to-Belly Suplex: (g)u+AB         Razor Brainbuster: (g)u+A
Dynamite Punch Rush: (g)f+AB           Wild Bomb: (g)d+AB
Northern Lights Suplex: (g)d+AB        Rolling German Suplex: (bg)u+AB
*Ankle Lock: (ddl)AB                   *Crippler Crossface: (ddh)AB

CHRIS JERICHO                          X-PAC
Moonsault Attack: (tu)A                Spin Kick: AB
Lionsault: (td)AB                      Flying Kneel Kick: (r)B
Tiger Driver: (g)f+AB                  Rolling Solebutt Rush: (g)u+AB
Avalanche Frankensteiner: (cg)u+AB     Bronco Buster: (cg)f+AB
*Walls of Jericho: (dul)AB             *X-Factor: (g)d+AB

Powerslam: (c)A                        Flying Swing DDT: (tu)AB
Diving Elbow Drop: (td)AB              Shoulder Neckbreaker Drop: (g)d+A
Canadian Back Breaker: (g)AB           Black Tiger Bomb: (g)d+AB
Avalanche Hold: (g)u+AB                Swing DDT: (cg)f+AB
*Oklahoma Stampede: (g)f+AB            *Frog Splash: (td)B

TAKA MICHINOKU                         =VINCE MCMAHON=
Spaceman Plancha: (ro)AB               Clothesline: (r)A
Swandive Missile Kick: (si)AB          Groin Punch: (g)d+AB
Huracan Rana: (g)AB                    Groin Punch: (bg)AB
Michinoku Driver Beta: (bg)u+AB        Mounted Knuckle Arrow: (duh)AB
*Michinoku Driver II: (g)u+AB          *Stunner: (g)u+AB



GOLDBERG                               HULK HOGAN
Spear: (r)A                            Jumping Knee Pat: (r)B
Lift Slam: (c)A                        Ax Bomber: (r)A
American Punch Rush: (g)f+AB           Diving Guillotine Drop: (td)AB
Stretch Buster: (g)d+AB                Oklahoma Stampede: (g)f+AB
*Jackhammer: (g)u+AB                   *Leg Drop of Doom: (rd)AB

=RIC FLAIR=                            STING
Super Suspended Brainbuster: (g)u+AB   Stinger Splash: (rc)B
Jumping Piledriver: (g)d+AB            Jumping DDT: (g)d+AB
Knee Crusher: (bg)A                    Face Crusher: (bg)A
Knee Stamp: (ddl)A                     Scorpion Death Drop: (bg)u+AB
*Figure Four Leg Lock: (dul)AB         *Scorpion Deathlock: (dul)AB

THE GREAT MUTA                         KEVIN NASH
Poison Fog: AB                         Front High Kick: (c)A
Fork Attack: (g)u+AB                   American Punch Rush: (g)f+AB
Fork Attack: (bg)AB                    Side Buster: (bg)A
Dragon Suplex: (bg)f+AB                Guillotine Drop: (duh)A
*Rounding Body Press: (td)AB           *Jackknife Powerbomb: (g)d+AB

BRET HART                              RICK STEINER
Groin Punch: (g)A                      Powerslam: (c)A
Small Package: (g)AB                   Diving Lariat: (tu)AB
Russian Leg Sweep: (g)f+AB             Throwing German Suplex: (bg)f+AB
Jumping Piledriver: (g)d+AB            Skewer Canadian Backbreaker: (cg)D+AB
*Sharpshooter: (dul)AB                 *Bulldogging Headlock: (g)f+AB

SCOTT STEINER                          =MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE=
Frankensteiner: (c)A                   Jumping Neckbreaker: (r)A
Steiner Screwdriver: (g)u+AB           Knuckle Arrow: (c)B
Reverse Frankensteiner: (bg)u+AB       Jumping Knee Drop: (duh)A
Dragon Suplex Whip: (bg)f+AB           Jumping Knee Drop: (ddh)A
*Steiner Recliner: (ddh)AB             *Flying Elbow Drop: (td)B

TERRY FUNK                             BAM BAM BIGELOW
Knuckle Arrow: (c)A                    Enzui Giri: AB
Side Roll Body Press: (td)AB           Side Roll Body Press: (td)AB
Headbutt Rush: (g)AB                   Muscle Bomb Press: (duh)A
Spinning Toe Hold: (dul)AB             Sunset Flip: (rd)AB
*Texas Jab: (g)u+AB                    *Greetings from Asbury Park: (g)d+AB

Swinging Neckbreaker Drop: (g)d+A      Powerslam: (c)B
Discus Punch: (g)AB                    Running Awesome Bomb: (g)f+AB
Diamond Cutter: (bd)A                  Awesome Bomb: (g)d+AB
Avalanche Diamond Cutter: (cg)f+AB     Oklahoma Stampede: (cg)f+AB
*Diamond Cutter: (g)u+AB               *Super Awesome Bomb: (cg)d+AB

REY MYSTERIO JR.                       KAZ HAYASHI
High-Speed Huracan Rana: (si)AB        Cartwheel Plancha: (ro)AB
High Jump Facebuster: (g)d+AB          Super Huracan Rana: (tu)AB
Avalanche Frankensteiner: (cg)u+AB     Dragon Suplex: (bg)f+AB
Bronco Buster: (cg)d+AB                La Majistral: (ddl)AB
*Swinging Frankensteiner: (tu)A        *Armbar Facelock: (ddh)AB



=AKIRA MAEDA=                          KIYOSHI TAMURA
Big Wheel Kick: AB                     Muay Thai Mid-Kick: A
Front Neck Lock: (g)AB                 Double Leg Tackle: (r)B
Katahajime: (ddh)AB                    Flying Crucifix Armbar: (g)d+AB
Achilles Tendon Hold: (ddl)AB          Ankle Hold: (dul)A
*Capture Suplex: (g)d+AB               *Crucifix Arm Hold: (duh)AB

Shouda Combo: (g)f+AB                  Ipponzei: (g)d+A
Victor Crucifix Knee Hold: (g)d+AB     Body Scissors Neck Lock: (g)d+A
Sleeper Hold: (g)AB                    Flying Crucifix Armbar: (g)AB
Body Scissors Sleeper Hold: (ddh)AB    Body Scissors Sleeper Hold: (ddh)AB
*Body Scissors Neck Lock: (g)AB        *Triangle Scissors: (duh)AB

Muay Thai Mid-Kick: A                  Karate Punch: (g)B
Double Arm Lock Suplex: (g)u+A         Axe Kick: (g)d+A
Body Scissors Neck Lock: (g)AB         Axe Kick Combo: (g)d+A
Grappling Kick Barage: (g)f+AB         Karate Punch Rush: (g)f+AB
*Double Wrist Lock: (duh)AB            *Karate Rush: (g)d+AB

VOLK HAN                               DAN SEVERN
Neck Lock Octopus Hold: (g)AB          Double Leg Tackle: (r)B
Commando Elbow: (bg)A                  Side Suplex: (g)f+A
Victor Crucifix Armbar: (g)d+AB        Water Wheel Drop: (g)d+A
Fish Stretch Sleeper: (ddl)AB          Choke Sleeper: (ddh)AB
*Flying Cross Heel Hold: (g)d+AB       *Double Belly-to-Back SupleX: (bg)u+AB

Victor Crucifix Knee Hold: (g)f+AB
Back Roll Neck Lock: (g)d+AB
Crucifix Armbar: (ddh)AB
Crucifix Knee Hold: (dul)A
*Achilles Tendon Hold: (dul)AB



=MASAKATSU FUNAKI=                     YUKI KONDO
Body Scissors Sleeper Hold: (bg)u+AB   Jumping Knee Kick: (c)A
Shoulder Hold: (duh)AB                 Forceful Knee Kick: (g)f+B
Ankle Hold: (dul)AB                    Dynamite Punch Rush: (g)u+AB
Mounted Punch: (duh)A                  Mounted Punch: (duh)A
*Choke Sleeper: (ddh)AB                *Jumping Knee Kick: (r)A

Body Scissors Sleeper Hold: (bg)u+AB   Double Leg Tackle: (r)B
Reverse Crucifix Knee Hold: (bd)B      Body Scissors Neck Lock: (g)AB
Crucifix Knee Hold: (dul)AB            Grappling Punch Barrage: (g)f+AB
Choke Sleeper: (ddh)AB                 Boston Crab: (ddl)AB
*Crooked Head Scissors: (duh)AB        *Trunk Tackle: (r)A

=BAS RUTTEN=                           SEMMY SCHILT
Front Neck Lock: (g)AB                 Forceful Knee Kick: (g)u+B
Shouda Combo: (g)f+AB                  Front Neck Lock: (g)AB
Back Roll Neck Lock: (g)d+AB           Cyber Knee Lift: (g)u+AB
Body Scissors Sleeper Hold: (bg)f+AB   Shoulder Hold: (duh)AB
*Straight Shouda: AB                   *Grappling Kick Barrage: (g)f+AB



YUKI ISHIKAWA                          ALEXANDER OTSUKA
Enzui Giri: AB                          Trunk Tackle: (r)A
Cobra Twist: (g)AB                     Tiger Suplex Whip: (g)u+AB
Body Scissors Sleeper Hold: (bg)AB     Texas Clover Hold: (dul)AB
Half Crab Hold: (dul)AB                Giant Swing: (dul)A
*Octopus Hold: (g)u+AB                 *Dragon Suplex Whip: (g)f+AB

MITSUYA NAGAI                          MOHAMMAD YONE
Machine Gun Stomach Knee Lift: (g)d+A  Flying Kneel Kick: (r)B
Powerbomb Whip: (g)u+AB                Ax Bomber: (r)A
Solebutt Combo: (g)f+AB                Diving Guillotine Drop: (td)AB
Crucifix Knee Hold: (dul)AB            Stretch Bomb: (g)d+AB
*Flying Kneel Kick: (r)A               *Muscle Buster: (cg)u+AB

Flying Crucifix Knee Hold: (r)A
Flying Crucifix Armbar: (c)A
Northern Lights Suplex Whip: (g)f+A
Dragon Suplex: (bg)u+AB
*Flying Crucifix Armbar: (g)AB



Single Leg Tackle: (g)d+B              Trunk Tackle: (r)A
Arm Lock: (bd)A                        Original Frankensteiner: (c)A
Crucifix Armbar: (ddh)AB               Fisherman DDT: (g)u+AB
Running Face Stomp: (rd)AB             Knee Kick: (ddl)A
*Double Wrist Lock: (duh)AB            *Neck Lock: (duh)AB

NOBUHIKO TAKADA                        ENSON INOUE
Low Kick: B                            Left-Right Hook: AB
High Kick: AB                          Dynamite Punch Rush: (g)f+AB
High Kick Combo: (g)u+AB               Crucifix Armbar: (duh)AB
Twisted Backdrop: (bg)u+AB             Choke Sleeper: (ddh)AB
*Crucifix Armbar: (ddh)AB              *Mounted Punch: (duh)A

MASAAKI SATAKE                         MARK KERR
Center Round Kick: A                   Trunk Tackle: (r)A
High Round Kick: AB                    Leg Tackle: (g)A
High Kick Combo: (g)u+AB               Machine Gun Face Knee Lift: (g)d+A
Machine Gun Face Knee Lift: (g)d+AB    Guard Position Punch: (dul)A
*Cyber Knee Lift: (g)f+AB              *Grappling Kick Barrage: (g)u+AB

Grappling Punch Barrage: (g)u+AB
Dynamite Punch Rush: (g)f+AB
Guard Position Punch: (g)d+AB
Guard Position Punch: (dul)AB
*Russian Hook: AB


[-Mixed Martial Arts-]

=RICKSON GRACIE=                       =ALEXANDER KARELIN=
Knee Kick: (g)AB                       Gutwrench Suplex: (g)d+A
Cruel Mounted Punch: (duh)AB           Belly to Back Suplex: (bg)u+AB
Crucifix Armbar: (duh)A                Reverse Body Lift: (ddh)AB
Choke Sleeper: (ddh)A                  Reverse Body Lift: (ddh)A
*Body Scissors Sleeper Hold: (ddh)AB   *Reverse Body Lift: (g)d+AB

ROYCE GRACIE                           RENZO GRACIE
Body Scissors Neck Lock: (g)u+AB       Hook: AB
Body Scissors Sleeper Hold: (bg)AB     Front Neck Lock: (g)AB
Mounted Punch: (duh)A                  Crucifix Armbar: (ddh)AB
Choke Sleeper: (ddh)A                  Mounted Punch: (duh)A
*Crucifix Armbar: (ddh)AB              *Body Scissors Neck Lock: (g)u+AB

GERARD GORDEAU                         PETER AERTS
Karate Punch Rush: f+A                 High Kick: AB
Karate Rush: (g)f+AB                   Dynamite Knee Rush: (g)AB
Mounted Punch: (duh)AB                 High Kick Rush: (g)f+AB
Back Mounted Punch: (ddh)AB            Double High Kick Combo: (g)d+AB
*Kenka Rush: (g)d+AB                   *Standing High Kick: (g)u+AB

=ANDY HUG=                             RUMINA SAITO
Front Kick: A                          Flying Crucifix Armbar: (c)A
Spin Kick: (g)d+A                      Body Scissors Neck Lock: (g)AB
Karate Rush: (g)AB                     Body Scissors Sleeper Hold: (bg)AB
Axe Kick Combo: (g)u+AB                Crucifix Armbar: (duh)AB
*Axe Kick: AB                          *Heel Hold: (dul)AB


NAOYA OGAWA                            SHINYA HASHIMOTO
Hip Throw: (g)f+A                      Kesa-Giri Chop: AB
Ground Octopus Hold: (g)f+AB           Kneel Kick: (r)B
STO: (g)d+AB                           Kesa-Giri Chop Rush: (g)AB
Triangle Scissors: (duh)AB             Jumping DDT: (g)d+AB
*Body Scissors Sleeper Hold: (bg)AB    *Dangerous DDT: (g)u+AB

ATSUSHI ONITA                          YOSHIAKI FUJIWARA
One-Legged Headbutt: AB                One-Legged Headbutt Rush: (g)u+AB
One-Legged Headbutt Rush: (g)AB        Wakigatame: (g)f+AB
Jumping DDT: (g)f+AB                   Wakigatame: (bd)A
Face Crusher: (bg)A                    Hara Gatame: (ddh)AB
*Thunder Fire Powerbomb: (g)d+AB       *Wakigatame: (c)A

YOSHIAKI YATSU                         YOJI ANJOH
Spear: (r)A                            Step Kick: (g)f+A
Front Suplex: (g)u+A                   Double High Kick Combo: (g)u+AB
Bulldogging Headlock: (g)f+AB          Machine Gun Knee Lift: (bg)AB
German Suplex: (bg)f+AB                Double Wrist Lock: (duh)AB
*Jailhouse Lock: (dul)AB               *Altered Figure Four: (dul)AB

Hip Throw: (g)f+B                      Stepping Shotay: (r)A
STO: (g)d+AB                           Shouda Combo: (g)u+AB
Crucifix Armbar: (duh)AB               Reverse Crucifix Kneebar: (bd)A
Choke Sleeper: (ddh)AB                 Crucifix Kneebar: (dul)AB
*Mounted Punch: (duh)A                 *STO: (g)f+AB

Diving Kneel Kick: (tu)AB              Powerslam: (c)A
Axe Kick: (g)d+B                       Arm Whip: (g)d+B
Axe Kick Combo: (g)u+AB                Headbutt Rush: (g)AB
Guillotine Ace Crusher: (g)f+AB        Sheer Drop Brainbuster: (g)u+AB
*Cross-Arm Thunder Fire: (g)d+AB       *Facebuster: (g)d+AB

MR. POGO                               SHOJI NAKAMAKI
Fork Attack: (g)f+AB                   One-Legged Headbutt: (g)A
Fork Attack: (bg)u+AB                  One-Legged Headbutt Rush: (g)u+AB
Cobra Claw: (duh)AB                    Enzui Headbutt: (bg)B
Sickle Attack: (duh)A                  Cobra Claw: (duh)AB
*Big Fire: AB                          *Thunder Fire Powerbomb: (g)d+AB

NAOKI SANO                             =THE GREAT KABUKI=
Rolling Solebutt: AB                   Lariat: (r)A
Thunder Fire Powerbomb: (g)d+AB        Thrust Kick: (c)A
Dragon Suplex: (bg)u+AB                Diving Fist Drop: (td)AB
Avalanche Backdrop: (cg)d+AB           Upper Blow: (g)d+B
*Tiger Suplex: (bg)f+AB                *Poison Fog: AB

HAWK                                   ANIMAL
Flying Lariat: (r)A                    Lift Slam: (c)B
Powerslam: (c)A                        Oklahoma Stampede: (g)u+AB
Diving Fist Drop: (td)B                Avalanche Hold: (g)f+AB
Lift Slam: (g)u+A                      Shoulder Thrust: (cg)f+AB
*Diving Lariat: (tu)AB                 *Powerslam: (c)A

Hell Thrust: (g)B                      Biting: (g)AB
Step Hell Thrust: (g)d+A               Cobra Claw: (g)u+AB
Samoan Drop: (g)u+AB                   Fork Attack: (g)f+AB
Fork Attack: (g)f+AB                   Fork Attack: (bg)u+AB
*Sudanese Meat Cleaver: (rd)AB         *Cobra Claw: (duh)AB

SABU                                   ROB VAN DAM
Tope Con Hilo: (ro)AB                  Spin Kick: (c)A
Reverse Frankensteiner: (bg)u+AB       Five Star Frog Splash: (td)B
Avalanche Frankensteiner: (cg)u+AB     Firebird Splash: (td)AB
Slingshot Moonsault: (cg)d+AB          Jumping Head Chop: (g)u+AB
*Asylum Moonsault: (td)AB              *Hollywood Star Press: (cg)d+AB

MASAO ORIHARA                          NEGRO CASAS
Moonsault Press: (td)AB                Tope Suicida: (ro)AB
Groin Kick: (g)f+A                     Diving Senton: (td)AB
Michinoku Driver II: (g)d+AB           Azteca Suplex: (bg)f+AB
German Suplex: (bg)f+AB                Senton: (rd)AB
*Spider Suplex: (cg)d+AB  	       *La Magistral: (ddl)AB



=RIKIDOZAN=                            =KARL GOTCH=
Backhand Chop: (c)A                    Gotch Piledriver: (g)D+AB
Jumping Head Chop: (g)d+A              Crooked Head Scissors: (duh)AB
Windpipe Chop Rush: (g)AB              Bow & Arrow Backbreaker: (ddl)AB
Windpipe Chop Rush: (cg)u+AB           Reverse Crucifix Kneebar: (ddl)A
*Kesa-Giri Chop: AB                    *German Suplex: (bg)f+AB

=LOU THESZ=                            SUPER TIGER
Flying Body Scissors: (r)A             Solebutt: AB
Original Powerbomb: (g)d+AB            Muay Thai Mid-Kick: (g)f+A
Double Wrist Lock: (duh)AB             Chickenwing Facelock: (bg)AB
STF: (ddl)AB                           Crucifix Kneebar: (dul)AB
*Greco-Roman Backdrop: (bg)f+AB        *Chickenwing Facelock: (duh)AB

=KILLER KHAN=                          =BRUISER BRODY=
Jumping Knee Pat: (r)A                 Kenka Kick: (r)B
Real Mongolian Chop: (g)A              Diving Double Knee: (tu)AB
Cobra Claw: (duh)AB                    Gorilla Slam: (g)u+B
Double Knee Drop to Face: (duh)A       Guillotine Drop: (duh)AB
*Diving Double Knee Drop: (tu)AB       *King Kong Knee Drop: (rd)AB

=ANDRE THE GIANT=                      =ROLAND BOCK=
Neck Hanging Tree: (g)A                Front Suplex Whip: (g)u+AB
Argentine Backbreaker: (g)u+AB         Original German Suplex: (g)f+AB
Avalanche Press: (g)f+AB               Belly to Back Suplex: (bg)u+AB
Tombstone Piledriver: (g)d+AB          Original German Suplex: (bg)f+AB
*Pinning Elbow Drop: (rd)AB            *High-Speed Double Arm Suplex: (g)d+AB

=GARY ALBRIGHT=                        =DICK MURDOCH=
Belly to Belly Suplex: (g)u+A          Back Elbow: (c)A
High-Speed Double Arm Suplex: (g)f+AB  Elbow to Top of the Head: (g)B
High Angle Powerbomb: (g)d+AB          Elbow Drop: (duh)A
Double Belly to Back Suplex: (bg)d+AB  Calf Branding: (cg)u+AB
*Full Nelson Suplex: (bg)f+AB          *Brainbuster: (g)u+AB

Double Arm Suplex: (g)f+A
Bulldogging Headlock: (g)f+AB
Jumping Piledriver: (g)d+AB
High Angle Atomic Drop: (bg)u+AB
*Crossface Chickenwing: (bg)AB

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