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Guide and Walkthrough by MGabbert

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 06/16/2001

                          Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
                   Vicarious Visions        Activision02
                          For the Game Boy Advance
               By Matt Gabbert (www.nolag.com / tax@nolag.com)
                      Copyright 2001 All rights reserved

Version .1 - First release
For the most recent version check

//  Your help is needed.  If you wish to contribute specific non-public
//  please email me at tax@nolag.com ASAP (6/2001 only).
//  High scoring non-lame combos, and better ascii art a plus!

Table of Contents
1.  Hangar
2.  School II
3.  The Bluetorch Pro Bowl
4.  Warehouse
5.  NY City
6.  Skate Street
7.  Enabled Cheat List
8.  The Skaters
9.  Special Move List
10. Techniques
11. Cheats
12. Bugs
13. Copyright Info




/************************  1  ************************\

Hangar - Meacham Field, TX:
	High Score - 10,000
		All these can easily be done with a combination of grabs, and jumps over the
half pipe.  $100
	Pro Score - 25,000
		" $200
	SICK Score! - 75,000
		" $500
	Collect S-K-A-T-E
		S is over the half pipe.
		K is in the air above the north center of the quarter pipe .
		A is above the small plane.
		T is on the west wall and gotten by transfering where the quarter pipe
		E is done by a transfer over the south wall where the room splits. $150
	Barrel Hunt
		1 is in inside the half pipe.
		2 is north of the half pipe.
		3 is south of the plane.
		4 is in the far west side.
		5 is in the west half, south east of the chopper. $150
	Collect 5 Pilot Wings
		1 is gotten by transfering HIGH over the starting ramp.
		2 you get from riding the far east rail over the halfpipe.
		3 you grind the floor rail and ollie in the middle.
		4 is above the center wall on the north side.
		5 is on the west side of the center ramp. $250
	Nosegrind Over the Pipe
		Hold UP+A to nosegrind over the half pipe. $150
	Hit 3 Hangtime Gaps
		1. Ollie over the halfpipe.
		2. Ollie over the plane.
		3. Ollie over the chopper.  $150
	Find the Secret Tape
		Open the wind tunnel the transfer over the entry way inside the wind tunnel.
	100% Goals and Cash
		Boing! $200
	$50 In the air above the center north wall. $50
	$50 Ollie off the north ramp leading to the helicopter. $50
	$50 Low in the air above the north side of the ground railing. $50
	$50 High above the half pipe. $50
	$50 Grind and ollie off the rail over the chopper. $50
	$100 Ollie HIGH in the air for 100 in the south west corner. $100
	$100 Straight north of the start you need to ollie and grind onto the highest
rail going east. Then ollie to reach the money. $100
	$100 To get your final 100 you need to get full stats in AIR and ollieing and
anything else that helps. Then ollie high off the north wall on the west side
to the rail. $100
	Open the wind tunnel Grind the propeller on the far far east wall in the half
pipe then go to the far west wall and get on top of the ledge (hold UP when
going up the ramp) then fall into the arrow. secret

/************************  2  ************************\

School II - Southern Cali:
	High Score - 15,000
		Big points come from rail grinds and boneless grabs over special jumps. $200
	Pro Score - 40,000
		" $350
	SICK Score! - 100,000
		" $500
	Collect S-K-A-T-E
		S is on the rail just to the west of where you start.
		K - after getting S keep going down that ramp. You should be able to see K
above a quarter pipe a little to
the south.
		A is behind the south side of a building in the west half of the level.
		T is on the south wall. Ollie off the ramp just south of TC's building.
		E is to the east of T on the south side of the building with the handicap
ramp and rail. $400
	Wallride 5 Bells
		1. When you start the map its on the same level as you by the quarter pipe
		2. On the wall right to the east of the table hop with the hall pass in the
air by the secret area entrance.
		3. On the west side of TC's building.
		4. In the south east corner on the wall by one of the roll call rails.
		5. On the west side of the map on the west side of a building. $500
	Collect 5 Hall Passes
		1. Grind the rail straight ahead of you when you start.
		2. Boneless up on to the big lunch tables and boneless between them.
		3. Boneless up on to the mound next to the lunch tables.
		4. Bonless transfer between two of the quarter pipes in the south east
section of the map.
		5. It is on the raised concrete section in the south east corner of the map.
	Kickflip TC's Roof Gap
		From the start go straight down the stairs then keep heading bearing a little
to the
west. You will see a ramp leading up to a building. Boneless up there then
boneless to the next building
doing a kickflip in the air (LEFT and L). $400
	Grind 3 Roll Call Rails
		1. The rail the stairs straight ahead from the start (what the hall pass is
		2. The rail on the rooftop of TC's house (see Kickflip TC's Roof Gap).
		3. The rail in the very south east corner by the bell. $500
	Find the Secret Tape
		Go down the ramp to your west when you start (the left side of the screen).
There is a
quarter pipe alone in the south of you (not on the wall, make your way there.
Gain speed on this pipe and
head fast straight south and boneless off the ramp on the ground to reach the
first roof. Keep your speed
and boneless of the next ramp in front of you. There is another rmap on this
roof, when you jump off it you
will reach the secret tape. $500
	100% Goals and Cash $500
	$50 On the west wall of the level there is a 3x bench grind. East of this, by
a lone quarter pipe. $50
	$50 After you kick out the gap and get on the roof (on route to the secret
tape) fall off the south east corner
of the roof. $50
	$50 It's on the half pipe right by the start. $50
	$50 Go down the stairwell that is ahead of you when you start. As soon as you
get to the ground level U-
turn and hug the wall of the staircase you just came down till you get to a
quarter pipe. Ollie up it and
lip/grind and ollie up the roof. Ollie between the small ramps to get the money
that you can see from the
starting position. $50
	$50 Bonless the pool for this cash. $50
	$100 Go to the rooftop where the secret tape is. In the corner of the map here
there is 100 high in the sky. $100
	$100 In the pool room boneless up and lip to at least the 2nd diving board,
then just ollie from there. $100
	$100 In the start head east and boneless to the other close roof. Then
boneless to the other thin roof. Follow
it around the corner then bonless off the last ramp for some dough. $100
	Pool Room Grind the rail on the roof of TC"s building. Now the entrance to the
pool room will be open by
the lunch table jumps. special

/************************  3  ************************\

The Bluetorch Pro Bowl - Marseille, France
	Bronze 30%
		Average around 22,000 points a round. $1000
	Silver 30%
		Average around 40,000 a round. $2000
	Gold 30%
		Average 55,000+ a round. $4000
	$50 Between the rails behind the start spot. $50
	$50 In the south east "corner" it is above and between the rails. $50
	$50 In the south west, just above the ground. easy. $50
	$100 East of the start, and high up next to the north wall. Boneless off the
second large mound and wall ride. $100
	$50 South and a little west close to the start. Ride the rail and ollie. $50
	$50 Diretly south east of the start off the inner ramp of the huge pool. $50
	$200 Two bills are on top of the flag banner rope thingy. $200

/************************  4  ************************\

Warehouse - Troy, NY:
	High Score - 20,000
		Big points come from rail grinds and boneless grabs over special jumps. $1500
	Pro Score - 50,000
		" $1700
	SICK Score! - 150,000
		" $2000
	Collect S-K-A-T-E
		S is in the west side jump between the two small ramps.
		K is above the north quarter pipe on the eastern side.
		A is above the taxi.
		T is over the half pipe.
		E is directly the west of where you start on the ledge. $1500
	Destroy 5 Crates
		1. Right to the west of the start, by the E.
		2. North of the half pipe.
		3. Behind where you start.
		4. On top of the northern quarter pipe.
		5. Next to the west wall in the mud. $1250
	Collect 5 Spray Cans
		1. Behind where you start, in the air.
		2. Above the rail north of the half pipe.
		3. In the north east corner, but you need lots of air.
		4. South of the half pipe high above the quarter pipe.
		5. In the south east corner below the half pipe, way way high in the air.
	5-0 the Big Rail
		Go straight to the rail in the center of the level and grind it by hold
DOWN+A. $1250
	Hit 3 Oldskool Gaps
		1. Do a transfer over the starting ramp.
		2. Head to the west and jump across the two small ramps.
		3. Gain speed and head to the north wall where the the ledge forms a big U
shape go up the quarter pipe.
Head straight for it and and hold UP before you jump to fly OVER it to the
other side. $1500
	Find the Secret Tape Max your stats. Then head to the north east corner at
full speed. Dart left a bit for
momentum then bonless way up to the highest rail. Grind it to the west then
ollie off and land on the far
rail. Grind it to the tape. $1500
	100% Goals and Cash Yippee! $1050
	$50 Above the mud. Wall ride and ollie off. $50
	$50 On the rail north of the half pipe. $50
	$50 Above the rail in the center of the map. $50
	$50 Transfer high over the starting ramp. $50
	$50 High above the quarter pipe in the north of the map on the west side. $50
	$50 Above the rail north of the half pipe, can get it from straight ollieing
or grind/ollie off the high pipes.
	$100 High above the half pipe. $100
	$100 Transfer over the ramp to the east of the starting ramp. $100

/************************  5  ************************\

NY City, New York
	Collect S-K-A-T-E
		S is on the park wall just north of the starting point. Boneless straight up
there or use
the bench as a stepping stone.
		K is above the huge ramp next to the blue cow.
		A is up the path by the blue cow on a bench.
		T is in the north side of the park above another bench.
		E is in the north east corner of the map gotten when you transfer between the
two quarter pipes against the wall.. $2000
	Ollie the Hydrants
		1. Just go straight from the starting point.
		2. In the north east section near the wall.
		3. In the south east corner. $1250
	Collect 5 Subway Tokens
		1. Out of the start go north and do a bonless off the ramp.
		2. Stay to the right and slide halfway down the south rail and ollie off it
this coin.
		3. In the north east jump between two of the ground ramps like #1.
		4. Turn south and you will find a rather large ramp. Stick to the middle of
it and ollie off.
		5. Above the north side of the bridge in the park. $2000
	50-50 Joey's Sculpture
		Stay on the south side of the street where you start till you see a mess of
leading up from below. Align yourself with the crack in the street that is to
the left of the "sculpture". Ollie
off the ledge holding A to do a 50-50 the way down. $2500
	Wrangle the Blue Cow
		Jump over the cow from two different directions doing random tricks. For the
wrangle you must grind him. Aim for the head and hold A, careful not to jump
too high (no boneless!). $2000
	Find the Secret Tape
		Ride to the east wall then go left past the 2 small ramps. U-turn around and
jump off
the left ramp heading south and wall ride to reach the (way high up) rail.
Grind this rail to the end then ollie
off and go into another wall ride onto the long electric sign. Grind this again
all the way to the end and wall
ride off it too holding A for your final grind. When you hit the fire escape
pray you have enough speed to
slide up to the secret tape. $2000
	100% Goals and Cash Yippee! $1250
	$100 On Joeys Sculpture. $100
	$50 In the middle of the lower section above a bench. $50
	$50 In the south east corner of the lower section in the south there, way
above the quarter pipe on the
wouth wall. $50
	$50 In the south east section of the map bonless off the high section and grab
the 50 on the way into the
south east corner of the map. $50
	$100 In the lake of the park, bail off the rail. $100
	$50 Above a bench in the north side of the park. $50
	$50 Between the benches on the east wall. Grind the bench, then wall ride,
then ollie off. $50
	$100 On the way to the secret tape, when you are grinding the electric sign,
ollie for this money, just remember to hold A for when you land! $100

/************************  6  ************************\

Skate Street, Ventura
	Bronze 30%
		Average 40,000 points a run. ~$7500
	Silver 60%
		Average 50,000 points a run. $15000
	Gold 90%
		Average 85,000 points a run. $35000
	$50 In the north west corner, ollie. $50
	$50 Straight ahead of the start, it's on the rail. $50
	$50 In the north center of the map. $50
	$50 In the south east corner along the south wall to the west of the awesome
half pipe. $50
	$50 Boneless off the mound in the center of the map. $50
	$50 In the pool to the south east of the starting position. $50
	$100 High up in the NE corner, ollie high off the quarter pipe. $100
	$100 In the south west corner ollie high off the quarter pipe. $100

/************************  7  ************************\

Beat it with : To Enable Cheat
	Tony Hawk       : Perfect Balance
	Bob Burnquist   : Always Special
	Steve Caballero : Stud Mode
 			: Sim Mode
 			: Moon Physics
 			: Always Zoom
 			: The Shadow
 			: Fugitive
 			: Disco Lights
 			: Invisibility
 			: Other Side

/************************  8  ************************\

Tony Hawk - Goofy - Vert
	BS Overturn DOWN,LEFT+A grind
	900 RIGHT,DOWN+R grab
	Sacktap UP,DOWN+R grab
Bob Burnquist - Regular - All Around
	Racket Air LEFT,DOWN+R grab
	BS Rocket Tailslide UP,DOWN+A grind
	One Foot Smith RIGHT,DOWN+A grind
Steve Caballero - Goofy - All Around
	Hang Ten RIGHT,UP+A grind
	Triple Kickflip UP,LEFT+L flip
	FS 540 RIGHT,LEFT+R grab
Kareem Campbell - Regular - Street
Rune Glifberg - Regular - Vert
Eric Koston - Goofy - Street
Bucky Lasek - Regular - Vert
Rodney Mullen - Regular - Street
Chad Muska - Regular - Street
Andrew Reynolds - Regular - Street
Geoff Rowley - Regular - Street
Elissa Steamer - Regular - Street
Jamie Thomas - Regular - Street
Spider-Man - Regular - Street

/************************  9  ************************\

By pressing RIGHT and LEFT on the choose trick screen you can assign your own
combo to pull off your
favorite moves!
Switch between your 6 bought moves by pressing A on one of the ones you paid
for and choosing another
one that says FREE to take its place. One Foot Japan UP,RIGHT+R grab $5000
	Racket Air LEFT,DOWN+R grab
	BS Rocket Tailslide UP,DOWN+A grind $4500
	One Foot Smith RIGHT,DOWN+A grind $3750
	Triple Kickflip UP,LEFT+L flip $3750
	FS 540 RIGHT,LEFT+R grab $4750
	Casper UP,LEFT+R manual $4750
	Ghetto Bird DOWN,UP+L flip $5500
	Nosegrind to Pivot DOWN,UP+A grind $4500
	One Foot Bluntslide LEFT,UP+A grind $4750
	Christ Air LEFT,RIGHT+R grab $4250
	The Fandangle RIGHT,DOWN+A grind $4750
	Indy Frontflip  grab $5500
	One Foot Japan  grab
	The Big Hitter  grind $5000
	Fingerflip Airwalk  grab $4000
	Casper to 360 Flip  manual $6000
	Heelflip Darkslide  grind $5750
	BS Hurricane
	Mute Backflip
	Triple Heelflip
	Nosegrab Tailslide
	Hardflip Late Flip
	Half Flip Casper
	Double Hardflip
	Wendy Tailslide
	Hospital Flip
	Indy Backflip
	One Foot Nose Man.
	Beni F-Flip. Crooks
	Laser Flip

/************************  10  ************************\

Wall Ride - Ollie with B then hold the direction the wall is from your skaters
point of view and roll your thumb off B and onto holding A and that direction.
Boneless  - Press UP UP quickly before ollieing with B

/************************  11  ************************\

Pause the game and then hold R and enter the following:

Enable all cheats: B, A, Down, A, Start, Start, B, A, Right, B, Right, A, Up,

Full money: B, A, Left, Down, B, Left, Up, B, Up, Left, Left

All levels: A, Start, A, Right, Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Down

Unlock Spider-man: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start
(the classic code!)

Spider-Man Wallcrawl: Right, A, Down, B, A, Start, Down, A, Right, Down

No blood: B, Left, Up, Down, Left, Start, Start

Smiley faces instead of blood (at the main menu): Start, A, Down, B, A, Left,
Left, A

Zero out time: Left, Up, Start, Up, Right

Disco zoom: Left, A, Start, A, Right, Start, Right, Up, Start

/************************  12  ************************\

	Poser - They spell it "poseur"!
	Congrats - When you get the gold in Tourny 2 you get a congratulations
message. But when you get 100%
goals in the tourny you get it AGAIN.
	Utilities - On page 38 of the manual there is a section on Program Utilities
that talks about how if you use the
map editor you are not allowed to sell your maps. Guesses are that either: this
will be a feature for
connecting to GameCube (doubtful), there WAS a map editor that didn't make it
into the final game
(maybe), or that this is just standard Activision (probably).
	Bouncy - If you turn on kid mode and hit the edge of a pool parallel with its
rim you will continue to bounce
around for a long, long, long time.

/************************  13  ************************\

FAQ Copyright 2001 Matt Gabbert
Not for reproduction in part or whole without permission

Only for use on the following websites:

Don't steal any of my words or I will hung you down and give you a mean look
(that's bad!)

If you wish to contribute anything email me at
or post on the forum at


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