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Skating heaven on your brand new handheld. 06/16/01 Jp7010
Tony Invades GBA!!! 07/01/01 Mike Truitt

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Why does this game look like the Playstation's version!? 06/10/01 ANTYaz925
My first GBA Game and for sure one of the best! 10/26/01 BigH
Groundbreaking! 07/16/01 birch2001
Full potential of the GBA 08/16/01 bLakDeTh
Now you can bring Tony with you! 06/24/03 Cybiolink8000
OPM Were Right; Heaven IS A Halfpipe 07/30/01 Dave Maul
Holy crap! Publisher's Clearing House is here! 05/20/02 Doodleheimer
The legend returns. 07/09/03 GCMasta
A true showcase of the systems power 06/18/01 Hawkpro69
Arrest me! I'm a skateboarder! 07/30/01 hyncer
WOW...one of GBA's best games 08/03/01 johnocoffo
This is the best Game for GBA...buy it now!!! 08/05/01 Mike277
Did Tony perform his 900 on the GBA or did he bail? 12/18/01 mononoke86
If you own the DC or PSX version there is just no reason to buy this. 06/18/01 Monster in a box
Fun, Portable, and one of GBA's finest so far! 08/30/01 MysticSyphon
Tony Strikes Back With This GBA Classic 02/09/03 NeoNess
A MUST get, one of the best GBA games so far! 07/16/01 Nivrae
The best GameBoy Advance launch title. 03/15/02 Player Guy Forever
The Hawkster comes to GBA. But is it any good? 08/19/02 ReelBigFish100
Skateboard gaming on the go! 06/06/01 RyuGB
Owning The PSX Version is Just Another Reason to get This Game... 06/19/01 Sephy Kid
Just dont expect any thing revolutionary.... 06/29/01 shigman
Tuesday's with Tony, GBA Style 08/30/01 VeNoM
The wait for Tony Hawk 2 Advance is over, and to say the least, it ROCKS! 07/14/01 WainioTheMaster

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