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High-Score/Combo FAQ by Airblade

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/15/2001

Date: Saturday July 14, 2001

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 for GBA

In-Depth High Scoring and Combo FAQ v. 1.00
By: John Mitrou (Airblade) (airblade90@hotmail.com) 

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Revision History
3. Basics and Controls
4. Levels

a. Hanger
b. School II
c. Marseille
d. Warehouse
e. NY City 
f. Skate Street
g. Rooftops

5. Frequently Asked Questions
6. High Scores!
7. Legal Information
8. Credits
9. Closing 

1. Introduction

Hi, this is my first time writing a FAQ so bear with me. This faq is 
basically going to teach you how to do amazing combos and rake up some 
big points. I've seen people on the message boards asking how to get 
really high scores, what type of combos to do and all of that mumbo 
jumbo. I won't be giving you any info on where the skate letters are 
located, where the spray cans are (etc...) there are plently of other 
FAQs that can help you on that kind of stuff. I am strictly going to 
tell you how to get some big points.

2. Revision History

7/10/01 - First version of guide. 

3. Basics and Controls

To know how to get big combos you first need to know a few basic things. 
First, of course, you need to know how to use the controls. Here is a 
brief run-down of them:

(all of these are when you are actually navigating you skater, I trust 
you have the intelligence to get through the menus)

a - grind button
b - crouch/jump (hold to crouch and gain speed, release to jump)
start - pause game
select - nothing!
control pad - turn your skater, lean forward and backwards (up and 
down), manual and grind balance (left and right for grind balance, up 
and down for manual balance), hold down to brake
L - flip trick, toggle nollie
R - Grab Trick, toggle switch

In this FAQ I will be repeating a few key moves repeatedly so here is 
how you do them: (ones that I believe you will not need, I will not 
list) For the most part, these are the only moves you will be using in 
your combos.

NOTE: For all flips you can press the button combinations at the same 
time. This makes them easier to do in my opinion.

No Comply: Hold B, press up once, and then release B (you can do this on 
the ground/ramp, basically anywhere)
Boneless: This is basically a bigger, better, No Comply. Hold B, press 
up twice and release B to do this trick.
Kickflip: Press left then the flip button 
Heelflip: Press right and then the flip button
Pop Shove It: Up then the flip button
FS Shove It: Down then the flip button
Kiss the rail: Grind for a SPLIT second
Any special grinds: Follow the button combinations the game gives you 
(I'm not going to bother listing all of them as the game tells you the 
button combinations and they all vary)
Casper to 360 flip: (default) down, right, R
Special flip tricks: Choose your favourite one and learn the button 
combination. (Heelflip Darkslide seems to give the most points out of 
all the grinds)
Normal manual: Up, Down
Nose manual: Down, Up
Wall ride: Approach the wall at an angle, ollie and press the grind 
button (a)
Ollies: While in the air just hold left or right on the control pad
Grabs: The grab I use to end my combos are usually melons. Press left 
than the grab button. 

Balancing: To balance on a grind TAP (and I stress this) the control pad 
left or right. This will move the little green bar. This is difficult at 
first but it gets easier with practice. When you have no balance left it 
is usually time to ollie off your grind. You can also balance on manuals 
by tapping up and down. 

4. Levels
a. Hanger

There are many places you can rack up points in the hanger but there is 
only a few places where you can get A LOT of points.

Combo 1: Start off by getting your special up. You can do this easily by 
doing a fancy grab over the halfpipe at the start of the level (airwalk, 
melon -- anything you want). After you land this it will have put you in 
perfect position to start the combo as you will have some speed and your 
special up. Start the combo by doing a normal grind, ollie (when I say 
ollie I mean just jump), Pop Shove It, and then land in a special grind. 
Grind till you reach the level divider (to do this you must have 
balanced for more info on balancing go to the basics section). Ollie off 
your grind and land in a manual. While in a manual SMASH into the 
divider in the middle of the level on either side. Yes, I know this 
sounds crazy but ollie out of the manual and smash into the divider 
landing in yet another manual. Smashing yourself into the wall slows you 
down allowing you to double kickflip/manual to increase your multiplier. 
Repeat doing 2 kickflips and landing in a manual until your multiplier 
is x19.5. (I know this sounds crazy and your telling me you would have 
no balance left but If you kickflip RIGHT when you land in a manual, you 
will have enough balance to get to x19.5). Once your multiplier is 19.5 
, do a 180 or 360 melon grab trick to finish the combo. You don't have 
to make it on a halfpipe, you can do while your right on the ground. 
Doing this combo will net you 700 000 - 1000 000 points depending if you 
landed it sloppy, normal, perfect. Your score can also be altered by how 
long you held the special grind. 

Difficultly Rating: 6

Alternate methods of doing this combo: After smashing into the divider, 
you can land in a Casper to 360 flip. If you do the little freestylin' 
thing this can add around 5000+++ points to your combo. The only 
downside to this is you might not have enough balance to get your 
multiplier up to x19.5 doing the kickflip/manual trick. This adds much 
difficulty to the combo but if you are good at balancing it is worth the 
extra points.

Difficulty Rating: 8

2nd alternate method: Get your special up and then return to the start 
od the level. Wall ride the halfpipe, wallie off, (kickflipping on your 
way down) land in a manual then start the orginal combo from there. This 
method is fairly easy and it does not add much difficulty to the combo. 
This also adds around 5000 points to your combo.

Difficulty Rating: 6

That is about all of the combos I have found that give massive points. 
Do around 4-6 of these combos per 2 minute run alternating your special 
grinds. This will net you around 3-4 million points per run.

b. School II

This is one of the more difficult courses in the game as there are not 
many places to rack up huge points. The ones that do rack up points are 
in turn, hard to execute.

Combo 1: To start off go to the halfpipe near the start and get your 
special up. After this, grind the planter with a normal grind (it is to 
small to grind it with a special). At the end of it, ollie and do one 
kickflip and then land in a special grind. Grind down it to get the roll 
call rail gap and ollie towards the picnic tables. Land in a normal 
grind (you won't have time to do a special grind) and do a few kickflips 
before landing on the other table in a special grind. Kickflip off the 
table and land in a manual. Go towards the square planter and ollie off 
it landing on top off the roof of the portable. This will get you the 
line gap which is worth a lot of points. Do a 360 melon grab off the 
portable and land in a manual. Kickflip/manual until your multiplier is 
19.5. Finish off with another grab trick (something different than the 
360 melon) This is a huge and extremely difficult combo that will get 
you 800 000 - 1 200 000 points.

Difficultly Rating: 9

Alternate methods of doing this combo: None

If you are really good you can do about 3-5 of those combos per run. If 
you vary your special grinds land them perfect you can get 2 500 000 - 4 
000 000 points a run! 

c. Marseille

It took me awhile create this combo even though it is fairly simple. 
There are many combos on this course that can be done due to the large 
amount of stuff you can grind. 

Combo 1: From the start of the level head right of the quarter pipe, 
done the ramp. There will be a halfpipe around where you get the 'Up! 
Up! and away' gaps. Go here and do a trick to increase your special. 
Then, simply grind the halfpipe to the left with a special grind. Grind 
the whole thing until you reach the area with the 'dirt to rail' gap 
area. This is where your balance has probably faded. Jump off the grind 
and do the wall smashing technique (the one I was talking about on the 
Hanger) on the rail of the dirty ledge. This will slow you down enough 
so you can double kickflip/manual until your multiplier is 19.5. Then, 
of course, ollie from the manual and do a 360 melon to finish off. 
Easily 800 000 - 1 200 000 points for this combo.

Difficultly Rating: 5 

Alternate methods of doing this combo: Instead of jumping off the grind 
where the 'dirt to ledge' gap is, ollie off a bit before that. Land in a 
manual and kickflip towards the 'over the lil' 3 gap. Ollie and get this 
gap and then just double kickflip manual until your multiplier is x19.5 
then do the standard 360 grab trick to finish it off.

Difficultly Rating: 6

d. Warehouse

Ah, one of my favourite levels. Fans of the classic THPS will be happy 
to find their favourite level in this version. This level basically 
really only has one combo with many alternate methods of doing it.

Combo 1: This combo is generally well known by everyone but I'll give an 
indepth analysis of it anyway. First of all, get your special up easily 
by doing some grab trick on the transfer gap which is right at the start 
of the level. Go to the back of the level where the huge halfpipe 
resides. Grind this whole thing with the special grind of your choice. 
When you reach the rail at the end of the halfpipe, you will have the 
Holy @&# gap. Jump off the rail and over the pipe to get yet another 
gap. Once over the pipe, land in a manual and manual/kickflip over to 
the back of the level. This is where the oil is. Manual/kickflip over 
the oil very quickly (you must to the manual/kickflip trick extremely 
quick to accomplish this) and you will have the truck dippin' gap. 
Finally, your multiplier should be around x19.5 so end the combo with a 
360 grab right on the ground. (you will not have enough speed to go on 
the halfpipe of course). This nets about 800 000 - 1 000 000 points.

Difficultly Rating: 7

Alternate methods of doing this combo: Well there is basically one more 
main one which gives you one more gap. Simply ollie over the halfpipe 
and do the transition grind gap. Proceed to a special grind and 
basically do what I explained above, just grind the halfpipe the other 
way. (I would say this method is better to use when you want to make 
sure that you get the 'truck dippin' gap. The only con to using this 
method is that it is hard to lineup with the rail to begin the combo).

Difficultly Rating: 8

e. NY City

An interesting level with two main combo opportunities. The latter one I 
will be explaining will be not be used by many people due to the extreme 
difficulty of it. 

Combo 1: Start off by getting your special up. The easiest way to do 
this is to wallride up the wall at the start of the level, grind for 
about 1 second and then just to a grab trick off of it. Once you have 
your special up, go back to the start of the level and wallride and 
grind the FIRST wall there is (this is the extremely short one, if you 
don't start from here you will miss a park entrance gap which you don't 
want to miss!) Once you clear the gap, land in a special grind. Grind 
that section until you reach another park entrance gap. Clear that gap 
and land in your secondary special grind (never use the same grind twice 
in a combo. Remember variety counts). Balance as you grind the corner of 
the wall. Once you reach the last park entrance gap which is near the 
plank, ollie over it and land in a manual. Make sure you are in a good 
position to do the kickflip/manual trick as it will be tight here and 
there is not much room. Do the kickflip/manual trick until your 
multiplier is 19.5 and jump off the wall doing a 360 grab. This combo, 
compared to the other level does not give as many points as you do not 
grind as much as you do in the other levels. This combo will get you 500 
000 - 700 000 points.

Difficultly Rating: 5

Alternates methods of doing this combo: None 

Combo 2: This combo is difficult and does not give as much points as the 
other one but I think it is worth mentioning. Doing this combo basically 
is getting the secret tape, so if you have trouble doing that avoid this 
combo. Anyways, get your special up using the method I told you in combo 
1. Once you have done that, head straight until you hit the building and 
then make your make your way left. Line yourself up with the left kicker 
and then approach the wall at a severe angle. Boneless and wallride up 
to the rail (NOTE: This is extremely hard to do. Practice it constantly 
and don't give up. You'll get it eventually). Do a normal grind for a 
split second and then change to a special grind for the remainder of 
time you are on the pipe. Once you reach the end of the pipe. Let go of 
B (you should always be holding this button when you grind) and press 
left and A simultaneously immediately after you let go of B. This will 
make you do a wallride on the electric sign. Once on the electric sign, 
start a special grind and grind to the end of it. At the end of the 
sign, do the wallriding technique I was just talking about and do a 
normal grind on the fire escape. Grind down towards the ground and you 
have done the combo. This combo only gets you 100 000 - 300 000 points 
even though you get a lot of gaps in it. Also, has anyone done the combo 
and landed it to a manual? E-mail me.

Difficultly Rating: 9

Alternate methods of doing this combo: None

f. Skate Street

This level is probally the easiest to rack up points in, as it has one 
combo that can be repeated very easily and it is worth a lot of points. 
In fact, I got my highest combo score in this level, 1.4 million. 

Combo 1: This combo is fun, easy-to-do, and it racks up huge points (the 
reason that it gets so many points is that the bowl is like an unlimited 
rail, you can grind it until you are about to fall off) At the beginning 
of the level go straight to the right and you will find a bowl there. Do 
a grab trick in the bowl to get your special up. When this is done, 
approach the bowl at an angle and make sure that you have a lot of 
speed. I suggest you start grinding where the bowl turns. Do a normal 
grind and when you reach the little straightaway switch to a special 
grind. Grind around the bowl, balancing and getting 'circle the pool' 
gaps. When your balance is just about to end, ollie off towards the back 
wall, doing the wall smashing technique. Double kickflip/manual until 
your multiplier is x19.5 and then finish it with a 360 grab trick. This 
is an easy combo and can get you anywhere from 700 000 - 1 400 000 

Difficultly Rating: 7 

Alternate methods of doing this combo: None

g. Rooftops

This level is hard, small, and kind of a dissapointment for a secret 
level. There is basically one combo with two ways of doing it.

Combo 1: To start off do a grab trick over the 'schmock' gap to get your 
special up. When this is done position yourself in front of the glass 
ramp. Gain a bit of speed and boneless while in the air position 
yourself to grind the lip of the halfpipe. This will get you the 'zucker 
hop' gap. Make sure you're grinding right when you do this. After you 
grind the corner and on the straightaway of the rail, switch to a 
special grind. Grind until you get the 'Don't look down!' gap, and then 
ollie over the 'schmock' gap. Land in a different special grind. Ollie 
off and jump roof to roof, getting the gap. Land in a manual for 'insane 
landing'. From there on you can just double kickflip/manual until your 
multiplier is x19.5, and then of course end the combo with a 360 grab of 
your choice. This combo can get you anywhere from 200 000 - 400 000 

Difficultly Rating: 6

Alternate methods of doing this combo: For the more advanced player, 
when you land in a manual on the roof you can attempt to get the 
'beantown' line gap. This is hard but it racks up a lot of points! From 
the roof, head towards the quarter pipe and grind the rail above it. 
Ollie off that and grind upwards on the wire to get the 'live wire' gap. 
At the end of the wire ollie once again to the ledge right beside it in 
a special grind. Grind until you get the 'beantown' line and quickly 
land it. This will get good points for the rooftops level. Doing this 
extension to the combo gets you anywhere from 300 000 - 600 000 points. 
Good luck!

Difficultly Rating: 10

5. Frequently Asked Questions

No one has seen this FAQ yet so no one has any questions yet!

6. High Scores!
Yes, I bet you all are wondering what my scores are. Well, here they 
are! If you want your scores to be seen on this FAQ e-mail me at 
airblade90@hotmail.com with the level, your score, and what skater you 
used. No cheats are allowed at all including Kid Mode.

My High Scores

Hanger: 4,133,086 (Jamie Thomas)
School II: 1,414,666 (Jamie Thomas)
Marseille: 1,833,889 (Jamie Thomas)
Warehouse: 3,217,196 (Andrew Reynolds) 
NY City: 2,014,772 (Andrew Reynolds)
Skate Street: 3,846,075 (Jamie Thomas)
Rooftops: 1,075,116 (Jamie Thomas)
7. Legal Information

This document Copyright 2001 John Mitrou

This document is my work and can ONLY be found at www.gamefaqs.com. I 
will not tolerate any forms of piracy and plagiarism. If this FAQ is on 
any other websites please inform me. If you want this FAQ on your 
website, please e-mail me. Thank you.

8. Credits

No one to credit as of yet. E-mail me at airblade90@hotmail.com if you 
have something to say!

9. Closing

Thank you all for reading my FAQ, I hope you enjoyed it and got 
something out of it! E-mail me with questions, comments, contributions, 
hate mail, love mail, etc...

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