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Guide and Walkthrough by OrangeStar

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 07/13/2001

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 GBA FAQ/Walkthrough ver 3.0
By OrangeStar (orangestar@aol.com)
Last update- 7/13/01
 _______ _    _ _____   _____    ___
|__   __| |  | |  __ \ / ____|  |__ \
   | |  | |__| | |__) | (___       ) |
   | |  |  __  |  ___/ \___ \     / /
   | |  | |  | | |     ____) |   / /_
   |_|  |_|  |_|_|    |_____/   |____|
Art by Pyro Vesten(vesten@optusnet.com.au)


7/13/01-Lots of little changes, High scores BIG update, some things fixed.

6/20/01- High Scores up, Weird Stuff updated.

6/19/01- Challenges section open.

6/17/01- Added Mindy, Spiderman, Rooftops, All cheats unlocked, started the
Weird Stuff section, added all Line Gaps. Specials List is up! High Scores
section is open for submission.


Table of Contents
1. The Basics
2. The Skaters, and their specials.
  a. Tony Hawk
  b. Bob Burnquist
  c. Steve Caballero
  d. Kareem Campbell
  e. Rune Glifberg
  f. Eric Koston
  g. Bucky Lasek
  h. Rodney Mullen
  i. Chad Muska
  j. Andrew Reynolds
  k. Geoff Rowley
  l. Elissa Steamer
  m. Jamie Thomas
  n. Mindy
  o. Spiderman
2.5. Specials Listing.
3. The Levels/Walkthrough    a. The Hangar, Meacham Field, TX
  b. The School II, Southern Cali
  c. Marseille, France
  d. Warehouse, Troy NY
  e. New York City, NY
  f. Skatestreet, Ventura
  g. Boston Rooftops
4. Gaps
5. Hints, Tips, Strategies
6. Weird Stuff
7. High Scores %%Now Open%%
8. Challenges $$NEW$$
7. Closing

***The Basics*** (Mostly taken from the instruction booklet)

If you've ever played Hawk or Hawk 2 before, skip this section. If not, please,
continue reading.

Up-Lean forward / Exit pool / Manual Balance
Down-Brake / Lean Back / Manual Balance
Left-Turn left / Grind Balance
Right-Turn right / Grind Balance
B-Crouch / Jump
L-Flip Trick / Nollie
R-Grab Trick / Switch

* Holding B allows you to crouch and pick up speed.

* Release B to ollie.

* Tap L to shift to nollie mode, then press B to nollie.

* Tap B to jump, then hold down A while next to a wall to wallride. (Picture
grinding on a wall)

* Tap down-up, or up-down to manual.

* Tap up-up and release B to Boneless

* Tap up and release B to No Comply

* While falling from a Big Drop, Press B at impact to avoid bailing.

* Mash the buttons to get up faster.

* While in the air, press L+Direction on pad to perform a flip trick.

* While in the air, press R+Direction on pad to perform a grab trick.

* To grind, press A+Direction pad near anything that looks remotely grindable.

* To do a lip trick, skate straight up a ramp or quarterpipe holding
A+Direction pad.

* As you perform tricks, your special meter will rise. When it is flashing, you
can perform your skater's signature moves. Bailing will empty your meter.

Options Menu

Sound levels- Change volume for music and FX.
Cheats- View and enable cheats earned in Career mode. See the end of the level
Walkthrough for what you can earn. EARN THEM!!
Kid Mode- Use this if you suck. Seriously.
Trick Zoom- Exactly what it sounds like.
Control Setup- Change the control settings.
Gaps Checklist- See gaps you have completed and what's left to go. Getting all
them will unlock something, no doubt.
Credits- Watch the credits.
High Scores- View high scores for each level.
Save Career- Save current data. Use often.


The first time you do a trick, you get 100% of its points. The more you use it,
the less points you get.

1st        | 100%
2nd        | 75%
3rd        | 50%
4th        | 25%
5th on     | 10%

Adding spins to a trick sequence builds up points via multiplier as follows...

180 | 1.5x
360 | 2.0x
540 | 3.0x
720 | 4.0x
900 | 6.0x

Grabs, Grinds, and Lip tricks can be held for more points.

Landing a trick perfectly gives you 150% of the trick score, while a Sloppy
trick gives 75%

The Skaters

Tony Hawk / Goofy / Vert
Air       |||||||
Hangtime  |||||
Ollie     ||
Speed     ||||||
Spin      ||||||||
Landing   |||||
Switch    |||
Rail Bal. |||
Lip Bal.  ||||||
Manual    |||||

BS Overturn- Down, Left, A
The 900- Right, Down, R
Sacktap- Up, Down, R

Bob Burnquist / Regular / All-Around
Air       ||||||
Hangtime  |||||
Ollie     |||||
Speed     |||||
Spin      |||||
Landing   |||
Switch    ||||||||
Rail Bal. ||
Lip Bal.  |||||||
Manual    ||||

Racket Air- Left, Down, R
BS Rocket Tailslide- Up, Down, A
One Foot Smith- Right, Down, A

Steve Caballero / Goofy / All-Around
Air       ||||||
Hangtime  |||||
Ollie     |||||
Speed     ||||||
Spin      |||
Landing   |||||
Switch    |||||
Rail Bal. ||||||
Lip Bal.  |||||
Manual    ||||

Hang Ten- Right, Up, A
Triple Kickflip- Up, Left, L
FS 540- Right, Left, R

Kareem Campbell / Regular / Street
Air       |||||||
Hangtime  ||
Ollie     ||||||
Speed     |||||
Spin      ||||||||
Landing   ||||
Switch    |||||
Rail Bal. ||||||
Lip Bal.  ||
Manual    |||||

Ghetto Bird- Down, Up, L
Nosegrind to Pivot- Down, Up, L
Casper- Left, Down, R

Rune Glifberg / Regular / Vert
Air       |||||||
Hangtime  |||||||
Ollie     |||||
Speed     ||||||
Spin      |||||
Landing   |||
Switch    ||||
Rail Bal. ||||
Lip Bal.  ||||||
Manual    |||

Kickflip 1 Foot Tail- Left, Down, L
One Foot Bluntslide- Left, Up, A
Christ Air- Left, Right, R

Eric Koston / Goofy / Street
Air       ||||
Hangtime  |||
Ollie     |||||||
Speed     |||||
Spin      ||||
Landing   ||||
Switch    |||||||
Rail Bal. |||||||
Lip Bal.  |||
Manual    ||||||

Pizza Guy- Down, Left, R
The Fandangle- Right, Down, A
Indy Frontflip- Down, Up, R

Bucky Lasek / Regular / Vert
Air       |||||||
Hangtime  |||||||
Ollie     |||
Speed     ||||||
Spin      |||||||
Landing   |||
Switch    |||||
Rail Bal. |||
Lip Bal.  |||||||
Manual    ||

One Foot Japan- Up, Right, R
The Big Hitter- Left, Down, A
Fingerflip Airwalk- Left, Right, R

Rodney Mullen / Goofy / Vert
Air       ||
Hangtime  ||
Ollie     ||||||
Speed     |||||
Spin      ||||||||
Landing   ||
Switch    ||||||||
Rail Bal. |||||||
Lip Bal.  ||
Manual    ||||||||

Nollieflip Underflip- Down, Left, L
Heelflip Darkslide- Right, Left, A
Casper to 360 Flip- Down, Right, R

Chad Muska / Regular / Street
Air       ||||
Hangtime  |||
Ollie     ||||||||
Speed     ||||||
Spin      ||||
Landing   |||||||
Switch    |||||
Rail Bal. ||||||||
Lip Bal.  |||
Manual    ||

BS Hurricane- Down, Right, A
Mute Backflip- Up, Down, R
Muska Nose Man.- Right, Up, R

Andrew Reynolds / Regular / Street
Air       ||||
Hangtime  ||
Ollie     ||||||||
Speed     ||||
Spin      |||||
Landing   |||||||
Switch    |||||
Rail Bal. ||||||||
Lip Bal.  ||||
Manual    |||

Triple Heelflip- Up, Right, L*
Nosegrab Tailslide- Up, Down, A
Hardflip Lateflip- Up, Down, L

Geoff Rowley / Regular / Street
Air       ||||||
Hangtime  ||
Ollie     ||||||
Speed     ||||
Spin      |||||
Landing   |||||
Switch    ||||
Rail Bal. ||||||||
Lip Bal.  |||||||
Manual    |||

Half Flip Casper- Right, Left, L
Rowley Darkslide- Left, Right, A
Double Hardflip- Right, Down, L

Elissa Steamer / Regular / Street
Air       ||||||
Hangtime  ||||
Ollie     |||||
Speed     |||||
Spin      |||||
Landing   ||||
Switch    |||||
Rail Bal. ||||||
Lip Bal.  |||||
Manual    |||||

Madonna Tailslide- Up, Left, A
Hospital Flip- Left, Right, L
Indy Backflip- Up, Down, R

Jamie Thomas / Regular / Street
Air       ||||
Hangtime  |||
Ollie     |||||||
Speed     ||||||
Spin      ||||
Landing   ||||||||
Switch    ||||
Rail Bal. |||||||
Lip Bal.  ||||
Manual    |||

Beni F-Flip. Crooks- Down, Up, A
Laser Flip- Down, Left, L
One Foot Nose Man.- Left, Up, R

Mindy / Regular / Street
Air       ||
Hangtime  ||
Ollie     ||||||||
Speed     |||||||||
Spin      ||||
Landing   ||
Switch    ||||||||
Rail Bal. |||||||
Lip Bal.  ||
Manual    ||||||

Teargas Slide- Left, Right, A
386 Backflip- Up, Down, R
Rubber Bullet Flip- Down, Left, L

Spiderman / Regular / Street
Air       |||||||
Hangtime  |||||||
Ollie     |||||
Speed     |||||
Spin      |||||
Landing   ||||
Switch    ||||
Rail Bal. ||||||
Lip Bal.  |||
Manual    ||||

Spidey Grind- Left, Right, A
Spidey Varial- Left, Right, L
Spidey Flip- Up, Down, R

Always Remember to max stats and buy all boards before going crazy on specials!

(((Specials List)))

Kick tricks are kickflip type.
Flip tricks are Back/Front flip type.
NOTE- See character for D-Pad motions. In a future update I will add them to
this list. Sorry for the inconvenience.

BS Overturn         $4250 |Grind | Tony Hawk       |
Sacktap             $5000 |Grab  | Tony Hawk       |
Racket Air          $5000 |Grab  | Bob Burnquist   |
BS Rocket Tailslide $4500 |Grind | Bob Burnquist   |
One Foot Smith      $3750 |Grind | Bob Burnquist   |
Triple Kickflip     $3750 |Kick  | Steve Caballero |
FS 540 (Rodeo Flip) $4750 |Flip  | Steve Caballero |
Casper              $4750 |Manual| Kareem Campbell |
Ghetto Bird         $5500 |Grab  | Kareem Campbell |
Nosegrind to Pivot  $4500 |Grind | Kareem Campbell |
One Foot Bluntslide $4750 |Grind | Rune Glifberg   |
Christ Air          $4250 |Grab  | Rune Glifberg   |
The Fandangle       $4750 |Grind | Eric Koston     |
Indy Frontflip      $5500 |Flip  | Eric Koston     |
One Foot Japan      $5000 |Grab  | Bucky Lasek     |
The Big Hitter      $5000 |Grind | Bucky Lasek     |
Fingerflip Airwalk  $4000 |Kick  | Bucky Lasek     |
Casper to 360 Flip  $6000 |Manual| Rodney Mullen   |
Heelflip Darkslide  $5750 |Grind | Rodney Mullen   |
BS Hurricane        $4250 |Grind | Chad Muska      |
Mute Backflip       $5750 |Flip  | Chad Muska      |
Triple Heelflip     $4750 |Kick  | Andrew Reynolds |
Nosegrab Tailslide  $4250 |Grind | Andrew Reynolds |
Hardflip Late Flip  $3750 |Kick  | Andrew Reynolds |
Half Flip Casper    $4750 |Manual| Geoff Rowley    |
Double Hardflip     $3750 |Kick  | Geoff Rowley    |
Hospital Flip       $4750 |Kick  | Elissa Steamer  |
Indy Backflip       $5750 |Flip  | Elissa Steamer  |
One Foot Nose Manual$5250 |Manual| Jamie Thomas    |
Beni F-Flip Crooks. $5250 |Grind | Jamie Thomas    |
Laser Flip          $4500 |Kick  | Jamie Thomas    |
The 900                   |Grab  | Tony Hawk       |
Hang Ten                  |Grind | Steve Caballero |
Kickflip 1 Foot Tail      |Grind | Rune Glifberg   |
Pizza Guy                 |Grab  | Eric Koston     |
Nollieflip Underflip      |Kick  | Rodney Mullen   |
Muska Nose Manual         |Manual| Chad Muska      |
Rowley Darkslide          |Grind | Geoff Rowley    |
Madonna Tailslide         |Grind | Elissa Steamer  |
Teargas Slide             |Grind | Mindy           |
386 Backflip              |Flip  | Mindy           |
Rubber Bullet Flip        |Kick  | Mindy           |
Spidey Grind              |Grind | Spiderman       |
Spidey Varial             |Kick  | Spiderman       |
Spidey Flip               |Flip  | Spiderman       |

The Levels

**NOTICE** Directions are from the SKATER'S POINT OF VIEW!!

--The Hangar, Meacham Field, TX--

1. High Score- 10,000
See Sick Score

2. Pro Score- 25,000
See Sick Score

3. Sick Score-75,000
    Here's an easy way to nab 75,000 on the Hangar. First, ollie over the pipe
and do a flip trick and a grab (enough to get special.) Then, Grind on the
second rail above the q-pipes. (preferably a Special grind.) Fall off and get
the Raildrop gap. When you are about to fall, ollie off and manual to a q-pipe
and pull a flip trick followed by a grab. HOLD the grab. That should do it!

4. Collect Skate
   S- Go straight down the rollin and ollie over the pipe.
   K- Grind the rail above the q-pipes past the halfpipe.
   A- Above the airplane.
   T- Near the boundary, on the bottom of the level.
   E- Grind the rail above the entrance to the secret room and ollie when you
see it.

5. Barrel Hunt
   1. In the Halfpipe.
   2. Behind the halfpipe.
   3. From the rollin, turn left and continue straight to it.
   4. Next to the helicopter, between the q-pipes on the left.
   5. From #3, head straight, and over the boundary. It should be right there.

6. Collect 5 Pilot Wings
   1. Over the Rollin.
   2. Grind the Propellor on the far right. (This opens the
   3. Grind the small rail near the plane and ollie when you get near it.
   4. Get big air off the quarter pipe in the middle of the level on the left
side of the boundary.
   5. On the q-pipes in the far back of the level, Ollie over the boundary
splitting the level in half.

7. Nosegrind Over the Pipe- Easy. Hold up and A as go down the rollin and align
with a rail going over the pipe as you near the it. Land the trick and that's

8. Hit 3 Hangtime Gaps
   1. Halfpipe Hangtime- Ollie over the halfpipe using the kickers on either
side of it.
   2. Wingtip Hangtime- Ollie over the airplane using it's wings or the q-pipe
near it.
   3. 412 Hangtime- Ollie over the helicopter on the left of the level using
the kickers near it. You have to boneless and get a good amount of speed to
make it.

9. Secret Tape- First, open the wind tunnel by grinding the propellor to the
right of the halfpipe. Ollie over the boundary and go to where the arrow leads
to, the wind tunnel. Get special off the ramp, and jump over the entrance to
the tunnel. There it is.

10. 100% Goals and Cash

$100- Jump over the pipe on the far right near the propellor.

$50- Grind the small rail near the airplane and ollie when you get near it.

$50- On the rail next to the Helicopter.

$50- Above the Helicopter.

$100- In the bottom left corner of the level, Ollie off the q-pipe.

$100- Ollie over the pipe then off the q-pipes behind it. It's above the second

$100- Grind the rail stated above to the left, and jump to the rail next to it,
tough at first.

--2. The School II, Southern Cali--

1. High Score- 15,000
See Sick Score

2. Pro Score- 40,000
See Sick Score

3. Sick Score-100,000

4. Collect Skate
   S- Go right (skater's perspective) at the start, grind the rail going down
the stairs. Ollie when you see it.
   K- Continue down the ramp, and get huge air off the q-pipe in the middle of
the courtyard.
   A- Leave the courtyard out of the exit to the right of the skater, then turn
left at the building and grind the rail jutting out of it. Ollie and grab the
   T- Go straight to the end of the building and make a right, and go straight
to the end and ollie off the q-pipe at the end of the pavement.
   E- Go right after landing the trick on the quarter pipe and grind up the
small rail jutting out of the building to get enough air to grab the E.

5. Collect 5 Hall Passes
   1. Go straight at the start and grind the middle rail going down the stairs
to get it.
   2. Grind the rail by the entrance to the gym and ollie to grab it.
   3. Grind the picnic table near the entrance to the gym and ollie to grab it.
   4. Go to the left of the gym and ollie between the two huge q-pipes to nab
   5. Make a right upon reaching the rail at the end of the path, near the Gonz
Rail. Grind the Bendy Curb and ollie to get it.

6. Wallride 5 Bells
   1. Go past the planter at the start and turn left. It's on the wall, and
hard to get. Bonelessing might help.
   2. Turn around and head past where the S is to the courtyard. Take the far
right (skater's right) exit and wallride the building.
   3. Go out to the left and make a right at the picnic table. Continue
straight and look for a small opening in between two of the buildings. WALLRIDE
   4. Make a left at the building and ollie onto Bendy's Curb. Ollie off it and
ride the wall.
   5. Continue back towards the gym and wallride near the end of the building.

7. Kickflip TC's Roof Gap-Head down the Nightmare Rail and continue straight
until you reach a small kicker. Boneless off the kicker and onto the roof.
Kickflip (left+L) the gap between the two roofs.

8. Grind the Roll Call Rails
   1. The Nightmare rail is straight from the start, any rail going down the
stairs should work...
   2. Go past the gym and make a left. In the corner of the level, there's a
small kicker next to a kinked rail. Grind that rail all the way to get the Gonz
   3. Get on to TC's roof (See above). See the rail on the building? Grind it
to get the Open Sez TC gap and unlock the gym.

9. Secret Tape- Head down to the courtyard and get massive air off the q-pipe
there. Roll down to the kicker and boneless onto the roof. Boneless across to
the other roof and stay on top of it to the end. Jump off and grab it.

10. 100% Goals and Cash

$50- Above the pool in the gym.

$100- On the High Dive in the gym.

$50- Off the q-pipe right at the start of the level

$50- Behind the fence at the start of the level between two kickers.

$50- In the courtyard, can't miss it.

$50- Ollie onto the first roof above the courtyard and line up with it.

$100- Go into the area by jumping the two roofs, it's in the corner above the

$100- See that small ledge next to the Leap of Faith? Ollie to it, wallride to
the other side of the kicker and follow the path to it.

--Marseille, France--
  Easy Gold- Head straight from the beginning of the level and wallride the
house by jumping off the kickers. Grind off the edge and land on the dumpster.
Ollie off, kickflip, and manual to a q-pipe and hold a grab for maximum points.

$$Cash Icons$$

$100- On top of building stated above.

$50- Turn around from the start and you should see it. Grind the rail it's
above and ollie.

$50- Between the two rails above the starting point.

$50- At the bottom of the small set of stairs behind and to the right of the

$50- Between two rails that surround the large bowls in Marseille.

$100- High above the q-pipes, under the flags.

$100- Boneless onto the wire that the flags are on and grind across it.

$100- At the start, go left and into the bowl. Ollie off the small q-pipe where
you get the Up! Up!! And Away!!! gap to get it.

--Warehouse, Troy NY--

1. High Score- 10,000
See Sick Score

2. Pro Score- 25,000
See Sick Score

3. Sick Score- 150,000

Head down the right rollin and do a flip trick into a grab over the pipe.
Manual, Flip, Manual, etc. to a q-pipe and grind it until you are about to
fall. Ollie off, manual, and do a trick off the q-pipe.

4. Collect Skate
   S- Between two kickers in the middle of the level.
   K- Ollie high above the q-pipe behind the taxi.
   A- Above the taxi.
   T- Ollie over the pipe and grab it.
   E- Turn around after going down the rollin and hold up while going up it.
Continue off the next q-pipe and snag it.

5. Destroy 5 crates

1. Behind your starting position
2. Go down the rollin, over the pipe, and slam it.
3. In the middle of the peninsula of q-pipes surrounding the back of the level.
4. In the middle of the oil slick.
5. Where the "E" is. Check the SKATE guide.

6. Collect 5 spray cans

1. Turn around from the start and go off the q-pipe.
2. Go down the right rollin and turn around, it's in the corner of the level.
3. On the rail that continues from the q-pipes into the halfpipe.
4. Ollie off the q-pipe in the upper right corner of the level.
5. Ollie off the q-pipe in the bottom right of the level.

7. 5-0 the Big Rail- Go down the rollin and hold down+B while landing on the
rail in the middle of the level.

8. Hit 3 Oldskool gaps

1. Ollie between the two kickers in the left of the level.
2. Ollie over the peninsula of q-pipes
3. Ollie over the rollin.

9. Find the Secret tape

Get speed by going over the pipe, then ollie up to the high rail in the back of
the level. Grind it to the left and Ollie, then grind the other rail to get the

10. 100% Goals and Cash

$50- Above the Rollin

$100- Above the other rollin.

$100- Go over the far right of the pipe to get it.

$50- At the end of the rail leading to the halfpipe from the q-pipes.

$50- On top of the Big Rail

$50- Wallride over the oil slick.

$50- On top of the q-pipe in the upper left corner of the level.

--New York City, NY--

1. High Score-
See Sick Score

2. Pro Score-
See Sick Score

3. Sick Score- 250,000- Alright, this one's not so easy, it requires quite a
bit of skills to complete. First, make sure you can easily perform your
skater's special grind (or buy one that you can). Here goes: Wallride/Wallie up
to the wall surrounding the park and grind it. Ollie, Flip, Grind, then ollie
over the park entrance and do a special grind all the way to the end, or as
long as possible. Ollie off and manual to a quarterpipe to finish off the
trick. I've gotten around 205,000 for this, so it's OrangeStar tested,
OrangeStar approved.

4. Collect Skate
   S- Go to the left of the start and wallride/wallie to grab it.
   K- Go down into the area by the cow and get air off the brick quarter pipe.
   A- Grind a bench in the middle of the park area and grind/ollie to get it.
   T- The T is above a bench near the back entrance to the park.
   E- The E is between two ramps in the back corner of the level.

5. Collect 5 Subway Tokens

1. Ollie off the kicker at the start of the level.
2. Head down into the pit area through the middle entrance and grind that rail,
ollie to get it.
3. Follow the road to the end and make a left, this token is between two
4. Get air off the q-pipes in the back corner of the level, then ollie off the
kicker into the park and grab it, it's pretty high up in the air.
5. Grind across the bridge in the middle of the park.

6. Ollie 3 Fire Hydrants

1. Head straight ahead from the start, can't miss it.
2. Make a left onto the road and follow it to the end.
3. About face and travel down to the end of the other road and ollie the last

7. 50-50 Joey's Sculpture- This can be tough, but here's an easy way to do it.
Ollie into the pit and get air off the q-pipe. Grind up the sculpture
backwards, ollie, grind again, and ollie off it. Turn around exactly 180
degrees, and head back, ollie (or boneless) and grind that sucker all the way
down, without holding any d-pad button!!

8. Wrangle the Cow- This can get confusing, so here's a pic of the cow area.
  */C \%
  / O  \
  \ W  /
  %\  /*

*-Ollie from the star to the other star to get the Blue Cow gap.
%-Ollie from the percent to the other percent to get the Moo Cow gap.

Finally, grind the cow in any direction to get the Steer Clear transfer and
"Wrangle the Cow." A helpful hint- When grinding the cow, If you go over it,
try ollieing with less speed, and if you go too low, get more speed or

9. Get the Secret Tape- Ah. The one that seperates the men from the boys.
Here's EXACTLY how I get the tape, it works almost every time. Head towards the
kickers in the back of the level. Ollie off the one on the left and wallride.
Wallie at the height of the grind and hold B. You should land on a rail. Ollie,
kickflip, and grind again to build up speed. When you see the end of the rail,
hold Left, Ollie, Wallride, Wallie, and hopefully land on the electric sign.
Pull a kick trick and grind again to build speed (you need it) When you see the
end of the sign, hold left. Ollie, wallride, and at the highest point wallie
and land on the fire escape. You should have enough speed to grind an inch or
two up it and grab the tape. Then, fall to your death below, or if you need the
sick score, land and manual to a quarterpipe.

10. 100% Goals and Cash

$100- Ollie off a q-pipe in the upper right of the level into the pit below to
grab the hundred.

$100- This is on the electric sign on the way to the secret tape (see above)

$100- On Joey's Sculpture

$100- In the park, build up speed and ollie over the water, grab the 100. It
doesn't matter if you fall in.

$50- In the middle of the pit.

$50- Grind and wallride the benches under the electric sign.

$50- Make a right on the road at the crossing, and follow it to the end.
Wallride/Wallie to grab the 50 that's high up in the air.

$50- Between the rail and the bench near the entrance to the park in the back
of the level.

--Skatestreet, Ventura--

Go for the GOLD!! You'll need around 100,000 for each run to get gold. Here's
some decent gold winning combos. Boneless, flip, and manual off the starting
rollin. Grind the rail to the left, manual, and do a flip and hold a grab off
the q-pipe. Then, turn around and ollie off the same q-pipe in the direction of
the very small halfpipe. Hold a grab, but when you're about to hit the ground
hold B to land in a grind on the small halfpipe. Do some grind/flip trick/grind
again until you reach the end. Ollie and manual into the pipe and pull a
flip/hold grab off the pipe. That's a good 150,000 if done perfectly with a
special grind...

100% Goals and Cash

$50- Grind the rail to the left of the starting rollin and ollie when you get
to it.

$50- In the small halfpipe area in the back corner

$50- Above the Hex-box in the middle of Skatestreet.

$50- In the pool behind your starting position.

$50- Go straight from the start and make a left after going up the small ramp

$100- Gain some speed in the large halfpipe and boneless out of it, away from
the pool, to get this.

$100- Go off the q-pipe that juts out from the rest near the big hole (that
functions as a halfpipe.)

$100- In the upper right corner of the level past the huge quarterpipe a.k.a.
The Wave Wall.

CONGRATS!! You just got 100% for a skater. You'll get a cheat and a chance to
save. DO SO!! Now, start a new skater and do it again!

SPECIAL STAGE-BOSTON ROOFTOPS- There are no objectives to this level.
Congratulations on unlocking it, it's TOUGH TO DO! Have fun!

I'll begin the gap Guide with the hardest ones, the Line gaps. For the rest,
see the great gap FAQ by Sephy Kid, also on this site. (which I helped with, on
a few of the lines.) I found all of these lines on my own, so don't say I
copied them.

Hangar lines-1.

HP to Chopper Line- Ollie over the pipe to get the "Over the Pipe Gap." Manual
to the QPs on the far wall. Grind the pipe towards the barrier separating the
level and ollie off afterwards. Manual and grind the Chopper's blades.

School II lines-2.

Steep Rail Line- Take the rail to the left of your starting position. Grind
down it and ollie to the planter. Ollie off it and manual. Grind the bench
nearby. Grind each bench, getting the "3 Bench Grind" gap. Finally, manual out
of the courtyard area to complete the line.

Planter to TC's Line- There are several ways to get this line, but here's the
way I get it. Boneless to the planter at the start of the level. Ollie off it
and down the Nightmare Rail. Manual all the way to the kicker and boneless onto
TC's roof. Tough? Yeah, but it's doable.

Marseille Lines-2

Marseillaise Line- Wallride up to the building to get the Dumpster Stomp gap.
Manual and grind the rail going around the perimeter of the level. Grind each
of these rails until you get to the other side of the level. Grind the dumpster
there to complete the line.

Bonapark Line- From the end of the Marseillaise Line, Grind the dirt going
towards the bottom of the level. Ollie to the corner of the stairs, Then to the
rail heading towards the box. Ollie to the box to get the line.

Warehouse- NO lines.

NY Lines-2

Manhattan Skyline- If you can get the secret tape, you can get this. Follow the
steps to get it, but at the end tap B and hope you land.

Walk in the Park- Grind the rail at the back entrance of the park. Ollie to the
bench, then to the rail by the water. Ollie and manual out of the park at the
entrance close to where you start to finish the line.

Skatestreet Lines-2

Twin Rail to QP Line- Grind one of the rails under the pool. Manual past the
hexbox and onto the rail near the small halfpipe, heading towards the soda
machines. Ollie and grind the small rail and then ollie off, manual, and ollie
off the QP to finish the line.

Wave to Deep HP line- Ollie up to the Wave wall and grind it to the right,
getting the Surfin USA gap. Fall down and grind again to get the Mini-gap,
grind around the bowl-type thingy and wallride. Land on the rail heading
towards the deep HP. Manual and ollie into it, then get air off the inside of
it to finish the gap.

Rooftops Lines-1

Beantown Line- Go left at the start and grind the rail on top of the QP to the
skater's left. Get the Don't Look Down Gap and the Schmock Gap. Ollie to the
other roof and get the Roof to Roof gap and the Insane Landing gap by landing
in a manual. See that QP straight ahead? Grind the top of it all the way up the
wire. Grind to the left, getting the Live Wire gap. Keep grinding until
Beantown Line appears at the bottom. Hardest... Line... Ever...

Beat the Game 100% with one Skater- Perfect Balance.
Beat the Game 100% with two Skaters- Always Special.
Beat the Game 100% with three Skaters- Stud Mode.
Beat the Game 100% with four Skaters- Sim Mode.
Beat the Game 100% with five Skaters- Moon Physics.
Beat the Game 100% with six Skaters- Always Zoom.
Beat the Game 100% with seven Skaters- Slow-Nic.
Beat the Game 100% with eight Skaters- Anime.
Beat the Game 100% with nine Skaters- The Shadow.
Beat the Game 100% with ten Skaters- Fugitive.
Beat the Game 100% with eleven Skaters- Disco Lights.
Beat the Game 100% with twelve Skaters- Invisible.
Beat the Game 100% with thirteen Skaters- Other Side.
Complete Gap Checklist up to Skatestreet- Unlock Mindy.
Get 2 Golds with 13 characters- Unlock Boston Rooftops.
Complete Gap Checklist including Rooftops and 100% 13 skaters- Unlock

**Beginner Strategies**

Manuals, the key to scoring successfully.
A manual is performed by tapping up, down or down, up before landing a trick
that is not on a quarter or half pipe. Now, you may be saying that manuals slow
you down too much? Well, here's the trick: You never stay in a manual for more
than a second! Right after you land, ollie, do a flip trick (usually up+L) and
land in another manual. You'll actually gain speed, and your balance will
barely waver. The same is true with grinds. All good combos are finished with a
540 or 720 flip trick+hold grab (until you are about to land) off a 1/4 or 1/2

Skating Switch-
When you're switch, your tricks and combos are slightly harder to land, and
grinds are harder to balance (this all depends on your Switch stat, BTW) but,
in return, you get more points for a trick done switch.

**Advanced Strategies**
Look for gaps to add into your combos for the high scores. For example, on the
School II, Grind the rails in front of the gym to get a gap, then turn around
and grind the picnic tables for another gap. Don't forget to end each combo
with a huge trick off a QP!

**Expert Strategies**
What's the last step to high scores? Specials. Yes, they're there for a reason
and they really rack up the high scores. Practice using left-right and up-down
combinations until you get the hang of them, then go all out.

Million Point Strategies

Eventually, I hope to have one of these for every level, but alas, I don't yet.
Look for the School II coming soon!

High Scores are now being accepted. Send them to OrangeStar@aol.com. Please, no
cheats, because impossible scores WILL NOT be accepted. Kid Mode DOES count as
a cheat. If I screwed anything up on this, please tell me.

^^The Hangar, Meacham Field, TX^^
1. Pyro Vesten          Bob Burnquist   1,497,601
2. Chiizu               Kareem Campbell 1,427,288
3. Shadowmaster         ????            1,397,067
4. DOA295               Kareem Campbell 1,340,919
5. OrangeStar           Rodney Mullen   1,255,999

^^The School II, Southern Cali^^
1. Shadowmaster         ????            1,238,210
2. Evilone              ????            1,067,051
3. OrangeStar           Rodney Mullen   1,007,744
4. Chiizu               Spiderman         810,599
5. iverson3mvp76        Rodney Mullen     804,099

^^Marseille, France^^
1. Chiizu               ????            1,659,484
2. Shadowmaster         ????            1,278,259
3. Evilone              ????            1,020,003
4. DOA295               Kareem Campbell 1,019,603
5. OrangeStar           Rodney Mullen     909,066

^^Warehouse, Troy NY^^
1. Incinerator   Steve Caballero 2,022,193
2. OrangeStar    Rodney Mullen   1,679,139
3. DOA295        Kareem Campbell 1,395,461
4. Evilone       ????            1,139,247
5. Shadowmaster  ????            1,109,006

^^New York City, NY^^
1. Chiizu          Kareem Campbell 2,557,801
2. OrangeStar      Rodney Mullen   1,279,779
3. Shadowmaster    ????            1,278,217
4. DOA295          Kareem Campbell 1,172,598
5. Keiko           Geoff Rowley      725,822

^^Skatestreet, Ventura^^
1. DOA295       Kareem Campbell 1,565,301
2. JBB          ????            1,540,583
3. Shadowmaster ????            1,393,501
4. Evilone      ????            1,217,545
5. OrangeStar   Rodney Mullen     915,386

^^Boston Rooftops^^
1. Shadowmaster    ????         1,295,307
2. Person with GBA Tony Hawk    1,132,263
3. OrangeStar      Rodney Mullen  866,528
4. Evilone         ????           832,300
5. Sephy Kid       Rune Glifberg  220,944

??Weird Stuff??

@On Skatestreet, the stairs near the HP have a ledge on the side close to the
HP, but it's invisible. Quite odd...

@On Skatestreet, you can get stuck in a never ending grind on the left side of
the Wave Wall. (Submitted by Sephy Kid)

@On School II, when you take the ramp to the roof where the secret tape is, you
can get stuck in mid-air, and all your points will add up for a HUGE combo.
(Submitted by super_carter@yahoo.com)


SO, you've beaten the game. 100% with everyone. Well, the true THPS fan is just
itchin for more. That's who this section is for. Good luck on these. If you've
got some you think are tough (but do-able) send em to OrangeStar@aol.com.
They're rated in amount of times you'll toss the Game Boy across the room
trying to get them. (Actually, it's a fancy way of saying 1 through 10. But
shhh, I won't tell if you don't.)

1.  Easy, but at the same time, very difficult. Let's start off this section by
opening the first challenge of getting all the line gaps. That's easy, you say?
Nah, I mean REALLY get them, i.e. no Perfect Balance.
Difficulty-<6/10> Beantown Line-<10/10>

2. I have a crazy idea, let's get all three Hangtime gaps! Uh... I mean in one
combo. Not as easy anymore, is it? Difficulty-<6/10>

3. Oh, come on, you knew this was coming next. School II. All three Roll Call
rails. One combo. Difficulty-<10/10>. Look at it this way, you'll get Planter
to TC's line somewhere in there!

4. The level, my friends, is Marseille. The Bluetorch Pro Bowl. The challenge
is to get the Marseillaise line as well as the Bonapark line in one huge 'round
the level journey. Good luck. Difficulty-<9/10>.

5. Sent in by league17@dsj.org.uk. Try to complete all 10 hangar objectives in
2 minutes. Good luck getting that last cash, if you do it without full stats.

Still, To Be Continued...

...Legal Stuff...
This work is the property of OrangeStar and can be found at www.gamefaqs.com.
Plagiarism and other forms of piracy will not be tolerated. Please note that
credit is given to any place information was gathered from. Thank you.

^^^Special Thanks^^^

-Sephy Kid for his help with gaps as well as his great Gap Checklist FAQ. Also,
for his contribution to the Weird Stuff section.

-Super_carter@yahoo.com for his submission to the weird stuff section.

-brandon@commspeed.net for noticing that Andrew Reynolds' special was

-stephenbez@home.com for pointing out a mistake in the cheats section.

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